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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 8, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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> yes. >> yes. > stay with us, fox5 news at # 1 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, fox5 is on the trail of an accused sweetheart swindler. another woman has come forward are claiming this man cut her out of her money. and a local school infested with bed bugs and rodents, the cleanup is underway and now students are getting ready to head back to class in a different building. plus, life styles of the rich and famous. we'll take a look inside a $250 million home. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with a winter weather alert. yeah, that means that there could be a winter weather watch for parts of the region. this is
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sometime tomorrow night. that also means the possibility of several inches of snow. the snow could come just hours after record high temperatures. sue palka has the update and you zoo, talk about weather whiplash. i was just going to say. it's got to be the weather whiplash one, right, tony? no doubt bit. kind of hard to believe, right? a winter storm watch has gone into effect. how is this going to happen in about 24 hours as we go from spring to snow? there's a pretty vigorous front that is going to come through but it will also create an area of low pressure. we're still warm tomorrow. in fact, we may tie the record high of 68-degrees tomorrow. but then tomorrow night some colder air gets pulled in and this doesn't happen until about 3 or 4 in the morning heading towards thursday where 30s and 40ss will begin to change over rain to sn
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the winter storm watches are in effect and they're pretty widespread when you get up to pennsylvania, new york, new jersey. in our area that includes all the counties that border the pennsylvania line, it includes winchester and much of the pan handle of west virginia. this will be tomorrow night when rain changes over to snow. this will impact the thursday morning commute. but that heaviest snow accumulating north and west several inches, maybe two to five possible. closer to d.c., a small accumulation maybe an inch, maybe two inches north and west mainly on grass because road temperatures should be warm enough to melt it objection to the form i would also say this i expect delays because if it snows hard enough even roads will get compromised because they won't be able to melt it off fast enough. > last night we told you about a man who was conning won
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met through dating apps much since our story aired more women have reached out to us claiming they were also targeted by the same man. fox5's marina maracco broke this story fours. she is live in bethesda with more. marina. >>reporter: that's right, tony we've gotten calls all the way from virginia up to baltimore, not just from women who were romantically linked to this man but from people who they say they were conned through business dealings with this man. this criminal cas nova has hit again. there's a second criminal investigation, this time in howard county. he never has been to college. he has not even graduated high school, but don't let fool you. he comes off very intelligent, very confident which i think that is what him a professional con artist. you heard from this woman in mount. she says she was romantically involved with who she thought s
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she ultimately realized he swindled her out of $700 and when she con fronted him he disappeared until her friend disappeared he resurfaced on a dating app, this time as charles. it was on that same app known as tinder where another woman who reached out to fox5 met charles davis. this latest victim is from howard county. she and the montgomery county victim have been texting the same phone number, communicating with with the same man who is pretending to be two different people. he's neither. he's trevor devon gordon, a conman arrested and convicted in states as nature as florida with a rap sheet that dates back decades for felony, theft, forgery and fraud. the phone number both these local victims have been communicating with appears listed as the business number for numerous escort and massage sites in the state of georgia. i would hate for a woman to become engaged to
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have a baby with this guyuy because i believe he has multiple kids across the us. i believe he's also married to at least five or six women right now with different names. and he's telling them all these different stories of him travelling the world for work or for family and that's not the case. ease conning you. this montgomery county victim has texts with the criminal cas nova dating back to august of 2016, sell fistula of him in luxury cars, pictures that claim to be of him arriving at ronald reagan national apport from supposed trips. another woman is funding the next date. it's just an endless cycle that needs to be stopped. that's exactly what's been happening. just this past month of january, the same tails were told to his most recent victim in howard county. the same selfie from last year, the same airport picture, same lies, just this time in 2017 and
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pretending to be someone else. > now, this latest victim claims that she gave him $1,600 in cash after he claimed all his assets had been phones and promised to pay her back. there are now criminal investigations in montgomery as well as in howard county and here in montgomery county he has multiple open warrants for his arrest for both broad and forgery. live tonight in bethesda, i'm marina maracco, fox5 local news. > fox5 is in the district now, rodents and bed bugs caused their school to be should down. tomorrow students from savoy elementary school in southeast will resume classes at fair bee hope elementary school. lindsay watts joins us with what parents need to know. until savoy is properly cleaned and ready to be reopened students will be bussed from savoy to fairview which is about three miles away. they are biwas an operational school at one point but it closed several years ago, the district says due to low enroll
