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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> straight ahead at 6:00. traveling news for metro the transit agency facing a massive budget short fall and losing riders at alarming rate. how it plans to close the gap and earn trust back. >> and we miss her already. but bao bao will wake newspaper china this morning we're tracking her flight on panda express. >> and live look outside on this wednesday morning. it's february 22. warm and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. good wednesday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning" first up developing overnight in prince george county fire ripped through a home in suitland. through you can see it shady side avenue and thankfully everyone b everybody made out okay. smoke can still be seen pouring from the home over fight. fire officials say it started in the kitchen and still have not pinpointed exact cause.
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a fire broke out 5:00 on arcade street and firefighters on the scene had to first retreat because flames were so intense. four people were hospitalized and two family pets died in the story and a boy and no word on what caused the plays. >> caught on camera dramatic body camera video from the d.c. department showing several officers pulling a man out of a burning car in northeast d.c.. monday night the driver veered off the road his car hit a light pole and went into flames. officers acted fast and smashed the driver's window and pulled the man out. driver suffered minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital and then later released. >> turning to metro rights now a grim outlook for financial future for agency general manager. >> after he admits he's running out of places to close the budget gap. meling good morning. >> good morning, steve,
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yes we are talking about slightly higher fares for parnls and possibly service cuts as well. and general manager paul wiedefeld calling this budget a reality check and all of this as safe track is starting to wind down and metro is finally replacing cranky 4,000 series rail cars and the system finds it snaevl deeper financial hold than it has in recent history fewer vieders is part of the problem and years of safety and reliability concerns have many choosing other transportation options. peak ridership was 27,000 riders a day and that's down to 22500 now and calls for maintenance and labor continue to ride to close the 290 million budget gap between expenses and revenue. fares on bus and rails will go up 10 to 25 cents and trains
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there could be 20 plus bus routes cancelled and a thousand and positions will be eliminated in the service cuts. and after metro budget preview wamu transportation reporter and "fox5" contributor martin decaro says the system is running out of places to find money. >> metro is one of the only transit system in the entire country that does not have a dedicating funding source that goals all the way back to metro founding even decades before metro opened metro never really had a golden age of financing. >> and so, metro general manager want d.c., maryland and virginia combined to kick in another 130 million dollars into the budget cycle and he's also talking about in the next year to year and a half this is very unpopular idea but this is something he says will be a reality and those regional transportation taxes or things of the sort that would be that dedicated funding source. and metro board get
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the budget on thursday. live in chinatown i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> certainly getting a lot of reaction there and getting details for you as well and answers hopefully from general manager paul wiedefeld that joins us at 8:45 this morning with his take on metro financial future. >> 6:04 now and this morning the washington monument is cleaned up after being vandalized over the weekend and work on three other historic landmarks continues today as well and lincoln memorial, world war ii memorial and d.c. war memorial damaged by graffiti. it doesn't appear racially or mrl" motivated. they're resuing surveillance footage now. >> mayor muriel bowser set to announce a new way to get residents to the hospital for medical care and covers cost of ambulance transportation and today the mayor is expected to highlight improvement and her administration is made to d.c. first responder resources including add are more firefighter and reducing response times
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>> miss your bao bao news here we are due to land in china any minute if she has not all right due to ariver 5:52 a.m. our time. the giant panda spent the last 15 1/2 hours in the air and she's on way to new life at band panda reserve. when she lands her crate will be load todd a truck to the tour hour drive to the panda preserve. also known as panda paradise. >> it's a long flight he she begins journey when we're on the air and then there when we're back on the air. she one upped us. >> and now in paradise right. >> yes isn't that nice? >> yeah. >> we miss her. >> all she has known is family. >> she may have her own family few. >> that's the plan right at some point. >> right. >> which again seems a little gross. >> to the forecast. >> she was a baby and now she'll be a mom. >> well. >> it's
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>> happens to all of us. >> reagan national 40. dulles 45. bwi marshall 4. so, we're featuring 60s today. well into 60s. cloud cover and rain shower early. and upper right hand corner is washington. you can see to the south and west. down towards culpeper working 29 south of 66 there and we got light rain showers. in addition to the clouds we'll have few showers around this morning and then be partly to mostly cloudy this afternoon with daytime highs topping out in the 60s. 55 degrees. so we'll trade clouds for warm temperatures. still looking at 70s thursday and friday. will we have warmest february in washington history? are we going to have one of the warmest windsers -- >> are we on track for that. >> we're in the top five for both right now. >> awesome. >> let's make history. >> all right. >> okay. >> airport is off and caitlin is in good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison and tucker, blue day i guess.
