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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> this is fox5 news morning. f >> straight ahead atox5 6:00 white house fall out fal following the resignation ofon o the national security advisor, michael flynn. reportlosive new claiming that aid to president trump also had contact with russian intelligence duringnce his campaign.n. >> the very late necessarily report. >> and virginia teen missing for nearly ania month, back home h this morning, but there are a still questions as to wherewher she was during that time.e. and if gang activity may have played a role in her disappearance. >> live look outside on this wednesday, hump day everybody. february 15th, weather and traffic coming upryp on the five's after 6:05. plus, traffic story, you won't want to miss when it comes to t bad drivers, who is the worse?se >> good morning to you. i'm allison see more. >> i'm steve, welcome to fox5 news morning.. developing overnight princeht p george's county police are investigating a cou homicide inn green belt. skyfox over the scene in the 6200 block of breeze wood drive. police were called out there last night for thee reporcat after shoin
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a body. police are still looking for a suspect. >> a teenage girl who went who missing from virginia has returned home. seventeen year old venus lives in alexandria with her mother.h. she returned just hours after police held a news conference, saying, that they believed her r life was in danger. police say that venus could bee linked to a 15 year old girll who went missing in december and was found dead in springfield over the weekend.he we'll have more on this story so coming up at 6:30. >> happening today, president trump hosting another worldng td leader at the white house there is time israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. n prime minister arrived in d.c. monday night. he said his goal for the meeting to improve ties with imp the us, israel closest and and most important alley. >> president trump big supporter ofresi israel, the pre minister's first visit toit t washington in two years. >> breaking details, explosive new york times report says itser of president trump had contactct with russian intelligence officials during the president p a.m.
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>> those as the white housee h comes it real from the fall out of former national security advisor, general michael flynn. his owngn over conversation conversation cents with the russians. >> livesationwith on capitol hi, good morning. morning, guys, two pretty shocking developments overnight, one, that the fbi told trump about flynn'sflyn conversations with the russians, that he was being less than truthful. t so trump new about. abo >> this they new he could be compromised, and the white house decided to keep flynn onpl anyway. and they didn't inform vicem vi president peng, that's one. two, these continued leakstinu from us intel agencies that are very damaging, the latest in the new york times, has members of congress calling for even more investigations.nvs the times is reporting that members of trump's campaign,ign, and other trump associates,ocia had repeated contact with russian intelligence officials in the year before the presidential election. the fbi new about this throughgh phone records, and intercepted calls, swept
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probe during it investigation of the hacking ongf it democrac national committee emails. the phonecalls between national security advisor, michael flynn, and russia's us ambassador, intercepted asepte part of routine foreign surveillance. flynn was fired because he misledred administration officials whether content,onte fueling dif figures congress. >> intelligence committee has been lookinggence into this tht all along, just involvement j with respect to rush a ius think it is real important as soon as they realize that they were being mislead by the nationalnal security advisor, they asked for rest egg, in a, i can't speak to the circumstances.cums think he we need to get all of a the information before we pre judge anything. >> i think we kneeled to hold aneeled hearing with flynn to g the bottomfl of this. our committee helped three, four emergency hearings foren hillary clinton in a mattercy after week or two.te and if there isr any emergency at this moment, in the history h of this county,
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moment.ment >> now, the officials who spoke to the new york times said based on what they hadad seen so far, there was no evidence that trump campaignn officials were actually cooperating with the russians,he when it came to that alleged hacking of the dnc emails. some republicans in congress, rather than calling for an investigation of the white house, and what its dealingss were, they're more interested in these leaks, and what they are revealing about the fbibi methods, and the type of people in surveillance it is conducting, live here on capitol hill, fox5 local news. >> 6:04. fhe director of the office of government ethics is asking the white house to investigateei and punish kellyanne conway, last week conway went on fox and friends and suggested that people should buoy advantage ad trump products.bu the head of the oge believes that conway's actions violated v the standards of conduct act, and if so, she should be punish. >> there is a different sort building across the country. >> tomorrow some cities
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without imigrants, to recognize the contribution of immigrants to america. thousands of immigrants are expected to not report to work, organizers say this is i in direct response to president donald trump'srump crack-down on illegal immigration. restaurant owners who have many undocumented workersrs on their staff say they're all for it. >> once we -- like we want you u guys to stand up. we want you to, you know, fight for your rights, and, you know, be a part as much as we are. a so they're happy, first coming up like we're not going to get fire, right? this? do ya ya we're good. >> both staff members ofmemb course legal immigrant. chef jose andres will also be closing all every his dc restaurants tomorrow in addition to taking the day offat from work, many of the immigrant community also encouraging people to stayople home, not to shop or buy anything tomorrow. >> let's go straight to nearly n
