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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 22, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> right now a virginia family in mourning after their son was killed in a house fire. do investigators now how it started details in a live report. >> daring rescue by d.c. police officer captured on this body cam video this morning and he's being hailed a hero. metro facing more problems this morning. troubled transit agency losing riders at alarming rate. this has metro leader running out of places to find money. this morning they'll join us life. >> and bow bow and china on her way to new home. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> thanks for joying us it's 7 a.m. february 22. 2017. >> if are you just waking up this morning here's a liver look outside.
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to the warmth. >> we'll get there eventually. let's get a quick check on warm and traffic. tucker and gatlin standing by. >> rain showers out there early steve we'll look at radar and today's forecast. how warm will it get. caitlin. >> tucker, southbound the 5 fairfax country parkway right behind me here a crash blocking right lane and expect delays southbound on 95 in vir ver we is other crashes to report and i'll have a full update at 7:05. steve, allison. >> in the meantime it's 7:00. investigators trying to physical you're out what sparked a deadly house fire that killed a young boy and sent four others to the hospital. >> fire brock out in the lorton virginia our bob barnard is live with the latest now, bob good morning. >> allison, steve, fairfax not sure whether this was accident or
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they say it appears to have started in garage here there's a room above. but it's just charred remains and a lot of what was inside the garage is pulled out here the garage door out in front as well and started last night in the 5:00 hour here on the 8100 block in lorton and fire fightsers say flames were shooting when crews first arrived and there were family members on the scene here obviously distraught. one retired and off duty firefighter were injured and taken to the hospital. they told firefighters somebody was still inside. from what they were told from neighbors and family there was someone still inside the home. and as they made their primary search they discovered that was one small child that had suck only todd injuries and also two
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injuries as well. >> now, fairfax country fire police not yet releasing name or age of the boy. two adults who live here in the home were also taken to the hospital. and we're told that two other pets were rescued. but begun a young boy and two family pets killed in this terrible house fire in lorton, virginia guys. >> just an awful story. thank you very much. >> and developing overnight in prince george county now a fire rips through a home there in suitland. take a look. this happened 2400 block of shady side avenue thankful thankfully everybody made it out okay. flames out again and smoke could be seen pouring from home overnight. fire officials say it began in kitchenen but an exact cause is still unclear. >> caught on camera dramatic body video showing several officers pulling a man from burning car in northeast d.c.. monday night a driver drove off
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flames. officers acted quickly smashed the driver's side window as you can see and as watching now pulled that man out to safety. driver suffered only minor injuries and was treated aat a local hospital and late he released. >> anyone else president trump about to issue executive order to provide temporary refugee and travel ban. >> as administration is taking aggressive stance on illegal immigration. doug luzader with the story. >> we're still probably talking about the same seven country as infected in this new travel ban this time the white house is expected to come up with new language to make this more survivable in federal court. >> he did it once and is about to do it again. >> president will issue a new executive action based off the ruling flaw as it may be to protect country and keep people safe and that's coming soon. >> after initial rollout let than smooth the president is on vernl of signing
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order temporarily banning travel from countrys with ties to terrorism. and perhaps banning refugee arrivals while a new vetting system is put in place and after federal courts shot the first order down the new one will probably include exclusions for those with travel visas and green card holders and duel u.s. citizens. >> they've taken ninth circuit opinion and taken opinion in brooklyn and taken opinion in federal court in alexandria virginia and found all the things these judges said are problematic with the executive order and they will address them. >> who will stand behind me. >> that doesn't mean there won't be opposition. iowa senator chuck grassly was confronted by the town hall and president's new illegal immigration. and federal hiring blitz to add 15,000 new ice and border patrol agents to secure the border and de port illegal imgrnts grant and prime a those that the khait cmi
