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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  February 13, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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trump's national security secury adviser. mike flynn' jobs could be ind jeopardy after reports he spokee to russia's u.s. ambassadorsar before the president office. >> can we please start it againa igain can't sorry i can't mess s up.. >> adele literally stopping the show. sh her set back part of huge nightg for the hello singer.. we'll a have complete grammyra recap beyonce''s epic mode to motherhood and the red carpetare that had social media buzzing.z. good day at 9a starts now. >> ♪♪ >> i feel like we should have dressed like, energy gold.rgy g >> do the pose. >> anybody even say anythingsaya about it. >> we haven't talke d about it about i one time. one >> we will. we're going grammy fashions ifgr you want to call it that. >> i'm going to wager my goldgo plated opinion that won't be an hit.
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>> talk about it all on a goodad day. it's monday, february 13th.y 13 i'm steve alongside allison,is maureen and wisdom.ureen an holly is off today.hollis o >> we'll have much more foreor music's big night all morning .ong. guy lambert will be here with us favorite moments and performances we'll dish al about it and share some of ourmf favorite looks from the red fror carpet. who is that?o ishat >> my yo. >> home girl. >> wow.>>. >> d.c.'s own..' own ones that stole the show, ones e you might not know of.. this lady she's not even notve nominated. >> who is that? whos th >> her name is >> she's had interesting i'llnti say interesting outfits the last three years. i think sheth just shows up to e noticed. no >> her record sales have goneore through the roof apparently since that outfit.ut >> that was smart. >> jill scott.. >> jillly from philly. jlly >> okay. >> okay. >> all right. aboutalk a00 let's talk this crazy weather. man, the winds waking up a lotul of people last night and causini some big problems this morning m downed trees, power lines, les school delays, let's hope it'soi all over.
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check of the forecast. forec are we still --e we s - >> not over high wind warning untilar 6:00 o'clock tonight.'c tonig you feel the rate 48 train of whipped hit the side of your house last night. >> oh yes.last n o >> over and >> woke everybody up about 11:0. winds gusting 60, we 72-mile per hour wind gust down at joint base andrews at about 11:30 last night. so just extraordinary winds win almost hurricane force windsor across the area during the the overnight hours and winds willd be back. 50 perhaps 60 miles an hourou later this afternoon current winds gusting 38 in washington.g 40 in gaithersburg.. 39 in hagerstown.. 40 in manassas. unfortunately, here, we're, we' caught between two systems. my pressure out to the west and departing area of low pressuresr that's really bombing out hereur to our north and east. e and that's causing a lot ofot wind. wi there's your high wind warning w in orange that includes i washington until 6:00 o'clock:0c tonight. wind advisory if you're furtherf out to the west but the bottom b line winds for everybody coulddu gust at times to 50 to 60 miles0
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deepening area of low pressureoe here off to the north and eastnd of boston and hig eh pressure or to the west. again, we're getting strong pressure gradients winds out ofa the north and west and the bottom line even tdihough it'ses sunny and bright and looks nicen out there those winds that's the real deal. look at that gusting to 60 latel this morning early thishi afternoon very strong windsg temperatures in the 40s.atures e all right. guys, seven day looks quieter. t and sweeter for valentine's day. >> aww. >> back to you. >> how nice. he's such a romantic guy.cuy >> isn't he.'t he >> hopeless romantic.s roma >> hopeless is the word.opel >> all right. thank you tucker. >>owow! 9:03 is the time. is tucker is talking about thelkg b winds and the whipping windsppii causing some significant damageg overnight in our area including the roof partially torn off d.c. apartment building but thehe weather issues are widespreadidr this morning. >> we have live team coverage cg across the bob barnard is in germantown.nt melanie alnwick is live in in southeast d.c. d. we'll start with mel because you have the bulk of the damage b tm right behind you.t behi you ♪♪ >> reporter: that's right. that. it looks like they're really liy getting a lot of this cleaned uu
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the street as much as possible.c you can see the crews here and one of things we also noticed wd felt as well, if you lo closely, p.m. of these people are wearing masks respirators.po when the wind picks up, there's a very fine gritty debris in the air it gets in your eyes, iteyei gets in your mouth. m it is probably from some of the -- that foam material soam r much of it that that is now in n piles. not only in front of theont ofhe apartment building but alsout a spread across the street they're also having to worry tow about some of the power line pol that is are still hanging from f the industry trees here.e. now, dave will swing over to ouo right and you can see thehe corner, the top corner of thef t apartment building her the woodland terrace apartmentss here on bruce place southeast it looks like some of that materiaa has come from this corner here.r but we're also seeing people upp on the roof inspecting some of the damage. dag a few people have emerged from f the apart
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not clear at this hour how manyw people are actually displaced dc but, boy, it was crazy here lass t.ght. we ran into ronald lee early this morning who experienced iti >> i was standing right here. h. i'm trying to get close, andnd couldn't get too close becausese debris coming out the roof, youu know, and i didn't want nobody,b you know, get hurt or nothingr i like that but we trying to keepk people away from it.. but that piece right here, thata came off first. you know, um -- >> reporter: was it like at l tornado. >> yes, yes. y felt like a tornado.. >> what was your thought? thoug >> reporter: back out live o l here now again you can see somee of the inspectors here up on tht top roof -- top of the roof. r just trying to see exactly whata the extent of the damage is.thei what they're going to have to d to get it repaired. fortunately, guys, red cross was
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out here. d.c. fire was out here last last night as well helping anyone who need add quested assistance bute the good news despite all thishi damage here nobody was hurt. h that's the latest from here inmr now let's go to bob barnard in n germantown. >> reporter: yeah, melanie melan same thing. big old tree part of it fellt f here in germantown. >> okay. we'll go back to bob in just a minute. >> fair enough? >> fair enough.>> fenou >> didn't mean to interrupt. >> whipping winds sparkedhippnd widespread power outages mostagm until northern virginia.ira. dominion is reporting more than 14,000 customers without power.. pepco is reporting about 1,000u0 people in the dark. and bge customers the company reporting 1700 outages. now we'll check in with bobb barnard he's also tracking windw damage over in germantown. bob, sorry for the miscue backec then but let us know what'sha happening in your neck of thein woods with the wind dama
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>> reporter: yeah, we're on hot tin ger sir quell inue i germantown maryland.aryland. a big old tree that has fallenn here in this townhouse communiti and it may not look like much. this thing is really, reallyll heavy. you can see it's falling on a oa car and a pickup truck much thic happened just before bor 11:00 o'clock last night n according to the people who livh here. and take look at this. fire department came out last ot night and cut it back a littleat bit. nobody else has been out here to do anything about this tree. t the only one neighborhood allbo these trees are very similaril lining this big subdivisiondisin here. e that fell ttly on last night. nht someone who has been living here for 25 years tells us despite past hurricanes want have youhae that can have come through theyy never lost a tree before. befor. this one is down. down. nobody hurt. did not knock out power in this but the lady who lives in this i townhouse, miss stephanie, sayss it was a harrowing night living here. >> i was actually sleeping andlg then i woke up because i heardai winds, and then um that's
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when -- like a short time laterl i heard like a big thud and i t knew it was a tree because a loa of trees around here. ad h i tried to open the door but itt was like we were locked in. like we couldn't open it and wee called 911 and they transferred us to the fire department and dd they came and cut a path for tot us get out. >> repusorter: is that your carc over there. >> yeah, it's my mom's car. c is it bad?is it b [ laughter ] yeah. yeah we have to like call the homeowner's association ands aso stuff to like get it fixed and a stuff. >> reporter: what do you make of this?ter: w >> i don't kofnow. t d really scary.realcary i couldn't sleep last night up p to like 2:00 and i have school o this morning. m so scary. >> reporter: this is it.s i the car is just kind of like le buried underneath this verys ver large tree that fell here, guys. talk about whipped chill.pped ci i mean it is windy and chillyy rere. there have been several trafficf accidents around here. here. i don't know if the wind is juss causing problems for people, bu, quite a few car accidents.ccen but in this area, they did not n lose power and despite this i'ds say half of a tree that fellt fl
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hot tin jer circle last night.ig >> good news there. tre >> thanks a lot. mother nature wreaking havoc ina the northeast newki wngave of wn weather is threatening upstateps new york to main. winter storm warnings are inre effect with the possibility of blizzard conditions up to 2 feet of this comes just days after theft biggest storm of the seasonso dumped up to 19-inches of snowfo in that region.n parts of connecticut, boston, bo new hampshire and maine could c also see several inches of up to 2 feet of -- from in severalal inches to 2 feet of new snow.. >> you might imagine the downedw branches and power lines causing big problems for drivers this.rt metro riders got off to slow slw start too due to safetrack workk >> busy morning thanks to highks winds. heavy winds causing debris and issues. want to keep up to date what'se going on currently as thingss t have been clearing up throughouu the morning. the fairfax county police letting ug know vdot and virginia powera pr aware of the
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to clear them.le them. lingering locations impacted.mpc they're thanking power companiea for their hard work overnight, g and maryland state highway highw administration letting you know if you come across a trafficra signal that is out, treat it ast though it is a four-way stop.yto a lot of power outages fromes f those winds so very good adviced to keep you safe. keep u saf in fact one of the areas are impacted right now traffic lighf is out on the key bridge at 29 that's causing big delays still in place right now even at ourur 9:00 o'clock hour. o'clo so extra time to get across thes key bridge there. tre melanie alnwick is out at the 2700 block of bruce placerucela southeast that is where a roof f partially blown off an apartment complex. dril causing a lot of debris. they need to get cleaned up and downed wires as well in glenn hl can dough company massachusettst at mohican place did he brew hee because closing theecau clo intersection. now.g to metro safetrack surge 12 no traino tra service between rosslyn and thed pentagon on the blue line.e. arlington cemetery stationon remains closed. shuttle service betweenen arlington cemetery and pentagonn coming from virginia coming from
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transfer at l'efant plaza. pla this could cause additional add problems. earlier malfunction in braddockk road. yellow line delays to huntingtog out there as well.. any questions erin fox5 d.c. ono twitter. we'll be tracking this allbe t morning. back to you guys.backyo >> erin thanks.nks. missing the message perhaps. protests popping up all over thr country in recent weeks like wee saw last week with the newk witn education secretary too manyany times they are turning violent. so is the point of the protestst getting drowned out? we'll take a closer look. lk >> and later, helping you setet the mood this valentine's day. celebrity event planner andrenne wells is with us with littleitht tricks to make your home a lot l morrow man tick. >> let me get my pen. p [ laughter ]er ] >> 9:11 now. ♪♪
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♪♪ 9:14 is the time right now. happening today, president trump will meet with canadian prime minister justintiy, pwi that yor for the first time. they'll take part in around a table discussion about women inw the work force and launch a new task force focusing on women o m business leaders.. first daughter ivanka trump is i expects expected to attend thehe round from you dough will meet withoul lawmakers on president trump will beat withtt israeli prime minister netanyahou on wednesday.
