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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 8, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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michael thomas talking about this warm weather that's about to change and erin como talking about clear roads that will eventually change. >> that will change, too. >> we'll see you guys in a moment. >> happening now, democratic senators holding another round of round the clock section on capitol hill. this time he debating senator jeff sessions nomination nor attorney general. >> it's second straight all night debate about trump's cabinet nominee after a review of one of the senators. >> and melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with the latest, mel. >> reporter: good morning, we're seeing democrats doing what they promed to do drag out the debate as long as the rule allows before they have kochb formation volingt own any of trump's cabinet nominees. monday night during the all night session against betsy devos they were alloweded to do that uninterrupted. that came to
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speech by massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and that is because republicans did not like what she had to say about senator sessions. >> the senator is reminded it's a violation of rule 19 of the standing rules of the senate to impute to another senator or senators any conduct or motive unworthy or becoming a senator. >> mr. president i don't think i quite understand. i'm reading a letter from coreeta scott king to judiciary committee from 1986 admitted into the record. i'm simply reading what she wrote about what the nomination of jeff sessions to be a federal court judge meant and what it would mean history for her. >> now, in that letter, coretta scott king was saying that senator sessions had used his power to chill the free exercise
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citizens. that was the warning. 25 minutes later mitch mc connell came to the floor and senator warren again was reading another letter and mc connell invoked the rule that said senators cannot in any form of words imply or say that another senator basingly acted in a manner unbecoming. so, where this comes into ply is the fact that jeff sessions as nominee for attorney general is also a sitting senator. if he had been any other person that rule probably could not come into play. there was no rule against that. that is why this is come nothing play right now. elizabeth warren had to sit down and she was not alloweded to continue her speech she went to another room in the capitol and continued reading the letter own facebook live. she's also spawned #letlizspeak. she will not be able to speak for the rest of the debate. other democrats as we've seen are continuing that
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night long and the vote for senator sessions his final con tir formation vote is sketched for later today. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> mel, thank you, 4:32 is the time. one day after being confirmed she will address her department staff. devos is expected to focus on mission of department. devos was confirmed yesterday and sworn in by vice-president mike pence. >> the travel ban hangs in the balance as 9th court after peel continues constitutionality of the order. the dem of justice asked the court to reinstate the temporary ban on immigrants from seven majority muslim kuptyes. the court plans to rule in the next few days. republicans are depending that ban with some admitting there are issues with it. >> where i think the order went awry was when they were looking at people with duel citizenship people that had
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gone through a process. i'm hopeful now that they will have a more deliberate process. >> here in maryland the american civil liberty union and law center have filed a new lawsuit against the travel ban. the suit argues the executive order violates federal laws and constitution. >> department of defense is looking to rent space at trump tower in new york. pentagon spokesperson says the space is necessary for pesonnel anyone equipment that will support the president at residents in that building. president trump officially lives in the white house the trump tower houses his family. they have done the same with president trump in chicago and president bush in texas. >> they will be bussed to nearby hope elementary school. they had a rodent and bed bug prob that he that shut savoy down. >> d.c. council passed animal welfare law inspired
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worth pit bull left outside in cold weather last month. it amend a law that mandates protection from the weather for animals housed houdz outside to ensure the space protect the animals. it requires the shelter raised off the ground and heat retaining material and provide cover from the wind. >> all right. we don't need any cover this morning. it's georgous out. there things are changing. perhaps cover nearby. >> you're absolutely -- it's unbelievable we're starting in the 60s and snow coming as early as morning commute tomorrow morning. kind of up and down forecast today. 60 to start your day in washington. annapolis at 65. baltimore 6. dulles mannasas 6 fredericksburg and 63. it's warm to start the day and erin como mentioned earlier she didn't need the jacket as she headed out the door in morning. satellite and radar clouds and areas of spotty showers or spotty drizzle cannot be ruled out for the next couple of hours. but
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be dry the rest of the day. there's temperature outlook. 60s mr. all day long once we get the sun in the sky and then it will fall during the first half of the day. we'll talk more about the snow coming up in ten minutes. all right. that's the weather, erin has traffic. hey, erin. >> doesn't sound believable snow is coming with the warm temperatures. calm, quiet commute. no problems gw parkway ib bound. all the green behind me on the map. like what i'm seeing here. 66 problem free east and westbound side as you make your way to and from gainsville this morning and problem free dale city to the bement way and 395 to 14 street bridge wide on. cruising in both directions, metro begins at 5. i'll let you know if metro delays pop up as well. back to you, wisdom and maureen. >> coming up on "fox news morning" allegations of animal abuse which derailed a movie about man's best friend are questioned for validity. >> and
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aid to saudi. >> and across the dmv time now is 4:36. temperature amazing 60. michael thomas will talk about the change coming up. back if a moment. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads.
