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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 15, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> fox5 news morning, f provocative move by russia asox congressional democrats call into the trump administration, details coming up in a live. >> reporter: -- live report. >> teenager returns home afterer being gone for several weeks.ks. her family still doesn't know'tk where she was. appears there are ties to t grogan dangerous gang problem. her mother talks to fox5 coming up.p. >> and who is the top dog of o all of them? how about german shepherd?erd? coming out of retirement, take the crown at the westminsterestm dog best in show coming up. >> good wednesday morning to you. i'm allison seednesto more. >> thanks for joining thusoini morning, if you're just waking up this morning, live look outside for you. not a bad day out there at all. mild temperatures, tucker said, we're right where we should be. >> so let's find out from tucker. >> guys, little cool outcool there. dow want to mention in addition to cloud cover, rain showers, jen lip south of dc. and we will keep showers inp the forecast, first half ofast, the day. where we get sunshine later
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this afternoon? >> how is trafficker looking? >> building, a lot of heavy volume into the midst of ourst o morning rush, this wednesday morning, outer loop crash, center right lane, delays all the way back to route one. closer look at those drive times. check in with metro next. >> detective trying to figureve out who shot and killed a man last night tryot and in green b. 6200 block of breeze wood drive. that man's body was found just inside the entrance after e apartment building, he has not n yet been identified. the fbi looking for dc man wanted on charges of juvenile sex trafficking. take a look atse your screen, 2e year old gary bell, who police say, prostitute dollars an under age girl throughout ourt o area for several month. he's considered arms and dangerous, the fbi giving us fbi that information, and if you've seen bell or have any information about his whereabouts, you're asked to call the fbi. fbi >> a teenage girl, who went missing from virginia, hasgini returned home now. seventeen year old venus lives in alexa
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she returned just hours afterftr police held a news conferencerec saying they believed her lifeedh was in danger. police say venus could been linked to a 15us year old girll who went missing in december d and found dead in springfield over the weekend.kend more on this story coming up at 7:30. >> 7:02 now. the new york times iss reporting this morning that members of the trump campaign had repeated contact with russian intelligence officials during the year before the election. us new about these contactonta through phone records, and intercepted calls. the times said. adding that there is no evidence, though, of clues.s. >> meantime the fall out overr the firing of michael flynnnn continues, white house saying flynn's error not that he discusseds erro us sanction wass ambassador, but denied it for weeks. say just six days into his presidency donald trump told flynn had misled vice president mike pence about his contact with russia. >> all of this happening as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu prepares to meet president trump at theanya white house.
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netanyahu says his goal for f the meet something to improve ties with the united states, israel's closest and most important >> and this morning, whitemorn house facing new wave of provocations in russia, president trump campaign aides. >> this morning the whiteng t house must be left wondering where are these leaks comingks c from? live from capitol hill now with the latest, mel? >> reporter: good morning, both democrats andter: republici in congress are calling for investigations, but they'rere asking very different questions. democrats want to know about more of these alleged contact, with russian officials, while republicans want to know more about the source of the leak. >> russian spy ship spotted off the usan spy coast. a us ship buzzed by russian fighter jets, reports that the russian government is deploying new nuclear tipped crews missiles. cr test the the be to new trump administration. >> this is obviously done with mr. trump in mind.
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and they want to see what his reaction is. >> but this does commas awkward time for the whitehe w house, just after national secure i advisor michael flynn was forced out after reports he had misled administration officials about his contacts with the russian envoy during the presidential transition, the new york times reportingting this morning that there are records of russian conversations with others close to trump. democrats are calling for a a new round of investigations. >> do you hear the i silence? this is a sound of house republicans conducting no oversight of president trump.rup >> for trump, the larger question has to do with leaks. where is all of thiss information coming from? are there hold-overs from the obama administration in the justice department, or the intelligence community, who are purposely leaking whatking could be potentially explosive information. >> any time there is a transition in administration, particularly when control of the white house ships from one f party to the other, you're going to have many employees
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might be politically motivated to under cut an incoming administration. ad well the house and senate intelligence committees are alreadyce c conducting their own investigations into alleged russian interferance in thein t u.s. election and gop g officials believe all every these questions can be handledsl within those investigations. however, the democrats here on capitol hill they would like an outside independent investigation to look into all of this. live on capitol hill, melanie, fox5 local news. >> in addition to appointingoint new national security advisor, v president will haves to find new director for the secret service. current director clancey announced retirement yesterday. said he is stepping down fornoun personal reasons.. >> this marks second right from the agency. owe bamm administration brought him back as head ofmm a the secret service of string of scandels. march 4th.y 7:05, 39 degrees. >> cool. >> hi, cloud cover, rainrain showers, starting your morning,
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>> we didn't mention when we were out yesterday. there were, there was a little snow. >> and what did you say to me? >> this is more snow than we got when you predicted it. i said it with love. l not on tv. >> right. rig >> ya. >> okay. you did say that. but i noticed that, that was yesterday? >> when we were out on valentine >> and we had three flurries. not like a white-out. reagan national, 41, dullos, 35. by the way welo want tos, thank everybody that we had a chancene to give donuts out to. great >> had fun with that. >> three up in baltimore. all right, 40 for us today,, rain showers to the south and southeast. it is possible, few could sneak further north, although kind of pivoting away from us, so southern maryland, central virginia you have the bestbest chance after morning shower.or we doni have cold front on the e march here north and west of us up toward pittsburgh, kindbug of see it, there few snow showers up toward pittsburgh. when that arrives later today, t it will try to clear us out by mid to late afternoon. but our win will also
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will be little late day sunshine, winds will pick up.ick it will get prague rest i p havely cooler around herera little later this afternoon. all-in-all, one of those days.a. lots of clouds around. temps in the four's. best chance for shower this morning, then gets breezy, little sunshine later. >> thanks. warmer morearmeks strike like.ike. snow lovers, this is not our o winter. >> no? you know, i say, everythingg with love to you. y >> i know. although she was like seven? >> sound about right. rig >> oh, fun. >> taking you, this morning -- >> 7:07, right now, we have problems on the roads, weather not i am palling our driving, southbound baltimore parkway,kwy new crash at the boulevard. b delays really heavy back to 100, so as you come from the baltimore belt way, makingng your way to 32, i would say 95 southbound, much better bet. volume heavy there. but not the same as what you are dealing with, bw parkwayarkw superintendent bound because of the crash. over to tr waydent east-west highway, the
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crash, involving an overturned vehicle, grub road, so if youad are headed out i, n silver sil spring caution aside from that, 270 southbound on and off delays making your way from frederick all the way down through montgomery count my rockville m getting to the belt way. only need about 20 extra minutes this morning. northbound 210, there is aa crash at livingston road moved over to the shouldermentent coming up from ft. washingtonhig traffic still bit heavy try to get to the bottom side of the belt way inner loop jammed branch avenue across the wilson bridge, the parkway inbound back to branch avenue,e, try to get toward south capitol street.pito for the rest of your morning y commute, crash on the top side of the belt way. outer loop by cull ville lane, delays extremely heavy back to route one. it is about 30 minute delay right now. but crash bw parkway southbound 410, as well., as in the process of clearing, c but delays heavy back to 193. steve, al on? >> thanks, metro, talking about metro, maryland senate. i don't think metro has a senate marl large senate moving fast
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program. threatening to withhol d w millions of dollars from dc and maryland and virginia until they create new metro safety commission. gave initial approval tuesdaypp to commit to newro safety commission the vote set for tuesday. teams get handed the drivers key, a loft folks mayols tees, oh, time to get off the gt rolled, because they're on it now. >> but this morning, teens aren't the ones being labeled b the worse drivers. fox5 bob barnard live in green belt to tell us who gets that dubious distinction.isti and why. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison, steve. yep, it is young millennials,nna drivers between the ages of 19 and 24, this according to triple a. their foundation for traffic safety and basically, they're saying, because of the behavior these millennial drivers, our roadways gettingng more dangerous. the statistics say put out say y these young mill end yan drivers more likely to read or type, text messages, emails
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or to drive through red light. also, to speed in schooll zones, and that they find this behavior acceptable. triple a says 88% of young millennials engage in risky behavior behind the wheel, again, talking of drivers between the ages of 19 and 24, and again, they believe this is directly resulting in more deaths, traffic deaths, in 2015, just over 35,000. that's an increase of 7%, the largest single year increase in five decades according to triple a. so again, teen drivers havee their issues, but it is these young millennials concerninglenn the folks that try to doia whata they can to keep our roadways safe, guys. >> surely we're not saying they're the only ones who do these bad things behind the wheel. >> no. and that, you know there is was a survey conducted of several thousand drivers of different ages. anddi yes, we all do certain c things like drive more tha
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speed and in school zones, on occasion, but it is thesese young drivers that for some reason think it is okay. although they're the ones that a lot of the education is targeted toward. so that's what i think triple t a finds surprising, that these are young people driven up knowing it is not safe to text and drive yet they're still doing it.doin >> all right, bob, thank younk very much. >> still ahead: day without immigrant. the plan that could cripple business here in the area. >> they're violent individuals in the country hereiole illegal. most people support, you know, k moving those people back to their home p c >> talking about some local lawmakers trying to stop maryland from becoming sanctuary state. details after the break at 7:11 now on a wednesday. ay.
