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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 22, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on "fox5 news morning" bleak financial future. metro general manager paul wiedefeld said declining leadership is putting transit at financial risk. >> bye-bye winter hello spring did we ever say hello winter it was the winter that was not. right? warm air. staying with us getting warmer. today's temperatures could reach 65. tomorrow the rest of week we're actually talking 70s. beat it old man winter. get out of here. >> shoot. >> good morning to you thank are for joining us. today is wednesday, february 22. >> michael thomas will talk about the beautiful
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we've got. we have caitlin roth doing traffic this morning and checking in with both of them in a few. >> first at 5:00 though new this morning a fire ripped through a home in prince george county. take a look at this. this happened along the 2400 of shady side avenue in suitland. thankfully everyone made it out okay. the flames are now out and smoke could be seen pouring from the home overnight. and fire officials say it began in the kitchen and exact cause is still unclear. the cause of fire that killed a little boy in northern virginia is also unknown this morning and the young boy and two pets were killed in the blaze on arcade street in lorton and it happened around 5 p.m. yet and at one point the firefighters had to retreat because the flames were so intense. four were hospitalized two neighbors one an off duty firefighter and other a firefighter that tried to get in the house to help before crews arrived. >> and turning now to metro an a grim outlook from the agency's general manager about financial future. >> he's now calling on leaders in
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to "come to grips" with the financial situation of metro and budget and personnel cuts alone will not fix it. >> what does all of this mean for riders. melanie alnwick is live outside the chinatown metro station now with more, mel. >> reporter: well, paul wiedefeld also called this budget reality check saying it could mean higher fares for riders and some reduced service. and all of this is happening as safe track is winding down and metro replacing cranky 4,000 series rail cars and the system finds itself in a deeper financial hold than in recent history. fewer riders is one part of the problem and years of safety and reliability concerns have many chooses other transportation options and wiedefeld said it is 1% dip across the board and one example chinatown gallery station peak ridership was more than 2,000 riders a day and that is now 222500 costs for labor
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to rise to close the budget gap between expenses and revenue. here's proposals. fares an bus and rail will go up 10 to 25 cents and trains less frequent and there could be 0 bus routes cancelled and 1,000 positions eliminated in those service cuts. and now after metro budget preview wamu transportation reporter and "fox5" contributor martin decaro says the system is running out of places to find money. >> as general manager said today you cannot cut 1,000 jobs a year especially in growing region and especially at second buzzest subway system in the country where you need people and mechanics and bus drivers and rail operators and host of people to run the system every day. >> and after metro budget preview of course one of the things that wiedefeld mentioned was he also wants d.c., maryland and virginia combined to kick in additional 10
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cycle and metro board will get a look at the budget on thursday. live at chinatown. i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> thanks, mel, you want to keep it here on "fox5". coming up 8:45 this work we'll talk live with paul wiedefeld for more on his take of metro financial future 5:04 new this morning montgomery country police need your help finding autistic woman. 22-year-old saria moscow was last sent on friday and the gaithersburg woman has high-fuchtioning autism. if you have seep her give police a call. >> today the annual conservative political action conference or cpac gets underway at the national hosh or. this is video from last year's conference. president trump is scheduled to address the conference on friday. >> setback for it up porters of transgender student matching the bathroom they identify with trump administration plans to roll back protections for such students. and in a letter sent to public
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trump administration says it want to consider the legal issues involved with allowing transgender students to use bathroom of their choice. >> president is putting final touches on new executive order extreme vetting come as department of homeland security released new guidelines this week for how the president will implement the new immigration plan and dhs is beefing up 10,000 custom and enforcement agents will be on hand and department is adding another 5,000 border patrol agents. five past the hour now and bao bao has less than an hour to go before they actually lands in china. the giant panda spent the late 15 hours in the air on her way to her knew life the a panda preserve. several flight tracking web site on on top of this one her fedex flight is expected to arivera round 5:5 our time and then loaded ton a truck to a two hour drive to the preserve. >> over
