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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> breaking now at 6 a tough commute on the roads and rails this is scene of deadly crash route 2 near dulles and expect delays on red line due to another overnight accident. >> and president has any new national security advisor and his pick is getting rare support on both sides. >> first a live look outside tuesday morning february 21 weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05. good tuesday ta you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> we're following several commuting issues on roads and railtz. >> let's go to airport erin for the latest. good morning. >> good morning unfortunately lot of news already because of overnight derailed car between no and judiciary square that's causing delays union station and metro tweeting out to let mark and vre commuters you may want to
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l'enfant plaza that's not the only metro delay. because of fire department investigation at congress heights green line delays to green belt. moving to roads deadly crash 28 all northbound lanes cokd wash happened 2:00 this morning and is under investigate and all thavk flowing freely as we switch things over for a day it's backed up. task is at a stand still. save time detour and outer loop delays because of crash connecticut a looking there next, allison and steve. >> new this morning in the districts. five people without a home following overnight house fire in northwest. 700 block of ninth street thankfully known was hurt. no word on a cause. as a rt
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street and new hampshire avenue are closed. >> overseas now horrific scene in melbourne that killed four americantureists on the plane and the pilot died in a crash. the plane went down shortly after takeoff. nobody on the ground was hurt. the incident happened an hour before the map mall was set to on. nails of americans killed have not been made public and family members con tirm two on bored were men from texas and officials until australia say it's the worst accident there in 0 years and engine file tour considered as possible cause. >> and look at the scene a fast moving wildfire burping overnight in boulder county in colorado dozens of homes evacuated and that fire was among several in the state and warm, windy warm can spark more today. no word on injuries. >> 6:02 happening dunkin' donuts
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td. >> second month in office he fill another cabinet position. live at the national mall with the latest. melanie alnwick, mel. >> reporter: quite a bit of activity here as security apparatus is really getting underway in advance of president trump's visit to the national museum of african-american mystery and culture and early this morning and then this afternoon president trump will meet with national security council and new national security advisor. >> president trump is getting rare support across party lines for his replacement pick forearmy national advisor. >> you you saw democrats. republicans supportive of trump and not supportive of him m coming ought ep praising this wick. this is widely respected person. >> vice-president pension returns from european visit in which he tried to assure allies and united states is committed to them. and even though the president has proposed back ago way if
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supporting nato. >> i think that remains rights now theory we have 23409 seen trump act on it yet. that ought to reassure the europeans. >> and protesters were in and out london monday calling for lead others to withdrawal an invitation to president trump or state sgliingt we don't want trump to come here. and the majority of us don't believe me what he stands for. >> this comes as mr. trump is city eyes sized for a terror attack. he was talking about increased crime. >> president trump was impresize words matter, facts matter, phrasing matters and that's something maybe the president can. >> the majority of reporters may not be out there to take down donald trump but there's alarming percentage of rotors out there who
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to cover him fairly. >> and back out live here at the national mall you can see this very large contingent it looks like every salt and plow truck in the d.c. street in out here this more he guess they're not used for snow or ice removal but for preden shall detection. you may have heard reports that trump had cancelled a visit to the museum here planned for martin luther king jr. birthday celebration. when i talked to the smith sewnia they said it was conversation they had and no official visit was skemingd they are happy to host him this morning. live on the national mall, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5" local any. >> in the meantime defense secretary jim matt is lapped after returning from aannounced visit to baghdad. matt is is expected to present a new strategy to president trump before de feast isis. >> 6:05.
