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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 7, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. and right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. go to for a store near you. > this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, a bed bug and rodent infestation continues to infuriate parents at a city elementary school. s now, months after it was first reported, students are headed th a neeaw school.choo could this happen in your school district? mr. plus, new information about the disappearance of a teenage girl
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and her five month old son.ld what we learned about the baby's father thabyt has police concerned. and this fox5 exclusive got our viewers talking. ta a cas nova con artist has targeted women across the country and right here at home at this point i'm starting to cry. now, more victims are reaching out to fox5. what he did to lure the ladies? fox5 news at 10 starts right now. and we begin tonight with breaking news. the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch for parts of our area for tomorrow good evening, i'm tony perkinspk and i'm shawn yancy. yan so that means there is a potential for several inches of snow. imagine that after potentiallyon record breaking heat during the daytime. sue palka is standing by with more on this weather roller coaster. we had a record today. >> we absolutely had a record. c we're probably going to set another record high temperature orrecord
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why this is so unbelievable bring that we're going to chango seasons in the course of theof next four hours. we're going from spring temperatures to slow very late.. this would be thursday.ld i b don't think we would see anything until after 1 or 2 inr2 the morning. let's show you who is under that winter storm watch. from pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, pennsylvania. new york could get two to four inches of snow. this might be a very brief, but heavy smack of snow and just about 30 minutes ago the min national weather service didth place aer s lot of these areas highlighted in blue, these are north of interstate 70, including washington county, co across carol and northern nor portions of baltimore as well as out toward the winchester area r and the pan handle of a winter storm watch. that will begin n at 1 in the in morning and go to 8 in thehe morning. there's potential for several
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inches of snow. we think it's going to be kind n of fast and furious. rain will begin the whole process, again, changing over at about 1 or 2 in the morning from northwest to southeast.out it's going to be warm tomorrow a and certainly it was very warmey today. i'll show you our high temperatures in a moment. it appears to be more north and west. but closer to d.c. we still gett some snow, but it may be on on grass but road payments really retain the heat. we're going to be in the upper 60s tomorrow. we probably get maller accumulation closer in towardowa the beltway area. i would expect delays, maybe de some cancellations thursday fors some areas. are i wanted to show you the futurecast because i don't wantn this to take anybody by by surprise.. i'm taking you 24 hours from now until 10:00 tomorrow night. we're still in the 40s. you see the snow beginning at 2 in the morning we're still in the 40s locally but we're dropping where it begins to snow. the purple
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take this to five in the mornin anfid you can see the heavy snoe where d.c. is still getting a mix of snow. by the time we get to 7 we've dropped to 37-degrees and what's left is sticking. you've had your accumulation north and by the time we get to the noon hour the bulk of the accumulating snow is done. as continues continue to drop to and winds pick up we continue to have some snow squall that coulo addw additional accumulation ia few pots. we'll show you how much we're we expecting around the region coming up in a a little bit. we didn't want that to take youu by surprise because after hitting 73-degrees for today, aa new record for d.c. and another potentially high temperature tomorrow i think hig that's thet thing people were expecting to see go into effect. > back to you. developing tonight students fron the d.c. school shutdown by bed bugs will start classes a
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tomorrow it's unknown when the school will reon. the hope is bs the end of the month. fox5 was the first to report onn the bed bug and rodent problems that canceled classes for theor last two days. >>reporter: until savoys sav properly cleaned and ready to be reopened people will be bussed from saw invoice to sarah b hope. it was an operation atlanticpera club al school at one point but it closed several years ago due to low enrollment. since then it's been turned intn a rec center with only part ofat the school running. it is save and ready for rea students to arrive. something parents should knownow they will only be able to drinkr bottled water. it has to be tested to make sure it's save. over at saw invoice tonight we found a pest control company at work. the did it trying to get rid of remaining bed bugs and rats in