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the woods to get there. >> 5:05 is the time. beautiful weather on tap. >> semi-beautiful temperatures-wise feels warm out there. sunshine-wise we may being lacking in that department later on this afternoon. 46 the current temperature in washington. we healed steady last hour. 48 mannasas and 43 winchester and still chilly start and certainly owe not as chilly as it could be for february and we're tracking showers just south and west of d.c., south of route i 66 there and just west of i 95. we do have to watch out for a couple of raindrops hitting windshield especially if you travel out of virginia today. can't ruling out spotty drizzle within metro d.c. as well. your forecast for the day today we'll call it 65. if we get no sunshine at all we'll be cooler than that again do watch for spotty drizzle during the morning hours and big time warmth coming our way starting tomorrow more details on that in a few minutes. for now let's get over own say good morning to caitlin roth for traffic. >> on time traffic. br
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>> thank you, mike, did norngs we have rain showers out there coming out of northern virginia. if you come in from fauquier county and if the showers make it to fairfax keep that in mind a little wet. otherwise morning commute not bad. all the major are still looking okay at this early hour. outer loop looks fine and uner loop topside of beltway for that matter. 95. baltimore washington parkway route 1 not seeing slow downs that's good news. 270 southbound one long line of green. are you delay free from 70 out of frederick down the stretch to germantown through rockville and approaching the spur. and looks good there. and 66 eastbound it is is still quiet earlier look at camera showed there were cars out there and there is still volume picking up this hour and fine through centerville to fairfax and inside the beltway. 95 northbound dale city to beltway looks fine and let's get closer to the district here. looks like route 7 some local volume there and majors 95 northbound appac
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street bridge looks good and d.c. southbound 295 route 50 to 11 street bridge so far no volume yet we expect that to pick up through the morning hours and we'll have another ep update and weather and traffic at 5:15. >> maureen. >> coming up on fix news morning dakota access oil pipeline users have until 4 our time to leave encampment or else. >> and live baseball games could be coming to your favorite social media site. >> we're going to break with a live look across the d.c. region, 5:08 is the time and 46 the temp. we're back after this ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. >> new this morning the liftoff an unmanned russian cargo ship supplied mission to the international space station carrying 6,000 pound of fuel water and other supplies and failed launch in december and days though after nasa successful launch which is set to arrive at the space station today and russian rock set set to arrive on friday. >> trying to shut down the pipeline protest camp and pipeline for demonstrators today for 2 p.m. and camp
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time thousands of people are there and this do mean a heavy police presence will linger as developer tries to finish the last big section of the pipeline and virginia governor terry mcauliffe vetoed a bill to de fund planned parenthood and the bill barely passed senate last week. it would have banned them from contracting with virginia. mccall every vowed to veto the pair. he vetoes a similar bill last year. >> maryland federal appeals court upheld a state ban on assault rifles and the conclusion was military style weapons are not protected under the amendmentment. it reverses the ruling that called the ban into question and the law was challenged by two men that wanted to buy rifles and said the guns were not dangerous. >> tomorrow they plan to vote on a set of bills to prosecuting rain and ensure physical evidence of sexual assault is pres
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bill would make clear it's not necessary for a victim to show they resist add attacker and advocates for sexual assault victims say the change would lead to fewer cases dismissed as unfounded by mees. the second bill sets stayed wide bills for preservation of rain kits. >> and you your favorite baseball game could be streamed from facebook. details are unclear and the news comes as social media giant continues to push for more sports content. facebook is already inked deal with univision to stream 46 mexican league soccer match. >> coming up a federal judge issues a ruling impacting planned parenthood and federal funding. >> and houston police say the person stole tom brady super bowl jersey could face five years in prison sfw if they know who it is right. >> as they head to break a live look across the d.c. region an wednesday. it's
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we're getting there. 5:111 the time. we'll talk more weather and traffic. fox news morning back after this
