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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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rush. it is still sitting here atting the scene, it is a dark is colored ts -- kia sedan.. three men inside. all three of them taken to the hospital. there are shell casings stretching a good bit of distance, if you are still with me, if live here, able to show that overpass, there is a csx overpass, distance away here, police finding shell casings, that far away. the car itself at least 13 bullet holes and again we know there were three men insidee that vehicle traveling eastbound, here on route 50. they all were taken to thehe hospital with gunshot wounds. >> they are expected to be okay, have non-life threatening injuries, were transported. the question is who shot at them? was this random? r did it have to do with roadith rage? police are still work to go figure all of wor that out t a peers it would be another vehicle traveling in the eastbound direction, where thehe shots were coming from, but they don't even have that confirmed at this point.. still looking to piece
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for long time they hadhi cars that were stopped behind the, i don't want to call itt accident scene, behind the shooting scene. s they had cars stopped there, interviewing witnesses trying to figure out whatng wit went o. just now let everybody go.o. people had been stopped heree for several hours, and policee are asking if there is anyone who was in the area who did did not have a chance to be interviewed by police, that they give them a call. take a listen. >> our detective are on scene, actively work to go establish g the suspect motive. this is a very busy highway.. there may have been some people who may have seen something, who drove on, may have thought it was an accident or something else. som so call our detective, we would appreciate it, can also remain anonymous with our our crime solvers tip line one-866-411-tips. >> the prince george's county police have thence ge lead on t. maryland state police, however, also involved.o they i just brought the the big lights. they can light up this whole crime scene area with the sun setting as they continue to investigate, look for evidence before they re-open the
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so, route 50, heading eastbound, after 295, at this time, remains shutdown. that's the latest here in hyattsville, back to you. >> i know the investigation is just reallyville, inv getting sd here. just to be clear, police believe the shooters were up there on the overpass? >> no. it is not clear where the shooters were. this point, it seems to me, from talking with them, that it was possibly another vehicle also traveling in the i eastbound lanes, so they don't d even have that confirmed right now. it seems to be what they'rere going with, just from where the shell casings were found, it was to would seem like twoeem cars were traveling together.he. but again, still not confirmed at this point.t. don't even know how many suspect we have. no look out information. inf they are working to try to get t something for us. >> wow, let's hope they do. lauren demarco much more tonight at 10:00. >> fox5 is also staying on top of the ongoing investigationtiga into two murders in virginia, and the connection to a violent gang in fairfax county. fox5's alexandra
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the 15 year old gaithersburgg girl. what's the latest today? >> today i spoke to that teenage over areas mother. told me, first,over she did not believe that her daughter was a member of the ms-13 gang. instead she believes she was friends with members of that gang. maybe even dated a member ofber the gang. she also believes ms-13 is responsible for that teenager's murder, and most alarming, is that she said she is now receiving threats from the gang,eiving as well. >> the mother of the slain gaithersburg teenager said she feels bad she couldn't help her daughter when she needed herer w most. police say 15 year old damaris reyes from gaithersburg, was and -- ac duct dollars and then killed, herc du body foundn a wooded area of springfield, two months after she went missing. >> fairfax county police chiefef said this about r
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>> savage, brutal killing, horrific, i'll leave it at that. >> but the chain of events was set off by the death of 2121 year old christian sosa rivas, r in prince williams county his body washed ashore midhore january. >> two missing juveniles from fairfax country indirectly linked by association to the victim of a recent homicide ini prince william count. >> i one of those two missing teens is now implicated in the murder. the other returned home safely with her baby. but the baby's father, jose castile rivas, one of thee of adults facing murder charges. the leads that police developed led them to the discovery of reyes' bod. >> i we discovered video evidence which suggested thatget the damaris had been murdered in the lake accotink area of fairfax county. >> the victim's mother who now n fears for her own life says the brutal salvador gang ms-13 is