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crimes and building promised border wall. >> now all of this they're headed to mexico today. >> the history continues at the statue of liberty as to who hung the banner. you can see it right there where the time and temperature is. banner says refugees welcome. national park service says sign was hung from public observation deck yesterday afternoon and taken down an hour later and park service says regulations prohibit anything fixed to the statue. >> park service officials didn't see them hanging it for a couple hours. >> is there an echo in there. that's what i wanted to know. steve said maybe they pretentsed to be somebody else like we see on shows on primetime. >> it was there and now taken down. >> interesting. >> you know what else is interesting this february weather
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of five warmest in history and potentially because meterological winter ending next week march 1 one of warmest histories. >> for the month of february yes not sure for longest winter. >> okay. >> imagination will be warm. >> steve wants to be a winner. reagan national and we'll warm it up. and cold day at 58 and today back in 60s and couple showers south and west and lots of clouds out there early. remaining mostly cloudy day today and sunshine here and there and for the most part the clouds hang tough. and trade off 65 this afternoon. wind out of south at 5 to 10 and how will we get thursday and friday, will we set new records. caitlin will have the answers coming up. >> i'm trying to relay information. >> no it's officiated. >> i have a whole list caitlin i'll get the facts from you and
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>> okay. family feud or something coming up. let's start off wide view of wednesday morning commute normal trouble spots on majors@caitlin roth "fox5" and trouble spot down south of stafford county northbound crash left lane blocked after courthouse road jammed traffic stafford to route 17 in virginia and heads up if you commute from that section of northern virginia and little closer to city northbound 295 disabled vehicle benng road and have delays switching well there were all the way back to pennsylvania avenue looks like it's easing a bit. normal volume 50 to 11 street bridge and maryland commute heavy topside of beltway 95 to georgia aavenue and 95 itself slow icc to spur when you spill on to beltway there. finally 270 southbound from fred rick okay to the truck scales and it has heavy delays 70
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start to hit the brakes through montgomery county to the spur. expect normal volume there. that's a look at traffic. more warm and traffic at 7:15. steve and allison. >> tracking metro grim outlook from the agency general manager about the potential put tour. >> he's calling on leaders from d.c., maryland and virginia to come to ipz grips with the financial situation and government and personnel cuts won't fix it. >> what does it mean for riders? outside the chinatown metro station one of the areas seen a drop in ridership although not sure how far it is this morning. >> good morning, guys, reality check is word also that general manager paul wiedefeld is using when it comes to the budget situation for the the coming year and years after that and yes, this time around it's going to mean higher fares for riders and perhaps some service duties as well and all of this as safe track is really in the last phases
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and we've seen that metro was replacing those cranky 4,000 series rail cars and even though the system itself is spindzing that if there's a deeper financial hole than they've had in recent histories fewer riders won part of the problem and years of safety problems and reliability concerns ands with know know have many choosing other transportation options and wiedefeld said in conference call to reporters yesterday there's a 12% dip in ridership across stations across the board and one example chinatown and gallery place peak ridership was once 27,000 a day and now that's down it 22500. there are also costs for maintenance and labor that continue to rise. so we have a 290 million budget gap that needs to be closed between expenses and revenue and fares on bus and rail would go up between 10 and 25 cents than will be less frequent