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>> we can all be friend. temperatures are warming up. >> good wednesday. >> everything is in order. >> unless you like snow. >> let it go. >> let it go. >> this winter makes me angry. >> it's okay next winter all you. >> we'll have another don't worry. we're watching drizzle mostly south and west of d.c. this morning and radar here in a second. later on this afternoon just how warm we're able to get depends on how much sun breaks through the clouds mostly cloudy later this afternoon and
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mid 60s d.c. today and spring like 70s return tomorrow afternoon we're talking about temperatures into the mid 70s. kind of crazy when you think about it they won't be too far shy of record territory either. warmth may end with thunderstorms and as we head into the first half of weekend. that looks like best chance of that is saturday afternoon. temperatures around the region now, 46 in washington. that's still only 3 degrees off the average high for this time of year and not a bad start. 45 gaithersburg and dulles and winchester and leonardtown 43 as well and fredericksburg, virginia, 3 at this hour we're tracking shower activity south and west and you see as we loop it through how that slowly pushes south and i can't rule out a couple of raindrops getting to d.c. as you start the morning off this morning. this continues to sink down to the south as we head through the day today and generally mostly cloudy day but temperatures still expected to warm up a bit later this afternoon given a warm front
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coming through and that's why drizzle is riding right along. we'll start off cloudy. thinking about by this afternoon. pizza, sunshine, if we get enough we'll warm up to the mid 60s here. washington day one of warming trend offer the next few days. 65 the daytime high today. mostly cloudy. spot question drizzle through the morning hours and tonight we'll keep it mostly cloudy. clouds not going anywhere too fast today. and 5 degrees overnight low there. so warmer than average high for overnight lows. chilly not too terribly cold. it looks more like april than it does for february here. 65 today. 74 tomorrow. 76 on friday and one more day of 70s that would make six for for february if we do it does with thunderstorms during the afternoon. sunday we'll cool it down a bit. still above normal. more seasonable at 52. could be breezy on sunday as well and start yet another warming trend heading into next weekend. 60s back by next tuesday. caitlin roth
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caitlin roth this is crazy. >> yes, it is crazy. but i only respond to traffic questions, issues, concerns this morning. that's all you, mike, looking sharp by the way. >> thank you you are looking good as well. >> thank you. >> spring colors on you look greet. behind me 66 eastbound starting to see volume pick up past 515 aex and no reported delays yet and you're smooth all the way from mannasas through centerville and then through fairfax approaching belt we looking good 66 eastbound. 395 northbound approaching 14 street brim and this disabled vehicle the past hour. on the shoulder. hazard light are on and doesn't look to cause issues. traffic is moving by fine and do expect delays as this continues and gaper delay as everyone looks to see what is going on with the vehicle and it's on the shoulder not blocking anything and femorly 270 southbound montrose road you have decent volume picking up here and headlights coming at you southbound and northbound is fine and not any reported accident or delays on 270 or any majors for that
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matter and we'll have a look at maps and wide view and show you all the maim orr's around the area coming up at 5:25 for now maureen and holly good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> 5:17 is the time and let's look at stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> and realtime news tracker wisdom martin is staptding by with what's hot on the web. >> hi, wiz. >> a federal judge blocks texas from cutting off medicade funding for planned parenthood over secretly obtained videos. texas is set to de fund in february and the judge told the state to wait for ruling which preserves non abortion services for 11,000 low-income women and no world if texas will appeal that ruling and meanwhile a new study looked at people in most developed countries to see who live longer. women in south korea feared best women born in 2030 are expected to meet 91 and french women and swiss women predict todd live long int
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texas ranger are still on the lookout for tom brady stolen super bowl jersey and now we know how much it's worth. jersey valued half a million dollars remember it was taken from tom brady's bag in the locker room after the super bowl. whoever stole that jersey is likely to face jail time and then there's this a fifth grader from ohio needed help with math homework so she got on facebook and asked her local police department to help. and the boys in blue came through. one officer well he need aid little help himself because one of the officers got one of the answers wrong and many people slightly joked it's the thought that counts even if the officer cannot. the officer's favorite subject is history and not math. i can relate to that. i can relate to that. because nowadays now you remember i know both of you can remember. >> yes. >> can deal with this. >> back in the cold days, we had to ask our parents or get help from somewhere else. now a days youtube and going.
