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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> plus another water mainanot break in alexandria.xanda. this one causing issues by the e hospital. we are live on the scene ason you can see t right there with h what it is that you need to know. your firstour tu live look at 6 o'clock hour,ho, it's monday, february 20th.bruat happy presidents' day to you.too weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05 goodod monday to you, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m stc welcome to fox5 news happening right now that watera main break shut down part of a busy road in alexandria.e this is seminary and howardd hod road headed towards alexandriaea customers in that area maymay have low water pressure.essure. repairs expected to take ake several hours still.ill. give yourself a little extra l e time to get around.roud. fortunately it's a very light rush hour with the federal holiday. >> ♪♪ overnightoveoping in alexandria, a man was assaulted then robbed by a robba group of people. people. the alarming crime happened overnight in alexandria. it happened in an apartment onmn
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nd police say the four suspectsr were able to get away.awy. no word on what was stolen. alexandria police are police investigating. >> happening right now apening manhunt under way rforig someoe wanted for murder who is stills on the run. >> police say the suspect shottt and killed another man at an ata house party over the weekend in arlington.lingt. >> melanie this morning live t on the scene with thehis detais good morning. >> reporter: good morning,te steve andr: allison.all it appears that there was ae waa very large party at the home hom behind me here, the one that ont you see that has a number ofumbf cars out there in the driveway. dr police were on the scene forcenr much of the day yesterdaytay because they were called hereale early in the overnight hoursors and there was a fightght apparently that had broken outon on the front yard area. area. fox5 crews were also able tobleo get video of police investigating that front areaar where they had crime tapee blocked off. we saw a number of evidenceidee markers there as well. wel if we can go to the videovide you'll see those as well.ll. up to 52 different evidencedene
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police began investigatingstigag here, also looks like some likes kind ofa jacket there on there walkway leading to the front of the house. we understand perhaps the victim, 23-year-old michaelmicha gray of manassas virginia wasins shot in the police officers heard the officr shooting came to thd ethe sceneh found gray in the front yard with that gunshot woundgunsund immediately began cpr. c. then when paramedics arrived arr gray was rushed to inova fairfax hospital but he couldalu not be s in the meantime, police were wre able to develop someop ome information then do have ao h suspect now that they arethat t looking for. fo this is jason allen johnson,on, he's 37 years old ofl of washington, d.c.d.c. police say he is wanted for murder, they say for his roleis in this homicide so we don't dot know if there are more people me that they are looking for as well.well. police do do tell us that this does not appear to be a random act. they believe there was someieve sort of a figh tt or altercation between johnson andal michaelchl
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gray. they did say their informationfo is that johnson was last headed toward they don't have any moreyor information other than that th except to tell us that if if anybody recognizes him, theognii police would like them to call arlington county police butlicet also, steve and allison, noson,o danger here.hee. it's very upsetting to what isos normally a very quietquet community here.unity here. live in arlington, i'm melanieme alnwick, fox5 local news. >> also an older woman in the on district faces murder charges ic this morning. say 76-year-old 76- thomasine bennett is sons assembly for the death ofof 63-year-old walter clark. clark. clark was that found withwa trauma to his body inside ofs ta home in the northeast ont on friday. the motive for the attack isck still unclear.still un >> also in northeast the huntth is on for man who sexuallysexly assaulted a woman saturday satuy night. this attack happened in thethe 700 block of galloway street.ret investigators say the victim vim was walking down the streettre just before 7:00 p.m. when she e passed the he turned around grabbed hered r and allegedly sexually assaulted her. police say the a
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towards seventh street.stre >> overnight fire in i montgomery county torched a garage along noble oaks drivebl in germantown. misplaced fire pit ashes nut asa trash can are to placement youam can see the siding menelted on n couple of homes in that area.ea. thankfully nobody was hurt. hurt >> an investigators believe a massive fire in clarksburg wasuw sparked by a cigarette that had been improperly discardedi on the back deck.dek. the foam of four including twouo children all got out safely.sae. a police officer who was first a to arrive on the scene andcene d went door to door t-he woke-h everybody up on the street because he feared that that fead fire would spread. tould sprd. no one was hurt luckily.lukily. the family had just moved intovo the home just three weeks ago.. >> ♪♪ >> 6:04 right now.ght no tuck is going to join us with w a look at the fork. how much can we say about theatt weekend, right. righ >> where do you want to start.a. >> whoop, whoop, whoop.h >> i think that sums it upperu if he can'tly right there. >> good. >> i think 71 yese
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>> felt every gloriousry degrees, right.i >> it was wonder.>> it >> it was amaze pentagon.wae peg i'm more of a winter weatherwear guy but it was pretty perfectpef p everybody out and about thato everybody was in a good mood.oo. >> yes. and everybody was at the zoo. z. >> and everybody was at the at e zoo and places outside. >> right. >> let's go to the numbers.o toe we're fearsturing -- you know yn what, not as warm today but tod still very, very mild for the he middle of february.febr we're looking at daytime highsis about 60 or so.about 60 oso. 44 now in washington, 49ingto 49 dulles, 41 in baltimore, bwi wi marshall reporting the cool the number locally although we have 30's off to our south andhd west this morning when we'vemorn had a chance to cool cooll co things down a little bit more.m all right.igt let's see. high pressure to our south.ure . otherwise quiet weather.a as mentioned our breezes will be that shift out of the northft later today. e not expeexpecting out temperatures to get quitineg ass warm as can't always get to 70 in in february. >> i know. seven dayr on our we have more 70's to look lk forward to.ard we'll be a little cooler tha