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we've been hearing concernings from concerned parents that bed bugs may have come home from their kids. just today we got a call from cl her mom who says her house is now festedded.e she didn't know what she should do or if the district was going to help. h saw invoice has had signs on thi outside of the building saying department of health advisors are available to conduct bed bug consultations. that friday was the only day the health department was meeting with parents to providerovi information. doh is only providingrov information, not assistance with removal. a spokes woman tells me tonightt if saw invoice parents believeni they have bed bugs they need to notify their landlords or directly contact pest control professionals. this is what you need to lookto out for, not so pretty. p small oval insects. they gravitate to beds, couchesc of cou
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travel and they can be hard toad get a handle on. when they show up, you need toed act fast. some saw invoice parents areaw really i frustrated because they don't believe proper action wasi taken soon enough. eno we did ask tonight how am saw invoice families have reported bed bug problems at home, but neither the district nor the department of health had that hd information on us. much more to come on this, and of course we will be staying on top of it. tony. we have an update now on a fox5 exclusive. last night we told you about a man who was conning women he meo through dating apps.pps after our story aired last night we heard from a handful of otheo women who were apparently victimized by the same man. fox5's marina maracco broke then story witha us and she joins us live from bethesda with more. marina. >>reporter: we've gotten dozens of calls present women, but nott only women, but also people who are not romantically involvedo with thimas man, but say they, too, have been
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through business dealings. de he's a criminal cas nova who hah hit in our area. now we've learned there's a second criminal investigation in howard county. he never has been to college. he's not even graduated high school, but don't let that fool you. he comes off very intelligent, very confident which i think i makes him a profession l al con artist. you heard from this woman in montgomery county. says she was romantically involved with who she thought was devon glaze for two months.t she ultimately realized he swindled out of several hundred dollars and when she con fronted him he disappeared until her friend discovered he resurfacee odd a dating app, this time as charles. it was on that same app where another woman who reached out to fox5 met charles davis. this latest victim is from howard county. c she and the montgomery county victim have been texting
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same phone number communicating with the same man who is pretending to be two different i people. he's neither. he's trevor gordon, a conmanonm arrested and convicted in staten as far as florida with a wraprap sheet that dates back decades for felony theft, forgery and fraud. the phone number both these local victims have been communicating with appears listed as the business number for numerous escort and massage sites in the state of georgia. i would hate for a woman to become engaged into this guy or have baby to this guy because i believe he has multiple kids across theiple us. i believe he's also married to r at least five or six women right now with different names. he's telling them all these all different stories of himim travelling the world for workfor and for family and that's not the case. he's conning you. this montgomery county victim has
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pictures of him arriving at at ronald reagan national airport from supposed business trips. another women is funding the next date it's just an endless cycle that just needs to be stopped; just this past month of january, the same tails were we told to his most recent victim i in howard county. the same selfie from last year,r same airport picture, same lies, just this time in 2017 andnd pretending to be someone else. > now this latest victim says she gave this man $1,600 in cash after he lied to her saying thag all a his assets had been frozen and promised to pay her back. there are now two criminal investigations, one here inions montgomery county, the, other e in howard county here in mount he's got multiple open arrests for fraud and forgery
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> developing tonight, we havetw an update on the search for a a missing teenage girl and her five month old son. police now believe lizzie rivere and her son aiden may be with be the baby's father. police release this picture. let's see if we have it here. his name is jose cas tea reeves. that's who they believe theey mother and the baby are who. a judge ordered him to stay away from lizzie and their son.on. she was last seen on january 14j around 10:00 p.m. at night at her h home by her mom. when her h mom woke up the next day, lizzie and the baby were gone. her mom was very concerned about this so they reported to to police as a missing person. > police say they have received conflicting information aboutctn the disappearance. anything, please an give them a call. so you have finally gotten around to cleaning out thathat messy closet full of things you
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don't wear or use. turning to an online marketplace to sell your stuff, may seem st like a good idea. >> before you meet with the swap up, sarah simmons has more on that that could make it not a good deal. >> why you need to think twice before you strike. what could be a dangerous deal.. this is not video from a naturea program, it's video of a bobcatc that's been making itself att home in a northern virginia neighborhood. what wildlife offerings hope toe learn from this video.ide we'll be right back.
