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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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police chase came to ends within the last hour and rights now suspects still on the run. live on the scene with who police say they're looking for. >> big shakeup at the white house flynn out and he has resigned less than a month on the job. >> first a live look outside. it's valentine's day everybody, happy valentine's day. tuesday, february 14. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> same receive steve. >> welcome to fox news morning right off the top at 6 a massive manhunt is on the way for three people following high speed chase spanned between prince george county and washington d.c.. large police resons there. >> liver on the d.c. maryland border where the suspects were last seen, mel. >> heysh guys, we're here in suitland where just a little while ago we had the search helicopter overhead. it has now taken off. and so we're not sure if they called off t
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suspect we believe there are four suspects. if they called off the search in the cemetery area maybe they developed information. what you're looking at now in white van the suspects allegedly bailed out of and i know it's hard for you to see in the dark but police will shine a flashlight on it. you'll see lumpy mass right by those on the bottom of the doors. that's chains and the reason that is important is because suspects apparently used chains to try to take atm machine from bp station on annapolis road and drag it off its foundation and steal it. we don't know how many of these they tried to take if it was just one or series overnight. we have seen this happen before. i remember i was on a story in potomac where they dragged atm machine off its moreings using a chain somebody had. this is not the first time this
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crime here and that atm machine we believe is still in middle of annapolis road and police are trying to do what they have to do to get that up and preserve any evidence that they need this heist. they were trying to conduct a foot chase in and out of cemeteries. it doesn't sound like that's happening at this hour. thiss with a call for k-9s and we does not hear any dogs. and now the helicopter has moved on, we have not heard it circling back at this point. early in this investigation. tenuous time now they're looking for suspects. we do not know if they're arm. certainly very tense situation hight here. back to you guys. >> we'll keep a close eye on that. in the meantime politics in the white hoution and major shakeup as national security
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michael flynn resigns. >> this comes amid reports he misled trump team about contacts with russia and as another of president cabinet picks sworn in. >> let's get the latest from kelly wright. >> reported lie forces president trump national security advisor michael flynn to resign and after only three weeks on the job retired lieutenant general keith kellogg will serve as acting national security advisor. he previously supported flynn saying he did not support u.s. sanctions with russia and calls last year. >> the cover-up is always worse than the crime. if he had not lied to pence i think he would be fine. >> mr. trump addressed concerns about mnuchin time on wall street. >> he spent time making money in t
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that's fine especially when you're set of treasury. >> he has known the president for years. he's expected to play a key role in remaking tax code. >> i share your economic vision and goals and amit which committed to working with you to enact poly es and grow economy and make better comic opportunities for all americans. >> the senate is expected to confirm wwe wrestling executive linda mcmahon ahead of small business administration later today. in new york, kelly wright. fox news. >> also on yesterday the senate unanimously confirmed david shulkin to head ahead of va administration. >> and house oversight committee was busy with d.c. dignity law. mostly party line vote the
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chances congress will strike down the law are slim. it would have to pass house and senate and be signed by president no late her than friday. >> all right. 6:05 let's get another check or first check of weather on this valentine's day. >> i tried to help out. >> where's music, ms. my intro? >> we're having some intro music? >> celebrating monday on tuesday. >> happy valentine's day, kiss kiss, kiss kiss. >> cupcakes for you guys later. >> you do. >> not really but maybe we'll get some. >> let's do the forecast. we have technical problems here too. maybe we do not. cold out, 3 in washington. dulles 29, dwi marshall 28. no wind this morning. that was nice break right? and we lost winds goat a little cloud cover to start the day and we'll gradually like many days of our lives start cloudy and turn
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>> words of wisdom. >> high temperatures about 50 or so. there may be a light sprinkle or flurry if you're well off south and west. little upper level disturbance coming through most of afternoon should be sunny, bright, pleasant. daytime highs in the low 50s. isolated flurry. >> thanks, tuck. >> sounds south and west fwuingting 15 to 20. >> not what we had the last day. >> sunday looks spring like. i'll have details in a few minutes. >> good morning, 6:06 now. >> happy valentine's day. >> what an adorable outfit. >> thank you it remains me of 1950s and hearts i was excited. >> makes me happy. >> over to traffic now. tractor-trailer crash 95 northbound blocking left shoulder by ewington m as you come up you hit delays. you can see traffic speeds under 10 miles an hour there. not love what i'm seeing. route 1 northbound deal with typical cop juston if you consider that. going