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highs in the low 60's there. th. still very mild for this times e of year. i think our average daytimeati high is 48 so only 15 degrees ds above normal.nomal. >> what? thanks, tucker.s, tuck >> my pleasure.>> my pleasure >> thank you for the weekend. w. >> happy holiday.>> h >> are you counting cars thisapr morning erin tryings tothis fid folks out there.folk >> i am.ou we have a few problems but forur the most part the beltway bel everything is so much quieteruci than this is the breaking news in in exandriria. a water main break closingloing north howard street at north noh jordan street right neart nea alexandria hospital.dria if you need to get to thed to ge hospital use seminary road toad get around.round. it doesn't look like northike nh howard street will be openingt i any time soon.n. water main you under control.on. crews out there repairing thepae as we forward along for a look k at skyfox this morning,fox this, they're over the top of theov beltway. the outer looper t at 95 int 95 college park, you can seecan see traffic is picking upis picki up especially the outer loop as you cruise towards georgiaards g avenue. not the major congestion wegestion e usually see during the weekhe wk since it is presidents' dayi but as you can see there iss prs some traffic out there. let'st goh ahead and switch it overt o right now and show you a looka o at our cameras.c
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volume building.ild however no slowdowns from 70fr to the truck scales or through urbana. ou're atre atpart y speed down to the beltway.wnth i'll let you know if thatnow ift changes. if you're skipping the roads and taking skmetipro this monday morning for presidents' daypr service adjustment.rvju they did kick in at 5 o'clock5 o service-wise on the trainswise o operating until midnight.midni trains on a saturday member trees also operating on a saturday schedule.chedule parking at metro lots and a garages free and off peakf fares in that effect.res we'll keep you updated onin youn metro as well as the roads but overall much lighter volume if you have tom head to work this morning like we dligh h eaallisn steve back to you. you. >> james mattis arrived inived n iraq just a couple hours agooura on an unannounced visit.t. he'll reassure the iraqis thee united states does not intendi to seize the thrill an idea thet that president trump had he'll discuss ways to defeatdeft isis.. mattis' visit comes as as isis was the target of a past city still in the handsst of theil
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in syria the turkish militaryily launched more than a dozen airstrikes taking out an armory used by >> vice president mike penceesid is that in brussells this morning. morn he's exploring ways to deepenri the unitedng w states's relationship with the european union. union. facing skepticism among eukeptiu leaders over the foreign policy direction of the new then administration. overti the weekend viceke president pence voiced strong vg support for nato. meantime president donalddea trump tries to push backtr against critics.ienst critic >> this comes as the president t heads back to washington todayit after holding a big rally inn florida over the the. fox's kelly wright with that tht and a search for a new nw national security adviser.v >> reporter: president trump is expected to sign a newisr: pw immigration order this week we after courts rejected his hs temporary ban on immigrantsigra from seven majority muslimslim countries.ies. >> the president has the clearcr legal authority to do another executive order.ecut
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some democrats are calling for impeachment over allegationseios that the trump administrationin has been close with >> when you go out and you you push impeachment you have to hao ask the question for what.r wh. i have seen zero evidence ofidef any sort of wrongdoing ingdoii president trump's term. te >> reporter: the callsr: the cas coming after former nationalnatl security adviser michael flynn wall ousted over lying about aba phone call with the russian rus ambassador but the white househu denies they have been workingo with the kremlin.with >> to accuse an organizationgano of being in constant contact with russian spies is outrageous. >> reporter: democrats are trying to organize a movement similar to the tea party too oppose. >> if we're going to counterng to c his policies we need to build a people machine. >> reporter: but many trump supporters are now showingter: b their support of the presidentpt by holding rallies across theiee country. coun >> i'm getting tired of
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picking up the paper every dayry and reading that so many may people are against trump.t >> reporter: president trumper: will travel from his homepr in n florida to the white house later today while vicehile vi president mike pence willent mip return toence the u.s. after af wrapping up his visit withwh european leaders.eaders. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. ws. >> damaging storms toreamag through the state ofin texasxas overnight while out west moreest severe weather is on the wayon y to start the week there.her >> plus, a final farewell tolto our girl bao bao. bao. >> last full day.d >> if you haven't said goodbyeoe yet, you need to hurry. huy. steve just let you know why. we're back in 30 seconds with more.
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are. >> men, two women are alreadyn e under arrest after poisoningr pg of kim jong nam.jog there's speculation northcon korea is behind the killing but this morning north koreaor is criticizing theisng investigation calling it politically motivator the.the malaysia recalled its ambassador from north korea. noa >> an investigation is underve way in new jersey afters aa small plane crashes in a i a neiborhooood. no one was on the ground gro injured thankfully.tha you can look at these picturesss hard to believe though. to beli. the pilot who was the only
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condition. cond >> wow. >> the single engine pipereng went down sunday morning.mornin. it mangled power lines,lin damaged parked cars, came downmw not far from a gas station.stain people living nearby said itingt felt like an it's unclear what caused that ct crash and the faa and the ntsb b will investigate whate what happened.ed. the west coast bracing forar a second round of severe weather. at least seven people werele ere killed when heavy rain hithit southern california over thealie weekend. the flooding right there, whatnr aight t mess, caused landslides- excuse me caused mudslides.dslie flooding in fresno alsoresn also damaged a levy there. thre. many people in area area are prepared to leave their homesir if the levy doesn't hold. ho there's breaking news this newss morning out of texas where er damage is being reported in san antonio after a possibleosse tornado touched downhed down overnight. crazy weather.y we >> while in hawaii beachgoersiis are being met with someh se unwanted and painful visitors i on this presidents' day. nearly 500 jellyfish werefish we found along the shores of waikiki beacs.
