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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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county announced ten people arrested. we have mug shots. these are three of the four adults arrested in connection to this case. they're also six teenage juveniles who have been arrested in connection to this crime as well. police say they're connected to gang activity but won't mention the gang's name publicly. that is standard policy because they don't want to give the gangs any publicity. we've learned there is video connected to this case, but police won't elaborate on what it might show. police spoke about their overlapping investigations earlier today. take a listen. >> today, we're pleased to announce that nine people are in customer. and another is being looked at and all have been charged in connection with the murder investigation of 15-year-old demaris rivas from the case from january 8th. all people have been charged with abduction and participation at this time and we believe there are no outstanding
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we anticipate additional charge the near future. >> reporter: we should tell you about another developing story connected to this case. it's out of prince william's county. police there say it involves a january 12th death of christian rivas found washed up on the banks of the potomac river. they believe that that case is related to this investigation here in fairfax county. we're going to continue our team coverage right now with alexandra limon who has more on this story. alex? >> reporter: that's right. and prince william's county police tell us that the death of christian rivas was actually a homicide and again, they're confirming it may be linked to this undergo gang investigation here in fairfax county. and that's because christian rivas may have known one of the missing teenagers alsoing linked to all of this, take a look at her
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we're talking about 17-year-old venus. she ran away from home in mid january just days after christian rivas body wash you wanted from the potomac. she showed up safe and sound and spoke to her mother. hours later, that 17-year-old girl was actually taken into custody by fairfax county police along with now a total of ten people, and that's because police say they're connected to the murder of this girl right here, take a look at her photo. she is 15-year-old demaris rivas from gaithersburg. her body was found in springfield on saturday. demaris had been missing since december. and fairfax county police investigators found her body in springfield in a wooded area but what's so bizarre about it all is that they actually found her body in an area that's connected
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to an apartment complex where another missing girl lived. that girl is liz zy rivas colindas, they had also been missing since mid january but they turned up safe and sound on the same day that the body of that 15-year-old girl from gaithersburg was found. now, 18-year-old jose rivas the baby's father was arrested with the disappearance of the baby and it's mother. now, fairfax county police say they're investigating if he could also be linked to the murder of that 15-year-old from gaithersburg, so a big investigation again, police saying this is all gang related. in fact, all ten of these people are facing charges for gang involvement as well as abduction in connection to that missing girl whose body was found over
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us they're expecting more charges to follow and they will likely be murder charges for some of these teenagers and adults who have been arrested. we're live in fairfax, alexandra limon, i'll send it back to you. prince george's county police trying to track down a serial bank robbery, this guy robbed two in the past week, the latest incident happened friday at a bank in the 6200 block of annapolis road. surveillance video shows the suspect wearing a hard hat and a construction vest, police believe the same person is linked to two other robberies and of course, if you know anything, police would like to hear from you. what you pay at your store could hinge on a very big meeting in the washington >> the heads of the some of the businesses you may shop at all the time are trying to get lawmakers to hold the line on new taxes that could mean more money out of your pockets and possibly fewer jobs, tom fitzgerald live in northwest with more
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fitz? >> reporter: we're here on georgia avenue northwest. we're at the auto zone, an auto zone is one of the eight companies that were represented at a big meeting at the white house to deliver a strong message. that message? don't raise the 20's % import tax on goods coming out of mexico or you're going to wind up putting consumers at risk some 42 million jobs. in that meeting that message seemed to have been delivered because when president trump started talking about all of this, he didn't take about that tax. instead, he said he's getting the work right now on untangling a mess of regulations that the president said it's making it to do hard to do business in this country. he explained how this intricately is going to work. >> i've taken executive action to create a permanent structure of regulatory reduction
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creating more than one. basically for everyone regulation, two are out, so we knocked out two. so we have to put in one, you have to knock out two. that's the least of it. but it's an important symbol. >> reporter: also important to these retailers today, not making that 20% tax go ahead. it was an idea floated by white house about two weeks to help pay for the mexican border wall. however, it was slammed almost immediately by the national retailer federation said it would make it harder to do business and raise prices. the business representatives at the white house some of the major retailers you probably do business with, gap, target, auto zone, walgreens, all of them coming out of a united message with the ceo of auto zone speaking for all of them tonight, saying that in his words, they now have a
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relationship with this white house and a who comes out of the business world himself >> the president and his team as we continue to look to move the interest of our industry, our employees, and most importantly the consumers, the hard working american consumer that is we all serve. >> reporter: of course, the irony of all of this is last week, the president raised the eyebrows of some major retailers when he publicly criticized nordstrom's for dropping his daughter's clothing line. tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news. we'll send it back to you. at 5:00 drug dealers in mexico will try just about anything to sneak drugs across the border. >> even a catapult to throw it over the fence. we'll tell you where agents found this along with lots of drugs. interstat
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leaves a car dangling on the overpass and more on that. hero cop takes quick action when he sees a truck on fire. why he reacted by pushing truck to a different place. sue? jim and sarah we managed to get sunshine getting us up to 55. it's re. that's got news. bad news. those wind gusts are back. we're getting a gust at this hour to 38 miles per hour here in dc. it is bringing in colder air, we'll let you know what to expect for later tonight and give you a look at friday's actually, i'm really getting ahead of myself. thursday. now i'm really sad. anyway, we'll have much more to let you know what's coming your way in just a few minutes come on back to fox 5 local news at 5:00. .