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it's 4:39 time too look at stories you're engaging with in social media. >> this early hour first up trump administration may approve a weapons package for saudi arabia blocked in the final months in office. president obama had human rights concerns in both currentyes taken includes missiles technology. >> is first lady melania trump trying to monotise on her role as
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during her term she is one of the most photographed women in the world could mean millions for her personal brand. it came in a liable lawsuit she filed if court. she is suing corporation that publishes daily mail over a retracted report that claimed she worked as an escort. >> a lawyer in providence, rhode island. calls white police officers the third shift terror squad. residents say they harass plaques and latinos. cellphone videos showed questionable use of force against south side residents that spurred calls for reform and ordinance banning racial profiling by police. remember that shocking video that showed animal abuse during the movie "a dog's purpose" apparently fake. american humane society conducted independent third party investigation into the video released on tmz and concluded that no animals were harmed in the
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and finally budweiser boycott a small brewer says consumers can ditch anheuser bush over a commercial. kelly of irish ale said budweiser that recounted bush's journey to america from germany was politically charmed. budweiser said the commercial was in the works for months and was not meant to be a political statement directed at president trump immigration policy. >> 4:41 coming up on "fox news morning" a number of state lawmakers in maryland accusing governor of trying to privatize public schools. >> and despite the party pickerring in capitol hill there are moments they actually reach unanimous decisions. >> i don't know what they are. >> we'll wait to hear about that. >> a live look across the d.c. region. it's 4:41 now and super 60 degrees out there. ma
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>> savoy infected with bedbugs and rodents will use a temporary location until further morning. >> 60 in february, h
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you cannot beat. it you better enjoy. mike thomas said it will change. it will change soon. >> you can catch me outside, how about that? >> good morning to you thanks for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is wednesday, february 8. erin como is talking about the road and first michael thomas talking about our constantly changing weather. >> constantly changing wisdom and straight to the changes. yes, it will be another warm one today. believe it or not. snow on the way as early as tomorrow morning. let's get to future cast. 9:00 tonight, clouds building across the region an look as we head into the overnight hours. starts as rain in d.c. and you see the rain/snow line dancing southward, 4:00 in the morning that's heavy snow off north an west to hagerstown and up towards cumberland, maryland, northern portions of west virginia and northern kind of tip of virginia there. we get to 6 a.m. morning commute underway. future cast showing a period of moderate to heavy show over washington and baltimore. a lot of this remembe
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70 yesterday and up near 70 again today and ground temperatures very warm. a lot of what falls will initially melt. we could get a coating to inch in d.c.. most of that on the grass. 1 to 2 norm app west to montgomery and howard counties and then north of there we expect big totals, 2 to 6" darker blue and locations near maryland, pennsylvania border under winter storm warnings. we'll give you more information on this in the 5:00 hour. that's the forecast. let's do traffic now with erin como. >> 4:46 now we're tracking breaking news. take a look behind me. 95 northbound left lanes blocked. this is just after the fredericksburg stafford county line at 17. left lanes blocked. keep it to the right. this is causing about a 7 minute delay as we try to pass by that scene. once you clear 17 things on north of that point through stafford and it's getting from fredericksburg to stafford country line that will cause problems again because of the large accident scene blocking
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let's switch it over and look at maps. aside from that crash coming up from virginia traffic looking good 95 through ewington once you cross the mixing bowl and plenty of green in the district and through dale city across the occoquan queue eliminate looking good problem free 66 and 95 and looking nice as you make your way 270 southbound side from frederick, maryland. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. we'll keep you movinging, back to you. >> students will resume classes but got at savoy. >> they'll continue while work continues to rid their school of bedbugs and row dents. "fox5" annie yu live with this story. >> good morning, wisdom, maureen, over the last several days savoy elementary had signs on outside of the building saying department of health was available for bed bug consultations and we can tell you this morning those signs have been removed and new signs have gone up indicating that
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classes will be held at a different location today informing families starting today students will be bussed from savoy to fair by hope elementary three miles from here and we see signs up for bus ports saying the students will be picked up here at the main entrance 7:25. now fair by closed several years ago due to loewen rolement and since then it served as a rec center. district says that the fair by is ready for students to arrive today. one thing that parents do need to know is that students will have to drink only bottled water when classes resume at fair by because we're told the water inside the building has to be tested to make sure it is safe to consume and those results should number later this week. mean time we know the cleaning process continues as savoy pest control has been out hard at work trying to get rid of bedbugs and rats in and around the building and we've been reporting on the issue for a few weeks. we continue to hear concerns from save" parents and on tuesday we got a
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mom that says her house is infested and didn't know what she should do or if the district would help. we can tell you department of health is only providing information not assistance. if your home is invest fested contact your landlord or pest control and hand it will yourself. annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> annie, thank you for that upit day. 4:44 is the time. democratic state lawmakers are pushing back against a series of education bills. legislation would provide scholarships to private schools and encourage more charter schools in maryland. lawmakers joined the state teacher union to deannounce the bill backed by governor hogan they say it promotes privateization agenda and a spokesperson says education is his priority. >> and a proposed constitutional amenment allowing veelt o
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>> any regulation inacted by state agencies could be undone by a simple majority volt of the senate and house of delegates. now supporters say it's needed to combat regulatory over reach. >> meanwhile a bipartisan effort is underway to save united states postal service. over the years postal service pleaded with congress for more funding. a new bill called postal service reform acting is in the works and provides revision requiring postal retirees to fully participate in medicare ifel jig. those not eligible will receive benefits under a federal employee's program. >> bwi thorough good international airport continues to fly high. more than 25 million passengers last year came through the airport. that is 1 million more than previous year and more than 1 million were international travelers. despite increase dulles still operates the most international flights in our region. >> all right. coming up on "fox 5 news morning" if you live in frederick, maryland,
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alarmed if if you hear a loud boom today. >> nfl game of football and concussions that will be discussed today in a federal courtroom. >> as we head to break right now here's a live look across the dmv. 4:50 is the time and 60 degrees. back in a moment. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. lcome to 8 and a half maple reet. it'half a house.
