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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 15, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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report said aids with president trump had contact with russian officials during the presidential cam pain. >> this as the white house reels from former fallout of mirk alflynn who resigned over his own consciences with the russians. live from capitol hill with the story. mel. >> reporter: good morning, so we have several congressional investigations underway with all this coming out. more are likely. we already have the house and senate intelligence committees who have been looking into that alleged russian hacking and interference in elections and now some on capitol hill in this newest revelations are calling for flynn himself to come testify before congress. once again there's serious questions about donald trump, his aids and ties to russia. national security advisor mike flynn firing opened up more. how many contacts and who, if any anyone, asked mrin to do it. now "new york times" is saying members of trump c
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other trump soysh yats had repeated contacts with russian intelligence officials in the year before the presidential election all known to the fbi through phone record and intercepted calls swept in a wide probe of investigation of hacking of democratic national committee emails. the phone calls between michael flynn and russia u.s. ambassador were intercepted as part of routine foreign surveillance. officials that spoke to the "new york times" said they he seen no evidence so far the trump campaign was included or cooperating with russia when it came to the dnc hacking and russia's alleged indmruns campaign. we should let you know while some people are call for more investigations into what is going on with donald trump and his advisors and michael flynn and his russian contacts. gop members on capitol hill are calling for investigation into the fbi and while this
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collected and number two being leaked to the media. i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". all right. mel, thank you very much. 4:31st time. president trump will meet with benjamin netanyahu. this is suppose toed warmer than his encounters with obama. they will discuss eye rain efforts and ongoing conflict. the director of government ethics asking white us to to investigate and punish kelly and conway. he suggested people should buy ivanka trump's products. hundreds of parents across the country are asking president trump to protect transgender students like president obama did. more than 780 parents say students deserve equal access
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the letter was was sent after trump administration decided to abandon defense of guidelines up you'd by the obama administration which calls for schools to let students use bathrooms according to gepder identity. >> there's a protest of a different start of building cross the country. tomorrow, some cities including d.c. are recognizing a day of immigrants. thousands are expected not report to work. organizers say this is in direct response to president trump crackdown on illegal immigration. d.c. restaurant owners who have many legal immigrants on their staff say they're all for. it. >> once we told them we're in support of this he we want to you stand up we want you to you know fight for your rights and you know be a part of this just as much as we are. and they're happy about it and of course they're coming up like we're not going to get fired, right, we can do this right? we're good. >> jose an delays will close all d.c. restaurants
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in addition to taking the day off from work. many immigrant communities are encouraging people to stay home and not shop or buy anything on thursday. >> popular supermarket chain wegmans is latest company in the cross hairs of anti-trump protests. they're facing calls to remove trump winery products from tin virginia stores. weing maps says it decides whether to stock a product based soley on how well it sells. they've been selling winery from his winery since 2008 since before the mogel got the vineyard. >> a teen girl missing from virginia returned home. venus taha lives in alexandria with her mom and she returned hours after police held a news conference saying they believed her life was in danger. she would could be linked to a 15-year-old girl missing in december and was found dead in springfield over the weekend. they say the girls could be linked to gang sglebz in washington the fbi is looking for a d.c. man wanted on charges of juvl nile sex trafficking this is 2
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gary bell who police say prostituted under age girl throughout our area several months. he's considered armed and dangerous the fbi says. if you seen bell or have information about his whereabouts you're asked to call the fbi. >> all right. 4:5 on the dot and let's check in with michael thomas and a first check of the forecast this morning. another cool start and hey, it's february. >> it's february and another cool day today. much like yesterday it will take a while to get the sun outside and we may not warm things up all that much this afternoon. and satellite and radar showing lots of clouds around the region an rain to the south. zooming in here southern maryland and portions of central virginia waking up to showers this morning. can't rule out a couple sneaking their way into the d.c. region though north and west stays dry, cloudy and cool as they start the day. reagan 38. dulles. bwi and baltimore 30 at this hour. here's your planner through the afternoon. drizzle in the forecast until 10:00. we'll keep clouds around, 44. time we get to the 1:00 hour we stt
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school upper 40s daytime highs in d.c. and second half of the day with more sunshine temperatures start to drop as we get a stronger northwest breeze kicking up a bit. all right. that's a check of the forecasts. erin como has traffic this morning, hey, erin. >>:6 keeping eyes on the roads and i like what i'm seeing behind me in terms of the green on the beltway. no problems through tysons this morning across the leemingon bridge and great shape in echo and clear barton and river road at speed now and we'll let you know if and when that changes and you make your way 20 southbound to the spur. pleasant commute there and secondarys looking good and cruising on icc. if you happen to have an early morning flight to catch and you're on your way out to bwi, 95 northbound xwiet on the way to bwi. we'll take a live look outside and see how roads are shaping up around the district this morning and this is bottom side of the beltway near national harbor and seeing light volume and that trend continues through college park