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>> remember the view 30 minuteth ago, when it was dark out? like the sun came out. kind ofe n it the like ahh.hh >> and to me it seems it is staying lighter little longer. >> yes, finally. >> yes, yes, after 6:00.:00. >> double check this time, yes,. >> a child goes to basketball at 6:00. it used to be dark at 6:00 p.m. now lighter, yes. >> yep. >> okay. come on, spring. co turning the corner here pretty quick. >> come on, spring team. meantime? >> out in california things getting little better by that da dam that was in dangerment some 200,000 people evacuatedvau lived under the oroville dam dam can go home now. >> this process they used see the heavy bags of rocks with of the helicopters, it is working, resident should beould prepared to evacuate again if needed. because there is more rain. structural engineers think that the dam
7:15 am
obviously, big hope. but they say keep in mind, a lot of snow in the area. that run-off. >> i'm not sophisticated person but i would think engineers would think of more m than just sticking rocks in a hole? >> the simple things work. >> whether out of super glue? >> old school solution. >> better than like that t cartoon where you're trying to t plug the holes, ya? >> i'm sure there is very detailed stud nay conference room. >> right? >> go with the rock bags, let's go get some rocks. hey, unfortunately in california they'll get a lot more rain in the next couple of weeks. they'll be tested. t then the snow pack will melt, ya. for us, cold air.. on the move here. north and that will make a come backk later today. t get some wind, and some chilly temperatures overnight tonight. during the day tomorrow. forty-one washington.ngto thirty-five in pittsburgh. thirty-two columbus, much of the region in the 30's this morning, so bring the jacketket when headed out this morning. along with it, a lot of
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storm system to the south, and d if you're into the world of weather, we almost got northern and southern stream, s if that's happened, we have had big coastal system, might mg have had winter weather but didn't happen. h this push out to sea, colds property up nears pittsburgh, and slide down, into thep near region, mid-day. might kick off few showers or few snow showers for parts of the region. then we clear it out. out winds will pick up. and we will turn breezy, cold, tonight.toni overnight lows back below freezing for everybody. f there isor your seven day tomorrow looks chilly, look atl, the warm up, saturday, sunday, holiday monday. sixty or bert.t. and we are going conservative,sv may be upper 60s. >> nice weekend. >> great weekend. >> cool. can match it withwith the roads? hi, erin. >> 7:16. problems,th some making a your way out, look at the maps.s. crash westbound side after 301. that is involving a bicyclist, please use caution, this
7:17 am
in waldorf. bw parkway, there is a southbound crash at a run del boulevard. delays heavy extending past 100 jammed. and 100 then heavier traffic outside the area. coming down from the baltimore belt way, i would say your best bet taking 95 southbound to get to the capitol beltapit way. we move it over. earlier crash cleared to thered right shoulder. outer loop at coals ville road. look at the congestion, route one over to coals ville road.oa. ninety-five southbound, congestion, as well, comingomin down from the breaks up a bit before the belt way. bw parkway southbound side had earlier crash.. that cleared at 410. residual delays to 193. this crash involving overturned car, still dealingeai with the scene in silver spring. this is east-west highway at hig grub road.ub r so caution there.. moving over to 270 southboundouh on and off delays have eased from 70 down through urbana.a. into montgomery county very heavy traffic,
7:18 am
belt way, a 35 minute delay with tons of congestion there. wheaton, glenn month, secondaries looking good.eaton, 210, crash cleaned to the shoulder livingstonrash c road. up the belt way, heavy traffic inner look, jammed across the wilson bridge. bri metro on time except for safe s track impacting blue line, allison, steve? >> new this morning, malaysian police say vietnamese woman arrested in the brother north core even and leader king june n awning. attacked with chemical spray cal at airport monday. he died on the way to the hospital. reports say the two women who carried out attack were likely north korean agent. kim june nam estranged from n half brother, northam e korea k leered, apparently fell out of favor after trying don't err japan on false passport in 2001 when trying to visit disneyland in tokyo. >> wild fires reaking havoc in parts of news re zealand, hundrs of people had to be evacuatedat from their homes city of christ church. least one of the homes hom burned down. flames there.
7:19 am
made the fires un predictable.cb the new zealand military has been deployed to help out yesterday, helicopter pilot died in a crash while trying to battleg those flames. assaulting first responds err could soon be hate crime in the stateting fsoon of ken du >> i this after lawmakers passed the first responder protection bill in the state house earlier this week. lawmakers overwhelming support for house bill 14. 14. some residents throughout thehe state aren't happy with the new measure calling proposed law racist.w r >> there is bit of hypocrisy in the whole thing. t there is also a subtle bit of racism. would this be labeled blue b life matter if there wasn't already a movement to protecttec black lives? attacking a first respondernder for just being a first responds err is a haneous thing, and we don't tolerate.e. >> the bill will now move one to the senate. where it is expected to pass within the next two weeks. >> controversial proposal could put marylander in president trump's cross hairs, president threatened to cut federal funds tot thre so-called sa
7:20 am
protect undocumented imigrants. some maryland state house democrats are pushing legislation to limit house h state resources are used to enforce immigration laws, law under the bill, police would not be required to ask residents or even suspected criminals about their citizenship or where they were born. and local police would not participate in federal operations or raids. someerat republicans lawmakers n annapolis say the bill is irresponsible and would create anarchy in maryland. >> shields g from the people from the law i don't think is the right approach. i do have g faw i de ri concern, they're violent individuals innv this country here illegally. i most people support, you know, moving those people back to their home countries. >> underlying belief that you are hurting a safineg be haven r sanctuary for criminals, whichch then means immigrants are best criminals. however, stud advice shown, adv that actual immigrants arents more likely to be victims of crime. >> democrats control boathouses in maryland, so the bill will likely pass it, remains unclear whether republican governor larry
7:21 am
>> still ahead, dc store is selling pricy jewelry, jew watches, more, but even if you buy it, police say it, might m not really belong to you.ou we'll explain. >> and hundreds competed but only one winner could be chosen.osen who would be best in show? >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> hey, starbucks is adding a i new sweet treat to its menu at some stores. ice more than 100 locations, and including the starbucks and the grand hyatt in northwest, n will is her of this ice cream. e that's basically expresso poured over ice the new menu item will hit select starbucks locations this week. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> the german shepherd dog! >> best in show. >> that's a good boy. >> beautiful dog. d >> do you think he get that, good boy. no baby talk, no baby talk. these are working dogs here. >> show dogs. probably just ah, ah. >> he's perfect, right? r his whole body, just perfect, the slope by his back legs, everything. he's a german shepherd named rumor, crouds america's topud dog lasts night winning best in
7:25 am
show. five year old shepherd is named for the ad he will hiltd e song rumor.. ps beyonce fans are mad, likee it should be named, you know? single lady? >> it should be named >> right. >> just a joke. >> rumor is the second german shepherds ever to win best in show, which is very hard it believe, right?ight >> just handsome dog. you hope>> jus as a dog lover, t you can just scratch him behind the ear, like play withc him, give him hugs, and he, an doesn't have to be like -- >> well, get some ground time.nt or have you watched the show best in show. >> pretty much. video the the beagle yesterday, like stopping andagle posing? >> no. >> i can believe it, they. >> did he get disqualified. he was running the obstacle course, just kept stopping, turn around. >> youtube videos on the goall end retriever fails, when they just stop and -- and >> oh, ya, ya.a. >> oh, just being a pooch. poo >> i love it. forty-one in washington. hey, windchill 38 degrees, wes,w got cloud cover out there. rain showers jus
7:26 am
of this shohe ish and scootingt and east every us, low eastern shore pretty good rains, you guys in southern maryland,d, central virginia dealing withh rain showers. losehis system got very close to us. and actually, was very closey to becoming a coastal event. but it will be pushed out to sea here, as this cold frontnt will push everything out to t our east later today. cold front will come through midday. that may bring us another shower or even few snow showers north and west, then t things get blustery, cool hine u t winds pick up late this afternoon, tonight, and we will be in for chilly thursday. but look at your rebound in temperatures.te saturday, sunday, let's not forget holiday monday. uh-huh, 60 or better. right now we feature lot of sunshine, so keep the fingers crossed we actually deliver a this weekend. >> i hope do you. >> right. because last weekend we didn't real. >> i i'm looking forward to this weekend, i have zero plans.plan >> really? .> yes, just hanging out. >> want to hang out? >> yes. i want to go >> oh, avenue great hiking spot. >> oh, you have to tell me about it. aveking fifty on you the
7:27 am
pacely parked from the bell way to 295, a crash, by 295,, this camera shot looking by 202. you need a lot of extra time to get from buoy inside the belt way to 295. be prepared for. that will out bound side really quiet as you make your way toward buoy this morning. now as you make your way out onto 270, southbound side, how heavy from father hillyher boulevard down to the spur, itu is about a 25 to 30 minute min delay because of volume. northbound 270 looks just fine. head toward urbana this morning. top side, outer loop by neww hampshire avenue, sluggish commute, earlier crash, moved to the shoulder, run without w to coals mill vote still in for 30 minute delay. i'll let you know when things get back to t normal. congestion in other areas like 295 southbound earlier crash by 11 street bridge cleared. 295 southbound jams basically from the belt way down to 11 street bridge. allison, me? >> still ahead, push foshush state hood. who is head to the hill tonight deuce new members every congress? teenage girl vanishes g from fairfax county,
7:28 am
suspect gangs are involved. now, the girl's mother is speaking to fox5.
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>> not going to see the mostng t sunshine today. it's 41 degrees. it's february. resu wite't about whe supposed to be. >> no complaints at all.o >> not snobecompwing or anythine that. kind of a low cloud covercloucor average kind of day.nd of we'll get the details from from tucker coming in a couple of minutes.tes in the meantime let's get to news d.c. police investigate a high g end jewelry store in dupont circle.le they're buying stolen items, its furs, watches, jewelry and coins stolen from area homes. fox5 confronted the owner andwnd here's what he had to say.
