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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 8, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now at 10:00 from tee shirts to snowflakes. today's record-high temperatures gone with the wind, making way for an overnight snowfall that could impact your morning commute. >> tonight, police charged this man with sexually assaulting two women, one a family member. coming up, why it's also prompting a warning
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parents here at the laurel boys and girls club. >> plus the owner of a popular d.c. restaurant was shot multiple times by a man who she says frequented her eatery. tonight the unexpected twist in the case. we begin tonight with a weather alert of the region including the district and expecting overnight snow and will stretch into the morning commute. thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> it's hard to believe but in d.c. the snow team will deploy more than 200 trucks 4 a.m. to treat roads and sidewalks. sue palka standing by with the latest on the forecast, sue. >> tony, shawn, if you stepped outside it's still not cold. we're coming up off our second day of record heat. we got to 74 degree today. warmest february day since 2011. we're expecting snow thursday morning even in the district. let's get you straight what's coming up. this is the storm, tennessee valley. has to say looks
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snow breaking out in pittsburgh and heavy rain across west vir and we expect rain to develop across the area. we cannot even rule out a thunderstorm with this. that storm will track our -- off the delmarva which means it is in the sweet spot to spread very heavy snow from philadelphia to new york to boss stop. we're talking a foot of snow for new york and boston. blizzard warnings on long island and nantucket and around here those winter weather add voosryes do not extend into the district including western loudoun and western montgomery and western howard and northern maryland, pan handle of west virginia and frederick county virginia and that's a few inps. we're missing out mainly because of the track of the storm and temperature. we're in the 50s now and it will be rain when the storm arrives between 1 and. big challenge is timing changeover to snow. we believe that will happen before
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but almost all of the snow action with this storm is going to occur at a very bad time for us between 5:00 in the morning and 8:00 in the morning and that could be a heavy burst of snow. is it going to be enough to accumulate on roads? well, we sampled road temperatures a few hours as ago it was retaining heat near 60 on wisconsin avenue. north of us, where you might get colder, sooner, roads could be compromised and visibility between 5 and 8 could be challenging everywhere and how much accumulates is also going to be a challenge m we're thinking in the district it's going to be mainly only coating because a lot of this could be melting and cold air comes in just as a precip is pulling on out and again few inches possible across northern maryland and into the pan handle and we'll show you all of that coming up 10:0 i'll show you snow totals and timing of the rain to snow as our fight tour cast is seeing us come into town in a few hours. needless to say i think it co
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could be delays around the region especially further north and west you go where it gets colder faster and elevation helps to bring in i little accumulation. shawn, over to you. >> develop tonight a youth athletic coach is accused of assault live with the details, lauren. >> shawn, we're live outside of the laurel boys and girls club. because the man facing these disturbing sex assault charges has been volunteering as a boys football coach here. now, while he's accused of victimizing women you can imagine parents, whose children come here, are certainly finding this news upsetting. there's that word from police there could possibly be more victims and they're working with anyone who may have -- think they know someone victimized by this man to please
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>> he better not step foot on the property. i don't care if he was found guilty or not to me we don't need that around here. it's terrible. i heard a little bit of what took place, and i could not believe it. >> and will bert nickelson is boys and girls club laurel and his nephew was coach warner murphy football team this past fall and murphy is fashion charges of second degree rain and number of sex offenses and 18-year-old relative tells police she was sexually assaulted by him daily since november. a friend of the teen says she was also sexually assaulted by murphy. for the past three years coach murphy, as known here at the laurel boys and girls club. coached boys ages 6 to 8 on the football field. he even created go fund me for kids to travel to national championship in the 015 season. we're in the off season now but at basketball tonight the president of the club told us
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whim never be welcome back to coach with them ever again he passed a background check but with allegation this serious in his home life the club will not take any chances having him around kids. murphy was released on a 100,000 bond. he is due back in court on march 1. meantime the football commissioner at the boys and girls club is trying to come up with a date for them to meet with parties and let them know what is going on with this case and again, laurel police are asking if there's anyone with information, thinks there could be other victim out there to please contact them. live in laurel, lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> new tonight at 10:00 aneled early d.c. woman was rescued from her burning home tonight that happened just before 6 p.m. on zenia street southeast the woman was trapped on the second floor when the flames broke out. "fox5" marina marraco joins us
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marina. >> reporter: tony, they're boarding up this house in southeast. we're south of congress heights. and tonight, d.c. fire able to get everyone out saferly. they believe this all started in the kitchen and say it was accidental. >> and i cannot do anything you was helpless. smoke was past the kitchen. >> there's a female inside. >> there's a frying pan caught on fire. >> he called 911 the 95-year-old mother trapped upstairs smoke too dense to reach the second story good two story. we have people trapped. >> she was sitting on her bed and was able to talk and yell but not able to move. and we could tell she probably was not going to be able to be awake much longer. >> firefighters feared the woman was losing consciousness and climbed this outside ladder and came in through the window.