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georgia avenue and i don't see issues through largo and fine through annandale. metro service picks up 5 a.m. this horng and if you have any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter. >> all right. coming up if we can have the prompter please. time now 4:37, thank you very much. coming up russian military force as pier to be playing a risky game of chicken. >> and actor harrison ford nearly crashes his plane a second time while landing in california. >> as we head to break a live look outside across the dmv. the time now 4:37 and temperature 8 degrees. "fox5 news morning" back after this
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ble. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> 4:39 time to look at stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> holly morris joins us with what's on the web. >> journalist dan rammer speaking out about scandle
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the apparent coziness with trump idea mrtion and russia could be the nation's bestest scandle since watergate he wrote thoughts on facebook and that went viral. >> four russian military aircrafts conducted four passes in the back sea days before a spy ship was spotted off the east coast. officials say they're keeping a close eye on spy ship. russia secretly tested a missile which is violation of arms treaty. >> next up singer moby also weighing in on president trump's alleged ties with russia on a facebook post. moby wrote president trump surprise being blackmailed by russian government. moby wrote the post after spending time with friends who work in d.c. next up, harrison ford nearly crashes his plane again. this time into an american airlines plane with more than 100 passengers on board. ford was flying his single engine plane when he mistakenly
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wayne airport rather than run way. >> american girls releasing a first boy doll his name is logan from nashville tennessee and plays the drums. american girl says it wants to include more experiences diversity and interest into its collection. good for them. >> all right. holly, thank you. coming up on "fox news morning" a high end jewelry store accused of selling stone stolen misdemeanor. >> metro transit is getting ready to retire an outdated line of rail cars. >> a live look outside. it's chilly out there. 8 degrees. but you know what, we're hoping this means it's all downhill from here in a good way. we're back after this
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>> a local teenager missing for several days suddenly shows up at her family's front door. >> we're in for a cold, mild day some could have raindrops. >> thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is wednesday, february 15. middle of the week. airport erin talking about what's happening on the roads and first michael thomas talking about
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forecast. hey, mike. >> wisdom, maureen, it's not only middle of week but we blinked and it's end of february. we have showers out there. especially south of d.c.. that's where most of them will stay. but can't rule out a couple raindrops around the 5, 6:00 hour in washington. let's go straight to future cast. i'll show it to you. lots of clouds throughout the morning hours. 5:30 aim there's a little bit of light rain poking its way to the d.c. region and out of here quickly. there we are 8:30 mostly clouds i cannot rule out drizzle in washington and we see the heavier reigns and more moderate reigns down south across southern maryland and northern neck of virginia and then we slowly start to clear things out. much like yesterday. by the time we get to afternoon hours we'll start to see breaks in the cloud cover. as we get to, 4:00 hour should gradually turn mostly sunny and by then we'll kick autopsy a strong northwest breeze and temperatures drop through the 40s. 49 the daytime high today and we'll hit that
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down we go. tomorrow high of only 43 and we'll be sunny and also be breezy and not as bad as it was sunday night into monday and still relatively cool breeze. up to 48 on friday and then saturday and sunday still looking good with temperatures looking like they'll make it back to 60s for the holiday weekend. all right. check of the forecast. erin como will check the roads this wednesday morning. hey, erin. >> and the 60s i don't like the lder weather right now morning commute we made it midweek and traffic is moving along long rest in, tysons look going on beltway and problem free there 66 very ep ametro station inside the beltway arlington and west falls quiet conditions same story 395 beltway to 14 street bridge. south of that point dale city as you make your way through ewing to to mixing bowl and speed and volumes light. that's the trend south of that point through fredericksburg and stafford. if you come from richmond no slow downs on the beltway close to 95 there
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shape through alexandria and no issues old town and annandale. no problems yesterday morning and so far so good as you approach 66. southbound 295 quiet we take a look at safe track work kicking in with metro. any questions fox d.c. twitter power maureen and wisdom back to you. >> developing story out of alexandria a teen girl returned home. >> hours after police held a us in conference saying they believed that her life was in danger. "fox5" annie yu was live with the latest in this story, annie. >> good morning, maureen and wisdom. venus arahatas with home safe and police were relieved. police say there's a lot of questions surrounding the disapeeps. we spoke to the mother before and after her returning home late last night h he was emotional and terrified because police basically linked this case to that of 15-year-old girl of gaithersburg that went missing and was found dead ov
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the weekend in spring field, virginia. police told us they believed the two girls new each other and may have had ties to gang members and believed that this teen's disappearances could be really part of a bigger case involving area gang members and they described this as multiple overlapping investigations with multiple suspects. and the 17-year-old was reported missing for about a month before she came walking through the door of her mother's apartment 9:00 last night. this happened there as well. this happened hours after police held a news conversation saying they were concerned for her safety. venus says she doesn't know where her daughter has been this whole time as soon as she walked in the doors they reunited were in tears and two hugged and police took her into custody for questioning. although venus has been found, again, still a lot of questions surrounding the teen's disappearance and so police basically saying that this case could be linked to a bigger situation going on in northern virginia with gang activity. that's the latest here from police headquarters in fairfax.