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oroville dam are allowed to return home. huge sigh of reliefor so many people.h of resident should be prepared to evacuate again if needed but right now things are looking better. however, there is rain in the forecast tomorrow night. structural engineers think they think the dam can take t they do warn about snow runoffn this spring. tucker you have documented the amount of snowfall in california as well?l? >> got to go somewhere. a lot moreot t rain ino the net couple of weeks, so they'll be tested, >> good morning. cool temperatures, today, cloud cover, rain showers to our south this morning. and we will be in for a day that looks a lot like yesterday. clouds around, part of the area getting showers, maybeaybe even snow flurry north and a west here later this morning,ori as cold front comes through. reporting at reagan international, below freezing inna baltimore, at least thel, b airport, bwi marshall 30 degrees. there is your rain shower activity, generally washington and points south seeing rain. southern maryland, i am thinking every you guys colonial beach
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showers, low eastern shore as well. all associate with a area of low pressure do you have south. see it streaming down into theiu carolinas, and oh, it wanted wan to turn the corner so badly, but it won't happen. it will be pushed out to sea with a cold front. and bottom line for our day, lot of cloud hard, temperatures up fourth's, fou south of the city, you will w have some showers around herere for the morning hours.ours there you go. little later this afternoon, temperatures in the 40's.0's. >> right on track?rack >> right about where we should be, may get late day sun here and cold front. >> that would be nice. >> thanks, tuck. hey, err snip. >> good morning, 6:07 right now. keeping an eye on the roads, crash did clear on 66 eastbound out by 50. 50. that's really good news there. you can see all of the heavier volume that we were seeing dissipated, fairfax county parkway, on past 50, not seeing any big problems right now. we are seeing a lot of congestion out by 234. sedgley 28, be mindful of. of. that will live look, 270
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making your waynd app toward hit cetera town. feep in mind a lot o congestion from 70 to the truck scales you back up, ask up women. so from frederick down to urbana15 extra minutes, you m will need the extra time. no crashes to report, just heavier congestion, movingovin over for look at the maps the right now, we are dealing with a crash, as well. southbound bw parkway blocking the left lane at 410.. back up to the belt way, watchch out for those delays. d back to you, allison, steve? >> thanks, erin. apparent chemical attack at malaysian airline, leaves leader dead. now the investigation continues as to who is behind it. >> and one hotdog. the nation crowns its best init show. stay with us, we're back in just 30 seconds. .
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>> malaysian woman arresteday after the killingsian of kim juk un. attack with a chemical spray,ay, at airport on monday and died d on his way to the hospital. h report say the two women who carried out the attack were likely north korean agents. kim jong un, fell out of favor after trying to enter japan onan false passport in 2001, to visit disney lands in tokyo. >> violence in chicago taking another heart breaking turn, after two year old boy isoy i among the latest victims, the
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yesterday, while in a car, driven by man police say was targeted by gangs. that manta also killed in the shooting. just hours earlier, 11 yearr old girl was shot in the head over the weekend. died from her injuries.ies. today the governor of illinois l is expected to propose more state troopers, patrolling chicago area highways where violence is on the rice. >> happening today, minnesotaneo judge will hear oral argument h whether the case against theea e police office here shot and killed castile should be dismissed. his lawyers argue castile reaching for his gun and the shooting was justified. later discoveredting that castia had a license to car a weapon. catille's girlfriend liveirlf streamed the aftermath ofri that incident on facebook. lawyers for the man convicted of killing ' ton paths say they'll appeal that verdicts. the jury found 56 year old pedro hernandez guilty yesterday of luring the thene six year old boy into a basement and killing him. hernandez confess todayde killing patz,z but his lawyers attributed that confession to figment of his
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>> north carolina governor proposing compromise to repeal the state's controversialontr bathroom bill. under the proposal there would be strict or punishments for people positive commit crimesit in bathrooms. sit boys also have to notifyo the state legislature and wait 30 days before passing anti-discrimination ordinances. many lgbt groups say no go, want it repealed, they say it opens the door tore anti-blgb discrimination. g, new details this morning, and a parking garage, fire, at disneyland in california. officials believe it was sparked by two vehicles parkedck inside that garage. the flames broke out monday afternoon, at least eight cars were damaged. and several workers were treated for smoke inhalation. fire officials say the fire f either ignited in the cargo area of prius, where its battery is located, or in the engine of a ford expedition. >> congressman ford the actor nearly crashes his plane once again. this time into a plane with more than 100 passengers on board. ford was flying his single engine plane when miske
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wayne airport rather than the runway. not a good choice. cho >> glad everybody's okay. well, rumor has it, there is a new top dog in america. >> best in show at the 141 annual westminster kennel club dog show, thetmin german shephed dog. >> you know i love german shepherds. >> i do too. look at him. >> handsome dog.dsom that's rumor the german shell adder crowned best in show at the westminster. five year old beat out several other beards including irish setter, miniature poodle and boxer.boxe rumor named for adele's hit song rumor has it. i and last night apparentlyy rumor had it. for the second time a german g shepherds has been given thehe top honor.or. great looking dog. >> you know what i don't like'tl about the show? >> what's that?>> >> i wish they would just say the win is her rumor. they say, no, they say, the german shepherd dog. d seems so impersonal. >> is he talking
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>> ya, it is you, rumor.or >> speaking of top honors, millennials leading the way when it comes to a certain type of drivers. maybe not the best list to be on. details next.deta >> live look outside. we take it to break this wednesday weather and traffic ahead on the five's next. >> from the weather man. >> right. fox5. is that me?
