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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 6. right now at 6, a press conference moments away in around county, an update c followingo a wild police chased last night. the met the metro's safetrack got underway. > after a few days of bitter cold weather, well things warmee up a little bit to start thehe weekend. gwen will have all the details and her full forecast. the news at 6 starts now. good evening, thanks for being with us tonight, i'm mattonig ackland and i'm lauren deme cork owe. lauren demarco.arco i saw the vehicles pass and gond into the casino
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the prince george's countyince county at that time was not pursuing the vehicle according to our information, but apparently a helicopter had been following the suspect vehicle which we believe was a cherokee of some sort.or our units went into the garage along with some prince george's county officers. we found the suspect vehicle and with the help of the marylandmay lives security staff and their employees they reviewed video and were able to track theto t individual that was in the carit all the way to a slot machinechn inside the casino. shortly after getting that information from their security anne arrundel county supervision put together a team where they then confronted the suspect and arrested him without incident at the slot machine that he was sitting at. this person was in possession os over
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washington, d.c. police, metropolitan police came up andd determined that this person wasn not involved in a car jacking or a shooting and he was subsequently arrested for the possession of the marijuana. he's been identified as larry phillip brown, jr. of the 4400 block of quarrel streettre northeast in d.c. do you know what prompted the chase. >> it's our understanding that perhaps uniformed officers somewhere in either d.c. or prince george's county saw the vehicle. it was part of a lookout, as a suspect vehicle in this car jacking. prince george's county then followed the georg vehicle up 2d it ultimately ended up in our casino garage. that's not a fear that there was a chase.a >> our anne arrundel units
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county did nott appear to be chasing the vehicle.icle > the sirens were on and the guy didn't pull over. >> we think he may have known that he was being t there may have been sirens atn some point. as he entered anne arrundelunde county our units reported theree was no chase. yes the arrest teams went innt some people that were in the casino self evacuated.vacu we didn't order an evacuation, we just went up to the suspectsc in an orderly fashion, but withh a number of officers and somean people apparently became alarmed and self-evacuated and that led to some people having orthopedic issues, ankles, knees, backs, et cetera. minor injuries.mi do you knonow approximately how many officers there wereere involved. >> there were five officers in o thffe original arrest scene, but
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few more officers that came inn to help search for weapons and things of that nature. maryland lives security staff tracked this individual from the time he got out of the car until the time he was arrested at thet slot machine and we had to secure a bathroom and a hallwayw looking for anything that this person may have turned down. > all right. all some alarming moments last nighh for folks who were inside the maryland lives casino. it was actually a pretty chaotic scene. they're talking, anne arrundel police, about what sounds like it was possibly a chase at some point. there may have been lights on with officers from prince george's county following a vehicle that matched the description of a lookou'st couci from a car jacking. they're not even sure if the car was actually involved in the car jacking, but they followed this car to maryland live.e. the person got out, went into the casino and had a bunch of marijuana on him h.him there was a loft news going on than
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whether it was related to a shooting, to a car jacking. people who were inside the casino saw the activity and ran out.ou there was confusion as to whether in was a evacuation.vac lindsay watts is on the scene and we'll check back in withth her. > around the same time as the chase that ended at maryland lives casino they wereere responding to a shooting in northeast. this happened on divisionisio avenue. investigators say a man was was sitting in his suv when two people approached. they shot the man and then drovn off with his vehicle. police say the vehicle was later found in maryland. it had been set on fire. we're told the driver who was shot is in critical condition tonight. the latest metro safetrack surgg got underway today. it will effect passengers to travel on the blue line
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to and from d.c. and here's what you need to know. it will impact service between this station, rosalyn andnd pentagon station. it also means that the arlington cemetery station is closed and there are no blue running trainn on weekdays. s that goin to cause a the lookk of trickling problems, primarily your connection to silver linein and orange line trains. blue line trains will be replaced with yellow trainsllow metro says. they expect trains across the potomac will be extremelyextr crowded because of this. if telework is a an option thatn may be a good plan. they say transfer to the