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top white house adviser seemed s to side step the question thiss weekend apparently while thehi t obama administration was stillll in power flynn reportedly had phone calls with the russianussn ambassador to the us. us. if they discussed new imposed sanctions it would have been breach in diplomatic protocol. flynn denied the sanctions talks ever taking place but now spokesman for flynn says he ss e can't be certain the topic nevev came up. multiple members of congress ara calling for an investigation tht president has said he ishes troubled by the situation but bt has not said whether he plans to ask flynn to step down. d.c. economy in jeopardyeopy again at the hands of congresson this time over the tr shaat death with dignity act.. d.c. council approved.rod they're moving to congress to strike down the law passed in d.c. to allow terminally ill people to end their lives. representative jason chaifetzha from utah is the chairman of the us house
9:16 am
committee and against d.c. death with dignity law he's beens bee facing backlash for insertingtig congress into d.c. politics. death with dignity advocatesat will be at the rayburn house office building house oversight committee meeting at 5:30. 5:3 several will be there as dan diaz brittany maynard made headlines after she was s was diagnosed with terminal cancer n and moved to oregon where she a choice in her death.ea >> as d.c. transitions to newo e administration in the white whie house on on capitol hill a fairi share of protests recently opposing various policies by the trump >> intend to be peaceful atful a times they turn violent andnd chaotic this past friday outsidi of jefferson middle school inidl southwest d.c. secretary of o education betsy devos was due tt make an appearance there. protesters blocked her way to wt the door.. it began by as a vigil by the teachers union.nion. those who block her were noterot from the union.on. so where are these protestersrot coming from? earlier thiser t
9:17 am
police assistant chief to geto g little more insight. >> when you go back to theo t events that took place on january 20th, those individuals were very smally sma percentage of those individualss were from the district ofict columbia. around six or 7% near know totality.tolity most of those individuals werelr from as far away as new york, california, baltimore, various philadelphia -- variousus different states across and up u and down the eastern region. it was a planned activity, and a those subjects came to the city to conduct those acts. >> so how, chief, do youdo you characterize who these people po are? i mean are these people who are part of a paid unit ortr paid group to come and just essentially cause disruption? are these people who are justpea very passionate perhaps overly l passionate about their cause? ae how do you characterize those to who are ca
9:18 am
problems? >> well, some travel to different regions to demonstrata over various issues as i statedd earlier.ea some are peaceful.eace of course, on that day, therehe were a lot of individuals thatlt traveled to this region to to conduct criminal activity and id was apparent by their actions, apparent by some of the items is that they had in their tir possession during their actionss here in the city.. >> we see demonstrations on ati daily basis here in washington,, d.c., and as i stated earlier,, the majority of those demonstrations are peaceful, law abiding people that come too voice their first amendment. we are preparing our civil disturbance units on an on-goinn basis to deal withh demonstrations of this type and following the trends we'res wre seeing throughout not only the e united states but trends we seee abroad as
9:19 am
>> assistant chief making thatht point at end they're followingoi what's happening not just here r but around the area and working with other law enforcement to find the best way to do it. i get it in a big best scale lt inauguration where you havetionh people from all over the worldow literally coming here. there's not organization but iit will say this. if i organized a smaller peaceful protest and then and tn bunch of people show up that upt aren't invited to the party and caused physical harm or damagehm you better believe i'm going toi be upset with you.h you. >> oh yeah. >> putting our organization oran my organization in a bad light.. >> right. >> i'll tell you that the people blocking betsy devos, youou couldn't disagree with people.ho but when you act in that mannere that is just wrong on every ery level. you know, there's no reason tost block >> right. >> from trying to do her job.ob what are you proving? you'reoup making the other sidroe's pointi you're --u're >> exactly. >> you can't be reasoned with. be , you know, you're one of these people who agitating the e situation.tuat it's so wrong.'song. protest but do it in sensibleenl way. >> don't put your hands on r has on anybody. >> right? or destroy property.r
9:20 am
tased and taken down by her secret service detail. >> emergency evacuation innn california, saying goodbye to jazz legend busy weekend at thee box ofce who won out on valentine's day'd weekend? we've got a check onto what else is making headlines next. >> little bit later another anoh contender hitting the screen scr this friday. kevin sitting down with thehe fistfight star ice cube, yea, yea -- >> good day.. >> it's a good day.od d we'll be right back. ♪♪ z27mlz z16fz
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y27mly y16fy
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>> 9:22. welcome back to good day. erin is back with a check of the other stories making headlines this monday morning. erin? >> thank you very much, allison. good morning to you. 9:23 right now. we begin in northernome ba d lifornia where at least 188,000 people are under an vacn weighing order as heavy rainseai threaten the nation's tallest dam.da water began flowing over lakega rorville dam spillway on saturday.satu the situation is now stable.tabl officials say the dam could sood fail. fail. engineers are planning to useari helicopters to drop large rocksc down in an effort to plug a holl in the dam's spillway. spiwa the national guard is also assisting.sistin back here in the district,i, d.c. police are still areti investigating a deadly shootingh in southeast.east it happened just before 10:300: last night outside of ferebee elementary authorities not released thes ns name of the victim non word ond
9:24 am
the music industry has lostt another star. sr. grammy winning jazz singerin allegro passed away.. his unique singing style helpedl to make him one of jazz's jaz greatest vocal list. lis known for hits breaking away and we're in this love together.her. he also sang the theme song too the popular 1980s tv show moonlighting.moon he was 76 years old.. it will cost you more to mot visit the happiest place onon earth. rt disney raising its ticket pricee but it's only increasing them aa certain times of the year.. it's also implementing the use u of expiration dates on tickets.. the goal to prevent crowding cwd during peak increase will be no more thanha five dollars.olla. and finally, family friendli one very big at a busy weekendee at the box office. the lego batman movie took the top spot selling $55.6 million.6 in tickets.s. actually the film was a huge hug draw for grown ups not justs not children who made up
9:25 am
50% of the audience. in second place, 50 shadesha darker followed by john wickck chapter two. i'd love to see that batman lego movie i thought it look really l funny.nny. >> i thought about it thishoug weekend. weekend. >> i have some people you cane >> your girls. >> yeah. >> aunt erin. a >> awesome. >> sips you're taking people i got three of my house yu'oure cn take. >> i thought you would like thay movie.ouat >> i want to go with steve. ste i'll send them with allison's's kids and we'll be good. g >> you can see john ever wins.ever >> wisdom will be next door. >> music's biggest night all nht eyes were on just two women womn adele and beyonce'.'. coming up guy lambert joins us u live with his recap. r >> what about lady gaga? >> wee talk about lady gaga toot don't you worry about that. that >> we got to talk with tuckerk r barnes because he's talking b abouect theau wind warnings thae in effect and what to expect for the rest of the work week.e wee >> all right. kicking off week ofk o love and honor of valentine'sals day, this morning we're sharing
9:26 am
and friends. friends first up our own allison seymour's journey to happily hai ever after. aren't they cute? >> mark! mar >> 9:25. we'll be right back. >> that's how he got me, wis. >> the dimple. >> the crater of love.
