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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 8, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on fox news morning party politics. law mackers debating senator sessions to be the next attorney general. >> looking live outside d.c. region wednesday morning. hey, enjoy this amazingly warm weather while you can because guess what old man witness winter making a come back. this time tomorrow will be packing a powerful punch especially north and west of district. >> i thought we were done with that. >> i did, too, i was hoping the ground hog was wrong and it was early spring. >> okay. >> good morning to you. th
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maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, february 8. >> okay. michael thomas is talking about warm-up and then cool down. erin como is tracking traffic and hopefully not many prob problems on the road today. good morning to both of you and good morning to you if you just get up let's again get you up date 5:01. burning midnight oil on capitol hill. democratic senators speaking around the clock for jeff sessions nomination for attorney general. >> second straight all night debate about cabinet nominees and comes after dramatic rebuke of one of the senators. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick on capitol hill this morning with the latest, mel. >> good morning, guys, and democrats say they will continue this tactic for each and every knowledge any unless they get in their words full and complete discussions and haeingz of nominees before they come up for confirmation vote. you maybe remember during the debate over betsy devos monday
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continue uninterrupted. that came to end last night in part because senator sessions is a fellow senator and in addition to being attorney general nominee but also because of republicans did not like what senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts had to say about senator sessions and warren was quoting from a 1986 speech from late senator ted kennedy who referred to sessions as disgrace to justice department she was warned once she cannot disparage a fellow snore those are the rules and as warren reading from a letter by king opposing jeff sessions for a federal judgeship also 30 years ago senator mitch mc connell jumped in. >> they're mothers, daughters, sisters, fathers, sons, and brothers. >> mr. president. >> mr. president. >> the majority leader. >> senator impuding motive and conduct of our colleague from alabama as warned by the chair.
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sessions used awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens" i call the senator to order under the provisions of rule 19. >> mr. president. >> senator from massachusetts. >> mr. president, i'm surprised that the words of coretta scott king are not suitable for debate in the united states senate. i appeal the ruling -- >> so warren had to sit down. she tried to plead her case. but that did not work. this was a vote. she was cens you'reed and is not allowed to speak for the rest of the debate over senator jeff sessions she did, however, go to another room there in the capitol and read the entire letter from king on facebook live that is also spawned twitter #letlizspeak and this again is the tactic that will
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continue here unless things change, probably doesn't seem like it will happen any time soon. we've seen partisanship here and the debate ends sometime later today and that vote on confirmation of senator sessions for attorney general is scheduled for sometime early this evening. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> mel, thank you for that. >> one day after being confirmed as secretary of education, betsy devos will address the department staff. she's expected to focus on mission of the department and secretary devos was confirmed yesterday following historic tie-breaking vote from vice president mike pence. >> a judge from the federal appeals court will issue a ruling on the travel ban by end of week. yesterday they heard argument from department of justice and state suing government over controversial executive order and trump administration wants court to reinstate that temporary ban on immigrants and refugees from 7 majority countries. republicans are most
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admitting there are problems. >> awry was when they were looking at people that had duel citizenship and people who had already had visas and gone through a process. i'm hopeful now they will have a more deliberative process. >> here in maryland the american civil liberties union aclu of maryland and national immigration law center filed suit against the travel ban arguing that the executive order violates federal laws and constitution. >> department of defense is looking to rent space at trump tower in new york. pentagon spokesperson says the space is necessary for the personnel and equipment who will support the president at his residence in the building. although president trump officially of course lives in the white house. trump tours still houses his family. they have done the same in the past with president obama in chicago and president bush in texas. >> today students from savoy elementary school in southeast d.c. will return to class and be
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hope elementary school and ongoing rodent problem infestation called savoy to be shut down. they'll continue to be bussed to fairfax by until savoy is properly cleaned. five minutes past the hour it was crazeest things to me mike. it was:0 in the morning february and car. >> i walked out with a jacket and i instantly started sweating i had to take it off. i road to work with the windows on. even more unbelievable we're talking about snow in the forecast less than 24 hours from now. clouds this morning and frontal boundary moves through later this afternoon and brings in cooler air. and eventually you see that snow coming through portions of iowa. heading into portions of illinois and indiana this morning that's next weather maker that will be here tomorrow morning that yes, could put down measurable snow especially for those that live north and west of district by tomorrow morng
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washington we have dropped 4 degrees from the last hour and dulles 59 and baltimore 62 and mannasas 61 still overall a very, very warm start to the day and your forecast for today up to 68 degrees and partly sunny skies at warm day today and then tomorrow, everything kaichings. we'll have the details on snowfall what you can expect and where the watches and warnings are coming up in ten minutesment for now let's get to erin airport for a check of traffic on wednesday morning. well, 5:07 now metro railways on time and no delays on the bus and dealing with problems in fredericksburg virginia knowledge of the stafford county line this accident blocking left lane after 17. keep it to right and watch for tap of the brakes past that scene. i would say a5 to 7 minute slow down getting into s
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we'll let you know when it clears. traffic making way in right lanes and speeds under 10 miles an hour. we'll look back at the maps and show you your commute around the dmv. track looking good topside of beltway and college park problem fee on 50 coming from bay bridge through chefly once you geted in the beltway. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. we'll let you know if anything else pops up. >> coming up on "fox news morning" the fight over dakota access pipeline intensifies as one native american nation vows it will not give up. >> farts of south are devastated by severe storms and several tornadoes. >> we're heading to break with a live look across our region.