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z29ksz zstz y29ksy ysty > voters in fairfax city have f spoken. they went to the pollsai today to choose a new mare in a special election.elec the winner is david meyer. city council member won 42 percent of the vote. he beat fellow council members eleanor
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demarco. the meeting was called after the previous mayor resigned. silver torn stepped aside ande they appointeded steven stomachs brace as interim mayor. he will stay in the job until meyer is sworn in. so if you buy and sell things online, a word of caution, thieves are shopping around on the offer up app looking for opportunities to steal your stuff. d.c. police have seen a string of these kind of robberies in recent weeks with people who are using that app. sarah simmons joins us with more. it is offer up. it is a very popular app with people looking to buy and sell stuff with others in their general area. you can find just about everything on here. it's sort of like craigslist and similar crimes are happeningimes with this as well. a victim who lives a long a very busy rigs road in northeast d.c. thought she was buying an iphone. when the suspec
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her door he pulled out a gun, forced his way into the home and demanded all her money. investigators just arrested a 17 year old in connection withth three of those armed rob wrist. he was also charged with burglary in the fourth caseth c because he went inside the victim's but this isn't the first timeme this has happened and it servess as a gentle reminder to be very caution on these apps. also offer up even warnings its buyers and sellers to know how are dealing with throughroug reputation and safety features. never set up a meeting at your home. make sure if you're doing business on here to find a public place to meet. even better, the makers of offer up say find your local police station and offer that as a meeting place. and if you have a big or heavy item to sell and someone needs to come to your house to get it, make sure someone else is there with you for that transaction. > tony. >> staying in the district, police are looking for a gunman who tried to rob a popular re
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that restaurant is called the milk bar.milk this happened yesterday on a 11th street northwest. investigators say a man walked into the eatery and passed assed note to a worker. that note said the man had a gun and wanted money. that employee took the note to her supervisor. before the manager returned, the gunman left without takingg anything. witnesses say the man drove offf in a black four door sedan. the d.c. council has rejected a police retention bill presentedn by former mayor vincent gray. his plan wouldive that raised ri the number of officers who 42004 and doubled senior officers' salaries to keep them from retiring. gray urged the council to t actt now and not to wait forr legislative debate, but hiss emergency proposal failed to get enough support. william marrow's mother vivian was murdered in her wheelchair recently. he thinks more police may have prevented her death. young people running around with these guns, extra policextra presence need to be on that sidt all day, every day.ry we have
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there is a violent crime crisis in certain parts of the city, especially on the east end.d. council members want to hear more about gray's plan to recruit and retain senior officers, but the head of the judiciary committee charlesarle allen says the plan needs to be vetted in committee. a maryland blogger will have to pay first lady melania trump as part of a settlement for a defamation lawsuit.wsui back in august webster troplyy wrote mrs. trump first worked ad an escort. after she sued him he apologized to the trump family. melania is also suing the daily mails for writing a similar letter. following weeks of opposition from senate democrats and some republicans betsy divorce waset sworn in tonight as thesy new equation secretary.reta why she had to be sworn in before jeff sessions could be confirmed as us attorney general, next
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as we head to the break, joe biden has a new gig,ive i league pennsylvania. biden is joining the universitye of pennsylvania where he'll lead the penn center of diploma i, national security. he says he looks forward to promote and protecting the post world war ii international ordee that keeps the country save and strong. that's a direct quote. we'll be right back.
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built for business. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. > president trump new educatiot secretary was officially sworn inruwas tonight. the senate voted to confirm betsy devos earlier today, but it took an historic vote fromstr mike pence to do it. betsy devos has been sworn in as the new
10:24 pm
after vice-president mike pence made history by being the desighing the vote. the senate being equally divided, the vice-presidentd, t votes in high temperaturehe t affirmative and the nomination is confirmed.on despite two republicans defecting susan collins and lisi are could you ski devos wasev going to be a are thegoin pennsylvania of theg trump cabinet. it's not democrats who arewho bitter about the election, it's the american people who are bitter about the nomination of betsy devos and that's why millions and millions of calls, almost unprecedented on a cabinet nomination have poured into this capital. > deems spent about 24 hours ot the floor trying a to pressure r more republican to reject devos. is this the best of the best? is this a knowledgeableowle candidate who understands thendr federal law?