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the interior stairs and were finally able to rescue here from the burning house. >> her eyes were moving so you knew he she definitely haden airway. >> i'm thankful they got here the way they did and helped her and helped me. >> reporter: miss haskell was transported to the hospital in serious condition and is expected to make a full recovery. live tonight in southeast d.c., marina marraco, "fox5 local news". >> speaking of fire sky fox was oaf the the scene of a large barn fire in montgomery country. take a look at mrumz of smoke it happened 1100 block of sugarloaf dickerson, maryland, the flames broke out around 7:30 this eveningment fortunately no people are or animals were inside at the time and no word yet on what sparked the fire. >> developing tonight the man accused of shooting the owner of a d.c. restaurant was found dead yesterday morning in northeast. and police iss
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warrant for the man shaval reed before they found his body. man he's accused of shooting paul wagner has the latest. >> loveringly known as pinky the woman ran the eatery on north capitol for the last 17 years and all that time only once before was there trouble. >> it's like we can't believe it happened. >> janet stedman is pinky's daughter by her side since they opened the place in 2000. >> i got the worst -- of my life that night he told me your mom was shot four times anal most died inside. i think i died and came baca live. >> a nearby camera captured assault as pinky left the business with day's receipts. according to janet stedman the gunman wanted her bag and pinky was able to pull off the mask. >> when she pulled the mask off she
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somebody he covered employment to and was regular customer. when she saw his face she could not get over who it was and she kept saying to him, it's you? it's you? >> and then, he shot her, four times in the arms and legs. >> the carryout was closed for a week or so and when they reopened the community response has been overwhelming. >> everyone has been calling and everyone has been coming in letting us know they can't believe that happened and letting us know that they support us. >> janet stayedman said her mom is out of the hospital in rehab and slowly but surely recovering. like the community responded when the eatery reopened, she will be welcomed back with on arms. paul wagner, "fox5 local news". the victim's family setp a go fund me page to help with medical bills so far they raised more than $4,000
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lincoln our web site, >> web sites like air bnb are growing in popularity for people that want to find a short term rental and homeowners that wants to earn cash. >> plus the reason why crowds of people gather outside senator mitch mc connell d.c. home to read a letter dating back to 1986. the message they're trying to relay good and later in the show, did your son or daughter understand his or her math homework tonight. coming up we're introducing you to an 1-year-old math wiz who created her own teaching method to help students succeed in the classroom and it's working wonderfully. she'll join us live to show us how it works at 10:30.
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>> today the baltimore police department and fb. a announced 20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest
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person that fatally stabbed a college studentment marcus edwards a student at morgan state university was walking off campus when he was failt alley stabbed a mime from the school last september. police say the 21-year-old was going to visit his girlfriend when he was killed. >> this is tragedy for all of us and for someone to have done this and left marcus in middle of the street as if he was no one is a shock to all of us. and we just asking the community for their help and helping us put this thing to rest. >> he's a good guy. deposit hurt a fly. don't hurt anyone. we're hoping this helps someone say something if you know something please say something. >> edward's family says he dreamed of becoming a police officer. if you know anything, call baltimore police or local fbi office. >> police in district are investigates investigating a scary discovery made this morning at one of d.c.'s largest high schools a
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school in south east was arrested for trying to bring a gun into the school. the weapon was found by officers at a security check point. no one was injured in that incident. tonight the senate officially confirmed senator jeff seeings as attorney general and democrats fiercely opposed alabama republican over his record on civil right and immigration and democrats showed opposition with around the clock session and senate chambers that included rebuke of senator elizabeth warren while reading letter coretta scott king opposing sessions for federal judge. sessions is set to be sworn in thursday morning. >> so no to sessions. >> outrage over senate reps vet to silence elizabeth warren. a rally was held outside mit
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it criticizeds session's voting rights and civil rights issues and the rally is going strong on social media many used the #shepersisted to express their gratitude. >> during a private meeting with democratic connecticut senator richard blooming thal they described mr. trump's as disheartening and demoralizeing and the president recently referred to seattle judge who put a state on the immigration travel ban as so-called judge a member of the team confirmed he was reforing to that particular comment. well, employees at the department of education met their new boss today. betsy devos delivered her first remarks as setting of education and democrats tried to block it. devos told the department she want