7:31 am
items from your jewelry storeto police believe stolen in in burglaries.. >> i have no >> you have no comment of buyinn items like these that weret wer stolen? you under investigation. >> nothing you want to say. >> we did learn he is facing ng youlcharges for trafficking o receiving stolen property worr r more than $1,000. $1,0. also in the district policec need your help finding this man wanted for robbing a convenience store in southeast caught onn surveillance video leaping overi the counter.unter rummaging through the cashg th register before taking off. closer picture if you recognizee this man d.c. police want to hear from you.. happening this morning, the group d.c. vote will lobby thelt new members of congress ingrs i support of d.c. statehood. that's 8:00 a.m. on capitol hill. hi organizers say the goal to quote introduce d.c. to the newheew members of they hope the rally had helpelp educate lawmakers
7:32 am
inequality for 700,000 districtt residents.des. >> virginia teenager who wenthow missing now back in the arms ofo her mother. he >> she returned just hours aftet police held a news conferencewsn saying that they believe hert tb life was in danelger. fox5's inanely crew is lives ve outside a fairfax county police headquarters with the latest whh now. now. annie? operate operate goodte o morning, steve and allison. she returned home safely lastafl night. she came home around 9:00 o'clock reported missing for nearly a month before shee e decided to come home. hom and we spoke to the mother bothh before and after she went went missing. she was very emotional as yous o can imagine, but certainlyertaiy relieved at this time.ime but we know that detectives quickly after the two werewoer reunited brought her down to the fairfax police headquarters forr questioning because they want to learn more about the the circumstances of herceof h disappearance. they have basically during a dia press conference yesterday yeste linked her daughter'ster's disappearance, venus' disappearance to that of a 15-year-old girl from fro gaithersburg, maryland, who wass found missing
7:33 am
missing excuse me and found dead over the weekend in springfielde have a v and police told thushu they believed the two girls neww each other and may have had tiet to gang members and that this t disappearance case could bease really part of a bigger case involving area gang members, and so detectives describe the thisi as a multiple overlappingpi investigation with multipleultil suspects involved.ved so this morning we are hoping tt learn more.e. meanwhile venus' mother tells uu she has no idea where herre h daughter has been this wholethio time, but certainly relieved she was in tears the two hugged, and she said that police quickly qck took her into custody for f questioning, but is now back k home. so at this time, we are hopingrp to learn more about what exactly happened during her her disappearance, why sherance,hy s disappeared, and so hopefullyefl we'll bring that to you shortlyy that's the very latest here frof fairfax county.fa annie yu, fox5 local news.. >> annie thanks much. 8:33 -- 7:33. let's not get too far ahead ofaf ourselves. >> oh, we can. >> timing to home. t >> make the day go faster.aster. >> hi, g
7:34 am
>> change the number on thee the clock. >> let me see if i'm ready to go. >> we'll wink it.>> w 41 in washington.n waston. that camera is awful close.. 41 in washington right now. now. we got cloudy skies and some som rain showers just to our south that will fade off to the southh and east later today. tay we'll keep the cloud cover anded rather cool cool da-da i don't think we'll get out of the mid to upper 40s for daytime highs. there's your rain showers youra activity. heaviest has been well off to the south and east all morning. passing storm system in the t carolinas responsible for that a shower we've got a cold front further r north and west up towards pittsburgh you can see the snowe shower activity up there. theive when that passes through midday, we may kick off another round oo light showers or perhaps snowpss showers if you're north and west and then the winds will pick upu and we're going to try to get a little sunshine in here latere t today.toda. but what you'll real notice the cooler temperatures and windsds picking up. up a cool one today, 49, generallyy more clouds than we do nice warm up on that sevet day. i'll have all the details on the
7:35 am
a couple of minutes.ut erin is back with roads. >> 7:34. 7:3 some breaking news from metro. o some big delays. day dear was struck outside van v doren street right now the nowhe yellow line single trackingckin between franconia and van dorenn delays in both directions.ectio. also, keep in mind, because of safetrack surf 12 with no traina service on the blue line rosslys to pentagon with arlingtongton cemetery station closed a lot of folks taking the yellow line orr yellow rush plus from virginia.. so that deer struck scene at van doren could cause additional slow downs. want to towransfer at l'efant plaza. if you are taking the yellow line from maryland use thehe silver line. as we move over to our roadsuroa other big problems much as youhu head out in charles county inn waldorf smallwood drive afterlwr 301 a crash from earlier this ts morning involving cyclist struck by a car. there's delays in that area asra folks investigate so please keee thn min mind. as we take look in southernouthr maryland inbound delays.elays. crash at fort washington cleared by living ton but jammed up as you head to the bottom of them e beltway and the in
7:36 am
still very slow from branch of through oxon hill as you crossas the wilson bridge with heavyvy volume.. 270 southbound jams from fathere hurley to the spur with veryery heavy congestion creating 3in minute delay this morning andayt then the outer loohip even thouo earlier crash at colesville roar did clear to the shoulder lookho at that red zone from before route 1 to kohl's mill road a 33 minute throw slow.nute throw 95 southbound from the icc to s the in your opinion jammed withi bumper to bumper traffic.ffic heavy lingering 66 eastboundasou through centreville thish ce morning. so be find every mindful of that one. keep updated on the rails andls allison and steve.alson >> if you can't wait for yourcat amazon order to be delivered and haven't we all been there? y okay. maybe is it just me. >> is it here yet.ybe >> i >> you can pick it s taupe itstt near you. >> cool. a day without immigrants,ignt nationwide protest planned thiss week. what that means for localocal businesses. es.
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house will reopen for public pui tours. tour the tours were temporarilyraly suspended during a transition to the trump administration. that's common. yesterday first lady melaniarstl trump announced that the tourset will resume on march they are free of charge andg a issued on a first come firste fi serve tickets must be requesteds must through a member of all right. it's 7:40. 7:4 we'll be right back. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> let's look ahead a little bih now. let's takeeait a
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good day guest list. lt tyrese will join us starring ing brand new episode of starta tonight on fox. fox. he'll join us live.sive. a little chat with tyreece. tyr >> our week of love continues.n. today radio personality singergr reality star low mow joins us with her husband to share their relationship story. >> and fresh off his appearancec last night on chopped i did i d notarial lies that, oh my goodness, chef will cook for us live in the loft.of so very cool. now i wish i would have watchedh last night.. >> too late. >> you can watch in the in the commercial. >> i'll try and do that.l hi,tr tuck.k. >> good morning.>> goo >> good morningd . >> so after successfull valentine's day, i decided i'mii going to have to give it a it little walk this morning. >> you're feeling yourself. >> confident. >> it's called feeling yourself. >> go, tucker. >> it's jagger.agr. >> ♪♪♪♪ >> do your think, tuck. >> you made somebody happy
7:44 am
>> yeah! >> okay.>>kay. >> go, tuck. >> nice and quiet. >> ♪♪ >> nice and mellow. mello grown man walk. wk. >> thank you allison. >> yes. >> whenever i see anybody how is this -- allison is helping me ae great deal.greadeal >> look at your shoes.our shoes. you can't go wrong with thoseite little tan shoes.hoes. >> i got to do weather.ot w i'm going get in trouble. >> he needs shoe cam,, m awesome. [ laughter ] >> showers mostly south this morning. we have rain showers across the area. going get a little showee sun hr fingers crossed we'll get awe'l little sun by afternoon wernoone thought we'd get sun yesterdayed afternoon didn't get much. hope to get a little sun.un looks chilly and cold tonightong and tomorrow.orro breezy conditions expectedditisx around here and then a warmup wr just in time for the weekend,ee saturday, sunday, monday, holiday monday look fantastic ft with temperatures in the 60s.0s 41 now in washington.hiton. nice and cool out there 30 in gaithersburg.. 30 in so i'm
7:45 am
now down to 28 degrees.8 degree spots here to the north beloworh leonardtown you've had morning i rain showers, 41 degrees forgrsr you. 39 in quantico.ic all right. t. rain not too far away.. southern maryland, lower eastern shore you can see it kind oft k streaming there west to east.. and this should be pushed out tt sea here over the next couple oo hours so we'll keep the cloudshe in the forecast first half ofalf the day. i'm hoping by afternoon we'llon' get some sunshine but we still got to deal with our cold frontn which is right here off to theht north and it's possible when that frontt o slides through we could see aou few additional showers orgh wons perhaps even a few snow showerse if you're off to the north andod west here around midday and thee once that front gets through here winds will pick up and we w shall get late day clearing herg behind this front.nt but the trade off will be cooll temperatures and a pretty briski wind out of the north and west. so 40s to about 50 later today.. with i'm hoping a little latee day sunshine.hin we won't get a whole lot of raii unless you're well south and and east here for your wednesday w much cold tonight, cold tomorrow. but still featuring a nice weekend warmup spring lik
7:46 am
saturday, sunday, monday temps around 60. maybe even mid 60s by sundayy afternoon. so. >> yay! >> hope to get sunshine with iti o.o. okay. okay. how was your valentine's day. >> my valentine's day wasay w amazing i took a nap. n i got taken. t everything i wanted out of a o tuesday night.ght. >> you got taken.en >> take in.ake i instead of going out to eat. e [ laughter ]ughter >> whew! that is a good night.i. >> take in.ake i i got food delivered. >> clarifications are importantt [ laughter ] >> never know what you'll getl when you ask. you a. >> i mean, he is special willcil tucker asking. >> let's leave awed good night.d >> any way moving over to nig w trafay you guys actuallyaf made me blu. i'm so red right now i think you can actually see it on the screen. metro a deer was struck outsidee van doren street.retr no longer single tracking yellow line between franconia and vanan doren. safetrack surf 12 in place. plae watch for delays as well. wel moving over also keep in hypedyp from virginia use
7:47 am
