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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. two small children are recovering after their mother'sh ex-boyfriend attacked them with a harm. how their grandmother and some generous volunteers are workingl to give themunte a better life. knew at 10, betty camera video of a police officer running towards the burningice car. the quick thing that saved a man's life.fe plus,
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believed to be underneath thisue ground in maryland. now, plans for redevelopment have a local church sayingying enough is enough. we have a right to know what happened to our relatives. we have a right to know about the findings of this burial ground. fox5 news at 10 starts right now. we begin tonight with a heart breaking story, a young boy was killed in a house fire in p p lorton, virginia. i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. firefighters are still trying to figure out what sparked thepark blaze that started just after 5 this sarah simmons is live on the scene now with the latest. sarah. >>reporter: tony and shawn, this is such a sad story out of lorton, virginia tonight.rgin as you mentioned, a young boy is dead from this house fire here in lorton that started earlier this afternoon, as well as two family pets.ets. this is the scene back here. if we could kind of look a little bit further here. this is 8100 block
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street. this is where the fire occurred. investigators are still combing through the damage right now when firefighters arrived theyty said that they saw heavy flamesy pouring out of the garage wheree it appears to be the most damage is at tonight.t take a look at the video here. you can see it was an emotional scene as family members arrived tonight to hear this horrible newses. right now investigators stillnvs trying to figure out whatt exactly started the fire. when crews initially arrived ond scene they tried to put out the fire, but the flames were soso intense firefighters had to retreat from the house.use. family members were also on the scene outside of the house here telling rescuers that someone was still inside. when rescuers were able to get the fire back under control thel were then able to get back into the from what they were told fromom neighbors and family members there was someone still insidesl the home. as they made their primary search they did discover thatat there was one small child that
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and also two pets thiasus comed to their injuries as well.ll. > now, two dogs were rescued iu what firefighters are telling us tonight. four people also went to the hospital with non life threatening three of those wreereat men. one woman going to the hospital. they're also telling us that one was a retired firefighter, another was an active off-dutyo- firefighter. they happened to live in this neighborhood. the house to get into to save whoever was in there, do whatever they could to help, but he were not able to, they as well went to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. right now police are stille ar investigating as well as firefighters. identifitive the the little by. we don't know hi. age at this w point. we do hope to have an update in the next 24 hours on that, but right now crews continue their investigation tonight.ion we are live here in report orange sarah simmons fox5 locall news. > take a look at this dramatict bo
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release it today. it shows several officers pulling a man from a burning car. the driver was on bladensburgbld northeast monday when the car veered off the road, hit a light poll and burst into i officers smashed the driver's window, pulled the man out. thee driver minor injuries. he was treated at a local hospital and later release. h man took my son's life and hei had you be punished forfe it. parents of a young man murdered in arlington are bleeding withih the shooter to turn himself in. 23 year old michael gray was killed early sunday. police say they know who did it but they're still working tonight to track him down.own. gray's family is speaking only to fox 35. lindsay watts is life inife arlington with the story. >>reporter: arlington police a say they have been workingn around the clock on this. they've gotten multiple leads that they are continuing to l tl up on.up michael gray's family just hopes that a break-in this case comese