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>> guess so. >> well i'll get that memo from erin next time i fill n all right. yeah, erin actually literally having spring fever as she is off feeling under the weather and let's take a live look outside with cameras where we are taking a look at outer loop right now in maryland, topside of beltway. it's starting to fill in just normal volume from 95 to georgia avenue. let's go back to maps and give us better view of wide view of morning commute short workweek for so many of you caitlin roth "fox5" twitter and 295 stacked up at this hour route 50 to 11 street bridge and 56 heavy moderate volume once you get inside the beltway approaching district. crash southbound baltimore washington parkway after you hit 410 in maryland and that's a site of the crash and jammed to the beltway even residual volumeon the site of the crash on bw parkway. southbound 295 looks okay getting off route 50 and hitting
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will take you all the way to 11 street bridge. 395 northbound to 14 street bridge and you're okay. i sxerk volume to continue to build and so far so good and 95 southbound stafford county okay and prince william hitting brakes around woodbridge and some delays as you head north ward approaching beltway there. it's about a quiet ride so far. traffic through centerville and as we showed you off the top with camera filling in outer loop of beltway. no accident or stlaiz to report just majors in the crash on the bw parkway. steve back to you. >> i want to update bao bao safely on the ground in china now the mraep landed 5 minute ago two minutes ahead of schedule. >> i love it. >> 16 hour nroyingt and you're within two-minute you're doing something all right. >> bao bao safely on the groundp. >> saw only. >> democrats and immigrants fired up over latest act of immigration.
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for some reps they're met with large crowds of protesters and this morning the president is responding. we're back in 30
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>> the statement goes on to say if the poison is on their hands how is it possible the two women are alive. >> back here locally the annual conservative political action conversation or cpac gets underway in maryland. tomorrow secretary of education and white house chief of staff and chief strategist steve bannon are all expected to speak and president donald trump will speak friday. >> this year's conference faces controversy after breitbart was invite and then withdrawn after a video of which milo yiannopoulos steams say it's okay for relationships with boys. he himself is vicktive of sexual abuse and he plans to launch his own media web site and do campus tours
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>> and targeting sdwru wish community centers nationwide the president says he does not support anything to do with divide in the country. department of homeland security cracking down on illegal immigrants in u.s. and their priority to de port any undocumented immigrant committed a crime and that includes driving without a license. the agency is peeving up forces with additional 15,000 customs and border patrol agents. so-called dreamers program will stay in place. >> across the country gop members back in the home district and range of issues from the president executive order on immigration some reps are actually in numerous cases planned out by liberal activist. sad. >> 6:11
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iraq after math of car bombing in a neighborhood west of baghdad the blast killed several people and no one claimed responsibility for the attack but it comes as isis lost ground on a number of fronts in western mosul. >> and north dakota this morning a 2 p.m. deadline looming for the 00 people that remain at pipeline protest camp to vacant the area and army corps of engineers will not extend the deadline and is concerned about potential flooding adds snow melt and last big section of pipeline is close to being finished it threatened the environment and native american sites. >> new this morning unmanned russian cargo ship is on way to international space station it took off from kazakhstan overnight and came days after nasa successful space lawn. . however that landing was called off. nasa now hopes to span that space x rke
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space x rocket tomorrow morning. you have to coordinate all those delivery ships. >> and facebook and major league baseball teaming up for the upcoming season. we'll explain. >> live look outside as we head to break this wednesday morning and there is washington monument. weather and traffic on the fives next
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>> what would it be without a traffic issue out there. disabled vehicle pushed off to the side and emergency light there and you see a lot of lights and re nrerks on the water there too tuck. >> and a lot of those honors you want to give to someone else. >> another warm-up begins that's right hey steve yesterday we did not get out of 50s. here we good. now complaints started
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we only made it to 5 yesterday we cannot have that and back into the 60s today. cool out there early. we'll take a look at numbers. 30s and 40s across the area and by after school today mid 60s expected with warm companies returning this afternoon. here's numbers. normal daytime highs 467 in washington. 43 leonardtown own 45 annapolis and few spot of freezing. cold spot this morning frederick 37. winchester 43. cloud cover out there early. even a couple light showers develop off to the south and west and most people say just south of town and it's possible that we could encounter few showers throughout here over the next couple hours as we head to upper level disturbance coming through and this is really only weather feature of note today otherwise we generally keep clouds around and yesterday we break out into sunshine at times and depending on the sunshine we'll eventually determine daytime highs. mid 60s