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parents helped with homework and it was all wrong. math was not my mom's thing and -- half of it was wrong. >> worst is the when parents help you and you still got it wrong. >> true. >> that was me. >> the worst is when you have engineering degree and doing 5-year-old math now and you don't understand what's going on. >> i'm tell you. >> bottom line it happens to the best of us. >> it does. >> and worst of us. >> and new math becomes old math and old math becomes new math. >> and luckily it's words for us. >> two plus two equals four right. >> nah. >> good morning, y'all, coming up on "fox news morning" wells fargo is firing four people that said were soley responsible for fraudulent account scandal you heard about. >> poptarts here and poptarts there poptarts everywhere. where you with find the original poptarts coming up. >> a live look across the d.c. region
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degrees temps. traffic is starting to pick up. this is st. barnabus road, 495. we're back with more fox news morning after the break.
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else fring owe fired four senior executives in the wake of the fraud uleapt account scandle. >> and and vote todd rescind any executives bonuses and is is requiring them to forfeit any up investigated stock and stock options and firing stems from findings last year that bank employees opened more than 2 million accounts which may not have been authorized by customers. >> ups testing drone delivery system in florida. it will be launched from a dlaivry truck the idea being while a
5:24 am
deliver one package a drone could be delivering another. they can fly for half an hour on one charge don't expect to have your package delivered any time soon by a drone. they're working to come one safety standards first. >> and blocking homeowners from renting out home on air bnb for more than 15 days if not home. hosts say rules would have negative impact on them financially. house sharing company launched advertising campaign against d.c. councilman kenyan mcduffy that authored regulations and ad suggests mcduffy is working on behalf of hotel industry. >> nobody is making me do this. i'm doing this because it's the right thing to do right now. if you want to recommendster your home on short term rental the process is very ambiguous and difficult for ordinary person who want to do so is to navigate you're
5:25 am
hearing on the bill scheduled for april 24. >> a bar convert todd a pop tart cafe. pop tart pizza, taco, and fries. it has cuingts made of brown sugar sin is monday poptarts and strawberry filling instead of marinara sauce and pepperoni is dried fruit slices. >> okay. >> pop tart. >> it's still sweet pop tart. >> yes. >> but not really pizza. >> just pop tart art. >> i thought -- >> and it's just a hot pocket. >> looks pretty. >> yeah. >> okay. 5:25 now and everybody is talking about the spring weather we're having in february mike it's up believable. temperatures not today but the next couple days that's up to 80 in some locations. by the time we get to friday crazy.
5:26 am
amount of cloud cover out there and dependent on how much sun we get depends how warm we get this afternoon and tracking showers as well heading over to radar i'll show where those are mostly south and west of town this morning down towards culpeper and through rutgersville and harrisonburg waking up to raindrops and it is light and we'll head through the morning hours and cannot rule out drizzle even as far as north here at d.c.. quick look at temperatures there, mid 40s right now and heading up if we get enough sun into the mid 60s. all right that's a check of the forecast. back to caitlin roth for traffic. >> all right. thank you, mike. right after 5:26 right now, wednesday morning commute has been okay and building volume so far. and middle part of what is short workweek for so many of you. here we are wednesday morning all around the beltway looks okay. maryland commute, outer loop, 95, bw parkway looking fine. and
5:27 am
out of frederick and i 70 to truck scales you have volume and then it breaks free as you head to montgomery county towards the spur. 66 eastbound so far quiet drive. we'll have another look at that and weather and traffic in less than ten minutes. holly. >> thanks, caitlin. rumors are swirl ago kusing president trump of wanting to send americans to the detention center at guantanamo bay. >> anyone apply are for federal benefits should have to passe drug test. >> as we head to break another live look outside on wednesday morning we're at 5:27 right now, 46 degrees. pretty good wednesday on tap. "fox5 news morning" back after this
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>> leaked financial future. metro general manager paul wiedefeld says declining ridership is putting transits at financial risk and new executive order trump administration announced plans to enforce immigration rules already on the books and simpsons and other springfield residents will be honored at the baseball hall of fame. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, february 22. >> al
5:31 am