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lifeguards reported dozens of stings. the influx of jellyfishstf jells expected to peek today. tday. >> "eeeewwww." you never been stung by a jellyfish? not pretty punchret the werball jackpot has risen. someone from maryland did winw 1 million do.1 i've always said i would be sosa satisfied with that.idtisfied t. >> right. powerball drawing ra wednesday night.wednesdat. >> good luck. t thank you. a major u.s. city isi cracking down on pokèmon go.mon. more on that coming up inup n today's business news. nes. >> surprised it's still going on. a live look outside as we headad to break on this presidents' day. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s. it's 44 right now.
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>> problems in alexandria. a water main break on north howardems main b >> problems in alexandria. a water main break on north howard street. so just a heads up. it's going to be a few more hours before they get that under control. fortunately not a heavy traffic day and not a really so jusngning,ems main b
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>> a little cool out a few spots in the 30's.3 did you enjoy yesterday? stey? check out your highyour high temperatures from yesterday.est reagan national 71, dulles 69,e, bwi marshall.rshl. 71. normal daytime high if you're curious 48 degrees so8 degrees o obviously we are running well, l well above normal.n all right.r looks like it's going to turn tr into a more and more an unusually warm february here. h. the number of days we've hit 70 or better, three so far. the most ever back i think in 1950. 1950. we hit the 70-degree park six times, so we won't do that hat today. ooler todayolerle c but still on the mild side forlr this time of year.ear. we should be up near 60, 6 perhaps low 60's.60s. there's 30's to our south andthn west. 35 manassas, 38 in fredericksburg, 34 ineric i culpeper. as you get off to the north norh and to the west 41 in frederick. fred it has cooled off overnight and we'll be in foerrooled a st cooler day.
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lots oauf sunshine, dry monday,d dry holiday and what'swhat happening here we're going get t a little system off to our to or north and we'll start to get a a normal flow so with winds outw of the north we're going to goio hold -- we're going to tempero the temperatures a little bit. highs only in the low 6ur0es's. still again warm for this timehi of year.of yr. the real action continues ton c be out west and remember on n friday it was los this morning it's sans san francisco, northernsco, norern california, another four to 8-inches of storms -- four to 8-inches of rain up here. here. we're watching the orovillero dam because that is not neededto in that basin unfortunately.ortu up to 5 feet of snow in theow ie see yeah as. sierras. si quiet afternoon and, you know, should be a very pleasant day.a. temperatures back in the low tho 60's kind of early spring feel out there fofr you and perfectpe weather if you want to get outut and see bao bao, get outsideu and enjoy, get out and play py some golf, erin.rin. >> absolutely. >> look at thursday and friday.ook back into the 70' we're we're not done yes.
6:18 am
february to me.feb >> i went to the zoo on zoo o saturday. it was so crowded. was so crow >> i heard the only thingded. yu saw were a lot of other people. >> there were so many people there. i did seeere a cbs branches ifh you're traveling in alexandriala dealing with a water maing withn break closing north howardhoward street right by north jordan street. if you have to head to t alexandria hospital today, to seminary road is opened o keep p in mind since sits presidents'tp it ispresidents' day traffic iss light. ali crash in laurel causingausig delays. baltimore-washington parkwaywa southbound the crash scenesh between 198 and 197 blocking7 b the left lane.the le lane. once you pass 32 things backhin up for a few miles leadingead towards that location.rds thio keep it to the right lane andand also keep in mind if you want i to get around that hop off atoff 32 and take 95 southbound.uth. route one southbound both areotr much quieter right now. it's just that crash and thencr a rubber neck delay picking up on the northbound side asbound i well. so, we'll keep you posted on on th
6:19 am
taking metro today, they're onon time except operating on an adjusted schedule forsted s presidents' trains on aedpr saturday and schedule.dule. metrobus on a saturday schedule. you can parksc for free at lotst and safe track surge 12 still surge impacting the blue line lasting through presidents'thro day today. back to you allison andug steve. ste >> it's almost time to say goodbye and leading up to baongo bao's departure tomorrow the national zoo is celebratingl wind gust special eventsl evens planned every day. d. today's activities include app behind the scenes look at howne the zoo is preparing bao bao bao for her big trip bye-bye.. i added that part. p >> i know. >> you can catch that lie on ca the zoo's facebook pageon atge t nine:they're this morning.y're then at 10:00 a.m. she'llshe'l enjoy app special treat madesp just for for h we will put a link up tok upto everything the zoo has planned p on our web site next the list of top congested cities in the world wl is
6:20 am
surprised to learn where thateat d.c. ranks. >> at the tom. >> no. >> a teen at a o crowd in a a bruce springsteen home is hom stole the show when the rocke r rockerinvited him on stage.stae. the teen held arsine duringarsig the concert says he wasys he w skipping school and probablyro in that trouble and asked if he could play the song growing up: springsteen said come on up. and they rocked it.