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and some after rush hour all of the trains will be less frequent and 0 at least 20 bus routes cancelled and 1,000 positions also will be eliminated in these service cuts and now after metro budget preview we know that martin decaro spoke with paul wiedefeld as well and basically steve and allison there's no more fat to cut here in metro budget going forward. and that could mean more money for the local jurisdictions and probably in the next year to year and a half we're talking about perhaps regional transportation tax as well. live in chinatown i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> we'll get more answers coming up 8:45 this morning. metro general manager paul wiedefeld will join us with his take on the financial future. if you have a question post them on fox5dc facebook page and twitter pages and we'll see what we can do about asking them. >> bao bao official
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china. it happened a short time ago within the last hour and fedex jumbo jetta rivd after 16 hours in air and landed within five minutes of when it was supposed to. >> that's darn good. >> impressive, right. >> brought down the crate 45 minutes later and chinese media greeted plane as it lanted and bao bao was accompanied by veterinarian and the panda keeper and they described flight to reporters. >> how is she doing? >> great she ate and slept whole flight no dernz with her at all. >> really? >> did she least a lot. >> she did as much as she would dug the same time period. >> that's good to hear. >> yes. >> okay, so, how -- are you sad to say good-bye to her. >> it's satd but the relationship we have with the chinese government is amazing and we're really happy and proud we're sending her back and i'll be sad when i have to say good-bye but i know it's
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>> she's going on. >> the journey not over yet. bao bao has a two hour drive now to reach her new forever home and then she'll unload and she'll goat know her new surroundings at the panda preserve in central china. >> aww. >> has to be hard for panda keepers. >> but we still have three giant pandas here at the zoo. >> and when you think of girl scouts you think sugary sweet and behind the cookie empire a cut throat business. we'll break it down. >> cookie business. the cookie business. all righty. and a federal appeals court up holds maryland's ban on assault rifles. >> i feel like girl scout thing should be reality show on itself. >> that's an awesome idea you're right. >>
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>> welcome back. >> spring fever tomorrow will be hot day right straight up summer. >> 70s. >> no you're jumping it will feel like spring. >> if this is spring fever we'll talk summer loving by march. >> that's very true. >> thank you for that reference. >> that's excellent. >> you know there's a down side to this. >> let's talk about it. talking about severe weather actually in san jose, california, officials are going door to door telling residents that they have to evacuate due to floodwaters from nearby creek and many residents have been forced to use both and evacuate and words of water contamination they're raising concerns and so far no report of deaths or injuries though from the flooding. >>
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>>. >> shut down immediately now. >> i was kind of joking and you're like maybe. >> never doubt 10 years. >> take you so seriously steve. >> believe it or not the planet is 130 there's places on the planet it was 130 degrees never say never. >> that's rights. >> we're going to do spring temperatures today. cloud cover keeping that around and few showers out there early. 47 washington. 44 new york city and it's not just washington one of the warmest februarys in history. and potentially one of the warmest winters in history locally here as things wrap up.
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>> bulty of february 70s you don't have humidity to go with it and it's comfortable and light breeze good and highly unusual. >> and i rarely enjoy february weather. >> this is a first. >> thanks, tucker. >> my pleasure. >> fact check caitlin was he accurate. >> yes i think he was okay. >> judging by the people that flock to outdoor locations around the area this weekend myself included people are okay with the 70s in february. behind me we have a crash 95 southbound virginia facie fax county several cars here including police vehicles pushdz off to the shoulder. this is southbound. traffic moving freely. not a lot of volume. use caution if they tap the brakes here. that's the scene of the crash. back to maps and other spot that caused jam-ups. 9
