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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 17, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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george county community an alert a series of armed robberies all very similar lead police believe they could be connected. we're live with the latest. >> and plus another -- on the senate floor the senate pick to head epa. trump is up early and taking to twitter. >> live look outside on this friday morning. it's february 17. weather and traffic on the fives for you at 6:05. >> good friday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> first up at 6 developing overnight in maryland a nasty crash in suitland leaves two drivers in the hospital. look at pictures. you can see the amount of damage to one of the vehicles. police tell us the driver of the white van went off suitland parkway before crashing to suitland road and he was flown to the hospital and is in critical condition this morning and driver of the other vehicle is in serious condition. >> a live look at capitol hill where senate democrats in midst of all nighter and this time pretoast
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pick for the epa. >> and melanie alnwick is live on the hill with the latest for us, mel. >> good morning, guys, democrats had hoped to delay this confirmation rot until tuesday when pruit under court order has to release is email changes he had with gas and oil scuffs and it appears the efforts will fail. >> the senate stays up all night aheading uv upcoming note nominee scott pruit. this is another nomination dem rats are worried he will cut the standard for fuel company. >> we need administrator to help us with congress not to cut but increase the use of oil. >> and this comes as president trump to see if media and democrats thursday been attacking him and his administration. >> his supporters will love this.
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and those skeptical about it are wonder about how hinged he is. >> analysts say he is only try to reach out own supporters with this message. >> he's speaking to the people republicans are expected to introduce plans for obamacare and taxes in the coming weekends as house speaker paul ryan says they've been working closely with president trump. >> we put together a 200 day plan for president to get agenda that we all agreed on through the system and we're exactly on track and on our timeline with that agenda. >> and now after the confirmation vote for pru its which is lukely to come this afternoon republicans are trying tee up a few more confirmation votes including wilbur ross for commerce secretary and rick perry and ben carson for hud secretary.
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alnwick. >> and despite long delays by democrats approving tom price repeal and replacement of obamacare is moving fast. >> president has named alexander acosta as pick for next labor secretary following andrew puzder fallout this week. if confirmed acosta would be first hispanic member of trump's cabinet. >> and looking elsewhere for security advisor. robert howard turned down the offer to fill the position and declining due to financial and family issues. he would have replaced retired general michael mrin that resigned earlier this week. >> this morning police in one maryland community are asking residents to be on alert after a string of robberies last month. >> and annie yu live with hyattsville
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and who police are looking for. >> steve and allison. hyattsville city police are putting out an important warnings to residents and those that work city of hyattsville. they say a man over the last three months is targeting people on streets between specifically hours of four and six a.m. and mostly on fridays. they say that there is a string of robberies that began in december. and since then there have been a total of eight reported incidents to date. so let's get to the map that shows you where and when these are happening. police say there's a clear pattern and they do believe the cases are all connected to the same man he's hitting people up between areas of queens and chapel road and hamilton street and edgar road and they're monitoring this specific part of town and all victims report similar stories held at gun point early in morning between 4 and 6 and if you notice on the 9 plg december 9 this person robbed two people within 30 minute at two different locations that are a
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locations that are a mile apart. and so detectives also do mention which is interesting that all victims so far are non english speaker speaking and they believe there are more victims out there and want to hear from anyone who has been affected by this or might have information. that's the latest from hyattsville, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> 6:05 now and time get a quick check on the forecast this morning, high hi, tuck, good morning. >> very cold. >> tgif. >> ha happy friday. >> everybody below freeing this morning and today get this as far as we can see plus days these will coldest temperatures you'll see. >> oh, yes! >> 29 at reagan national this morning and 20 dulles and in fact i don't think we'll be below freezing for another week as we are expecting mild temperatures to start moving in this afternoon. and few clouds out there early and yesterday morning few snow flurries not the case this morning but clouds are out best. partly to mostly sunny this