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>> one major city cracking m down onaj pokèmon. a check of the markets.k of. normally we talk about thatk a because the they're closede th today. joining us from losed angelesnge hillary vaughn. markets are closed, right.sed, >> reporter: hey,
6:23 am
yeah, that's right, they are closed in that observance and presidents' day. >> let's talk about -- we havee a lot of actually futn - topicss today. day. this sounds kind of jokey butke i think bill gates is seriousse when he says if there are going to be robots they shouldte y tataxes. >> reporter: yeah, that'seportea right.h, it's actually an interestingnteg idea because a lot of talk tlk about robots replacing human workers but gates says if theyyt do that they should be taxed tax as if they were a human workerwr so if they're replacingy're repa someone that makes 50,000 he 50e thinks the company should have to pay those taxes and he says that the reason why is becauseba he thinks it should -- theyol should slow down the speed of o automation so we're notre no displacing a bunch of workers bs at one time. tm and he think that's not a badk d thing. in fact what he says is a bada d thing is when people have more e fear about innovation than a they do excitement.item so, he thinks that it's perfectly acceptable foreptabler companies who are looking to to upgrade their technology and cut down on their workforce tooo actually pay a little bit. bi. he says that the money couldcoul go retrain some of the workers
6:24 am
that it replaces for different fields and it could epalslaoce o social >> as long as they look like that. the most congested u.s. cities. citi >> reporter: d.c. is atorter: dt number 15 but here's your topoup five. five so we have l.a. is number oneume and they rank cities allnk citil across the world so you have ave l.a. at number one, moscow ate,t number two and we jump back to the u.s., you have new york york and then san francisco ando and then d.c. is at 15, so you ou guys have a bit of traffic but t not as bad as moscow and notscon as bad as ohere in l.a. l.a. >> we feel better aboutetter ourselves right now.elves righ let's end with pokèmon go andmod if you're going play in one in city you need a permit.a p >> reporter: that's right.ortera that's really interesting.ite a lot of people jumped in onplju the pokèmon go craze so you go o to these parks, you try totryto catch these pokèmon well,
6:25 am
not having it. the monsters, the pokèmonokèmo monsters need permits to beermio able to go there so that these t users can catch them and thendte reason why is they said theyhey experience huge crowds a lotcroa of foot traffic, they didn'tdi have the manpower to control it, a lot of trash was thatsh wa left behind people weren'tpeop cleaning up after themselvesthe so they said no we're noty saide together to have p'rokèmon go at your parks. a permit g the need if you're a pokèmon monster if m you want to be part of this so s pokèmon go going to have to to e get a permit from milwaukee to a be able to have their usersrs directed towards its public p parks. >> makes sense to me if it's a'a nuisance. >> reporter: yeah in thankor you so much tehillary. >> reporter: got to clean upleap after yourself.our >> never got into it but myit by kids are so we won't be goingng milwaukee. we won't be breaking the law. see you later. bye. bye. >> okay. ilill a thing. it's very popular. >> okay. >> and do you remember at theyob height of it were people wereerr walking around likee people thi >> head down walking intolki traffic.
6:26 am
>> in case i'm in milwaukee. >> it's cooler ttoh cerasee i' r and we know you gravitatera toward of the cold so yourd oe o might want to g >> i don't think i'll be don thi playing pokèmon there.. >> pokèmon. >> i'm sorry. sry. >> he acts like he doesn'tacts k know that that every time heimee says it the same way. >> there's a joke in there joket too. winds nice and light at light 3 miles an hour so we don'tan have a wind chill to speak h of we have more mild temperatures on the way. yesterday 71.yesterda71. about 10 degrees cooler thano that today. we'll be in the low 60's. 60s still a beautiful day andand particularly falling on aling oa holiday our temperatures will wl only be about 15 degrees above e normal. quick look at the seven day t .that is not a wintry sevenntryn day. look at the end of the weekd ofe there. 67 wednesday.nesday. 73, 74 thursday and friday.ay. and we'll keep it mild into nto saturday so maybe with someth se thunderstorms on saturday.turda. >> hm. >> >> okay. >> yeah. getting weird now. [laughter] [lau >> very springlike.ringke.
6:27 am
ease. the weatherman says it's getting weird weird now. over to you. over to >> most things are weird from fm tucktory though so it doesn't matter. right now skyfox is over someerm breaking news out of laurel.f look at that huge delay even evn though it's presidents' day it'r and we were antesicipating a quieter commute we have awe h a crash bw parkway southbound.ubo. traffic is basically parked from 198 to 197 just the left te lane getting by. crash involving an overturnedved vehicle. several emergency crews onon location. northbound side also dealinglond with a rubber neck dela sy.elay. your best bet take 95 to get around that northbound andorthbd southbound. we'll let you know as soon as thatt you lane reopens and thas crash scene clears. as we movcre foasr over for a le look in alexandria dealingalexan with a water main break. a watea crews working hard out there. t. north howard street remains rem closed at jordan street.stet. take seminary road to get a gt alexandria hospital.h keep it to fox5. we're back in just a few.