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county jammed stl route 17 to aquia harbor and that's because of earlier crash that has now cleared. but one long line of traffic coming out of stafford there 95 northbound and you break free of that and then you hit the brakes again jammed through woodbridge area off and on all the way up to springfield as you approach the beltway. northbound 295 crash blocks the left shoulder laboratory road here and looks like inner loop delays as a result. happy there on the inner loop approaching oxon hill and jammed solid 95 so delays spilling over on to 295 as the crash problems left shoulder and 56 eastbound normal volume heavy delays through mannasas and all the way up to centerville and off and on volume as awe approach the beltway itself. so kind of normal delays 270 southbound as well. that is look at traffic. more coming up at 7:25. steve. >> caitlin, thanks, happening it's annual conservative political action conference expert known as cpac gets
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draws quite the crowd. tomorrow betsy devos and setting of state and steve bannon is all expected to speak and president trump will be there to speak on friday. milo yiannopoulos cancelled as a keynote speaker and no longer an editor for breitbart news. it follows days of criticism for which he appeared to defend sexual relationships between men and under age boys. and he has bounced back from prior controversial comments about women and minorities and others and he's planning new venture and tour to be announced soon. >> and attracting millennials ahead in the 8:00 hour those efforts and what we can expect as we talk to director of the program that trains conservatives in areas of fund raisinging and campaigning. >> battle between president trump and media rages on
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lewandowski speaking last night and he says the president is first president to actually stand up to the media and ushering in relationship between mainstream press and white house never seen before. >> this is problem with media you finally have a president that not only has ability to hit back but will hit back who will call people out when wrong and no president has ever been willing to take on fourth estate and media has been so afraid he's willing to and fighting for american people and if you look at fox poll american people believe donald trump gives them accurate information more so than mainstream media does that's why he'll be successful. >> president's team issued survey last week following press conversation and urged supporters to do your part to fight back against media attacks and deceptions. >> well this morning australian air crash investigators trying to see what caused the plane to crash in melbourne. it will take a month to get the facts. the crash killed
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the pilot and four americans on golf vacation. crashed into roof of shopping mall shortly after taking off. >> they're portions of the the aircraft on roof of retail facility and obviously there's an extensive site in that facility that requires examination. in 28 days you'll have what we know in relation to basic facts of the accident. >> the plane was headed to off-shore excursion when it crashed. well there's a new addition at the maryland zoo and no it's not a panda. >> it's a cute baby next we'll play the name game and we want to you join in already 6 feet tall. >> i have a name. >> short stack. >> no? >> okay.
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z29kuz zstz
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y29kuy ysty
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>> there's a baby giraffe. look at that. a lot of people excited to see bao bao embrace a new from the maryland zoo in baltimore wants help naming one. their newest additions. >> the call of was born two weeks ago. two weeks and already that toll tall. it is first giraffe born at the zoo in more than 20 years. zoo is sponsoring on lime naming contest and hopes people will participate. here's choices dotty, because of a dot shaped spot above each of the call of's hoofs but it looks like had has a lot
7:26 am
and how about this one? opal. >> because opal shaped jewel. >> ruby. >> to symbolize rare and precious gem. >> willow because willow trees are slender. >> i like willow. >> that's a cool name. >> and safara african name that means fire or imar kiswahili name. >> amari. >> and i like raffi. >> i think raffi was a monkey in a movie. >> this is a giraffe in baltimore. >> i don't like to disagree with you but i don't lining that. >> allison hobb crabby after the maryland crab. >> no doesn't sound positive. >> raffi sounds good now doesn't it. >> thanks, tuck. >> i like amani strong and. >> don't you like the marketing campaign. >> your weather is
7:27 am
p.s. >> thank you so much. >> and we have a couple of springls and showers not amounting to a lot we'll keep clouds around today and along with milder temperatures moving back in there's light rain shower activity fading off quickly to the south and again we'll be left with cloud cover for a good part of the day but temperatures is what we're really going to focus ob. 65 today. friday looks absolutely unbelievable for end of february. and maybe thunderstorm by saturday. spring arrived two months early this year. >> spring has sprung. >> longest spring ever. >> spotty? >> i like willow. >> and imara. >> spotty, crabby. i see that more depth to reasoning behind allison's choices than tucker or steve. th