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line. i took that one. it took me a lot longer, i had to switch over to l'enfant plaza and then come over this way. we were trying to go from d where our apartment is to article a ton and it messed uss up. you didn't know there were no blue lines. >> we had no clue until we gotot our metro card. it's okay.y. we're figuring it out.. we're trying to catch a bus now. some of your openings include express, car pooling, or mayberm even biking.biki officials say biking across aros bridge might be your best bet and maybe even the pennsylvanias fastest to get the across the potomac because you can be sure that this surge of safetrack ist going to cause a the look off extra traffic on the roads as people get behind the wheel and help on the beltway, i66 andand drive across all bridges. you just need to mentally prepare for the next two and a a half weeks.. reporting in article than to,in alexandra a limon, fox5 localx5l news. > more trouble for
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federal transit administrationon announced it will withhold nearly 9 million dollars from ml metro and transportation agencieslio an in the d.c. regie because the local governments d did not create a new.cthe lo say oversight program.prog maryland, virginia, and thed district were supposed to come up with a program after the deadly crash at the fort totten station back in 2009. nine people were killed and dozens more were hurt in thatin train collision. metro will not get the 9 million in federal funds until ann oversight program is created. the d.c. council has passed a proposal, but that legislationb is awaiting final approval fromo virginia and m. metro board chairman, jack evans dedescribes the decision as illinois advised and irresponsible. > let's take a look at the weather, not bad at out there. this all after we had a few cold days earlier this week.k. let's say hello
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we got a warmup today, but not quite as warm as we had anticipated forth d.c./metro area, areas to our south, to ouo north actually they really goty the warmup. but that frontal system stalled out, the clouds stuck around and just didn't give us as much as a break as we wanted to, but itt wasn't bad.wa let's take a look at the numbert for you. we hit the low 50s at all threel airports and it's not bad because yesterday our highs were only in the it wase a pretty cold night las night, but as i mentioned the frontal system stalled out and didn't get quite move he in you have to the north to give us the warmup that we anticipated. some of our neighbors did reach 630s and 730s and i've got a record breaker to ill you about in my full forecast i'll tell you about.abou we're looking at some showers iw the overnight hours, folks andos right now it's 630 in thein nation's capital. the same at baltimore. 50 at manassas, 59 at
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martinsburg, 61 at within chesser t. that gives you a little bit of indication of where the warmerrr air has settled in. we have a high wind watch that will kick in until monday. winds will be gusting up to 60 miles an hour and the windsds will start to get a little gusty as we get into late tonight and into tomorrow. by the 9:00 hour we expect to be 52-degrees with the cloudy skies, 48 by the 11:00 hour and as i said, the bottom line is sunday is warmer but we've got a few showers to talk about as well. i'll let you know how long you'll need the umbrella. back to you.ou. > now to prince george's counto where police are looking for a gunman who shot and wounded a security guard.rd. this happened last night at the hickory hill apartments on silver park drive in suitland. the guard was flown to marylanda shock trauma in baltimore and is expected to survive. the shoot ergot away. detectives say they recovered ao bullet casing at the scene.scen police, they are asking anyoneig with information about this tout give them a
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we still don't know the identity of a man found shot to debt in montgomeryville age.e police say officers found the victim in a parking lot outside a townhome. investigators are still interviewing witnesses.wi right nongw it's unclear what te motive was or who was responsible. police did question several people last night, did q but soo one has been arrested.rres staying in the county, police need your help to find twond people who broke into a five guys restaurant in ceasing ton and stole some cash. the video shows the suspect using a power tool to break into the restaurant same the robbery happened monday around 4 in the morning. police believe the same suspect may be responsible for several other recent burglaries in as pneumonia hill and in rockville. > how much is too much and how fast is too fast? that's the debate in d.c. and maryland over speed limits and speeding fines. all are in favor of safety butse some worry this is a way to drive up m
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violations and pass the p government budge.budg earlier this week i spoke to one lawmaker who is applying the brakes to take a better look at new rules could crack down on most of all of us. new proposed funds for drivers, biker, even pedestrians, the ultimate goal, safety. d.c. council member chase says she's all for for that and notot hiking penalties and. it strikes me as a way of increasing our funds. it should be lower in areas where kids are nearby but races questions about lowering speed limits in other areas. she reverse senior citizensizen where going 45 miles an hour will get you $500 an hour. she fought an increase goinggoin past the senior center. it's kind of