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back to fox5 news bac it's presidents' day.'s p hope you're enjoying the darey a off and watching fox5 news at 6:30 in the morning.m we'll have weather and traffictt for you at 6:35 but happeningppg right now at 6:30, a massivea water main break has shut downun parts of a busy road ind n alexandria at seminary roadinard and howard road headinghed towards alexandria hospital. customers in that area may a have low water pressure.ssur. repairs will take anywhereanyere from six to eight hours.. developing overnight now, n, alexandria policealexandrolice investigating a robbery an a
6:31 am
assault. as this happened in the 2900900 block of mainland boulevard.oul. police say four suspectsuspect assaulted and robbed man in an a apartment and that end fledt end then fled thescene.scene. we'll stay on top of those story as it develops. deps. police investigating ace shooting that left a inooting tt 23-year-old man dead a after a fight broke out at a party.r this happened early onearly saturday at a home in and north 29th street and thisreet morning we have a picture ofctuf the suspect police need helpd ep tracking down.acki this is jasonng allen johnson.o. he's 37 years old. o he's from the district.stict. he's believed to be in thein area still.till. johnson is considered armedidera and dangerous.gerous. anyone with information on hisns whereabouts is asked to call police. >> to montgomery county.coun police searching for a missing germantown man. friends of 22-year-old michael louis digenova say they lasty ls saw him sunday when het got on a red line train at grosno
6:32 am
at the levonel of a seventh grader. president donald trump heads back to washington today after donagton tod aft working thiser weekend at his h club in west palm beach florida. donald trump personallyer interviewed more contendersd for the national securitymonatil adviser position.adviser he also attended a strategystr session on how to repeal andal d replace the affordable caree act. president obama's legacy being fonding remembered byemb c-span. could, and presidentialesil historians survey presidentey obama ranked 12th on the of 433 former president betweene woodrow wilson and jamesnd james monroe. who took the top spot. s >> for the third greer a row grr president abraham lincoln camema in at number one followed byowey george washington a. franklin d roosevelt number numr three, teddy roosevelt at number four.o rounding out the top fivetop dwight d eisenhower. happening today, senator chris van hollen
6:33 am
the university of marylandersi eastern shore to talk about abot black history month and education.ation. senator van hollen will alsoso announce new legislation to honor harriet this gets under way at the university of maryland easternfd shore in princess ann maryland. we are on eagle watch onceee again. ag this time at the national arboretum where eagle parents e mr. president and the firstand t lady welcomed a new egg toegg their nest last night.r ne the d.c. region was captivatedtv last year by the same eagles eas especially when their twowo eaglets hatched and they wered named freedom and liberty.iby. the d.c. eagle cam streamedam the entire thing.the enti here's a livere tlook at what't going on right now.g on r n more than 60 million people milp watched during a fieove monthnth period.riod. mr. president and the firstnd t lady are the first pair toair nest at the national arboretum since 1947. 19 steve, we're on eagle we'ree watch, my friend.frind. >> they're sleeping right now rw so keep it down a little bit.t. quick check on sports.spo. the nba all-star game known kn
6:34 am
i joke on this o it was a history makingn nighti for one player in his home arena. ar first though john wall makingmag his fourth straight all-star appearance. two dunks in first quarter way to go john wall f, 12ir pointsts total which is phenomenal.nomen. however not even close to your y top scorer. russell westbrook kevin durantbr throw it down foroomer teammates.te westbrook had 41 points.41 poin. the all-star record was 42 so 4o he came one point away.awy. but he wasn't anywhere close.l it was shattered by they th hometown player anthony davistho of course he plays in new orleans. he had v west wins a shootout, are you ou ready for the final. >> yeah. >> 192 to 182. 18. >> the next one we'll try to try do is a hundred points. [laughter][laughr] >> no, kidding.k you know, i think i had 32 and a then the guy told me to get 50. i was just dunking the ball and then st duni heard it on --- thro
6:35 am
beat the record so i really didn't know.knw. >> hometown team keep you onyouo the court longer.e court lo good news fnor davis and thed he pelicans. they are adding anotherdding ant all-star to their roster.r rost. demarcus cousins going to be goe traded sacramento kings agreedkn in principal to trade cousinscos to new orleans for a couple a c players and a first and secondd round pick next year. yea nba trade deadline isineis thursday. not a good start for thert r caps after having that weekthat long break.long brea they lost to the red wingsre saturday and yesterday they and lost in new y york. yo caps came close but lost twocloo to one. still leading the division bysion b five points over another road game wednesday.oad the team heads gato philadelphih to take on the flyers backyers home on on frida boys of summer back. nationals first full squadll sqd workout in west palm hey tray be turner.urr. first practice game in florida i set for saturday against the mets so baseball season seson officially start talking aboutna it now. >> yay! r of bryce pitche with a redskins hat on. o >> you did. d.