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investigators won't name the gang involved, but said this about working to identify international threats. >> with regard to attempts to identify threats coming from outside of the united states, particularly central america,, the fbi has part nerds with other federal par agencies to include state departments, tont, ville the trans national anti-gang task force down in el salvador.alva >> ten people arrested in all, including four adults, and six minors. five are now facing murder charges, and of them, two are adults. they're jose call teal reyes, and will america, the rest face charges for gang affiliation and abduction. i'm told that the tha investigation into the murder of christian sosa rivas, the 21 year old whose body washed up from the potomac in prince william county, that investigation is still open and ongoing. what that means is that no one has been arrested for
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murder, sean, toney? t >> i know there have been questions about the suspect's immigration status.stat i understanded you have new information about the adult suspects?susp >> reporter: correct. ice has given me repor confirmam that they've now lodged detainers for all four adult suspects involved in this case, and what that means is that they are either here in the united states illegally orr they violated the terms of their legal status. >> all right, alex limon with the latest, thank you, alex. two prince george's county police officers couldce g face jail time after both were indicted today for separate cases of misconduct in office. first the prince george's county state attorney have charged corporal george merkel with second agree assaul after they say he assaulted homeless woman in september of last year. state attorney says two other officers witnessed corporal yelling at the woman, who was sleeping outside a vacant store, and then grabbed her by the ear and hit her
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side of the head. in the other case, a member of the department's prostitution task force, officer william diaz, is accused of helping prostitutes avoid arrests by arr tipping them off to where the task force was conducting stings, diaz also accused of soliciting prostitutes for sex n both casesrost investigators s it was other officers who notified their superiors that ta something was wrong. >> this shows we are not tolerating any wrong-doing, whether it is our officers, whether it is a member of the public, we police them both the same. and this is evidence of that. t if these allegations are proven true, obviously we willei be incredibly sad. no one hates a bad officer as b much as a goodad officer. and it will be a sad momentent for all of the good officers that we have in this department. >> both officers have been suspended with pay. well, president trump ripped into the media onclle, pr again today during impromptumptu press conference to announce a new nominee
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secretary. the president called out specific networks accused the media of pushing fake news about him and his administration allegations comma mid new waves of scrutiny about his campaign aides contact with russian rus operatives. >> the press has become so dishonest, that if we don't talk about d it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the american people. tremendous disservice. we have to talk about it to find out what's going on. because the press is out of control, the level of dishonesty is out of control.ol. >> not the first time we heard h the president talk about face news. we want to know you what anyyou this. fox5 your station for politics. we invite to you join the conversation. media?trust the tweet us your thoughts rightht now. use the hashtag 5@6:30. look for your tweet on our political show next at 6:30. new tonight, the dc forensic lab botched hundreds of zika tests. internal review at the dcc department of forensic
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lab testing between seek a between july and september ofepe last year were more than 400 tests including nearly 300 for pregnant women who may have mistakenly been told they diddid not have the mosquito born viral infection. so far only 62 of the samples have been re-tested. two tested positive for zika. >> what they discovered was a technical formulation and calculation error that i discovered after i got here in the lab. that, all of those errors have been rectified and we're working very diligently to get the tests back on line, we've been working very close withlose the cdc to get the tests back bc on line. >> officials say they expectect to have results for all re-tests within three, four weeks. >> all right, well, show of solidarity today, does end of dc restaurant and other businesses were closed this w support for day withouter immigrants. the big protest, one businesssine owner will join us live in studio to give us his take on
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the movement. hey, sue? >> high there, sean, tony, did d you happen to see a few snow flurries or showers? coming through the sky today? they definitely were out there and fairly widespread. w not expecting any more tonight. but we do expect those winds to diminish, and temperatures to head for the 20's. this will be our coldest night for quite a while. because we're about to start ara warm up. more on that coming up in just a few minutes. come on back, fox5 local news at 6:00 has much more to tell you about. ut.