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tonight they're sharing new details about what led up to this tragedy. we're suffering.feri we're suffering because it was so senseless. a devastated family struggling to find the right words. i want to say the right thing about myin baby because he was such a good person and if you knew all the friends he had, 23 year old michael gray was surrounded by friends that nighh in arlington. this photo was taken not long before he walked out the door of the party and was friends say gray didn't know the gunman, but had gotten in an earlier altercation with him. they say it ended. the night went on, gray smilingy and having fun with friends. then as he left the party,ty, witnesses say the accused shooter, jason allen johnson wan there waiting. this literally could have beene any of the kids in that house.s. michael got into a beef with the wrong person. >> and this person, i don't know
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wasn't worth my sons life. wor she describes her son as as bright light, someone peoplee gravitated to wherever he went. a big brother to 11 1 # year old roland. he loved his little brother veri the family is asking the shooter to turn himself in and hoping if that doesn't happen someone outt there will decide some to speaka up. a friend of a friend or someone who hearses a rumor or maybe has a suspicion would help arlington out. my son didn't deserve this andhi if you know anything about thiss person, please give the police the information because heecau should be brought to justice.usi that suspect is considered armee and dangerous. police are thinking he could still be here somewhere around the dmv. if you have information you want to share with police and you want to stay anonymous you can contact them by
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tips. family is planning a memorial for gray. on saturday it's going to be out in prince william county where he lived. they are expecting hundreds ofdd people to attend. a live in article attorneysn lindsay watts, a fox5 local new. > now to alexandria where foure people are in custody for allegedly scam an 89 year oldy c resident. these aream pictures of two of the suspects, crystal musclance and gerald canard. can both are from culpeper,ulpe virginia.virg robert mack cloud and pamela mack cloud are also in custody. investigators say the suspectssc posed as contractors. they promised to make repairs on the person's house and to do pest removal work. the resident paid the suspects more than $70,000 over a year'sr time. it turns out no work was ever done. the sheriff's office is concerned there could be more they want to hear from anyone who may have had business dealings with those suspects. let's take it outside.tsid it is a bit cooler today than in was yesterday, but get
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another warmup. sue palka is live outside our studios with more on the spring-like weather heading our way. i see you have a light jacket lg on. >> didn't need thejacket heavie, that's for your h. although it's cool outgh here. we're at 48-degrees.-deg here we are 21 days intonto february, less than a week to go to wrap it up and we're on track to have our second warmest february recorded in history inn d.c. and certainly a spring fever alert is in order. because if you thought it was warm this weekend, just wait. let me show you what is going onto transport more warm air.rtm we are looking at temperatures that why aringing to be running 15 to 25-degrees above normal and that gets started tomorrowae afternoon. we are likely headed for the 60s tomorrow we'll probably seeing some 70s down to the south.uth. we may also be challenging some records. i'm not sure we're going to break them. wednesday's record at reagan national
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friday is 78.78. what are we forecasting, let met show we're going for 67 tomorrow so not a record broker, but thursday we're close at 75 and friday at 76-degrees. > be aware that there will be a lot of clouds around. it will likely be warmer than the high temperatures we had today. it could even be a spot or twor of drizzle. don't let that take you by surprise. lots of clouds but we're going to break for sunshine in thenshi afternoon and that's when we'll see the temperatures getting warmer. we'll have a look at the sevent day forecast coming up.up. we could use some i'll let you know when we have a chance of seeing a little bit of light shower activity. that's a first look at your forecast. more to come. me. > residents in a bethesda neighborhood say what's happening to them locally shoula spark anger nationally. marina maracco is live tonight with the story. >>reporter: this is a park lotk right here.ri it's the latest dispute fromt d montgomery c
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it's got emotional strings attached. will a new parking garage sit over hundreds of buried bodies? > shawn, plus d.c. city councic is considering a bill that would block homeowners to rent outent their houses on air b than b p they don't meet strikeey d guidelines. we're going to break down the regulations for you.. > the time has come, baoboa'sbb friends and friends gave her a royal send off from the national zoo as she embarked on her longg flight to the details ahead on fox5 news at 10.