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? >>yes. >> can scene in arlington county. person had to be pulled out of the vehicle after they drove off of interstate 395. the driver went over the guardrail and crashed on the southeast street below. the driver was taken to gw hospital with unknown injuries, virginia state police are investigating what may have caused that crash. and report says arlington marme bridge is among thousands in the united states consider structurally deficient. it's in the need of rehabilitation or replacement. because at least one major component
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deterioration or other problems, the brooklyn bridge also in similar condition. border patrol agents found a catapult being used to launch drugs into arizona. they made the discovery last week near the douglas port of tree. two bundles of marijuana were also found weighing about 50 pounds, the border agents dismantled and let it fall on the mexico side for police to seize. video capturing a quick thinking officer in text doing his part to prevent a car fire. this happened saturday at a jack in the box drive-through. officer chris womac. no one inside the restaurants or the drive-through was hurt. good thinking there. no doubt about it. >> nice and
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i don't mind that it's 49 degrees. >> the wind, when i was walking in today, it was really whipping out there >> i notice you got into work early today, too, jim >> i had the umbrella in the back. >> mary poppins arrival >> but hey listen, the wind is definitely a big story now. and that was supposed to be a complement by the way. the winds coming in has been blowing in a couple of hit or miss snow showers and a couple of rain showers earlier. that's coming off lake erie and while it's great to see sunshine this afternoon, we've had a rather blustery cold front also clear the region, we're probably not going to go see too much more but we are going to see temperatures begin to tumble. it was nice to get up to 55. 53 at dulles. 51 degrees. 54 at bwi. a cold night is on the way and we're seeing the evidence of that already. temperature has dropped to 44
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the front cleared, it's already down to 39 in gaithersburg. 39 towards martinsberg. i know had you a couple of flurries. with the strong and gustings that are going to remain for next few hours, we got to gust to 38 in the district and we did at one point gust to 45 miles an hour. winds are gusting to 40 at baltimore, 37 at dulles, 25 for frederick, 29 for hagerstown. you take the gusty winds, factor in the temperatures, the windchill is substantial. 35 in the district but feels like 25 in winchester, 36 for frederick, martinsberg, you feel like 30, and cumberland feels like 28. a bit of a chill in the air tonight. that is for sure. more cold stuff to come because pittsburgh down to 30. detroit 29 and those winds coming in out of the northwest will bring in a chillier evening for us going forward. here's what you can expect this evening,'s we might have to drop this just a little bit. temperat
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the breeze, making it feel colder by 9:00, 39 degrees and by the time we get to 11:00, we are already down to 37 degrees. so it is going to be a cold night. we do expect a cold and somewhat blustery thursday as well maybe we don't have gusts up to 40 miles an hour, but with those gusts, and temperatures dropping to near 40 degrees, upper 30's for some places, you will definitely feel the difference that the cold front is going to bring in to town for us tomorrow. but it's not all cold stuff. we do have warmer temperatures coming, just in time for that three-day weekend, we'll let you know about that coming in a little while. jim and sarah back to you >> i think a lot of people ought to use this weekend to get the last visit with bow, >> the panda cub will soon head back to china. gary mcgrady got reaction from some of her biggest fans. >> reporter: maybe you heard, maybe you haven't but it's time for bow-bow to go
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we're all depressed. generally they go back were they're four, she's only three and a half. we got the birth announcement. this was friday, september 6 from the "washington post" maybe you remember. maybe you don't. i'm not sure. here she is, it's a girl. this wasn't the birth date. it's when they announced it didn't have a name back then. there's bow-bow, stirring just a little bit. pretty much, looks like -- we're not sure if she's worried or just getting rest. she's headed back to china next week. back to china. what do i mean? she's just going for the first time. boa-boa >> it's not unusual for them to move back. >> reporter: it's going to be aling trip for baobao heading back to china some 16 hours the flight will be. she loves bamboo, so they're going to take 50 pounds
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potatoes and apple >> is this baobao >> meet joyce, she's a friend of the zoo, she brought a gift. her way of saying can't we please keep baobao around for a little bit longer? >> baobao stay here. she's owned the second panda born in the zoo in 50 years that has survived. let us keep her, let all of the chinese come see our baobao. >> her parents are here on loan. and that loan agreement stipulate that is any cub we have is required to go to china they can stay here up until four years old. she's three and a half, it's right in the perfect time for her to head back >> it's kind of like a contract. >> absolutely. >> i know people are more important. i know people have problems in the world. but let's start with the pandas. >> let's do it. >> let's start with the pandas >> back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you so much. boa-boa
