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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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right now at 11, get yourr seatbelt objection to the form d.c. police rescue a driver from a burning car. a family's plea for justicejust after a house party murder. my son didn't deserve this. a vandal targets monuments on the national mall. and baoboa left for her new home in china. and the college care packageacka prank that's gone viral. your news starts right now. and we are continuing to followw a developing story in lorton, virginia. firefighters are trying to figure out what ghte sparked a housese fire that killed a young boy.oy. i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. that fire started on arcade street around 5 this afternoon.r sarah simmons is live on the scene how with with the latest. sarah? >>reporter: tony and shawn, just a few moments ago we actually saw investigators and d fire crews just wrap up and head on
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they had been processing the scene here forth entire night since that fire broke out at about 56789. 15 a this afternoon. as you mentioned a young boy was found dead inside of the house. we don't know his identity at this point. we don't know his relation to anybody else who lived in high temperature home.te also investigators tell us two family pets were also killed in this fire. most of the damage was done to the garage. when fire crews got here theyre saw flames just pouring out of the garage and smoke was filling the home.home also earlier tonight we werewe here when it was an emotional scene for family members as they arrived to hear the horrible news. right now investigators are trying to figure out exactly what started thisut fire. when fire crews initially arrived on scene and ride to put out the fire, those flames were so intensifies had to retreatto from the house. family members were some scene. they were outside of the home at the time telling them that someone was still inside.ide. so rescuers went back in after the fire was under control. from what they w
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neighbors and family members there was someone still inside the home.e. as they made their primaryprim search they did discover thathat there was one small child thatil had succumbed to his injuries and also two pets that succumb to their injuries as well. in addition to that, investigators say two dogs weree rescued from the fire. also four people went from the hospital with non lifeife threatening injuries.thre two ofat those, one was a retird firefighter. another was an off-duty active they both live in the neighborhood. house whenne to the they saw what was going on before fire crews got herehere trying to find out what was going on.go they also went to the hospital.i again, tony and shawn just such a sad story. a young boy dead in this househs fire. still waiting to get t identification on him.n we don't know at this point and that investigation is exactly what caused this re
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we're live in report orange sarah simmons fox5 local news.s. > caught on camera in d.c. police saved the man who was behind the wheel of a burninguri car. listen as officers rushed to rescue him. he's coming. is anyone else in there? the crash happened on monday night. the car veered off bladensburg road northeast, hit a light poll and burst into flames. officers smashed the driver's dr window and pulled the man out. the driver was treated and release from the hospital. also in d.c., a robber armed with a shotgun. police say this guy struck twice early saturday morning. this is video from an exxon on south dakota avenue in northeast. you can see the robber firing ai shot into the ceiling beforeling taking money from the register and running off. investigators say he also robbed a 7/eleven on georgia avenue in no
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if you recognize him, call police. > now, to a fox5 exclusive. parents of a young man murdered in arlington are now bleeding with the suspected shooter toooe turn himself in. 23 year old michael gray was killed early sunday. police say they know who pulled the trigger and they are still working to find him.. tonight the victim's family iss talking only to fox5. lindsay watts is live in arlington tonight with their story. lindsay. >>reporter: shawn, arlington county tell me they have beenn working around the clock on this following up on multiple leads. tonight michael gray's family iy just hoping a break-in this case comes soon. soo they're sharing new details about what led up to this tragedy. we're suffering. we're suffering because it was so senseless. > a devastated family struggling to find the rightght words. i want to say the right thing about my baby because he was such a good person and if youify knew all the
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year old michael gray was surrounded by friends that night in arlington.ling this photo was taken not long before he walked out the door of the party and was shot. friends say gray didn't know the gunman, but had gotten in an earlier altercation with him. they say it ended. the night went on.n. gray smiling and having fun with friends. as he left the party, they say the accused shooter, jason alexander johnson was waiting.wt this could have been any of thet kids in that house. michael got into a beef with thh wrong person.wr this person, i don't know what the altercation was, but it wasn't worth my son's life. she describes her son as as bright light, someone people gravitated to wherever he went.. a bringing brother to 11 year old roland. he loved his little brother very much. the family is asking the shooter to turn himself in.msel and hoping if that doesn't happen someone out there will ci
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a friend of a friend or someone who hears a rumor or, maybe has a suspicious would helplp arlington out. my son didn't deserve this.his. and if you know anything, if you know anything about this persons please give the police the information because he should be brought to justice. > that suspect is considered to be armed and dangerous.ange if you have information thation you'd like to share with raters and you want to stay anonymous you can call 1-866-411 tips.ips gray's family is planning a memorial for him this saturday. that will be held in fredericksburg. they are expecting hundreds ofsf people to attend. live in arlington, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > the search is on tonight for the vandals who targeted four monuments on the washingtonon t mall, the lincoln memorial, world war ii memorial,oria washington monument and the d.c. war mow moral were all