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wide view showing plenty issues on major. normal delays including 270 southbound heavy volume to the spur. continuing in maryland 9 5 moderate icc to beltway and once you get on beltway normal delays stacked up completely topside of outer loop 95 to georgia avenue into district northbound 295 maryland approaching district crash right here blocked left shoulder at laboratory road and heavy delays back to beltway there spilling to inner loop as well and in fact takes you back to branch after avenue through the bridge. that's a look at traffic. steve. >> coming up next a young man murdered in arlington and now parents are making a plea to his killer. >> it's a "fox5" exclusive and annie yu has the story. good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison. good morning, everybody, that's right the parents of victims spoke exclusively to "fox5" last night and they make a desperate plea to the man suspected oki
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young son. we'll have that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> parents of young man murder the in arlington pleading with the shooter to turn of in hgtimf police say 23-year-old michael gray was shot and killed earlyay sunday morning.ning >> and this morning, they ares n still working to find the suspect.spect. fox5's annie yu is live ats live police headquarters with theeadq latest now.last n annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morningoo steve and allison.. well, we can tell that you thete family did speak only to fox5 f5 and they are just devastatedta heart broken over the loss ofoso their young son.on 23-year-old michael gray. he was shot and killed earlyly sunday morning while leaving a i party in arlington v have a, ana police have now identified the e man they suspect of killing thit young man. let's take good look at him. h this is 37-year-old jason allenn
7:32 am
we're told that investigatorseso believe he can still be in theie area possibly still in arlingtot where the crime was committed oo in prince george's county, and police believe he is armed and d ngerous.s. they say do not approach him tom call pol now the victim's family told us last night that they are a desperately pleading for the fot shooter to turn himself in and a if that's not going to work, w then if someone who knows him kh will decide to speak up to to police. poli gray was shot as he was lceeavig a party on north 29th streettr in arlington sunday morning. mni friends who were with him that a night at the party say he gote into some sort of altercationtin with the suspected shooter priop to the party and no one reallyoa thought much of it.oughmuch they thought it was over.r. they say gray continued to the c party. they all had a good time takingg photos, laughing, and then ashen gray was leaving the house party around 3:30 sunday morning,ning witnesses say that the suspect was outside and waiting for himh and that is where he was shot. now, the victim's mother tellsel us that her young son was a a great son, a big brother
7:33 am
11-year-old, he lovedear-old, hd basketball, he was a good goo student, and he was someone that far one was attracted to wherever he e went.ever w take a listen to what she had to say.. >> we're suffering.fe we're suffering because it wasst so senseless. and this person, i don't know what the altercation was but itt wasn't worth my son's life. lif. my son didn't deserve this. if you know anything, if you know anything about this -- this person, please give the policeoe the information. he should be brought to justice. >> just heartbreaking to hearbra the family speak. s we're told that the family isamy holding a memorial this saturdaa around noon at mt. zion baptistp church in fredericksburg.derick. we also know that there are more than 30 detectives investigatoro from arlington county working og this c they have followed multiple leads, again, as you saw they've identified the suspect 37-year-old jason allen johnson and, so they are asking anyoneny with information about his
7:34 am
you can remain anonymo gusiv.. that number they're giving out is 186-6411 tips much that's tht very latest from policery lat headquarters in arlington, annie yu, fox5 local news.ews >> annie, thanks very.anks in maryland federal appeals aea court upheld the state's ban on assault rivals the decisionhe ds concluded the power fill military style we were are not protected under the secondec amendment. last year they called the banale into question.ion. law was challenged by two men who wander to bite arrivals andb said the guns were notituns we t dangerous. tomorrow the maryland senateyl plans to vote on a pair of billb designed to lift a major barrier when it comes to prosecutingng rape and ensuring that physicall evidence of sexual assaults is s preserved. first bill would make clear that it's not necessary for a victimi to show they resisted their attacker. another vo indicates for sexualc assault victims say the changeng would lead to fewer cases being dismissed as unfounded bynd police. p now the second bill would setet statewide rules for the preservation of rape kits. k a major set back for