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what they've done now is they've cut it back from 7:00 a.m. 11:00 p.m. that still strikes me as a reach. so again, i want to know, shownw me some data. some say lowering the speeded limit to 15 miles an hour inr many parts of the city is simply too slow. joe, how fast are we going? >> 24. > take a look. we're right next to this bicyclist, we're going how fast now. >> 16, 156789 and he's passing us. we did that just to show not that bicyclists are speeding around, just to show how 15 miles an hour, some say that's keeping's one thing i'll k point out, onn twitter, a lot of parentsof p tweeted me after this story was out and they said we don't want our kids close to these carshese that moving so quickly.ckly they already live near parks and schools and cars fly throughroug there. they're
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kids, so they're supporting dropping the speed limit. but those who drive around sayd 25 gives them enough brakingking time. others disagree much there's ae' meeting mary choice chase ischoi going to hold in about two orwo three weeks and she wants toants bring everybody in and talk about this and justify thejust higher fines and the lower speed i'm sure they can come to a reasonable resolution. i'm sure they don't want to be putting kids in danger. she said that, definitely where kids are she wants the limit tot be lower. but not every r. it's a broad brush approach here. > one day after welcoming the japanese prime minister to the white house, president trump iss considering his next move afterf a federal appeals court decides not to reinstate his travel ban. and the count down is on, we are just a few days away from valentine's day. do you have your gifts ready. > wait until you hear how much money is spent each year for the loved once.lo >> i'll betaot
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> we'd love to hear your comments. tweet us during the show and letand us know what you think about the show and the stories we arere following. you see my address, lauren's address. it's saturday evening. hope you're having a great weekend. we're back in a moment. z29kuz zstz
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y29kuy ysty
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> president trump and themp a japanese prime minister are spending the weekend at the president's mar largo state in palm beach, florida.orid the two leaders played a round of golf this afternoon. the president is trying toto figure out his next move on immigration. fox's garret kenny reports. >>reporter: president donald trump is not backing down on his temporary ban on seven nations. he is confident he will win then legal part. it takes time. we'll win that battle. we also have a lot of other options including just filing a brand new we're going to have very, very strong vetting.vett
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we're going to have very strong security in our country. the commander in chief took to twitter defending his position saying 77 percent of refugees admitted to the us since his ban was shutdown come from the countries in his other. data from the state department and refugee center set the numb slightly lower at 72 percent. regardless, protests continue, across thepr country in oppositn to president trump t ban. >> president trump has under stated the strength and the wil of the american people. the actions he's taken have made our country less save and have hurt our standing in the world. they're also not a reflection of who we are as a country. a > while the administration vows to continue fightingtr for the immigration order presidentatio trump is movingn forward with s policy agenda. he is currently hosting
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prime store in palm beach, florida where the two are scheduled to discuss trade and defense. president trump also tweeted today about the wall he wants to build against the mexico and uss border and the costs is way down after they estimated the price at a whopping $21.6 billion. in washington, i'm garret kenen my, fox news.ews. > first lady melania trump isis with her husband in florida and earlier today she took the wife of the prime continue ministermc on tour of a japanese garden. today marks melania's first solo visit as first lady. national security advisor michael flynn under fire overovr reports he discussed us sanctions in phone calls with russia's ambassador to the united states while former president barack
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in office. president trump says he has full confidence in we'll get thenf latest from foxs lauren blanchard. >>reporter: if michael flynn did discuss sanctions withwith russia before president trump it was be against the act.act. flynn reportedly had phone calls with russia ambassador to the us to then talk about president obama's newly sanctions. it would have been a breach in diplomatic protocol. flynn denied the sanctions talk ever took place and then in mid february president elect pence denied it. the conversations that tookt place at that time were not inn any way related to new us sanctions against russia or theg expulsion ofains diplomats.