10:25 pm
candidate who comes to usus without conflicts of interest? key defendant devos noting president trump didn't want someone from the educationeduc establishment. would you be surprised that a republican president would be for charter schools? are youyou really surprised that a republican president hasas appointed epa education secretary who wants to give lowe income children more choices of schools? senate jeff sessions also passed a procedural hurdle setting up a confirmation vote tomorrow evening. texas republican john worn andnj says democrats can stall, but the president will eventually have his cabinet. they know we're going to be successful so stunts likeessf staying up all night andul makig speeches i'm not sure who they're trying to impress. dysfunction fatigue will eventually set in if democrats insist on burning 0 hours for each
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particularly since the remainini three due to get votes this week are all expected to be confirmed. on capital, mike emanuel, fox news. > some neighbors in arlington have noticed a wild animal moving around their backyard. let's takear a look, this bobcat is the talk of the neighborhood. coming up next at 10 we hearhear property woman who recorded this up close and personal video of the >> it's a bobcat. >> no way.ay. > yep. we'll be right back. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. we're back how with a look at tonight's top students from the southeast d.c. schools shutdown by a bed bugug and rodent infestation will start classes in a new locationo tomorrow. students will be bussed from savoy to they are bihope elementary about three milesee m away. it's unknown when savoy willill properly cleaned and ready
10:30 pm
reopen. we have an update on a missing fairfax county teen and her five month old baby. police now believe they may be with the baby's father, jose castile rivas. police release a picture of him today. they are still concerned aboutcc contact linda and her son's safety. they say rivas has gang ties. police want to hear from you ifu you know where she and her son > a cripple until cas nova who has conned women through online dating apps has dubed women around the county. tonight we're learning a criminal investigation has beenn opened against trevor devon tre thorton in howard county. a victim claimed he tried to dut her as that investigation was launched last month.mont > and no shortage of things tos talk about in the weather center. first of all we'll have much we more on that winter storm watchm that has been issued for
10:31 pm
northern maryland, other than mr west maryland. on theseto touchyl incredible high temperatures today, record breaking highs at all three airports, 73 at reagaa national. you know what's amazing not onlyly is it still mild tonight it'sits going to be mild again tomorrowr we may break or tie at least another record.r re we're forecasting 68-degrees for wednesday and the record high is 68 from 2015. by the way, today is the first time we've been up and over 730 since on the day that we're talkingin about another record breakingr e high we're also going to bebe talking about winter stormrm watches especially we'll get into that in a moment. temperatures 6 # in d.c. more like middle of april even at night. and this temperature is wrong, something wrong with the thermometer. i'm sure you're closer to about 62-degrees. we may still a little bit of light rain tonight. we may see some around the ge
10:32 pm
this will be very light if it does move through, but it is part of a much bigger system. look at squall line that has been moving into florida earlier today. this really devastated parts of louisiana, in particular, eastern louisiana, new orleans. we saw am very serious touchdowns of tornado there, 12 reports of tornadoes across louisiana and mississippi. but hard hit new orleans as we look at some video of h this huge twister, some of the samese areas that were devastated by katrina touched down with theses severe storms fortunately no fatalities. there were some injuries, but a state of emergency was declarede by the governor there as they have to deal with this big mess. very unfortunate for them tonight, but it loose like allle of that activity is out of theif area. it looks like a taste of wintere coming our way late tomorrow night. one week after l ollie thethe bobcat was lost and
10:33 pm
at the national zoo, anotherzoo, bobcat pops up.up. check out this video, a northern virginia woman shot in her wildlife experts say this one doesn't belong in the zoo. it actually lives in the wild oe the wooded areas of arlington. angle hem l hill explains whym this sitting is sohi significan. >>reporter: it turns out that bob cats are native to our a. they're hard to see, especiallye capture on camera. today wildlife offerings came back out to this neighborhood in hopes of glimpseing a.. it may tell us a little bit more about what it's doing. hiking through the woods in the backyard of a donaldson run home after a bobcat was captured on video in this area for the firse time in decades.ades we set up three different game cameras and we try to do them at the juncture -- as you can see,, here is th