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maps right now. other volume picking up around the area and this active police activity melanie alnwick bringing you breaking news near suitland road and southern avenue and prince george d.c. line there's a police chase and road closures involved in that and we have a live crew out there right now. police are on that location as well. as you make your way out suitland road and take a live look at that. use caution and be prepared for a large police presence that could slow things down. we'll let you know if major delays pick up you can see green on the map now. aside from that southern maryland 210 oxon hill and earlier car crash earlier to beltway blocking shoulder now and look at delays northbound side coming up to beltway to for the washington caution there. silver line delays because of power problem and largo town center, allison, steve. >> coming up next the crisis in california as nation's tallest dam at record levels. >> and do you have a special valentine's in your life. give
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these folks did and #fox5lovestory. >> melissa is saying happy valentine's day everyone. >> thanks, everybody, we'll be share throughout the morning
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>> 41-year-old jeffery sandusky is accused of asking a young firl for photos and his father is in jail for molesting young boys. >> slapping sanctions on venezuela vice-president endplay ago major role in drug trafficking after a year's long investigation. treasury department is sanking well yj venezuelaian businessman they say helped move money in several places. >> work around the clock to make sure one of major exports in columbia flowers don't also contain cocaine before shipped out ever the country since this is buzzest time of year drug cartels try to take advantage by stashing drugs in flower boxes they seized nearly 200 pounds last year of cocaine. >> four
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afteret getting kawts in an avalanche in the alps. along those lls a father and teenage son. >> in california work to repair the orwell dam and helicopters trying to drop bags into a hole in the spillway. authorities expect to have a better idea today of when some 200,000 evacuees get to do back to their homes. they're request ago signature answer to the white house. and northeast still digging out from latest blast of winter warm towns in main saw 30" of snow and more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. >> at least five people were treated for smoke up halllation after a fire broke out inside a parking garage at disneyland. this happened inside the medically and friends garage in anaheim, california. multiple vehicles caught fire. check out the screen if you have a moment. that's smoke coming out of there. no
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>> we continue to check what is happening right now and we'll keep you posted. in the meantime the cleanup continues around the d.y. region due to monday's high wind. a huge tree fell on this house in calvert county and this is north beach, maryland, look at that. fortunately the couple inside made it
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aus a train crane to lift the try off the house. >> rude awakening. >> let's focus on the positive. valentine's day, hi, tuck. >> happy valentine's day. oh, >> exciting and new♪ >> comma come aboard. >> steve, we're expecting you. >> we're expecting you♪ love boat. >> cold temperatures throughout early, 27 gamers burges and 30 leonardtown and great news the winds we had yesterday the howling winds have let go here and subsided overnight and we're in for what will be a cool start to the day. cold start. at least it won't be a windy day and eventually we'll get sunshine this afternoon. we should be up near 50 for daytime eyes. cloud cover early. upper level disturb apps coming
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-- i don't think we're it upping the ground. there would be a flurry or sprinkle out there. we should trend towards more sunshine this afternoon and pleasant conditions around here. high pressure south and area of low pressure this not going to quite link up and get up the eastern sea board. it will be pushed out to sea. it will pass close enough tomorrow to have clouds can cover in the forecast. this afternoon, late day sun and i daytime highs low 50s around here. maybe 50, 52 for valentine's day. there's 7 day. spring like around here. particularly end of week. look at saturday sunday, monday, lots of sunshine. lovers look forward to that right erin how are roads. >> ha happy valentine's day. >> this is the best day ever it put me in a good mood. 6:the 15 we have breaking news on roads and problems you need to be aware of. this is look at upper loop by braddock road crash involving several cars he slowing us up to and we'll get to that police activity
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moment. again use caution inner loop out by braddock road. let's see if we can take a live look at police activity. we're tracking melanie alnwick is out the line between prince george and d.c. we'll skip that one and move to another distant now. tracking a crash as we make our way out 95 northbound and move over to shoulder involving tractor-trailer nobody side ewington exit and very sluggish traffic past the earlier scene. we need to factor in 20 extra minutes stafford to bottom side of beltway. we'll look at maps now. few other crashes and problems tracking this morning. walker mill road closed right now at richie road and crash blocking all lanes. sky fox on the way to this crash and keep you posted on that one and southern maryland inbound delays through for the washington 210 northbound things look going brandywine to clinton and 5 and 301 split and 66 eastbound building delays 234 to 2 right now only 5 to 7 minute slow down with congestion and southbound 29 a5
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if you take metro silver line to willie rest inand tacking blue line delays because of safe track surge twelve we'll look closer at that next back to you guys. >> another world on wall street record high we track. >> fist do you have a special valentine in your life? is it you? your kids? your husband? your boo? give them 'shoutout at #fox5lovestory. we will share your love story throughout the morning. 6:17 now.