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or latte for $1.99 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. >> 4:53 is the time now happening today a hearing on nfl concussion set to be live stream. comes as league begins putting first 65 million in payments into trust fund. nfl must then make another multi-million payment into the injury fund within six months and average payout is expected to be 190,000 for players with alzheimer's or moderate dimensions a. younger players
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get as much as $5 million. >> residents of frederick today it's sundown and dealt of public use will use city approved firearm to scare birds he from church and market. it will mack a very, very loud noise and it will help fight problematic knocking birds in area. >> prince george county now they are offering free spay and newter services for pets belonging to low income services the service runs from now until december or until grant funding is completes. >> all right. time now to talk about weather. we had two spectacular days and now we better enjoy as we can. >> let's ignore the bad let's focus on the good for five minute before we hit that. >> okay. >> let's do it. >> today looks great. >> okay. >> 60s. get outside and enjoy it again. >> that's fine. >> record high yesterday, 73 degree
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i don't know when the last time we did 7 in early february was. pickup temperatures at the bus stop this morning i don't know if you need the jacket. 54 to 62 degrees and yeah it feels like spring or summer morning out there. after school, unlike yesterday little less clouds or less sunshine today and we'll have winds will change directions and that will help start pulling in cooler air. won't be as warm as yesterday and still unusually warm this time of year. 63 to 69 for the kids after school. here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. 68 the daytime high in washington. that's probably early afternoon and second half of the average we drop a bit. comfortable. tomorrow morning is trouble spot. we're watching rain that will transition to snow in washington. could be significant snow accumulations off to the north and west of town. we'll have much more details on that coming up at 5 a.m. and then look at the temperature bounce friday only high of 40. cold day on friday and then saturday, back to 60s. su
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unbelievable ups and downs to start february so far. we're start moderating closer to where we should be as we get into the next workweek. those temperatures, 59, 52 still above normal this time of year. >> that's a check of the forecast. let's do traffic now with erin como. >> 4:56 now we're still tacking a crash. let's see if we can take a look at camera in virginia. 95 northbound side crash at 17 coming up from the fredericksburg stafford county line blocking left lane. so you need to keep it to the right. they have cones set up. right lanes scrawling by speeds under 10 miles an hour. factor in extra time to get through the crash scene at 17 and things on up through stafford and all the way up to ewington as you get to mixing bowl. back to the maps now. metro picking up at 5 a.m. right now no reported delays for rail lines. we'll let you know if that changes and any questions erin fox d.c.
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roads in maryland, 270 picking up through the truck scales and past urbana to montgomery county traffic opens up and you're looking good to the beltway. top side beltway problem free and we're not seeing ib use on way to 95 either much more traffic in a few. up to you. >> coming up the dealt of defense is looking to rent some high profile commercial space in lower manhattan. >> and d.c. lawmakers approve a new law to ensure safety of animal as cross the city. >> heading across the z.c. reeming yom, 60 glorious degrees. more fax morning news after the break
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>> today on fox news morning party politics. law mackers debating senator sessions to be the next attorney general. >> looking live outside d.c. region wednesday morning. hey, enjoy this amazingly warm weather while you can because guess what old man witness winter making a come back. this time tomorrow will be packing a powerful punch especially north and west of district. >> i thought we were done with that. >> i did, too, i was hoping the ground hog was wrong and it was early spring. >> okay. >> good morning to you. th


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