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a recollect center with only part of the billing up and running. the district says they are by is save and ready for students to arrive tomorrow. students will have to drink only bottled water for now that's because water inside the building has to be tested to make sure it is safe. over at savoy tonight we found a pest control company at work. the district is trying to get rid of remaining bed bugs and rats in and around the building. we've been hearing reports from parents that bed bugs may have come home from their kids. and just today we got a call present from a mom who says her house is infected. for the last several days including this morning savoy has had signs on the outside of the billing saying department of health advisors are available to conduct bed bug consultations. those signs though should have only been up on friday because that was the only day the health department was meeting with parents to provi
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doh is only providing information not assistance with removal. a spokes woman tells me tonight if savoy parents believe they have bed bugs they need to notify their landlords or directly contact pest control professionals. this is what you need to look out for small oval insects. they gravitate to beds, couches, chairs when they show up whether it's at savoy, at your school or at your home you need to act fast. some savoy parents are frustrated because they don't believe proper action was taken soon enough. we did ask how am savoy families have reported bed bug problems at home, but neither the district nor the department of health had that information. lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > we're learning new information about the disappearance of a teenage girl and her five month old involvement police now believe lids
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have been forced to leave with the baby's father. they revealed this picture of jose castile rivas. he has gang ties. a judge ordered him to stay away from lindsay and their baby. she was last seen on january 14 at 10:00 p.m. at night at her home by her movement when her mom woke up the next day lizzie and her baby were gone. her mom was very concerned about her n so she reported her as mazing person to the police. we have assumed the. they've received conflicting information about her disappearance. if you have any information, give them a call. > we now know who is going to be the next mayor of fairfax city. voters went to the polls today in a special election. the winner david meyer. he won 42 percent of the vote. meyer beat fellow council members eleanor schmidt and michael demarco. it was called after richard silverthorne was resigned last month. he was charged in drugs for
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the city council appointed stieve stomach brace as interim mare. he will stay in the job until meyer is sworn in. a federal appeals court is expected to rule in days on whether president trump's ban on immigrants is constitutional. they heard arguments from the justice department and from lawyers with washington state who challenged the order. the appeals court will decide whether to up hold or up hold the ban. in an unusual's move tonight's' hearing was conducted by phone. it took an historic move by vice-president mike pence to break a tie to confirm betsy devos as the next secretary of education. the vote came down to 54 and 50 against. pence cast his vote in favor of devos and tabled the motion to reconsider the vote. democrats spent 24 hours urging republicans to vote against devos. only gop senators voted
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vice-president pence swore devos into office a few hours after that receipt. developing tonight people in louisiana a are picking up after tornadoes destroyed homes and businesses. we'll have a damage report coming up. also ahead tonight, the app that thieves are using to try to target people selling things online and how you can protect yourself. take a look at this. it's the most expensive home in the us. we're going to take you inside and show you what $250 million can buy. wait until you see what else i
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> we have aword of warning if you buy and sell things online, thieves are shopping around on the offer up app looking for opportunities to steal your stuff. d.c. police have seen a string of these kind of robberies in recent weeks. >>reporter: this hisser up. it's a very popular app with people looking to buy and sell stuff with others in their general vicinity. you can find just about anything on here, a dining room table, shoes, couch anything. it's
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a victim who lives along a very busy rig's road thought she was buying an iphone. police say when the suspect showed up at her door he pulled out a gun, forced his way into'6 the home and demanded all her money. police just arrested a 7 year old because he went inside a victim's house. this isn't the first time this has happened and it serves as a gentle reminder to be very caution. offer up even warns its buyers and sellers to know who you are dealing with through reputation and safety features. never set up a meeting at your home. also make sure if you're doing business on here to find a public place to meet, even better, their advice, find your local pollicitation and offer that as a meeting place and if you have a big or heavy item to sell and someone needs you to come to your house, make sure someone else is there with you
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guys, back to you. good advice. thank you, sarah. > all right. so today in the 70s, tomorrow another nice day, tomorrow night possible snow. you know what i'm thinking, here's what could happen, it could be the kind ever thing thursday morning when we look out snowing like crazy and not sticking to the streets because it's too warm. maybe it sticks on grass. i do think in the winter storm areas that it does come down heavily that your streets could be impacted. that is north of 730 and over toward winchester. be aware of that, but let's see if this changes. the models are trying to be a little bit more aggressive. when you're 73 and then the 6 20s. you can't get rid of the heat in the pavement that fast. it's challenging for snow lovers. we want to start with another big story tonight because mr. was a state emergency declared in louisiana today, 12 reports of tornadoes really hard