yellow rush plus from marylandan use the silver line. lin hop outside we do have problemsl on the roads want to show youwou this big delay 50 inbound fromno the beltway to 295.o 295 there's a crash by 295 and thist caused a ton of overflow traffic. tr outbound 50 moving along justmo fine. as we move over to a look at 395, there's a disabled vehiclec that they're getting ready tong tow out of the way just north ot duke street. 395 northbound you can see slow-moving traffic next to thaa shoulder there from the beltway to the pentagon jammed heavyvy across the 14th street bridge bg a few extra moments needed tod t get through that area and toph o side of the beltway even thoughg earlier crash did clear out by colesville road heavy from rout. 66 eastbound a lot of heavy floo of traffic as you make your way sudley road seeing delays into ntntreville. i'm going to take deep breatheeh now. my skin is no longer bright redd and toss it back to you. you >> unlike kevin who watched thet movie taken last night forig valentine's day.ntday. protest movement building across the tomorrow some cities includingcc here in d.c. are
7:48 am
being called a day without immigrants.immi now the goal here to recognize the tribes of immigrants toig american society but some say be that doesn't tell the real storo or tackle the real problem.. maureen joins us now with some of the more -- some moree mo tails.s. mo. >> good morning, steve dayve d without immigrants has been bee planned for about week now, butw really got a push on monday indi wisconsin when immigrants walkal off their jobs to protest a milwaukee sheriff's interest inn making his deputes immigration and customs enforcement officers.ce. similar protest action isns planned for here. here. one big name to note celebrityey chef jose andreas who's ann immigrant himself tweeted heet h will be closing rather all fivel of his dc restaurants tomorrowoo and andreas is not the only one. busboys and poets and pizza aree just a few of the restaurantstas plan to close some or all of their locations.atns thousands of immigrants areignt expected not to report to work. organizers say this is in direcc response to president trump'senp crack down on illegaleg im
7:49 am
some d.c. restaurant owners says they're all for it.. >> once we told him, look, we're in support of this.rt othis. we want to you guys to stand upd we want you to, you know, fightt for your rights, and, you know,, be a part of this just as muchac as we are.. so they're happy about it.ut i they're coming up like we won'tn get fired, right? we can do? this. this. yeah, yeah. you're good. >> in addition to take the day e off from work, many in thehe immigrant community are alsore a encouraging people to stay homem not to shop or buy anything on thursday. it's generating a big response s on our facebook page. pe. many of our viewers saying the e protesters are missing theissint point. po claiming the president said he wants to crack down on illegal immigration not immigration as a whole. let's take look at some of yourm comments. kyle says, it's not aboutt abo immigrants it's about immigrants coming here illegally withoutut the right documents.ocuments if they are illegal just fire fr them and higher citizens ors legal immigrants.. joseph says this is a country oo immigrants so are we supportingt the people who worked hard andda came here legally and the peopll who came here illeg
7:50 am
if we can pick which laws wes obey let our family members outm prison.n. they were just trying to make am better live, too. but others say it's moret's m complicated than nick posted, i say do it for atr week, no, a month and do it on o every level with every job theyt may be working.orng a lot of people have no clue hoo much work is done by legal and illegal immigrants. i am for strictor regulationsuls but against a wall and completem banning of people.eople also unless they get arrested or commit crime they shall not bey bothered as most is are justre s here for a better life for themm and their families and risked re live and limb to get here. most americans have no clue what they end in hopes of a bettera e life a lot of comments on our or facebook page regarding this controversial issue. iss weigh in. what do you think? go to our fox5 d.c. facebook page and weigh in on this growing issue.e steve, back to you. >> send it over to allison withw a little bit more. al? >> more now on the local job j seep and some good news if newsf you're looking for employment.en there is a good chance you canyu get hired on the spot
7:51 am
event tomorrow in the district.. joining us novena trace gibsonn director of d.c. department ofnt human resources watch a pleasurs to have you on the show. sho good morning.orning. >> thank you good morning. y >> i love something i heard thee mayor say in press conference c and we talked about off camera.r this is about a pathway toay middle class. class. >> that's exactly right.t's exal >> i love that.y > isn't that w ionderful?rf? >> um-hmm.>> um-hmm. >> under mayor bowser what we'r' trying to do as one of her majoj goals to ensure that dcha d residents have an opportunitytui and can in fact obtain obtai employment and move from temp roles into full employment andu from full employment to a career path of choioyce.mef che. and so what she has tasked manyn of us leaders within her cabinet to do is to look for ways andnd opportunities to do that.o tha for the department of humant hn resources our responsibility isi to attract, retain and ensure that we find people for the t precious jobs that serve theerve residents of this great city.. so as a result, we came up with
7:52 am
opportunity under the mayor'sdeh authority for us to directlyy connect residents withidents wih employment. we're actually going out into varioalus wlyards t go sponsore direct connect event. >> what kind of jobs are we talking about? >> we're talking about jobs froo entry to executive level, from beginning apprenticeship to t fully journey man top opportunities. for example, we wilunl have socl worker opportunities, so persons who are interested in health heh care should come. com i would also recommend that anyone who is interested ind i social work understand that youa come with a master's in socialoa work. work. we're talking about administrative and clerical typy opportunities so those of hugheu really want to serve in thatha capacity should come for the t direct connect which is tomorrow from 10:00 to 3:00 at the barryr farm recreation center which is on summit road southeast inthean washington, d.c., of course, ward eight, and we also recommend that some of the other
7:53 am
types of employment motorotor vehicle operator where for theat office of theor state sta superintendent of education edui we're looking for 14 drivers of so they would need to bum withwi cdl. cdl. >> okay. >> and those are the type ofsere opportunities.unitie we also have private sector whoo is participating and lose, foref example, as well as canada dry. we have construction companies,, roofing companies, carpet treere companies so you see the range of occupations. >> that is so exciting. >> it's ahat is free event but o need to register.o rer. and only 1,000 people cane c >> so registration opened and closed in 25 minutes. >> oh. >> we got thousand hits immediately.osed i >> okay.e got >> so them let's just talk abous the good things that people who jarengs th going will already - tell me they'll be another ano direct connect event. event because this is the second. >> this is the second.his we have three more coming for c the rest of this year.ear. >> okay. >> in addition to a veterans van employment fair at the latterr e part of this year.r. but the next dirc
7:54 am
event we're going to probably reach 2,000 candidates.das. >> okay. >> and that will be at u d.c. on april 20th. >> so if you're watching now, miss gibson unneed a job or youy want to upgrade your status orso you want a career change how dod you find out before because if i it closes and open in 25n 25 minutes, i mean folks are now, upping, in tune with what'se wit going on. >> that's right.t' >> do we go to what website or how do we fine out.ut. >> www.d.c. hr did the or type in government jobs in gv the district of columbia, ourert webs oitf e willco also come up. >> i'm so em pref. pre that is so for people who are coming we w talked about some of the thingsm if you're a driver take youe r cdl. be prepared to show your higherh degree for social f what else can peopleor s do? sy you're going in to be a driver,, a schoolbus driver. drir besides your credentials, what a do you tell people to come in with.with. >> bring your resume. bring bring a government issued photo identification, a driver'srives license, an id from your job and
7:55 am
others, and also make sure thatt you dress for success.ce. >> okay. >> and i always like to tell people your dress -- does your u dress impress and does youroes y attire say higher. say higher. >> i know that's right. know th a little rhymes and everything.y i just love it. >> exactly.>> ectly come prepared to be interviewedd >> right. >> bring your best smile. your s >> yes. >> bring your professionalna decorum so that you make the t difference and you stand outtant from the >> now, not everybody will get t hired on the spot but somepobuto people will get higher on theon spot. >> that's exactly right. >> i love it so much and thet'sd next event is april -- >> twentieth.>> tntie >> twentieth. make sure you get on your game.. get your free ticket but youticu have to register.o gist so thanks for coming in.g i thahank you. >> d.c. is doing big things iigi see. >> trying our best. tryg ou >> steve, over to you.teve, ove >> we want to say good morning r to our facebook fan of the day.y let's do it. highland underwood and look at that mug. looking she's been a fox5 fan for 35 3 years. ars. recently celebrated a milestone birthday and she said i
7:56 am
we say it because she's proud od it. the big five-zero. congratulations and happy happy birthday. she wanted to share the milestone with herwanted favoriw team so we love it.weove thanks for the love.anks f keep it locked onor fox5 and eny that good day mug. mug. >> those are pretty rare, thoser mugs. >> extremely rare, steve. ste i'm always happy to see that wew actually send them out.. i feel like sometimes -- you wiw and then we never actually sentt it. 42 in washington.shingt winds out of the west southweste at five. we're going to be only in thehe 40s today. lots of cloud cover to startta your day and rain showers souths and east. pretty good rains lower easterne shore to start your morning what we can anticipate a little latel today passage avenue cold fronto so this is going to push the storminess out to see but it i will also bring us perhaps a quick moving shower here middaya an lot of wind late thise afternoon. so things are going to pick upip in the wind department and itd e will be breezy and cool this t afternoon then cold overnight lows below freezingre for everybody.foeverybo nice warm up this weekend,eend saturday,
7:57 am
now my favorite taken. ten >> you just quit that talk.t t got a lot of feedbac twitter. >> got a lot of laughs this morning tucker. so thank you mo now 666 o eastbound crash after sudley sue road within the delays. delay that's adding to the slowlow commute once you get to 28 youey jam up a bit more and then stopo and go traffic to the beltway.. as we forward our maps along 395 northbound edsall road to theroe 14th street bridge very slow. s a disable vehicle by littley ltl river turnpike much that's that' causing additional slow downs. smallwood drive westbound out it waldorf there was an earlier crash bicyclist hit by a car near 301.01 still an investigation there.hee some caution around thatunat intersection. and then in southern maryland, we still have heaviersout inboud delays, five at the 301 splitpl coming from brandywine and 210 2 northbound to the beltway through fort keep it to fox5.fort w ito fox we're back in just a few. f. ♪♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. >> this is fox5 news morning.iss >> ♪♪ good wednesday morning.sday. i'm allison seymour.ymour >> i'm steve chenevey. chevey. thanks for joining us. >> it is 8:00 a.m. on wednesday, february 15, here's what's on the fox5 newsew morning menu. >> white house fallout after the firing of michael flynn.el flyn. aids of president trump and had contact with russian agentsge during his campaign. bob?