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>> tucker. >> back to the chilly air this morning, tuck. >> back to work and back to school. >> yes. >> counts everybody on the beltway last night coming back. >> yeah, >> 42 washington steve i have no idea what you said to me but hi. >> he said it was going to be back in the chillier temperatures. >> a little bit. i meant right now. >> yes. >> you got it. >> 39 this morning dulles, good observing. bwi marshall 37. farce later today upper 50s to near 0s and all in all the mild heir mass in place here and cooler this morning and with cloud cover we're expecting as warm as yet up. >> there's cloud cover. should be rain free. we'll keep it dry today. more cloud an surprise. as mptioned upper 50s. here in the city we'll probably top out here 60 this afternoon again with cloud cover will remain dry. still featuring lot of 70s
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still featuring lot of 50s on the 7 day. it has to cool down. >> i figure it is almost wars nature erin, good morning. >> 6:07 and so many prb lomz reason roads and rails. red night over line single tracking noma to judiciary square causing crowded stations at union station and 'mark and vre customers should enterser new carlton to l'enfant flaws a. good news to the green line normal delays just a residual slow down. this was from fire investigation at congress hight. 28 shosh where you can see traffic backed up all lines closed tore a debately crash investigate traffic diverted. northbound delay as we switch things over is completely
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north of 50. detour 50 to get around that otherwise dealing with at least 30 extra minutes added to commute as you wait to detour towards the dulles airport this morning. we'll keep you updated on that one. loudoun county sheriff department letting us know it will be shut down several hours this morning and let's go ahead and move it over for a look at sky fox on the topside of the beltway outer loop delays a crash involving dreep and tanker truck blocking right shoulder and delays 95 slow down to college park to just before connecticut avenue as you move back to a look at maps problems in northwest because of fire. several roads choseed this morning. 600 block of new hampshire avenue and 600 block of rock creek suburb. p road and again the fire is 370 0 block of ninth street northwest. more traffic in a few minutes. any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter. >> now
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steve. >> this is the final home stretch. >> i'm feeling sad about it happening today we say fair well to bao bao. she's leaving the ta national go and going home to florida. her flight leaves 1:30 she has to be there a couple hours ahead of time. she is part of breeding program and must move back to hain a. bao bao will be accompanied by a veterinarian as well as panda keeper who held her when she was a day oldel cub. that must be so bittersweet for that zookeeper. and this is all the activity out there on social monthia we invite to you police send in any pictures and any regards you know if you were at the zoo and took a fun one of bao bao and yourself send it. >> it had to be packed yesterday. >> share your stories and we look ward to sharing that
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social media. >> more even ivanka trump is weighing in. >> a skukty
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it's still not clear what killed kim jong un overnight malaysian officials sedan autopsy showed no evidence of heart attack or puncture wound on body. lab results still spending and malaysian police believe he was poisoned at the airport. >> and sixteen agars rescued after they fell through the ice into a pond in new york central park. 15 and 16 years were on the ice taking selfie when the ice gave way. there was a sign nearby warning tem positive stay off thin ice. dress cue units and differs and two good samaritans helped pull the teen out of water. >> remembering a california police officer gunned down while responding to
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crash. investigators say a gang member who had been out of jail for less than two weeks killed his relative, sold his car and got into a traffic accident. officials or officers tried to search the suspect he hopped fire killing the officer keith was his name he's 27 year veteran of the force a and another are in stable condition. >> metro transit officer accused of helping isis. he's been in jail since last august. young's lawyers will claim he was entrapped and plan to put hill on the stand. young is accused of guy buying gift cards and sending information on the cars so someone he thought was working with isis that person was actually an undercover agent. he is set to go to trial in spring. >> frightening story out of new york several passengers slip through security jfk after cfa let the lane unattended and total of 11 people were not properly screened and three set off alarms. port
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security video and identified three passengers who with boarded a flight to california. eight others are believed to have boarded various flights and tsa is investigating and says it's confident the incident has minimal risk to aviation transportation system. >> developing overnight bomb threats called into 11 jewish community centers across the country yesterday including septemberers in tampa, houston and chicago and since sart of year nearly 60 jewish centers received threats and fbi is investigating and ivanka trump released this statement on twitter last night america is nation built on rel limbious tolerance. >> and amazon making it easier to qualify for free shipping if you are not a prime member. >> and live look with sky fox on the outer loop now and crash before connecticut avenue and folks getting by. delays have been back to 95 and are moving although slowly weather and traffic on the fives next