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>> autopsyy thank you for that 4:4 d.c. police are investigating a high end jewelry store in due port circle area there's allegations that damir jewelers is buying stolen items including furs, watches, jewelry and joins that were stolen from area homes and "fox5" confronted owner and said he didn't have a comment. we learned that he is faying charges for trafficking and receiving stole ep property worth more than $1,000. >> in maryland officials say if green belt is chosen at site of fbi headquarters it will need 60% more parking than expected. it is expected to house 11,000 employees and needs 6,000 more spaces than a draft statement called for in 2015. green belt and landover me maryland and springfield in virginia are all in the running become new home of fbi headquarters. >> happening today metro will require 4,000 series rail cars considered the most unreliable rail cars in the fle
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transported on a trailer to baltimore where they will be scrapped. officials will load the cars starting 8:00 and 4,000 series rail cars only travel average of 27,000 miles between delays. square to metro best performing cars the 6,000 series that travels more than 103,000 miles between delays. >> 4:50, coming up, one of the most eligible bachelors in our region works here at "fox5". >> really who are you talking about. >> it's a surprise. >> is it? >> yes. >> and pretty soon you'll be able to once again take a walking tour of "the people's" house. >> time 4:50, temperatures 38 degrees. back in a moment.
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>> time, 4:52. welcome back. in less than a month the white house will on for tours. yesterday first lady melania trump said the tours will resume march 7 issued pre of charge first come first served and it must be requested for a member of coming gress. >> michelle obama's garden can keep churning out veming trablz. melania trump said she is committed to preserving mrs. obama kitchen garden. she referred to the garden last year as my baby and she hoped fruit fewer presidents would keep it going. >> today amazon is oning a new shop in college park located near the university of maryland and amazon and college park offers umb students and community a convene location to pick up and return amazon orders. d.c. neighbors that live along h street northeast are excited this morning a new whole foods store will on in the community on march 15.
4:54 am
this ino foods though the store features outdoor patio and bar and shoppers can choose from a dozen beers, wines and core may hot dogs and they can buy a number of products from local restaurants. >> good for that neighborhood. >> yeah. >> not reducing prices at whole foods though. >> the prices will be the same. >> trader joes. >> this next story is about a man bringing sexy back and trying to -- eligible bachelor alert, ladies and gentlemen, michael thomas, captain of weather sexy, voted baltimore nar seen most single young talent mike and syd his handsome k-9 counter part were featured in the magazine in time for valentine's day. favorite of his dating confessions. he uses too many emogis. there
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ladies. >> he's single. ready to mingle. >> ready to mipingle. >> that's cool, mike. >> mike, after that you need to strike a sexy pose, right. >> come on, mike. >> that's much better. much better. >> you there you go. there you go. >> bob the head a little bit. >> that's what you want to see. >> mzamane what you want to see. >> there you go. >> just a bachelor. >> beating down the door. >> i was mildly embarrassed by the story and but at the same time honored to be in the magazine. >> they say why baltimore and not d.c. i live up near baltimore. >> whatever it is it's good pub for you. >> just remember embrace your sexy. >> i'll try wisdom. i need practice on that. >> i'll embrace the weather forecast though, bus stop forecast for the kids getting off to school. 9 to 4 2 drizzle here in d.c. and down to the south southern portions in central portions
4:56 am
virginia looking at rain showers for the morning commute. do be aware of that in d.c. here again it might be brief and we'll dry it out. quick look at the "fox5" forecast here. chilly here the next several days and warm up towards the weekend. 60s in the forecast for saturday and sunday. >> all right. that's forecast. let's do traffic with erin como. hey, erin. >> weak in the knees from that throat owe shoot spread mike you're looking good. >> thank you, erin. >> have any secret valentine dates you have not told us about. >> nope i spent it alone. >> ladies, let's make up for that this weekend you know how to contact him on facebook. blue line, no train service and arlington cemetery station closed this is in place through the 28th. metro at 5 this morning and no other reported rail alerts yet. we'll let you know if that changes and let you know what to do from virginia take the yellow line or vel owe line plus and from maryland
4:57 am
silver line aside from that wednesday morning ride on roads looking great on the utter ut outer loop no problems 95 through beltsville and looking great bw parkway north and southbound baltimore beltway to capitol beltway questions@erinfox5d.c. >> and bathrooms and schools. >> popular closery store is latest business kaiingt if a philosophical war. >> heading to break a live look across the d.c. region, 4:57. no bad blood here. it's all love. plus i refuse to say this singer's name. >> fans
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>> today on "fox5 news morning" allegations of corruption a report presented in the "new york times" suggesting president trump's aids contacted russian intelligence officers several times in the year leading up to the presidential election. >> take a live look outside on this wednesday. we're in for a cool, mild, day. some of you could see a rain drop or two before the morning


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