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cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> all right. thank you. first of all, mr. trump, youou understand this is a tv court,o, ghght. >> that's okay. i'm the tv president. preside [ laughter ][ laught ] >> all >> alec baldwin back as
9:29 am
president donald trump in the dn latest episode of saturday nighg live. but he wasn't the only member of theth administration to get teasted. baldwin also setting records ini the process. process. we'll have highlights coming upp at 10:00. 10: all 9:ig right now. let's check back with tuckerithe speaking of records.reco i don't know what the -- do youu keep wind gust records or are we just -- -- >> i'd have to dig deeper foror those. i can probably find those out te for you. >> it's been awhile since we'vee seen them like this. tlike >> in fact i was just looking at the winds overnight here.windni had sustained wind of 52 miles i an hour and a wind gust reagan national 11:20 last night, 66. 6 these are a approaching a hurricane force gusts out there. hyattsville 63. hagerstown 60. 6 look at joint base andrews in maryland.maland 72 miles per hour gust overnight. so obviously we're dealing with some of the after e ffectsly o wfe'ffec this and damage across the areae i do want to mention we're not t done with winds and thedsnd potential for some wind damageam later this morning and this andi afternoon when the sun is hass come up and that's i was loud
9:30 am
additional mixing and we'reind e basically pulling winds downpull from a few thousand feet up that are pretty impressive.iv 38 the most recent gust in gt i washington. 40 in gaithersburg.. 39 dulles. 37 look at hagerstown 39 miles pere hour winds so unfortunately here winds will be with us throughouu the afternoon and the potentiali is there that they could gust to 40, 50, even 60 miles per hourpr later this afternoon.this anoon high wind warning don't see thaa too often across the washingtoni area. those counties in orange undernr that high wind warning untilng u 6:00 o'clock tonight. windig. wd advisory off to our west. wes everybody is going to continueoi to be dealing with very blusterr conditions for the remainder ofm the day. okay.okay temps cool. temps 41 in washington. 36 in gaithersburgng. when you factor in 40 miles an n hour winds that will give you gv wind chills 30s it feels chillyl outside this morning. hagerstown current temperature 33 degrees it won't be a bad looking day.looking day. plenty of sunshine and mostly ml sunny day to look forward to.rd still a lot of wind.of all so what are our players here? er big area of low pressure bom
9:31 am
genesis really deepening off thf coast off at the north and eastd of boston bringing very heavyy a snow to new england once againna an area of high pressure out to the west. we get a strong pressure grade g yen between those two systems we get winds funneling and they'llg be out of the north and westrt later this afternoon and again a it will be very very windyy w afternoon so we're not done witw the winds quite yet potentialti for damaging downed power lines, tree limbs that kind of thing later today with temps in thebsh 40s. cold tonight and then a much, much quieter very pleasantt valentine's day to look forwardr to with day times highs about 50 to 52 tomorrow and we'll get rid of the winds that will be nice.n there's your seven day forecastf nice spring like by next weekendnd temps 60 to 65. 6 steve we can get out in your iou garden and work on your crocuses. >> i believe bombo genesis wasve nominated for a grammy lastr a s night but did not wink. not w last night they honored the best of the the night belonged to tww women, adele bean i don't knowdn say. beyonce' came into the n
9:32 am
most nominated performer but of those nine nominations took homh two awards. adele was the big winner withnew five including top prices for fr song and record of the year butb the hello singer said from thefe stage the award belong to doonto queen bay for her lemonade album and literally broke the award ia half to share it with her or sos the story goes.the stgoes. for more on the most talktal moments of the night includingni beyonce' epic motherhood we turr to guy lambert. lam good to see you my fri >> good to see you.>> gd to our chairs are up right right a now. >> yup. let's talk about adele because man she >> yeah. >> i think this is the second time she swept the bignk thi aw. >> did amazing job last night.ig five nominations in all won alll five. fi i got to be honest with you wity though i was not big fan of thef open. she started off rather shaky. sy >> slow. >> not only slow but her voiceyl was cracking.ow b it was as if she was veryy nervous. but what did they say it's nottn how you fall it's how you get up. sherri under bounded very well throughout the brougt >> maybe that's why she had a t litthele start and e rveni thaet in the evening as well
9:33 am
>> who knows if that was tied i or not. >> i want to start with beyoncen though because i want to talk t about her performance.ce you know we've heard everythingh from this is beyonce'.ce' this is masterful to what washat she really doing there and -- a [ laughter ] [ >> was that performance.ce it's all across the radar. but this one right -- momentom scared the moment heck out oft o people.pele >> after seeing this performancn i wanted to get pregnant. pgnan. i want to be a mom.i want t >> it was effective.fective congratulations beyonce' youce'u nail it. i. >> nine nominations.ns i think what's more importantora here 62 nominations overallvell throughout the body of her most nominated person forever for thr grammys. she did amazing job performingen this. what i liked the most when she s gave her acceptance speech aftep winning award, well, what theyty actually did they presented her with gold car that actuallyt act matched her outfit. >> fantastic. f hoatcool is that.anta >> only beyonce' could do that.a >> only beyonce'.y ce you mentioned adele off the topt a little shaky. shaky >> g
9:34 am
>> little slow. t en it came to the george michael tribute was caa moment was just like hit the reset thet button let's'stop. let's do this over again. ain what were your thoughts on thatt >> as a performer, gosh w aw disaster. but then as i said earlier, it'' not how you fall, it's how youou come back. as you can see, you know, shew, actually started the song. the s she said she made a curse wordor of some sort, curse word and i didn't necessarily hear it. she then asked the producers too reboot it.ot it. it was somewhat awkward she gote a standing ovation from theon f crowd after she finished thatdha amazing tribute to georgeeorg high five going out to adele. a. >> i'm okay with it because you know if you nail a performanceem it's going to live on forever. >> yeah. >> if you don't nail a perf iormance that's going to l fororever. i had no problem with her wanting this to be preserve thee because it's a tribute to herit >> yeah. a tribute to somebody she cared y she c much about. abo >> you could tell it really really hit home with her. could. she got emotional.onal no doubt doubt about it.t. >> when i asked you earlier give me one thing that stood out frof the show i think what stood outo for lot of people when you talku about i guess balancing the slow open from
9:35 am
bruno mars especially when he h was channeling prince. p i'm pretty sure it was prince on the stage. >> i'm get a lot of opinionnion bruno mars had the performance of the night a mazing performerr he started off with his song.i s now we're looking at the princec tribute. i got to tell you i thought iho prince was actually on the stage. it was reincarnation of princeri and he did an mazing job.ob not only were his vocals amazini but did you see him play theyhe guitar?ar? >> that was i think surprised a lot of people, too, because, bau prince of course was such a such better guitar player than people ever gave him credit for. f >> right he was one of those t people legendary guitarists says he's a guy you look up to aso guitar player. pye >> most people didn't get thatot because he was such a matter mat song writer and performer.permer to see bruno mars took, took bruno mars talent level toent vl another. >> i can't wait until he comes h back to d.c. i'm buying the first t let's talk about some other oth moments.nt folks that maybe don't get at gt much attention. ed sheeran was one of them.f t >> i love his performance
9:36 am
the third best performance of the night for me.t for . why? because he literally madem the beat on the stage.t how cool is that? who does that? this of course new songrs that he recently released. rea he got up on stage and he started it off by playing onelae beat and anotherred another beaa before you know it we're lookin at him perform now in amazing bob. i have feeling you'll see a lota of performers doing this in thei turere as well. >> he's one of those folks wheno you watch him, as a -- he's- h basically a solo artist that has mastered the loop medal and thed way he's able to do it just likk a talent in itself.. another instrument he's doingin there. at w was amazing.stme >> love that guy. >> lady gaga, katieove perry.ry >> up to par, fall short, where did they >> i thought of you steve when o saw lady gaga's performance.rman >> just rocking out there. >> she was rocking out.ut. boy did she rock out ever.ut e she caught a lot of body shamini with regard to the super bowltob performance i thought she lookeo amazing last night. night. of course we had the technicalwe issues with the lead singer for
9:37 am
>> i don't know how that happens at the >> g theosh. sound.oundere to honor >> can you imagine that she thas still pull it off and rockedoffr out. i picture in you your bedroom ii your underwear jumping up on thn bed, [ laughter ] >> you knew when i was 12, guy. now, maybe i'll tone it down ann little bit. li you're right.ig it just shows the grammys doramm something for everybody andg foe people are goingve to praiseo pa certain things and hate onat certain things. you can't argue witness the facc they through something out therm for everybody to enjoy last night.erybodt >> e xactly. >> chance the rapper blowing upp lately. and this may be his year comingn >> the feel good story of theort night. this is a guy who literallyy whr doesn't even have an album out.. okay. okay. you have to remember he is an independent artist he let railly revolution knifed the musicon ku industry by winning not onesi be i believe two grammys lastast night. you know, he spent allni oghf hs money on his streaming album. so he was broke when hene initially dropped that first mim tape, if you will, and look at a him now. a grammy award winner. winr >> i love it. >> 57 million streaming songsins during that first week.t fit we. >> i love it couple it.
9:38 am
going to do this, too.o this, t. you know what i love it becausei it's creativity and it keeps k from you getting in trouble and gives you something to td you can let those juices flow. >> somebody who nailed is james corden. >> oh gosh. >> getting better and better and better. >> i loved the open. so cetootendl.>> i of course it started off a lso f little slow for me.littfo he fell down the stairs.heta it was all -- put together.. he then get back up what an amazing rap.ap he can roo elli rap a lot of l o celebrities that worked with hih and singers he can really sing.n rap he proved that last night aa he does each and everyst time he incorporated -- in this wasis little awkward when nobody knewb the words. >> you would think they wouldoud have rehearsed that t prior to o actually doing it. yeah, but he redeemed himself he had his mom, his dad in the exii heidi klum as well and i thoughg he did an amazing job.ob i like to see him back. >> yeah. i think he was great.asre >> nothing else get a bunch of o famous together and show theynd can have a good time kickback kc d enenjoy. >> guy, always a pleasure. >> go rock out. >> looking sharp right now.ri n you know it.t. speaking of looking sharp we'llw talk about that as spec coming
9:39 am
>> okay. love it. >> thanks guys . all right. all right before we get to any of that put up your dukes there's about tos be a fistfight coming up. up. kevin mccarthy sits down with ice cube the star of the newew comedy the school yard comedyomy fistfight. we'll talk about that when welk come a bboutack. ♪♪ this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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9:42 am
parking lot after it's on. >> but there's nothing i can the have done. you know, so i'm very sorry you lost your job but this -- this i is over. >> one man wins when the otherno is unconscious. then and only then is it over. e >> you really want to have a fistfight after school liket af we're a couple of students? >> i want everybody to see this. >> teachers don't fight.ers t f >> we going to handle our we in differences like real men. >> what differences?ferenc >> you got a job and i don't. >> this is a bad joke.ok >> snitches get >> this is -- think of what w you're talking about. >> i'm afraid of ice cube right now. i want to run.want t >> was he acting? >> i don't know if he wa acting. i think --i thin >> he was having a moment rightm there. th hit from the comedy calledal fistfight stars ice cube and karl dale two teachers gettingew ready for school yard brawlbr te
9:43 am
kevin got a chance to sit downod witness stars of the movie joinj us live.e >> good morning heff kin. g >> the movie isoo ed xtmoremelyr rated very crude, raunchy and, i'm going review the movie onhev friday morning. morng ice cube is awesome. >> it looks hilarious.ilarious >> i'm not going to tell you whw wins. wins. ruin the whole movie. interestingly enough ice cube i wanted to find out what hiso ndo first fights were like because i asked him if he ever got inrot fights what those were like, bu, also what's it look working in r rate the environment and wouldnw his character be an ice cube ice fan. watch this. >> i'm wondering do you remembed like your first fight if you'voe ever been in one. one >> i've been in some fights. sof >> what was your first fight.stg >> man you just see brightright lights when you get hit in they face, you know. kno flashing lights. you know, and, some fights, you, know, you blackout and you justs go for what you know. k you don't know what's going on.n some fights, you know what is, h mean, you really kind of, you oy know, focused and engaged. i think it depends on how madowm you are before the fight starts.