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>> 6:15 a deadly accident on northbound route 28 hern done not far from dulles airports and a woman was killed and man injured in the one-car crash and that man facing dui charges and investigation shut down 28 north just before dulles toll road and all northbound traffic must get off of toll road and dulles airport cannot get on the green way. keep that in mind and more from erin in a minute first, here's tucker. >> thanks steve back to work and school and little less sunshine to look forward to today. temperatures relatively mild. we'll be above normal temperature-wise and not upper 60s and low 70s. georgous for the holiday for president's day look at that 68 reagan national and made it mid 60s. and normal daytime high 48. you know at some point we return to earth
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mannasas and 4 call preponderanceer and 4 leonardtown and parts of the area falling back quick and 37 gaithersburg and baltimore as well. cloud cover you can see plenty of that and we have high pressure here off north with flow off ocean today and some moisture and warmer air mass offer south. combination will give us a lot of clouds today and we're not expecting any rain. rain you can see well out west. i think as we get to wednesday we may get rain shower activity as far as today in good shape and there you go high pressure mentioned front out to wet and kind of between systems and clouds and slightly cooler air. daytime highs upper 50s to 60s. driszle tomorrow not a big deal and warmer temperatures another subject of warm air toen the week and thursday and friday temperatures
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those eagles having a baby. and well into the 70s and then may end the whole thing thunderstorm saturday cooler air surprised and monday. and here we go. thursday, friday, saturday, near 70 or better. >> erin. >> busy, roads, railways. >> red line. >> and red line problems you're right. first starting you off with look on 28 loudoun county and all northbound lanes blocked for deadly crash investigation and traffic being forced to detour on northbound side to dulles toll road and southbound traffic getting by and northbound lanes will be blocked for several hours and i want to switch things over and show you a look at backup by frying pan road as you lead past that investigation you see traffic at a stand still. it goes back to north of 50. your best bet right now so you don't get stuck in the mess waiting to detour at the dulles toll road detour 50 take it 286 and fak store in a lot of extra time in morning. a lot of bailout on the
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secondarys surrounding 28 northbound as well. let's switch things over and show what you you're up against life lock from sky fox. outer loop acrash involving jeep and tanker truck. this is just before connecticut avenue. delays are heavy back to 9 a5 college park and dealing now 5 minute delay 95 to connecticut avenue. inner loop volume picking up and doing better as we look at 66 right now 6 eastbound as you approached sutly road we look life at that camera. let's see if we can forward that along. we're seeing big problems because of a crash blocking left shoulder and we'll get a look at that night here we go you can see how backed up traffic is it's a mess of slow moving traffic from 234 prince william to sutly road is that the where you're crawling as we take a look now at maps northbound bw parkway there's a crash powder mill road and delays aback to the beltway as you head towards the baltimore beltway this morning 95 northbound much better bet and we have a fire in northwest,
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we have a fire in northwest, 3700 block of ninth street. lots to get through, allison, steve. >> uber has an attorney general looking into claims of sexual harassment. >> and you may have seen the story circulating on social media yesterday the mother that september her son in college and care package of crash he forgot to take out and local leonardtown maryland and westminster in my hometown.
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>> amazon makes it easier to qualify for free shipping. first of all the market set to on record highs join is us lauren simonetti. hi, lauren. >> we sound like broken record. this stock market opening at record highs. >> what do you mean broken record play it again. >> and again and again and
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we're looking at eighth record if a row for dow and other market up two. after the long holiday weekend about 50 now and i want to point out something on the calendar. one month into the trump presidency and one month since inauguration and guess what if your 401 is following s&p it's un3 1/2%. >> nice. >> good news for people there and to put in trez den shall perspective the first 0 days under trump is fifth best stock market return of any president ever. >> it's the best. >> fdr in 19 45 market up to 5 1/2% and 19974.6%. >> we love preden shall perspective. >> i just looked. >> we saw it and wouldn't give it away. >> let's talk about uber. when a woman spoke out talking about unfair
6:24 am
it upping to one big name to help them out. >> the big name would be former attorney general eric holder going to work at uber to investigate and not on claim of sexual harassment but also systemic culture of sexism on the country and susan staller was name of engineer on first day of job her manager sexually harassed her she report today and was told by hr that he's a qualified employ 'and got great numbers we have not heard about this for him before that's that. and guess what, susan was talking to other employees that same the same exact thing and got same exact answer with the company. uber is vehicleing and going a step further. all about diversity and welcomeness at our institution. and they're making strides to make sure that ub paperworkers feel secure