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by graffiti. the vandals scrolled jackie shot jfk and referenced the september 11 terror attacks. preservation crews are now working to clean the monuments. initial examination indicates that this was permanent markerrr of some kind and the first treatment was begun yesterday by the monument preservation crew. our goal is to not only remove the graffiti from the surface, but we also have to be veryery careful not to create more damage or create long term harm on the memorial as we do it. investigators believe the same person wrote all of the messages. they are now reviewing surveillance video to look for new crews. > tc police charged five more people with inauguration day.ay. alexa i wood, caitlyn rook, matthew pink and duane powell, a total of 24 people are now charged with damaging businesses
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day. the violence happened in a four-block area near 13th andnd o streets and 12th and l streets president trump visited the nationalent tr museum of african-american history and culture forth first time today. the president toured the museum in order of black history wife.. joining him his what is daughter ivanka and dr. ben carson. after the tour president trump addressed the bomb threats thats were phoned in to at least 11 1 # jewish community centersente nationwide overnight. > this tourist a meaningful reminder of why we have to fight bigotry, intalance and hatred id all of its very hated uglygly forms. the antisemetic threats targeting our jewish community and community centers are horrible. and are painful and a very sad
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must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil. > the fbi is investigating those bomb threats. > right now, giant panda baoboa is on her way back to china. in fact we're going to show you how she spent her final hours at the national zoo today. you may have seen this one online. yes, that is a box of trash. the maryland mom who sent it to her son at college explains whyn her son is also dishing up some dirt, too. > hey, sue.ue. i would not want that to go viral. but i know it did. you know what else is going to viral, the temperature. it it is going to be remarkable warm as we finish up this week ansd we get the party started tomorrow. spring weather alert. .
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> we have a warning for youve tonight. the next time you use an a atm make sure you take a close looke at it first. police found a skimming device at a seven eleven on route 197 in laurel. they say it was attached to an atm inside the s
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obvious signs of tampering when using an atm. if anything looks different such as a different color or material, do not use that atm and instead call the > owe, yeah, bye-bye baoboa anb there she goes. take a look. a is that the panda express takink off earlier this afternoonhis around 2:00 from dulles airport with giant panda baoboa on board. she is in the midst of her 16-hour flight to china.o in fact we're going to be tracking her on this map. her plane right here is over southern russia. she's scheduled to land in just a few hours in baoboa is all part of the multimillion deal that bringsngs pandas to the us. fox5 paul wagner shows us baoboa's final hours at the zoo today. >>reporter: her last hours at the only home
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started routinely this morning. baoboa horsing around in her yard, satisfying itches in the hard to reach places. when they are born we say areare they like their mom and theirnd dad like a lot of parents andpae she has a lot of traits like her dad. she loves toda climb trees and play in who looked sad when we stoppedoe by his indoor pen. baoboa dined on bam what for her last breakfast. dr. smith associate director ofo science at the nciational zoo agrees it's fast faithing to a. i think that's why people love pandas, thisser ' so cute, so full of joy, of.of. she was just doing what she does every day and the reason why we love her. much like she's practiced foror weeks now she got into this specialty designed crate around 10:00 this morning her closeclos quartered home for tâ–  ba6-hourhr
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program at the do. she is our new beginning. zoo keepers furried 55 pounds of bamboo to one of fed ex trucks o to will get da to the. she'll come home right away. did youry will stay with baoboa in china for a new days. and finally it's baoboa's farewell.. she's in that crate and remain quarantine for 30 days in china. three giant pandas remain at the zoo. baby brother boy boy seems oblivious to it. anyone who has seen boy boy will say he's equally adorable.rabl we're getting ready for nextext year's breeding
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stayn. tuned at northwest wash o be, bob barnard, fox5 local5 lo news. > i know that's how she has to go over there. but it seems like a little bit i space for such a long time. but if you look at the seats wea sit in on the airplane.airp she has a big old space.spac they said she had 50 pounds of bamboo and all of that. maybe there was a barrier. it was a private flight.ight nice to flight private. you know what i'm trying to say. > maybe they would face time ue so we could see what is going on. that would be nice. i'll miss baoboa. we want to see what's going on and want to hear all about it. baoboa is going to miss some great weather here.her let me just be clear, tomorrow doesn't start so great. there it with be a little bit of drizzle here and there.he bu
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where we breakrr up for a little bit of sunshine and see the temperature get back up to abouu 67-degrees compared to the 58 we hit today, not bad at all. i don't want you to be surprised if you wake up and there's a lot of clouds and maybe a few drops on the windshield. we're tack tracking a couple of light showers. the spring fever alert andrt tomorrow is the first day ofday several days inn which we'rere going to be about 15 to 25-degrees above normal as the jet extreme is going to ridge way to the north thanks to an area of high pressure down t thr south anesd east. that's 60s for us tomorrow but then windows open for the 70s os thursday and friday and even near 70 saturday.atur here are the current records. i don't think we break the record tomorrow. it's about an old one and a warm one, 77-degrees set in 1874.n in d.c. the record for thursday is 78. we might have a shot at that. also an old record. friday's record is 78. here's what we're