9:44 am
but, yeah, getting clock askedla no fun. no >> you get to say some of your o favorite lines in this f >> yeah. when you say those lines, is ite like a cull back to it, do you think is it fun to repeat them again i'm a fan of your work.ouw how does it feel for to you sayo those lines again. >> it's a little odd, becausese here i'm trying so hard to t become this character and make k sure that you don't see ice cube at all, but then i have to kindd of break that fourth wall littlt bit it's cool. you know, most directors seemtos like every other movie i do they ask can i get -- it was a good day. >> i want to know how comedy cod works differently in r rated environment versus pg3 or pg. p you've done it all different die rating systems.ys do you think it's harder tteo bb found eighty three or easier toi be funny in r rated 59. >> i think it's a little easier. you know you don't have boundaries. with pg13 movie, you have to -- you have to find that line and a
9:45 am
crossing it, you know, r rated r you can cross the line, you y know, as long as you don't go g into nc17 territory.tory. >> right. >> you're all good.alod. >> what ice cube song do yousono think your character would like the most?ur c the mo >> come on favorite ice cube icc much he's a disciplinarian.inar so i don't know if he would havl a favorite ice cube track.ra i think he would be more or less, you know, turn that rap ta down, it's time to study, and, he'd throw on some, you know, maybe some national geographicsp or something like youet know, so i don't know ifto stick land would listen to ice e cube. cube. >> children of the core. c >> ut-oh.hi >> see. >> yeah. that's one of the greatests.te >> you can definitely whoop some bad kids off that.. >> when i was in high school i o was a big fan of corn and -- >> yeah. >> metal band.>> cube did a track with them on on album called follow the leader r children of the corn my introduction into ice cube.iu i knew who he was.i kn who i didn't -- i went back and bk a listened to his whole whole ca
9:46 am
hemazimazing. the movie rated r opens upns friday i'll have to review makek sure you stay tuned for that.r but yeah i have charlie day asie welcoming up. he's amazing it's always sunnyuy in philadelphia.delphi pacific we'll talk to him more.lkhim mo. >> i need a good belly laugh ini like i can't stop rating.g >> it's r ratedat you watched john wick over theni weekend.. 84 kills. sequel -- sequel -- >> felt like that due never rane out of bullets.out bul he shot everybody in the movie.m >> you got to see the new one is 141 kills. >> chris said he reloaded a 100a times for number one.umber o amazing. >> you got to see john wick twoo box office pretty good. gd lego batman was number one.umbee 50 shades was number two. john wick was number three.mb john wick did really reallyer w well. it's amazing film if you haven'n seen it john wick -- w >> can't watch it with the kidsi >> we should see it together. tt i'm going again tonight.m go >> i can't go tonight. i g>> iot basketball that's another story though.h. >> okay. >> that's another story.s her i got drama in my life. l >> skip away for little bit. lt >> no. .> he's the coach >> that's okay. oy >> thanks, kev
9:47 am
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♪♪ valentine's day is only 24 hours away. ut-oh. we know you have
9:51 am
mind, don't you? but if you'rebf staying in for some much neededd bay time don't forget to set tht mood we're in the talking abouto dimming the lights cranking up u the barry white, you can do thaa too.o. here with tips on how you can yn create the perfect romanticc ambiance this valentine'sin welcome andre wells who makes mk everything look amazing. azi good morning to you.ou >> good morning, maureen.reen >> wisdom has been wanting to take notes all morning becausenu he's interested in how he can hn make his valentine's a little special at home.special at so you've got the tips. >> yes. so he can start out with a romantic picnic whom doesn't like a picnic?ke a pni >> a picnic at okay. i like the idea. idea but how do we execute this.s. >> get a big basket, grab some blankets from home, red or pink perhaps, fill it with just cool fun stuff you know, who doesn't like a a beautiful little photo of their cute baby.y all kind of books and then whatw i like to do is, um, you know, blindfold your --ou--
9:52 am
>> and then what you do is, youu do a taste test. >> okay. >> you have them -- like take -- kay.kay. take like -- these are gummyre y do you care jelly beans.are llye you can do shots of differentnt flavored liquor.avor >> i love that. >> definitely candles.efinitcand candles, candles, candles alwayw make for a very romantic setting. and then definitely want towt t smell really good. >> ooh. >> that smells -- that says that mance.e. all of these thing you wouldng u have in the basket and use it as roar starting point with the candy, chocolates and sort ofor spread them out in your livingon room noor. room >> absolutely. this will be the jump off pointi as they say. >> okay. >> rose petals. lots of rose petals you comeou home with the basket spread the basket outset the flor withr wi plates i like l red it'se l valentine's day. again red and pink flavored beverages.rage >> should you keep the colorhe c theme one or, you know, makes it morey man tick keeping the red
9:53 am
>> i like red and pink becauseae it screams valentine's'sy if you like champagne you can get a regular but. one of the things i like a play on the chocolate coveredov strawberries.rawberries. what we do, we shave the chocolate and then don't you dou smell that aroma. ama. >> it does. >> it's really nice. >> the whole air. a. >> >> if you don't have a lot of o these things at home should youy go out and get them. t >> you should.ouhoul >> they don't have to bey t ha terribly expensive. >> very inexpensive go to thesit grocery star and get a chocolate bar, berries much you don't havh to serve a whole meal.ea the fun thing about it is anduta the romantic thing is just veryv thoughtful. you know, these are just sparkling sodas. you know or soft drinks becausen people don't drink sam n >> don't drink.rink >> right. you can do a lot of very romantic things.ngs. those are just vases with vases candles simple canal dells. dels >> like improvise.rovi >> improvise. if you children put them to bedo and then break this out [ laughter ]lauger >> definitely got to have a coov
9:54 am
you must have a cool play list.. and who doesn't like receiving flowers? >> absolutely. >> doesn't have to be all rosess we have orchids and berries. but, you know, so gouache fun creative stuff like this and be >> it looks whim my sal.okwhim y use your imagination.gination. whatever your partner mitt likei what you're going for >> yes, absolutely i'm goingoing for, hey, we're spenting time tm together.geth we never really get to spendpend time together and we're doingr g fun things like playing tick tic taoe toe. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> then be creative.>>hen give a couple little cool giftsg fun things.hing you know, i love this book it adds tori your -- ask yourour partners questions.. then a journal. a journal you know, it's always good to t write down your thoughts whereho dau are today. how you celebrated valentine's day and then also where you sees yourself going i like i li i'm sure wisdom has been paying close attention and hopefully stealing tips this is wonderf
9:55 am
here he comes. comes. >> hang on.. >> good to see you. see you >> good to see you.ou >> there you go. the >> come back here with that.t >> chow people get a hold.old. >> all i need right here.hter events by andre wel.c we're on instagram at eventsnts andre wells and facebook eventst andre wells. wel so give us a call. give us a c look us up.s and we'll help you celebrate any occasion. >> sold. all right. happy valentine's day!ntine'ay! >> happy valentine's day to you, too. >> guys, over to you.s,r to we'll sip champagne.agne. >> is that for when you make the meal. meal so she doesn't see the meal.eal. >> sure. that's what it is. >> be careful, wisdom, we mthayy have enlist you to be part of po our week of love. >> oh well. well >> that's for --or >> be careful what it is. >> that kilt whole thing.t >> that's grown up time.kihagrow >> that's what we are doing.areg we're kicking it off with thisht one right here. and her love. >> >> aww learn all about allisonls and mark coming up on the 10a. 1 we'll talk more grammys thiss time you know
9:56 am
the blanks. [ laughter ] >> we did a deep dive into the h research. >> okay. don't you worry. >> you kno k aboutk abo grammy fashion. >> love it. >> some of the looks you liked k last night. >> i had a lot of looks. >> tinder life it is a staget is show at comedy show and yes it involves tinder. we'll explain how it works when the host joins us biaign shohoo coming up here in d.c..c >> first though it's coffee time on good day d.c. if you have been eye ball our cool good day mug listen up wepe have a new good day dunkin'unki' donuts mug to give away perfecte cup for that great dunkin'at donuts coffee.donuts so head to oo our facebook page at d.c. to enter our mug contest. cte one lucky winner will bene selected by random drawing. dwi hurry up, though, you only havee 29800 hours -- i'm just joking.n you only have from now untilow u 11am to enter. 9:56.56 stay with us. st ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 150 meg internet.
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10:00 am
♪♪♪ good day d.c. fashion policc act straighted for the grammys so the question is, fab or fail that's in the first ten minutes. love right here in the lovev this week.e this wee today we kick it offk. with high profile couples. cou today very own allison seymour and her hubby mark clark they're ups and downs in the journey ofo love. >> she's the star of tyler perry's hot new show too closeoo to home. danielle savre live in the loftf to dish about her new show.. >> it's tinder live from the hit show show girls. and lane mooreo is bringing her sold out show to d.c. but first she's life in the loft. >> it's a monday to 10a starts not ♪♪
10:01 am
come on, maureen, you can do better than that. >> one rose petal.ose pet >>ink,k, mo. >> ♪♪ >> welcome everyone.on. >> yes.>> y. yes. >> more, more, more. me. >> wisdom who is this lovelyl label. la >> danielle savre an actress and she's a singer as well. more details she's also the star of tyler perry's new show.w. >> you got details on mr. perryy >> i do. i do >> she can't do it right now. >> can't wait. >> thanks for being here.foing you're so lovely.. >> and this is only for you.r yu we don't do this very much.h >> enjoy champagne andag and strawberry. >> dive right in.t in. >> roses and champagne.. >> drink all that. >> really fun interview. >> you'll hit all the details. >> best interview ever if youou drink all of that.t. >> we'll be right back. >> okay.