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>> and extra bonuss in prime if you don't want to pay for prime you can still get free ship sfwling when is the last time you bought something on amazon that cost less than 5. >> i don't know. >> we usually spent $35. >> that's a good threshold. >> amazon is lowering from $50 to $5 minimum amount to get free shipping. it's not two days but it is free. walmart did the same thing. they lowered free shipping to 35. the question is why? i mean isn't the whole pointive bet getting that free, fast shipping for prime members i guess amazon is trying to compete to get more customers to shop there whether prime members or not. >> depends do you need in two or 5 to 8 it's free. >> trump wine doing good business. >> this reminds me of starbucks boycott. there was a petition to
6:26 am
wegman's. lo and behold trump supporters went out and bought all the whine for 3457y virginia wegman's and they're sold out and it's going to be a while before they get the trum trump wine back in stock. this happened in starbucks they were going to hire 10,000 refugees and they were boycotted and changed that the hire military veterans and family as well. >> thanks, lauren, see you tomorrow. >> okay. >> bye-bye. >> 6:26. >> he bought that winery in 011. >> i didn't know there was trump wine. >> he joined us on the show a phone interview i was listening to it the other day. >> that's funny. >> it was interesting to listen to it five, six later. >> now president trump. >> what's going on, tuck, welcome back to school and work after a nice three day weekend. 4 washington. cool enough to want your jacket this morning. we've all gotten spoiled with spring like temperatures. mild
6:27 am
know heat of yesterday when we had upper 60s and low 70s sunday and plenty of clouds. you can see the clouds out there. partly to mostly cloudy today and daytime highs about 60. don't dispair. 70s are back. >> look at friday. >> happy hour. >> i might throw a party. >> i am going to be wild and free, you'll see, erin, wild and free. thursday and friday. >> i don't need 70s to do that. >> maybe i'll get my tows painted pink house that for hild and free. >> 6:27 red line to judiciary square overnight derailed car. we went to mention met tro from new carlton or l'enfant flaws ato save you time. we're dealing with a deadly crash investigation 28 northbound all traffic divert todd dulles toll road. more on this as we continue. keep it to "fox5".
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>> man we have just had our share and more of traffic troubles on this tuesday morning and now we're looking at 66 eastbound this crash at salty road as you can see they're really slow go traffic parked to 234 prince william arm parkway. erin will be long with more on what's going on traffic wise
6:31 am
troubles of the morning a deadly accident on northbound route 28 hermine done overnight a woman was killed and that man is facing du. a charges and investigation shut down 28 north just before dulles toll road and all northbound traffic must get off at the toll road heading towards dulles. president trump named knew security advisor h. r. mcmaster will remain on active military duty while leading national security council.
6:32 am
he led trupz in iraq he replaced michael flynn. >> and happening today the president will visit the national museum of african-american history and culture on the national mall and the president was initially scheduled to visit the brand new museum in january and had to schedule due to scheduling conflict. the president will be there 8:30 this morning and also today in d.c., d.c. mayor muriel bowser will sign a gnaw law aimed at protecting animals in extreme weather known asthma ma's law after a local bit view left outside and legislation will require owners to protect their four linged pets when they level them at the military. >> our be loved bapt abao bao is headed to china. she'll leave from dulles. bao bao is part
6:33 am
breeding program and must move to china abefore she turns four. steve that's the agreement whether we like it or not. >> that's all right. three more pandas here. >> time for morning line. it appears pierre garcon is prepping for free agency by looks of social account fol reports they have not reached out to pane free agents on twitter and instagram gar sop said you hiring? he'll hit free agency march 9. he's one of two red skips receivers about to eptser on market and other desean jackson. >> bad news foremen he's maryland basketball team. he fractured his ankle in the loss to wisdom martin and junior center was arming career high, 7 points a game and they're ranged 24 in national poll. a rare tough night for lady terps losing first big ten
6:34 am
ohio state won this one, 98-87 that means ohio state owns tie breaker with one regular season gim go only second loss of season for brenda freeze and lady interprets going to number one connecticut sdm spring training to nationals days away. saturday, 105 facing nets st. st. louise and oldest manager collins facing baker. that skipper in final year of two year contract and is contract extension if the works? >> he would like to do it tooner rather than late are i don't want to be a distraction to the team. app you know the teams you know i'm a team man always and you know if you dot job i see importance in the organization has grown since i've been here. that's worth something. >> wishing dusty the best.