8:01 am
>> we'll wait for bob. >> meantime, a virginia teenaget missing for nearly a month backb home this but there's still questions asio to where she was during the time when she was gone and weatherea gang activity may have playedavp roll in her disappearance.. later two top power housesp following the grammys after somr say bee i don't know si wasw sis snubbed. fellow singers coming to theingc defense of adele after hominergr record of the year win. so the, she said, she saidd continues.ue >> live look outside on thishi wednesday morning.esday morn weather and traffic coming up at 8:05. let's get to your news this morning.. russian spy ship spotted patrolling off east coast ofst united states last port call wal in cub it was making its way up thehe coast for several days. well into international water which is began just 12 milesega2 from the m that vessel expected to continui north until it reaches new res w london connecticut and then turt around and return to cuba. but again in legal waters. new this morning an
8:02 am
explosive new york times reportp says aids of president trump hah contact with russian intelligence officials duringene the presidential campaign o.. the report also says thats t president trump former presideni obama were briefed on the contacts.ntts. the time says it got its information from current andrend former american officials. those claims come as thee white house continues to real tl from the fallout of former ofor national security adviser michael flynn.lynn >> general flynn who resign oveg his own conversations with the russians, white house now sayinn that flynn's err rower was notow that he discussed us sanctionsss with russia's ambassador he he denied it for weeks. weeks officials say six days into his presidency president donald trump was told thatency p flynnh misled vice-president mike pencn about his contacts with russia. >> i think the reason that you t need an investigation is why would flynn have done that? ita was i think clearly an innocentc act in the first place. place is there anything else he'she' covering up. >> the fact that the democratsemra want t
8:03 am
surprising.rpri they hated they want to see if they can continue to hurt the credibility of the trump administration on n wide range of issues. iue using this as the battering ram. >> happening today, president, s trump is meeting with hisith his israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahou.nyah after that the israeli prime pre minister will meet withill meeth congressional leaders on capitot hill. >> director of the office of off government ethics is asking thek white house toin ptunish kellyae conway show went on fox andoxnd friends suggesting people shoulo buy ivanka trump's products theu head of the government ethics believes her actions violate tht standards of conduct act if so she should be punish.unis let's bring it back home.acm developing story out of fairfaxi county.county teenaged girl who went missingti has now returned home.w rned >> she returned just hours aftea police held a news conferencenc saying that they believed her life was in danger but over wnight, she's been talking with police about -- a mid a lot of questions about other girlsir with gang annie yu is
8:04 am
fairfax county policex c headquarters with the veryarrs t latest. annie. >> reporter: good morning,or steve and allison.ison. the plot sort of thickens herene as we're learning morein throughout the morning but wenge know venus, she is -- she camehm back home last night around 9:0n just hours after police heldic h this press conference saying sin that they were concerned for her safety.. but as soon as the team reunitee with her mother, detectives deci scooped her up and brought herrr back down here to police polic headquarters in fairfax countyfu where we are told this morning i just moments ago that she ist si still being held here ander a remains in police custody. now, police said earlier onn tuesday they told us during tha press conference that they t believed the teen'sevedhe teen's disappearance could be part of a bigger case involving area gang members and they described thiss to us as multiple overlappingpig investigations with multiplee suspects involved.spects involve so here's the h we have'e learned that theyt continue to question this youngg teen because they believe thatt she knows the same gang memberss affiliated with two other casesc that we have have been reportinr on. the first one is the montgomeryy
8:05 am
the 15 year old girl fromolrl f gaithersburg who went missingis and was found dead over theve t weekend in springfield and thene the disappearance case involving lizzie rivas and her five monthh old they were later found and fd are okay. again those are two stories that we have been reporting on, andnd so believe that venus somehow sw knows the people involved inolve those cases and so she remainsem in police custody here with detectives, and because she is i juvenile, they are work wig the commonwealth's attorney to aorne figure out what information they can put out as far as herput asr charges and her involvement,olme because this is a tricky case, c because it started off as a missing person's case theye t released her age and name and that's that sort of informationn now because she is involved witw this murder case out ofut gaithersburg, as well as thes t disappearance case of lizzie inn alexandria, they are now seeking the -- commonwealth's attorneynt to see what information they cac actually put out because she isi a juvenile.. so it gets kind of murky hererkh with the plot thickening butg bt
8:06 am
you as the morning continues.on that's the very latest from fairfax police. annie yu fox5 local news. >> annie, thanks much. muc annie bundled up this 41 degrees, tuck. >> it will later ton night and t tomorrow. overnight tonight everybodybo below freezing.. >> back at it. i >> haven't had lot of winternt this year. when it does get cold it feels -- >> extra cold good right .goodight cloud cover let's get to it. current numbers 42 now inrs2 non washington. we're up a degree from an hour h ago. 35 dulles. still hanging out freezing markr there in baltimore. baltimore. beau wi marshall is 32 degrees.. looking at our satellite/radar. rain showers city south thisth i it's fade aig way from thew fro region but still pretty good soaking rains there down towardw soles bury and ocean city. only couple weeks now until everybody starts opening uppeni their beach houses.houses. >> right?>> r >> just the thought of it.f i >> it won't be long.g >> it is raining down there, an, this rain will get out of here.r we have a cold front north andor west that may bring us an additional shower or eve
8:07 am
shower. kind of see it there up ishnn southwest pennsylvania and as aa that comes through, we're hopinn that will clear thing out enougo we get some sunshine thiss afternoon. high temperatures in the upperhp 40s. 40s so even though it looks ominouss most our day should be dry andha then we'll turn breezy and coolo this afternoon behind that fronf with temperatures in the 40s. 4 cold tonight, cold tomorrow. too but a nice warmup for the for t weekend.d. i'll have all the details on tht seven day.n d. coming up in just a minute.ine >> all right.ig >> thank you very much. tha >> how are the roads lookingnkdg erin it's been while. >> 8:07 right now.ght and things are improving on 500 inbound.d. still very heavy traffic.ra there's a crash by 295 this ishs actually better than what we saw 20 minutes ago. still heavy from the beltway to 295. be prepared for about a 200 minute slow down much as wedown forward our cameras, not the only thing that we're dealing th r root earlier disable vehicle 395 3 northbound by duke street see cleared. so that shoulder once again notn dealing with any tow truck orru anything like that.anythi like however, look at those cars thos crawli a
8:08 am
to the pentagon you're heavy and slow again across the 14thhe4t street bridg once you get on the freeway bott sides a little bit heavy by the third street tunnel.un 66 eastbound out by sudley roadd heavier volume as we take lookae on the our maps passed thatsed t point at 29 we have a crash it's within the delays blocking thege shoulder. you can see that red zone weon were dealing with has he's the t bit from gainsville throughro centreville just stop and gond o traffic from heavy congestionont and then 395 again a look atkt that delay right there. tre metro right now yell hoe line ne longer single tracking at van an doren leftover delays inays in addition to safetrack surf 12 s slowing down the blue line. back to you steve and allison. >> tracking metro right now. riw out with the old and in with the new. >> metro getting rid of 4,000 series rail cars today right the new -- yup. yup. that's what they're fox5's bob barnard is live in green belt to check out the newt fleet.t. bob? i like your little v >> reporter: safety pre
8:09 am
precaution. we're that the green belt rail yard for metro. theyard met you can see behind us this is us 4,000 series rail car. this is the first of the 4,000 series cars that's actuallyua being retired, being taken offeo the property, and they're starting here. they're going to hoist it up onn to this flatbed truck and itrucd will be driven to baltimoretimoe where it will be scrapped. sap joining to us talk about whatuta we're seeing here is paull wiedefeld metro general manager. paul, thanks for having us outut there. >> you plan by the end of thelae year to retire these cars.hese c tell us the trouble with thesehe cars first went on the tracks ik riril of '93. >> yes, sir. 1.5 million miles of service. si but this is our least reliable l series the 4,000. 4,0 it roughly does about 25,000 miles between failures. the 6,000 does four times that.a and just last month, the 7,000 series did 165,000 miles betweee failures. fa so obviously, the sooner we gete these off the better.etr. the problem even though i
8:10 am
small fleet of 100, it basicallc has to be bell lead between cars. so the weakest ripping what brings down the rail cars. car >> reporter: i would actuallylda hahn a metro rail car 1,000 series last night. n what you notice was the carpetse are awful and the seats areeatse falling apart.. these aren't as old as the 1,000 series but they've been ununreliable. can you get them all goneli by y end of the year replaced by thee new 7,000? is that the goal?oa >> basically that's it exactly.y we got to maintain a certainer level of fleet so that's whatt' we'll do.l do we'll back the 7,000 and the the goal to get these out of here - out of the service by the end oo the year. >> reporter: i was on that on t 1,000 series car it looked old.o are they dangerous? should tow not be out there are do you havu really no choice as we see thiss it's kind of slowly coming upomg off the tracks and on to this ts flatbed. >> i want to get those out ofut here as quickly as we have. hav we have 278 have been taken outt of service already of the 1,0000 we're basically moving 4,000, 1,000 as quickly as we can get them out of re
8:11 am
>> let's let you watch this. thi a slow process but they're theye taking this is the first of these what now 24-year-old railr cars that are going to be t dragged on to the back of this t particular flatbed truck andtbed driven to baltimore thisbaltoreh morning, guys, a significantfict milestone here for metro. guys? >> no doubt about.. but they probably won't be missed.ed >> no. out with the old. >>t yes. >> i love it. >> in with the new.>> yes.> ye >> i'll use the air quotes here rumor mr. has it there's a newhn top dog in america. ameri can you guess the dog's name? ? isn't think about it.isn't th >> has it? >> if you missed it the furry winner crowned best in show atwd the west minster dog show. sw. >> first, though, as you getou ready to head out of the door dr this morning, brushing yourruou teeth is probably part of your routine at least we hope so iff your teeth care includes mouthoh wash there are plenty of options out there as you know. is one better than thet th othe we'll break it down for you. fou >> if your name is has it by thy way let us know.way leus k >> has it is
