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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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is possible there could be others, that's why they're telling students if there was any inappropriate behavior with this math they want the to know about it >> authorities aren't saying when alleged abuse took place but as soon as it was reported, falls church city police and child protective services were brought in. at the school today, the interim school superintendent said counsellors have been brought in to speak with students and parents and he called staff to address the alleged crime. >> we do not know the full extent of whatever took place. again, we have worked cooperatively and open communication child protective services as well as with our police department. and it's been a very good cooperative endeavor but clearly, the police department are primary in this and as we have agreed to, they're the ones who will continue
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investigation and that any st parent or anyone who has any other information they need to be able to interface directly with the police department. >> jose daniel estrada is being hell in the arlington county jail. authorities are asking parents talk to their kids. if there was any other inappropriate activity with this teacher, authorities want to know about it. live in falls church, matt ackland. fox 5 local news. we have new information tonight on the cause of death of the murdered gaithersburg teen. fairfax county police say the cause of death for demaris reyes rivas was multi-forms of trauma to the upper body. they confirmed to fox 5 they have detainers on the four involved in her murder. the recent ice raised we've seen
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begs the question, are those raised helping get hardened criminals and gang members out or targeting people who are looking for a better life? fox 5 alexandria hoff joins us with more. alex. >> reporter: the topic of who is being targeted in these raids can polar rising. data and numbers directly from immigration and custom enforcement gives those answers >> the day is over when they can wreak havoc, we're going to get them out and fast. >> reporter: president trump made it clear he's taking a hard stance on illegal immigration. recent ice raised have spurred protests as well as praise. and the message has always been this >> we have bad embres here and we're going to get them out. >> reporter:
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detained and deported are hardened criminal, we're told because the administration is so new, the numbers they have only reflect a specific raid or week. however, a look back gives us a clear idea of the breakdown of exactly who is being deported from the united states. according to ice data from immigration removal in 2016, 240,255 total were deported, which includes people arrested in ice raised and people who are arrested by other law enforcement agencies and handed over to ice. that was a 2% increase from 2015 and 58% or 138,669 people were previously convicted of a crime. 257,000 were classified or suspect order confirmed gang members. that means less than
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total people were associated with gangs. on the other hand, 42% or 101,586 people according to data from ice were not previously convicted of any crime. another big question is about the reentry of these immigrants, how many of these convicted criminals who are deported after serving sentences ends upcoming right back into the country illegally. the answer is we really don't know immigration and customs enforcement says that it's very hard to track and the agency actually doesn't have data to answer that. let's continue talking about immigration and ice raised. lauren demarco is live in alexandria on a group of people detained by ice here locally. lauren? >> reporter: that's what we're hearing of we're here at rising hope united methodist church that alexandria and the pastor here i just spoke with him. he tells me on
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which was wednesday morning, about 6:45 a.m., folks were leaving what they have here is an overnight hypothermia shelter, going outlooking for work. there was a group of men crossed the street right here and right over by that brick wall next to this building, the pastor said these men were handcuffed, rounded up. he said six to seven cars with ice agents were there. they detained them. one was detained about two hours and let go and he was able to recount a little bit about what happened apparently that gentleman has a green card but he tells the pastor here that about six other gentlemen were rounded up and taken in by ice. the pastor here has been trying to get answers about what happened to these men, where are they now? what is their status? why were they targeted here? and so far he said he has not gotten answers. there we
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mostly talking about the executive order that president trump signed january 25th the enhancing public safety. both senators from virginia writing letters i want to read a little. tim kane sense his letter to the washington field office for the customs enforcement saying this incident in alexandria, this incident is of great concern to me because members of this congregation believe this church was targeted by your agency. i would like to know how many people your officers detained, where ice brought them, whether they remain in custody, and whether any of these individuals have a criminal record. now, senator mark warner also sent a letter today to the head of ice. his asking some other questions, it's rather lengthy but i want to read you from that as well. i've been supportive of the increased enforcement as part of comprehensive immigration reform. immigrants are an