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back that previous denial in an statement to the washington post saying quote, while he had no recollection of discussing sanctions he couldn't be certaie that the topic of game up. misleading vice-president pence would put a strain as multiple members of the white house areoe calling for an investigation into flynn. i can tell general flynn and the trump administration that theree will be a violent reaction in the congress against liftings russian sanctions. a top deputy to flynn has had a security clearance denied with the cia which forces one of flynn's right hand men out of the security counsel. this is ramping between flynn and the congress.
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politics. coming up in a little bit we'll be joined by jack burke man anda david brown.wn. we'll be you can thatting about latest topics the ban on the immigration and the war of wordr with senator mccain and richard plumben thankful. all that and other coming up. . on fox newses sunday we'll n discuss what theew president wil do next with white house steven advisor miller. parties plan to block trump policy.poli whether president trump'she personalr aprttacks is gettingn the way of his agenda. all this week on fox news sunday
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> at the top of the broadcast anne arrundel county police gavo us an update on a wild chaise that came to an end last night at the maryland life cuisine '.e we're going to head back outside who has more about what we we learned during the presse conference moments ago. lindsay, has police offered any sort explanation as to the delay in clarifying the information about this? it sounds like they still haven't nailed downrós exr reply what led to all of this. >>reporter: lauren, i thinkink maybe the delay has come intoto play because there were
6:26 pm
involved in this. i know you were out at maryland live last night covering this. all day we have been trying to get the facts as far as what happened and i think that we have gotten a lot more clarity about the situation. so it started last night in northeast d.c.c. there was a car jacking and a shooting there involving a jeep cheer key, police saw a jeep a cheer key on the road, a man was driving it.. they tried to pull it over and he canr did not stop. is turns out that man wasn't involved in the car jacking or j the shooting, but police say he had marijuana on him and an outstanding warrant. you can imagine why he didn't want to pull over. he kept going. fairfax county police got involved. it continued into anne arrundel county. at that point he thinks he may t have lost police so hehi goes to maryland live casino and we'll show you some video from there. he went inside
6:27 pm
causing a panic.ic people saw that big police p response. they wanted to get to safety. police say they did not order an evacuation, but a lot of people decided to self-evacuate and sie people endedva up with minor injuries in thrush. perhaps the craze yes part of c this story is that policeraz say the suspect sat down at a slot machine and that's where he was caught. we will show you his mug shot now the suspect is larry phillii brown jr. of d.c. he was arrested on drug charges. police say he had marijuana, a thousand dollars cash, as well as a warrant for failure to appear in court. maybe he thought he had gottenen lucky getting away from police. he wanted to continue that luckk at the slot machine. but at any case this want was arrested and d.c. police are continuing to investigate that car jacking and shooting that happened last night. anne arrundel police were notlie able to give us any update one that case, but we
6:28 pm
top of that as well. we're live in anne arrundel county, lindsay watts, fox5 local > all right, lindsay, thanksay, you. coming up, we'll take a look back at a very busy week at the white house and on capital hill. don't go anywhere, the news at 6 back in a moment. y29kuy ysty
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> my administration is m committed to your security, which isy adted to why we will o fight to take all nece