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> a vision hammer attack by a maryland woman's boyfriend left her dead and her two youngng children severely injured. now the community is comeme together to make sure life is ceasier for those children who survived the brutal attack. fox5's teisha lewis joins us nou with thes story. the children were in the hospital much one has since release. they will soon be
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grayer mother. the house is being fixed for their exist needs. a bathroom and a walk in stall shower with ability in seat. all will hoping this will ease their long road to recovery. these days 8 year old niomi is all smiles after surviving a violent attack with a hammer by her mother's boyfriend, 26 year old sha reef hayward. she survive the encounter, herot mother did not.moth in light of the tragedy it's just been awesome realizing thai people still have the love andd compassion that i never leftr even still existed on this earth. > valentine a downing says her grandchildren will never be the same. niomi and her brother suffered brain tram. the best way i can explain it to naomi because she is the oldest
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everything. we may not understand why or how this happened, but everything happens for a reason.son. look at what god is doing habitat for humanity is helping to make the home. his left side is paralyzed and he's not able to walk. through the love of god everybody has come together to share love, compassion. they came together with donations and fundraisers. there have been nine phone calls of people wanting to help. it's just awesome. dong has sole guardianship ofias anyway emmys and aiden.. they says they are faith has kept her wrong. god is still lost and heke still exists here on earth and he still uses people just like me and me to continue to spread hid words and that's love. > the family is asking for
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undergoes neck surgery on thursday. right now they're staying at the children's house at john hopkins in baltimore.more that's where we met them. they'll be there for another two weeks. habitat for humanity does need d more donations for the project.t we'll put the link on our website. > teisha you look is. > we have new information about a jewelry store robe at the springfield mall last month. they release these surveillance photos today. you can see two people there inside the kay jeweler january 22. investigators say they got away with more than $4,200 worth of jewelry. today one of the most famousmous residents of the national zoo packed her suitcase and boarded a plane headed for the otherr side of the world.d. > and we're going to take you along for the ride as baoboa heads to her ancestorial home land. > congratulations are in order for today's showos
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mom head a. instagram to announce the announcement of her daughter. the bundle of joy was born onrn valentine's day. we'll be right back.
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> right about now baoboa is ino the home stretch on theut n wayy her new home in this morning the national zoo's giant panda was loaded up on board what they're calling panda express as part of her move. the national zoo is already preparing for the next big step. jim lokay is here with the send off. when i heard panda express, was i the only one that thought
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>> i thought restaurant. the question tonight is what doa you buy for the panda that has everything. >> opportunities out a lot.ot. this was it for baoboa. she's going to have some major jet line. it will end at check due. here's the panda that we've been used to seeing for at least thet last three years. she is on board fed ex's express. before the flight you like toe stop off get a little snack for the it's bamboo. that is a 77 freighter with a special plexiglass. there she is in the crate. little brother bei bei is stilll around and there are plans in the works to keep on growing the panda population. anyone who has bei bei will agree he is equally adorable. we are already getting ready foy next year's breeding season. i'll take a mo
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i'll miss baoboa and then tomorrow it's back to work. where is baoboa right now. here is the flight tractor. i just did the this is not too far away presenn mouse cow. baoboa is over around russia right now and it looks like the flight is an hour ahead of schedule. she'll be in a little bit after midnight, middle of the night. let's talk about what it getss takes to get a panda comfortable. 55 pounds of bamboo, two pounds ever apples, two pounds of sweat potatoes and two pounds of leave either biscuits and water to wash it all down.all this is a sad time for a lot off people. what i'm hoping here is to give you a little -- very cute. we dug this up and i believe tucker had this in his desk downstairs. are you feeling very panda likea righ
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>> we were joking about this all day. this is my first panda. one of am i hope around here.hee yes, indeed. > can you keep it on reel quick. >> i would love to do a selfiefe with you. the good news is that as jim said bei bei is still around. s beitill bei is still around andy the way, tashon.tash baoboa was go to be at the samet exhibit for the time being, but she'll be in quarantine so theyo won't have a reunion. there was a pocket there mightpk be a reunion down the road. if i remember correctly theyh have the same mom. tyson is dead, but not it's like an episode of mar i pope videotape. who is the daddy.