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of virginia's culture and economy and it is my strong belief that through a policy will be debt mental for family, neighborhoods and communities. he went on, as i said to ask a number of specific questions about enforcement actions in virginia. whether or not criminal backgrounds will be prioritized as ice rounds up people and also if there will be any reasonable provisions made for people with children who are minors. i spoke with a spokesperson for ice trying to find out whether there has been any response. again, these letters just written today. i am told so far there is no official comment these letters are being reviewed and there's also a letter that was written yesterday by virginia's governor asking similar questions about the specific incident here in alexandria. so we're going to content to follow this at 6:00 p.m. i'm going to turn around some of this interview we just had with the pastor and we'll play some of that for you. stay tuned for fox 5 local news at
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that's the latest in alexandria. since he arrived on the job 15 months ago, metro general manager paul weidefeld has been trying to fix a host of problems. weidefeld said last year he saw a 5% jump in sick days and unpaid leave. cutting down on absences can save the transit agency about $2 million a year. >> for me, this is potentially taking jobs from other workers. if you're sucking up dollars by -- due to unwarranted absenteeism. it impacts our other employees >> the change will take affect margin first. supervisors can approve no more than two days of unexcused absences without pay. it could include being fired for extensive absences. surv
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could be fired for abusing the attendant's policy. fox 5 has been pushing for answers about how deep these system of crime cameras were hacked before the inauguration. >> lindsey watts is following the story. hey, lindsey. >> reporter: the mayor's office isn't saying how the hack happened or what's being done. we took our questions to a cyber security expert. he said he has a good idea of how this bridge occurred. you'll want to hear what he has to because it could help affect your personal data. >> a new ap is seeing a spike in use. why high profile government officials, but now questions are being raised as to what information they're sending through it. >> if you've ever been confused by what food labels really mean, a new regulation could help clear things up. changes you'll soon see on the labels of your food and what they could mean for your health. gary? >> reporter: let's waive
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good-bye to february because this will not ab typical february weekend and speaking of good-bye, how about boa-boa? she's enjoying it. looks like a little kid. they want to play with the box. this beautiful out there. she's leaving next week. it's gorgeous weekend it will be to go to the zoo. open 8:00 to 5:00 saturday and sunday. monday for that matter, too. we'll have your full weekend forecast coming up in just a bit stay with us. .
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well, another bufrlt beautiful day outside. it feels much more like march or april. this has been an awesome winter. >> it's been winter? i'll take it. >> 50 degrees out there. gary mcgrady >> people are complaining about this. >> who? >> they're either complain becausing it's not cold enough or because we forecasted 70. take that. >> right. nobody is happy. you had to be happy about this. i said boa-boa. didn't i? but it's boa-boa. is three and a half. gone back to china and they're all about the bears. >> don't upset the bear lovers. >> butter stick all of that. reagan national is 51. dulles 52. bwi marshal 50. this is nice, it's a little bit above normal. we should be around 48.
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lower 50's. look at the temperatures out there right now. gaithersburg 48, westminster 48. manassas 56. culpeper 57. fredericksburg 53. we cool off this evening but still good. chilly by the time we get to 9:00, 10:00 as temperatures drop down into the upper 40's. big weekend for us. nothing much has changed with our thinking. >> we still think both days, saturday, sunday and 60's and president's day monday and we still think we're going to hold on to right around 60 or so but a couple of jet streams to the north really warm conditions we think 60's both days we're going to be in the offering for us, it will still be upper 50's to lower 60's. ed before, there's a slight chance for a shower sunday morning but that gets out of here and the sunshine comes back. all things considered, it's going to be a real nice
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for this holiday weekend. coming up in just a bit we'll have the seven-day forecast. let me just tell you. the seven-day forecast, i did this and i was shocked, because six days out of the seven days on the forecast here are in the 60's. that is not -- i'm looking at sarah. it's not even anything like what we should be for february. let's go. ok. one more time. temperatures right now still 50 degrees, look at 66 for cincinnati that's coming our way for the weekend. >> you know, i can't complain about that. it's going to be a good weekend. >> to see boa-boa. >> thanks, gary. developing story here, the secret service investigation continues into who hacked dc's system of security cameras before the inauguration. the mayor's office won't talk about how it happened or what is being done to prevent another breach. so we're going to to a cyber security expert. lindsey watts is following this and it's almost unbelie
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easy it was for hackers to do th you would assume that to hack into crime cameras in the nation's capitol they must have been sophisticated high tech, but likely this all started with hackers sending an e-mail to dc officials, an e-mail that contained a link or a something with malicious software and somebody took the bate. ? the lead-up to the only of office, dc system security and traffic cameras were infiltrated with ransom wear. cameras had to be taken off line at least two days. before that, it was candidate hillary clinton who what you targeted. >> of course, everyone now is familiar with the dnc hack, same mo. we also see these attacks start with an e-mail tricking the user into opening an