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>> the law passed late monday sets out to legal lies dozens of setler out post on privately owned palestinian land. >> the army set said it will allow the dakota sake raes pipeline to finish. it will cross under a missouri river reservoir new north dakota that is a site of contention between the government and standing rock sue tribe they vowed to stop or delay construction with court action. cleanup underway right now in louisiana after several tornadoes ripped through the region yesterday twisters leaving behind pam of destruction in and around the areas of new orleans and bought on ruth the worst of the damage is in area devastated by hurricane katrina. a state of emergency has been declared. while some people were hurt no deaths have been reported.
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missing fairfax country teenager and 5-month-old baby police believe lizzy rivera colindra and her son may be with the father jose castillo rives and they're concerned about her and her son's safety. he has gang ties. police want to hear from you if you know where they might be. >> maryland's highest courts says defendants cannot be held in jail becausehey cannot afford bail. 7 member court after peels unanimously agreed on compromise. judges and court commissioners will need to find other ways to make sure defendants appear for trial. the new rule will go into effect july 1. >> voter went to the poll and elected david meier for the job. city counsel member won 42% of the vote. former mayor resigned after he was charged in the drugs for sex case. coming up on "fox 5 news morning" o
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industry kicks off today in new york city. >> and rumors swriling that mark zuckerberg could be removed perfect a key part of the company he created. >> hm. >> as we head to break now a live look across the d.c. region on wednesday morning it's hump day. we're getting there, folks, 5:12 is the time now, very, very, pleasant 60 degrees. enjoy while you can. right? fox news morning back right after this.
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words for the joy... and the sorrow. ♪ but through all of life's journey... there is no language adequate to describe the ultimate heights you can attain. your full potential. ♪ snv we're back, 5:15 wednesday morning man this sun believable. 60. as you said, holly, february morning, are you kidding me right now? >> that's what i was saying about the fact snow is coming right now. >> are you kidding me right now? >> what is going on. >> it is. >> two seasons. >> that's what we're like in the weather center. we have the forecast record eyes and forecasted snow and it's crazy
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and this is kind of your transition period. between winter and springtime february march 10. to be like this where sometimes we get warmth and sometimes cold you were not dreaming. 5 above the previous records. and high only 4. 27 above where we should have been yesterday afternoon and we're starting off on the mild side. 56 wash to much and 67 westminster. 62 baltimore, mannasas 61. leonardtown good morning to you, 62. keep this in mind. look at the warm temperatures. think what it's doing to the ground. it's warming the ground. and snow less than 24 hours from now. clouds to start the day and breaking off into sun as we get to latter portion of morning an afternoon there's snow maker. this energy spins south off the coastline and kiingzp a couple notches.