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>> a day without immigrants. w >> about 60 restaurants areitstu either closed, won't serveerve food or will have a limited menu. it is all in response to to president trump's immigration policies. the goal is to show the extent of the contribution immigrants have on a daily basis. the
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restaurant even err jose andres, however, critics say protest organizers are missing the point of president trump's immigration policies whichhich they say are meant to target illegal imigrants.lega >> joining us live tonight to talk about us this, several of david's companies includinglu capitol city brewing company, vita fitness, salon, are participating. in.ks for coming >> great to be here. >> so you>> g wrote a letter, i guess you posted it at your businesses, telling people why you're supporting this protest, and this effort. tell our viewers why. >> well, for the simple reasonpe is that the immigrant community has been marginalized has been astro sized and used as scapegoatpego for people's economic insecurity and for our country's security. and we don't think it is right. and when we saw that people were organizing this protest,tet to make a statement against that, and to say immigrants pay a critical role in the operations of
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and of our country, we saidd choice for us was easy. we wanted to participate.. >> tell me how it is impactingmc your business, couple of your businesses are actually closedcs today. >> that's correct. we have restaurants, capitol>> city brewing company. we went andcity talked to our b staff. and our staff felt it was important to participate.tici and in the restaurant business, without a kitchenen staff, you're not operating. and so we decided to close the restaurant today. to support what the movement was in favor of. >> a lot of entities have pointed out or several have pointed out american business would come to a halt in manyalt ways without immigrants. i but what about thosemm who are critical, and as i mentioned at the top here, who say you're missing the point. the problem is there is -- there are too many people here who are here illegally, did not come through the -- go through the right process to be citizens here, and they're having a negative impact on our economy. >> well, that's the red
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happening is people whoing, are here legally are being made to feel insecure about being here. when the immigration order was passed, it was only about those seven, those seven countries, but his had real chilling effect on everybodyt on who has a green card. c people from argentina, you can name it, we have people withh green cards from around the world, and they feel uncomfortable. insecure. that's not's >> all right, well, a w conversation that's going togoin continue to be had in the days ahead, certainly, dave, thank you so much. we appreciate t stay with us, right back with more.
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welcome back, t minus fiveba days and counting time to sayck bye bye to baebae. yes, one of four giant pandasurg now at the national zoo. fox5 bob barnard shows us the festivities.
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snow flurries, playing out the e playful best in giant panda p bear baebae. >> we wouldn't want her to leave without saying good-bye.e. >> we watched her do somersaults. amazing, never seen a panda before. bef except on the panda never seen them in real life. >> she climbed a tree, too scratch a hard to reach itch. >> home next tuesday, part of the deal with china that firstfs brought panda bears to the u.s. in the 19 70s. >> around, we have fourhave centers, so they probably put her in one of them, and so she can join the other pandas, the big family. >> second secretary of the chinese embassy in washington, serving up free dumb links to
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>> chinese tradition that anyone who are leaving home, that before they leave, they're, you know, the mother ofnow, t the family or the famiy members can sit together and make the dumb links, and dumpling means smooth necessary. >> now she hasmpling her own dumplings already we're so excited. >> she brought her of yea r old daughter katie to zoo to say so long to baebae. >> always been attached,d, because they have the same birthday, august 23rd, and it was either see bae on cold day, brave the cold, or commonn the gorgeous weekend and braveee the crowd. and we decided to brave thee t cold instead of the crowd. >> the smithsonian's panda cam one already tracking baebaeaeba every move from now through monday. at the national zoo in northwest bob barnard, fox5 local news.l ne >> i like the way they figure that o they decided the colds, fewer c crowd. i totally understand that. >> i totally do. the zoo will be packed this
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weekend. >> pandas seem to be very funfu loving, videos of them pushing logs around, and going down -- >> you want a baby panda, toney? >> i think they're adorable.dora >> we hope we can hang onto ao a few more of these some day. we need to renegotiate the deal. >> tell you this, i think cents hat time baebae will see snow. >> she had little fun this morning? >> and they seem like they ike really like the snow. >> yes. >> the snow showers, i've seen them play in that before.ore. here is another look at it. did you see the snow showers yourself? >> i saw some last night too. >> yes, coming off lake erie, pretty vigorous, and all three airports reported a trace ofd a snow. at my husband it was enough to briefly cover the grass. gra didn't last very long, but it was still pretty.tty. we sure haven't seen very muchet of this. s thi you know what? we're about to start another warming trend. so we're probably not going to see much more either. e but i wanted to show you it is coming off lake erie. it has been winding down now there is goes back about 12 hours, but you can
