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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 15, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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expansion. > the news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. all right, welcome, everybody. we have breaking news to begin fox5 news at 11, a teenage girl who went missing from a virginia home is now back home safe. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. 17 year old venous arrow hate a lives in alexandria with her mom. she just returned just hours after police held a news conference saying they believed her life was in contain. fox5's lindsay watts spoke to venous' mother. she joins us live from arlington. her mom must be relieved, line situate. >>reporter: absolutely so relieved. i can tell you that venous is with police right now and her mom says she still doesn't know exactly where her daughter has been all this time. she's been missing for about a month now. her mom just says she's so relieved that her daughter is back.
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we were with her mom at her apartment here just a little whiling a and we were also interviewing her earlier tonight before venous came back. her mother was scared for her daughter's life. at the news conference today police linked vine us to a 15 year old girl who went missing in december and whose remains were found in springfield over the weekend. police said the girls could be linked to gang members. venous' mom said she had no knowledge of that. ' didn't know where her daughter was or why she had left home. this was her reaction soon after venous returned. with whatever happens i know that we are going to come out on top. back here live now, police said today that they believe venous disappearance may be part of a
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members. they described this as multiple overlapping investigations with multiple suspects. so potentially a lot more to come on this h. we're live in alexandria, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > we have some breaking news tonight out of prince george's county. police are investigating a homicide in greenbelt. this is sky fox over the scene in the 6200 block of breeze wood drive 6789 police were called out earlier tonight for a report a shooting. that's when they found a body. we are waiting to learn more details. we'll keep you updated as we get more information. > first on fox5, a high-end d.c. pawn shop is accused of selling stolen luxury items. sources tell fox5 police recovered a large quantity of stolen items from deaner gullers. they're trying to determine if those items were taken from area homes. we questioned the store's owner tonight about the allegations. the pawn unit from
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a large sum of items from your jewelry store that had been stolen in burglaries. >> i have no comment. you have no comment about buying items like these that are stolen? are you under investigation. >> i have no comment. nothing you want to say? fox5 has learned the store's other than is facing charges ever trafficking and receiving stolen property from an arrest back in june of 2016. > let's take it outside now for a check on the forecast. weather was not bad for your valentine's day. not too cold for mid february and thankfully the winds are gone. sue is here with what to expect for your wednesday. >> i think tomorrow will remind you a lot of today, but we have a couple of exceptions. for start aers i know a few of you saw a few slight spring also. i know a few of you will see them tomorrow morning, but the breezes start toic p up towards the end of the day. but as the breezes come in we get more sunshine. it's a little bit of a trade objection to the
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>> a. average is actually 47-degrees now. so not bad forth middle of february. happy valentine's day. the last 55 minutes of it. i hope you had a good one. in the meantime as we look at temperatures around the region because of the clouds tonight it's not going to be quite as cold as it was last night. we're down to 41-degrees tonight. no winds. you don't have a wind chill that's any colder than your temperature. wins are beginning to come out of the south at 3 miles per hour. we do have some low 30s. it's definitely a chilly start tomorrow morning and we are watching the possibility of a little bit more moisture. earlier today we had a few light showers and spring also that passed just south. this is the next system to come in and that will do more of the same spreading a up can of light showers ahead of a frontal boundary into our southern suburbs tomorrow morning. if you live in prince george's county, charles county you have a little bitter chance of seeing that down to the northern neck and into central virginia over to the beaches with temperatures in the 30s not expecting any
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in the afternoon. we're also going to start turning breezy tomorrow night and into thursday and gusts could be in the 25 to 40-mile per hour range. so some of these tree limbs may be coming down once again, but that won't start until later in the day to. seven day forecast coming your way in just minutes. tony and shawn. the department of behavioral health is finally responding tonight after we uncovered the case worker responsible for a security breach has an intensive criminal background including two felony counts for grand larceny. the district as the case worker underwent a background check but admits there were flaws. tonight's missing comes nearly a month after the inter city case worker e-mailed confidential patient files to a stranger on facebook. teisha lewis is here with an update on the story. >>reporter: before we get to the latest let's bring everyone up to speed with
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we've been following for weeks. take a listen. back on december 17 college student brianna sequence skins contacted fox5 after she received a dozen files from a case worker. she responded to a job ad a facebook. the files continued names, social security numbers, medical records and more. nearly two weeks later we interviewed victims adrian jordan and gregory millerment both were still unaware of the breach until we told them. one even reportedly had accounts in his name and tickets to a car he doesn't own. we confronted the mayor last night who told us an update would be coming from the department of behavioral health's director. and that finally happened tonight after we reaired our story at 5:00. now, it turns out, according to the director, la tan yeah votter passed a background check because it was only performed in d.c. the crimes she committed were in virginia. apparently contractors for the district are only instructed to perform background checks on prospective employees but there's no policy if place about
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or how exhaustive. that could change. we also asked why the district continues to do business with inter city family services. any time a provider closes, whether it's their choice or something happens, a fire or something, we have to in sure that there's a save transition of care. so you would not overnight close an agency. that would be dangerous. you need to have a process and a protocol. our typical closure protocol is 90 days. that was inter city's policy or the district's policy. the district's policy is that everyone requires a background check. so we will clarify how extensive that background check should be. why not apologize to the victims? for? for what happened. >> should we apologize? we certainly would not want this to happen to anyone. >> no apology to the 12 victims from the district's department of behavioral health director tan yeah
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victims who may have been exposed. she called the breach unfortunately. she was following policy, a policy that doesn't require contractor to perform an exhaustive nationwide background check and according to the patients we spoke with even to perform the services they were contracted for. > because things happen in the human world. we have a policy and inter city family services followed that policy. this is one individual employee that they hired who went outside of the norm that you would expect of any healthcare provider. how do you know that it's an isolated incident? this is all that we have information about. but the security breach is not the only issue playing inter city family services. patients have complained about the care they're receiving or lack there. the district's department of behavioral health services says they have no evidence indicating problems, but if you are a victim, call us.