6:36 am
also likes to wear.alsoo >> really. >> he wore it a couple weeks ago. >> weird. >> yeah, spotted were it a spott cowboy hat.ed >> no, then wh had the skinshe hat on yesterday. interesting. why not.why not. >> yeah, take that with youake t today. all right, 60 degrees deges temperatures. yesterday we hit 71.y we won't be quite as warm asrm as yesterday but it should be shou another beautiful day for us. u. 44 now in washington.s if you notice those littleite arrows that allison alwayslis asks about, those are showing sg us our wind direction and witha the winds shifting out of thef north here we're going to hold d our temperatures down just aust little bit this afternoon.erno so, still very mild for this ts time of year but not as warms wm as yesterday.erda otherwise sunny bright andt and beautiful. beauti winter hasfu done an i'm outta' here. here. >> yes. thist work out for me this year. out, i'm our so i'm ou there you go. 63 this afternoon, mostlyernoo sunny skies, another warm days,a if you're heanoded down to the mall. ma >> yay! >> >> okay. >> i'll have the seven day inven a d minute.inte. it's got a lot of 70's on it
6:37 am
>> the seven day. >> very nice. >> the 70's.y ni>> the hi erin. e good morning. rning.d morning. that's why i was pushing to are a barbecue >> nothing is wrong with that. >> i was outside without appih jacket yesterday.yet >> me, too. >> right now you can see behind me this is a crash thath we're tracking in laurel.aul. bw parkway southbound it's between 198 and 197.tween 198 the right lane isand blocked.o there's an overturned a lot of first respondersof firs there. the left lane is getting by but from north of 198 you are19e completely parked.comp so, coming from 32 your bestbst bet exit at 32, take 95 take southbound to get around this ts one. otherwise it's about app 20out 0 minute delay and northboundn side also dealing with ath a rubber neck delay.y. 295 north or southbound authbo better bet to get around baltimore-washington parkwaywast in both directions throughhr laurel. as with move things over rightst now to alexandria, this is anan active scene right now. water main break that they'rethr trying to get repaired.reai it's under control.trol. however, north howard street str is closed at north jordan jorda street. if you need to g et to to alexandria hospital thispitathis morning o-seminary road isnary s better bet but t
6:38 am
is since it is presidents' dayii and the commute is lightersl than most days we aren'tdays wer seeing any major trafficrff backups through alexandria.xan again crews working hard out there. there. 66 out by sudley road wide wide opened. this is what most of our s whatost of o majors areur looking like thisis morning. morning. usually by suitland parkwayuianp you're completely parked.y so far from gainsville toe t centreville and through thehroug vienna area we're seeing verya e nice condit'rions.ions. 270 quiet.quiet. 95 northbound fromom fredericksburg all the way upal through newington looking goodno as well.l. overall the beltway seeing very light conditions.ight cond. metro is on time but they're thr operating on an adjustedadted schedule for presidents' day. d. we'll be back in just a fewa few moments with more news, weather and traffic.
6:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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6:41 am
>> let's check what's let trending. uber under if i were over's claims sexual harassment at the companndy's saern i f fri an headquarters a former engineermr says her first day on the job j she was openly propositionedposo for sex by her manager.ana she went on to call uber "an an organization in complete unrelengthsing chaos."." next up a dallas teacherup who awa ds fired when her pasta a adult film actress wasss wa exposed on social wants her job back. bac she says she was a teenagedd victim of sex slavery and she he wants her job back.. she appealed. a finally activists in new york city gathered titvio opposp president trump's travel ban.ela more than 1,000 pe
6:42 am
times square yesterday wavingvin american flags and holdinggs anh signs saying no muslim ban. it was billed as the i am a muslim, too, rally designed toeo support muslim americans and ad protest president trump'srum's immigration policies.n polies. mel. >> thank you very much appreciate it.te it coming up madonna shows asha heartwarming video of her twin girls. i didn't know madonna had twin girls. >> they're new.hey're nw. >> britney ever after appearedad on lifetime over the weekend.we. minutes into the show criticsris started lighting up socialghtino media. we'll tell you why. 6:42. >> i'm not growing to say i was fine because i wasn't.
6:43 am
in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz.