6:35 am
game at the brand new stadium for the nationals brand new spring training facility west palm beach florida will be tuesday. >> how are you not could having this. >> we should be there all be there. >> sunny florida. spring break. >> can you make it happen. >> i'll make a phone call. >> yeah. >> so no then. >> i'm the actual decision maker here. >> allison can go. steve you stay here. 4 washington. 35 up in new york city. here's the deal this morning. cooler temperatures. most of our region in the 30s. if you have a jacket head off to school this morning you will want it hear. later today we'll be mild. we'll be more in the way of cloudyness than we had yesterday and the day before. partly to mostly cloudy day. clouds streaming west. not expecting rain today. that's good news on the mild side of things or average daytime high 48 up near 60s this afternoon. so even though we have less s
6:36 am
it will feel good. cooler that last couple days. 7 day has 7 0s how far foot 70s will we get snow again. >> and #morning meme. >> it's coming up in ten minutes. in the mean time here's erin. >> 6:36 so much to get through we'll get to it. deadly crash investigation 28 northbound all lanes blocked they have vehicle involved in tow truck right now and we'll let you know when things move again all traffic on 28 northbound forced to detour on to toll road. southbound side on. i want to show you backup as we move over to cameras. because are you stacked up back to norm of 50. this is by frying pan road traffic at complete stand still and right now 45 extra minutes at least this morning and your best bet detour 50 take to centerville road or 286 and as we forward cameras we have a big crash 66 eastbound it's blocking left shoulder by sutly road
6:37 am
back to 4 prince william parkway mannasas to centerville it's 30 minute display and as we look at maps big problems on the rails. that's causing crowded conditions at union station. customers consider transfering new carlton or l'enfant plaza to get to that one. and just after jrj aavenue delays from route 1 to georgia avenue a 45 minute slow down and earlier crash northbound bw parkway cleared and however big delays from beltway all the way past powder mill and southbound my traffic as usual and 95 better bet in both directions and fire northwest 3700 block of north ninth street and closures new hampshire and rock creek church road because of that caution there we'll have more traffic in a few very busy tuesday morning allison and steve. >> daivdz cassidy
6:38 am
heartbreaking news about a medical condition he's beatling. >> and another sneak peek at live remake of beauty and the beast. that's coming up on the fox
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>> david kas i day reveals the tragic reason behind his condition. he said he is battling dementia he was slurring his words and cassidy's mother and grandfather both suffered from dementia and star spangled banner looked more sorry than usual during the u.s. vice-president mike pence appearance in brussel. does that look unusual to you. there's 51 stars on the black instead of 50 and eu council did not immediately respond when asked better ror and venti lobe owe a photograph kheen owe with 19 ingredients take a look at the revet. >> my girls like to do this this is 19 ingreed yebts. it included banana, strawberry, blueberry, twour types of milling and i need to you take notes and processed green tooe tea. makety
6:42 am
>> i was doing research my question is how much would that cost to have all that. >> what's the receipt. >> i wept and read it when i nev go on i'm not sure how to maneuver through that and how could you do four types of milk. >> i don't know. >> and somebody said they put ingredients into their computer or system at starbucks and came out $11.14. >> it is a pump of this and pum of of of that. >> six ingredients four, five, six, seven. >> this is news we need back to you. >> is it thank you. >> 6:42 now. get ready forget out. this is a film kevin has been talking about a lot of new thriller horror film hitting theaters this week. jordan sits down with peel who direct today and the actress that wants to play aerial in the little mermaid. any guesses. all this for free when we come back