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> straight ahead, it's been fearly a month since visitors were allude to tour the white house. good news, we know when the people's house will reopen to tours and we will let you know
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> more turmoil tonight for the trump white house, the president asked for national security advisor michael flynn's resignation last night. the white house press secretary said the president asked flynn to step down because he lied about conversations about the conversations about russian. the president had nothing to say today about firing his national security advisor about but his press secretary rerolled that lieutenant general michael flynn was shown the door because flynn had lost the president's trust. we had been reviewing and evaluating this issue with respect to general flynn on a daily basis for a few weeks trying to ascertain the truth. we got to a point not based on a legal issue, but based on a trust issue with the level of trust between the president and general flynn had eroded to the point where he felt he had to make a change. the white house insisted there was nothing illegal about phone conversations flynn had with the russian
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transition even if the two had talked about sanctions. what cost flynn his job was telling the vice-president e never discussed sanctions which mike pence promptly repeated on national tv. >> i talked to general flynn yesterday and the conversations that took place at that time were not in any way related to new us sanctions against russia or the expulsion of dim mats. the president was made aware of the phone calls when the department of justice called on january 26 to say russia may have information with which to blackmail flynn. the president turn the case over to white house counsel dan mcgann. they would not divulge what. republican leaders in congress didn't comment on any legal issues they said the president did the right thing. i think the president made the right decision to ask for his resignation. you cannot have a national security advisor misleading the vice-president and others. so i think the president was right to ask for his
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resignation. and i believe it was the right thing to do. democrats left to fan the flames of the controversy arguing laws must have been broken. what did the president know and when did he know it charging the white house and doj can't fairly investigate flynn. the white house council cannot lead this investigation and the new attorney general cannot be a jeff sessions, cannot be the person to lead that investigation. as it wrestles with the public relations mess, the white house needs to find a replacement for flynn. sources say the leading candidate is retired advise admiral robert haw ward, a navy seal who served as deputy commander of sitcom under james mat us. howard went to the iran school in iran. during seal training he was voted on honor man. the candidate that in expires others to keep going when they would otherwise give up. others david pennsylvania try
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and lieutenant keith kill log, the nfc chief of staff. a short time ago, a senior administration official told fox news that the president has already spoken twice with advise admiral hear ward last once wednesday and yesterday. that was long before flynn was fired. we just wanted to make sure we had our ducks in a row. at the white house, john roberts, fox news. > good news for tourists looking to get a glimpses of the white house in a few weeks of the it will reopen for tours. they were temporarily suspended. the tours will resume march 7. they are free of charge and issued on a first come first serve basi tickets must be requested through a member of congress. all right. let's talk a little bit about the forecast, valentine's day coming to a closing tomorrow. it's going to be a new day. new day and fairly uneventful day weather wise.