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streamers coming on in. cleveland looked like it got pounded as well aslook pittsburu haven't checked their snoweir totals, but snow showers around here certainly brought b nice little photo op, didn't they? didn't cause any trouble. here is something else going on in addition to the factt that tree pollen is now moderate, according to our allergies and also microbiologist to check that.chc how about this? lots of things are beginningegin to bloom. are you seeing that in your our yard, as well?yard i know that after we get through this warm spell it, may not be long before we're starting to talk about is the grass getting green?ing is it time to mow it?o mo we do have a significant warm upcoming, which maybe is music to your ears, if you didn'tdidn enjoy today's temperatures.res. which range from 39 to 42 degrees. and when you combine thathat wind, it was a little tough tooh be outside for a long spell ofo time if you didn't have your layers today.. down to 30 already in gaithersburg, winchester at at 30, dc is at 37. but again, still little bit gusty, this is going to get better in the next couple
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diminishing now that the sun is down.g nois d but still getting few places gusting close to 20, 28 miles an hour, lake dullos at 28. frederick, 23, quantico at 26 and so we are still dealingling with windchills, that are quite noticeable, feels like 20 in gaithersburg, 34 foror kulp, 34 culpeper, click down, 23 platt more. in hagerstown and westminster. w so it be obviously cold night. n but tomorrow is not as chillyy as today was. and it is the beginning of that warmer trends that we're going to be seeing, so here is a look at how things will play out at the bus stop. certainly cold start in the morning. twenty-five to 32 degrees.degr but not breezy. forty-eight to 53 degrees, after school. so we should be able to crack 50 degrees in many areas. a and as we look at the surfacece map, leading edge of warmer air, while still on the cooll side tomorrow, is going to start pushing comfortable 60s 6s back into town, and that will happen on saturday. now, late in the day saturday, t notice little bit more cloud cover coming in. and it is possible,
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could be couple of sprinkles on sunday morning, but again, not a wet day. really is quite a warm day. and the warmer air is what's going to bring some of the moisture with it, 51 degrees for dc tomorrow though.h. fredericks berg, 51678952 culpeper. fifty for winchester, veryr, v nice friday. f and then, talk about anotherer big headline is the holiday weekend warm up. let me show that you forecast, because a lot of have you monday off. president's day, well, looks like all three days are going to feature temperatures mid 60s.s. saturday start out sunny. s more clouds later in the day. sunday starts out cloudy, more sun later in the day. and we're going to see a little bit maybe just little bit of fits of drizzle early sunday morning, chance of that, not necessarily done-deal yet.t. monday very nice, temperature of 63 degrees. 63 so here comes our warmfront. temperatures are going to be on the 60s, startinge a saturday. keep it going through most of t next week, with the exception being tuesday.. thanks to the position of high pressure, down through the southeast, bringing in those west and warm
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and just to give you an idea,a, look at temperatures now here in d.c., at 37, and detroit, d 31, we do not have to go too far to find the warmer air, it is already 69 in st. louis, nashville, 58. atlanta, 57. little rock, 652. wichita, 70 degrees. 70 plenty of warm air for that high pressure to tap and start sending in our direction. so for tonight, get ready for coal one. breezes go way down. we drop to 29 degrees in the city. low 20's in the suburbs. and again tomorrow, about 42 degrees. so your fox5 accuweather sevencc dayuw forecast, actually, tomorrow should be closer to 51 degrees, so we will update that. here it is on the seven day forecast, there is the warm weekend we just showed you,, looks like tuesday might dip down just a little bit at 58 degrees. but otherwise, still right back into the low and mid 60s, wednesday, and thursday. and that is your seven day forecast, but don't go anywhere. we will be right back with more news.
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>> see became pilot for a day,am in golde borough, north carolina, team of fighter pilots join on the special visit, and nicknamed lexi crusher. because she crushed her chemo treatment. >> oh, well done. >> great milestone. >> thank you guys so much for>>g joining us tonightuys at 6:00. >> we invite to you stay tuned for 5@6:30. that's coming up.p. >> fox is on the phone.
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>> the president talked aboutsi everything from fake fuse to an immigration ban. >> and tension growing betweendo president trump and thean imm intelligence community after series of high profile leaks, p now we know lawmakers demanding answers to get to the bottom of what's goingg ansg at the white house. you can see from the run down


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