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the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. >> back now at 6:19 a shakeup at the white house overnight as president trump national security advisor michael flynn resigned he stepped out amid sanks of russian am bar door to the u.s. before president trump took office. israeli
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netanyahu and it's expected to are more cordial than with obama but he will be caution whus it comes to ongoing conflict with palestinians and war in syria. >> another blow to president trump travel plan a federal judge granted preliminary injunction preventing administration from enforcing travel ban in virginia. judge found there's unconstitutional religious bias at the heart of the ban which violates the first amendment. it applies to virginia residents and however a federal judge in seattle denied request from trump to postpone further proceedings in his court while appeals courts decides to rehear the case before a larger panel and locally happening today in prince william county racial profiling of latino counties in the local enforcement officers to prove legal
6:21 am
routine traffic stops and helped draft a let to customs officials after drafting more than 7,000 up documented immigrants. >> 6:20 retail ceos head to washington for a border tax. first a check of the markets, hillary vaughn joining us. happy valentine's day hillary. >> happy valentine's day allison. >> you're giving us the best gift. we're looking good on wall street. >> right we're pushing towards 21,000. dow added all time high of 4412 nasdaq up 29 points and s&p gained 12 closing 23-28 first time for nasdaq and s&p as well. record day on wall street yesterday. >> i love that. let's talk about the fact that apple is timely appsing my prayers. and hillary i have a five and this might make me june top eight if wire
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eight if wireless charging. they're not telling us what will be number it there are rumors circulating we joined an industry group that looks at wireless charming capability and apple joined recently. so we're all thinking that the new iphone coming out for tenth anniversary could have wireless charming, industry analyst say new features they think may number it. it could hike the price to over $,000. wireless charging is in other devices and this available right now 90% consumers say they would like wireless charging because how many times do you lose a iphone charger. >> and they break and all that. so, that's such a steep price tag. let's talk about the big eight. greet group of eight retail bosses coming to d.c. to try to fight for
6:23 am
>> so this is all about trust anticipated tax plan we hope will learn more about in the next few weeks. target, best buy, auto zone, gap, they're going to washington tomorrow to meet with house ways and means committee they're concerned over what they think may be in it and in particular the promised big border tax for imports that trump tweeted about the 20% import tax that may be in it that will hurt -- they'll vl to hike prices of their products and it's going to trickle down to consumers and ultimately it will hurt their bottom line. and another thing trump talked a lot about in the plan would be 20 to 35% corporate tax cut and these retailers say even with that it won't balance out. best buy estimated that their projected $1 billion in annual revenue well if 20% import tax is in place that changes to 2 billion loss for them. there are skpz that support the
6:24 am
pfizer all out spoken in support of this interesting to see division. but again closing retailers auto part dealers most affected by this almost everything they sell in import. >> okay. let's finish with the fact that on yesterday we showed the singer that a lot of us had not heard about in her drug and name is joy vila and she had the make america great dress on and this is worked for her career because right now her song was like number one on what was it amazon and number 11 itunes. >> right. >> yes. number one amazon and number 11 itunes most not heard of her and what a statement she made we saw the photo it went viral and irony of the timing retailers are pulling trulp products off shelves and this singer walking on to the red carpet in grammy's decked out
6:25 am
all over her drug with trump emblaze entered on her side and she's having a trump rally of her own with single sales. >> i like that clever, hillary, thank you so much, we'll see you tomorrow. >> all right. thanks. >> okay. >> 6:25 now. hey, tuck. >> good morning, cool temperatures throughout the day but winds. >> thank you. >> you're welcome >> yes. >> let's dot forecast. here the deal today. cloud offer cover to start the day. it turns sunny and bright this afternoon and daytime highs top out near 50 and just in time for sweetheart to get home from work or school. you'll be ready with a gift. >> there's the day forecast