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>> we'll keep help you get a chance to say good-bye to bao-bao. >> switching gears, it's -- this video of baltimore school officer captured on camera slapping a student? now we know the punishment he'll face for assaulting the teen. a veteran espn announcer suing the network, he was fired for following a controversial comment he made about venus williams during the australian open. why he says his word were taken out of context. and out with the old, in with the new, metro retire to go the hottest unreliable rail cars in the fleet, but what does that mean for you? we'll talk about that when we come back.
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to create a commission to oversee safety on metro. legislation has been passed by dc council signed by mayor bowser. it is still making its way through both of the virginia and maryland legislatures. if you were driving around the green belt area. a metro driver on a flatbed >> metro saying good-bye to the rail cars headed to the junkyard. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: it's the final run however so slowly of this 24-year-old 4,000 series rail car. getting ready to pull out of the railyard in green belt for the last time >> this goes down and it's attached to other cars it brings the whole train down so the quickly we get the
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better for the customers. >> reporter: this is the first of metro's 4,000 series rail cars to not only be taken out of service, but hauled away to the scrap heep >> what is wrong with these? what's the problem with these 4,000 series >> everything from the doors to the propulsion system it's across the board. i think one of our board members said a few years ago these were dogs and the reality they have been. >> reporter: the general manager paul weidefeld was with us as we watched the 15 minutes process of pulling the car off and on to a special flatbed truck: we rode one of the cars along the red line today. they're showing their age, and proven to be the most unreliable of metro's fleet >> about 25,000 miles between failures. the 6,000 does four times that. >> you don't have the last month, the seven,000
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167,000 failures. >> the 4,000, and the older 1,000 series rail cars are being replaced by shiny new seven,000 series cars more coming into service every month. >> weidefeld said the plan right now is to have all 1,000 and these 4,000 series cars retired by the end of this year. >> it's only bad when you compare them to the new. when they were here, they were ok. now they look pretty bad, out of date. old-fashioned. look more like the ones in new york. >> reporter: the transfer to the scrap yard begins today. ferried by flatbed to baltimore under police escort. in green belt maryland, bob barnard fox 5 local news. straight ahead at 5:30, the man who fired add gun into a land over home killing a three-year-old girl. was sentenced today, some say
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>> will lawmaker let the state attorney general sue the white house even without the blessing of governor hogan >> prime minister netanyahu visited the white house for the first time. they joked about the art of the deal but let me tell you what they discussed was very serious. the future of the iran nuclear deal. we'll have that after the break. the changes, chuck e cheese is making to its establishments to accommodate kids with autism.
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this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. lease in the district helped to locate this man, his name is elliot starks and wanted on several charge
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stabbing. the body was found on pomeroy road in southeast. he should be considered both armed and dangerous, there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest >> the man accused of following a gun into a land over home telling a three-year-old girl sentenced to 45 years in prison. he was found guilty of second degree murder in the shooting death. it happened back in august of 2014 in a prince george's county apartment complex. police say wallace got into an argument with residents and fired six shots into the home killing the little girl. he was on the run about 30 days before he was caught. in addition to second degree murder, wallace faces several gun charges. the baltimore school police officer caught on video slapping a teenager last year has accept add plea deal. he was charged with second degree assault. he acknowledged prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him. jail time he'll receive 18 months of surprised probation an
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officer will go on trial. the maryland general assembly voted to passing new resolutions allowing the state's attorney general to sue the federal government. the maryland defense act of 2017 gives brian frost the right to challenge the trump administration on several key issues, including undocumented immigrants and healthcare. maryland governor larry hogan said he is critical of the new measure but because of the joint resolution it will take affect without the signature. the president welcoming benjamin netanyahu to the white house. his first visit since president trump took office >> the two met for lunch and a press conference, fox 5 political reporter ronica cleary was there and is live with reports on the future of u.s. israeli relations. >> reporter: well, many people have great exemptions for the future of israel under a trump administration.