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orleans where the same areas that were devastated by katrina got hit again. fortunately no fatalities, but a couple dozen injuries and then the same line of storms, as you can see, tearing up an area that absolutely doesn't need to deal with this again. big damage to even brick structures t exactly what they don't need to so. i wanted to show you that these were some of the touchdowns today even forth of baton rouge and as we expand the picture that's severe weather also effected portions of mississippi and there was an one on the east coast of florida. there has been a tremendous squall line as i put it in motion. this is what went through new orleans earlier today. as we follow that up the east coast there's a little bit of moisture off to the west. we could see a couple of spotty showers later tonight. i can't completely rule them out tomorrow, either. it's really tomorrow night if we'll be a able to see if rain is able to change over
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for most of our area. we're even thinking we tie a record are tomorrowment forecast high for to your knowledge 68, the record is 68. again, today, first time we've been at 70 since february of to 2012. we're still 60-degrees now. it's 67 in martinsburg, 65 cull pep per, 6 # in quantico. it will take time for the cold air to move in. the frontal boundary comes through in the afternoon maybe with a couple showers and then that cold air slowly but surely tries to trickle in for two days of chillier temperatures thursday and friday. > and matter to your knowledge you can see that we've got some clouds in the morning but we're 57. up to 66 by p noon. by 4:00 that breeze is quite noticeable. let's go to 11:00. we're still in the 40s, but where it begins to snow like you see in cumberland it drops down to 39. our in-house mold is showing the snow and this is the gf
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american model, showing snow but 43 degrees in gaithersburg. does some of that melt or does it accumulate because it's coming down so quickly? > 2000 according to our model snow at 6 in the morning and rain to the south and the east. look at how the temperatures begin to drop in the morning. the 40s will be very early. we'll drop through the 30s through the day and some of the snow streamers or squall may set up and that could be down an additional inch or two as we go through the day and head to the 20s at night. it could be from 2 to as many as five inches of snow. it's an inch or two on grass. more like a coating on grass to maybe an inch. again, stay tuned because we want to make sure that this doesn't change but you that would definitely be somewhat disruptive on thursday evening. we head down to 25 friday morning. friday's temperature
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but then a big warmup saturday, 68, sunday 65. we're even warm monday and tuesday of next week. so get your pictures while you can and make sure you tweet them to me. > a loss angels mansion is the most expensive house listed for sale in the united states for $250 million. the four level 38,000 square foot home has 12 bedroom suites 21 bathrooms, three kitchen, the spa, the bowling alley, the 40 seat movie theater, a massive swimming pool. you guys got to see the swimming pool. when i invite people over for pool parties we have a blast because we have a stunning 20-foot tv. if you would like to buy my hours, the price tag includes a fleet of exotic and vintage cars. it's all worth $7 million. i have seven full time house
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the developer claims only 3,000 people in the world can actually afford to buy it. > we don't know whose house it is. >> the developer's house. > that is a gorgeous house. >> it's too much house. it's beautiful. 38,000 square feet. you might be able to move your whole family in. but remember the up keep. > if you can afford it -- people who can afford it are not thinking anything like that. we got to go apparently. coming up next, the high school basketball
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y27mky y16fy > the wizards epic home win streak came to anen last night. the verizon said good luck for the capitols. their shootouts on december 29 against the devils. tonight they have the chance to notch their tenth straight home win. alex ovechkin sets up in his office, he risks one wide, gets another chance, that's official's 26th goal of the season. it is one-nothing cap to. later on in the first period, andre beer cough ski drops it over to
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he makes it and moves to the right. the caps win 5-0, five shut outs. mark turgeon maryland on the road against penn state. the terps struggled most of the game, four minutes to go in the game, they're down by ten. freshman justin jackson hits this. the deficit cut to seven points. on the very next possession penn state turns it over. jay line brandt does it again. the terps close the gap to four. three minutes left, the any any lyons out there. they're going to try and miss. in a deer crashes the lane and put back. maryland loses 70-64. it's the terps first road or neutral site of the season. of we've talked a bit about georgetown. a tall task against villanova. a couple
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campbell who suffered a knee injury was out of the lineup. they rallied, they rebound out to lj peak. a team tie, georgetown would cut it to two, but then nova does what nova does best. they take control. goes the distance for two of his game high 25 and georgetown loses 75 to 64. finally when you say you can't, tray son willis of washington iowa says think again. not maybe that big of a deal, you may not be able to see this. tray sean was one with on arm. eighth grade, while you're watching the video, apparently he's done this sort of thing before. he plays basketball, football, does it all. tray sean, a big credit to him. i don't want to ever
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say they can't. that does it for z29kuz zstz
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coming up on today's telecast: >> you may think you're at the end! but i'll tell you, when you think you're at the end, god has already spoken to somebody and told them to sew something into your life that will be more than enough! >> $50,000! >> $57,000 cancellation. >> almost $50,000! >> $33,000! >> $77,000. >> $27,000. >> we got $100,000 profit! god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous deliverance to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


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