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>> ceo of a virginia anti-virus company. he took us through a typical hacking attacker where an e-mail looks like it came from i tunes >> did i order this movie? it looks complete legitimate from apple >> the attach meant is a re weaponized document >> in the background, malicious code is running, dropping malware and doing other bad things >> in a ransom wear attack, your computer will lock up >> this is an example of the type of message you'll get as a user. >> reporter: you'll alerted all of your documents photos and files are encrypted and you have to pay up >> your data is held hostage for anywhere between two and
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hundred dollars >> they say it was used in the in the hack. they didn't pay. the mayor's office isn't saying what's being done. we got a statement that reads in part cyber threats are new reality for all government. this incident demonstrates the district was ready to respond quickly as we detected the breach of moved within a matter of days to restore our system. he said it shouldn't be about reacting the threat but getting out in front of it. >> my feeling is they haven't quite gotten there. i think dc needs to look at newer technology and clearly there's a public safety need here. >> reporter: that two people have been arrested in london linked to this hack. right now that secret service is continuing to look for others involved. the big take away is most hacks start with just a simple e-mail. he did mention one additional lesser
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it's easier than people might think. imagine if you found one of these near your workplace, purporting to have the company's salary information on it. would you plug this in? would you become victim of the hack? ghost said it is something that has happened before and tisha and sarah, just button more thing to look out for. >> if this is the answer is no, i would not put it in. >> always wanted to try. set up a sting operation >> we did not see that today. not today. >> you have to be on the look-out for everything these days, thank you, lindsey. at 5:00, this is low. a woman is checks out at the store counter when a brazen robber grabs money and takes off. a russian spy ship continues to float off the east coast of the united states, just 19 miles from a naval base in virginia.
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♪ ♪ a special celebration taking place to honor one of our country's first human rights leader he was an ab lisi. that's where people will gather to mark his 199th birthday. gwen joins us with more. >> reporter: we're here at the anacostia art center. at little quiet here now. but you know what? in the next couple hours, that's all going to change. we've got the huge birthday celebration going on here. with plenty of activity, and you're invited and it's going to last through until tomorrow.
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we'll let you know what's happening and when, and how you can be a part of it. we'll be back after the break.
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♪ ♪ this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. frightening moments for a family in silver spring, early this morning, a payment crashed into a house. this was the scene from skyfox you can see, the house is just sustained minor damage, we're told no one was hurt but the driver was injured. no word on the citizen of the injuries or what may have caused the crash. parks are investigating a two-car crash on suitland parkway. police tell us the collision was so violent, one vehicle left the roadway and overturned. both drivers were hurt one critical and one
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no word on what caused the accident. take a good look at this village dc police need your help identify, the person accused of stealing a woman's wallet. it happened two weeks on minnesota avenue northeast. surveillance video shows the suspect grabbing the wallet out of the victim's hand and took off. a prince george's county police officer found guilty of up skirting found out his punish meant today. last summer an off-duty police officer from dc reported simms tried to take an inappropriate of her at a sports authority store in boey. investigators later found other inappropriate photos that simms had taken. new tonight, a loudoun county dance instructor is behind bars accused of having sex with an under age girl >>
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earlier this month and arrested him last night. paul wagner joins us live from mclean with the story. >> reporter: he worked here in mclean. he also worked at a place called stage door in manassas. he bills himself as a hip hop dance instructor, and fairfax county police got a tip from the person that owns this studio here in mclean. back on february 6th, that he may have had inappropriate contact with young teens, let's show you some video we shot earlier. fairfax county police say chase peck low was inappropriately communicating with a 13-year-old girl and two 14-year-old girls, from december of 2015 to november of 2016 but they didn't didn't know until an employer tipped them off. he's
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possession, reproduction, >> he's accused of having sex with an under age girl last summer. in addition to working at a drab lynn, police say he also worked at stage door dance studio me manassas on his facebook page, the 19-year-old said he's a hip hop dance instructor. investigators with fairfax think there may be other victims and tonight they're asking for help in locating them. >> we have three victims, trying to make sure there are no more and if there are, we can, you know, have them come forward and we can place charges accordingly. we want the parents to talk to their children. go over with them what's appropriate and what's inappropriate contact with an adult. if they feel uncomfortable with someone's behavior or contact with them, to confide in parents or