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>> here's a look what is happening west right now when we talk about route 28 green way area there's problems there when it comes to getting by. so we'll check with erin and there was a fatal accident earlier this morning an as you can imagine backups continue to grow as we get further into rush this morning and meantime right side of screen little box there met row single tracking on red line they had a problem with piece of equipment earlier today. that's going to give you delays on the red line. so we'll get erin give her a couple minutes to fwet the latest on both stories and she'll let us know in a
6:46 am
or two. >> she'll need more of tucker's time. >> make it fast, tuck. >> i have to run through it. i don't have anything as nearly interesting. weather will be cooperating later today. cool this morning. more cloud cover than yesterday. still near 60 this afternoon. all right? >> thank you. >> back to bus stop forecast let's do it. i want to mention 0s out there early and bring jacket after school upper 50s to 60s and notice cloud cover hangs stuff. we'll have more clouds than yesterday. yesterday's high 20 above normal and 68 degrees and normal high is 48. you can see everybody was well into 60s again yesterday. i don't think we'll be well knee 60s. upper 50s to 60s. washington. fredericksburg 38. mannasas hit the freezing mark. 9 dulles. it's gotten cool overnight here and clouds started to move n we'll see more clouds and sun sheep and there may be a few peaks of sun during the day today and we have high pressure
6:47 am
it might bring us spivrpingle or shower tomorrow but the general theme of the air mass with -- and temperatures soaring into the 0s. look at thursday an friday well into the 70s. that's weather update morning meme coming up. >> i'm looking forward to that we need a fun break after all the traffic to get through. 6:47 live look 28 northbound all northbound lanes blocked because of deadly crash investigation. woman killed in a crash about 2:00 this morning and all traffic right now 28 northbound being divert todd dulles toll road. you have to exit there. southbound lanes on and that northbound delay skepdz all the way democratic national convention to north of 50. we'll switch to a look at scam ra. parked frying pan road and that extend norm of 50. take 50 to centerville road or 286
6:48 am
least an extra hour of traffic this morning and we'll let you know when northbound side opens. if you head to dulles and this is normal route plan additional secondarys and factor in extra time. looking at the gallaudet to judiciary square impacking union station. metro is suggesting vre and mark customers transfer to metro new carlton or l'enfant plaza to save time roup that one. outer loop crash blocking right shoulder by connecticut avenue and disabled vehicle at 95 and days on outer loop from route 1 to connecticut avenue about 45 extra minute needed and that's backing up 95 southbound norm of icc to beltway and b wvrmingt parkway northbound side earlier crash cleared but heavy delays lingering. watch for that as well. 66 eastbound heavy volume 234 to beltway earlier crash sutly road clearedef
6:49 am
there and 95 northbound dale city to beltway normal volume. normal volume continues 270 southbound through urbana as well and biggest problems this morning the red line delays as well as 28 northbound fatal crash closing down all lanes. >>. >> reporter:. >> all right. >> okay. >> thank you, erin. >> maybe not all right. but all right. >> not a good start. >> and not a good start to the commute. but -- >> #we have another animal version #moreing mem sglext bao bao. >> i've been getting good ones. please keep them coming first today back to it. and when city raccoon asked country raccoon to signature visit and metro is not reliable. >> that's sweet. >> didn't wanted to sit on the red line. >> we did that story about the poor raccoon. >> poor little rocky why is he so
6:50 am
>> this comes from mike smith. clearly his dogs are not impressed. >> i didn't see the yawning one on left. hilarious. >> tucker barnes. >> nah. >> they don't need to stick around and watch. >> last one from esteemed steve chenevey and tribute to bao bao. when it's last day in d.c. and you just chill. >> just chill. >> aww. >> bye-bye bao bao. >> bye-bye bao bao we'll miss you. >> send us your own #morning meme cue the music, da, da, da. >> all right. >> that was beautiful. >> all right. thanks you, guys. >> we gave it a shot. >> oh, boy. >> bob barnard by the way will be out at the zoo and we'll check in with him. the vehicles are already there. let take a look what is going on good day d.c..