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get later today. big picture it's about the jet stream retreating north and it will feel like spring. i mentioned yesterday chicago had inch of snow since mid december and it's not just us that are enjoying incredibly warm temperatures for february and temperatures 1r5 to 30 above normal arounds here and thursday, friday, friday will be spraining like with daytime highs well into 70s and mrntsty of sunshine and we may end the whole thing saturday with a thunderstorm and cooler air tries to gets in for the end of the weekend. there's 7 day. spiel like spring. 65 today and 4 thursday and friday 76 and little cooler to end the weekend. again nothing scheme on the cold side. that's a weather update. caitlin is in this morning and she has a fun look at roads. >> tucker good morning i here we're trying to look for some of the worst spots around here right on the camera. beyond just the obvious once but toughest spot in hour we'll keep you upd
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14 street bridge jammed from pen gone. if you go to pentagon to the city it will take a while. disabled vehicle off to the shoulder and now with emergency men personnel we're getting word it's a crash. not sure if someone crashed into the car disabled and pushed off to the shoulder or what bought it's causing a huge backup as result. inbound 14 street bridge is causing jammed traffic back to pentagon. you'll probably break free from there. avoid this area if you can. sky fox crash also on baltimore washington parkway. this is wide view obviously we're looking at backup here. southbound balt war washington parkway and crash at 410 i believe you cannot see crash on here but you can see jammed traffic back to the beltway. and that camera is coming in and out. before we make you totally dizzy go back to the maps and show you troubled spots on wednesday morning commute along with baltimore washington parkway we're in the
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horribly jammed traffic but 295 southbound in the district heavy and usual volume delays route 50 to 11 street bridge takes you a while on that stretch and 395 you're okay. 5 northbound from northern virginia tapping brakes. breaking free and as awe approach the beltway moderate there, too. heavy delays mannasas 6 eastbound and past centerville you're okay. once you hit oakton off and on traffic approaching beltway. all right that's a look at roads. allison back to you. >> and overseas right now time with bao bao. >> let's see what we got. >> steve updated our travel arrival. okay. we'll get to that later. show you what is going on. there next we'll take a lk at plan by ups aimed at making deliveryes more efficient? super cheap air fares and carries offer basic economy to cut price of ticket is it worth it to cut the cost. and now, we'll take a live look in
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this is chinese media feed live pair i scope feed. papd aexpress safely on the ground. >> why do i expect her to walk done the steps. >> how does that happen. >> four legs you want to be air full steps are steep. >> yeah. >> this is no longer national national zooen closure. >> let them carry you baebae or i mean bao bao. >> we're checking in on her and how she's doing. we still miss her. i love that. more hearts for bao bao.
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>> joining us lauren demarco happy hump day. good morning, allison. >> good morning i'm so impressed the dow all time high
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>> and i know if you make it number nine today any gain would give us record close. that would be the longest streak since 197, 30 years ago and this is full market and it seems like it just want to continue. and we have a flat futures market now and the reason for that if you wait on minutes from the feds last meeting the fed is likely to hike interest rates you know the as you pay under credit card balance and the like three times in year. we look for crews in their statement and what they were thinking when he they may the decision last month and about how confident they are if the economy can handle three maybe more rate hikes. >> we'll be victims of our own success if we see it. >> let's talk about eyre airlines. they're timely rolling out basic economy. is it worth it? >> right this is super cheap no frill class of air fare. delta started it united and american have followed
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american, for instance, basic economy between bwi and dallas if you like and fares will be between $40 and $100 less than traditional. what do you have to give up? everything. you cannot bring anything on the plane that goes in the overhead bin. and if you do that you have to check bag at the gate not only do you pay to check the bag you pay a $25 gate service fee. you cannot change and get on plane dead last. is it worth it? i don't know. all three major carriers offering cheaper fares. >> trying to go after the low costs. >> talk of big leagues maybe stream games live. >> where are the eye balls in social media apparently live streaming of sports. nfl did this with are twitter and mlb is doing this with facebook. they want to live stream one game a week this is great if
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your area you can live stream on facebook. >> sounds cool to me. i have to be honest. i thought ups did saturday deliveryes andpparently they're looking at doing this in april. >> yeah, they're going to roll out ground deliveryes and postal service and fedex do maybe here and there ups but they're now looking to make it official this spring because most of us shopping online. so obviously you want to get stuff on saturday right? 2 4/7 business psych m. they're also testing drones but they did this yesterday in rural part of florida. they put a drone on top of delivery truck this way the driver the human being can make deliveryes and the drone can go far distances in a rural area to make the drops. we'll see what happens. obviously regulators have to approve all of this. >> all right, lauren, cool stuff we'll talk to you tomorrow. have a good one. >> you, too. >> i'm in trouble.