8:12 am
>> great dog name. dogam here's some other names youme might know.know tyreece gibson, little mo, chef ype all guests on today's good day. tyreece in brand new episode ofi star tonight on fox. o >> week of love continues todayy radio personality singer andrnd reality star little mo joins usu with her husband dynamite to t share their relationship story.y >> the week of love.ove >> and fresh off his appearancep just last night, on the tv show chopped, local chef ype will wil cook for us live in the loft. we don't chop anybody.anybody. >> no, we don't. >> we just take their food. f >> that's right. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:13 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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♪♪ al? >> all right.>> a i know what's coming next.llco x >> cuteness.ene >> this is a good one, too. >> oh yeah you've seen it. i >> let's do cuteness.utenes time now for fox5 photo of the day. we have lynn angel.nn ang >> little angel baby.angel baby. >> photo of the day.>> this is gianna. >> jianne knee.ianne ne >> i love that name for her.. >> she turns -- she's just'sus little. she turns three months old today. >> aww.ww. >> happy thee months little onen >> you see that gorgeous dressod she's wearing it was handmade by her grandma. >> oh, my goodness, how speciali isn't i bet if it's off of herf it looks like a little dolle dol dress good right.dr >> she's so small.he's sal >> so cute. a aww. >> yes. she is so precious. so eci >> yes. >> y we love the picture
8:16 am
>> little dimples. dimples >> yeah. >> big old eyes.s. >> love everything about it. >> me, tooever. >> put us in a good mood thisoot morning.morn >> your parents ever make you yt >> my grandmother did.dmher >> really?>> rea >> oh, yeah she was amazingg amststress. >> really? >> um-hmm.m-hm that's for sure.ure. >> yeah, i never had that t experience. >> you didn't?>> >> no. >> little vest and bow tie madem by grandma, no? >> okay. i have enough for>> all of you.. >> there you go. go. okay jianne knee we love yourver picture. >> jianne knee.>> jiann we love your picture. >> your dad never knitted i wass bow tie, tuck.uc >> it's not much of a >> let's do the forecast.or. 42 in washington.ashi we are looking at daytime highsh in the the 4 in the 40s. 40s cloud cover and rape showers ouo there as well early this morning.rnin although most of the rain herear in fact all of the rain is wellw south and east of the city. c southern maryland, lower eastere shore, central virginia down d towards richmond getting somengm good soaking rains to start ther day.aith storminess to our
8:17 am
the carolinas a cold front onroo the north.or there was thinking last weekee these two were going to link upp what we cull phasing if that haa taken place we would have had ad big coastal storm and good andod winter storm.wi >> they didn't like each other?h >> yeah. it wasn't a love match. wasn't m we tried.. >> okay. for us the cold front will comee through later and sweepndwe everything out to sea and wend w shall get late day sunshine today and a lot of wind out ofd the normal and west.the it's going to be cold later thii afternoon ton night.ternoon ton look at your overnight low l 30 degrees. chilly tomorrow. nice weekend warmuomp. i'm having people tweet meet realizing they've got three-dayd weekend they didn't realize thee had and they're very excited ant saturday, sunday and monday alla featuring very very comfortable nditioions. 60s or better. >> i like that. tha >> early spring. earin >> um-hmm.>>m-hmm. >> little scared for march.ared. >> i think we get pay back in march.h. >> much like our beloved sportsd teams we don't want it to peakea too early. >> that is so great point.t point. >> right. ise onruiseful we'll cru into springtime.e. erin, good morning. >> i like the sound of cruisingn that sounds really nice andly na
8:18 am
8:17. if you're taking metro thishi morning, no longer single sgle tracking on the yellow line youy may hit residual delays between franconia and van doren a deer d was struck outside van dorenoren earlier this morning. blue line safetrack surf 12. arlington cemetery station sta closed from the leftover delays on the yellow line by van doren a lot of folks taking the yellol line from virginia or yell ohreh rush plus to get around thatundt blue line closure so be mindfuln if you transfer l'efant yount could still see additionalitna delays from maryland use the silver line to avoid toes blue line issues. 270 southbound as we take lookal at our roads jammed from fathert hurley to the spur.o thepur no crashes to report. repor but look at that red line r l dealing with a ton of congestion. about 25 minute delay linger ing outer loop you can see let men t get out of the way from 95 to colesville road still dealinglli with about a 25 minute slow down and knife southbound the icc toc the beltway very 66 eastbound a crash after sudley road within the delaysthe moved over to the shoulder. shoe things easing a bit throughithru
8:19 am
just give yourself about 15lfbot extra minutes to get from gainsville to fairfax.insvilo fa and then you jam again from f fairfax making your way into tht beltway. 395 northbound earlier disabledb vehicle by little river turnpikp cleared but you're still verytiy heavy from south of the mixingtx bowl all the way up to seven ann then you ease a bit over the ove 14th street bridge you'reou heavy from rosslyn into georgetown the key bridge is i stacked up this morning and gww parkway southbound 123 to the key bridge also heavy. smallwood drive in waldorf crasa involve along bicyclist strucklt after 301. still crash investigation scenea there. back to you guys. celebrities from lady gagafa to alicia keys signed their namn to a petition urging the texas governor to vote against thehe bathroom bill. b they say it's discriminatory.imr the bill would make trance jentt individuals use the restroomoo that matches their birth bth certificate not gender identity. in briefing last monthri lieutenant governor dan patrickt showed no signs of pumping the brakes.. >> texas drawing a line in the i sand a
8:20 am
the privacy and safety of texann is our first priority. >> it has nothing to do with t improving safety. there are already laws in placep that would deal with any illegal activity that would happen inn bathroom. >> more than 1,000 people have v signed an open letter youleer shaling lawmakers to not pass ns the bill. >> many of us use mouth wash asa little added insurance to fightf dental decay and kill germs.ler >> but stuff you buy at the youh store really working? how about trying bleach or maybe oil? ble >> i feel like we need helpach l here. >> holly is here to do just is she'usts helping us sort it out. >> i need a little break down. d >> i'll give you guidance but mt answer still will be no.ll wil n >> all right.>>ll r >> fair answer.r er. >> that's fair. let me tell when you it comes tn mouth wash, you actually have ae lot of options. oio over the counter, prescription,, even the make it yourself it turns out that many dentists say all three are actually good g options.s unless you have a specific oralo issue that you're hoping topi
8:21 am
for example f you have a histort of cavities or fillings, a fluoride mouth wash like act isi your best option. if your gums aren't doing well l they tend to bleed a lot you should be using anti september s pick mouth wash listerine or or prescription rinse which is cann help kill germs.germs. now, some people make their own rinses with diluted bleach or b hydrogen peroxide which are perfectly safe as long as theyse are properly diluted. like diluted a lot. okay? and here's the deal.he d they really just taste bad but they work. wor if diluted one new trend listen to this t gaining popularity oil pulling.. here's how the works. theorks you take coconut or sesame oil put a glob of it in your mouth and chew it until it melts. personally that sounds nasty to meme once it's liquid you switch for 20 minutes.. 20 minutes.inutes doctors say, though, it's far is better just to take two minutest to brush, one minute to floss ts and one minute to swish withswii h wth wash.
8:22 am little bit overboard.le b overb mouth washes that containonta alcohol can dry out your mouth some dentists recommend steerinc clear of those altogether and oe course remember this.hi mouth wash is not designed tonet replace the need for brushing and flossing. fss there you go. >> i would agree with the firsti thing you said and vote no. n >> we could have spent 52nd ond this story. thi believe -- we did this like there are other healthherea benefitsre. remember doing the coconut oiloo and keeping it in your mouth fof 20 minutes. min >> it's all natural.t's l na >> right. >> but it does other things.erhi so that's -- not that i can dot it. i can't do it.t do i >> you have an extra 20 minutest in your get ready routine.outi >> it's not even that.hat i don't know that i can keep it in my mouth for 20 min kutesr 2n without spitting it out.itting . >> if you have 20 minutes to doo to do that you have enough timem to read the research forarc for yourself.urse >> good point. excellent point. >> thanks holly. >> you're welcome. cvs whe>>n i buy theuyhe regular stuff.tuff >> right. well, we've got you coveredd head to toe february is healthya heart awareness month and still ahead we share tips to protectrt your heart from one d
8:23 am
suffer it open heart attack att just 38 years old. >> the nation crowns its newestn best in show. sho stay with us.sth we're back after this.e backfter ♪♪ ♪♪ >> i think we're going back to ' school, too, al., o, a ♪♪ ♪♪
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> best in show at the 141stin s annual west minster kennel clubc dog show the german shepherd
8:26 am
when she just say theyou germar shepherd dog and not the namehem rumor more but did he have to ht say dog at the at the ed at the dog show. >> yeah. >> german shepherd dog.ephe dog >> the german shepherd dog. the boxer dog. >> loveable -- >> best in show at the dog showw rumor more won handsome dog wha a good looking dog. dog five year old beat out severalur others including a miniaturere poodle, irish setter and a boxer. rumor mr. came out of retirement he's five years old so, you know, very long esteemed life ai a show dog.og. rumor more is named for adele hit sopping rumor more. more rumor more is a bad. b she'll pay a visit to empiremp state building before headinge home to ohio.o second time german shepherdhe given top honors.s >> well now the top honors go to -- professor barnes. >> hmm.. >> class is in session. >> young mychal. take it away.. >> here's the deal. mr. chenevey, i will not will n continue this class until i geti to you pay close attention.. all right disturnc
8:27 am
class. here's your weather report cardr for the day. mr. chenevey, c. we got a lot of cloud cover today.da wind, c. wind, c. it will get windy this afternoon. afternoon temperatures in the 40s. we'll give that an tempe c. um, mind practice at the park ii got to give that a c for today. overall maybe i shall give us sl failing grade for this one.sne >> what's happening right now? p at this point.en [ laughter ] >> all right. that is look at your weatherrea report card for the day. >> what did mike just do. d >> queue my music. mus >> ♪♪ >> thou maim practice in themaim park allison. is >> of all the days he told me tt pay attention. >> mime practice at the park.t r [ laughter ] >> we got plenty more coming upu i >> it will be real -- coming upg after the break. >> maybe you shall just -- ♪♪