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to near 50. warmer than yesterday and less wind that yesterday as well. here's friday forecast and you know what, i know you have to go to work and everybody is getting ready for school stick around and dheng out the 7 day you'll love the forecasting. >> see you in a few minute. >> 6:06 now if you head out through vienna breaking news for you this is 66 eastbound as you approach the dealt way and big crash scene blocking ramp to upper loop and left lane getting by you can access ramp to outer loop. be prepared for big delays. again with one lane getting by 66 eastbound as we head to usual morning rush jam packed parked 12 to beltway and factor in a lot of extra time to get through the area and get a good work around if you typically hop off to upper loop. aside from that breaking news we take a look at maps. we're also tracking metro problems this morning and dealing with a track problem national airport yellow line single tracking
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international airport in both directions and early morning flight at international airport and be prepared metro slows you down on the metro. we have blue line surge work. you know the drill. give yourself plenty of extra time and if you take yellow line or yellow rush from virginia keep in mind single tracking from the airport and things looking nice on 395 and 95 and 20 no shock here delays building from 70 to truck scales and about a 5 to 7 minute slow down there and outer loop in great shape through college park. 95 northbound through dale city getting heavy volume as well. back to you allison and steve. >> nfl star charged with felony assault and what jerrell reves attorney is saying about the upcoming prom has students at one pennsylvania high school fuming this morning. we're back in 30 seconds
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>> happeneding over 75 suspect hanging out in could be you'll. it killed 80 worshipers the deadliest terror attack in
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>> a man under arrest in los angeles after explosive devices were found in a hotel room in colorado where he was staying earlier this week. that plan flew from denver to la wednesday and was arrested there yesterday. sources say the suspect is u.s. citizen aand former marine. no explosives were found in the los angeles area. a stare meanwhile in feign exdeparting frontier and arriving south west clipped wings. at the time the southwest mraep was taxiing towards gate and just arrived from oklahoma city. both planes were saferly evacuated and no one was injured. more rain could threaten orville dam. right now it's been drained enough to handle more water. they believe the dam is safe. they're dealing with erosion downstream because of massive water release and creator in the spillway continues this morning. >> travel this morning for new york jets quarterback jerrell reves for his alleged involvement in a fight in
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pittsburgh this weekend and a group of men were recording interaction with reves when he took the phone and trying to interact with video. witnesses say the two men were unconscious and he received medical attention and attorney for reves said he feared for safety. >> rutgers business school apologizing people for turning students away because of what they wear. blue shuts, colored shirts or brown shoes. the school says it was created in response to students not dressing properly in the past and online petition by the students against the powellcy reportedly prompted an apology. speaking of dress code couldn't versus yeah students and parents at pennsylvania high school say they're outraged over what they call strict rules for prom coming after school officials announced students would have to get their prom attire approved. parents say the school is it impeding on their parental responsibilities despite the backlash the school says it's sticking
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>> and at the end of an era is where we find ourselves after 82 years the latest monopoly piece gets a boot. >> and as we head to break this friday morning, it's friday, weather and traffic on the fives next.
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>> who would it be during the early rush with some type of incident that backs everything up. commuters it's your turn unfortunately at the beltway. traffic now back to 123. we know how quickly that can go to 50 an dwrond the that's the situation right now we'll academic with erin. >> two days tlovts check a fwlims of boaboa at the national zoo tuesday is the day the giant panda leaves for china. zoo is celebrating with special events every day leading to her departure. today 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. you can watch her with the daily treats and tune into the
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facebook page to see giant panda crafts to make at home. tucker with boaboa i am happy i was retweeted by boaboa. >> it was an honor. >> i'll have to step up my boaboa game it's a little cute. >> let's get going. bus stop forecast. we'll start with that. i want to mention cold temperatures. it's cold out there this morning. overnight lows back in the low 20s outside the beltway and here in the city 29. chilly out to start the day. after cool today a little warmer than yesterday here's the best part. let's wind than yesterday and won't be windy if you go to the playground and that ipd kind of thing. high temperatures 50 this afternoon and low 50s for a few spots. there's satellite and radar. we missed temperatures. but there's not a lot happening here locally. norm west flow you see that in the cloud movement. northwest to southeast. morning hours chilly.