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with we can determine what happened. >> reporter: we've been unable to reach the owner, there's a note simply saying they're closed the next couple days. we did get a statement from stage door in manassas and let's put it up on the screen and i'll read it to you now. >> we're deeply saddened for the victims at adrenaline dance studio, chase pieko was released. he was employed six months. parents were notified of his release, we have no knowledge of inappropriate behavior of pieko with any of our students, however, we take this matter seriously and we'll continue to investigate whether any wrongdoing occurred at our studio. we know from checking the records that pieko is locked up tonight in loudoun county. he has a no bond status. live from mclean paul wagner fox 5 local news. now to the dis
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police are investigating a violent attack and robbery in southeast it happened on february 7th in the 5500 block of central avenue. you can see the suspects were captured on nearby surveillance camera. you mean also see a group beating and kicking the victim. police are offering reward for information that leads to an arrest. news tonight, you may be familiar with those snapchat claim they delete messages as soon as they're read. fox 5 has done numerous stories and how these aps are popular among teenagers. one of them is seeing a spike in use by high profile government officials and politicians in washington. it's called confide. anjali hemphill is live in capitol hill with more on this. >> reporter: sarah in the past if you wanted a share secrets in washington you would meet up in a parking lot or other dark corner of the district to discuss it. it's been recorded that some members of congress, white house staffs and government officials are simply pulling out their ce
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encrypted text, even if it contained sensitive information. the confide ap has been around a few years. it was initially launched to help people in business have more secure communications about their business deals. how it works, is when someone sends you an encrypted message, the words stay hidden until the recipient drags the finger over the text. the ap claims once read, the message deletes. if you take a screen shot, it will also delete itself. the makers both military grade security and claim none of the data is stored on any server. recently intelligence officials revealed a spike me members of congress, national security staff and white house staff using confide to do things like leak information to the press. fox 5 spoke to a local tech expert who worries these aps may allow government to think it's ok to behave unethically and that could catch up to them. >> people are using the ap to actually get information out they may not want to be, you know, fingerprints on. and
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our democracy, i think sometimes that's a good thing. but you know, relative to holding people accountable that need to be accountable for their communications, that's challenge. if you're under oath. you have an obligation to tell what you talked about. it's a little bit like with -- with michael flynn, general flynn and the discussion, he had a phone conversation and had to be ethic about what he said. the same thing applies to what you wrote in an ap. data will disappear. ethics still apply to being truthful, to being, you know, to holding up a an oath. all those apply regardless of the application that exists. >> reporter: and as well as thecal issue, there's, ericson reminds us
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internet these days is 100% safe. live on capitol hill, anjali hemphill, fox 5 local news. a russian spy ship continues to float off the east coast in the united states. officials say it's off the coast of norfolk virginia about 19 miles from land. fox news first to report the siting of the ship off the coast of delaware tuesday. u.s. officials say the ship is equipped with communications and signal intelligence gathering equipment. president trump hit the road for a campaign style rally in south carolina. the president also toured a bowling plant in charleston. he said he's going to keep his campaign promise to bring jobs back to the u.s. >> i'm going to everything i can to unleash the power of the
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americas and put our great people back to work. this is by america and hire america. made by americas. >> the president is expected to hold another big rally in florida tomorrow. the senate officially confirmed oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt as the new head of the environmental protection agency. democrats recalled all night and urged mitch mcconnell to delay the vote until tuesday when pruitt is ordered to release thousands of e-mails related to his communications with people in the fossil fuel industry. have you ever been confused about what food label dates mean? a new regulation could help clear things up. we're celebrating frederick douglas's
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live report ahead. first let's check the weekend forecast. >> it's not going to be very february like. here's the thing, we're starting off good. temperatures will drop down. it will be chilly but not bad at all. really nice for the weekend. i have weekend plans for you. you got to go to the national zoo because boa-boa, this is the last weekend boa-boa will be in town. she's going to china's she's three and a half years old. she's sassy. so the weekend will cooperate. get to the zoo it's open 8:00 to 5:00. we can watch boa-boa for rest of the day. ♪♪ know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from
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know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values ♪♪ know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management® team.
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reminds me of palm beach. each one of these is up to 80% off. >> i got to tweet this out. this is amazing. this sale is huge. >> huge. you know, joe, you're a winner, i'm a winner. everyone is a winner.