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪♪ we are back now 8:30. 8 want to get to annie yu att fairfax county policeount headquarters. more breaking news involving the gang investigations she has been reporting on today.repoon what's the newest, annie? >> reporter: hey good morning. g we have just learned thatrnedha fairfax county police say a multiple people in custody. nine people total in custody. co seven of which are juveniles ana charges are currently pending.ei but we know that some of those charges are gang rela charges. now, they are all related toed some of the case that is we havh
8:31 am
few weeks. few we i want to start with the recentt one, venus, she's the youngng 17-year-old teen that went wen missing several weeks ago.. she came home late last nighttig around 9:00 o'clock to herock to mother's apartment in alexandrii and then she was immediately taken to fairfax county policee headquarters here on i didn'ti t feel fairfax county remain toaio question her this morning, and o she apparently is being hell ata juvenile detention center rightr now, and they are working withh the commonwealth's attorneys regarding charges, and her involve in many all of this.y ai but police did tell us on o tuesday during a pressre conference that they believe bie that this teenager' disappearance case could be part of a bigger case involving areaa gang members, and that seems tot be what we're dealing with thist morning. we have multiple overlappingappg investigations with multipleple suspects involved.nvolved. so as you may recall, they the are -- we have the 15-year-oldar girl from gaithersburg, marylanl hooks went missing and was foung dead over th ae weekend in sprii feel. we also have the recent case the
8:32 am
list appearance case involving lizzie rivas and her five month old they were later found ander are okay. thlae baby's father was taken into custody earlier this week. week. he is part of the nine in custody.ody so police right now believe thaa somehow all of these cases are related. that they all sort of know each other. and police told us that the girls venus as well as the 15-year-old victim intimn gaithersburg new each other, ana they learned this through leadsa coming in, and so this morning,, they continue to question venus -- i'm sorry there was arw distract over there and so theyo continue to question her thiseri moining. meanwhile you have multiplehavel suspects in custody all related to the gang related charges herr in fairfax county as well as ini gaithersburg.he that's the very latest here from fairfax this morning.orng back to you in the studio.di >> annie, thanks very much.anksu the month of february isy observed as healthy heartthy het awareness it's time to bring awareness tot heart disease which according to the c dc the leading cause forae death and women.omen >> it's a subjet
8:33 am
guest -- why we so far away.. come here for now. now for right now i hate -- okay. it's our subject our next gueste knows all too well about. dr. hernandez suffered a heartea attack at the age of just 38ust despite his healthy now he's using this liv changing experience to educateee and empower others and thishi morning we welcome you to the t studio. >> thanks for having me. >> own if it's so far away.nks >> okay. >> now that we've shown our o report card we can get closer. e >> here's the deal. personally, i can count so manyy people who have been affected bb this heart disease people whopl have dropped dead, who were seemingly healthy, people whoe w have had these heart it's very frightening.ghtening. >> very frightening.y frening. >> what's the headline here? >> the headline is that, upping, the more research that emerges,, the mr. we realize there are other elements in addition to t just diet and exercise.ise two years ago when i suffer myr heart attack, i was 6% body fatf i thought i was a walking wki billboard of health.
8:34 am
and i succumbed to stress and it's those other elements thatnt aren't so obvious that slowly sl will kill people. so things like sleep, sleep iss now considered a pillar ofillarf health.heth. if we're not sleeping seven tosn eight hours and i'm talkingm ali about 99% of adults, we're slowly creating an environmentme in our body that's going to be e pre disposed to heart disease da and other diseases as well. wl. then stress management. today's society we all are a bombarded with stress. yoga, meditation, whatever it is. >> deep breathing. >> i know for you that's thehat' case. it was a personal situation that put knew that high stress load.d but look we're all dealing withi that in some way. but you're in awesome physicalha shape at the time. tim the stress gets to you have a heart attacrek.ssttk. how did that impact you? what w was the recovery like? what did it have on your body and mine a the time?theime? >> you know it was definitely af
8:35 am
need this rude awake kenning to realize, you know, what your purpose is in life.e isn li and so that's what it did for me. and it really prompted me to dod more. not just to help myself but tout help many people out there that just don't know that either mism n or not educated to do theohe things that they need to do tott protect their heart and they'ret whole body at that. t it was definitely a rudea ru awakening but, you know, it wass something that if i had to, um, do things over, it was -- it wat my i had it because it was myas my calling. it brought me to thicas life off wellness and helping peopleple worldwide with my transformation program.progm. >> thankly if you you are advised. >> yeah. >> a lot of people don't survive. so leading -- before we get intt your tips what can we do, whata should people be doing? beyondn the physical?l? >> yeah.eah. yeah. there's couple of thing. first of all you need a positivt outlook. you need identify what your you goals are and then you need to t align yourself with good a goo
8:36 am
belief system and the righttem resources much that's why i'm creating this transformationatio program worldwide to everyone en who's looking to improve theirhr health. but then in terms of diet, d there's so much that we can tall about but the biggest thing most of these science backed dietsede now they removing sugar is the new evil.ewl. it's not fat. not f 's t the sugar. we need to eliminate that.ha in terms of exercise, things. >> i'm actually thon point. we can't have s omebodctuayll this t physically fit come in here in dressed to work out and not shoo us a few exercises as well.s wl. if you can show us somethingomet while you're talking.. >> absolutely let's do that andn wrap things up that way.hing >> in simple way for exercise e what are we looking at that cann actually helps us. helpss. >> a couple of things.ou t first of all get a pedometereder because you got to be active.e. we sit too much. mh. average american is sitting tooo much. at least 5,000 steps a day. d that's physical activity.ivit now, in terms of exercise itself, brisk walks, running,, cycling, swimming, i'm a big proponent of strengtheninggtheng because you got a big bang forbr your buck
8:37 am
so compound movements, first ono is a squat. squ. so just keep it right around your chest gaze upwards and juss sit down.sit you can create a circuit of o compound movements first withstt the squat, then you could do a dead lift.if >> i can vow for people if v you're not used to doing thisowt you will feel it.u willl it >> oh, yeah absolutely.olut >> in a short amount of time and feel like you're dying.e d. >> you're making it look easy. >> grab dumb bells, overheaderhd press, you know dorks that forat 30 seconds. 30 secon get into a push up and repeatdsr the >> right.ig. >> little things a long way.ay >> absolutely. tell us about this >> so this is my book that will be publish in the spring of' 17. it's called courage to continuei and i highlight those fivehose f pillars of health.lth. a lot of what i talk about in at this transformation program.. so we talk about diet, we talk t about exercise, the positivee outlook, stress management and a sleep.p. those are the new discoveredcovr elements that really keep us
8:38 am
well. >> if you need a baseline beforr we let you go if you need a nee baseline to where you are, whata do we need to do? there are aee lot of tests out there n you can look into the arteriesrt and see if you're clogged.e c what do we need to do to startrt this? this? >> i think the most important thing is you need to go to theo doctor. you need to look at simple sim things like your blood pressurer your triglycerides, your fasting glucose. you know, insulin is so important.ant you know, not enough time to to talk about in this segment but b that is the cornerstone in every disease when we have insulinulin resistance, we get obesity, hypertension, alzheimer's,er's stroke, heart so monitoring our fasting fasti glucose and other markers that t represent how insulin is working in our body is criticals criti government to your doctor ando get blood work.yogeblood wo >> you always hear alice zen tot your doctor and listen to yourou doctor who got a second chanceha he's walking the walk.king the . >> that's right.>> >> thanks for joining us thisinn morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the book will be out this spring.>> tk wi keep that in mine. as we head to bspringreak..keep
8:39 am
life. >> if you don't have onehavne facebook wants to help. wantso . how the social media giant is getting into the music businesss >> why not?? >> well, of course.ours ♪♪ z2a0gz zi0z
8:40 am
y2a0gy yi0y
8:41 am
>> there's a look 42 degrees at's 8:41. 81. face bock, instagram, want toant help you make your amateurr a videos a little more interesting. social media network wants to give usersed siaound n tracks.rk it is now askin
8:42 am
to for a licensing deal.ea successful negotiations would wd allow users to either editdi popular music into theiro their creations or record clips withs popular music in the backgroundn without facebook removing the videos for any type of copyrighi infringement like if you used it now. now. there you go. next thing to come count line.le speaking of the next thingne good day is up next.go let's fodine out what's on the b show. show check in with wisdom and >> hello. >> good morning. >> we have a jam pack two hours oming se a jventyaming se one we do.. all new at 9a the worst driversi on the ride identified and it'si probably not who you might mig think.think. >> all new, we're live with tmzz who has developing details about another close call in the airn r for harrison ford. >> ladies and some guys, too, t did you get flowers yesterday? y okay. so we have the five ways you cau extent the life of those a rangn many. >> put them in the ground. the that's one. th >> i'm just going out on limbmb and saying that. hit let's take look at our super hot hot good day guest list th morning. >> oh, my god, who is this firs guy here? tyreece we're live l with him
8:43 am
ox show and we're we' tease wagon else he's up toup to giving us the scoop at 10:15. 15 >> good day at 10a week of lovev singers with little mo here wite her husband to sharehare relationship stories. >> last note he was on the tv cooking show this morning he's live in the hi good day cafe. local chef ype will be here showing off his mad skills at 10:50. >> the often imitated, but never duplicated with words. >> clearly.arly >> the often imitated neverer duplicated good day d.c. just minutes away. >> don't imicate me no.o. stop it. >> can't imikate what you don't know. >> see in you a few minutes. mes still ahead the beehive has aveh new target now. now apparently it is guitarist
8:44 am
carlos why are beyonce' fans not happyp about what he had to say? we'll discuss. disc ♪♪ hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate.