10:02 am
walk. miss america. >> whatever you say thank your very much muchyou . is that velvet. >> beautiful. monday morning a minute aftereft 10:00 o'clock thanks for staying its for the ten day.. i'm steve, alongside allison,lln maureen and wisdom.n andisdom. holly is off today. we'll check what's trending andn get right to it wis. >> 2015 grammys the night the belonged to adele who won five v awards according a sweep of theo top categories but even shehe admitted she voted for beyonce'e the night's most nominated performer who ran through some of the talk about moments lastt hour. now, it's time to talk about tht red carpet fashions right now. . let's get on over and talkk fashions with our fashion guru.. >> look. loo beyonce' --e' -- >> who needs no introduction.n. >> hello. >> good morning, darling., darl. >> good morning.mornin >> maureen gets the big one.
10:03 am
night on the red carpet.d cpe did rihanna have it in her h flask. flask. >> on amazon flask, order to myo house. >> can i make the segue. our c ihampagne m bubbly gold id color unlike one, well, one verr interesting man last night. nigt >> that was a good transition. >> c letter. lte see low green.reen >> what was that.>> >> a costume w. a cos >> if you think about it we havv not seen see low do a lot recently right.ight. >> right. hey it was a good move. good ve he had shown up in tuck seed tk dough looking like very debonair would we be talking about him. >> absolutely.>> a >> no one talked about see low green before.or but today everybody is.toda >> is everybody talking about him. him. >> him on the worst dress listwt and waiting to see what he's whs going to do next.g o ne >> okay. >> i give him a fab much it's ss weird and he's getting thegettgh attention he wants.tentio >> he's getting the attention he want glad i give eight fail because it was spooky to me.poo. >> for that he gets a fab for
10:04 am
>> what do you say, mo.hat do >> fail. >> everyone is talking about.e t i was not talkalkinging about zl last night.last nigh >> the peanut gallery wants to s weigh in. >> if you go to los angeles ael there are 15 people dressed upru on the sidewalk on the side of the theater. >> in the neighbthorhoodsea youg out steve.t steve >> gucci or -- guc-- >> no it's no one, >> it's no one. >> it's determination. [ laughter ] >> let's move on to someone --- adele.ele >> slightly better red carpetber experience last night.rice adele.el >> okay.>> >> big winner last night iner li thought she also won on the redr carp. carp. >> agreed. >> i love this because this was new look foris bec her. i lost the delicate sleep andnd the checkered bodice.odice. really beautiful you and only al see her in black and red. red >> i wasn't crazy for the colorr for her i thought it made her hr eyes pop and it work.or >> i like everything.veth >> she's 28-year-old. s her body is looking greheat's ai give her a fab for this dress. . >> i like it. >> we're all in >> you gave her a fab as well.h >> yes.>> y >> j.lo, oh, my gosh. gosh. >> hello.>> h >> let me tell you somethingomeg when i
10:05 am
and russ so lavender orchid thet long train it's very dramatic. >> look at the thigh.hi >> anything to take away fromkem that beautiful face i wasn't ig digging it it grew on me. i started to love it. it. one of my favorites of the of night. >> the back was amazing. >> look at those bac legs. leg whoo! >> seriously -- j.lo is hot.- jo >> okay. she did her show on friday night and saturday night and then flel there to do her other show and d she at the grammy.eramm >> let's talk about this lady.i. >> lady gaga. still feeling like a rocker babb right off the super bowl.ow >> that's a lot of under boob.nb >> her and rihanna were doing di that. this is actually julian ulikhne. >> hey.>> hey. >> serious under boob. b crop top with a pretty big cutic out i thought it was lady gaga.g >> time out. tut lady gaga was doing her wholeho joanne thing her differe thing. this to me was a thr
10:06 am
more of cartoonish look and i fetal like she was evolving more beyond this.s. >> just because she evolved doesn't mean you forget if you look at he yr performouanceance metallica she was rocking out.ut she said i'm coming to theto the grammys to rock out. i'm versatile and because you talk about my abs i'll show youl >> it remind immediate of themmd meat dress and i'm over it. >> it's the week of love. love. >> it sure is. >> fab. >> fab lady gaga i still lovegal you. >> i love you, too.>> fab.ov >> you want to talk about fail. i'm sorry. >> taraji usually can do no wrong. >> this was bad. thi the dress was too short and tooo tight it's mark jacobs. job shame on you mark jacobs youcobu usually do such a good job muchm this was definitely a fail. aai >> if it were a little bitlittlt longer. >> what about if it were littlet bingernger? >> it's not for her.t's he it's not for her body.od >> i cannot speak against ourstr home girl. gir >> i know you can.>> i i'll do it this ts w [ laughter ]hter ] >> i'm sorry. i'll do it this way. d this >> not a fab look. >> whole lost fail. lost >> it
10:07 am
and you know what, you're not 30 any more baby.. >> j.lo 30? >> is j.lo 30..lo 30. >> thank you paul. thankou p >> that's not the same kind ofed dress. >> it's not.>>s not but j.lo -- >> her age -- did have anythingh to do with it.wih >> paul those are fightin words. >> carry underwood -- carrie cai underwood red was a huge trendet last night.. >> always fab.>> >> she look amazing. a. beyonce' wore red. charlie xts wore red.. a lot of boobs ax lot of plunging neck lines and red,, red, red. >> that's homage to her country roots. >> new look for laverne cox. she northerlily does the blonded hair. she had darkeroer hair, dramatic makeup. the cut outs with the leather lh dress i mean this is something that -- >> her eyes are popping. >> she got a fab. fab. >> she really look fab.oofa now rihanna, hey, she's a rockk star princess and i thought shes was rolling the rock stark s pr
10:08 am
>> i don't know if i like that. >> armani. beautiful opera skirt. skirt so much fabric >> i give her >> i'm feeling the top.. i'm going sideways.eways. >> i'm going all the way fab.ay i'm feeling good about this. rihanna did it and i love it. >> demi >> that was my favorite look ofr the night. this is your favorite. favore. >> i'm going to give her fab h f now. this look grew on me overnight.g >> it look amazing. amazing. >> it was a little too tanned uu for me and the sessions were wer long and andark. >> i'm a jersey girl. g >> i don't want to say it. i >> she looks good.. >> she looked pretty. >> nick jonas i don't like toi i speak against nick he's such aua cutie pie. pie. >> are you kidding me?e? >> i got to tell you something.i he showed up on the red carpet. this look showcased his wholeiso physique.physiq i thought that it showed a guy g could be studied and still be a study. >> you didn't. >> i love it
10:09 am
>> fail. >> beyonce'. hello.ll. >> you did not see them on the t red carpet she looked beautiful in her performance.. >> look at her face. >> it look -- she's glowing.lowi >> i like that blue tucks ons on jay-z.jay- >> fantastic.>>stic beyonce' -- she's -- >> i don't know.>> they were a little big.. >> i thought this was great come back move. m >> look at them. >> for faith >> spectacular.>> love it. i. that seems to be the hot trendoe right now.. >> actually they did a lot ofoto dresses on the red carpet she looked amazing the dress wasas fabulous. >> i couldn't see myself in that. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to turn this around. i feel good. i'm the nice one of the group . >> it's a trend.rend
10:10 am
>> wow! >> shall we >> cheers. ches. >> fashion police good day fashion police i love you guys o and hey, love to all of you outt there. valentine's woke.. >> get your hot red dresses des tomorrow. >> even home alone.lone >> that's the fashion policethea fire alarmshi. >> whoop whoop. who >> over to you, steve. is that nick jonas you weree showing over there. there >> yeah.h. >> looks like he was on his waya to a bull fight.ull figh [ laughter ] ] >> yeah, does he. even that red carpet k yeeping t bulls away. bu from the red carpet to the big b apple saturday night live havinh a blockbuster weekend seeing sin highest rates in more than fivef years. alec baldwin hosting melissa mccarthy to reprise her role as secretary sean spicer.pice here's part of her latest 67. >> you've been told cut back on the gum chowing so i'm nowhowi limiting myself to one slice ana day. [ laughter ] >> from enjoy my one and onlynl and you can just sit and watch.h [ laughter ]
10:11 am
>> these are high, high qualityy in fact i'm wearing one of her h bangles right now. n. it's beautiful, it's shimmery,h, it's elegant and at 39.99 it is unbelievably affordable.e [ applause ] >> okay? [ laughter ] me started on ot her shoes. >> snl was also back in thehe people's court this time alecc baldwin as president trump andra vladimir putin trying to get hiy travel ban reinstated.ed another exit that has a lot of o people talking kate mckinnon spoofing fatal protect of her h portrayal of kellyanne conway. a some claim the exit was sexists and over the top.. >> everybody will have theirve t say. i personally didn't find thisly one as funnyfind t as some in ts but -- amazing they got the highest -- >> i was falling asleep when ili was w watching >> real. >> ly alec baldwin people new h was going
10:12 am
aside from the donald trump stuff people tend to watch whenn he tunes in. wasn't surprised at the ratingss >> valentine's day tomorrow andd to mark the holiday we're sharing real life love stories i all week right here on good day dc. dc. you'll get all the scoop onop on allison seymour and her husbandd mark about their journey toey t happily ever tyler perry's new leading lady too close to home star daniellel savre she's gone to join us livv in the loft coming up next.ext. ♪♪ ♪♪ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
10:13 am
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10:15 am
>> forgive us for our since. sin my family has too many secrets. we have too many enemies. the universe... >> forgive us because the worsee is yet to come. ♪♪
10:16 am
>> miss me? >> all right.ll rig our next guest has been build as tyler perry's new leading ladyad and stars in tyler perry's tlc t too close to home. alongside tv icon heather locklear the series followsies l young woman named anna from her working class live to having an affair with the president of tht united states that's when herner life quickly become the sent off a political scandal.ndal. shocker, right? and after the scandal erupts well she returnsw to herel old live down in alabaa down south going back downk down south. and that's just the beginning of the hit show'st the twists ands they're laughing at my wholeyle down south in alabama accent.ccn [ laughter ] >> danielle savre plays anna. an she joins us now live right herr in the loft on good day d.c. d.c good morning -- let me get out of that good morning to you.ning thank you for coming >> of course. thank you for having for. >> we appreciate it. w look, tell me aboe ut this -- tt role.. you're with tyler perry.ler erry he make hits.e s. >> yes. >> all right. makes drama on tv. tv. >> such good drama.od dma >> let me get this straight.aigh so you slept wit
10:17 am
>> yup. >> you're from >> yup. >> now you got to go back to alabama because all this dramasa break out.kut >> because of heather locklear.r >> that sounds like a winner.unl tell me about this drama thatraa attracted to you want in a be i this show.thisw. >> the lead character and it waw so flawed usually get where thet lead is here roane you have to t cheer for hershey's made prettyy bad choices and you're kind ofdo trying to follow her through her journey of >> okay.kay. all right. heather locklear she's a tv rvrvous. >> i was nervous at first. at ft she was sitting look this in the hair and makeup chair.. >> did she give you any grieve.v no. she was the sweetest woman inets the world. she came up to me.e. hi, i'm heather.eath i know who you are. youre >> it was all good at that a t point. >> yeah. she's amazing. ike wot's it like working with tyleg rwi perry in this whole production i understand when you are taping this show in at landd at a time first time you you've his new studios.w studs. >> the first one to film on it.t >> very first ones.