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>> looking at an accident.king a rollback getting ready to hall some of the vehicles outbae of there but one vofeh theicm m pointing in the wrong in the wr direction for sure. se. south lanes bw parkway around 198. 198. >> another wise slow trafficer day out w there 'cause it'sre ' presidents' day. not going to be a bad one weather-wise. weather- >> slow as if there's not many n people on it. i >> in that particular place ple it's going slow. >> weather will cooperate.ther won't be the 71 we had1 weha yesterday however low to midy h 60'sto. >> a part of me doesn't likeke that but that's the selfishe sel part of me aren't i choose not n to honor >> daytime high shop typicallytc be in the 40' in th's >> thank you for a reality check. >> any other year we would ber like it's going to bee 63 degrees. shout out to harpers ferry. fer. >> i love the histy
6:46 am
it. it. >> history. it was such a beautiful day.da there were so many people outo t walking around hiking trails.ikn it was great. >> love it.e it. >> okay, let's do some maps. mas steve a looking at me bewildered. reagan national 71 yesterday.esy baltimore mid 71.mid 71 69 at dulles.ulle normal daytime high 48. where are we in the record books? this is i wasn'tis usually warm february.ll that was dayy wa number three tt february that we hit 70 or70r higher. er. the most is '73 seven back in i 1976. not sure we'll get to sevento but i think we are going tong to add to these numbers a littleit later this week as we lookwe loo like we'll be back into theackhe 70's by thursday and tied for the third all time tme and the most since 2011.e 211. pretty unusual to get a lot ofaf 70-degree days in february.brua. 43 in washington.shiton definitely cooled off a little o bit here. spots getting in the 30's. frederick 36 degrees, 35 in manassas, 38 new yorkmanassas fredericksburg, 41 infred not as warm today because our day ou winds are going to be shifting out of the north and that's thts going told back thegoin temperatures just a little bitt but it should be an otrw
6:47 am
absolutely perfect day. temperatures in the low to midnm 60's and nice and quiet.quet. so if you'll be headed down tod the zoo to see bao bao or ther e mall or anything related tolat presidents' day really nicey weatr for us.s. not nice weather innice weaer in california. e it's northernnothern california's turn, four to, fouo 8-inches of rain, up to 5 feet of additional snow in the in the sierras with just looking atkin san francisco all kinds of flood watches and warnings and a wind advisories. ou're flng tying to san francisco later today io sa woun definitely call ahead and makede sure that flight is on time. te for us high pressure. presidents' day beautiful afternoon and again we won't wo be as warm as yesterday yrd although i'm sure no one will be complaining aboutabo temperatures in the low 60'sur in the middle ofes february.bru. there's your seven day. that is not looking much likemu wintertime with temperatures ter soaring back into the 70's by'sy thursday and friday.friday. and maybe thunderstorms to end our heat wave by saturday . >> [laughter] by it at ittisgusted that point. >> why? i'm loving thishy? weather. >> pollen will start acting sta
6:48 am
it's too early for this. tis >> as somebody who now gets weekly al her shots because is s have terrible allergies spring g has a new fun meaning for me.m skyfox over baltimore-washington parkwskay in laurel. this is southbound. crash this between 198 and 197 an involving an overturnedan overtd vehicle. tow truck on location.w truck the right lane is still blocked. left lane crawling by. rubber neck delay on the northbound side as well.ft ler . southbound side is basicallya at a standstill from 198 tom 198 197. best bet to get around that take 95 northbound or or southbound. that will save you time thisme s morning. moving over for a live look in alexandria water main breakia wk clean up. ean up howard street closed at jordan j street. if you need to get ton you neeto alexandria hospital your best gi bet to do sota l is yoturo b tae seminary road. that is wide opened.opned because it is presidents' dayiti look at all the green ons thene map. the beltway is problem free,e, 66, 270, 95 and 50 all reallyrey nice right now so enjoy thatnjoy if you have to head to workead o this morning. is morning >> very nice. very nce. yokn
6:49 am
holiday from? the morning memes. >> no, it's not.o, it's t. but i'm worried about thebout weather report card. crd. school might not be in session today. da >> weather school never stops. >> #morning meme where thereing are no rules. >> that's right. ules adake our own rules and make our day. #morning meme. send them in.i a lot of them will be weather wr related today. first one comes from a good friend of mine my weathery w colleague mike thomas.hoas. hold on toto, i have a feelingfn that it isn't winter he did that yesterday.t yesterd. >> thank you mike.e. >> 71 degrees, get it. >> no, totally get it. t. >> i like this one. teachers be like better cancelal school. sc >> wow.ho >> really. >> students be like that, too. . >> students be like that adentsl little more.e little me. >> yeah, because no one's gotten any snow days this this year. >> i know.>> i kno >> getting lots of tweets froms people like what's up withith that. >> that's fine we. e w
6:50 am
summer days. summ >> i think teachers ander students like to have that hat surprise day off don't youay ofn think. >> and i love that surprise 12r2 hour day in the snow. >> right. >> all right. this one is f>>or you erin. er i can't believe i ate the whole thing. >> that was me on sundaysu morning after i ate macaroni a and cheese for breakfast.or brea >> i hope erin he says this is s for you because you like cats. >> she's a cat lover. a >> i would hope to think so,hin, too. >> i didn't want to read too much into it. t. >> maybe we should startart having themes.ving >> we'll take anything. >> we need at t we'll least onea bao one for >> we should. good call. cal. >> thanks, tuck. >> thanks tuck.tuck. >> beautiful. >> let's get to our facebook>> fan of the get t day. today it is chante and brandon. >> or should we just say thee newlyweds. they just got married on friday. brandon's mom nominated to t them. congratulations to you both. we wish you many laytiears of
6:51 am
wedded pledges we hope you'reoue as happy as steve and i havetev been over the last 22 years. ea >> best ride ever. eer. >> for your chance to be oure facebook fan of the day leave a photo below the happy couple. >> i need to start doing theoine colors. >> you do you. >> the yellow.>> >> i don't know what i'm doing h wrong with my life.atwrong withm >> not ay life thing.. >> i can't rocket breaking baded tie bar. the new king kongnew film over the k weekend.we i was interviewing samuel l. jackson. he's the coolest guy there's a big movie called "split."" sam jackson is no in that movie but he's somehowe's som involved.