7:35 am
students using the bathroomathr which matches the gender theyen identify with.identify w the trump administration hasatio reportedly sent a letter too schools across the nation abouta plans to roll back protectionsct for the students.e student the letter also reportedly saysy the trump administration wantsan to consider the quote legal l issues involved with allowing trance jent students to use thes bathroom of their choice. choice the search is on for vandaln who's targeted four monument old national mall.onal >> lincoln memorial, world warld ii memorial, washington monument and d.c. war hem yacht damaged d by graffiti over the weekend. investigators say does it nots t appear to be racially oriall o politically motivated. preservation crews are nowre now working to clean those t monuments.monu >> really a they're now national treasures here in washington.he >> hi, guyres.i, guys. >> hello. >> i was getting up to go to the wall. >> you can stay there. comfortable. >> cloud could have looking at spring youtime temouperaldtures movingtu in this afterno
7:36 am
yesterday was our cool one.lne only in the upper 50s right bacb in the 60s later today and still featuring mid 70s around herede for your thursday and fridayhur afternoon.rn so we are going to get warm in a hurry later this week. w 47 now in washington.ashingto in the feeling much like muc february early. dulles 45.5. 44 up in baltimore.more. a couple light sprinkles andkled showers off to our south this morning. little mid level disturbancece coming through.hrgh. call eight shortwave trough anda that will keepnd the clouds aron along with a few showers earlyre but i think most of the day will just be in and out of the cloudd here but again milder mil temperatures this afternoon.urh spotty drizzle early. 65 glorious all right. if you love 70s you'll love the seven day.venay coming up in just a minute.ust t caitlin is in with the roadshe a this morning.this morning >> good morning. what did you call that again, that little disturbance. >> shortwave trough. >> care to explain.>>to >> i don't have enough time.'t >> now enough time. h>> trus nt me towo explain what ts is. all right. let me get out of the way here. e way re. 295 southbound this normalor delays just volume at this houru a
7:37 am
you can see some brake lightse t moderate volume you're not y totally jammed but 29595 southbound route 50 down to thee 11th street bridge expect your u normal backups trying to getgo into the district.. let's go tower maps. metro reporting delays on theayt red line due to medical m emergency at grosvenor singlegrr tracking between medical centerc and grosvenor.. both directions expect somesxpem delays there.delayshere otherwise we haven't had any reports of incidents on metronet this morning.orni wednesday morning commute trying to tweet out any accidents wee get caitlin roth fox5.. volume on 270 really heavyeavy father hurley boulevard down tot the spur just volume. vume. approaching rockville and downad towards the spur as it usually have.. maryland 95 moderate volume accm to the beltway. top side of the beltway outerayo loop heavy 95 to georgia avenuea as we always are. northbound 295 a crash rightight here blocking the left shouldere at lavatory road.road. heavy delays back to the beltway and spilling on to the in your opinion and very heavy back tode
7:38 am
so that intersection of then ofe inner loop from branch of a braa renally all the way across thehe woodrow wilson bridge looking li heavy.av 95 northbound earlier crash has cleared coming out of staffordd county jammed traffic route 17 7 to the aquia harbor so for our o friends down in stafford countyy expect heavy delays on 95 and then eighty two you're going tow hit the brakes once againo goig through woodbridge tough asug a you've got stack up there is ans then just on and off volume us a get towards finally in northern virginia 666 eastbound heavy delays buildingn through manassas and thenssas ae approaching oaktown as well w break free of that as you get yg towards the beltway.beltway. that's a look at traffic.raff more weather and traffic att 7:45.. allison. >> thanks caitlin a congressmans says you won't find anyan skeletons in his closet becausee he revealed everything and he a wasn't shy about it.'t shyut it. >> ups getting in the drone thee delivery game. the carrier ready to roll out its new toys right to your door. 7:38. 7:38.