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baoboa is gone.e. the maryland zoo in baltimore wants your help to name one of its new additions. this baby giraffe, maybe we should not have feet grade it h against thata wall. the giraffe was born at the sedan, the first giraffe in more than 20 years.than they are hosting an online name. dot i, because of a dot shaped spot. owe pallor ruby which symbolizes a rare and precious gem.s sarah simmons far a that means fire or sha swayl i that means strong. cast your ballots maryland zoo. org. jim, do you have a giraffe hat? >> i didn't even have a panda hat. by the way, good move
10:25 pm
maryland zoo not throwing it out to the public, giving them six choices. > i think zoos have learned their lesson. > when that giraffe was born, do you know how tall it was. >> subscription six one oron something like that. > we'll be right why staying at an air b and b in d.c. could be harder after thist new set regulations are adopted. we're going to talk to you abouu the proposed changes. four monuments on the national mall vandalized. which landmarks were targetedare and what the vandals left hundred. as we head to break tonight, actor tom hanks is taking his talents from the local screen to your local book store. it's a collection of short stories. he worked on the project just about everony t
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. we're back now with a look at tonight's top stories. first a child killed in a house fire in lorton, virginia. sarah simmons joins us with the latest. >>reporter: that lorton home goes up in flames killing a young boy this afternoon. fire investigators are stillre here trying to figure out what caused that fire at 5:15 in the 8100 block of arcade street. heavy flames were seen pouring from the garage and smoke filled the house when the crews arrive. two family pets were also killel in theso fire. four additional people went to the hospital with non-lifeife threatening injuries. > tony. new body camera video release fromvi d.c. police shows offices reui
10:30 pm
car. take a look at this video from monday night's rescue. the car slid off the road, hit a light poll and burst into flames. they smashed the window and pulled the driver out. the driver was treated and releasese from the hospital. police are still searching for the shooter who murdered a young man here in arlington this weekend. we spoke the victim's family earlier. 23 year old michael gray got into a fight with the gunman atn a party.y. no one thought anything of it,f but later the shooter was waiting for him as he walked out. police believe that jason alexander johnson could still be in the area. > it is long been a tradition not to disturb the dead and members of an historic blackric church in bethesda are fighting to keep their historical burialal ground from being gro disturbed again much they wanthy the county to check out and check for grave sites before any more development happens on the land. marina maracco is here to m
10:31 pm
months this unassuming parking lot off of require road here in bethesda has become not only a who the bun issue, but also an emotional issue.sue. it's under this concrete someet believe that is the final resting place for slaves.g although it waspl decembeacr crd back in the 1950s this has now all reopened an old wound.. i found out about six, ate months that equity one wanted to further december crate this sacred area by now placing a garage on top of the parking lot which is on top of the african graves.grav for weeks church goers at one of bethesda these did's oldest institutions have protest tedt new plans to build on top of a historical gravesite. equity one owns land which forms a small fraction of what are
10:32 pm
dollars mixed use project in a residential nook of bethesda. the montgomery planning department has asked the builder to conduct an archaeologicalaeol survey of the land. the county says possibleible presence of burial sites.s. when you put somethinghing someplace, if you don't remove it, it should still be there ife you look for it and there are no records that indicate that anyone ever moved the bodies. so from my perspective the bodies are still there. if they're not there it means that a crime has occur. it means that on one illegally removes these remains, but it doesn't negate the fact that this area is still a cemetery. > a montgomery county planningg commission will review the new sketches for the sector plan ons yours this.yo the plans, however will need to be amended based on the archaeological findings.ding during this entire process the planning department has reaffirmed that not only will all maryland laws that govern
10:33 pm
remains be followed meticulousil but it is also our goal to commemorate the history of the cemetery and the african american community throughout any part created in the with willow branchommunire areaat. equity one provided a detailed historical analysis for the board naming multiple historical sites including the mass don't a baptist hospital, but glossed over the settlement mri the s contention disputeettl has creae motion at encounters. the one meeting, equity one was telling us they owned the landnd so they could do whatever theyey wanted to do with the land. i asked them a very pointed question which is you may own the land, but do you own the bodies? do you own our relatives under the land? and what was i thought incredible insightful was that he wasn't able to answer that question. he just said, well, let's just see what the arc you'll gists a come uprc
10:34 pm