10:18 am
everything.ything chelsea's first scripped.. tyler's first shoot on the lot.l it was great. gat. it was nerve racking to workng with him. he'swi intimidating at first. big sick foot size man you don't want to disappoint.poin >> he's a legend.end. >> and mogul and wrote and directed it.t. please don't diss appoint and he loved it and he's happysy with everything we've done so far now we're like familiarly.a. >> how did you get on his radarr [ laughter ] >> how did you get this roll? eo how did you -- you're the one. e >> i don't know. honestly i don't know how i how never asked him how he found mem they sent me the script. scr i read it i loved it. i he flew me out to atlanta to to read with him went hit it off.t >> you're from california.alifo. >> i am. >> this is your first experienc in the south. >> yes. you don't have southern accent at ve s >> no. >> all right. what did you think about the south when you were down in ing?ou ten youain >> i love atlanta. i've learned to love the and tire city and the people and the food is >> the food is amazing. >> alabama life that we've buili on the set that's quite unique u for what i'm used to, yes
10:19 am
>> no southern act zen at all. a >> you doesn't to work the wor southern >> which is so great high carb r zercon couldn't artist she comes from la and begins this liesi about her life she got rid of o her accent. a when i asked him do i want to have an absent when i go back,k, no, you haven't had an absent ii here's a little bit of it.t. >> you've been in some othern sr things on tv as well. well. >> yes. i want to check and see if thiss is accurate one of movementf mot co-workers like to check your, , your week key right. right is this correct? you have beene in episode of csi the tv show. >> correct. >> that is correct. tt is csi miami. >> yes. >> all right. >> yes.>> y. >> blue bloods. >> yes. >> wow.>> .hich one did you like best >> oh, jeez blue bloods.z blueld i loved blue bloods. bod >> why is that, tom sole sol election.. >> donny wahlberg and the director and the producersny wad writers are of are >> also in bring it on two. >> yes. three. ree.e. number they got that wrong. gothat they said wo
10:20 am
you were on bring itd t on threr >> yes. >> was solange knowles in that one. >> >> rihanna in that one. >> ces. >> wowor.ihanna >>.t had some parts of it also, you're not only an actrese but you're a singer. >> correct.>> corct. >> you have an album? aum >> i do. >> tell me about your album alb before it was a couple years yea ago. i was -- i've been in multipleul girl groups did i my own album b after i had a show on mtv callee kaya. i put it had fun. had pop >> right. >> love to dance.>> isn't okay. l is so that's kind of that a couplea years people want me to get in thet m studio and do more i've got to'o omnd some time. >> you don't have time now. havn >> no. >> too busy acting. busy ac >> i can't write but take timeem to get in the studio.tudio >> whose your favorite artistr e someone you think you a modelod yourself after or -- somebodyomb you like?yoike? >> i mean i just watch theatchhe grammys last night. who i love the whole world loves beyonce'. you cannotyo love her. her everybody wants to aspire --sp lady gaga he boone yo say ruling it right now. right now we should have had you in hereer to do the fashion segment asmena well. what did you think about thebout dresses you saw?you saw?
10:21 am
everyone what they said what waw fail and fabulous. i mean i like that take risks. s >> lady gaga on the red carpet.e >> it was -- it push it a littll bit.t i fetal like i was saying earlier i fell likl e shelike hh spotlight with the super bowl bw ing.g. i think she kind of play it baci a little bit.a little bit. >> thank you. tha you >> my goodness come back anyba a time. >> i love the grammys you canoun just risk it gone for it and be wild and crazy she was performing with metallica she s was tying into that but i lovedv she just did the super bowl i wanted her her down play it a ia little >> sing a little beyonce' foronr me. what's your favorite song ♪♪ i'i a single lady, i'm a single ladd ♪♪ put your hands up, ut-oh oh, ut-oh oh, out owe oh. o >> did you want to us sipping,si too. >> yes. [ laughter ][ laer ] >> thank you for coming in. for hanging out with us. us. we appreciate.ciat continued success.. >> thank you. y >> acting in solo career as as well. well. >> thank you. thank you very much. .ank e's so much fun
10:22 am
>> the lovely and talented danielle savre. s >> i love it. very cool. coo love it, love it.t. >> thanks wis.nks w thanks danielle. >> 10:00 too much maureen will sing to us break right now and we're also going to talk about t interactive comedy experience you know tipped you know comedy what happens when they all comem together and former sex editor. >> what? >> got your attention.. she'll join us live in the lofte >> if you don't have a valentinl or valentine's day dinner din reservations it's too late. l [ laughter ] >> but you're not out of luck. c chef junior robinson -- jr. jr >> i'm sorry jr robinson. i know to you, that's just bad.. showing romantic two course cou dinner for less than 75 bucks. c what anybody can make.. we'll let's we'll be right back. ♪♪
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
♪♪ ♪♪ >> it's so misleading when you m look out there. >> i know right. >> you see that. nd areouds for the weeiskend gone. we have sunshine.ine it's beautiful and the winds ara blowing 60 miles an an r >> wind. >> it is certainly been overnight and iat morniisng of strong winds enough to causeho e unfortunately a lot of damagey f around the dc region. even flipped over two tractorppd trailers. >> ugh. o >> this happened o n 95 north of baltimore. and then of course we've seensee what's happened a lot off apartment buildings and structures and a lot of trees around the areaes and. so we're hoping it ends soon bub there's only one person who cano let us know for sure and that's our good friend tucker barnes much what's up, tuck?uck? >> thanks, steve.teve >> unfortunately winds with usnn here through the afternoon afteo hours. then things should quiet downt w later this evening look at youru current winds gusting
10:26 am
quantico, 53-mile per hour windn gusts a few minutes ago.go 37 here in washington.ngto 46 up in baltimore.almo 38 in gaithersburg.g. 40 in hagerstown.. everybody experiencing these unfortunately dangerous windss and overnight we had windsinds gusting up to 72 miles an hoursh at joint base andrews.. 66 at national.iol. so everybody unfortunately uortu getting in on damaging there's look at your your satellite/radar. area of low pressure deepening e here we call it bombo genesis very strong pressure gradientnt we'll continue to be dealing with northwest winds thisntinstt afternoon. otherwise, i mean if you canf yo take shelter behind a building b it's going to be sunny andnd pleasant afternoon withernoon w temperatures in the 40s. but really no real break heree until later this afternoon wenow get a storm farther away fromway us. en day forecast.en day forecast. good news for valentine's day much quieter weather should be a knight nice afternoon tomorrow. low 50s with sunshine and aftera we bounce around this week looko at next weekend hints of springr on that seven day temperatures a
10:27 am
saturday and sunday. something to look forward to. all right, gg uys,to l that is a weather update.. i'll toss it back over to you.tu >> okie dokie. d thank you tucker. all right. r prompter, please. because we're talking about pre . it's in the air and rightwe'rout herer and ght --here >> i smell it. >> in the loft, yes. >> aroma. >> coming up next we're kickingc off week of love in honor of of valentine's day. d. it's going feature fox5 friendsi and family members sharing think journeys to love. ♪♪ >> start with this lady rightght here. happily ever after allisonllon seymour and mark don't mess it. time now 20:27.0: we're back with their love stors after the break.tee br ♪♪ ♪♪
10:28 am
mmmmm psst. yoplait custard's back. the family favorite... protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait.