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here in washington probably not much on the ground because of how warm we've been. built into the evening and periods of rain before we make that transition over the snow during the overnight hours and look norm and west that's heavy snow and jackpot zone already you should be able to tell off north annual and west. southern maryland not -- by, 9:00 in the morning storm headed north an eat and out of our neck. maybe snow flurries rest of day. any accumulation will be on the ground probably sunrise tomorrow morning and closing to one here in washington and 1 to in lighter blue off portions of montgomery county, howard country, 2 to 6 in the zone of dark are blue off norm and then kind of jackpot in the mountains. this is typical
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higher amounts north and west and lower south and east. i want to focus on the area in blue. these are waipter storm watches. story it went away there. in effect tomorrow night into the morning and 68 tonight. 42 tomorrow. temperatures falling as snow falls as well. cold on friday. then as we head through the weekend we get 60s and 70s back by sunday. all right. let's check the forecast. erin como has traffic this morning. get ready for tomorrow, erin, it will be busy. >> so hard to believe now with temperatures so warm today, mike, but i trust you, the snow is coming and that frightens me. we're dealing with a mess in virginia between fredericksburg and stafford county line after 17. the left lanes blocked. big scene from crash earlier. keep to right lanes average speeds under 10 miles an hour. coming up fredericksburg through stafford tap of the breaks once you past 17 traffic
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not slow downs past courthouse road yet. let's look at 66. volume increasing forwarding past 50 this morning and lot of congestion pick up between 234 and 2 and as you pass monument drive. speeds reduced. no crashes to report. lot of volume waking up earlier than we see on 66. taking a look at naps we'll show you what you are up against for morning ride. looking really nice on beltway through college park. upper loop through oxon hill and 295 to 11 street bridge in both directions metro rail lines on time now. erin como fox d.c. on twitter. slow moving and crazy. mature and, holly. >> crazy indeed, thanks, erin. time too look at stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> wisdom is back with what is hot on the web, hey, wiz. >> mark zuckerberg may no longer
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longer be the of they want to limit his power and have independent person on board of directors. >> meanwhile, liftoff, elon muvk set to takeover the space pad. rocket firm plans to launch falcon nine rockets every two to three weeks and ambitious plan comes after space x rocket at the company's original launch sight in florida. >> next up birth control foremen. soon there could be more contraception options foremen an injection that blocks sperm from lead leaving body. it could be tested on men as early as next year. it works on monkeyes. lited to condoms or vasectomy. >> d.c. ranged fourth best place in the country to live according to
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record. top three spots went to austin, denver and san jose. executive director of u.s. news says when ranking best places to live it takes into account strong job markets and high quality of life. >> and finally, tom brady revealed that if it was up to his wife, he would retire today. she said after super bowl win his wife giselle asked him to leave the game three times. of course, his response, too, bad, baby, i'm having too much fun right now. >> all right. >> she said well i have to cut down on none another way. >> too bad, baby, to you. >> thanks, wisdom. >> exactly. >> 5:0 coming up on "fox news morning" disney offers good and bad news about two highly anticipated attractions at the theme park. >> what do you do if young, vibrant, former president. well enjoy life, of course. >> we're headed to break with a live look. >> not at those blue waters but our region not bad
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5:20 the time. back after this
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>> aling met life paid 50 million no over time to claim specialist across the country for past three years. it seeks class action status on behalf of claim special lists nationwide who worked on claims for two subsidiaryyes. some specialists worked up to 60 hours a week with without over time pay and had to gather claims outside working hours. >> 72 designers show their -- at n
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it runs through february 16, technology will continue to play a big part during the week with each show broadcast online. it not only gives fashion chance a new look but purchase them right away. >> disney is coming out with two new theme parks pandora world of avatar will on may 27 disney animal kingdom in orlando, florida and star wars theme parks walt disneyworld and disneyland in 20 19 and also happens 20 19 is year "star wars" episode 9 hit theaters. >> convene. >> you've just spent eight years as leader of free world what do you do for encore. go indicate surfing of course. mr. obama and first lady michelle went with richard brandson on his private island. they went indicate surfing and he beat brandson. they would not let him
5:25 am