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the food industry is working to simplify labels on perishable food. two on the largest stores are moving to reduce the
5:41 pm
date labels to phrases. use by and best if used by. there we go. >> use by is for products highly perishable and best if used by is for quality. environmental groups are praising the clarification because consumers much of the time are throwing out products too soon. >> i'm glad they're doing that. because it is a really pain. >> what would be easier if they color-coded it >> there you go. >> we were talking about a special birthday celebration taking place this weekend. it's to honor one of our country's human rights leaders, frederick douglas, an abolitionist and states man, he lived part of his life in southeast dc >> people will gather to mark his 199th birthday. there's gwen she joins us with more. >> this is going to be one heck of a party. you're all going to wish you were here. musicians are warming up for it. everything kicks off at 7:00 tonight. they've got lots of celebrations and it doesn't en
5:42 pm
it continues right into tomorrow. follow me in here, because we're going to talk to judy who's going to talk to us about the activities happening here this weekend, because as i said it's going to be great party and celebration. the 199th anniversary. that's a lot of year >> we're proud to be celebrating here in anacostia tomorrow. we have programs happening at the douglas national historic site. we start at 10:15 and have programs continue till 4:00. >> reporter: there's something for everybody, for all age, little kids, they're going to get involved. tonight is the kickoff. music is starting. kicking up their heals. i understand that frederick doing list liked music a lot >> he loved it. he played the violin. we have accounts from reporters at the time going up to the house and hearing him play the star spangled banner when they came to the door when is pretty cool. >>
5:43 pm
opening ceremony? that happens tomorrow. >> the opening ceremony starts at 10:15 and it's about an hour. that's a chance for us to highlight our theme for the event, which is douglas of the arts and we're going to be having live music and students that want our annual or tore cal cost will get involved. >> it's wonderful,'s there's going to be some things happening at other locations besides here at the art center. >> at the douglas home, we have art for children, a lecture, in mid morning, we also have a special house tours where we have actors portray to go pour transits on the wall and they're going to come to life. we have an actor that will play douglas and do several performances. we have multiple lectures and talks, it will be great. >> thank you so much. >> you don't want to miss. come out and enjoy it. the good news? it's free. back to you.
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going to be nice out there? . temperatures will be in the 60's. it's crazy. i don't see february on the maps. >> are we going to pay for this? >> keep praying. >> march will be horrible. i can see it right now. we're going to be having jackets on for july the 4th. somehow we'll pay. here's the evening forecast. temperatures will be dropping down to the 30's. temperatures out there right now, not bad. temperatures for culpeper and manassas way up in the upper 50's. we're still sitting at 50 degrees. annapolis is 42. and baltimore right now is 51 degrees. look where all this warmth is coming from. the real warm front hasn't come through. you got all this st. louis is 75. chicago, 67 degrees. wow. which tall 70.
5:45 pm
dallas, they've had thunderstorms with a temperature of 71. how rare is this? tampa is 72. and chicago is almost there. at 67. you know it's a warm air mass and we're going to benefit this weekend. a bit of a holiday weekend. sun and clouds tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon i think we'll have mostly cloudy skies by 3:00, 4:00. not completely obscuring the sunshine. it will be a muted sunshine but we will go to clouds in the afternoon. not before temperatures will go to the mid 60's. some of us will get to the upper 60's. on sunday, early clouds with afternoon sunshine temperature gets to 66 degrees or so. i think it's going to be a bit of a range and the best ways to it for saturday and sunday will be 65 or 70. there could be a sprinkle or two or drizzle in spots. hopefully that will get out of here before 8:00. not much of a wore and president's day which, of course, is monday looks
5:46 pm
beautiful, cooler, we're 3450i8d milder on president's day. it looks like it will be sunny all day long with nice high pressure kind of ruling the area. we don't have much in the way of cloud cover. fair skies. looks like that's the way it will stay overnight so that takes the temperatures down. we'll get down to the low 30's for some, quantico 31, manassas 31, a real dry atmosphere, it's a clear atmosphere and winds are light so temperature can say drop off. by tomorrow morning, temperatures will really warm up quickly we're down oh about 38 degrees. gaithersburg is 34. look how quickly we warm up tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. we're 41. that's cool. we're already into the upper 50's and low 60's by lunch time tomorrow with mild conditions. high is going to be 66 degrees, more clouds in the afternoon, here's why. futurecast. by 10:00 a.m. we're good but watch the clouds come in late in the day and into the early evening hours, we're going to stay dry but a little bit of this rain out here can come across sunday, saturday night into sunday morning, futurecast
5:47 pm
clouds out of here, 18 as early as 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning, i think we'll have a few clouds around but definitely looks like with this trend, this is a ago trend. general al dry trend and a trend towards more sunshine earlier on sunday is a good thing and all this rain off the coast will stay well away from us and as we get into sunday afternoon and evening, with good sunshine, temperatures go right back up again in the 60's. there will be a frontal system to the north of us, northern counties along the mason dixon line may cool off a little bit late in the afternoon and when that front comes through, the back door front, it will cool thing down a little bit on president's day. still looks real nice. how about this for a seven-day forecast doesn't look like anything having to do with february. 67 tomorrow, 66 sunday. again i think the way to save the weekend will be 65, 70. monday 62, cooler with clouds on tuesday, 57 and we're right back up in the mid to upper 60's for wednesday and
5:48 pm
42 as well. how about that? so there you go for a seven-day forecast. enjoy this holiday weekend. brody logan entered the studio. year talking nats? pitchers and catchers have started. we're almost warming up for that around here. come back, the news will continue.