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>> facebook parent until talkska to stream some major league baseball games this season.eam s accoonrding to reuters. the social media giant hoping tt live stream one major leagueoreu baseball game per week so youko could watch baseball on facebook. it's already live stre amedam soccer and global basketballlobt games in the past and twitter has live streamed nfl gives i was chance if you don'th have a tv that you can watch tht games on your social media. on the go.on t go. >> why not?>> wot? >> okay. >> o so do you want to
7:42 am
little cheaper? now you canan with basic economy tickets areis 20 to $40 cheaper than regularar airfares.. but there are some big tradesome offs here.ere you'll be last to board which is a pain.ain. forget carry ons. o you will only be able to take aa small item that can fit under a seat on board. brd the basic -- the basic economy e fairs start on march 1 go for it. united, american and delta are participating.iciping. >> okay. >> don't take anything with you >> good news for anybody whonybw hates waiting for onlinenlin shopping packages beginning inii april ups will join the crew inn delivering packages on o saturdays. fed ex and post office alreadyey have saturday service.ervice the changes don't end there. tre for ups the company also sayso s it's testing drone delivery putting drones on delivery trucks they're in that device oc the top above the driverrive to make it easier to reach rural areas that are hard to reach byb r.r. the drone would worke dre woul simultaneously with ground g deliveries delivering packages to
7:43 am
continue on their routes.s. before returning to the truck to recharge.recharge. >> i wouldn't if they are liken' boomerangs they just comet bacc to the track like gps' >> they go off to do theirff tor delivery and find wherever ther truck is at the next >> why can't the truck person po program them to come back to tho >> that's what i'm saying. like a home base the truck cantu keep driving. dng >> oh, yeah.ea >> send out drones to do theirt work and then they just find the truck on the way back?drn th ba? >> you know i'm a drone doubter but in rural areas i think it does makera sensel . >> saves time going up long uon driveways. if you don't have a child who hason't to h sell girl scout cos chances are you know somebodyw m who if not selling them are it i eating them. t >> because we love them much th cookies are biglo business.ess. ♪♪ did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness?
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i'm on it. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ weathertech. made right, in america
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♪♪ >> here's a look at your gooda day guest list coming up in anlm hour and 15 minutes from now. n. all star lineup with a cocktail to boot. members of the cast of the show undergofround in town for specis event at the museum of o african-american history andania culture will join us once againa when they stop by the loft.of >> and the stars of tv1 new shoo called media they'll stop by asa well plus general hospital actress fie nola hughes willgh join us live with an importantmt message that she is sharing onrg the show and in real life.if and we'll wrap it all up byy celebrating national margueritar day.da yes, please.e. >> yes.>> y. >> um-hmm. >> all right. let's go a couple rounds thereot with the weather we've beeneen having. >> can they be stars if it's abs new show. >> they're already stars inre a
7:47 am
>> they're already stars.eady ot got it. >> yeah.>>h. >> okay.>> that's my belief. belie >> that makes sense. tt ma >> yeah.>> yh. >> happy to clarify.y. >> yeah. >> steve, yes, warmup on the wat way.way. another warmup.. yesterday was our cool day. we topped out at 58 degrees.dege only 10 degrees above normal a yesterday. here we go wmore warm temperatures cloudte cover out there early an couple of showers but the trade off isf that the mild temperaturesemperu really return this afternoon. a. 47 now in washington.hito not too bad overnight. hasn't been bad. bad we haven't had freezingezing temperatures in quite awhilees w here. 46 in quantico.o closest we have to freezing offf to our north and west thishis morning. frederick is 37. 3 45 out at dulles.les. a couple showers early. early you can see those off to ourff o south and west a couple light sprinkles. it's possible charles county maybe prince georges county gett a light sprinkle or shower. swe. for the rest of us just cloudlod cover and we'll remain mostlyaiy cloudy today with upper levelh disturbance.ure. little shortwave trough cominghn through that's bringing lightg t rain
7:48 am