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see winds out of southwest and that's going to allow gradual warm-up around here. cold start for the day. high pressure south. gradual warm-up this afternoon. high temperatures near 0 and let me mention nice and dry this afternoon as well. let's talk weekend plans. well we'll talk perhaps later saturday, surprised, monday, let's talk about holiday weekend forecast and we'll get temperatures on the rise around here. 50 today and then temperatures really surge behind warm front for both saturday and sunday. and tomorrow daytime high 20 above normal and we'll have clouds around tomorrow and surprised and maybe drizzle early sunday morning and tradeoff will be bonus temperatures around here not feeling like february as we keep temperatures really mild. i mentioned earlier i don't see freezing temperatures for at least the next week after early this morning. look at that. no snow in sight or winter weather it's just nice. 6 5 saturday
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morning. >> you're feeling generously kind this friday morning, represent you. >> so far. >> unfortunately sky fox is showing frustrated commuters this a crash at the beltway blocking ramp to upper loop from 66 eastbound. traffic now able to access inner and outer loop as well. delays heavy. we'll switch to cameras and get an idea of the delay. 1 to beltway completely parked and looking at half hour of extra time added to commute from 50 to beltway. please give yourself plenty of extra time to head out the door and seeing tip kaing volume building sutly road as well. as we switch up it over to our maps i need green tea this morning it's that cold morning truck problem at the airport and watch in delays for both directions and check schedule if you have early morning flight to catch. roads on way to dulles and reg app an international. no train service because of safe track work.
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blue line. you can use yellow or yellow rush plus for virginia and maryland and use silver line and 66 crash seeing delays through vienna and annandale looking good problem free 295 and volume building on southbound side past east capitol. be mind full of that. suitland parkway inbound volume building silver hill and 270 southbound building delays to truck scales 5 to 7 minute slow down 70 to montgomery county. more traffic in a few. allison, steve. >> terrifying plot filled this morning after a man threatens to blow up target sports on the east coast. >> let's talk about the strange motive. >> staivrping and self certaining. >> russian model facing criticism of a photo shoot having her hang from a skyscraper. some praised her for her bravery a
6:18 am
just to get attention. why would do you that. millions watched it since posted on instagram last week
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>> thumbs down for iconic monopoly piece the themble. first joining us lauren simonetti. hi, lauren, good morning. >> and i bet you a lot of kids don't know what a thimble is. >> probably not. >> yesterday flat. today flat. where is the big push we've been seeing. >> it's been phenomenal week. market up. dow up 1.7% this week hit new record high yesterday and other markets fell back. it's pause right how much higher can it go and there's a sense of anxiety felt among
6:21 am
investigators it's called fearts making last two days and when is fix from obamacare and tax he form coming. down 1,000 down after hitting 19,000 seems. >> amazing. >> silly. >> wonderful. >> as i mag i like that world peter. >> phenomenal. >> they keep you rolling off the tongue. >> it's not often we hear about a unfajable crime that is market based somebody tried to manipulate stock shares. >> a stock by bombing a store. there's this guy his name is mark charles barnett and he paid another gay informant essentially 10,000 to make bombs and put them in target stores up and down the east coast. he thought sxloptions would make tk go down and he could
6:22 am
price. anyway that man he paid the 10 k to turned him in. >> i'm thinking if he's really up vetting that 10,000 could have been better used somewhere else. >> and let's talk about air planes now. we give air planes a hart timed when they food serve food and then complain because it's airplane foot in quotes and give delta props to listening to what the customer wants. >> face it whether the foot is good or bad it give you something to do on a flight when little else to do distraction and get it for free. we like the food. delta is bring ago back in coach, bade, certain coast to coast flights and basically flights between new york jfk and west cook, la, seattle. starting next month. some of those flights are getting free pood. >> that's what he wanted. >> i like that. let's
6:23 am