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z29kuz zstz
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y29kuy ysty >> live shot, cloud cover, and, temperatures in the uppercl 30s, 40 in the city right now, but we will be in for cool day today, rain showers off to the south. let's see the bus stop forecast, little rain. >> early this morning, temps, generally in the 30's, after school not going to warm up, average category for the middle every february, highsruar mid to upper 40's, and hopinging just like yesterday afternoon,eo little late day sun won't
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until the second half of thef of day. forty in washington.ngto thirty-nine annapolis. forty-one leonard town, we are going to see rain showers, 39rs quantico, get rain down there, too, 36 dullos, and you can see few spot here, baltimore, gaithersburg at 30 degrees.ees. so few spot below freezing too start your morning. all right, watching the rain showers. again, here's washington, so we're south of washington, southern maryland, low eastern shore. down to fred rigs berg, central and southern virginia, getting some rain showers, as our system, little area of low pressure here, has developed, and will kind of push westt east here today.ay. this is a close call. c if we could link up the southern stream and the northern stream, would have had a big stream. i want to point out this cold front, also a player, will help push the storm out to sea, and will also bring us u continued clouds here, and perhaps, a few showers or snow showers, kind of midday as it moves through.. then in the the winds really pick up behind that front. we will be in for much cooler weather pattern here, by the end of the day, and by tonight. yes, little afternoon clearing, but will turn very cool out there with winds once again picking
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and west ate about 20 to 25. so cool this afternoon, 49, cold tonight, we will be below freezing, thursday looks cool c then still looking at the gorgeous warm up for the weekends, saturday, sunday, monday, which is a holiday for many, erin, happy roads. >> you get three day weekend? w >> not this year. >> me too. me we could have fox5 party. looking at the traffic whereraff we have a new crash. >> liver inning stone road, slow down leaning towards the location, give yourself few extra minutes there. see if we can forward our, give maps, show you what else yout e are facing this morning, another crash,or southbound baltimore washington parkway blocking left lane 410, from the belt way, head toward river dale park, big slow down, keep it to the right. rig cross ooh, 295 also slow from 50 to the 11 street bridge. normal morning delay.ay. just sluggish in yellow
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under 25 miles per hour. aside from that, aureoling, t seeing red on the mapha on 66 eastbound. earlier 66 crash o the even side cra of ooh clears, things i getting back to normal there. heavier traffic by 230, metro on time except for safe track impacting blue line, allison, a steve, back to you. >> metro will require the 4,000 series rail cars today considered the most unreliablenl rail cars in the fleet.leet retired cars will be transported on a trailer to baltimore and they'll be scrapped. officials say they'll start loading the cars this morning at 8:00. 4,000 series rail cars only travel average of 27,000 miles0i between delays, now that compares to the bestar performing carses the 6,000 series, to go nearly four times as far before they need service.serv bob barnard there live for the historic moment. >> millennials, the worse drivers, new study provennsia i. triple a reports that 88% of drivers, 19 to 24 years old, acknowledge engaging in risky driving behavior like
6:19 am
while driving. speeding during the previouss month some of the risky drivers also say they believeve their dangerous behavior was acceptable. >> whether it comes to being healthy, where we rang. nation's capitol ranks amongol r the best cities. c we will talk about it in the business piece. >> first though valentine dayned may have been yesterday.. but ladies, if you are lookingng for love, look no further. than our very own mike, named one of the most eligible eli bachelors, by baltimore magazine. isn't he so cute.e. of course his adorable dog, d also making the photo shoot for the magazine. mike's dating advice?ice? be yourself on your first date. when you're trying to take him out that far bachelor status.s. we will be right back.ack. go mike. 6:19. 6:19.