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>>. >> exactly. >> your mom will give it to you. >> no pressure. >> she should be buying it for you to be fair. >> she has none of this. >> she needs some of this. >> over to you. >> i remember when i was in high school we had rose exchange you could accepted a note and flower in class i love that. >> in elementary school they have parties and now suddenly she's in 6th grade and no parties. >> weird gray area of middle school between high school and elementary school party. >> aw. >> i'll send her chocolate. >> that would be nice. >> walker mill road closed with big crash scene between reachy road and shady glen. tie central to get around that. big scene there they have a tow truck they location. look at that smashed end of van we'll keep you update odden this one. let's move it over from sky fox and show what you you're up against
6:27 am
crash braddock road involving several cars left lane left shoulder blocked arrow truck out there and use caution and keep you updated on that one and as we move to over for a look at maps other issues we're tracking this morning police activity, melanie alnwick is out at this breaking news suitland road. this a police chase earl your a lot of police presence. use caution use extra time to get around there and silver line delays to willie rest in. look at safe track next. >> 6:7 now. >> in alexandria high school principal and assistant principal placed on leave. this morning students and parents left asking why. >> atm theft and police chase and right now suspect still on the run and there's atm machine. how about that. we'll live prince george county with the latest on the bizarre story next
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>> we are back now with sky fox over the crash scream that melanie is talking about walker mill road or erin is talking about walker mill road closed between richie road and shady dlen dmriv capital heights welcome back to fox news morning a full traffic report and weather on the fives at 6:5. >> now to breaking news along the border of prince george county and washington massive search underway for three people accused of steal
6:31 am
from a bp gas station. a live look from that gas station along annapolis road in planham and we're toll the suspects may have tried to steal a second atm. they managed to make it to route 50 with one atm dhind truck. "fox5" camera spotted that on the road ate shore time ago before police investigators picked it up and took it away. a massive search is underway for three suspect and it promed a large response just minutes ago police toe away that white truck they believe the suspects used to steal the atm. suspects on the run at this hour, 6:31. >> kourd county need your help tracking down and if you recognize this man, you're asked to call police.
6:32 am
>> missing montgomery country teenager's body has been found. 15-year-old maris rivas was missing and her body was found in an industrial park. the teen was murdered and they expect to make an arrest later this week. >> principal and assistant principal of west potomac on administrationtive leave and parents and students at alexandria high school don't know y the school district is not saying why the principal here alex case and assistant michelle little were unexpectedly put on leave except that it is "over a personnel matter" "fox5" reached out to principal and assistant for comment and neither has responded. >> she's a really, really good man. i think he has done a lot of good for the schools. so i hope this works out. >> and maryland lawmakers are considering the law in
6:33 am
store ci that would require public schools to teach affirmative consent in sex ed classes and the bill would require teachers to teach yes means yes when it comes to sexual consent. and if this bill passes second state in the country with this standard and california adopted a similar mandate in 2015. steve over to you. >> thank very much. and while nat have no closure sign they mack a move on monday adding a bench depth they signed adam lynn saved 20 home runs for mariners and played for toronto as well. 1.5 million for one year deal. that will add power to the bench. wizards back at it on the home court. blow out. oklahoma city thank you tucker barn
6:34 am
missing 24 shots if a row. how about that. second half wizards put on a clinic, 34 point lead at one point and victory 24 home wins this season most nba. major milestone for uconn women's basketball team. number one huskies 100 consecutive win extending ncaa record street. 98 victory by double dimming its have not lost since 2014. >> i'm sorry they did say south carolina. >> nfl news giants cleared caps space. they cut victor cruz and salsa dance and cost cutting move aimed at saving 10 million against the salary cap. and cruz only 30 times missed to injuries but he want to keep playing. >> exactly.