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took place before that private meeting, so it made for an interesting dynamic when you asked questions because they weren't able to speak about what they were going to privately discuss. but let me tell you, one thing was made abundantly clear in both remarks today. that they feel the things and efforts that have been put in place during the first few weeks of the trump administration have been beneficial to israel. take a listen to this. >> my administration has already imposed new sanctions on iran and i will do more to prevent iran from ever developing, i mean, ever, a nuclear weapon. security assistance to israel is currently at an all time high insuring that israel has the ability to defend itself from threats of which there are unfortunately many. >> challenging iran on its violations o
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missiles imposing sanctions on, and preventing them, making pay for the terrorism that they forment throughout the middle east and beyond, that is a change clearly evident since president trump took office. i welcome that. i think it's -- let me say this i think it's long overdue. >> going into today's event many expected more information about the potential of moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. president trump simply said he's looking at that option quote strongly and with great care. now, as for settlements, president trump openly asked prime minister netanyahu to quote hold back for a bit and when it comes to a two or one-state solution, president trump said he would be happy for any solution that both parties agree to. now, we also got a glimpse of the strong relations
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two share. they've known each other many years. and the prime minister defended president trump's support for israel. take a listen to this. >> i've known the president and i've known his family and his team for a long time. there is no greater supporter of the jewish people and the jewish state than president trump. i think we should put that to rest. >> reporter: the two smiled and laughed at times during this press conference. at one time, prime minister netanyahu actually joked about the art of the deal. it really gave you a glimpse into the relationship that the two share and the years that the two have known each other. very fascinating to watch unfold in addition to what we've learned about the future of israel and the united states. reporting live in northwest, ronica cleary, fox 5 local news. senate
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obama administration regulation that would prevent people with mental disorders from being able to buy a firearm. the federal background check systems by requiring the social security administration to report who received disability benefits and have mental impairments. about 75,000 beneficiaries are affected by the rule. critics say it was too broad and unfairly stigmatized the disabled. the measures go the to president trump. >> immigrants in districts across the country are planning a protest. many are set to take part in tomorrow's a day without immigrants. the goal is to show the presidents the effect they have on a daily basis. the campaign organized on social media calls for immigrants not go to work, not open businesses, not spend money or even send kids to school. ing orrers say the protest is response to the president's pledge to crack down on those in the country illegally and to build the
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company in the cross hairs of president trump protests. facing calls to remove trump winery projects from its ten virginia stores. it said decided to stock a product based solely on how well it sells. it has been selling wine since 2008 before trump bought the vinyard. craft breweries, popping up all over dc maryland and virginia and some attracting long lines >> sarah fraser went to check out one brewer getting a lot of attention. >> reporter: you probably heard of people waiting hours in line for one of dc's top restaurants, how about waiting hours in line flying across country and skipping work for craft beer? it's happening right here in our area. at micro brewery in her dan virginia. he knew he was on to something father's day 2016 >> we had 250 show up.
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we sold out of beer. we had to prepackage them and transition into a different package product: >> it's pretty consistent. >> reporter: kelly said he and his business partner started brewing in 2011 and they're known for the new england style ipa. >> everyone waits in line for the ipa. we brew what people want and what we like to drink. were were he brew what we like to drink. >> reporter: fans started lining up the thursday we visitored at 11:45 a.m. for a 3:00 p.m. release of their most popular styles. >> we're getting in line for the stuff every day. >> another fan, as you know the praises of the beer industry as a whole >> northern virginia has some of the newest cutting edge technology >> followingers are willing to go across country and trade beers >> driving three, four, five hours. >> reporter: within about an hour, they sold out of the
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and double ipa. >> plans to open a brew pub are in the works. >> we're work and oh a tasting room that people can have the experience >> kelly is staying grateful for his following and getting his loyal customers what they want. >> a lot of breweries out there that make a lot of quality beer, we're lucky we have a great following >> from her dan virginia at micro brewery company, i'm sarah fraser, fox 5 local. >> i think they noun their nitch. >> unfortunately sarah didn't bring back anything. we have to take her word for it espn announcer make a racist comment about venus williams or was he misunderstood >> how your id keycard and other items in your cubicle could be helping your boss keep track a new trend at chuck e cheese to accom
5:38 pm
special needs and autism >> jim and sarah, february is back because we have those ever present gusty winds now gusting close to 40 miles an hour in spots. 44 is the temperature despite the fact we hit 55 earlier today. nice to see the sunshine, we'll have that again tomorrow, but it will be colder and windier. coming up when fox 5 news at 5:00 returns after this.