while in office so this what extra sweet. >> that is street. awesome picture. >> that is cool. >> i saw the story on another show and they were talking about people tweeting some of this stuff and that picture you know where he's holding happened up he's like his hair might turn black again. >> so true. >> all the stress of not being president. >> you can imagine. >> you're like i'm out, i'm out. >> that's great. >> today is great well yesterday was great, today is transition day. pretty good. still a great day. yeah. you could have gone surfing yesterday. >> felt like i could v. yeah. >> let's get to the planner today really quickly moving through today. it's a nice day again and minimum of clouds and sun temperatures working their way up through the 0s once again. will peak early afternoon and start to fall the second half of day. not too drastically. if you have outdoor plans today fantastic. tomorrow different story. snow heavy at times even here in d.c. won't rule that out and potentially
5:26 am
commute as well. even if snow is heavy we're not expecting too much to stick here in washington. and anything we get leakly just on the grass. that could be very different story norm and west of town where snow could fall for several hours at heavy pace and that could put more substantial totals off north and west. again here close to d.c. accumulations mostly on the grass. yes, we think there could be delays and maybe even few closings north and west of town. so we'll keep an eye on this. quick look at snowfall forecast coating to inch in d.c. and the further north and west you go the more you can expect to see. let's check the forecast. erin como has traffic this morning. >> that's right we're dealing with a lot of breaking news right now and this is a look at benning road in district and it's closed in both directions because of large crash scene between 4 and anacostia avenue. use caution. there large police presence a lot of flashing lights and you can take east capitol to get around that one. as we forward cameras we're also tracking
5:27 am
we've been telling you about on 95 northbound coming from fredericksburg this morning. fredericksburg stafford country line left lane blocked and mess of slow moving traffic past 17 once you cross the crash scene we're dealing with backed up traffic through stafford and more breaking news in district we're dealing with on ramp from 50 eastbound to 202 closed and we'll take a closer look at that next. back to you holly and maureen. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning" d.c. lawmakers unanimously approve a new law to ensure safety of animals in the city. >> and dealt of defense representing high and commercial space in lower manhattan. >> let's go to break a live look across the d.c. region 5:27, 5 degrees on this wednesday. we have a lot more to share though, 56 degrees on this wednesday. more after the break.
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>> today on "fox" any morning. >> mr. president, mr. president, majority leader. >> bipartisan trauma plays out on senate floor overnight as democrats try to delay the confirmation of senator jeff sessions to be the next attorney general. >> travel ban debate. president trump's travel ban hangs in balance as appeals court judges consider constitutionality. >> and bussing students. today students and faculty of southeast elementary school infested withed
5:31 am
rodents begin using temporary location until further notice. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. >> this is "fox5 news morning". >> good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, february 8, mike and erin both here working hard. we'll begin with mike, though, quick look at the return of winter weather that is supposed to be happening tomorrow, mike. >> yes, unbelievable given where we were yesterday and how warm we're starting day today. we're expecting snow to move into the area early morning before sunrise. winter weather alerts for now those areas you see in the blue just really along the maryland pennsylvania border winter storm watches which means these are areas the national warm service says potential exists for more than 5" of snow and in the pink those are winter storm warnings most holding north of maryland pennsylvania border with exception of garrett county, maryland which is under winter storm warning and winter weather advisories in the pule
5:32 am
columbia but we'll update you if that changes later on this morning. all right. that's a quick check of the forecast we'll be back with more in a bit. holly, wisdom, back to you. >> thanks, mike, are 5:31 the time. savoy elementary students headed to class gut not back to savoy. >> they'll be bussed to a nearby building as they work to get rid of the bed bug problem. annie, good morning. >> good morning, wisdom, holly, we know that parents and families were notified by phone, text message and facebook about the change until the school is properly cleaned and treated. that's students will be bussed to ferebee hope elementary school you see the sign outside the building that indicates changes and we see the signs right outside the main entrance here that buses will be picking up students to ferebee three miles away they'll be picked up around here 7:25 this morning. ferebee closed
5:33 am
ago due to loewen rolement and served as rec center and now they're ready for students to arrive today. one thing parents need to know students will have to only drink bottled water while classes resume at ferebee because the water inside the building has been tested and they're not sure it's safe to consume yet. those results shoulding back later this week. cleaning process at savoy continues and pest control has been out regularly treating grounds to get rid of bedbugs and rats in the building and we heard from concerned student tuesday for a mom that believes the bedbugs have come into their home and they were transported to her home by her children here from savoy elementary and she was wondering if she could receive help. the department of health letting us know that if parents believe their home has been infested that they need to either contact their landlord directly or pest control themselves. that's the latest from southeast d.c., annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> annie, thank you very much. 5:33 is the time now let's upte