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legal action to keep terrorists, radical and dangerous extremiste from ever entering our country. we will not allow our genius system of immigration to be to turned against us as a tool for terrorism and truly badpeople.p. we must take firm steps today to insure that we are safe tomorrow. > president trump delivering the white house weekly dent t addressddre and he will continue to fightigt the recent ruling on his executive order on immigration and refugee. jack burkman, david brown withh us. first of all, you've just seen the president or heard some of s his comments.comm where do we go on this travel? t it really sounds like the president is firm on this. he has the justice department behind him. is there any way he may change it. >> when gets to the supreme court that could beeally ent hes ny wchangegets a year. even stieve prior a
6:32 pm
route ginsberg won't support it. that's completely wrong, jack. >> the longer this position goes on, politically it benefits republicans. this will help trump in pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. this whole issue of islamic terror. the democrats play right into our hands by keeping it going.i. let's talk about the decision for one second.cond it was a 3-0 decision, a unanimous decision by two judgei essay pointed by deps,si but wht was really remarkable about this decision they went out of their way to really address the a americans of whether or not thde president's executive order wass lawful. they built a record that i think will face scrutiny. the politics of this -- can you talk about the president's reaction a little bit becauseit there's a little bittl of back d forth there as well. when i was in the senate that i worked on with senator murrayray
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helping to vet and nominate people to the federal been. so judge row bark who was selected by a bipartisan process in washington state, unanimouslt confirmed by the united states senate and yet the president is referring to hip as a so-called judge. when i sayby t yet tto hipd it'k lose, for the first time in lawn they have extended constitutional rights to people not in united states. that's actually not what the decision did. aliens rignot inctua have right. i don't think alien in the us should have rights, but they do and now you'rerigh
6:34 pm
people who have not entered ther country. it will impact people who are citizens. >> that's exactly right. they looked at the decision to one who does have due process rights. if that attaches, the court looked to see if this there are constitutional rights. > the president getting in a twitter war and talking about some of the comments that were made at capital hill attacking senator bloominthal this week. is this just what we got to get used to. obama brought in the internet. people were shocked in 2009 what the president does, if you watch he always attacks when he's at miss most vulnerable. can did judge gorsuch made the comments that he made,oomi whaght shoct doatta was does the president, he personally attacks the senate. rather about using twitter, he e
6:35 pm
i'm interested in this whole nordstrom thing because he writes this tweet out, kelly and conway going on tv and encourages people to buy ivankap trump's clothing. >> which is a federal violation. > nordstrom, i don't know who runs nordstroms, but if i were running nordstroms in seattle i would be terrified of offending any president. much less this president. it went up and down. i know the nordstrom family is a wonderful family. they're actually a family of immigrants. this is a company that was founded by three generations of immigrants. they are a proud washington state company and i couldn't have been prouder of them when they made that decision. they also sent a letter, which i don't think you've seen,actu s a three re a pmpanprou madnt a
6:36 pm
they sent a letter to the sen employees about part of their heritage. i'm interested more in thet s au legals
6:37 pm
impression it gives when theon president gives. she committed no crime. if somebody is walking down the street. if i walk for the white house and i say to somebody you should consider buying something in that store over there it's a car cry to say he's ticked off because his daughter's products aren't going to be sold anymore. also whether or not politics are playing a role in their business as well. it brings up the whole issue. we wanted to talk to you a little bit about the mar largo golf plane. didn't he which is a ice the president for playing golf? isn't it dos a i say and not as i do he's pulling together the pacific alliance. >> on the golf course, right. > on the golf course. >> it is reassuring to know at least a the president knows that the japanese are important allies of the united states and topae golf on eass thatprespann alliance than suggesting that we should -- did obama know that. >> thank you guys, always fun. > happy saturday. we're back in a moment.