always here. but caitlin roth is is gracing us with her presence this morning talking about traffic. traffic and weather coming up in a moment. >> first at 5:30 parents of young man murdered in arlington are made pleading with a shooter to turn himself in. >> this is the man that shot and killed 23-year-old michael gray early sunday and this morning they're working to track him down. "fox5" annie yu live at police headquarters this morning with the latest in this story. annie. >> reporter: good morning, wisdom, holly, that's right police say they are still searching for the man think believe shot and killed 23-year-old michael gray early sunday morning. they have identified the male. let's take a look at his picture once again this is 37-year-old jason allen johnson from d.c. and investigators think he could still be in the area possibly still in arlington where the crime occurred or prince george county. they believe the suspect is armed and dangerous. we spoke to the family and they spoke only to "fox5" last night and pleading with e
5:32 am
if if that does not happen someone who knows something will speak up. gray was shot as leaving a party on north 29 street arlen ton and friends with him that night say that he got into a altercation before the party with the suspected shooter no one thought much of it gray continued with the party and they all had a great time and as leaving the house 3:30 in the morning witnesses say johnson was waiting outside and shot him. gray's mother describes her young son who grew up in the area as a bright light people graph tuted to him good surprise, caring brother, loved to play bs indicate ball with younger 11-year-old brother. take a listen to his mother. >> this person i don't know what the altercation was but it was not worth my son's life. my son didn't deserve this. if you know anything, if you know anything about this person please g
5:33 am
information because he should be be brought to justice. >> now arlington county police say that they have been work ago around the clock on this case. they have more than 0 detectives working involved with this case and following multiple leads. they've identified the suspect and are now asking are got public's help. if you know anything about the suspect's whereabouts call 18 866-411-tips. that's the latest from arlington back to the in the studio. >> the annual political could have been servetive action conference gets underway in maryland. president trump will add drets the groupon friday. controversy surrounded this conference because my low yiannopoulos was invitesed to be the speaker and over comments he made that seemed to condone pedophilia. >> and transgender students
5:34 am
you with. trump administration reportedly september ape let to schools across the nation saying it plans to roll back pro techs for such students and trulp administration wants to consider the legal issues involved with allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of choice the letter says schools must ensure all students learn in a safe environment. >> president is putting final touches on executive order on extreme vetting and this comes as department of homeland security released new guidelines this week for how the president will implement his new immigration plan. the dhs is beefing up its forces and additional 10,000 immigrant and customs enforcement agents will be on hand the department is also adding another 5,000 border patrol agents. >> new details this morning about president trump's plan to send -- to use guantanamo bay prison in the past he said he want to fill it up with terrorists and during his campaign he also said he was fine with the idea of prosecuting americans at that facility
5:35 am
more about the administration plans to expand the program. >> and if it was legal, i think guantanamo bay offers some opportunities. the beauty of the place was isolation that could not get to it and there was no place you know that they could strike because they could not get there. >> and critics say in addition to legal obstacles facility faces military court of law which is severely inadequate. >> many americans without jobs may have to undergo drug toast get drug tests to people soaking unemployment benefits. bill pass the house and heads to senate and then reach president trump's desk. >> 5:35 is the time let's talk about continuing warm weather february of this year. >> if you like it warm february this is one to remember. >> one of the best february's ever. >> i agree
5:36 am
>> and i'll tell you what i have not run my heat for a week. >> oh, my gosh i had my windows on at night in my bedroom. >> it's crazy i'll save money. good news there. satellite and radar showing clouds around the region. showers south and wet of town. could have drizzle around the d.c. region as we head to the morning rush hour. 4 current number in d.c.. most locations waking to 40s. some 0s like frederick checking in 30. daytime high today, tomorrow, with a little more sunshine we will skyrocket up to 74 in the afternoon. >> all right let's check the forecast. caitlin roth is roth with traffic. >> don't leave the heat heat on in the kareemer and morning commute pigging the let me get out of the way. looking at 95 here is that correct, carlos? carlos is my producer. he tells me everything. 95 southbound at guessing volume is picking up there. and all right. let's
5:37 am
this is approaching 14 street bridge we had disabled vehicle off to the left side of shoulder and base bally since we went on at 4:0 this morning and still there with hazard lights on not blocking any lanes it's on shoulder but you can see volume getting heavy there. trying to squeeze past the disabled vehicle and again this is 395 approaching 14 street bridge. we'll take a wide look at the area and go over majors coming up in less than ten minutes. wisdom and holly. >> 5:37 is is the time coming up an investigation underway after gunfire forces evacuation of hospital in houston. >> major league baseball just approved a new rule that it hopes will speed up the game. >> as we head to break now a live look across the dmv at 5:37. temperature 5:46 back in a moment.