let's get monopoly now the themble you said you could take it off the board and stick on pvrpingy or finger or whatever people you're right they don't even know what it is why it is used for and why it exists. >> to protect your fingers when suing i believe. >> i believe that is accurate. >> good. so, hasboro is getting rid of the thimble in monopoly for the first time in 32 years. #, he homey, signs is of the times tiep pieces and they have to do this next month. that's the other problems when it comes to monopoly. >> agreet. >> and i with there were like 80 options for people to choose from. i i'm not a big fan of he homeyes but whatever. >> but you are fan of emogi. >> not as game piece n
6:24 am
>> i like # and flip flop. >> i can live with that. >> i can't tell you the last time i played monopoly. >> remember the iron piece they got rid of it couple years ago good and replaced with cat. who would replace a flat iron with cat. >> they have a dog right. >> i like the iron. >> she sell the dog. >> i'm inkloopd to say they do. >> i could have thought of so many different 'placements aside from cat. >> i feel like you're a money bernie would lose that gamefy played you i give you an advantage. i fall asleep you would begin, bye-bye. >> bring back the doll dog. >> they retired tired the dog maybe he's back with scotty. remember we looked it up a long time ago. we got you init intelligence. >> they need to bring back the party stretch in back of game. >> it was a
6:25 am
that was not favor annual i understand it was look a party scene. >> when i fly now i'm afraid to get up and do anything anymore it's all changed now i get it. >> you can leave the charge there. >> okay. >> and you can be -- i'll campaign for that. >> you can be the party patrol. >> i'll try. >>. >> it's 29 washington and everybody well below freezing and some of the numbers look like 20 or 22. make sure you are dressed for a cold morning. this is a sad for me to say. this is our last freezing temperatures for at least the next week. >> say it again. >> it's february. >> and waking one clouds out there still north west flow wind shift norm and west milder and windy highs 50. dry today and then we really
6:26 am
saturday, surprised, monday, clouds around and particularly saturday afternoon into early sunday you have temperatures 20 both normal i'm not sure it bothers you. >> beautiful. >> i love it. >> i feel erin like tucker gets anxiety when he feels like 70s and 80s are here soon. >> i know what's around the corner 95 and humid. >> you like that though you get to do few things outside. >> i feel better when it's hot. >> me too. >> steve likes for outdoor jogging. >> i love it with built it's well documented tucker does not. that's okay. >> that's okay. >> we'll get you an umbrella. >> i'm concerned about the zika virus. >> that's your que what's going on outside. >> we'll talk about tucker's anxiety during the commercial break. well the inner loop is moved to the shoulder and all lanes on except one lane blocked partially and seeing heavy delays back
6:27 am
want to avoid getting stuck in the backup your best bet hop off fairfax and take 9 in and be mindful you hit congestion there as well and best bet leave the house 30 minutes early gainsville, mannasas or centerville. we'll show you what you are up against. good news for metro on the yellow line no longer single tracking we had earlier track problem it reinterrupted in both directions and i have safe track surgical i son still to come this morning new details about the gang investigation in fairfax and expert shares bottles live. >> spring training for pitchers and catchers underway in florida and this morning talking about matt scherzer why the ace may not be ready for on day. the morning line is next.
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>> 6:30 on friday morning. hey we welcome you back to "fox 5 news morning" weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:35. first now at 6:30 a live look at capitol hill where senate democrats are in midst of all nighter and this time he protesting donald trump pick to lead the epa and final vote on scott pruit will come this afternoon. democrats denied request in the confirmation until they can review exmails related to conversational -- controversial ties with the o
6:31 am
industry. >> a massive crash in suitland lives two injured in a crash. the driver of this white van went off suitland parkway before crashing on to suitland road he was nrop out to the hospital and is in critical condition. driver of the other vehicle is in serious condition. now to latest on murder of gaithersburg teen a.m. er connect todd dpoing gang ak toughty no northern virginia. it's a story "fox5" has been following closely for you. there have been a total of ten arrests in this caseen including these people behind me. and they are three of five people charmed with murder. in the death of 15-year-old amaris reyes a northern virginia task force that tracks gaping activity says there's an increase in violent activity with gangsen including elementary age children. >> there are map didn't
6:32 am