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>> president trump gettingde down to business, one of the biggestntsine retailers, if chek the markets, joining us from
6:22 am
lauren simonetti.onet >> cha-ching, good morning, how is ithing, going, smear. g >> i know, the money, the money, the money. how are we looking? l >> you know, this is so strange, what's going on records high after record high. all three major averages, a records territory. ter never seen anything like. >> this the dow will goseen a to 21,000 before we know it, itt is at 25 right now. but the moves have been so small. we've gone 46 days, 46, without going 1% in either direction. so the trade something narrow and tight. but, i mean, the nasdaq, hasn't gone up that long without moving more than 1% since, i think it is, since 1989. 278 years ago, kind of crazy. two things that are fueling the smaller games to record levels. hope for tax reform, which we w will get into.o. and earnings season has beenn ha better than expected. >> well that's certainlytain interesting. as long as there are little tiny gains building up not losses then we're going in
6:23 am
rid direction and we'll take it. >> not complaining. trump trade continues. >> let's talk about the taxout issues though.sues a lot of these big retailers,les heads every them at least meeting with the president i guess nordstrom not invited to the party butrom who will be there? see, ya, biggest companies out there. their heads target, bet buy, macy's, auto zone, they arey ar headed to meeting with the president today. actually not so sure about macy's, i take that one back, i have to double check on that one. and then bigub topiclesat for te right now, is tax reform. how do we do this? do you do corporate, and individual tax returns? r tax reform at the same time? do you announce those plans altogether? and when do you do it? do i one of the reasons trump won the election, promise for regulatory reform and cutting taxes. when do we see that? t do you have to do it the affordable care act first? issue for the retailer today, they are opposed to this border tax right?? slapping 20% tax on stuff that a comes to the border, so mucho mu clothing is
6:24 am
we're going to have to hike to prices for our consumers, clothes electronics, whatever. a and that's not going to be a b good thing. so, we will see what they say. trump has a good track record, sitting down with business leaders. we'll see if this falls. >> i know at lows one of the companies i think best buy literally whatever gains they have now, with some changeswhats that could turn them into losses because of the border tax. so it is a big deal for these businesses. all right, let's talk about something, good note here when it comes to healthy cities, first how are we in d.c.? doing okay? >> you're number nine, look at the long list dc number nine. how many gyms were in the area, what was yourny gym accest health food stores, how many could -- how much consumers ate fruits and vegetables, san francisco the healthiest city followed by salt lake city, scottsdale, seattle, portlan
6:25 am
dc number nine, no surprise if you look at the bottom of the te list the un healthiest city. cit un healthiest is de troys, but see a lot of texas louisianna locations, tennessee locations. brought up because, well, you know had you they like to eat in the south. that, too.oo.likeou the >> i eat like a southern err,. >> see you tomorrow, lauren. >> bye bye. 6:25. >> nice to see lawyer glenn yes, good to see her back. hey, cloud cover, rain showers to the south, and kind of a a grumpy day. >> really? >> forecast, tucker will be a little on the grumpt,y tuc side. >> just cloudy, kind of moody today. forty in washington. >> gist to the south, southern s maryland, central virginia
6:26 am
for the rest every us, the clouds, and cold front off tonto the north and west, breeze through midday. m that will pick up the wind. so may get late day sunshine,shn but we will trade the sunshine for more winds, windy conditions later today. forty-nine. cool, mentioned m cold tonight, below freezing for everybody, still have nice weekend warm to up look forwardd wa to.o. saturday, sunday, monday, get gt out the surf board. get ready to enjoy. >> hey, it is a holiday weekends, too. t >> it is? >> yes, nice long weekends. >> okay. tucker. you, >> hi, erin. >> hey, i anticipate monday will be quiet commute day. if you do have to go to work you should be in pretty good shape. right now few problems, new crash, 295 on the southboundd side. it is blocking the shoulderhe near s the 11 street bridge. b that is going to quickly turn that yellow line we're seeing red. also a lot of congestion, 2995, new york avenue, intonto plate ensberg dealing with heavysber volume there another accident we're dealing with, 355 after shady grove road on the southbound side. typically keep it to 355 too get a
6:27 am
from south c of 370 better shape than 355 right now.ow. moving over for a look at another crash that we're tracking, bw parkway the southbound side, left lane still blocked 410, delays all the way back to the belt way.t a back to you, allison, steve? will you makers on capitol hill, special guests, details at 6:30. >> missing teen for weeks returns.retu >> the 17 year old teen from alexandria went missing for nearly month before she safely returned. police say this is far from over. they now say that her disappearance could be linked to gang activity in fairfax county. the latest report coming up on fox5 news morning.ning stay with us.