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ups. >> no, i found live feed of bao bao on the plane and i can't stopwatching it. >> did you really? >> yeah. >> we showed it on tv few he has it on -- >> is bao bao coming down the stairs. >> that's exactly what i said. >> follow at home if you go on my twitter account. >> i'm following your twitter now. >> 47 now in washington. and we'll be mild today. mid 60s. back to spring time temperatures. tradeoff say lot of clouds and we have showers off south and west early today and showers won't amount to a whole lot here just a couple hours and again we should be in and out of clouds this afternoon. mild temperatures. >> here comes spring. >> not officially but look at thursday and friday. well into 70s and steve will start planning happy hour locations later today. >> so many to choose from. >> nice. >> daily occurrence. >> yes. >> fry down right perfect caitlin good morning. >> 80 that's
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in february giving last weekend a run for money and big issue this morning on 14 street bridge inbound where we had a crash earlier. it's a crash site. you can see the harzard lights on disabled vehicle all the way off to shoulder. because it's crash site emergency personnel taking up what looks to be at least left bound lane and possibly spilling to september are lane and regardless jammed traffic all the way back to pentagon. real quick to the maps. 95 northbound at crash left lane blocked after courthouse road in virginia and we've got jammed traffic following that through stafford country. more coming up with weather and traffic. allison. >> in "fox5" exclusive after the break a plea from parents of young man murdered in arlington. >> and change to major league baseball in hopes of speeding up the game and there you see the live speedy was talking about bao bao has arrived in china and there you can see we have not seen bao bao de plane yet but other folks
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panda. if you want to watch along i tweeted the link to this on the live feed as well if you want to watch in realtime. keep it here as well as we see more of hayat boumeddiene hayat bao bao safely on the ground in china
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>> welcome back. it is 6:0 on wednesday morning. are you looking at quite a mess on the 14 street bridge headed into the city and
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lights indicate a disabled vehicle pushed off to the the side and as you can imagine causing backups on the bridge. caitlin and tucker will be long on the five. 6:35 with weather and traffic. welcome back to fox news morning. first now authorities are investigating a deadly house fire this happened in lorton virginia yesterday around 5:00 and authorities say a young boy died in this fire and no word yet on cause of this blaze. four people were hospitalized and two family pets also perished in the blaze and developing overnight in prince george county a fire rips through a home in suitland. take a look. this happened 2400 block of shady avenue everyone made it out okay. fire officials say it began in kitchen ep and exact cause still unclear. parent of a young man murdered in arlington are bleed pleading with the shooter to turn himself n police say the man who shot and killed 23-year-old michael gray early
6:32 am
on sunday is who they are looking for and they're still working to track him down. annie yu is live at police headquarters with the latest now, annie, good morning. >> good morning, allison, yeah, arlington county police still desperately searching for this man they say so the and killed 23-year-old michael gray early sunday morning as he was leaving a party in arlington, virginia let's show you a picture of a man police oyvrd this is 37-year-old jason allen johnson from d.c. and police say they is armed and dangerous and they believe he could still be in the area somewhere in arlington where the murder happened or prince george county. it looks like we don't have the photo here for you. this is michael gray you're looking at left of your screen to the right is suspect. the victim's family spoke exclusively to "fox5" last night and they're pleading with the shooter to turn himself in or hoping that if that doesn't happen that someone who knows him or knows where he is will call police. and now gray was shot early sunday around north 9
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arlington and friend say gray got into an altercation with the guy prior to the party and they didn't think much of it. he proceeded with the party and had a great time and as leaving 3:30 sunday morning the suspect was outside of the home where he he shot gray. now gray's mother describes her young son as outgoing person someone everyone loved. loved to play basketball and great big brother. take a listen to her. >> we're suffering. we're suffering because it was so senseless. and this person i don't know if kalt occasions was but was not worth my son's life. my son didn't deserve this. and if you know anything, if you know anything about this person please give the police the information. because he shoulding brought to justice. >> and now the family is planning a memorial service this saturday at mount zion baptist church in