>> there are map didn't different clicks in areas and have own local leaders and they get a lot of guidance and order out ofel sal have a door and they were involve in dpang life there before they came to u.s. >> custom officials have de tapers about self suspect they're thereel lilly or violated terms of their arresting. >> prince joj count question now though recovering after a car they were riding in was hit by gunfire past 295 a gray kia said app was hit with as many as 13 bullets. fly men in car were shot and police don't believe this was random and they are still searching for suspect. >> and happening today. it's sentencing day for former prince george county police officer who admitted taking up skirt
6:33 am
james sims pled guilty last month. an investigation found some of the photos were taken while he was on duty. >> and the d.c. forensic lab botched hundred red of zika test and they found issues with lab testing for zika between july and december of each year and somewhere told they did not have the virus though it's mosquito two tested positive for zika both pregnant women. officials expect results within 3 to 4 weeks. i was hoping wow read that story fast are i deposit want to see the slow mo video of extreme close up of the mosquito. >> nasty. sorry. >> wizards final game before
6:34 am
little breemer, last opening is carmello anthony. we served it. wizard win again they're in third place now. last night in indiana the team where if the seasonnded now they would play in first around of playoffs. third three point to give the wizard a ten point lead there. shot clock, game clock winding down and bangs for fifth three pointer. ot owe had a game 25 hi point 111-98 they are on a role winning 11 of last 24 games and good for third place. baseball now papers and catchers today in florida and concerns matt scherzer will not apparently he has a stress fracture he had last season that healed itself. it's a problem
6:35 am
of last season. >> he had periods of how he was throwing the ball and was not diagnosed as what it is now. it was if the a fracture to my knowledge. it was a hairline fracture. would you have known anything if this deposit come up this guy is. >> scherzer status for opening day still unknown if he's not ready to go. steepen sturing bm how about this talk about call ept that kirk cousins on the left and on the right brody smith. shall pe watch. and then how about throwing the football through the rings. nice. right? toss the ripping up and football goes through and more than 45,000 people watched trick shots within the first few hours it was on the web. >> what's the frisbee guy doing heat just holding up props. >>th
6:36 am
the 20 seconds we showed you. we'll have to check it out. >> okay. >> i'll take kirk cousins. >> how much do you think he's making. >> i have a question, it frisbee a wrapped or toy. >> it's wrapped of flying tivkz like clean sglex xerox. >> q tip. >> tucker barnes synonymous there, same thing. low 20s for everybody locally here and off to a cold start this is as hold as it will be for the next week we'll warm up up to 50 bop is no bonus land, saturday, seasoned, morn, and then mid 60s. get ready for a spring like weekend. few clouds out there early. few snow showers. we won't get those today. we'll be more sunshine than clouds. we'll get clouds awell today. 50. co o
6:37 am
momentarily, 7-day looks fantastic and animal edition of moreing meme. >> all right. >> let's we have a new crash in hov and inner loop of braddock road and right lane blocked right center lane without a right lane getting by not causing slow douse ipt gaivrping up three 6 and watch for slow downs as you pass through hov lanes. moving 6 eastbound you approach the beltway earlier crash blocking ralp to upper loop cleared to shoulder and as you can see traffic getting by type on the way to inner and out are loop. you're still heavy 50 to the beltway be prepared for those delays and before that point you are jammed 34 to 28 in sint areville you want to leave five minutes early. as we move from cameras take a
6:38 am
single tracking on our yellow line earlier wrapped up because watch for residual delays in both directions and no rain rises tots pentagon and any question. >> thanks, much, it may sound caidy put a boy. >> i don't think bringing back the whiley monday mouth is a good idea to come back. >> the boy band or mamuth? >> the mamouth. d... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> we are back now with what's trending on the web this friday morning and friday morning trending seems more fun doesn't it in sync about to make fans go crazy group are reuniting and and my question is they have not been honored on hollywood walk of fame. listen up. girls fwhorp 80s and 90s and kick start campaign bringing back childhood nass tall gentleman. >> lisa frank makeup. fwlam
6:42 am
to begin work on lisa frank collaboration that means makeup will bedazzled with un korpz and. >> while hi mop mouth has not room the early nearly 2,000 years. i thought it was longer. sign signatures at achb ar are about two years away from making hybrid whilely monmouth embryo. >> anybody seen jurasic park. >> yes, why are we doing that. >> you know what i learned al. >> what? >> it's roughly documentation last documentation 4,000 years ago and last places they were supposed guess? >> maryland. >> no. >> okay. >>