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new ways to help students. >> while we may have disagreements we can and must come together, and find common ground and put the needs of students first, to everyone on this team my challenge to you is simple, think big, be bold and act to serve students. and i will promise you this together we will find new ways in which we can positively transform education. >> protesters gathered outside the department of education while devos was speaking. >> regulating home rental services like airbnb is on two do list for one d.c. council member. >> introduceing a proposal to create tighter regulations and strict penalties for homeowners if they don't follow rental rules. we'll have the story next. km
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>> there's eye
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between one d.c. law maker and rental sight airbnb and will put clear regulation force short term rental sights. >> what this means for people who make reason out of renting homes in spare rooms. hey, jim. >> shawn, i lot of people say they're making good amount of money from doing that. they call it -- economy and airbnb is part of it. how much is too much. airbnb and home awe and vrbo allows you to rent your homes a night or two and like uber and lyft they are finding themselves in need of regulating this. homeowner would have to secure a license for renting out. airbnb is speaking out against the law using a woman the company says is a successful host. >> i'm a single mom. i've lived in d.c. for 16 years. and without the incom
10:23 pm
as airbnb host my daughter and i could lose our home. council member mc duffy wrote a bill that will hurt d.c. families like mine siding with the downtown hotels and will stop me and i my neighbor toes for sharing homes to make ends meet. airbnb paid for this ad to i can chose you why are you choosing big hotels over families. >> this is not just the intent. >> why one unit what if someone has three or four an apartment and maybe two or three rooms why couldn't they just pay a licensing fee for those and go with three instead. >> we don't want people who are trying to have multiple homes to use xher hall activity. we have zoning laws on the books and we want areas of city that are sdopd for residential housing to remain sdomed for residential housing and we want those areas to be for residents and families to live and not become places full
10:24 pm
of transient short term housing. >> got you. >> so here's a couple highlights from the law proposed. host can only rent one property where they live and you have to get a specific license. no idea how much it would cost. that's up for debate. if you violate the law you have fines from $1 to $7,000 and the host has to live there and be present during the stay unless vacation rental. that's demind it web site. and you have a maximum of 15 night a year you can do that. in addition to the host being find the platforms like airbn br would be find 1,000 in booking violation. >> who would this impact you can math anyone d.c. a lot of hotels. we asked councilman mc duffy if hotels were lobbying for this laejlation. he said this is more of a matter of d.c. law catching up to changing technology. the bill is before committee and d.c. course ill and this could change. he's urging people directly impacted to the law to speak out. >> thank you very mu
10:25 pm
about that one. >> it's complicated you can see both sides to some extent. >> when we come back live in the loft. one lovely lady who speaks the language of math. >> remember when it was called arithmetic. >> she could hold the key for helping thousand of in our area to unlock the door to math success. >> wake up with good day d.c. tomorrow and turn of the sizzle. kevin mccarthy sits down with the cast of ""fifty shades" darker"joining is live are from la with the sultry secrets from the movie and it's the perfect marriage, pizza and a bagel. tomorrow we're celebrating both national pizza and national bagel day. i thought this was part of "fifty shades". a local chef shares delicious pizza bagel recipes and ultimate foot match-up i had a pizza bagel. >> that would be "fifty shades" of something else. >> something else?
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>> and latest on the snowy commute. it should be snowing tomorrow morning. get the latest on good day d.c..
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>> we're back with a look at a story where a laurel march maryland youth coach is charged with sex offenses lauren demarco is liver with the story. >> reporter: tony, laurel boys and girls club says the man volunteering as a football cope for them for the past three years is no longer welcome here. 35-year-old warner murphy is facing second degree rain and several other sex offense charges and he's accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old member of his family and her friend. and while he's accused of victimizing women parents at the girls and boys club find this very unsettling and laurel police say there could be additional victims and they're asking anyone with
10:30 pm
>> an elderly woman is in serious condition after a fire broke out in southeast d.c., d.c. fire and ems said firefighters rescued 95-year-old virginia haskell after trapped inside a second floor bedroom at a hole on zenia street. it was ruled accidental and started in the kitchen when the woman's son was soaking he made it out unharmed. >> baltimore police department and fbi are looking for leads in murder of college student marcus edwards a student was walking off campus when fatally stabbed about a mile from the school last september. a 20,000 reward is offered by police and the fbi for information that leads to arrest and conviction. in the case. >> and if you decide to sleep in tomorrow morning to say 9:00 you'll miss the action because that's how fast this moves on through. we're tracking a snowstorm and also not really seeing this warm air departing yet. it will wait until the precipitation starts.