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up on is a couple showers in the morning south of d.c. be aware of that and then the possibility of stronger breezes coming back into the picture but no repeat of the 60-mile an hour gusts present monday night into tuesday. i wanted you to be aware, though, that again very light, we're talking maybe 100 ingredient of an inch passing south of d.c. tomorrow morning so there will be a lieutenant of clouds around. so for the kids at the bus stop we're going to say mainly cloudy because more places won't see showers but do be aware that there might be opportunity to throw the hood up for a couple of minutes in the morning. overnight range 34 to 40. a little warmer than last night. dulles dropped to 22-degrees last night. we should brighten up after school a lot more today because the system will be pushing off to the east. it looks to be the last one as the frontal boundary comes through and the range will be 47 to 51 after school. but shortly after the buses drop off the kids i think the winds start to become more noticeable and they'll continue with us wedn
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thursday. average high has now climbed to 47-degrees. tomorrow i think we're going to be above it. right around 50 degrees. coldest day this week will be thursday at 44-degrees. then we start to climb a little bit on friday. both these days look pretty settled. here comes a nice warmup that begins on saturday and takes us through the three-day weekend since monies the observance of president's day. today we have again a few light showers just south of d.c. a few of you saw some flurries early this morning as well. that's the system going on by and there's kind of another one in the pipeline that's going to also take a similar path and come up into the southern and eastern suburbs overnight and into the morning. it will keep on moving and you can see it here pretty well on the futurecast as the clouds thicken overnight and you see the showers kind of pushing in. maybe it's close by charles into calvert county by 7 in the morning. a little bit of show showing up in the mountains. the rest of us just
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no reason to pack the rain gear north and west of the district by the way things are looking tonight. by the noon hour we're ready to break out into sunshine and the clouds are slowly clearing. brighter afternoon right now is what all indications are. i would not be shocked if there are a couple of snow showers especially north and west. the wind may begin to pick up and transport a little moisture off the lakes into the northern and western suburbs on the gusty winds that we expect to develop later in the day tomorrow and take us through wednesday night. for tonight, 39 degrees. winds are not bad at all out of the west at five toen t. mostly cloudy, kind of chilly, but not as cold as last night. tomorrow morning with a few showers passing south and east, we should see temperatures in the 30s and gradually climb to 50 with a brighter afternoon expected, but also a breezier afternoon. you'll notice the breezes beginning to gust between 15 and 25 and occasionally higher than that. sustained maybe 15 to 25 as well. here's your planner as we break it down
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8 in the morning, cloudy, 41-degrees. by noon, much brighter, still cool at 46. and by 4:00, 36. we may even top closer to 50-degrees later in the day, but usually we hit the high right around 3:00 this i am too of year. the frontal boundary comes on through. it has at i built to pull in the colder air and that's why thursday and friday will be a little bit colder to end the workweek before we get our warmup going. speaking of the warmup, that's saturday and sunday, 60 to 64-degrees and actually let's tack on monday which is president's day with that temperature of 63-degrees. so quite a contrast to the end of the week. we're going to be seeing things warmup nicely. tuesday coming in at 64-degrees. that's your seven day forecast. now it's time to talk sports with gym low jim lokay. the nats put up a little social media sizzling to get you ready
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to the ballpark. as they get through spring training a little madness ensues elsewhere. george mason playing a winning tune this year. they are seeking a sweep of richmond. here's the team and here are the final seconds. first half, maurice mere, he gets the lay in to get to beat the buzzer, a team high 22 points. patriots up 13 at the half. second half, a pass to contact mar i newman. sprints in, watch this, gets the lay in off the bench, mason wins 93-70. just eleven wins last season. v tech on the road at pit. they don't have chris clark after a knee injury. not a place you want to be right now and good luck to him with that knee. that is never a good thing. the second half tied a at 57. justin it
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really, that's the shot of the night. a minute to go, robinson on the break. drills the, hokeys in front by one. the pitneys a three to tie. no good. a try again, watch this, no. it doesn't happen. another miss virginia tech rallied in double digits, they win 66 to 63 and that is a look at sports for now. march madness on the way. > getting close. > thank you, sir. we'll be right back.
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> already. right now it is the final night of the westminster dog show. this dog doesn't want have to do anything with what's going on tonight. and the st. bernard said i'm going to bed. tonight, good reaction, did i investor
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working group, boxers are great dogs. we're still awaiting word who is going to win best in show. it seems like the favorite is the german shepherd. >> you got it? >> no, not yet. wait. any chance that beagle that you showed earlier tonight could win. mia the beagle? >> maybe that beagle will get an acting job because the personality was really cute. it's been a long night there. if you get that, let us know. > i will. are you guys stuck in a lunch rut? a new study found that am people eat the same thing for lunch every single l day. many people surveyed they said they've taken the exact same thing to work for the last two reasons. the reason for the same menu, you asked, tony and i shall answer. people in the survey said well they just stick to the same foods because it's easier, cheap error simply become habit or they simply don't know w
12:56 am
to eat. here's what's great about a sandwich. there's so many options. you can do anything with it. i want to ask you something about sandwiches. do you consider a who the dog a sandwich. >> it's a tube steak, not a hot dog. a hot dog by itself is just a hot doing. >> if it's in a bun it's a sandwich. you're biting into a hot doing. tweet us right now. we want to know what you think, is a hot dog in a bun a sandwich. >> we're talking about hot dogs and show dogs. >> how did the cats do? we never heard. >> it was just like a show off thing. > one day. >> they have to get their own
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coming up on today's telecast: >> the lord blessed m with $113,000.
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