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>> welcome back, weather and b traffic coming up on theacng u five's.five pretty shot, mgm in the background, too. >> bridge, too. >> 6:30, top stories, president trump meeting with benjamin netanyahu, the two hold a press conference todayfee at noon. noo will likely field questions over the bombshell new yorkhell times report on phone records show president trump's aidss contacted russian officials before the election.lect >> to developing story out of alex andre a teenage girl who went missing a has tee returned home. steve? >> she returned just hours after policeetur held a news conference saying they
6:31 am
believed her live was in danger. annie yu this morning outside fairfax county headquarters with thelatest, annie? >> reporter: good morning, venus is back home safe with her family, that is the good news, her mother very much relieved. we spoke with her yesterdayrday before and after venus came home. however, detectives soon after the two reunited, detectiveecti brought her down here to the fairfax police headquarters for questioning, because theythy want to learn more about the circumstances of her disappearance. y emotional,as ver when we spoke to her, she was terrified, because policeice linked her daughter's disappearance and that of a 15 a year old girl from gaithersburg who went missing and was found dead over the weekends in springfield,ring virginia.ia. now, police told thaws theytold believe the girl's new each other, they may have had ties to gang members and that the teens disappearance case couldpr bean really part of a bigger case involving gang members inn the area. so detectives describing this as multiple overlapping investigations with
6:32 am
suspect. the 17 year old reported missing for about a month before she came walkingng through the doors of her mother's apartment in it happened around -9d -- nine the last night just hours h after we spoke with her mother, then spoke with her afterward, as well. but police held news conference yesterday saying that they were very concerned about her safety, and venus' mother told us she still doesn't know where her daughter has been this whole time. but she was certainly in tears. two hugged. mom says that police then took her into custody. so while there is a happy ending to this, 17 year old girl returned home unharmed. unh police still looking into this. it is an ongoing investigation. thereay now saying could be ties to gangin activita in fairfax county. c more on this, at 7:30, and the very latest from now from police headquarters, annie yu, fox5. >> police investigating high end jewelry store iinnve the dupont circle area. allegations that dina jewelers d buying stolenin items including furs, watches, jewelry, coins, w all had been
6:33 am
homes. fox5 confronted the owner. here's what he had to say. >> large sum of items from your jewelry store believe sdumo have been stolen in burglaries? buying items like these that are stolen? are you under investigation? i >> i have no comment. >> nothing you want to say? >> no comment. >> we did learn he is facing charges, for trafficking and a receiving stolen property worth moreing st than $1,000. >> happening this morning, the group dc vote will lobby the new members of congress to support dc state hood.te h that's at 8:00 a.m. capitol hill. organizers say the goal is to, quote, introduce dc to the new members of congress. they hope thember rally will hep to educate lawmakers about the quality of nearly 700,000 district resident.t. also today, maryland educators and state law make letter go before senate
6:34 am
support of the less testingng more learning act. proposed law would limit standard eyes test taking in i maryland schools, right now,, take more than 200 standard eyes test during their time inn school taking a which from classroom instruction.ruct maryland was recently ranked as the second worse state in s the country for teacher classroom ought ton any. >> top of the morning livef right now, quick check on sports this morning, weth downtown to this weekendnow, qha all-star showdown of the theof t big question this morning in in d.c. will we see bradley beilei there? well, all comes down to kevin lover. the cavs star underwent knee surgery, out six weeks, thathat means he is not going to the all-star game. gam so bradley beil could slide b into that spot.eispot still up in the air, good news for the wizards, relief play pla opens back up, means they could cut into cleveland's five game lead. >> capitol hill, special olympics, maryland athletes advocating continued support for special con olympics, will
6:35 am
to push for the extension of funding for health and edition services that the program provides for its athletes. a a lot of people were excited when they heard floydead may weather getting back in the ring. he says hold on, may weatherer set to fight connor motorcycle gregor. in a twitter post, may weather w said he's not going to fight and is enjoying retirement.irem he also mentioned that if he was going to put his boxing gloves back on, his fans would know about it first. f keep in mind, they fight completely different styles, completely different sports,fere who knows what it will end up being. then again, he also tweeted hey, if mc gregor gets his people together, we get ourur people together, never know. >> wait. i thought this fight was happening? that's what we were saying earlier, wasn't it? >> you know, i think the kind ofw, i t thing -- -- >> trash talking? >> you know when both seem>> t y hey i want this to happen but b your people aren't making thishi happen, then the other person same exact thing. >> okay. >> quick question. i'm not -- fair boxing? >> that's yes was like floydike mayweather you don't want to don get in the ring