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valentine's day is for lovers,e' buts it's also big business. >> chocolate flowers, a romantin night out are for sure to steel hearts
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>> fox's business lauren fox simonette break is the down. >>reporter: the special day in february, it's not uncommon to spend $500 plus once you factor in dinner, roses, perhaps an outing at a bed and breakfast then you're looking at 5, $600 plus. it seems as though coup ids arrow may have missed some people this year. the average american will spend 147-dollars for valentine's day with total spending down from last year's record of almost 20 billion-dollar to 18.2 bill. industry analysts say it's the one day of the year when millions find a way to show their loved ones they care regardless of their budget. it's the thought that actually counts, but if your significant other wants the high end stuff, yes, you do have to pay for that. you have to have something. a little something will go a long way even if it'sss thobut s small box ever candida.smal edible arrangements intends to send 42 t bill will be sent on roses and. 1800 president chris mccain says valentine's still brings in big bucks. a we're expecting a significant increase over last year as it moves from a sunday to a tuesday and thel rrant birs magnitud.ces
6:42 pm
day is tremendous because it comes up on a couple of tre
6:43 pm
when you're dealing withen y valentine's it's not just mag any stewed of size, but it's about measuring the magnitude of love. while 40 percent of consumer surveys say they would like to receive a gift of experience like tickets or gym membership, only 24 percent plan to give one. in new york, i'm lauren sympathomimetic nettic, fox business. > although chocolates may be the number one gift, everyone knows that dinner dates on valentine's dates are a necessity, but the cost of a romantic dinner could turn your valentine's love story into a halloween nightmare. we have some chefs in the d.c. region that can really swiss l in the kitchen. we want to hear from you, tweet your are specialty at fox5 d.c. and we may select you to come into our our sued ohios and share your recipes. >> no one wants to dine at home. is brian taking you out. >> yes. > we're going to go to frederick. >> if you're in frederick look for you. > what restaurant. unfortunately not every love story has a happy ending. one woman says she divorced her husban because he voted fo we' i mig h s th orreok sh en her messa of morehan saysc i mig she fel b t w hn her messa of m 7,000 people sa 1 7,000 peb t w hd as a result
6:44 pm
the election. and 30 percent said they ended a relationship entirely because of it. i got off of social media for a month because all it is is back and forth, back and forth. go right past that and look at everybody's baby pictures. that's all i want. baby pick p terse and people on the beach having fun. leave the politics aside. coming up, gwen is back with a look at your full forecast. k p tethe ave thp, g at yo back. .
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did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. go to for a store near you. hundreds ever people turned oute at nats park today tor spehow t support for
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olympics. the national organized a polar plunge of sorts. a chance to jump into the veryte cold pool. not me. people from all over the dmv participateed, including this group of super heros from woodbridge. we're all here to support the special people of the world, kids, adults. all different ages and sizes. > am of the participants say the plunge wasn't so bad. i don't know about that. it wasn't so cold today, but still cold enough. temperatures were in the 50s this afternoon. organizers say today's event raised more than $200,000 forth special olympic. nice job.
6:48 pm
it was pretty mild out there today. i was hoping for a little bit of a warmup, but at least it was not super chilly. we were supposed to get much warmer than we did. we were in the 30s yesterday and today we went to the 50s. that's not too shaky for february. what was it thursday night how cold it was with the wind. >> it was way cold. i had my woolies on head to toe. >> it was chilly. you needed it. we'vehe really 3y we w's n had prettytty wa>> ilies cold conditions.diti february is just so unpredictable. we've had snowstorms popping ups in the middle of february. we've had beautiful sunshine ans temperatures well above seasonal and cold days and nights.hts. that's where we're at the unpredictable february. overnight we're talking aboutkig some showers that will develop. we'll speak about that in a equal s.l s. sunday will be much warmer than today and will be closer to where we were hoping to be for our forecast for saturday. monday we're starting off withwi plenty of sunshine.suns for today, then, here's where we hit in terms of our daytime highs. as i said yesterday we were only in the 30s.0 so we a had jumped some 20-degrees or so.o. we didn't get as warm as we had hoped to get and there's ahere couple reasons for that, buthat, look at some of the slots
6:49 pm
did get what we were looking for, 69-degrees breaking a record at martinsburg for a daytime high. front royal hit 70, the same share lots town and new market 67. that's really a taste of springg in february for those areas. but right now, think, temperatures are aw,t 50-degreed in the nation's capital and we've 44 at annapolis. 46 at gaithersburg, 49 at dulles, 47 at manassas and 50-degrees at baltimore this hour. so plenty of clouds, yes, and that has been part of the problem. we've had a warm front that's right over our area.a. that warm front we had anticipated it moving a little bit more to the north today and a break-in those clouds to giveo us more of that warmup. that did not happen.pen. that frontal system has stalled and so it's kind of being pretty stoush one and not really going anywhere, but into tomorrow we will see it move more to thee to north and we will get more air of the air
6:50 pm
areas to our west and south did benefit from it much the d.c. corridor didn't quite make it. so that was the problem. tonight we're looking at somee showers in the overnight showers starting to push in. we'll show you futurecast in a minute.minu overnight lowe's into the 40s and 20s. for tomorrow we're going to see some showers for the early partt of the day as the license system starts to ride across the front. tomorrow will be the day when we will warm up a lot more than today into the upper 630s, but we have a few showers as we start out, so just be prepare. here's a
6:51 pm
in the overnight hours
6:52 pm
when we see it start to move in. 5:00 a.m. if you're going to morning services, 7, 8, 11:00 still by dealing it with and by 2, 3:00 in the afternoon it's out of the picture. we're go to be cooling down, though, immediately once that frontal system is out of the way. we're head ed back to reality with 40s on monday with no shortage of sunshine. valentine's day if you're planning to go out with your hone, well, we're doing pretty good, we're going to be at 52-degrees of the it will be a sunny day, by the nighttime it will be pretty cold, so bundle up. the rest of the week, back to seasonal. we're going to have more after the break, so stay with us.