6:35 am
baseball season here now already we're getting started. >> almost. >> not done with the caps and wizard quite yet. >> they'll be playing until may. 3 washington. lots of 20s out there early. winds past 24 hours. that's great news. valentine's day. >> yes indeed. >> not too late to send me valentine's day meme #morningmeme. you have 7 more minutes i'll put them up. cloud cover. flurry out there early. we'll see sunshine this afternoon and turns into beautiful afternoon. quiet afternoon highs in low 50s and i'll be back with the 7 day in a few minutes. but i hope cupid steals your heart today. >> yes. >> me too. >> you're sweet. >> tucker is a row maptic don't let him fool you thank you for the roses
6:36 am
i appreciate it that's a lie he deposit get my chocolate or roses. >> walker mill road closed between richie road and shady glen drive. smashed up white van there. backed up along the area. take sental oaf to get around that. as we move from sky fox big problems on the upper loop. look at crash scene at the hov split before braddock road. traffic is getting by in one lane and express lane and local lanes getting by, jam packed springfield to this point and once you get past this a second crash at braddock road that is blocking left shoulder. it's extended scene there. you need quite a bit of extra time to get through that area towards 66 this morning and once you pass 66 traffic type toward the american leemingon bridge. let's go to the maps. other slow downs. including rails a new yellow line issue train malfunction pentagon city residual delays franconia springfield and
6:37 am
issue largo town center and beltway he slowing down in other areas and silver line delay i told you about here and safe track surge twelve no train service roselyn to pent gop and metro check your schedule before you head out, allison and steve. >> change of mind at playboy what the issue will include once again. >> first do you have a special valentine in your life like these great folks celebrating valentine's day. if you wanted to show off your sweetie as well #fox5lovestory and we'll share more pictures throughout the morning. hope everybody has a great avalentine's day today. >> i know those babies.
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>> back now with what is trend opingt web tuesday morning if you plan top netflix and chill this valentine's day nearly half of netflix watchers cheat on their significant others with netflix. half u.s. binge watchers june ahead on a show they agreed to watch together. that's not netflix nice. going nude again it's been a year since playboy said no more nudity and apparently they realize today was bad d
6:41 am
at it nude models will grace playboy in march issue. they stopped feet touring nudity to attract more advertisers and it didn't work out. do with what works. >> you know about the brady jersey and where it s what about game winning ball? james white said he forgot to keep the football he scored game winning touchdown with in super bowl equipment assistant scooped it up they have the ball. patriots displaying it in their hall of fame. if you keep the ball as player they change you $100 for the ball but you get to keep the ball. >> we don't know where tom brady's jersey is. it was not on equipment bus. >> the team owner said they will find it but at this point. >> tom brady really want it? he does why would he want it? >> because it's his
6:42 am
>> i'm asking winter weather questions everybody want to know. don't you? no, thanks, steve. >> coming up a list of top love songs of all time on this valentine's day. did yours make the cut. and rush is on bob barnard is on at a local flower shop. we'll check in with him after the break. those won't do we need flowers.