6:34 am
fredericksburg they expect hundreds to attend and police now uming anyone with information to difficult them a call 1866-41 1-tips. annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> a mother's pain. thanks, annie, thank you so much. >> a maryland middle school getting honor for work for good nutrition and exercise. it will service a gold award as part of department of ago kultture smat smarter lunch challenge the initiative began in 2004 more than 4,000 schools nationwide were certified. >> let's check in with bao bao she has officially landed in china. looking to see what's going on. what's happening at the top there getting ready? >> you know what i saw a picture before -- >> this is not a live look. >> this is before. >> right now they're talking to smokes from the smithsonian that have big smiles on their faces on the ground. >> her jumbo jetta rivd 6:00 hour time and she spent 16 hours in the air and
6:35 am
will be a van ride to her new surroundings where they'll live her life out in panda paradise. >> back to you. >> let's check sports morning line time caps struggling a bit wrapping app i three game road trip in philadelphia. washington looking to get back to winning ways after losing last two games after a break. wizards are not back until they head to philly to take on 76 years. caps at home on friday by the way. and trade deadline waiting to see if wizards make moves n los angeles boy did they make moves in the front office. major front office shakeup in la they promote magic job son to president of basketball operations and he's owner of dodgers and owning the la sports scene right now. >> that's a mogul. >> after jeany bus dismissed her brother and long term brother jim and general manager he mitch cup j. shack who played. >> as a signature
6:36 am
understand that. >> sorry bro got to go. >> and serving through the trade deadline and then the gm position will be feld by kobe's agent. big move by nationals and free agent welcome to matt we'der beltway series opponent now part of the nationals lineup. matt we'der signed to two year deal with 21 million tlarz and last year the full season backed since tommy john surgery in 2013 and 17 home runs and expected to get start behind the plate. >> and in a fwol to speed up pace pace of major league games which we saw in the postseason could go hours. they stop throwing the ball over the catch's head. it mrir's runon approved instead of slow pitches to manager the manager gives a head nod and they let t
6:37 am
walk to first base. >> i don't think it will speed up the face. >> what can we do? it's too long. >> there you have a count down clock between innings. >> why not between pitches if you don't get the pitch off -- like free hot dogs for everyone in the stands. if you make it if many it will happen. >> a lot of it is tv somewhere thals, that's the pnl part. >> that's how they get paid. >> any jp way we'll figure this out in the break. >> bao bao got china many than -- >> 47 washington. >> we're not into giving untrue fact. >> 4 new york city. we'll be mid 60s this afternoon. deal with today cloud cover and sprinkle or shower have developed off south and west and you may ep count are a few of these early. most of the day will be kind of cloudy.
6:38 am
little sewn ship here and there and pumping warmer temperatures. mid 60s the daytime high. there's a look at cloud cover. still on track for these coordinate fairy temperatures for thursday and friday and where i dare say one or two of us may need air companying and you know we may not be able to go outside. but for everybody else it will be spectacular. >> you said the record was 75 or something like that? >> well the record for month i think is in 0s. we're on track for one of the warmest februarys and one of the warmest bipters. >> that gets the stapp of approval. >> if you say so for now. >> record 78, fyi. >> watt a minute you're doing traffic. >> right but i knew the answer whereas someone is like -- >> thank goodness you're here. >> that say personal record for tucker earlier that he ever had to put the air conditioning on to be comfortable. you might need it right now no heat needed and probably not air conditioner crash cleared
6:39 am
and but delays are he'sing a little now that the air cleared. these are normal delays. heavy off 95 and all the way out to georgia avenue. it looks like heaviest is just right getting off that 95 exit. so maps quickly and the wide view of of the commute showing normal delays and@caitlinrothfox5 and after court the house road and heavy pack to route 17. be careful on northern virginia copping up on 95 northbound and on and off volume through woodbridge. that's a look at traffic coming back after this on