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67 tomorrow, 74 on thursday, 76a on friday.on we might have a shot at it, we'll see, but we're going to be well above average and tree pollen has been high. keep the antihistamines handy if they bother you. gaithersburg down to 46-degrees right now. we're 43 at frederick. still pretty mild up towards hagerstown and cumberland. 51 there. we'll forecast about 45 for ther low in d.c. as you can see, there are a few showers off to the west. there's a week disturbance. maybe a couple of spring alsospi here and there and that will still be around tomorrowomor morning. it looks more substantial whenut you get the bigger, but a lot of this will either dry up or passs likely to our south overnight. we'll keep it mostly cloudy with a light shower tonight. 45-degrees notice that windt direction out of the south at 55 to
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that continues tomorrow andorro while we'll have an isolatedlate morning shower we'll get up to 67-degrees in the afternoonfter under partly sunny skies andie that is mild for this time of year. the average is we haven't been doing that much in the last several days. here's our warm front coming on through with the clouds and a little bit of light moisture and 60s for tomorrow afternoon andae then bring on the really warm we're forecasting 67 for d.c. cooler in annapolis near thehe water.wate here's your fox5 accuweather seven day fees your eyes on then warm da. what's up with thesehese thunderstorms on saturday? urda well, there's a strong front a that's coming that will to us to 50-degrees on saturday. that could bring up a couple ofl strong storms. we're a little bit cooler sunday and monday. when i say cooler, all of thesee days are above the average of 49-degrees. shawn and tony, back to you. > thank you, sue.acksue. now to a story that is who theiw on the web.eb. it's a picture that a collegelee studt
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l can edge student from leonardtown, maryland posted online. it has gone viral. so he thought his h mom sent him a care package.kage ease at westminster college inin pennsylvania. the box, take up a local. it was pulled with this, garbage. connor's mom sent him the trash paying age because he simply was too lazy to take it out when he was home for the holiday break. >> we laugh about it. my husband and i just thought it was really funny, but we do those things here. i think as the kids have gotten older a lot of our lessons are in humor as opposed to negative consequences so to speak. sp they tend to remember the funny ones better. my roommate was in there while e was opening it up because he was anticipating some snacks for him,na too. he was pretty disappointed. he was humerus, but i was kindkd of like, mom, really, i need some snacks up here.e. she drilled the point home and told me how i need to stayed
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i agree with that.i lesson learned, mission aaccomplish.aa i'm all with the parents who do that. my dad did that. dad came to school and picked me up in the middle of school and made me come home and empty the trash. >> wow. i'm all for it. and you didn't forget the trash anymore. >> i never forgot the trash anymore. > up next tonight, the localal college mascot that is dressing up as baoboa. >> coming up tomorrow on fox5, the morning crew is one on one with metro general manager paul wiedefeld, they're asking theing stuff questions about the agency's financial future andur what it could mean for you. catch the live interview tomorrow at 8:45.
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> welcome back, t minus one b week for the redskins and theac deadline to once again slap the franchise tag on kirk cousins. there's no such thing as a sure thing. this one probably seems certainn and if they
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by july, cousins will make $21 million. four redskins players will account for the chunk of the salary cap. if you add up, $77.7 million. u, we did the m $ath for you, 42 percent of that cap.. a lot of money going to four guys. two weeks ago the struggling la lakers named imagine incorporate johnson as an advisor. now he's running the whole show. team owner jenny bust and long term manager who played for the bullets once upon a time. the host of the late night talk show the magic hour will serve as gm for thursday's trade line. college hoops tonight, virginia tech and buzz williams hosting clemson. hey, but, a nice
11:26 pm the hokeys down by two. tech rebounds, tech keeps possession with 7 seconds to go. and then inbound to l aen, downe dribbles to his right, jumper from the arch h arc, that is good. the hokeys win 71 to 730-6789 they improve to 8 and 7 in the acc. got to hand it to the georgetown at let incident they jumped on every possibility to use big events to get fans into the seats and today was not muchch different. with much of d.c. in baoboa withdrawal.with this is jack. to dress up with d.c.'s newest panda. panda jack will make his firstst public appearance tomorrow night, the hoyas facing detroit i liked panda jim better. i
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that does it for us tonight. stay tuned, tmz is coming up next. good tonight, everybody.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: guess who we got last night? we got kendrick lamar. we didn't ask him about alex trebek and how awesome he is. >> buy a chopper and have a doctor on speed dial, i guess, mad city. >> troo beck wil -- trebek read all of the rap lyrics and had the contestants guess which rapper it was from. >> when they did do kanye, the shades that alex trebek threw on him, he's like i hope kanye doesn't tweet me now. harvey: i love that you watch "jeopardy!" fortune" chick to me.a "wheel [laughter] >> tom brady's jersey has been missing since the super bowl. the cops valued the jersey. >> it's high are than $100,000. >> it can't be more than 2. >> it's higher than $200,000. harvey: how do the police value the jersey? >> i guess the complainants -- >> this is inflate gate. [laughter] >> nick jonas was in s


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