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there's no songs in my head i cannot think of any right now. >> if you have some in your head. >> tucker has the rock club sounds. >> i have something for steve right now. >> do you? >> yes. >> we belong together♪ >> erin was right you have a soft side♪ >> little more mariah carey. >> we belong together♪ >> happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day. >> we belong together♪ >> i hope we don't belong together but maybe time will tell maybe in 30 years we'll be together. >> i want the record to show he
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>> temperatures in the 20s out there early. we'll be be in the low 50s this afternoon with lots of sum shine. forecast will only get better and we don't have the winds we had yesterday. here are current numbers. chilly, quantico, 28 leonardtown and 31 annapolis and 33 in city and 32 last hour. everybody was locally here to get the freezing mark early this morning with clear skies ahead overnight. we have clouds that moved in. you saw the live shot cloudyness out there early. maybe -- we have upper level disturbance coming through. upper level piece of energy. may be a flurry or sprinkle for one or two of us later this morning and more and more sunshine build in this afternoon. looking later this week high pressure keeps us quiet today and this area of low pressure wants ton get close to us it scoots south and east tomorrow. that gives us cloud cover tomorrow. and with colder temperatures on the way by midweek. this afternoon low 50s and we still have a spring like 7 day forecast. ge
6:47 am
looks gorgeous, saturday, sunday, monday. temperatures 60 or better. overnight lows in 40s this weekend. and so i'll be honest if you're snow lover things are not looking good for us over the next two weeks. >> i know. >> i would love snow. >> all right. >> aw. >> how are roads looking. >> we play lady in red later this morning and you show down to celebrate the valentine's day. >> specialty. >> rights now inner loop crash big scene hov split. >> one lane getting by rather shoulder and express lanes and local lane jamming up 95 springfield to braddock in for a 20 minute delay. heavy delays there. as we forward cameras crash scene extends to braddock road and we see a lot of big slow downs. it started to clear there offer to right shoulder. traffic picking up better. as we move to maps metro delays as well. yellow line deal with slow downs. earlier malfunction pentagon city and residual delays
6:48 am
franconia to springfield and restin to a power problem. in addition to safe track surge twelve impacting blue line and as you see topside of beltway picking up a bit and not terrible 295 or 395 now. it's valen type's day. maybe we'll have the map covered in red. >> we don't want that. >> no. >> we're ready. >> we're ready tucker. >> our favorite time of day. >> #we got it. >> yeah. >> #morning meme. >> send us morning meme. >> and okay. >> productive. >> people have to start sending them in. supplies running low you're saying here. >> i think it's participation our class getting c minus. >> and the -- although
6:49 am
people are committed. we have first one of the day. are you google because you have everything -- >> good line on this valentine's day. >> my second one of day, i actually have more than two. we have plenty. i'm trying to stay off the political ones and spare everybody although many are funny. got movie advice even -- >> that's a good one. >> skechb there telling him about it. >> metro disaster movies ever. >> i'm not sure if that's punishment or not. >> send us your own use #morning meme. >> i have a good pickup describe how much does a polar bear weigh. >> i don't know. >> nuch to break the ice, hello, i'm erin
6:50 am
>> well done. >> well done. >> it works when you say it though. >> i don't think you need all that in the beginning. >> you might need it. >> okay. >> let's look ahead to good day. >> erin says you have to follow it up. >> hi. >> what's not on here tucker you and i are headed out. >> we're heading out. >> tucker and i will come to a neighborhood near you which we don't know yet. we have a special surprise. >> cool. >> for our viewers. >> taking a road trip. >> hopefully. >> it's a possibility we may visit you. >> tuck and i are headed out for valentine's day and also you don't want to miss a special valentine's love story today we have been doing it this week yesterday mark came in and we talked about our love story up and downs and other high profile couples will join us to share their relationship tales. donny simpson and lovely wife pam and treacy braxton and her husband kevin
6:51 am
for today because it's valentine's day. >> this lady knows a thing or two about sing about love the legendary mary wilson of of the supremes joins us live in the loft. it how cool is that. in the name of valentine's day. >> and we hit the streets me and tucker we're haning out a surprise a little sweet for valentine's day. >> speaking of valentine's day it spells big bucks. >> people are giving each other flower and bob barnard is live at a flower shop in virginia where floral surprise could be waiting for you. good morning. >> good morning, guys, we're at karen's floorest in vienna, virginia, take a look. balloons, figure reenz, there's rooms all over this place. filled with flower. you cannot sense it on television. it smells great this place is up and adam.