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keeping an eye on the blow and max scherzer we're worried about his knuckles. >> well you know, that's how it is. sports in dc. you got to look for the nonsilver lining. i don't know what the silver lining is. there are a lot of question marks surrounding the nationals as they report to spring training. who's going to be the top of the list? some people paying their hopes to joe
5:52 pm
which is a joke, that's the year he was born. it's not just the backing of the status. there are questions surrounding the rotation, mostly around the help of number two starter steven strasburg. he said he's no longer feeling lingering effects from a torn elbow tendon that ended his 2016 season, never been a problem, here's dusty baker on his spring outlook. >> looks like to me. that was impressive to me. he told me he was ready and worked hard this winter. he's in great shape. most of our guys are in great shape. you can tell by their bodies they worked during the winter and worked closely, you know,
5:53 pm
getting in shape and staying in shape. and if he can, come to spring training. it's not like it was back in our day when guys came. >> if you want to get an answer on strawberg's, giving away a red all knowing bill yard's ball. it includes a chew back ca. tray turner getting the treatment and that's the door you see in the back will be a give away. a max scherzer that brings down haze. >> in new orleans with the rising stars challenge and the rising is what the wizards are doing after last night's dismantling of the pacers. are beaming with confidence. john wall said i've never been this close to winning this many games this earl. and bradley added it's tough to guard us, we have sma
5:54 pm
threats and those threats that tough to guard offense fueled the run in the new year. 2017 has been a very big year for the wizards. scoring 111 points per game for a seven-point margin of victory. going into the new year, they were a 500 team. now making a run at the two seed in the east. and this is the best sports story of the day. gary tobin called out for the crowd for half board shot and nails it. including the duncan donuts cup there. on the cup. >> what can be better than hanging a half board shot maybe she gets a free coffee from duncan donuts possibly. >> i know what's about to happen. >> she got a fiance. her long-term proposed and she said yes. >> that was part of the plan. she gets called up but not to making the shot >> you can't play it. >> does he still propose if she misseshe
5:55 pm
>> yes. come on now. >> with a contingent. >> stay and wander off. >> right. >> where is that cup? >> i wanted a shooter. >> thanks, brody >> we may be saying bye-bye to boa-boa but there's a new arrival at a local zoo and may fill your cute animal void. maybe. maybe it will melt your heart.
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the maryland zoo baltimore announce, the first birth of a injure raf at the zoo more than 20's year, she's six feet one inch talls weighs 125 pounds, she was able to stand on her own in about 50 minutes. first on list a little mother and baby bonding. coming up was a n
5:59 pm
the baby giraffe won't go on display until some time this spring >> there you go, that fills the cuteness void. we're saying bye-bye to boa-boa. his last day will be february 21st. then he'll be moving to china. that's a videotape of him munching there. he's sleeping up there in the top right corner. bye-bye, boa-boa. we're going to miss you. hopefully we'll be able to get pictures sent back. >> adorable. >> thanks for being with us. fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. a virginia teacher is behind bars accused of sexual assaulting two students. thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy. police arresting any other victims to please come forward. matt ackland has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the teacher charged was removed from the classroom immediately after the
6:00 pm
was reported. that was back on january 17th. tonight, authorities believe there is a possibility there could be other victims out there and they want students to come forward if they had inappropriate actions with this teacher. 36-year-old jose daniel estrada of clifton virginia is charged with two counts felony aggravated battery. authorities aren't saying when the abuse took place but as soon as it was reported falls church city police and child protective services were brought in. the school interim superintendent said counsellors have been brought in to speak with students and parents and he called staff together to address this alleged crime. >> we do not know the full extent of whatever took place. again, we have worked cooperatively and open communications with child protective services as well as with our police


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