10:34 pm
here. we put it at the juncture where there is a couple game trails so hopefully we'll catch it. these game cameras are now on the lookout hoping to catch this wildcat in action for a secondcd time. it was saturday morning and i was sitting here e-mailing and my husband came in and he just decided to look out window and he said is that the bobcat? cat? evelyn powers and her husband au first thought they were looking at ollie the bobcat, the mediaia star from the national zoo who was lost but then found a week earlier. it's very ironic. powers grabbed her camera anyway and started shooting giving usus this rare closeup view of thisth bobcat in the wild, 20 or soo feet from her wind on. i wasas checking it out.king i was like, owe my god, that ist a bobcat. she then shared the video with her neighbors. i was aparade to go out of the house. it looked s
10:35 pm
leopard. > and it has everybody talking. it's moving. experts say this video confirmse their suspicions that bobcats,bt do, in fact, live along the potomac corridor. in the past there have been other sitings in falls church and mclean. i feel that it's really veryy special annex powers was just thrilled she was able to pull off this perfectth shot thaist finally provides soe proof. it will just add extra evidenced that we now have bob cats in arlington. experts say bob cats mostly feed on small rodents and are extremely shy of humans and ourd pets. however, if you see one, keep, your distance and call your local animal control. > arlington, angle hem l hilll fox5 local news. new > notice she had the telephoto lens on her camera. would you think that was a bobcat or a really fought cat. >> i've learned a lot about bob
10:36 pm
cats during the past two weeks. >> they're like big cats. over sized cats. we're told they could be 25-pound. sue told us she had a cat that was 25 pounds.wa > it was a regular old kit i cat. a texas family is dealing with a sticky you would not want this. hone is literally dripping downp the walls inside their house. look at that, because of a bee infestation.stat latest victim sandra levine says workers found a bee swarm insidi the roof of her home. workers weren't able to remove it. they plugged holes around thethe house sending heat into the walls, 2003ed to smoke beast out. well, thousands of bees did indeed fly off, but that hasn't stopped the honey from dripping down the walls. my family have cleaned
10:37 pm
hours. it keeps coming. kee >> yes. i don't know the solution. that tells me there's moreore activity going on. it's like a horror story. levine says the entire cleaning pros took nearly 11 hours. she said she is not sure what tt do about the left over honey iny the walls. what an expensive i'm going to guess homeowners insurance does cover that. but you almost think you have te go in there and cut the wholethe wall out and start all over that's a lot. > an alaskan aairlines flight attendant is being hailed a hero her plea for help and whatnd happened when they landed. that is coming up.up. the cost of healthcare appears to be giving people a financial headache.. that's because a poll is payingg for that healthcare, one in four saying it is their
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> developing in the district, man is in the hospital in serious condition tonight after a police-involved shooting inin southeast d.c. police say the man stole a woman's purse and then re3used officers' orders to drop his gun so they shot him. fox5's bob barnard picks up theh story. the first thing we notice inside the crime scene is that scooter there, on its side in the middld of good hope road. it turns out it had no direct role in the mpd officer involveo shooting this week. the man riding the cooter says he was just crewing along whenan the bullets started flying. we spoke to john williams anliam hour later. i just saw the shooting and i just jumped off the scooter.oter you're okay? no, i'm not okay. i was shook. the bullets started flying, i
10:43 pm
i'm just glad i'm alive. d.c. police say the whole thing started with a robbery at gunun point. they say a man walked inside the good hope institute just after 8:00 a.m. and snatched a woman's purse.pu there were some citizens whowho actually pursued the suspect on foot. they blacked down a couple ofckd police officers that d were working in the area. when the officers asked thethe suspect to drop the gun, he did not. shots were fired. andre whole says he watched itwc go down. he ran in the alley. he ran back up and that's whentt the police came up.ce when they told him to drop the gun, he wouldn't drop the gun so they shot him. d.c. police say they recovered the alleged purse snatcher'sna weapon at the scene.scen sources telling us it appears to be a bebe gun.un. this normally busy stretch of good hope road remained closed fose
10:44 pm