6:52 am
them out just for valentine's day and we're going through the shop towards the back they're already putting together arrangements. i love that. looks great. and this is going out today. >> yes, it is. >> all right. >> small but beautiful. we'll come back through here and this is like operation center where they're getting all the petales and fraying snrouers over there. doesn't have to be pink. you have purples and blues and whan you have. and this is three level place. this is third generation of owners here it's a beehive of activity. wheel whip through here quick limit there's a basement and upstairs. we'll go outside and through the parking lot. you'll see a lot of flower trucks roaming our neighborhood today here's one of the many trucks that will take all these flowers out and outdoor tent set up today. and look at all these flower going out t
6:53 am
joined by maris the president of karen's florist. this is started by grandparents is that correct. >> grand father and father started 60 years ago we celebrated our 60th anniversary. >> tell me as we look at flowers maris how many deliveryes do you expect to make today alone. >> hundreds and we're taking deliveryes all day long so it's not late to get to your sweetheart. >> why is it today you can express your love to partner all yearlong. do you get a sense having been in the business so long why i know it's a hallmark holiday in a sense but why people do this today? >> because they want to show love to their sweat heart when on tuesday it's best day to do it you can deliver something hand designed to your sweetheart and you get it to the office and have ooh and ahs and you're a hero. >> and we're showing you all that is going on in vienna, virginia. one of the many place across the dmv celebrating valentine's day with ro
6:54 am
beautiful things. >> happy valentine's day what do you typically give? >> no, because you know what, she says all those years she was single and flowers came into the office it made people jealous even though we've been together 20 years she's from arizona it's arizona stayedhood day today so that's what we celebrate. arizona statehood today i may bring a rose at the end of the day. >> all right, bob. >> thanks, bob. >> billboard out with top 50 love songs of all time. let's look at top three. >> we found lover by rhianna calvin harris. >> number three song you. >> think it would be a slow song. >> you can celebrate at all speeds al. >> all right. >> and are you done? >> yeah okay. >> mel let's take it back to 90s classic boys to. >> i'll make love you to♪ >> number two spot on the billboard top love songs.
6:55 am
>> sure is. >> and those outfits priceless. >> do not talk ill of boys ii men. >> leave it been here several times i'm a big boys ii men friend we're talking about the 80s and 90s 235gs. >> look going there. >> and it was 80s classic that took top spot and i admittedly was not my favorite song i'll tell you why endless love by diana ross and lionel riche remember before the internet had you to listen to the radio to see the top 40 count down or whatever it was s. i wouldless always listen and this was number one for like an entire year♪ >> and every week i would be like oh, e. again. >> this seems look a grammy's performance. >> it does. >> i feel like i watched this live. >> all right. >> classic. >> sure is. >> that's number one. >> sorry tuck. muskrat love didn't make the top three. >> love will keep us together is in
6:56 am
>> those are good ones except rhianna one is interesting choice. >> i think they had to have modern day. >> i love that song and rhianna. >> it's like diana fros yesterday. >> high definition quality. >> it feels like yesterday that song was out. >> blue lagoon or what was the name of moot ofy. i'll google. >> let's do the forecast. >> cold temperatures. 34 washington. overnight everybody below freezing. waking up with cloud cover. melanie sent me a gorgeous sunrise picture. we'll lose clouds later today and get sunshine. let's wind than yesterday. and great valentine's day this afternoon. look at next weekend. looks great, saturday surprised, monday, 60 or better. >> i want top go to the zoo when it's warmer. >> you have to say good-bye to boubou. >> exactly. >> first responders and crews cleaning up the crash scene.
6:57 am
this is inner loop at the split to hov near braddock road. things moving along long and two lanes and express lanes moving better and delays back to spinning field interchange. keep it to "fox5".
6:58 am
z29kuz zstz y29kuy ysty
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now at havertys furniture, it's our presidents day event, where you can create the perfect home. from now through february 20th, everything is on sale. save on furniture and accessories for every room. plus, enjoy thirty-six month, no interest financing. come in today and save. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. the presidents day event is on now at havertys. life looks good. >> breaking right now at 7:00 the search fo
7:00 am
why you suspect several bandits led police on quite a chase. "fox5" has been on top of this. you see several different scenes every step of way. president trump security advisor resigns with less than a month on the job. and and montgomery county public school weighing in it on controversial sex education program. if approved maryland would become second state ever to teach students that yes means yes we'll complain. >> and flowers chocolate and romantic dinners that's what valentine's day is all about. guys, guess what, she's not that into it we'll tell what you your woman wants and it might surprise you. >> did you just say your woman? >> and if you just wake up here's a live look outside a cloudy start to this valentine's day and sun will push through later in the day


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