6:36 am
you don't want to do it. >> right. straight boxing i thinkk advantage point.oint >> i don't know about that. >> right? >> kind of weird. just seems like kind of like when football player signs on that big contract, plays one year, you know, casino every e like we're going to get one bick money grab then done? >> okay, well, i'm glad it is not happening. i was afraid. >> you know how boxing is. >> yes. >> tomorrow it will be happening omor again. >> are we going to see them fight? >> what's going on outside. >> outside, 40 in washington, bwi30. we're featuring lots of cloud today. rain showers to the south. south and east. and for the rest every us waking up with cool conditions, clouds, and withh cold front just off to the t north and west, we are expect to go arrive midday. m may be few additional so we will keep clouds aroundun for much of the day. day perhaps by late afternoon we will get little bit of sunshine, if we do, we will trade it for windy conditions, which will pick up, and kind
6:37 am
for next couple of days. day forty-nine your daytime high. again, chance of rain showers will be this morningnc, it will be south of the city. otherwise cool for everybody.vey >> coming up: hashtag morning >> coming up in a few minutes, meantime here is traffic with traffic. >> 6:37. skyfox up and about abo around the area. cruising right now the top the side of the belt way makingbe their waylt down towardsown baltimore parkway. outer loop congestions,gest college park, checking out the crash.cras bw southbound 410, we move it over to the maps right now. not the only crash we are tracking this morning, youu make your way out, coming down from montgomery county, southbound # -- 355, causingng some congestion in the area. keep it to 270. but just keep in mind 270 southbound also starting to back up with some congestiononge in that area. north of that .270 also very slow in the southbound side from 70. as you make your way down past the truck scales. taking a look at thethe east-wt highway in silver spring, we do
6:38 am
overturned vehicle, followsheh police direction,ic that's right by grub so we will let you know about that one. then as you make your way out southbound 295, crash blockinghl the shoulder near the 111 street bridge. b but because of heavy congestion cents causing additional delays, we willl keep you up on that one. metro on time except foray f texting the blue line, allison, steve? >> thanks, organizers of the women's march set a date for their so-called day without a woman. details next. >> and lucky number three, the super model gracing the cover of popular magazine, not once, twice, but three times. .
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>> we are back on what'se trending, wednesday, march 8,ar stevie need to you listen to.. >> this i won't be at work. it is a day without women. this is not the right picture. come on, now, really, on this picture? what we are talking about? abo >> you guys, thank you. >> oh, yes, i'll n distracted. organizers of the women's march planning a strike, andni march 8 isng internationalonal women's day, so, they're the telling all women to not, you know, just try it without women. on march 8. okay, moving on.n. american
6:42 am
first boy his name from nashville, tennessee. he plays the drums. dru american girl says it want to include more experiences, diversity, and interest in to its collections. super cute. c and finally, three time is the charm for several people, kateel upton is the latest, she lands this sports illustrated coveratd for the third time.e. she is the fourth woman to do so. other women who did the cover three times include tyra bank, heidi klume, christie bingly, c who by the way also featuredture in this year's he had wigs her two beautiful daughters, all looking like triplets. elle mcpherson has five cover appearances, yes. >> young man, he looked like little girl like grungy?like >> well, he is a littlee musician.musi >> drums? >> from nashville, the music sit. >> i love >> there it is, don't forget iei won't be here on wednesday march 8. >> i will remember that. and thank you for wil starting a end withing that picture, appreciate it.te i >> your welcome. >> 6:42, still ahead there is year's grammy still hot topic. we can't stop talking about
6:43 am
it. ever. beyonce, adele, you put themm in any room together, and and people are going to talk, and talk, and talk, and kerlin join us, to talk next.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> 6:45 on a wednesday morning. >> time to make sure dealinge with all of the company they have out on the roads this
6:46 am
>> not bad at all. a should we check in with tucker t barnes, take a look what's happening out the doors?? >> let's do it.t. hey, tucker, good >> cloud cover out and rain showers, offer to the south. let's get to it, showers mostly south this morning,orni just liquid out there. temperatures well above freezing here, just to the south. i'm hoping for some sun. hoping for it yesterday. yes we may get some sun kind of mid-way in the much of the day will be rathe tr cloudy, it looks cold tonight, cold tomorrow, and breezy conditions, wintery around here, later this afternoon, tonight with passing of a cold front. warm up by the weekends, by warm up, that is holidays ho weekends, too, i think we will do 60 or bert, saturday, sunday, and monday.d so warmer temperatures on the way. forty in washington. couple of spots below freezing, gaithersburg, baltimore, both beloww freezing, leonard town rain showers, 41 for you. thirty-nine in quantico. rain showers there, asty-n well, manassas, 37. cool for all of us. here is your rain shower, close up, belt way, so south and east, get down to the the southern charles county, looks