10:31 pm
there's air cold enough to make it snow. and it's out towards pittsburgh 31. columbus 30. that's coming with the storm system. i wanted to show you snow totals we're expecting. here in the district. fairfax, prince george county, down towards mannasas. not much. maybe a coating on grassy areas. up to 1:00. further north montgomery countsy to loudoun an inch or two possible much of that on grassy surfaces and jackpot will be up here where it gets colder sooner erin snow lasts longer 2 to 6" across northern maryland and out towards pan handle where you see as much as 6 to 9 in the higher elevations. very quickly rain heads on in it start at rain and changes over and looks like primetime. anywhere from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. it could fall hard after 8 a.m. though you can see it's starting to wind down. we'll see if
10:32 pm
keep up with that and visibility may be a problem and gusty wind expected as well. much more if a few minutes, shawn. >> sue. >> new at 10:00 tonight did your kids understand homework tonight. their math homework tonight. if not did your parents help solve problems. no. we're ipt drugging you to 81-year-old math wiz who may be able to help. mary johnson has been teaching for six decades several times a week works with under performing math students at the after school program washington education foundation campus in southeast d.c.. kids there are thriving thanks to her teaching method silma success in learning math approach. math wiz dr. mary johnson joins us liver in the studio tonight. thanks for joining us. >> they're happy to be here. let me ask you when did you develop love for math and decide you wanted to share your knowledge and teach the world. >> i developed love for
10:33 pm
when you took algebra about ninth grade i got this marvelous textbook that said first page these are the laws of algebra. and i said whoa i love that before i was can you do this, that? >> when when i look at my son and his math i don't know what they're doing with this new common core math. how is it different than silma. >> in silma we make sure students know the laws and know the laws. but not in the a mathematical language
10:34 pm
>> we've moved over a little to let parents understand this is the problem you wanted to pick to show your method here. >> happy to do it. reason i took this problem is this. students do poorly in math third grade start with division and fourth grade do more division and i studied this because i have a lot of doing one-on-one and i found out that the students got very confused because they said well we don't do place value anymore, six into four won't go the teacher said. ism into four won't go and 6 into 45. >> ands
10:35 pm
do it. >> it's not logical. >> my system is this. fist of all you have to understand what division is. and division is process operation of two numbers. and what you try to find out is how many times can you subtract the smaller number or equal number from given number. >> okay. >> that number of times you can subtract it is answer. >> go ahead. >> okay how do you work this out then. >> you say you not abandon place value number one that's what happens and when you abandon place value students are lost i don't know what to do. when i teach students i say to them, fit of all, make sure they understand definition what are he are we trying to do. subtract as many six as we can. one at a time no that's too long. >> let me ask if your silma method does this work from kindergarten through twelfth grade. >> k through call cue less. >> ye
10:36 pm
laws not new math laws but new simplified way toy state the law so students understand. >> what's the reaction from young folks once they finally get it under your method. >> they love it and i have so pan didn't success stories thousands. students who thought they could never do math now they do. >> how does it make you feel. >> i feel great and that's why i'm here tonight i want to really get this process digitized especially diagnostic test so many students can get benefit from that. because diagnostic tests are short. each question eight questions and i tested with thousands of students and i can determine what that student needs for third grade, fourth grade, fifth however. >> quick for parents that are watching that want to learn more do you have a web site or place toss go to get information. >> yes i have a web site
10:37 pm >> dr. mary johnson thank you for coming up in. whoa appreciate it and i'm thrilled you have come up with a method to help our kids learn. >> okay. so i'm going to -- >> we'll have more for you guys coming up. tune into facebook right now and we'll show new a minute. we'll be right back. >> let's talk a little about this. is your significant other keeping a significant financial secret from you? a new survey revealing 12 million americans have hidden bank or credit card account their live in spouse or partner doesn't know about and one in four admitting to spending 5 0 0 bucks or more without telling their partner. and if financial infidelity ends current marriage maybe pizza can help start your next one. dominos is unveiling wedding registry for couples offering services from catering bachelorette party to feeding guests after wedding
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>> a 32-year-old clinton man is lucky to ab liver after trapped nay burping car rescued
10:42 pm