6:43 am
>> you hear the laugh electric i got from warm and traffic. >> yes. >> thank you very much, steve. >> lisa frank and in sync. >> matt day monday back on big screen and we talked about the movie "fist fight" is it any good. kevin has hi review coming up. y29kvy ysty
6:44 am
6:45 am
z29ktz zstz y29kty ysty that's pretty
6:46 am
>> everybody loves the sunshine♪ >> and fridays. >> and beautiful sunrises. >> 6:45 tucker is with us. >> let's talk about next weekend. cold out this morning. >> 9. >> it's cold. >> but big warm-up. i'll mention it again this is probably last freezing temperature for at least the next week. we have a big warm-up. holiday weekend warm-up. 28 above normal by tomorrow and sunday afternoon and right into monday. temperatures stay on the mild side. and not mild here early this morning and everybody, everybody, below freezing with clear skies and lightened up the wind now 29 washington and leonardtown good morning 2 for you and 26 in quantico and 26 mannasas and 20 dulles and 20 martinsburg one of the coldest mornings so far month of february. looking at clouds cover there flow north and west here. we keep that going ow for a few more hours. later this afternoon wind shift at out of the south and west and that's going to allow gradual warm-up
6:47 am
yesterday and daytime highs 50 and partly to mostly sunny conditions and nice afternoon for us. cold morning, pleasant afternoon. nice and dry later today and plans to be outdoors. not sure we're doing happy hour outdoors with temperatures in 50. if you are into that kind of thing it shoulden type. warm front gets knowledge of us bermuda high talking about summertime and it will deliver temperatures again 20 above normal. clouds around saturday. second half of saturday into early surprised. it won't be -- i can't promise perfect sunshine but i can promise temperatures very spring like around here for your weekend. saturday, surprised, monday look fantastic and next week tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures stay well above normal and close to 70 by middle to end of next week. erin how are the roads. >> 6:47 we have a couple crashes that could slow us down and live look inner loop braddock road where hov lane is impacted b
6:48 am
there and they need that cleared. main lanes moving along long fine. speaking of 66 earlier crash dealing with before the beltway cleared. as you can see traffic officially back to normal. we have usual volume from 4 to 2 and eases a little bit once you pass 50 since everything is back to normal approaching beltway. let's take a look at ro now at maps. new crash 95 southbound maryland up in laurel it's just by 198 delays back to 216 heavy there and if you come down from baltimore beltway or bwi i would say bw parkway now southbound side is better bet you hit heavy delay 95 southbound and good news once you pass the icc 95 southbound opens up and aside from that 95 jamming 50 to 11 rob jennings street bridge with stop and go traffic. suitland task inbound slow and jammed to bladeensburg and metro back to be on timep except for
6:49 am
with all the stoppages we could use. >> morning memes. >> let's get to it. all right. it's animal edition of the morning meme. >> yeah. >> all right and trivia to dear -- tribute to dear friend boa boa. >> i know a lot of you feel the pain, too. >> september that the best picture ever. >> we realize it's friday but you work weekend. >> that's cute. >> next is personal first of mine my dog did this to me every day of of his life. >> okay. >> all right. >> and to be fair, you did know this would happen. >> yes. >> that's a favorite move right. >> get the towels ready. >> to be fair nobody knows that's going to happen until
6:50 am
does. >> dogs love nothing more than rolling in mudd. >> digging. >> getting dirty. >> and of course when they do that they want to give you awe hug. >> or dot shake. >> this is look steve had last right. that's true. >> what do you mean we're out of treats. >> what do you mean? >> thank you, sarah. >> no more valentine's candy. >> send us something fun this morning #morning meme. >> before we get to kevin mccarthy what's coming up on good day d.c.. so many guests we have four people to feature tracy morgan in fist fight and also from hollywood joined us before he's phenomenal actor live on good day 10 a has a good film out soul child returning to the loft and comedian jamie lee joins us sat down with first book of tun take on getting married and
6:51 am
wediculous. >> that's clever. >> clever. >> time for fox beat it's movie review friday. steven. >> what's up. >> allison? >> hello good to see you this morning thanks for having me on. >> lots of films in threaters today. amazing film. john wick and lego if you have not seen though do a double feature don't take kid to john wick ii not a good kids film. director of this movie is phenomenal movie hero in early 2000 incredible movie. i had a lot of high hopes for this i love matt day monday and good will hunting and borne series. matt damon's character helps defend wall of china from mystical creatures. it's fantasy.