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>> officials in malaysia identified two more suspects in the death of kim jon. two were arrested last week. north core each diplomats are calling for release of those women. he died after poisoned at an airport investigating a report of shots fired a
5:41 am
it was evacuated after they heard gun shot and hours later police gave the hospital all clear and patient and staff were allowed back in the hospital. >> controversial rule change approved by major league baseball. teams can now call intentional walk without throwing a single pitch and instead the manager can give a signal from the dugout and previously a pitcher would have to throw the four balls to the catcher and it was usually just for show. the league says the goal is to increase pace of games and it's not clear how much time this will really save. >> how can that be controversial. what's couldn't vaersial about it. >> baseball purists want the game to stay the way it's been since 1877 he can now say intengal walk they can go to base and you don't are to waste pitches. sounds like win to me but i'm not baseball purist. >> coming up a banner supporting refugees is unfurlded on liberty island. >> and simpsons will be honored in coopers town. we'll explain why
5:42 am
>> and as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region, 5:41 now and 46 degrees. we'll talk weather and traffic in a little more news on the other side of the break.
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5:44 am
time now, 5:44 bao bao has minutes go
5:45 am
china. she spent the last 15 hours in the air on the way to panda preserve. several flight tracking web sites are showing her fedex flight is due to arrive 5:5 a.m. our time her crate will be loaded to a truck for a hour drive for the preserve. >> quite the journey. >> for the high end bamboo. >> best in the world they say where she's going. >> ah. >> we have the best. >> wisdom martin was that an ah. >> this is the papd asong. panda song? >> i was going to say we have the best smoothest weather man. >> that's true. >> smooth is loosely defined. >> smooth as a panda. >> they're not smooth they're furry. >> you don't have to be completely smooth to be smooth. like he's smooth see. >> look at that. >> there we go. >> all right. >> you look like those little things that sit on dashboard
5:46 am
anded head goes like the little hawaiian guy. >> why are we having so much fun in the weather department. really i don't have much to talk b we're tracking showers but as far as february goes this has been non factor and winter weather wise it's all raindrops falling towards harrisonburg and culpeper and locations south a.m. wet of d.c. this morning and cloudy in most locations can't rule out drizzle making its way to d.c. as we roll through the morning hours. future cast showing light drizzle here and maybe a pocket or two of steadier rain and that's it and then it moves on kind of quickly. by 10, 11:00 hour could still be light drizzle towards southern maryland and central portions of virginia and as we work our way to the afternoon we should see at least from d.c. north ward some peaks of sunshine and depending how much we get will depend on how warm the temperatures make it later this afternoon. get enough we could make it mid to upper 60s. meant to show y t
5:47 am
what it feels like when you step out the door 45 gaithersburg and that's air temperature there in frederick, maryland. winds generally calm now. believe it or not what we're heading for later on today, 15 degrees or so above normal and then as we work into thursday and friday up towards 30 above normal. i believe february we're tack about here temperatures in the 60s and 70s in fact mid 70s dom coming our way thursday and friday and might be records in a few locations. 65 the daytime high and dependent on how much son we get and staying cloudy all day and closer to 60 this afternoon and tonight clouds stick around and 53. so call it dhilly. especially suburbs back in 40s and certainly not as cold as it could be for february. quick look at 7 day forecast three days of 70s, thursday, friday, saturday we cool things down into sunday. that's a look at forecast. caitlin roth is nor erin como this morning taking care of traffic. >> mike