6:47 am
county rain showers and what and is happening here, pretty good storm system that will be pushing kind of west to east here. and remain just south of us. but we roo getting clouds inetti the region because of it, and it is possible even here inven the city we could get little shower activity with. wit >> this that's cold front. a lot going on in the weather will sweep in later today push the storm out to sea win out of the north and west, and it i will get blustery around here, winds gusting at times to 25 later this afternoon, withith that clearing. so, we will get little date day sunshine, trade off will be the winds will pick up out of the north and west and keep us nice and cool around hereun for couple of days, won't last, spring like by the weekends, saturday, sunday, and your holiday monday.onda and those numbers are conservative. may push them up little bit. b may be upper 60s by sunday afternoon. lots to look forward to if you like the flowers, snow drops? >> you're speaking the the language with the
6:48 am
>> pretty flower names. right now, not so prett beautifa look at skyfox, a lot of congestion, college park, belt r way, completely jammed up onon the outer loop by 95.y 9 merge from 95 backing up as well. fifty-nine to georgia avenue,nu, in for about 20 minute slow down. you can see all lanes right now completely blocked as we take a look, this is made their way to new hampshirehire avenue, closer look at the exit all lanes completely jammed up. with speeds under 10 miles per hour. look at the maps. m this clash on bw, causing really big problems.ems. right now it is just blocking one right lane.t la keep it to the left. l look at the delays. they're all the way back outside the belt way to green t belt road. from that point all the way down to 410, could take you over 30 extra minutes to get g down to 50 this morning. so give yourself extra time. consider taking your other secondaries to get around that one. east-west highway crash involving overturned vehicle inst-wesg ov silver spring at g. give yourself some extra time t to get around that one.. all rains on time except for
6:49 am
causing some delays there. so keep you updated.ed >> thank you, erin. >> you got it.>> >> all right, my favorite timear of day. let's get to t time forr morning me. i want to encourage peopleple once again please sends it to me. >> please. >> otherwise we have to startrt showing the same ones over and over again.gain >> you don't want that. no one wants that.t. let's get to t we've got our first one, thank you, oh, this is last week, but we had our dress up, great, who would have thought a meteorologist, would you find yourselfelf nesting in poo. >> awe. >> i won't lie. i i laughed when i first saw w that. >> total sad face. >> poor mike g. g >> keep it on therefore mike. >> our sex jest bachelor. >> yes. >> all right. our one? o comes from oh, this one. one fine ourself someone who loveses you as much
6:50 am
buryinger. >> that's pretty fun. >> i i think the guy in the t-shirt behind me says >> you're tha thinke killing me, stole the show. >> i think the icon tact with w that burying is her priceless. >> song i funny. >> ninety-nine's party in the park iny- nashvilleni,ne there a burger truck and i nel love. >> okay.>> o last one, last one, a tribute to my favorite weather colleague. >> okay? >> tony perkins.kins the sexy bachelor. >> oh, ya. >> hey. >> oh, baltimore. so cute.ute. you know he is a featured single in baltimore, baltimore magazine. >> baltimore magazine,agaz featured single. mike looks like a kitty cat,at, but real a tiger. there you did g and admit he and likes emojis when he a texts. >> he's so sensitive.tive >> i can't wait to read the article. hashtag. promise we will start getting legitimate ones on
6:51 am
>> i would love to see in you that sweater, bet would you you look dapper. >> like step brothers? >> good idea. thanks, tuck. hey facebook fan of the day, brenda underwood, look at that a mug she has in her hand.and. >> love it. >> fox5 fan for more than 30 years. how is that possible? pos she said just celebrated milestone birthday. >> oh. >> welcome to the big five-o f club lynn d she turned 50d 50 years young february 4th.ary happy belated birthday fromirth all of us. u she said she wanted to share this milestone with her favorite news team, and we'rere glad you d again, happy belated birthday, thanks fornks the love, and keep it locked to fox5. >> cool. let's go right into the fox street. kevin is back, i don't even know where he goes any more.ore. where did you go, kevin in. >> we have to put a gps chip on you. >> did i a staycation yesterday. it was valentine day, and
6:52 am
actually my wife cooked my m breakfast.y ast. >> ya? >> beautiful. >> did you just play with oscar all day? >> i did. last night. free movies yesterday. >> oh,ay perfect day. >> working on your day off? >> no, relax. money pit with tom hanks. good day. as ice cube says. >> good to see you. so the controversy continuesover this morning, in regard to thehe grammy awards, and beyonce's people calling it -- it >> i didn't know there was a controversy?rsy? >> apparently there is aen controversy. >> every awards >> yes, controversy. now, carlos santana is finding himself at the center of this. >> how? >> the controversy behind this is that didd beyonce getet snubbed at the grammys?he i personally think adele deserves t i think beyonce is amazing but her albumn was better personally but the backlash --back >> adele's albumn? >> in my personal opinion. i love beyonce. >> they both won grammys. >> i know. kno anyways, sunday, after adele a was awarded record of the year anal bumm of the year. b manyum have since noted a black