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> a year ago maryland's handle the pressure of national chapel been ship expectations. coach mark turgeon on every road trip he takes one shot, if he makes it they go out to chocolate cake. they've lost back to back games all year. a coach that had some shooting in is day. the team unveiled a banner for leftie highlighting his accomplishments with the terps. ch back had eileie hignts wi celebrated by s trademark, v for
6:54 pm
maryland students unful not a banner, but their state flag in a meeting against ohio state today. the terps off a miss, check this out. might have traveled, not calling it. and yeah, the teenage mutant ninja terrapin, they like that.. the terps had 18. the terps win 86-77. georgetown hosting marquette in a big east class. both teams meeting at half court, first half, georgetown up seven. jessie go van cut for the slam, rodney prior, back door is open. the hoyas led benign. later, marquette trying to fight back and they would get a little back door action of their own. no look, feed. here, luke fisher, the dunk. marquette keeping it close. the second
6:55 pm
16, not close anymore. prior ahead of everyone. e the defender for the ducks, ther hoyas win 80-62. ts it'swi hockey across. the coolest game on earth. where was the hockey for everyone more evident as theyey hosted the guests to the other e side of the globe both geographically and coastally. never has a player from the arar worl fd taken the ice with the until today.. this is fat mally, a hockey player, referee and coach from the united
6:56 pm
out every hockey fan's dream taking the ice. i was nervous the whole time. i was telling my brother, remind me to breathe. fat ma was discovered while teachi
6:57 pm
six years ago. she's unbelievable. the ae is progressive toward women when compared to the rest of the persian golf. compared to the west, women like fat ma are still treated like second class citizens. people are telling me i'm breaking the barriers and trying to get ladies more into hockey. but when she takes the ice, fat ma is on equal footing with her male counterparts. down to the ultimate in hockey toughness. one of them punched me in the face. i clean the blood. you that have to finish what you started. you cannot just quit halfway through. as a society we tend up to put up with a lot, language barriers, cultural barrier, all the way to physical barriers, but one great barrier is force, hockey is the same game whether it's played on frozen ponds in ontario or in virginia or we ith aa ltural physit barref climate-controlled patch of icel in theed middle of the desert. people from every walk life, every nationality they got their team and they're all in. there is no barriers. everything i start doing in my life i hope it inspires other people to do something and break the barriers and the culture. when fat ma was out of the practice all of players wanted her to use their sticks.icks she had tj owe she. they were like try mine
6:58 pm
she tried out all the sticks. it's the same sport no matter where you playno it. i love that inclusion nice night? i it's not going to be as cold as it has been, but a warmer day tomorrow. see you at 10.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- >> jason erulo had a whole thing with american airlines. he wants to bring one of their pilots down. >> the pilot said i want these [beep] off my plane right now. >> there must have been an enormous disruption. >> at the end of the day, he made 200 people late to their destination. >> jason didn't turn the plane around. the pilot turned the plane around because they were underruly. >> we have an armie hammer update. he is a wounded bird, his arm is in a sling. >> is it on the mend? >> yes. >> he tore his pectoral muscle. >> that is so sexy. >> we got


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