5:48 am
weekday morning and maybe a lot of people deciding that forecast is too good and will stay home. behind me now we're looking at 50 inbound what you can see. this is maryland at 202 just volume behind me and it's kind of tough as we're still dark and looking at headlights coming at you and building volume route 50 maryland as you approach 202 headed to city. and all right. let's take a look at 270 montrose road heavy volume building and we have delays from volume starting in frederick county 70 to truck scales and looks like you break free a little from that further southbound and you still have volume that of course is normal for a wednesday morning. finally, 270 -- that was 270 we're now looking for the next one taking a look at outer loop new hampshire avenue and again this is volume starting to fill in. so light volume at this hour other than that we have not seen reported accident or delays on mainly orr's or secondarys tweet me caitlin roth "fox5" if you
5:49 am
on your commute. that's a look at traffic. more at 5:55. >> holly. >> thanks caitlin. >> happening today a hearing will resume on whether a prep school graduate used a computer to lure a girl for sex deserves a new trial. owen was aquited in 2015 of raping a 15-year-old classmate as part of game of sexual conquest. this happened st. paul's school in concord. he was convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault and child endangerment as well as felony computer charge requiresing him to register as sex offender for life. >> authorities in lorton virginia are investigating a deadly house fire that killed a boy on arcade street. at one point firefighters first on the scene it had to retreat because the flames were so intense. four people were hospitalized and two family pets died in the fire. no word yet on the cause. >> and d.c. police released this drawm attic body cam video showing several officers pulling a burning map from
5:50 am
northeast. the car veered off the road hit a light pole and burst into flames. >> officers smashed the driver's window and pull the man out. the driver suffered minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital and released. >> the mystery continues at nation's statue of liberty as to two hung the giant banner saying refugees welcome. national park service says the sign was hung from public observation deck yesterday afternoon and taken down an hour later. regulations prohibit anything from being fixed to the statue. >> investigators in missouri are working to determine who damaged dozens of head stones the a jewish cemetery. investigators are looking at video surveillance to help determine who pushed over the head stones and more than 100 head stones were damaged. right now the community is organizing efforts to repair the damaged head stones. >> members of masandonia baptist church is fighting to keep historic burial
5:51 am
from being disturbed. some believe 300 former slaves are buried there the land is opened by equity one and they plan to build a mixed use prom tlekt and church members want officials to check the grave sights first. >> there's no records that indicate that anyone ever moved bodies. from my perspective the bodies are still there. if they're not there that means a crime occurred. and it means that someone illegally removed the remains. but it doesn't negate the fact that that area is still a cemetery. >> montgomery country planning department asked to conduct a archeological survey of the land and they'll review sketches for the building project tomorrow. >> 5:5 1st time now let's look at stories you're engaging with this morning on social media. we'll do it with the realtime news tracker. >> maureen umeh joins us with what's hot on the web. >> u.s. stock shares a new record for eight consecutive days the dow opened on a high note.