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♪♪ >> celebration of valentine'sraa day, we are kicking off a week e of love right here on good day.d every day this week we'll bee' featuring a different coupleou live in the loft.oft. dishing on their journey andou d story of love from the humble hm beginnings of how they met toy t the ups and downs in their relationship and everything in between really.ip a. our first couple well known touo the fox5 family.ily. she's one of our morning show anchors and he is a radio host radio 103.9 in new york.ork. they met each other in 1998 in 1 while working at the same tv t we're talking of course aboutofa our very own allison seymour,mo the queen of d.c. and mark clara who
10:31 am
love story. s >> this is our wedding n >> is it really?>>s it >> come on, babe. how we do it.t. >> 17 years ago. >> ♪♪♪♪ >> and then we did this. thi we did a little something else.. we can't show you that. >> ♪♪ >> on the dance floor. on th a whole routine. we forgot it. i >> you two touch me, because --- don't do it mow.ow. >> your relationship to me is just so genuine and so -- it'ss fun. it's fun. i think anyone that knows you guys knows you guys are a fun y couple and that for me isar likk relationship gold. >> it really is.t real i >> thank you, mo. you >> how do you keep it fun 17 fun years later.ars l >> well, you know what, he's asa funny person.yerso >> he is. >> so in those moments where it's like live, do you know whaw i mean, we've had live stuff.tu >> um-hmm. >> and in those moments, liketsk mark makes me laugh and it's as genuine thing, and, um, i thinkt it's the number one thing. >> with allison and my cards
10:32 am
cards, allison is funny one of e the fun yesterday people i knowd period and i know lot of otherlr funny people. it's not just me. jus >> i think it's humor.mor. remember -- >> genuine like.enui >> i think it works because we're both in the same businesss isn't yeah. >> and so, you know, we have the whole married media thing. thi >> not competitive.ompetiti i think two thing.hing we met we were all right doingii our thing.our g. >> um-hmm. >> i think also we both weren'tt necessarily like the type thathe is we had to be the top of thefe meme. >> right. joy e enjoy what we d we love what we wwhat wdo. but we also love each other.. >> yeah. >> that trumps our work.or. >> i want to see him win endim d wants to see me win. >> it's no competition.o c people say, oh, allison seymour's husband.r's husband. >> that's our wedding picture.o >> i'm sorry, that's fine. i love being allison seymour's's husband.husband >> did you know when you saw hey she was the one and did you knoo he was the one?he o? >> i think he knew i was the w one. [ laughter ] >> i knew. k >> not even saying that to blow up myself. >> i dreamed of li
10:33 am
was a childson.. >> you're kidding. you >> i didn't date a whole bunchch of people people how did you diu know she was the one, she wasshe the one because she was the one. >> this is our engage many picture. >> seriously you guys --uys >> they were our only childrenyc back then. we met on my first day on thehe job in st. louis, and before i went out to st. louis i'm a eas coast girl. somebody said you're going out there to find your husband.r hu i'm like okay. and i'm on the first day august 5th, 1998,. >> she remembers.>> she remem >> i met mark approached me wecm were both covering the same story.ory. music festival and i -- you- u know, i was like okay who is w this? big smile, you know, big ball head and goatee.nd g >> it was this wasn't typicallyy the person that i was dating. dt you know what i mean? and so s his personality just like just smacked me in the face. fe >> rolled you over.>>led >> right. >> you too are in long distancee marriage because you're workingu in new york. you're here. a lot of folks saying how canow you make it work? i have h someone tell me, years ago,, yt
10:34 am
count. right.t. >> i kind of been like, okay. >> how do you make it work. wor. >> we have 16 years in the gamee before it happened. >> okay. >> i'm going to sound like a bosss just now, didn't we. >> we have 15 years in the game. >> we do. [ laughter ] >> you're so cute together. look at this picture.ture. this was in gentleman may casmam remember that. >> that was a whole situation. >> any way -- w - >> i went to get a drink and dra next thing i knew -- >> heed donnism.>> h so mark was there on a gig.on ag i was there fully clothed. >> after 15 years, what peopletl don't -- they might look at us u and say, oh you guys have, you , know, how can you relate to whaa i'm going through? you don't't mind?nd >> i don't mind.'t md >> mark was on the air in i baltimore eye for ten years. and i remember i was drivingas i home when he called me and said, babe i got let go today. >> don't start crying. crying. you'll make me cry.
10:35 am
>> and i just remember it was like time stopped for a second c and then i'm like, what are we going to do? what are we goingi to do? okay this happen.ap what now? so it turns out you y were without a full-time job for ---- >> put it in real perspective. 300,000 and in 208 that was my y salary.lary 25,000 was my salary in 2009. >> for six years, i did not i dn return to a full-time job. >> for six >> allison held it down that dot whole time. never made me feel, okay -- you two are going to make me cry.aky this is ridiculous. >> never made me feel less a man. man. like i wasn't pulling my weighth >> you're seriously maybing mee cry.cry. because mark is an excellentanee father. what happened was, we sort of st switched a little bit and mark m became when the girls got home h from school or when they went -- he was the one who was there ana so we were doing things a littlt bit differently. so when this opportunity came ue a full-time job in what he's so excellent at doing which isng w radio, okay, and if you're listenin
10:36 am
dc, you are missing out on a talent right here. you're missing out on a talent. so i won't get into that. tt but when it came up, and myy husband could work in a fieldn a that he has worked in for over 20 years, babe, you've going tot we'll be okay.'ll beka you were at home holding it doww for all those years. yea let me hold it down. so it's been, um, it will be two years this summer right. >> three. >> three. the girls are growing up now owinup n >> i was going to say the girlss raising them i think one thing g i'm hearing you're such a strons family unit to begin that helped make this transition easier forf everybody.ybod >> i don't know -- i mean, i'm i not sure that it will work ask a well if we weren't in itt together. this is sidneyge sweet 16. a couple weeing.oue >> yeah. just a couple months ago. ago. so it's just -- it's wonderful.l i used to look at couples whoou were married for all these years and think, wow, you know what ii mean, so it's strange to thinket we're not 20 years yet but known each other for, um, a long time
10:37 am
and 17 years this year.ea >> for someone like me single s and hoping to one day share in e the wedded bliss you all have, what advice can you give to someone like me? looking, lki wanting to be in a relationshipi >> do not change one thing about your beautiful self.if self. >> right. >> do not change one thing about your beautiful self.elf. your essence, what you expect, who you are, what you do for a living, and let that strong mann come and find you. >> aww. >> you know you just be willingl and open to accept it.t. it might not look like -- uh-uh- i never dated a bald headed mann you know what i'm saying. >> she call me bald headed man. >> 5-foot ten, 140 pounds. pnds. >> but it is out of my --f m >> it was my arms. m a >> it was out of my typical whaa i would be like, okay, but justt open yourself up to love. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> allison says be available aib fortune key love.rtune key lo [ laughter ] >> what's the term?er >> is that what you really saidy >> no i said
10:38 am
[ laughter ] >> chunky love. cnk chuhunky touch. >> the chunky touch if somebodym has a chunky touch -- look.k. don't be, i got to have somebods with six pack or whatever wte because you never know what yout need. you never know what you need. n >> you might need the chunkyy touch. to >> this relationship goals markm clark allison seymour kickingic off a week of love. you're example for so many others. you know what, continued succese to you.. wedded bliss. you guys just exceed that.t. >> surround yourself withrselfh positive people who love you pp like maureen because we love her. these are my peeps for real.r re for real. >> okay. they're wrapping us many we'reai all crying over ove >> steve, back over to you.backo i'm going to take some more more notes here because i'm going tog find my guy. going to be sitting here nextern year talking about it thank youu al.. >> take notes.e. take notes for the two peopleeol sitting next to you through all the best times in the challengee they never wavered.ever so i think that's proof that iti goes. >> there you you go. >> now, unfortunately, not, everybody has a date thise t valentine'
10:39 am
so why not spend it with some sm laughs? comedian lane moore ise bringing her hit show tinder shi live to the lincoln theater tat tomorrow night.tomorrow nig she'll join us live in the loftl with a look what to expect when you start swiping along.pi swipe, swipe, swipe.wiswipe. >> gotcha. >> swipe. >> whatever that means. whate ♪♪
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> our next guest brooklynex magazine one of the 50 fun yesterday girls stars in the critic best comedy show by the new york times tinder live wittw lane moore coming to lincolnco theater tomorrow first though th comedian lane moore joins usoinu live in the good to see you thisve morning.. i'm glad you're close story thal my camera. my eye s are bugging out of myfy head trying to read that. that. >> how are you. >> i'm good. i'm good.>> town.into >> the show is tomorrow night.rr what are you going to do. to do. >> i'm going to eat lot of foodd i heard you guys have food here. pretty exciting.itin >> it's one of the things we've been working toward now.. there's food in washington pngn multiple places to eat.laces e. i'm skyed i'll do that. that. i want to walk around. eye only been to d.c. like as little kid. k. >> you're in new york it's soinw close. i seeha that now. >> you have to come back. bac. >> i took the train for the fort first time like new person.erso it's's >> the show is awesome concept,t and i love the fact that youtou take something like tipped whick is just so engrained in peoplenp now become a its own. it's taken over that role.ol the way you work it in your show
10:43 am
is i was m where did that wholeo idea come from you said insteadn of just like swiping with myipim friends and making fun of peopll i'll make career out of thiscaro now. now. >> absolutely. it was literally the first time i joined tinder. i literally opened up the app tp and i was like, whoa, thisa, thi should be live comedy show i can like go through like projecteded it on screen don that and, um, u it was just so like just so rich with material. just like you look at everyone's profile and justlook people doig bizarre things.hi saying bizarre thing.izar there was one guy i rememberemer when i first got on it who likee the first thing profile saidle i let's start a company.. what? who is idea what you're looking to get out of the tindee you want to start with a company way random woman you meet oneet first date. good for you i guess. guess but it was just like he listed like 17,000 other things heth wanted to do with them.ithem. it's just like -- l >> before you took the show onuo the road did you catch yourselfu when you first got the app lik e literally the commentary wasy w just flowing outloud looking att things and basically talking tot yourself. >> i literally create the showhs the first time i went on tinder.