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♪♪ know you have a dedicated advisor and team
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who understand where you come from know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values ♪♪ know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management® team. group is giving 100 volunteer employees both a microphone and a location censor. the badges track verbal and physical interaction and the data will be used to see how office design affects employee communication. the cohen
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working on a new badge to attract people by using a new ap. >> ok. a child on the autism spectrum. going to chuck e cheese can be difficult. they have started host wag they call sensory sensitive sundays during this time. the lights will be dimmed, sounds lowered and the popular mascot will not perform. chuck cheese is currently testing this over 50 locations until may. after 31 years the american girl company is introducing its first boy to their customers. meet logan everett. he plays the drums. the company has been making changes including their choice last week to start selling underwear directly on to the dolls. they're the second best selling toy in the united states. >> i didn't know that >> but no, i think it's a good idea about the boy doll. >> that's a good idea but i think the fact that the chuck cheese, that's a huge deal for a
5:43 pm
it's fantastic and good to see a lot getting on board. >> be sensitive to that. loud noises, calm it down and be sensitive. >> yes. >> i had four american girl dolls and i recently heard they do well on ebay thank you for the reminder. >> i mean, wow. i don't think i'll be playing with the dolls again any time soon. you never know. >> they are collector's items and i can see why second best toy still selling in america >> i have to go to weather and i want to see an american girl. look at the beautiful shot. we're catching the angle of the sun perfect time. the sun is setting about now and we see the last daylight sinking. glinting off of the buildings. you got the beautiful bright sunshine and the pink melting back. gorgeous. well, you might have thought maybe you didn't feel so gorgeo
5:44 pm
with that sunshine what is the howling winds that started up behind our cold front as it moved through earlier today. so the wind is back, the cold air is rushing in. it will remain breezy probably not as gusty and cold overnight with windchills in the teens to 20's to start off tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon, it will feel like it's in just at 20's or member the low 30's with the combination of the wind and the cold temperatures. friday less wind and we warm up considerably for the weekend it will look like we're in april. maybe you can believe it because it's been a warm february and a warm winter but this will not be a snow with president day weekend. temperatures 44 in washington. 37 gaithersburg, 39 westminster. colder air filtering in. we got wind gusts exceeding 30. 40 miles an hour wind gustses in baltimore. 37 out at dulles, and
5:45 pm
comparison to late sunday night early monday morning where we saw gusts over 60, it won't be like that. this is just a normal cold front not a nor eastward. windchills 20's and 30's. as we take the satellite and radar. we saw late day clearing and a decent amount of sunshine, snow showers over the lakes will stay off towards the northwest. i don't think we see flurries with this cold air coming in. it remains gusty this opening the as that cold front continues to move offshore. clear skies, temperatures fall back into mainly the 20's to around 30. like i mentioned those real feel temperatures are what it feels like when you step outside. we'll be in the teens and 20's. here's our surface map thursday, low pressure offshore. we still got the decent wind, we still got cold air on the movement we'll start in the 30's probably make it into the low 40's at best from washington and points southward but we got a lot of sunshine. it will be a typical blustery winter day
5:46 pm
we just haven't had many of them this february. when you step outside for work and school at the bus stop, widespread windchills in the teens to 21 here in washington. hat scarf gloves needed. cold all day. even in the afternoon, it will only feel like it's in the 20's to around 30 here in washington. what about good news? very cold and winter like today, and friday with seasonal temperatures, jet stream retreats all the way to the north and we'll get a surge of warm weather not just here but across most of the country through the rest of the week into the weekend, and that will mean several days well into the 60's. in fact, i think well into next week we'll be seeing high temperatures into the 60's, whether you have plans to go skiing, fresh powder getting good snow showers and of course they will be able to make some with the cold weather. or just going to be around town plan to be outdoors it's 63 with sunshine giving way to more clouds saturday afternoon, that could stop us from really rise ongoing the mid 60's. sunny and mild 64 sunday and mo
5:47 pm