he didn't have the kind of moral compass that one would have hoped for to say no, of course not, we don't own your and zest fors. > and the next planning hearinp isl scheduled for this coming thursday. now the mass don't a baptist church says that a win for all would be for equity one to donate this portion of the lande to the county and then the county in turn would turn thislt into a museum. we've reach out to equity onequ for comment and we're waiting ti hear back. > marina maracco, fox5 localloa news. > developing tonight in the district, the searching is on r whoever vandalized four monuments on the national mall.l the lincoln me more, the worlde war ii me m more, the washington monument and the d.c. warc. w memorial were all damaged by graffiti over the weekend. vandals scrawled phrases like jackie shot jk and referencedern the september 11 terror attacksr in some of those messages. investigators say it doesn't appear to be racially or politically
10:35 pm
preservation crews are now working to clean the monument. it indicates that this was permanent marker of some kindnd and the first treatment was gunn yesterday by the monumentment preservation crew. cre our goal is to not only remove the graffiti from the surface, but we have to also be very careful not to create more damage as we do it. investigators believe the messages may have been written by the same person. they are now reviewing surveil and answer fight acknowledge looking for clues. they are. air b and b hosts say the rules would have a t negative impact i them financially.cial the house sharing company launched an advertising campaign against d.c. councilman ken onmack duffy. he authorized the regulations. the ad suggests that mack duffyk is working on behalf of
10:36 pm
advertising industry.g nobody is making me do this. i'm doing this because it's the right thing to do. right now if you want to register your home on a short a term rental the process is very ambiguous and it's difficult for an ordinary person who navigate the about bureauracy. a hearing on the bill is scheduled for april 21. one of most controversial association bright part news stepped down today.d do i regret the things that i said. i don't think i've been this sorry about anything in my life. he.he. we're going to hear what he hadh to say coming up next.xt. a preview of the conservative political action conference that kicks off tomorrow.row. metro general manager paul whitl feld will join us at 8:45 to tell us that metro is running out of ways to be financially viable. the
10:37 pm
underground will join us live in the loft. oft. americans are putting a lot more pedal to the metal. motorists driving more than 3.2 trillion miles last year, ls that's a new record. while drivers set records on thh road, stocks continue to set records on wall street, the do you hittingst its eighth straigt all-time high on tuesday.sday that's the most in nearly four years. the nasdaq, s and p500 and russell 2,000 also finishing at new highs. a the lot of workers may be missing out on the markets run. a new report finding two-thirds of all americans do not contribute anything to a 401 or other employer provider retirement account. meanwhile the parent company ofy burger king is no chicken whenen it comes to making a big purchase. restaurant brands i haven't nail is buying chicken chain pop cries for nearly 2 bill bucks.s.
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> president trump visited thent national t museum of african-american history ofto culture his administration also beganalo ruling out the reform.orm. fox's joel waldman has more on what the guidelines include. >>reporter: the homeland security releasing a pair of details of how it plans to execute a major er
10:42 pm
it will start by seriously enforcing laws already on the books and make deals to removero any criminal illegal alien who has been convicted of a crime. this message from this whitem t house and from the dhs and thosa people who are innd this country and pose a threat to our public safety and who have committed am public crime will be the firstte to go and we will aggressivelyge making sure that occurs. the crack down includes hiring 0,000 enforcement agents and 5,000 border patrol agents. there's also call for immediate starts of maintenance of the controversial wall along the s/next can border. these memos confirm that the t trump administration is willing to trample on due process, human decency, the well-being of our communities and even protections for vulnerable children in pursuit of a hyper
10:43 pm
nasty portation policy. meantime president trumptime commenting for the first time about a series of growingf threats against us institutions across the cunt. >> i will tell you that anti seemtism is horrible and it's going to stop. hillary clinton also weighing ig on the growing antisemeticntis threats, saying that they're troubling and asking everyone te speak out, including thehe president himself. > first he was disinvited fromf the conservative a little bit al action conference. now milo he none list is out ofo ane job.a the controversial blogger announced his rest is from the website ought right today. he said relationships between older men and young teen boys could be beneficial p. the statement was widely condemned. he responded saying he was not advocating pedophilia and that the video was deceptively edited. he said he regrets what he said and then blamed the
10:44 pm
i regret the things that i said. i don't think i've been as sorry about anything in my whole life. i don't want my parents to findt out about this, either. let's be clear about what's happening this is a clinical cynical witch hunt about people who do not care about children. in addition to being dropped by cpac, the publishing house shysh man and schuster says it's cancelling the publication off his upcoming book.k. the discovery on a florida beaca has people asking what is in the water. a college student from marylandn thought he was getting a caree package from his mom, but it turned out to be full of trash. tonight at # 1 we're hearing from both of them.