three sheriff's officers incident happened on crane highway waldorf january 29. one officer was assisting with dwi arrest at nearby car dealership when he heard a collision. when the officer pulled out of the parking lot he spotted suv that hit a pole. that suv was completely engulfed in flames and this was a pikt bikt of the three officers that came to aid of driver. eric scadrry christopher morris and don cabala they put out the flames and pulled the man to safety. he was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. well, soon you may need to pump brakes while driving through d.c. or montgomery country maryland. lawmakers are hoping to pass new laws lowering the speed limit. the zero plan calls for creation of safe neighborhood zones and it would lower the speed limit to 20 miles an hour and establish 15 mile an hour safe zones around schools, parks and other areas. lawmakers in montgomery country, maryland, discussed a bill to
10:43 pm
on roads and residential and business districts to 20 miles an hour. >> heads up, you may not get the vanity plate you want in maryland. some letters and number combinations are band for being offensive and the state has a list of nearly 5,000 banned plates. sarah simmons joins us more with how they came up with the list. >> shawn we could not believe when he heard there were nearly 5,000 banned plates on this list. it's incredible. we've all senate traffic before and looked at a plate in front of us and realized how creative people can be. some of these on this list are just down right offensive using combination of letters and symbols and numbers and we'll show you a few in a moment that we can put on tv, of course, but the motorcycle administration says that the list has been building internally over the last 20 years not anything new but something gradually building over time. the system is taevl is automated to flag offensive request, curse words, obscenities and plates cannot have a combination that refers
10:44 pm
religion or disability and plus any variation on the world such as police or irs or fbi you name it you can see how the list starts to add up. even objectionable plate slis automated spokesperson said plates slipped by in the past usually caught in the process of making it and it is turned away one maryland man took the state to court. it was spanish word that translate to a curse word in english and he fired several appeals trying to win his case. but ultimately in the end the state won in that case. now as i mentioned we wanted to show you a few of these banned plates we can show on tv. xcon, w 1 no and stoned
10:45 pm
sex and the last one is cocaine and letters and numbers there and different various yaiings and that type of thing. people are creative over the years in order, shawn, tony for this list to add up to nearly 5,000. you can let your 12-year-old imagination wapder to what exactly some of these could be. back to you guys. >> let me say tony perkins 12-year-old mind has been wandering. >> i'm sure. >> i just stare. >> i know that 12-year-old mind very well. >> i just shared with shawn a license plate i saw that i thought was filthy. >> really? >> yeah, but it was not. >> so safe exsex you cannot have that one. >> no. >> why is that offensive. >> i guess you could have to explain it. >> why wow want to put that on the plate unless you want to spread is the message. >> never know. >> thank you, sarah appreciate it
10:46 pm
>> were we getting a wrap dhuring. >> you have ever h vanity plate. >> there is one i want i can't get it. >> it's offensive. >> no, no, no. i tried to get. it i want one that says beatles or fab four fan or something like that they're all gone. all gone. >> i'm sorry. >> i tried to gets one for jackson 5 but it was too long. >> beautiful day along the d.c. area people were out enjoying the warm weather and sun. >> but, soon, some of you may need to pull out your snow shovels. sue has the full forecast next at 10. >> and sex, drugs and politics. former mayor of fairfax virginia faces a judge and we're getting a good idea how the case will wrap up. details on "fox5"news at 11
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>> well you will know soon enough what a difference a few hours makes. people across the region are
10:50 pm
to fall overnight after this earlier today being outdoors and enjoying 70 degree temperatures and "fox5" photo journalist dan greenvich caught up with people around the district today♪ summer breeze, makes me feel fine♪ >> the wind gusting behind it will send wind chills to teens and 20s. >> you're at cold as ice♪ >> we did all four seasons in a day. it's probably punishment for having summer in the morning. >> i've been waiting and crossing my fingers for the one snowstorm we expect every year. so while it is very nice to get out and enjoy this day, i am definitely looking forward to a little snow. >> i grew up in d.c.. seems like there's always a warm day in every month of the year. and there's definitely a feeling we'll pay for this. but that's fine. you have to take the good with the bad. >> it's wild it's going f
10:51 pm
70 to snow. but yeah i'm excited because they cancel school. >> snow tonight yes we're punished for today. >> we need to accept the variety weather offers us. >> i love the breaks in d.c. when it's warm and sort of oasis and even if it's for a day or two it's great. >> i go to the airport and it's 10:00 whatever comes i'll be out of it pretty soon. >> that was him. >> that picture looked good. >> i'm going with him. >> that sounded great. >> and you know everyone had a good attitude about it. >> yeah you know why? >> because it was 74. >> yes. >> and we're only going to be in the cold for a little bit. >> this is not a two-week pattern change this is a couple cold days, mild now. wind chills tomorrow will be biting in the afternoon. and then we'll see how much snow we get out of this. contact timing be such