5:34 am
on capitol hill another all nighter for democratic senators speaking out about sessions to become turn general. >> his confirmation vote is due this raeng after mandatory vote of 30 hours comes. democrats fired up after one of their own senator elizabeth warren was silenced and banned from speaking for remainder of sessions debate. >> republican senators say warren broke protocol rule when she led from a letter from d oretta scott king that discusses what kings said was sessions negative attitudes towards plaques and other citizens. >> and it's right to act for deform. devos is said to folking on importance of the department. she was sworn in by mike pebs. >> a three-judge federal appeals court will likely issue a ruling on president trump travel ban by end of week. yesterday they heard arguments from department
5:35 am
state suing government over controversial executive order. trump administration wants court to reinstate temporary ban on immigrants and refugees from seven majority muslim country can. >> department of defense is looking to rents space at trump tower in new york. pentagon spokesperson says the space is necessary for pesonnel and equipment that will support the president at his residents in the building. though trump is in the white house trump tower houses family. they have done the same thing in the past with president obama in chick check and president bush bush in texas. >> 5:5 is the time now. let's get to michael thomas and do our daily check in with him and talk about weather. last two days perfect. >> perfect. >> it -- >> i like kept staring at the temperature in my car yesterday it got up to 73 was the high. >> yes that's exactly wha
5:36 am
was. 7. >> then my car is right. >> it's accurate. most car ones are wrong. >> mine said 73. >> not bad. >> you know what it's warm out there this morning. temperatures 56 in washington. that's a warm start to the day. 60 by the way 10 above the normal high this time of year. that's how warm it is to wake up. annapolis 65 starting day at 61 leonardtown and 61 in fredericksburg. take a look at satellite and radar we had clouds and will rule out isolated area of drizzle here and there and for the most part not much going on here. let's look at forecast for the day. 68. partly sunny. enjoy one more warm day we have snow in the forecast. less than 24 hours from now. we'll have more details coming up on that in less than 10 minutes. all right. let's check the forecast. erin como has roads on wednesday morning. hey, erin. >> that's right, with he have updates for you on what we were telling you about on benning road and hearing word from d.c. police traffic that it is actually an oil spill we're dealing with industrial oil spill we'll talk about that if a seco
5:37 am
lights behind us and it's benning road as you make your way out between 34 street and the intersection of anacostia avenue. traffic is getting by despite active police presence and again the fact there's steerl oil spill there. we'll keep you updated and some traffic is moving now i would keep to east capitol to avoid that large scene in addition to other problems we're dealing with as we spin the camera as around. 95 northbound fredericksburg accidents blocking left lane after 17 to stafford this morning. more traffic in a few. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter back to you. >> coming up on "fox" news morning days of intense rain left dozens dead andhurst in several sections of peru. >> and sitting down at the negotiating table with a rebel group in an effort to find peace. >> time is 5:37. temperature 56 degrees. "fox5 news morning" is back after this
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>> 5:40 is the time now. rain left 25 dead and 30 hurt in peru. three regions are in a state of emergency as residents continue to work through knee-high watt others to salvage what
5:41 am
army is arriving to clear the water to prevent the spread of disease. >> in columbia government and second begest rebel group have started peace talks in neighboring ecuador. they have had talk for the past few years and formal negotiations was launched last march. the talks were halt because they. hate didn't has a new president. he was sworn in yesterday for the next five years. 48-year-old entrepreneur took both of office in parliament in a chamber packed with haitian lawmakers and foreign dignitary from currentyes including united states, convenient sgel aand france. >> and coming up a number of lawmakers in government are accusing the government nor of trying to privatize public schools. >> and statement by the fist lady about her profile, what it could mean potentially for her brand is beginning to get harsh cr
5:42 am
>> and we go to break now. let's take a live look across the d.c. region. follow us. we will inform you and enlighten you every day. at least that's our goal. 5:41 is the time now 56 on wednesday back after this.
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a car slams into a prince george county garage. this is a live picture from that home addison and dunbar oaks road in capitol o tall heights. the garage is now covered with a tarp. no word why the car veered off the road into the house. and no word if anyone was injured in the crash. pretty frightening. >> picture is worth a thousand and words. >> overnight you could be anywhere in the house. >> yes, let's focus on something positive. >> oh, this is going to get michael thomas moving. this is what is hose about this time in the newscast. >> okay. >> warm weather. >> come on. >> how do i groove to this one you. >> shake it they're telling you what to do. >> is that what they're saying. >> shake it. >> is he saying take it or shake it. >> he is taking take the most and shake it. >> that's all we got. today it's been a busy day. it's a busy day. not too much of a dancing mood yet today.