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> all right, married couples,, this next story is forma you. a question posted on ask
10:48 pm
do you tell each other your friends' secrets. we've been talking about it in our news rooms. one of your friends says you a secret and says don't tellll anybody, do you go and tell your spouse. >> for me i think it depends on the secret that has been shared with me and the nature of thee secret and all that kind of stuff. there are circumstances why ice would not share it. really. >> i don't think if someone saidne don't share it, i am goin to run right home and said don't share it. my husband and i are a unit, we talk about anything. if you don't want him to know, then don't me. i'm in the saying guess what, so and so told me, but we share and that's the way it is. some would argue a secret is a secret and you don't break the girl code by telling your mate. others in the poll responded when you get married you are as a unit as you said and you tell one and you tell both. we wanted to hear from you
10:49 pm
we posted the question on our fox5 d.c. twitter page. 69s p of you responded of coursp yoonu would tell your spouse. 31 percent of you saidu s absolutely not. i think it'sab interesting, i hd a couple just tweet me and say i would never tell my husbandband anything because he can't keep a secret. that's the other thing. > how p many times we have seee that in the movies or sitcom where the spouse blurts it out. >> i'm more in the tony camp and that i will figure out what is the secret and sometimes joe does forget what's a secret and will blab it out so i knoww better than to tell hip. if it's a really big deal i'll say to the person who told me may i share it with joann if they say no, then i say i'm keeping some stuff to myself. > you guys keep on tweeting usi and let us know what you think bit. i just got
10:50 pm
question what's the story withe the cherry blossoms. >> this is today at the cherry blossom. you can see -- at the tidal basin, also known as the cherry blossom basin. there's a little bit of greenf showing up and when the green te shows up on the buds that is typically stage 1 of five stages that they go through. national the park service says they'll make an estimate on the peak bloom coming up on march 1:00 but i got to tell you medication that's really hard td nail we need a ten-day window to figure it out. but typically they bloom in late march orr early april.ea right now i would say maybe it's going to be one of the earlier blooms. last year they peeked on march mar 25, which was an early bloom and certainly with all the warm weather we have coming, that com might be what happens here. but it's certainly the nights, also that makes the difference. this first stage, the green color in the buds beginning toin showing up a little bit. there's furthermore stages to go
10:51 pm
ever bloomed is march 15, 199-30-6789 i remember that one. i wasreme here at fox5 when that happened. that was quite the shock. now, speaking of trees and pollen. if you're sneezing and wheezing, let me tell you, tree possibly is high, and elm, boyer and maple shipping. it's low for mold. but if themait's tree pollen was bothering you get ready with the anti hit means because it will stay high all week.h there isal the possibility of ap little bit ofos drizzle overnigt in a few spots, but not widespread.wide we'll start with clouds tomorros and then we'll have breaks of sun tomorrow afternoon and aft that's why we're going to get up into the 60s, about 10-degrees-g warmer than today, but even warmer thursday and friday. that's when temperatures areerat going to sore into the 730s andd saturday we pay hit 730, but0, we're also going to be tracking the possibility of some strong storms around because the strong front is that coming will likely drop
10:52 pm
20-degrees on sunday. a little rain shower activity tonight. you can see a little bit of spotty moisture here and there out to the west. certainly a the look of clouds, the moisture is going to be hit or because we're moisturing up overnight, can't rule out a quick shower or a spot of drizzle. the much better chance of seeing that with h disturbance is going to be to the south of d.c. overnight. we'll keep the showers down town our south, but moisture is increasing so drizzle can't be ruled out and certainly a lot of overcast. we'll mainly stay in near 40 to about 45-degrees tonight.egre a bit of a cool start tomorrowrw morning. we are at 48-degrees now. likely headed down to the mid 40s and at the bus stop tomorrow morning, 42 to 47 with clouds and spotty drizzle. after school 64 to 67. we talked about this earlier inr our broadcast, 75 on thursday.d. thursday and friday might challenge some records. 70-degrees on saturday, but that's a strong front that comes through that drops us on sunday to 50. so we're not