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z29kuz zstz
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y29kuy ysty
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>> all right it's 6:42 what's trend on the web be wednesday morning tom brady super bowl jersey still missing now somebody stole it from the lock are room. they put a valuation on the juries write and police department in houston said the jersey missing is worth half a million dollars. so that value amount itself makes the courtroom a fist degree felony under texas law. if you have it, you're in trouble. >> and unique sight at the statue of liberty yesterday. a giant banner right here that reads refugees welcome. and the banner hung from the
6:43 am
top of the statue pedestal it was tape down an hour later and national park service trying to figure out who did it it happened the day the department of homeland security expanded immigration enforcement policies you. >> want to know how long you would live in different counties. they looked at most developed countries to see who live the longest. they studied 5 duptryes women in south korea feared best of the girls born in the year 2030 are expected to average living 91 years. french women and swiss men also predict todd live long into the upper 80s. swiss men expected to live 84 years and lowest of the country studied 5 countries studied don't say it. >> don't say it. >> is the -- serbia. serbia men and women, 78 years women and 73 years men. >> let me ask a question about the statue of liberty story. >> beautiful. >> it's a big banner nobody saw it unrecalled or anything. >> maybe it did and took a
6:44 am
>> don't know the apps, sorry. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate you. >> hans solo is trending this morning. we'll tell you why in today's fox beat. plus, details about near he death experience for julie andrews on the set of mary pop inz all the years ago. back after
6:45 am
6:46 am
sghv happy trails to you. >> they're taking all the equipment and putting i
6:47 am
place. >> and loading her on on to the flatbed. >> you see the back of the plane there in front of the tail section. >> lock how big. >> that's where we expect the crate to come out. >> look how big that opening is. we look at her as little baby. but she is a full grown panda bear. >> she was not exactly rolling owe round inside of the plane she had to be comfortable for 16 hours of air travel good we're waiting for that. this is a live feed out of china. i think it's look a periscope situation look at all the little hearts. >> if you want to watch. >> here we go. >> look like the crate coming out few. >> look at the lift. >> it will take a few minutes to get that down. we'll monitor it if you want to check it out. head to mike oral i son's twitter accounts. >> you're nice you shared that. this is steve's thing i merely retweeted. >> hes
6:48 am
>> you know what's twisted i flew to china i would be at risk for deep thrombosis jammed in the back of the seats with two people sitting in front of me. >> you're not a giant panda. >> bao bao flies across the world. >> how about this for three years you can live inen closure at the zoo and never asked to leave. >> i'll probably take you up on that that's a nice space bao bao had. >> and back to the spring time later today daytime highs in the mid 60s. 47 in washington and it was not cold for days and days and won't be today as we start another warming trent and 7 cold spot in frederick. couple might sprinkles and showers early. most of this stuff is really on the light side. you might let me know twot me uk tucker "fox5" and it will be all liquid here first half of the day and this afternoon cloudy i think for the most part. mostly cloudy conditions and milder air
6:49 am
on track here with jet stream way, way off this is very, very unusual weather pattern for end of february. jet stream far north and west and not just washington area but eastern half of country 15 to 30 above normal as we get to thursday, friday and start of weekend. so yeah on those windows and you actually have to close those windows if you suffer from pollen as we're going to be doing springtime around here. thursday and friday. look at that. temperatures in mid 70s. even saturday temperatures in low 70s. maybe a thunderstorm to end the whole warm front. all right. caitlin is back with traffic. >> that pollen is no joke. i could not even get my contacts in my eyes. problems 95 northbound crash left lane blocked and you have jammed traffic to route 17 in virginia and again crash has left lane blocked on 95 northbound after courthouse road and getting closer to the district here.