10:52 pm
get a small accumulation in d.c.. better chance of getting jackpot snow and by jackpot two to four inches maybe six up to the mason dixon line. beautiful day today if you didn't hear already we're back in the record books again because we hit 74 today. love the picture from lloyd owe cooking outside today. he had hot dogs in the grill and said beautiful day here in middleburg. we know it will snow. we enjoy today and these are the high temperatures that we hit. 71 dulles record and 72 bwi also a record and shattered record at reagan national and it's not that cold now. 54 still in the district. look off north and west cumberland 45. once rain begins temperatures begin to drop. some of this will melt initially because pavement is warm. shower activity towards hagerstown and you can see the next batch towards harrisonburg. everything is on the light side. the storm as i have to say looks impressive. if it were f
10:53 pm
tracking towards hatteras this would be a 4 to 8" snowstorm for us. right now we think as coating for d.c. and those heavier amounts 2 to 6 across the mason dixon line. but i wanted to show you again with this frontal boundary coming through tonight the leading edge of storm the storm gets stronger off the coast and because it's off the delmarva a little for north to really bring us heaviest snow. but it will be very heavy for new york city and did you know they're expecting 8 to 12" of snow with mrizard conditions on long island. same for boston. philly 4 to 8 and maybe more and we don't advisories even down to the district. we have them north and west and that is where you have a chance of a delay. and so quick look at timing here at midnight we have some rain coming in and between about 1 and 3 north and west we start see changeover and changeover happens in the district between 4 and 6. but look how quickly the snow is out of here. by 8 a.m. bulk of accumulation is over and while we melt solve that
10:54 pm
day as we go forward. last things i'll show you here again the snowfall amounts we'll be covering this again. but this is where it will get the most snow up to our north where it will get colder faster and snow longer. maybe a coating to inch on grass in the d.c. area and you know what, this is going to be very short lived. we're cold on friday. and then saturday 60, sunday 70. even nice as we head into valentine's day. much more at 11. don't go anywhere we'll be right back.
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>> we awe a player from halfway along the grobe transcends more than geography. here's brody logan. >> capital roingter is tapestry wove from threads of seven different naiing and never had a player from
10:58 pm
world taken ice with the caps until today. this is fatima ali hockey player refer reand coach from united arab imrats living out the dream taking the ice with favorite players in the team sweater. >> that's crazy. >> fatima was discovered by caps great peter wowed while teaching a hockey clin nicu ae. >> it was amazing her skills and she started playing hockey six years ago. it's unbelievable. >> uae is progressive towards whem compared to rest of persian gulf and compared to west women like fatima are treated like second class citizens. >> so many people telling me i'm breaking barriers and doing -- trying to get ladies more into hockey. >> when she takes the ice she's on equal fit footing with male cnt
10:59 pm
ultimate hockey toughness and ability to take a punch. >> one of the players punched me in the face. went off ice cleaned blood and finished. you have to finish what you start asked not quit halfway through. >> as society we tend to put up barriers from lang twooj cultural all the way to physical barriers. >> but one constant that breaks barriers is sports. hockey is the same game whether frozen ponds on ontario, training complex in vir vr or climate controlled patch of ice in the middle of the dessert. >> every walk of life and every nationality has their team and they're all in. and there is no barriers for all the things that go on in the world and all -- it's sort of wash as way for a while. >> that's what all sports are about to bring the world
11:00 pm
and that's it for "fox5 local news at 10". news at 11 starts now. right now at 11:00 after two days of record breaking heat we are officially changing seasons overnight. and snow is on the way and i'll let you know what to expect. >> plus, a local coach facing disturbing charges and tonight investigators wants to know if there are more vick films throughout. >> and tense moments during a house fire what firefighters went top to rescue an elderly woman. your news start right now. >> let's get right to. it we hope you enjoyed today's spring like temperatures because there's winter weather headed our way. thanks for staying us with i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> it's hard to believe much of the area could see snow overnight and it might cause problems for morning commute. sue palka has latest update here she is with more.


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