10:53 pm
do over on sunday that we had this week. 55-degrees on monday.nday tuesday about 59-degrees.egre that's your seven day forecast. shawn, tony, back to you. > thanks sue. we're going toll you about a mysterious discovery down in florida. a half eaten shark washed up on a beach in valeria county overal there weekend.the authorities are worried about what else might be in the water. they say the shark was definitely eaten by some sort of bigger fish, but it's unclear if it was another shark or something else. wildlife officials say they will keep an eye out in the coming days. that's a little unsettling. you never know what is in the deep see. > a jersey retirement ceremony went horribly wrong for a minor league hockey team. the nats make a splash just a week into spring training with an ac wigs. jim lokay with the next in
10:54 pm
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z29kuz zstz
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y29kuy ysty
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in the baseball mood now. they've been at it for a couple of days already.lrea but a lot of people were askingi about the nats. they said when are the nats going to make a splash in the the free agency. if you had february 2 # in then office pool congratulations youa win. it was a big move for the team.m not a big move for the guy theyy signed. welcome to d.c. matt wetters. m signing the form error yellsrror catcher to a two-year deal worth $21 million. last year was his first full season bag since he had tommyomy john surgery. this year he hit 217. he is 30 years old. his birthday may 2 #. talk about wetters, what was the draw? >> we were try to
10:58 pm
the position and matt weeders i the guy that has done well. we watched a lot of games with the orioles and i'm sure he's happy to be coming back to the era. he's an offensive force. my understanding he housing thee pitching staff well. sta here's the problem for the nats, they have five catchers with major league experience, matt weeders, derek morris who theyty arrived in the off season, hose say andry a. and spencer are kay boom.. no more be two will make the 20-man roster.ster if they want to pursue a potential closer. a little hockey league honors. they were hoisting the jersey of number 91, but do you see the problem ther
10:59 pm
91. it says 16. someone flipped it. we fixed it for you. apparently what happened was somebody installed it wrong and before the game, it was so close to game time they couldn't fix it so they had to play the first period with that flipped upsidee and then during intermission they took care of that.hat. it was an arena staffer who did not pay attention to the arrows that said this way up.up. > that person may need a new job. >> i don't know what the arena staffer situation is in forth wayne, indiana.dian i lived in north wayne, india a for 16 months, my first tv job. > did you ever make a mistake like that. >> no, never. > all right. news at 11t 11he starts right now. this
11:00 pm
right now at 11, get yourr seatbelt objection to the form d.c. police rescue a driver from a burning car. a family's plea for justicejust after a house party murder. my son didn't deserve this. a vandal targets monuments on the national mall. and baoboa left for her new home in china. and the college care packageacka prank that's gone viral. your news starts right now. and we are continuing to followw a developing story in lorton, virginia. firefighters are trying to figure out what ghte sparked a housese fire that killed a young boy.oy. i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. that fire started on arcade street around 5 this afternoon.r sarah simmons is live on the scene how with with the latest. sarah? >>reporter: tony and shawn, just a few moments ago we actually saw investigators and d fire crews just wrap up and head on


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