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♪♪ why is the camera on theera capitol when al is singing andnd dancing right here in t this is what the world wants to see, al. we want to see you singingat t g dancing we want to hear aboutr o the forecast.reca we can see you but we can't heaa the forecast for a solid --
8:47 am
flash me ten. ten. all right. let's get to it. got some showers just south of the city. howe out her hanging e outer all morning. lower eastern shore down to dow ocean city salisbury gettingryet look at radar.okadar hoping for some this afternoon.n hoping for it yesterday didn'tey get a lot i'm not promising arog lot of sunshine but hoping togo get some by mid to late afternoon.oo going to be cold tonight andonid chilly and breezy tomorrow asezs well. featuring nice weekend warmup ww and three-day weekend for notorn for me but for many of us, and,a you know what it will bewill b absolutely beautiful saturday, , sunday monday. mda mild temperatures too. too 42 now in washington.ashito still cold. col baltimore 32. 32 34 in gaithersburg. jacket weather with cloud coverc and chilly temperatures.tu 35les.les. leonardtown getting rain showere and 41 for you.d for all right. all rain showers you can see thoseeo streaming just to our south anda east. heavy rain down in richmond this morning, and
8:48 am
pushed every so slowly off to the south and east.. but our day starting cloudy andd we'll be kind of remaining mostly cloudy for the day todayd our real focus this front rightg off off to the north and westnd will get in here may bring us au few midday showers and then when it gets south and east of us its will, a, push this piece ofie o energy out to sea but it will w also allow to us get little latl day clearing behind the front tf and the winds are going to pickc up. so the trade off we'll get latet day sunshine but it will bee breezy and quite cool around arn here with winds picking up to 25 to 30 miles an hour later thisri afternoon. high pressure building in. and again high preressursse ovea that means cold night for usor u tonight with overnight lows bacw in the 20s to about 30 in the there's your seven day. sevenay chilly today, cold tonight.onig. chilly tomorrow.omro and i'll get out of your way.r w look at saturday, sunday, mondan want to get out and catch outdoor movie.. something like that. >> yeah. >> john wick two.ohn >> this is your weekend for it.. temperatures in the 60s guys.s g back to you.cko yo >> that's pretty awesome foretto holiday weekend, t
8:49 am
>> and holiday weekend.iday wnd >> federal workers get three t days off. very nice. ve >> kev is here.evher time for fox beat. >> i have to mention something.m everyone talking about adele ana beyonce' controversy in regardsd to the grammys but no one isne i talking about one of the biggesg surprises of the night.he nig >> what is it? it? >> so i'm a metal head hugee metal fan watching -- listeninge to metal for long time. >> metallica is coming tos comg baltimore.imore >> i grew up on metallica, anthrax slayer, mega death has s been nominated 12 times for a a grammy and they finally won. >> awesome. >> on sunday. i w>>an ot to give a shout out t dave the lead singer of thatingt band incre this is a couple years ago atgoa the fillmore in silver springin when he played that's my buddy b dan on the left. the l here's the cool thing.'s t coo go to the next picture. dave sent me this tweet after ir said congratulations, thanks,, t kev, i thought about you on thee way to the grammy awards. award >> no way. >> i remembered you're the film guy. apparently he watches fox. >> awesome. ool.hich is really really c
8:50 am
does he. that's awesome. >> dave. i've been>> d listening -- do yy remember the movie last actionn hero. he that song angry again. aga >> i've been obsessed him for aa long time. kill the king. tiffany of destruction. i lovove it. shout out to dave. d 12 nominations finally won.on. since 1991.1. >> i'm very happy for him.erppy >> moving on next speaking of grammys controversy continuesy this morning with the adele andn beyonce' controversy over whatvw some are calling a beyonce' snus at this year's grammy awards continue this morning and carlos santana finding himself at the sent it all.. backlash began on sunday after a adele was awarded album of the t year, record of the year, song s of the year. many have since notice add blaca artist has not won the covetedot award since 2008 record of thede year.. even adele was surprised she won an allegedly remember she brokee the grammy in half it was a photo online of two allegedly thatas
8:51 am
it to beyonce'.on not confirm.t confrm but now carlos santana is backtracking on his opinion ofio the ordeal.erd in an interview with a new zealand newspaper carlos clos initially said, "i think adele won because she can sing sing. s now he wept on to say that witha all respect to our sisterter beyonce', she's not a singerger singer.sing i respectfully disagree.isage i think beyonce' is a greatat as i said earlier today i thinkt adele had the better al dumb ald personally.person santana took heat for those fho comments, and in a facebook posk yesterday santana said it was all taken out of context and he has the quote utmost respect for beyonce' as an artist an person. now, another person that'sha weighing in on this which getshg really interesting now iced tea of the he told the new york posp and said "adele is hard to beatb because she is the business and she is good and she makes hit records".recos" now she also said that the factf that adele was gracious to speae on beyonce' made it fly. f now listen, here's the questiono
8:52 am
>> this became a whole thing. ti is the beyonce' overrated? and listen --sten -- >> a lot of people think she isi >> i think she's incredible'snce artist an good singer an greatne performer.peor i don't -- personally betweeny e the two albums i do think adelee had the better album.e bett but, again, this leads too question of why didn't beyonce' win. >> here's my question and ie' brought this us p and fmyor whae it is these are all >> right. >> just because somebody is good andus be eyonce' is very very good -- doesn't make her thehe best. >> does she deserve to win every award. >> no. >> what's the big deal. wha >> this is the pres sident ofret recording academy also a downplaying some claims thating beyonce' snub was raciallyaciay motivated which is an is a interesting thing saying "thissh is a peer voted award alwayslw hard to create objectivity out o of something that's inherentlyel subjective.ti and which is -- art and music is about and we do the best we can. it's all opinion obviously. >> right. >> r >> i get upsetig when academycae awards don't nominate certain cr films but again it's all a master opinion. opi th
8:53 am
peers. so the peers thought that tt adele's album was but, you know, the question whyy are there so many different controversies? do you think sht was snubbed? do yohiu think itk was racially motivate idea a lol of questions.. how do you feel? >> i feel like -- i haven'tav listen to the entire adele cd so i can't compare let me made tooe hello.hell >> lemonade was ground breaking. >> right. so it's those other -- those x factor things it's like the music -- like they had videos for each of it. it wasr a story, it was artists it was all these thing. tng but at the rental of the day,her what do they vote on?en do thee vote on tracks one through nine? >> or the dancing because if yoe go to adele show i don't think t you see the same type of show so that you see is a beyonce' show. apples and oranges.nges. >> it's not just that. it' >> it comes down to the music.oi >> beauty of music there is i literally something for everyore taste for every now -- when you get into the categories best r and b, best b spoken word, best whatever then you break it down to that.
8:54 am
when you go to for record of the year it's anything.o fothin how do you compare one genre off music versus genre of music and decide who did it best.tes >> over the years, listen -- >> always going some type ofmeye controversy. >> when someone wins a grammy i doesn't mean -- your opinionr oo still doesn't change about thatt group. that's just the way the peersusa voted.y thvo for example --r example >> you still love beyonce'.eyce you thought adele had the bettee al dumb.b. >> when mc lamar beat den curricula march because imarcbea thought kendrick lamar's album was better than mack lamar. >> do you think that was racially motivated.otiv >> i thought kendrick lamar's's album was better. b i don't know what my opinion isi in regards who t how the votingn is happening. i don't know if it's fullyow racially motivated i really rea don't. what do you think?k? >> until you see every ballotal how it's fill out and who it'shs filled out by, can't provero anything. anything >> do you think it's raciallyu n motivate idea. ide >> i think that when -- i thinki that often if you have an artist like mack lamar and he's more appealing for whatever reason,
8:55 am
and you have an artist like kendrick who, you know, rap comes out of black community ana you see the white artist takingt it and taking pop and they're out dulles sinking r and b you have to question trends and youn have to question what this really means on the surface of it, you know, peers voting for the album what songs they liked. >> kendrick deserve the award.dr >> there's history to a lot ofdf this stuff that some people arep taking into account.. >> kendrick deserved it.rved he had the better the l >> we know the grammys just liki the oscars, a lot of questions.s >> we'll continue to talk.ll coi what do you think? weigh >> david bowie album didn't evev sell and he wins four grammysys because, why? he was in the news. >> david bowie won probablyon because he passed away.dway >> we're gone. we'll see in you a minute. we'll see in you a minute.
8:56 am
♪♪ >> kev, don't go too far. k because you can now get married at tacoev b, you ell!cael >> we're doing our vows in o vow october. >> there you go.ou go. we're going. 600 bucks.. fast food chain opening up a chapel in las vegas strip can steen tina locate.ate. taco bell garter, bow tie, sauce pact and wedding bouquet andet d cinnamon delights wedding cake.e first meal as newlyweds or renewally weds.y weds. >> we're going. >> will be a taco 12 pack. >> taco bell delivered 200 tacos to my wedding
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we'll go there on october 15th5h and renew our vows. o >> how many tacos above at thebt wedding, tucker.uc >> they were delicious, kev.eliv 43 in washington.ngto upper 40 today's.ay cloud cover early. early rain showers south and east. ea. we're actually focused thon mucs that's our cold front may bringb us midday showers maybe a few a snow showers north and west thes winds pick up, and we'll lockoc down that cool pattern for atern couple of nice warmup for the saturday, sunday, monday, mice.m >> i haven't seen you in like aa hour. should you traffic? >> traffic still busy 8:53 8 dealing witness morning rush.g live look outside we earlier crash international drive on tht ramp to dulles toll road thatrot cleared out of the way. w this is 66 eastbound we're still movie passed sudley road.y r quick look at our maps some map other issues we're up against. t inner loop a medical emergency g at university outer loop delays lingering lini through college park.thh iep it to fox5. good day at 9a coming right up. .
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♪♪ straight ahead, the white, e house in crisis.ri president trump facing a newng a wave of provocation from russiai at the same time new questionstw pop up about contacts betweenet his campaign aids and russianan operatives.op we'll have a live report.. a day without immigrants. tomorrow high profile d.c. restaurants will shut down asowa part of a national demonstratioa recognizing the contributions of immigrants to american society.e some critics say the movement in missing the point.he poi we'll tell you why


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