but sunshine, 64 degrees. these numbers may be conservative, but we'll up them as we get closer to the weekend if we think we're going to be in the 60's. it looks fantastic. dry and sunny with those 60's lasting all the way through tuesday. 65 degrees and the cool front comes through wednesday but we fall back to 60. so another incredible swing in the temperature department when you consider we're starting off with windchills in the teens that would be tomorrow morning, then we're into the mid 60's by the weekend. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. sarah and jim? president trump will put an end to one of president trump's traditions >> the redskins are officially on clock when it comes to talking about kirk cousins. brody will explain, standing by with sports. port
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espn announcer is suing the sports network after he was fired over accumulations he used an ethnic sure against tennis star venus williams, doug addler said he used the gabor residual la effect. addler, who worked at espn since 2008 says his quote was taken out of context. and the espn has now branded had us character and reputation for the rest of his life >> i think it's worth pointing out he says he was intending to use gorilla as in mersnary, not war fare i want to say i want to say. this is a day seems like we were at this place this same time last year. here we go again. with kirk cousins. we've been talking about it. when is it going to happen? well, potential, it could be something soon for the franchise. the clock begins,he
5:52 pm
to make a decision on using the franchise tag on kirk cousins begins today. the skins have until first to use it. cousins made close to $20 million, and a second year would bump it up to 24 million. kirk cousins paid off a record setting year and the caps getting sun after the home winning streak on a rare saturday to saturday break. some playerses and their families took at the opportunity to vacation in the bahamas. and their families getting r and r. and enjoying them was marcus johansson has been a scoring machine for the caps this year with 40 points. he is not scoring off with these moves. maybe he is. she was kind enough to share this video of johansson's moves right there. marcus johansson was breaking it down on the beach. president trp
5:53 pm
breaking down this year's march madness. president obama started it of a presidential bracket but trump announced he will not be offering his 2017 ncaatournament picks. >> it's become about a part of every sporting event the nfl is using the big screen smoochs to promote diversity join wig the add council for the love has no labels campaign. features the pro ball this past year in orlando. take a look. ♪ ♪
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>> it's something good that came out of the pro bowl. >> down to the fire with kirk cousins forcing a fumble. >> and the league said that add has no political agenda. they're showing that love -- no matter who it is, you can be on >> look at the caps. you can play week or weekend and coming up in about -- it tells them anybody can play hockey and the n h l has been saying that too. it's good to see all the leagues >> and the reactions in the ads are great. people standing up and clapping. >> who doesn't love that the kiss scam. >> that's fun. >> thank you, brody. >> nothing said romance like crunch tops and the kids cans >> we'll
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is adding wedding belt to their menu. we'll explain. ♪ ♪o bell is adding wedding belt to their menu. we'll explain. ♪ ♪
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as we talk about taco bell. if you're looking for somewhere to get married, taco bell will do it for $600 >> the chain is opening a chapel in its las vegas strip and it's put together a wedding package that includes attack bell garretter made out of of chicken or something? i don't know. bow tie, soft packet. i don't know what you do with a soft packet. wedding bouquet and a sin based on daylight delights. >> your first meal will be a taco
5:59 pm
. local news at 6:00 starts now. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. white house fall-out following the resignation of national security advisor michael flynn, a trump cabinet nominee withdrawals >> an explosive new report and another world leader meeting were it president at the white house. in the midst of the turmoil. president met with the israeli prime minister today. fox lauren blanchard starts us off from capitol hill. >> reporter: a ceremonial welcome to the white house for israeli prime minister netanyahu's and his wife. the president and first lady greeting them before a joint press conference r >> with this visit, the united states again reaffirms our unbreakable bond with our cherished ally israel >> the prime minister enjoying a noticeably less tense relationship with president trump than
6:00 pm
obama >> under your leadership i believe we can reverse the rising tied of radical islam and in this great task as in so many others, israel stands with you. and i stand with you. >> reporter: president trump asking prime minister netanyahu to hold back on settlements and disputed territories. the leaders discussing whether a one or two-state solution is the best option for peace in the middle east. >> i think the israelis are going to have to show flexibility which is hard to do. i'm looking tattoo at two-state and one-state. >> reporter: despite firing his national security advisor michael flynn, he told reporters flynn was treated failure >> general flynn is a


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