6:51 am
want your hair to look as good as celebrities. who doesn't. three time emmy award winning stylist has gold in hands to prove it live in the loft sharing latest tips and trips. >> and performance on late late show with james corbin and bereli is performing live in the loft. she has wrip for cap yeah and selena gomez and she will perform. >> when do you hear the songs you know these sglingz exactly. >> she's so long young i love it. >> cue the fox beat music sketch here. >> steve, allison, good morning. >> get out i'm excited about this movie. i know you're excited. this movie is incredible i might see it again tonight it's amazing film. people who don't know the story jordan peel directed it let's roll trailer. >> of key and peel. >> funny guy. >> comedian. >> but this is actually a horror film. if we have some of the trai
6:52 am
so basically the character in the film a young black mandateing a white woman in college and they go home to meet her parents and something crazy is happening at her house. that's all i'm going to say. it's horror film thriller. >> i have many, many series on what i think is happening. >> it's one of crazeest trailers i've seen in my life and jordan peel stars as you can see here, here comes horror quality and music this scene when i the guy runs towards him in the yard coming up shortly is one of the scariest moments ever. >> he is a ghost. >> i'm not saying anything watch this shot this scares me every time. oh, god. it freaks me out every single time. >> only a ghost would do that. >> here's the things one interesting thing about the film while horror it's thought provoking story line. there's an interesting thing when he first goats house her parents overly trying to not be racist to the character. so at one point t
6:53 am
say to him, oh, i would have voted for obama for a third term saying it as if he's trying not to be racists i wanted to find out what jordan pooel wanted to get across what's the interesting answer? >> the father likes keep saying i would have voted for obama for third term overly stating he's trying not to be racist. >> and there's a party scene in the movie chris is there with rose his white girlfriend and basically all the white people around him at this parent are trying to come and connect to him on some black thing. it's an interesting phenomenon. it's very true. it's not a hateful thing. it's actually olive branch but i think what this movie shows ising in the position of somebody who might feel like they're being seen for their color first before being connected as individual and it's even though i
6:54 am
hateful thing it's still a shade and sigh of this big mess we call racism. so it's a little piece of proof that we're far from post racial world. >> horror and there's some comedy as well but it's a thought provoking story line and that particular message -- >> that's what comics do master fully. >> it's amaze what he did with the movie. we'll have more on the show later today. speaking of movies beauty and the beast has a new clip on emma watt sop is singing as bell. let look at this. >>♪ ♪ >> so good. you are not impressed? i'm looking at your faces? >> there's so many singers and actors in the world it's like you can get one of them. >> she's also british. >> by the way the lead actor in get out
6:55 am
and that's the kim that was viral hit and speaking of disney that by the way opens march 17. here's instagram post lindsay lohan showing side by side with aerial from little mermaid whaid does this mean. this movie has been in the works for a while. chloe was originally on to play the character and there's a lot of problems behind the scene. >> she's not going to do it. >> we don't know. >> is that her way of saying i'm available. >> like pierre carson. anybody hiring. >> and more from jordan coming out. >> i love people on broadway. >> i'm pretty sure -- >> only because she's supposed to be 16. >> tucker did you get your get out tickets yet. >> i was not paying attention. i will next time around. >> i love you anyways. >> sounds interesting. >> amazing film. >> funn
6:56 am
>> horror with comedy. >> we got it. >> let's do the forecast. i like scary weather and i have had none this winter. 41 washington. we'll be be 60 today. i'm getting steve beautiful sewn rise pictures. >> you are getting some now. >> yes apparently they were lacking but i'm getting them now. gorgeous sun advise get out and enjoy it. mild. high temperatures 60 this afternoon and we will have a lot of clouds owe around. partly to mostly cloudy. mild one. quick look at the 7 someday dining 70s end of week. thursday, friday, saturday, well, well above normal. 25 above normal. erin is back with busy roads and rails. >> there's so many problems for commuters this morning this is a live look outside deadly crash investigation 28 northbound all lanes blocked and traffic forced to detour to the dulles toll road right now and this is causing miles of backed up traffic and southbound side moving fine. and as we switch to cameras northbound side fryi
6:57 am
at complete stand still and that continues novrm 50. take 50 over to centerville road or 286 to get around that or factor in an extra hour. keep it to fox news morning we'll look at red line delays at union station as we continue.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> well we start with
7:00 am
news out of northern virginia "fox5" on the scene of deadly crash route 2 near dulles airport and of course it's affecting traffic. another overnight accident causes delays when it comes to metro. we'll let you know what you need to know on your commute before you head to work. that's next. >> and this morning president denald trump planning trip to african-american mu steam as it reaches major milestone and on the agenda a new executive order overalling ep graition and security. coming up in a live report. bob. >> allison the national zoo is closed this morning as we finally say goodbye to bao bao. she's headed to children and china. we'll share her final hours in washington. >> good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> thanks for joining us at 7:00, it's tuesday, february 21, 7:00. >> and giving you that live look outside sunrise steve has been talking about so pretty all right. >> all right let's get a quick check


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