in southeast washington, bob barnard, fox5 local news. > an alaska airlines flight attendant is being praised for saving a teenage human tee trafficking victim back in 20111 it's one of many stories being highlighted bying a organization that's training attendants to spot the signs of human trafficking. she will yeah frederick is credited with helping a 14 yearr old on a flight from seattle toa and francisco. she spotted the girl with anth older well dressed man who woulo not let the girl speak. that's when frederick told theth girl under her breath to go to the bathroom where she left thee note. the teenager wrote back that she needed help. frederick notified the pilot ant police were waiting in thehe terminal when they landed. i had been a flight attendanttt for 18 years. i had gone all the way back tobk when i was in training.trai i could have seen these youngyon girls and young boys and didn'tn even know. about 100 flight
10:45 pm
part of n a human trafficking session over the weekend. thank goodness she was aware and able to help that girl. > president trump's communications director omarosa was sotted shopping in a virginia department store.stor the outing apparently wasn't that pleasant for her. we have details on what happened and how some customers treatedad her when she was out shoppingout forñy÷ yep, her bridesmaid dress we're taking you on a tour ofr the most expensive home in the us. what does $250 million buy you? we'll find out tonight on fox55 news at 11. shawn, thanks for opening up your home. i was getting ready to say,but everyone stop on by. our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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> rosie o'donnell says that she is game to play president trump's controversial chief advisor on saturday night life. sh
10:49 pm
serve. president trump and rosie o'donnell has had a pretty long history.hist in the past president trump hass called her a number of unkind words. it would be very interesting if she played stieve bainin. > seeing pictures of the two, i would see that happening. the washington post is reporting trump administration official objection to the form ross owe hangul was hackle at tyson's corner. security ultimately escorted her to her car following the confrontation. a witness told the newspaper omarosa and her friends were in nordstrom when two people begann harassing her.r. you're looking at video because she's going to appear on say yes to the dress. so that's you're seeing right there. former president barack owe bomb a is is enjoying
10:50 pm
the washington.ingt branson challenged the former president to kite surf. he says mr. obama is a quick learner and the impromptu water challenge. he looks like he's enjoying himself. he needed a much decide break. i think once any president leaves office they're entitledtl to a long vacation. >> for as long as they wants.ts suns out, guns out. that kite surf serving is super hear. i've seen people do that down towards virginia beach. a lot of people feeling spring fever, but earlier we showed you the tornado out in new orleans. this is near san francisco, they had a huge mudslide there today from huge amounts of rain thatt has been falling and this home
10:51 pm
this was flooding not just in san raphael but near so nome a and crews counties. their drought is just about wiped out, dozens of schools are closed. mud slides unfortunately a party of life in california and as they've made up this great deficit it's been way too much water this winter and way tooy much snow.much so that's the story out in california.. meanwhile today here record breaking heat, unusual to get up and over 70 in february. chad was tweeting tonight saying what a beautiful february night even at just about 6:30 it was still 69-degrees as he was out and about around town. we're still 61 in the district. 66 for manassas. 64 for frederick. 66 in fredericksburg, quite a mild night and a very warm start tomorrow, but we're talking about thursday and this is why, a frontal boundary is going to cross us late tomorrow we'll ge
10:52 pm
change over to snow and as the cold air comes in, a weak areaak of low pressure that might be getting a little bit strongertt off the coast isle going to chae rain over to snow and wintry weather is expected. not too wintry tomorrow, in fact, we may tie a record highrd tomorrow in the city of 68. it might stay in the upper 60s in the suburbs. thursday, i want you to see while it says 32-degrees i think we're going to hit that prettyty early and drop in the afternoon. snow is expected to begin after about 3 or 4 in the morning north and west and be in the district as early as 6:00. the warmth tomorrow will peak early. here comes the game changer, thc frontal boundary changes over from showers to snow as thee colder air comes in. these are all winter storm watches in the blue. that begins 1:00 a.m. earlyrly thursday until about 8:00 a.m. thursday and now this does include washington county anal gain i county over to frederick into carol, northern baltimore all the way up to hartford.