5:52 am
walmart had biggest rise climbing 3% as group reported strong online sales over the christmas period.. milo yiannopoulos views on pedophilia went too for far. he resigned from breitbart. and the camera for apple iphone 8 is dubbed revolutionary. apple is planning on implementing a front facing camera with infrared module that senses three d space in the new iphone and could be used in facial recognition or iris scanner for unlocking the device and tv show will be honored that year's baseball hall of faimz and simpsons will be honored to celebrate 25th anniversary of the show homer at the bat episode first televised february 20, 199 and featured hall of fameers weighed boingz. ken
5:53 am
>> former nba star magic johnson has a new job named president of basketball operations by la lakers and according to they relieved mitch of his duties as general manager and jim bus that will no longer certain as executive vice-president of basketball operations. so magic johnson keeps winning if a big way. >> yes, meanwhile how bad does it have to be if the owner's son gets fired. >> clearly it's abad for the la lakers. >> good news for magic they have nowhere to go but up. >> anything he does he's winning. >> absolutely. >> new video this morning from actor harrison ford close call at a california airport last week. take a look at video. you can see a large jet taxying on the run way when ford's smaller jet yellow plane flies dangerously close to the american airline plane which had more than 100 people on board time. faa is investigating that particular incident. >> if you're looking for a
5:54 am
free, way to relax how about yoga at the kennedy center fining next month it will offer free yoga classes in grand foyer. it will be held every other saturday through august 19 beginning 10 a 150 a.m. and come first come first serve basis part of sound health program. >> time for facebook fan of the day. so good morning to hey, hey, shaing shan eek aleonard. joyful and sunny photo. love it, love it. love it she's loving life she's from here in the district and watches "fox5" every single day. >> as a but full, happy picture her favorite segment is the warm and she loves tucker barnes. she says she also lovdz the warm this weekend. for your chance to be a fan of the day post a photo below here's. >> i think she said i love pike mike. >> i heard her loud and clear. >> she doesn't get up before 6 a.m. right? >> if you don h
5:55 am
>> exactly. >> but you should just because. >> all right. >> checking the showers out this morning. everybody loves tucker barnes. culpeper checking in with shower activity and harrisonburg between 81 and 95 and light rain hitting windshield and some trying to reach up closer to the beltway. don't be shocked if a see a raindrops or drizzle to start the day here. by the afternoon, we're drying up and probably still have clouds around. 38 to 48 depending where you live cooler air north and west as you get the kids off to the bus stop. after school into the 60s we go. if we get enough sun closer to 70. it does look like we have things cloudy. probably closer to mid to low 60s around the region today. for wednesday we'll call it 65. tomorrow is when the real warmth arrives. 74. look at friday, 76 degrees. warmest fek teming tour i can remember in quite a while and 2 degrees off the record high. saturday one more day of 70s before a cold front swings through in the afternoon and
5:56 am
thunderstorms. yes thunderstorms here in february will cool things down back sunday and monday and start warming it up again next tuesday. that's a check of warm 7 day forecast. caitlin roth in for erin como this morning for traffic. >> good morning. mike i love watching you did a great job. >> thank you i love watching you too you do a great job of traffic. >> thank youment normally i would never in a million years get up before 6 a.m. but you're one of the reasons that make it worm it. wednesday morning commute right now not bad all the way around the beltway and actually majors have been fairly quiet@caitlin roth "fox5" tweet me concerns or questions and i'll try my best to answer them still learning the area. first crash of morning this is after 410 southbound you have jammed traffic all the way back to beltway as a result of that. southbound coming in on 295 bw parkway watch for the crash and have building delays there and then maryland staying there outer loop 95 you look fine but again it's bw parkway we're watchi
5:57 am
staying in maryland this time in montgomery country out of frederick county, 270 southbound building volume 70 to truck scales and beyond that and it breaks free just regular volume through montgomery county. and all right that's a final look at traffic. much more at 6 a.m. on "fox news morning" returning after this
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> straight ahead at 6:00. traveling news for metro the transit agency facing a massive budget short fall and losing riders at alarming rate. how it plans to close the gap and earn trust back. >> and we miss her already. but bao bao will wake newspaper china this morning we're tracking her flight on panda express. >> and live look outside on this wednesday morning. it's february 22. warm and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. good wednesday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning" first up developing overnight in prince george county fire ripped through a home in suitland. through you can see it shady side avenue and thankfully everyone b everybody made out okay. smoke can still be seen pouring from the home over fight. fire officials say it started in the kitchen and still have not pinpointed exact cause.


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