6:53 am
awards since 2008. now, even adele was surprised she won it. allegedly broke her gram any gra half, to give it part of it to beyonce, big story, not confirm. now carlos santana back tracking on his opinion of the ordeal, in a interview with a new zealand newspaper, carlos initially said, quote, i think adele won because she can sing sing. i don't know what that means, he went on with all respect to our sister beyonce, she not a singer singer.ger. now, santana took some heat for those comment, in a facebook post yesterday, santana said -- sai >> get flamed? >> yes. he got scured. he said all -- he has the t utmost respect for beyonce as an artist and person. per now another music mogelic weighing in on the ordeal, rapper iced t. he said to the new york post, quote, add sell hard to beat b because she is the business, and she is good, and she
6:54 am
hit records. rec now, i would say beyonce makesme hit records, as well. >> why are you weighing in iced are t? >> president of the recorde re willing academy, i like what he said. either one of them could have won. she was gracious enough -- inoug think he's saying both are super tal end p and either eit one. >> what's the business part par about? >> ya. >> i don't know.. >> begs the question.n. everything so much why are we s trying to dig into things we don'to dig understand? >> why is it a controversy? >> because ever sin our entertainment >> a story put on myauainm desks morning. >> my point is that if you're beyonce fan, and she didn't win, you will find a reason,easo as to why she didn't win. adele fan, you'll find aa reason why she won. >> they're both great.he i thinky' adele's albumn is better. >> both got grammys. >> president of the recording>>b academy also downplaying claims beyonce racially motivated, also a controversy,or saying, quote, this is a pierie voted award, always hard to
6:55 am
something that is inherently subjective, which is what art at and muse sick b we can do the best we can. so, all right. real fast. changing subject, matt damian, speaking of controversy. kind of cool.ool. so matt damon originallyy supposed to play the role that casey afleck nominated for in manchester by the sea. so this happens a lot in hollywood.ho actors sign onto a role.e. but i was curious how far along matt damian got. people who don't know this, casey afleck is front runner to win the best actor award this year at the oscars, but matt damian had that role how far matt damian got in the production. >> i'm wondering how far you how got with that role. did you, did you ever build him out? did you already start workingori on him? >> we had it goingment and we thought we needed about eight weeks of pre-production, then like, well, and we kept getting closer. toyed start the martian. because it was seven,d st then x
6:56 am
weeks, then at five weeks, and we still hadn't rented offices in boston, we were like, all right, we call it kenny, putting you in a bad position now. >> he went onto dot martian instead. and now casey afleck has the oscar. >> you know we're out of time, but who would have done the t role better? >> matt damian still producedd it, yep. thanks, guys.uys. >> oh, they both win then. >> anyway, controversy. >> all right, thank you. controversy. >> 41 degrees, starting yourtart day, cool one today. won't get out of the four's the this afternoon, and we have got some rain showers off to the south and east, so area getting little rain here to start your day. for the rough is us clouds, late day sun, winds will pick up, it will be blustery andlust quite chilly around here later r this afternoon. i'm rapping. but there is your seven day forecast, weekend looks great. erin with traffic.ic. >> big problems right now on the outerrobl loop.
6:57 am
656. skyfox over a crash, just before the overpass.verp the right center lane block. you can see, a car rearended another vehicle. walking oncrews that stretch of the outer loop. please use caution, jammed from route one to cold ville road about 20 minute delay. keep it to fox5. more news weather and traffic in a few. ew.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> fox5 news morning, f provocative move by russia asox congressional democrats call into the trump administration, details coming up in a live. >> reporter: -- live report. >> teenager returns home afterer being gone for several weeks.ks. her family still doesn't know'tk where she was. appears there are ties to t grogan dangerous gang problem. her mother talks to fox5 coming up.p. >> and who is the top dog of o all of them? how about german shepherd?erd? coming out of retirement, take the crown at the westminsterestm dog best in show coming up. >> good wednesday morning to you. i'm allison seednesto more. >> thanks for joining thusoini morning, if you're just waking up this morning, live look outside for you. not a bad day out there at all. mild temperatures, tucker said, we're right where we should be. >> so let's find out from tucker. >> guys, little cool outcool there. dow want to mention in addition to cloud cover, rain showers, jen lip south of dc. and we will keep showers inp the forecast, first half ofast, the day. where we get sunshine later


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