10:44 am
me and my roommates were all onl tinder at the same time. do you mind if i got grab my m camera and take video of thisf and edit it together.ogethe that same time i was like thismi is such a funny video this is so good.y vi i need to make this a live a comedy show and i literally worw on the show that night. nht the second i signed up for u f tinder it was like everything just like in my mind this isin i where i'm supposed to be good because these were roommates ano nothing is out of bounds did yod become the annoying tinder girlr that will look at our profilesfs or fun for everybody or were yoy actually like no, that one ist s not for you? >> do i analyze all my friends profiles. profiles. >> are you over annal a liesinge it becauser -an- tinder is yous thing now. >> i call myself the mayor of tinder. i feel like that's accurate. i do like e when peoplthe find o what i do, i get handed everybody's phones. phone what do i say to this person.s o what do i say to this person. po >> the thing is i want people to be able to connect. ablto c i want people to be able to, you know it's not cynical show. i'm not sin mychal person.l pero i want people to find love.e. i want find love muc
10:45 am
another goal i have while i'mhii here a couple days eye that's ts enough time to find love. lov >> you'll be -- by tomorrowtomo night you'll probably bey married. i'm not going to life. lif >> thank god. god that's what i'll came here toert do. do find my soulmate like that.soula >> think of the material. of th. you'll have to talk about theute the time the show comes aroundon tomorrow night. >> so much better i went trroowe museum one time.e. >> see. d a soulmateoulmfin and i did. >> it's amazing you work your wu audience into this? >> yes. >> y so the audience is a hes.uge pat of it.t. they help me choose whether i go right or left and i joke i datee every single person right after the show. a that doesn't happen.ap i would be truly exhausted.ed they choose weather i go left ot ght.t. there's little games you knowou when i don't know if your -- someone's profile people teneope people and you don know ifwf you're trying to date or if it's a group situation i call that tt which one is it and we try to t catch which person the profile
10:46 am
it's super like a group thing. i >> let me ask you me as wisdom mentioned earlier we do a little bit called how accurate e is your wick key when it comesom to wickipedia.a. >> sure. >> ex and relationship expert for cosmo?os? was that you.s th you >> i sex and relationshipatiohi editor, yes, for very long time. >> editor y. y >> let's take that and let's les build it into the whole thing tg with tinder now.r so can you actuallyno help peopp with what they put on their the tinder as to who to avoid or how to better their chances. chanc >> oh, yes. >> war the tips.ips. >> um-hmm.. okay. . first of all, with i would say s don't yell at women you haven'th met before.efore. you'll see that a lot on o profiles. they're just like i don't wantnt anyone fat or ugly or someone so talks about their dumb job. job. why are we already fighting youu don't know me we're in a fight and i feel i'm scared. scar so there's that. tha i don't think women like that. . with both men and women likeom k don't put t
10:47 am
sometimes on the show i'll see,, um, group photo people and a you'll swipe and swipe and swins and it's still a group they groe multiply three people in thehree first photo and ten people ineo the are you breeding? is this a cult? i don't know.on so i would say that's not goodd with guys, um, don't, um -- likk don't just put a random baby ini your profile.your profile i'm going to think you're a dadd which is okay if you're a dad but then i'll think you're you'r cheating on your wife and offndo newborn.neor i think you think that meansea you're good with kids. kid your wife had baby.. >> who else can i meet to sharea this wonderful news with over w few drinks or whatever else iss involved? >> i'm open to being a stepmom m but not this way.but >> not when i get a phone callnc and a knock at the door. door. not the best way to go about it. >> yeah. >> the show is tomorrow tomorroo night.t check it out.ut there's the information.orti doors at 6:30. tickets 25 bucks. buc maybe you will be married byriey then with more s
10:48 am
>> yes, yes, >> great to see you. tsee >> thanks. >> thank you guys.>>ha >> 10:47 is the time.the tie. coming up next, a two course coe valentine's day dinner for two t for less than 75 bucks. >> what? >> i'm all in. i you don't even have to leave l your house.. i'm even more in. 'm a'm all in. >> you had him at hello. >> great. chef jr robinson is cooking witt como coming up next.ex we'll be back. smell that. ♪♪ i will never wash my hair again. new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it.
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♪♪ okay. so they say the way to person's heart is through youy the r stomach mutm if you plan on winning over youu babe's heart valentine's day, cook romantic dinner for two.oro even if you're not a top chefope don't worry it's easier andrnd cheaper than you think. thi. erin company smo in the kitchen with all the details.. good morning miss como. c >> thank you maureen.>> thank ym that's right.aureatight dinner, drinks that can easilyas cost you more than hundred huned dollars. this morning we're cooking a twt course dinner for two for less than 75 bucks. near show us kitchen great chef jr robinson.. jr we've been having so much fuc this morning getting everythingg set. >> yes.>>es >> you actually spent under $53$ at a shoppers in bowie. >> fifty-two dollars and 30rs a3
10:52 am
>> and you got the red roses. rs >> red roses. >> and wine the. ner to impressr to impress. >> and the wine. is called manae atrois.atrois >> adding to the valentine's day mood.mood what are we making today snelldn we'll start with a nice sal laid with fresh strawberries. use fresh strawberries womenomen love fresh men love fresh fruit too. >> nice aphrodisiac. >> bag a bag of spring mix. m nothing fancy. >> slice up the strawberries.. a little dressing for the mainhe course we'll have red skinnedki carl lick mashed potatoes with w sawed thaied spinach and the the blackened cajun salmon toppedop with jay cun cream and shrimp sm sauce. >> look how quick those shrimpip cook. you don't want to over cookk them. though them on for were you minute. >> throw them in the sauce. >> then the good thing about the pepperuow thegoods, they get tho flowing and get the temperaturee rising. and ready for dessert.orsert. >> that looks delicious. you were saying because you eat with your eloyeoks,ayin you w
10:53 am
parsley.le add the green, add the spinach.h >> take it to the next level. te you want to top it real nice. n >> see how quick that cook.too the salmon cook real quick, toot but it face down.ow >> let the cream drip off thep sides. if you look at the kitchen, this is aphrodisiac because if yourfu partner walks into something ios like this, they going to want tt good it on immediately. >> absolutely. i can't wait to try a bite ofe o that. i'll tell was the good thing isi it's so beautiful and it's goodd and you were saying you can dory it as like a date night you're cooking together feign your date might not know how to cook leada them in the kitchen little bit.. >> like a kitchen chemistry.hemt get the chemistry going in thent kitchen.. and then it leads to other things. >> beautiful meal, too. beaul mt all colorful. >> colorful. cful it's delicious and it's simple s to make.e. >> we'll have the recipe and our facebook page.ok if you're not confident you canc pull this one off where ya'll >> catch me at we have chefs all overo the dmv area if you want a chefc to come i
10:54 am
professionally do you care that as well. we'll make dessert. dsert. >> dessert. >> nothing sexier than dessert. >> you want the dessert. sexie the dessert like the brain is i not satisfied until you haveielo something ite >> i absolutely agree with you. why did you choose gelato as ops poe to ice >> gelato is delicious.elicio you want to make sure that nicee deliciousness and it will set the tone and you going to have h fresh fruits and drizzle thend e olatolate on top. so this is a ban nana sundayun with nuts and then the whippedee cream. >>m-hmhmm. >> crumbled brownies.rumbbrow super simple. >> you just want to peel the tot banana.nana .> peel it. >> add half of that on >> yup.p.of >> just have fun.un >> we're going to take some chocolate on top of that. tha look at this sunday.t who wants to eat over there. the i'm making a banana sunday for ya'll.ya'll. >> wheat put nuts on. pututs on. >> drizzle it with chocolate.hoa >> throw nuts in there.he >> nuts on top.. >> i love it. i >> then add a little bit of --f whipped cream. cam >> whipped cream. can't forget the best part.part. >> put some cherries on top ofof that? that >> and then we're doing t
10:55 am
event if you want to work allk l this off call burpie's with bayb and fine that on event bright ss sign up upper marlboro area ofra me and my fiance' deanna. >> so you can super indulge onn valentine's.vale have the wine.have the w >> enjoy the day and wednesdayhy night you can work it off with us. with your bay. b >> sunday bar is a great ideaat you can get all the toppings ann make them together for each thee >> you can feed each other.eed r you know, get the mood going. get the blood flowing juicesn ji going. >> yay! yay >> have a cheers with a glass os wine in between.n between >> then you've got flowers too e all in that budget you have thee flowers you have the candles.dl. light candles get your got your glasses and,.nd >> what i've learned you canea c have simple dinner, simple ingredients and add nice littlee accompaniments to make it special. special. >> the best thing about thisingi you're not waiting in the crowded restaurant getting subts par food. you actually know what'sha g --g -- >> good music.>> goosic >> you know what's going on witw your food.. >> jr thank you i want to dig id and try one of
10:56 am
because it smells so good initso here. toss it back to you guys we'lle' dig into our nice romantic ran valentine's day dinner we'vee've been cooking.king. >> tucker, don't do it.on't dt. d don't do it. >> i have to end the segment. eg >> don't do it. >> dirty desserts with erinty dt como. >> what?? >> actually with tucker barnes.. t? what? >> did you guys use -- hear ther words come out. out >> she already as cooking withit como. como. >> you did nothing wro. >> sexy dinner you. y >> need to be the one sittingitg off on the side throwing outhrog your juvenile reference. r >> was that too much for yourt f tucker.. >> at least 20 something.omhi they're not juvenile.uvenile. let's go to wind gusts. unfortunately, we're looking att winds gusting here 40 to h40 50 miles an hour. miles aho i just went outside. out it's still very very blustery. so -- >> all day deal. >> through late afternoon, yes., get better tonight. tonig >> cold tomorrow?omrow? >> no. tomorrow will be sweet and warm. >> okay. >> all right. >> sweet and warm.>> i got a blindfold and get dessert. i think my valentine's day is se >> there you go. >> i'm good.
10:57 am
tomorrow. >> dirty desserts with erin como. >> get me away from him. >> ew. >> you're gross. you're gross. ♪♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> live, it's the wendy williams show. >> we won't judge, but we're judging. [ cheers and applause ] ♪♪ now, here's wendy. [ applause ] ♪♪


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