5:46 am
1st and friday i'll be in better mood. reagan national 70. dulles 72. bwi 72. all records worth 20 plus degrees above where we should thb time of year and by the way blew the old records out of the water. temperatures aroundet region now 60s to start. baltimore 62. annapolis 65. fredericksburg good morning 60 for you. leopard town 61. d.c. 56. mannasas 59. it's mild start to day. you'll notice it i would almost say humid as we step out the door. you can feel the difference. here's clouds cover for this morning. cold front sliding through pennsylvania. it's thin line of showers you see fading away. not expecting rainfall. once that front passes we'll start getting cooler air into the region. this slt system we're watching here circled there in red. not organized yet but swings down south. you can tell i worked hard on this line right. swings down south and gets off the coast and moves north ward. big time storm. mrizard
5:47 am
expected in the far portions of north east and parts of our reelingon won'ting out of the woods for some winter waenl as we head through the next 24 hours or so. here we are 10:00 tonight should start as rain and dreaming northeast and there we are 3:00 in the morning maybe a period of heavy rain and concern here in washington would be that that heavy rain changes initially to a period of heavy snowfall that could reduce visibilities on the road. that's kind of chief concern if that comes right around 5, 6, 7 in the morning that's future cast showing heavy snow in washington and that could be issue for morning commute even with not a lot sticking reduced visibility could cause problems. we wore work our way to 9:00 hour it starts getting out of here north and east and we're done form day. mostly a morning thing. how much are we expecting. here's snol snowfall forecast coating to inch and mostly on the grass in d.c.. doesn't mean we won't have road problems with the visibility issues and as you head further norm and west you could start having road issues.
5:48 am
closer to 4 to 6 around hagerstown and big jackpot and garrett country maryland where winter storm warnings were in effect and 6 to 9" expected there. quickly watches and warnings there area of blue here winter storm watches and they're in effect late tonight through tomorrow morning and areas in pink northern or southern portions of pennsylvania and garrett country, maryland, into west virginia winter storm warnings in effect there and areas in purple are winter weather advisories. none of those are issued yet around the d.c. and baltimore areas and we'll bring that to you if that changes later this morning. tucker coming up in 15 minutes. we'll let you know if there's changes for the 6:00 hour. 68 daytime high today. enjoy it. temperatures fall to. morning rain and snow tomorrow. then we're cold friday before we warm it back up yes that's a 70 you see in the forecast for sunday. all right. that's a check of weather. erin como will get to you work on time this morning. >> yeah tomorrow morning we'll keep a close eye on vibi
5:49 am
and let you know how it's shaping up with snow moving in. benning road traffic getting by in both directions slowly between 34 street and anacostia avenue what we're dealing with is industrial spill. we watched crews cleanup. large police presence. traffic getting by. east capital good at matt for you. coming fredericksburg to stafford a crash by 17 in process of clearing and left lane, left shoulder blocked and right lane getting by slower and things seem to pick up and we'll let you know when lanes reon now. allow for 5 to 7 extra minutes to get through the area. we'll go ahead an take a look at maps. unfortunately other issues. good news northwest police activity michigan avenue and quickly cleared to traffic once again moving to 1st and columbia road. u.s. 50 eastbound crash blocking ram top landover road. we'll let you know when that clears out in maryland this morning. metro rail lines are on top. any questions erin fox d.c
5:50 am
dealing about problems and nervous with the snow moving in for the morning rush. back to you. >> 5:49 the time now developing this morning in maryland democratic state lawmakers pushing back against siris of education bills and legislation would provide scholarship to private schools and encourage charter schools in maryland. >> lawmakers join the state teacher union to deannounce the bill backed by governor larry hoeing and and promote privatization agenda. spokesperson says education is his top priority. >> meanwhile bipartisan effort underway to save the united states postal service over the years and united states postal service has pleaded with congress for more funding in the wake of declining mail volume and new bill called postal service reform sangt now in the works and it includes provision requiring postal retirees to fully participate in medicare in they're eligible that's not eligible would receive benefits through specific postal service plan under federal employees health benefits program. >> time now 5:50 let's look at stories
5:51 am
morning on social media with realtime news tracker. >> maureen is back with what is hot on the web. >> first up trump administration may approve a weapons package for saudi arabia and president obama blocked during months in final office. human rights concerns in both countries according to u.s. officials and deal includes missile technology. >> is first lady melania trump trying to monotise on role as flotus that is circling around after lawyers say during her term she is one of the most photographed women in the world could mean millson for her personal wrapped. it came live when she remild court. she is suing corporation that publishes daily mail will he be site over retracted now report that claims she once worked at escort. >> budweiser boycott a small brewery says consumers should ditch anheuser bush over super bowl commercial. william kelly owner of citizen kelly irish ale said budweiser