6:50 am
benning roads and heavy delays all the way back to pennsylvania avenue and then on the southbound side 295 you have normal delays all the way to 11th street bridge. sdooming out you have still heavy delays from back from 14 street bridge earlier crash cleared and you're heavy really all the way back to washington boulevard and then topside of beltway there you are looking at heavy traffic getting off 95. and other than that 270 kaichbd seeing residual volume as volume continues to build and 395 northbound etsell road toe 14 street bridge. that's a look at traffic. >> guess what time it is. >> thanks, caitlin. >> the morning meme. >> #morningmeme send them on in. >> before we put this up. >> it's still a thing. >> before we put it up we have behind the scenes action of bao
6:51 am
across the world. >> let's get to it >> amazing. >> thanks a lot. >> that's hilarious. >> bao bao actually enjoying first class accommodation. >> a blanky on and bamboo. >> cute blanky this came from steve yesterday. >> this is a sad now you. >> can't make me believe if they can't find me. bao bao doing her best to hide. >> it didn't work. >> it didn't work. >> she tried. >> she want todd stay. >> our final one is for it's tax season of course and final one for everybody waiting patiently for refundp when you refund it's supposed to be available tomorrow camped outside. >> that's funny actually. >> camped outside the refund office. >> send us your own use #cue the line music. >> i didn't know you had music for this. >> where did that come from? >> he was surprised as we were. >> he's like --
6:52 am
>> bao bao crate is lowered to the ground. out of the airplane now on to the tarmac at the airport in china. >> thank you. >> all righty. >> big show coming up on good day today. >> what's coming up today. cocktail members of cast of underground show us with and they have. >> star of tv wong's new show media and general hospital actress for so long lenola hughes joins us live with an important message she's sharing on the show and real life. >> and we'll wrap up with beverage national margarita day. let us know how you want to enjoy yours. we'll have spring like conditions to kickback and relax. >> i think on the rocks with salt. >> or no salt. >> i don't like anythinging to separate us. >> we'll fd
6:53 am
and that would be -- >> steven. >> i like your haircut. >> by the way i saw "get out" again last night an a lot of sewers were looking for you. >> i forgot hi things to do. >> it's okay i said i would go. i thought it was wednesday not tuesday. >> we'll get through this quickly and go back to ba boo. julie andrew was on the stephen colbert show and talked about near death experience when filming "mary poppins" not umbrella malfunction but was involved. we know the movie mary poppins and there was a dangerous day at the end of filming i was in skush ate iingly harmful i thought i felt the wire leave and dropped 6" i was nervous and tired and she asked to be let down and all of a sudden plummeted to the stage and i did there was awful silence for a mi
6:54 am
few anglo-saxon four letter words i have to admit. but clearly it turned out okay. but back then you don't have cgi you're dealing with practical effect and wires and she's flying with umbrella. >> really hanging there. >> it's amaiszing to think about that she's 81 looking incredible and doing amazing work. >> hans solo is back and trending all day yesterday. here's the thing bill moore and chris leonard directed lego movie and 21 jump street and "22 jump street" and they're doing a hans soley spin-off and in the blue that's ericity it's incredible casting initially that i deposit i'm seeing them in melenial falcon and to the right daniel glover.
6:55 am
for the rest who remember fiss the lady in there amelia clark calise from game of throws. super nerdy environment. >> and gentleman in the costume is the guy that was 'support dubl. >> movie? we know it know it's plague yet. >> you walk. >> may, 25, 2018 get out by the way. i mentioned this this scored a rare 100% on rotten tomatoes. >> ew. >> i saw the film again last night. >> was it better second time. >> better second time. >> now keep in mind it's only 2 reviews at the current moment and most films have over 200 reviews but i think 100% for jordan peel that directed that
6:56 am
movie why a comedian making it a horror film that's awesome. get back to bao bao thank you for letting me squeeze in in a little bit. >> we're watching it now. >> let's check in with tucker. >> all right. forecast looking mild. mid 60es this afternoon and cloud out there and sprinkle or shower. 4 washington and not a lot of rain today we'll weep clouds around and we'll start another warm-up you can believe t. you can believe it. showers to have ot north a.m. and west mid 60s. here we go thursday an friday spring returned temps well into the 0s. traffic with caitlin today. >> traffic is great and all but i think we're on standby to get another look at bao bao before we go to break and because bao bao just coming off the plane in her crate so cute. but first wednesday morning commute wide view showing topside of beltway stacked 95 to georgia avenue and inbound
6:57 am
route 50 to 11 street bring and they have a crash nobody 95. all right hearsay live view as we go to break. i'm assuming that's her crate there. that's it? just looks so sad and lonely in that crate wheeled away from the plane. we'll have a full update. fox news morning back after
6:58 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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>> right now a virginia family in mourning after their son was killed in a house fire. do investigators now how it started details in a live report. >> daring rescue by d.c. police officer captured on this body cam video this morning and he's being hailed a hero. metro facing more problems this morning. troubled transit agency losing riders at alarming rate. this has metro leader running out of places to find money. this morning they'll join us life. >> and bow bow and china on her way to new home. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> thanks for joying us it's 7 a.m. february 22. 2017. >> if are you just waking up this morning here's a liver look outside.


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