6:52 am
the visuals are awesome. the idea they actually built one kilometer role to recreate the set a bit it's a huge massive hope to or epic deal was amazing. matt day monday by the way, accent changes, tear im. i thought every time he spoke in the film he had a different accept echt and also the script is painfully bad. and the problem with this is audience -- the script treats audience like we're idiots. >> they built a film around effects. >> the problem with the movie it keeps over explaining things to you that you're watching on screen. so for example -- it doesn't say this in movie it would explain to you what you just saw. i don't like that treats the audience like we're stupid. circumstantial visually cool and overall matt doe mond accent and trip bad i gave it a 2.5 o
6:53 am
produce. >> over 150 million. >> didn't look look a role i thought matt day monday would go for. >> is this you have to do it because you're signed to -- do they do that old time actors you're signed to studio so you have to do -- >> i don't think so anymore. >> i was trying to give him an out. >> 2.5 out of 5 not sure why he did that action wise cool. next up 34506y called fist fight. >> please tell us about that. >> rhawn. y comedy two teacher fighting and cube character gets fired and partially blames day, r rated in philadelphia and rhawn. y and they fight at the school 3 p.m. it's kind of goofy and none any and i found myself laughing out loud it's ab suburbly ridiculous time is if not memorable in the film. i found myself laughing out loud at times. i love cube in this character i think he's really, really funny and charlie day high of course
6:54 am
screen i gave it out of five an it's kind of -- it's not terrible or great it will let you laugh if you pay matt nay for it. >> i was hoping it was belly ache sxwling there were times i was laughing def nutly. >> two hour movie about a fist fight. >> i saw a film 7 hours ago cure for wellness directed by -- creepy. >> gor robinski did "the ring" and pirates of the caribbean. and this film is that the idea this character are you seeing on screen looks like young le owe nard owe dicaprio he his character traveled to the swiss alps to retrieve ceo of company and to bring that person back to new york and when he gets there things are happening that were not advertised. it's very creepy and it's disturbingly horrifying and it's disgusting at times and it's very r-rated. i cannot go into detail because
6:55 am
surprises and twists. >> is it horror. >> psychological tlul thriller. >> i was a little uncomfortable. >> i gave the movie a 3.5 it works. >> is it like shutser island. >> kind of my wife compared it to like one flew over the coocoo's nest. i gave it.5 out of 5 i think it's too long. that's the problem it's five minutes too long. so it does work. it keeps your interest. and it will definitely hor few you. >> that's my kind of movie psychological thriller. >> i get schemeish with the medical stuff there's a scene with a tooth. >> we're good. >> i'm still having nightmares. >> i'm still sleeping right now. >> we're going to see fist fight tuck right wait let's say hello to fan of the day. >> ray and bonnie quinnland have been watching over 0 years together together and getting up 4:25
6:56 am
sleeps all the way until 6:0. >> and i'm allison and this is steve and we're glad are you with us at 6:30. they look like nice couple. >> i have a new category four sleeper and movies fall asleep and want top know what noovry is best for that. good best for fall ago sleep. >> let's go to maps. >> 30 out. >> and look at saturday, surprised, monday temps in mid 60s. nice and mild weekend and it should be a dry weekend. maybe drizzle sunday morning. all right erin is back with a look at roads. >> 6:56 big problems in laurel we're seeing southbound delays crash 198 jam packed to 216 there
6:57 am
northbound side deal with rubber neck delay. slow zone, 66 eastbound to beltway 23 minute ride and 295 southbound to pennsylvania more traffic if a few.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> it's running look a fine tuned machine. >> tack about administration there. president trump lashing out at media during an 80 minute press conversation dismiss egg reports asteak news and president is up and tweeting already. >> and closer look at a local gang keked to the kidnapping and murder of a young girl. police say the group is getting more violent and may be trying to recruit your young kids. annie. >> and well a stripping of armed robberies in city of hyattsville find out what led police to believe it's all connect todd one man if a live report after the break. stay with us on "fox news morning". all right annie. thank you very much. >> i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> thanks for joining us 7:00 this friday we made it to february 17, 2017. >> hard to believe right if you just wake up with us on this friday morning here's a live look outside for you it's chilly start to


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