10:53 pm
winter weather advisory.ory. here's our first call for snow. in the winter storm watch areaa we think two to five inches ofof snow, very wet, heavy snow. if it falls fast enough it may be causing slippery locally north and west of d.c.c. we're thinking an inch or two mainly on grass. d.c. on south maybe you'll get a coating to an again, first call, let's see ife this changes because the models, some of them have been getting rather aggressive. i'm ' going to show you one that is the least aggressive and that is showing three, maybe four inches across the counties inuni the winter storm watches has about 1.1 in d.c. again, i'm choosing one that's the least aggressive because i think the ground temperaturesnd are really going to melt a lot of this objection to the formn o we'll show you the timing and then we'll get over seven day o forecast. 6 in the morning we've still got thote snow. the temperatures drop all day. here's another tng
10:54 pm
to see. we've got some snow bands and squall that may linger all dayli long in the lake-effect bandsnds that could put down additional accumulation even into theo afternoon on thursday. but the bigger impact i thinkpat will be in the morning but we may still see it lingering hereg and you know what shawn and tony after we get through a cold friday we're back to 58-degrees on saturday. a guy just wrote me on twitter said i can't ride my harley. >> i said, yeah, you can, do it on saturday or sunday. this is going to be fast.. but it might be furious. > stay tuned. i'm ready. > incorporate that, sue. we'll be right back. this wondrous thing called "luck" shines on a new day. where will it shine today? who will feel its embrace? no one knows for sure. but one thing is certain -- its arrival is as inevitable
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10:56 pm
healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. z29kuz zstz y29kuy ysty
10:57 pm
> welcome back it's not theme kind of off b the court distraction college coaches normally deal with, but it's a reminder that sports takes a back to health and well-being.le tonight georgetown made it t
10:58 pm
philly, but only after a crash. there were still a few reminders that lingered on the court. jtt3 limping on the side lines. hurt his knee in the crash. says he'll get it checked out in d.c. tomorrow. junior guard suffered a left knee injury and was a spectatore lj peak inside to rodney prior, the bench erupts the deficit ati just two. the number one wild cats pulledl away again. silver springs native josh hearh finds the corner and then hits the key three. the hoyas lose 75 to 64 h. as. they say in boss p ton, queue the buck boats. super bowl champions did theirdd thing in boston today, hundreds of thousands of fans flooded the streets. they were out there despite of the cold and the cold
10:59 pm
get a glimpse of tom braid definitely when somebody tossese you n a beer it's only pi lot to shotgun the thing. pat's fifth super bowl paradeard since looking ahead to next year. the redskins in the 2017 spiritr kirk cousins front and center and says a lot because the team still has until march 1 to decide if they're going to give him a franchise tony there are two key freefree agents who aren't there pierre garcon or desean jackson. will they keep one, will they keep both or will they keepep none. stay tuned. we shall see.. > they should have put question marks on there. >> on the face? > yes. >> yes. > stay with us, fox5 news at # 1 starts right now. this is fox5 loca
11:00 pm
right now at 11, fox5 is on the trail of an accused sweetheart swindler. another woman has come forward are claiming this man cut her out of her money.ou and a local school infested wite bed bugs and rodents, the cleanup is underway and nowand students are getting ready tody head back to class in a different building.ildi plus, life styles of the rich and famous.mous we'll take a look inside a $250 million home. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with a winter weather alert. yeah, that means that thereere could be a winter weather watch for parts of the region. this is going to go into effect sometime tomorrow night. that also means the possibility of several inches of snow. the snow could come just hours after record high temperatures. sue p


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