6:52 am
i don't want to give too muchuch away. speaking of the box officex offi huge weekend. we lego batman, $34.2 million in.2n the second weekend.the se by the way, 2850 of that is myiy own money. mey. i saw it in 4d. 4d >> i hope that was more thanoret oning. on >> no, that's one i saw it in 4dx in l.a. la. the seats move things gethi sprayed at you with water andite also air. a kind of cool. cool. that movie has made m $170 million worldwide so farldo at the box i absolutely loved this film. if you haven't seen it definitely worth seeing.en seei. >> i haven't seen it yet kevin and i'll want to. >> so good.o g >> we're going today.t >> after i missed on the first s couple weeks then i start tort o feel i'll just wait.wai >> what's next.t's net. >> really clever, very funny.fuy picked up more on the second time i saw it.i 50 shades dark number two this weekend, point 96, 27696, 276 worldwide so far million andllid then the great
6:53 am
this is interesting.ntere movie made $18 million inlion in debut weekend in the unitedhe nd states. doesn't sound like a bign't soue number, reit? but a it b's made $262 million worldwide so far. >> china is a big market. >> china huge market it will make all of its money back. $8,150,000,000 budget.00,0 i didn't like the movie.moie. >> sounds like 50 shades is50 ss doing well. we >> a lot of films like thate h are doing really well worldwide. worldwide. >> britney spears lifetime film aired over the weekend. >> i missed it. i can't believe it.tneyed mei can' t and.bext o >> tucker texted me said i'mid m staying in and watching >> tucker put me on the threadoe next time. >> billboard criticized where the film started. th they don't much intoh britney spears precareer.receer. i did not see this yet. i do want to see it. it. nat shall bassett plays britney spears in thfi
6:54 am
a gentleman named nathan --ath >> how did -- a film like thiskh is if they can't use herif t performing in the film, how hedw they do all the music. music. >> that's the biggest problemprl is you couldn't really do any music of hers 'cause it's an unauthorized biopic sopic so basically what they do is -- isi think they have her coveringoven certain songs you're allowedalld to cover but nothing -- froming- what i understand, i led the reviews that britney spearssp music was not in the film. f >> very strange. >> madonna released a video overonna r the weekend that hadd everybody going aww. madonna recently adopted twotwo four and a half-year-old twins-a from malawi and their names are stella and esther and thise is them singing twinkletwile twinkle little star via instagram.. >> ♪♪ >> aww. >> pretty good, right? notghnot bad. the video has over 504,000 views already. alr if you want to look at it
6:55 am
her instagram.nsagram. very cool. very >> i don't know where i've --'v- normally i'm on top of the popep culture stuff.sff. where was i. i. >> somehow you slipped. som >> happened on saturday.ehapd os she adopted them earlier thisths month. >> earlier this month.month. >> yeah.>> >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> what is this. >> what are you doing here. >> wait a minute. >>od ds a good day factait a checker that will just showedayf up to the set.act >> that's not w ggoing to be thupe day day fact checker but i am going too challenge kevin mccarthy.cathy. >> what. his movie. mov >> for what? you have you have horrible taste in movies.ovies. >> we're going back to theng bae movies. >> what is going on.on >> it's chaos and confusion.con coming up later on good day gooy the martin mccarthy movie matchup will make its debut.debt >> why does your name get toes go first. >> because i'm older.>> b >> for ourec viewers. >> mccarthy-martin. >> this is a mccar deeply seated thing for a wisdom has really bad movieove taste. >> okay, all right.>>kay, all >> that's subjective thoughs sut kev. >> we're not doing it rightre n nowot doing
6:56 am
>> he'll see a movie i'll loveve and he'll trash it.and 'l >> you might want to save -- -- >> yeah, you better save it. it. we're dealing with john wickjo two today. >> you saw it.t. >> oh, i saw john wick too wick two. >> we'll hash it out mondayi morning ort tuesday morning.mor >> it's going to be the martin mccarthy monday movie madness. a >> i have to leave now andnd change the graphic steve. graph. i got to put monday in it.n it. >> wisdom whatever you say ism y going to be wrong. be wron i'm joking. i'm jo >> what time are thesere tse festivities going down. down. >> during good day so watchg thgoe entire two hours. >> fantastic.ic. great tease. >> that's an incredible tease. tuck you like that. an i >> i feel like you need to betue the third man in the corner shooting them all down.ting th . >> another segment on good day where people yell at each other. i can't wait . >> [laughter]>> [lauger] 45 in washington.wai winds out of the south ats five. we're looking at daytime ouht ih in the lowly 60's later thisatrs afternoon. aft so, not quite as warm as war as yesterday but it shld
6:57 am
lot of sunshine, brighldt andhtd beautiful. here's a quick look at thatk at seven day and then i'll wrap i it up and see you next hour. ho. 63 today. t look at the 70's at the end of the week. plenty more fox news morning coming up after the break.e bre we'll see you in just a minute.
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>> one month into his termne m president trump hits the campaign trail in florida overed the trail i weekend. we some democrats are calling for impeachment over allegationslleg his administration has had had close ties to russia.ose ties t. >> and a manhunt is under way right now in the d.c. area.a police are looking for afor person of interest here. they say that he's wanted inan connection to a deadlydly shooting. he's considered armed and dangerous. daerous. bob. >> reporter: allison, it'sr: als your last full day to visit one of the star attractions a here at the tnational zoo. oo i'm bob barnard. barn we'll take you inside as baos bo bao gets are the to say bye.bye. >> aww. we miss her already. already. thanks bob. good morning, i'm allison morning, m seymour.alliso >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m sve thanks for joining us.j it is 7 o'clock on monday, february 20th 2017. it's a happy presidents' day.happ >> if you are just waking upai and joining us here's a livea lv look outside right now. nw ho


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