5:52 am
journey to america from journ we was politically charged. it has been in the works for months and whats not meant to be a political statement treblingt as president trump immigration policies. >> shocking video that needs to show animal abuse during "adog's purpose" was fake. american humane society conducted independent third party investigation into the video released on tmz and concluded no animals were harmed in the scenes. and finally high schoolers out playing pros. 2 points in a game in california last night. 63 points of those came in the second half, he scored 92 points and led his team 146 to 123 win. has a sophomore and committed to ucla to play ball and his older brother is a star player on ucla squad. there you go. >> 92 point by one guy. >> that's what they say. >> was there any defense at all. >> apparently not 146 to 12
5:53 am
>> that's the only way you can get 92 points. >> like an all star game. >> crazy. >> thanks, mel. >> happening today a hearing on nfl concussion settlement case set to be live streamed and the league put the first 65 million in payments into trust funds and nfl then makes another multi-million payment into injury fund within 6 months and average payout is expected to be 190,000 and players with alzheimer's disease or moderate dementia sha and younger players could get as much as 5 million. >> precedent of frederick be aware. today and tomorrow at sundown the department of public works will be using a city approved firearm to scare birds from the area of church and market streets. now the gun will mack a loud noise and will help frighten problematic flocking birds in the area. >> all right. let's go to prince george country now where they're officering free spay and neuter service for pets belonging to low income families it's available for dogs and cats and service runs from now until december or until
5:54 am
funding is complete. >> and all right. 5:53 now time for facebook fan of the day. say good morning to linda alexander. linda watches "fox5" every morning. >> she loves seeing holly, allison and maureen's outfits. she's looking for a valentine. she's on the hunt right now. so she hopes being fan of the day can help with that. good luck, linda. let us know how to turns out. >> linda, michael thomas is single and to himself and looking for love, too. >> i've been looking for love for years. i've given up. >> oh, my god. >> let's go to the forecast here. 54 to 62 out there for kids for the bus stop. it's a nice day. after school even nicer, 6 to 69 around the region with minimum of clouds and sun. enjoy today. because it's last warm day before this arrives as early as sun up tomorrow. coating to inch in washington with snow that's coming through
5:55 am
most of that on the grass and could come down heavy during the morning commute. we're watching that that could cause issues on the road and north and west northern portions of montgomery countsy, howard county, 1 to 2" and most of that on the grass. and your jackpot zone knowledge of there up through northern portions of frederick, washington, alleghany, 2 to" of snow and then your jackpot zone off in higher elevations of garrett county, maryland through grant mineral countrys in west virginia 6 to 9" of snow expected there. here's "fox5" accuweather day forecast what features a lot of up and down. 68 today. 4 early high tomorrow and temps fall through the day tomorrow arrange and cold friday. most of suburbs in the0s and up we go again. saturday afternoon, 60. sunday afternoon you're not dreaming, 70 but then we kind of moderate a bit headed to next workweek. that's a check of the forecast. 70 sunday erin.
5:56 am
we're finding you a valentine you deserve that. >> you're the best. >> happening on benning road industrial oil spill we were dealing with has moved over just blocking left lane on the inbound side traffic is getting by once again this is out by anacostia avenue flashing lights in area. watch for slow down and again traffic gets buy if you want to aindividual a delay. east capital street can get you around that. fredericksburg good news here a crash cleared and it was after 17 cop up at the stafford line and all lanes getting by and earlier delays have certainly eased. we'll take a look at maps. more problems you need to be aware of for wednesday morning commute not including beltway topside bottom side looking good problem free over legion bridge and 270 southbound volume building from 7 0 to clarksburg 10 minute delay there and metro on time and as you can see route 1 and 295 still in good shape. earlier crash dealing with 50 inbound 202 that
5:57 am
the way and as we take a look right now southbound 295 just volume building down tow any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. 00 hour we'll be right back.
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>> democrats protesting sessions to be attorney again rl and what senator warren said that got her silenced on the floor. >> and plus, wait a minute that's not olly. a bob cat making itself at home. >> a live look outside wednesday morning february 8 get out and enjoy today because it won't last long. colder temperatures and snow moving in later tonight. let's check in with tucker it will be a crazy 24 hours. >> particularly because 7 degrees yesterday record high temperatures. day of transition and warm and no manic today or tomorrow. $not a major event in immediate washington norm and west we could look at accumulations by tomorrow morning this hour.


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