all right.all ri the real theme around the jet tj stream has retreated to the to e north and west.d w this is a pattern that is to say the least not typical in thealnt month of february. february. eye i mentioned chicago hasn't h seen an inch of snow since thece middle of december not just herr in washington.hingto it's the whole eastern half of f the country experiencing thesege just extraordinary warmar temperatures for the month ofesf february and we're going dobboib right back the reason i mentionr that we'll be right back inea te 70s by both tomorrow and friday afternoon as we are expecting ag big surge of warmth around here starting later this afternoon. look at that seven day forecast. 65 today. 74 tomorrow.orrow. 76 friday. 72 saturday. believe it or not we may have a spring like thunderstorm on saturday afternoon and cooler cr air tries to get in here littlel cooler by sunday and monday butt still temperatures all seven ofn those days well above normal, na and yet no freezing temperatures to end the month of february.ebr pretty extraordinary, right? >> one for the books, tucker, t, don't you think.don't >> it look like it will be inyon the top five the of warmestmest february. >> i believe you. right on.>> irighon
7:49 am
week long because restaurants ra may be wanting to open those tho outdoor tables just i mean you can't really get on g the decks in february but you can this year. yea good news for metro riders. red line delays are coming to an end thanks to no longer single tracking between medical center and grosvenor there was aver thr medical emergency at grosvenor.g we had earlier single tracking between medical center and a grosvenor but they are no longeg single tracking maybe someybeome residual delays in bothnot directions but that should end shortly.shtl wednesday morning commute widern view all of our normal majorsors seeing stack up including 270 2 southbound heavy volume fatherar hurley to the spur.r. maryland heavy on the top side s of the outer loop of the be you're looking at just jammed traffic 95 to georgia avenue ana then even looks lie on route it wasn't once you get south of 20 here very heavy traffic trying n to access the beltway as well. northbound 295 as we switche swi gears here, south of thehere district here in maryland you've got a crash which blocks the the left shoulder at lavatory roadao as a result you've got jammedt d trfi
7:50 am those delays are spilling on to the inner loop so on theonhe maryland side inner loop veryinr heavy jammed traffic fromm route 5 branch avenue all theall way across the woodrow wilsonn bridge. 95 northbound down in staffordtr county you are still jammedtille around the stafford area from route 17 to aquia harbor due too earlier crash which has clearede but still seeing residua delays. break free of them pas t staffordta and very heavy through woodbridge. 66 eastbound heavy delaysel building through manassas. thro. they're very heavy as youry heao approach centreville they eadess ease up a little bit as you goyo through fairfax.thh fa that's look at traffic. 7:50. 7:50. let's send it over to steve. >> it is tuesday --ueay >> it's wednesday. it's wedn >> it's it's esda >> okay. >> tuesday talkers on a wednesday.ue >> on a wednesday.sday weday. >> okay. >> mixing it up a little bit. ut >> yes, we are.. >> our next spin on tuesdaysday talkers we'll chat about empty hottest topics you'll see today. >> it's tuesday talker on tal wednesday because --dn >> it's sarah fraser >> yay.. >> hi
7:51 am
>> we'll start with this one. he's running for governor ar candidate in arizona and he has made some controversy with his website where he's posted a blog essentially where it's like lik controversies and scandals. and noah decided to reveal all and when we say all we mean all. >> wow. wow >> revealing. >> i have it here. >> here, fras.ras >> so you have -- it's calledsal scandal and controversy and heov goes on to talk about sex, religion, personal finances, sos he reveals everything. noah has a negative net worth w given he was nearly $100,000 in student loan debt. dt. he also talks about his family y he's divorced and according todt court arraignment he has his h kids only 30% of the time.heime. he posts all this, but also i a would say his, like, casual sex experiences are the ones gettinn a lot of discussion.n so he's admitting to a lot in there, and he says that he'st h' doing this because it's time toe get real and have these openn conversations before someone seo else outs you
7:52 am
>> so when ooh talking about the sex, he's talking about grouputg sex. he's talking about casual sex -- >> right.. >> it's kind of brilliant bri actually. >> air his dirty laundry beforer someone dig it dig it up. >> i think it's brilliant. >> do you like this idea or no.n >> the problem once you put thaa out there the curious mind says he's done that, what else has hh done 80 digging will stilltill continue.inue. >> really? so i feel they? opposite. i feel like if you put this outu there -- i think his strategy is genius, right, because you knowk somebody is going to be diggingg all this up on you, and i feel e like here's the thing.e if he's willing to put all thist out there even if there was morr why wouldn't he reveal it.ea i >> i think his strategy is jeanj us in this is somebody who neveo held a political office in hisml life now you're talking aboutino his him as a potential governoro of arizona. >> you think for that reason. ro >> here's the thing. thing here's the question though.ugh. if i were running against him,sm my question would be, if you'vev had all of these salaciousalacis things happening in your past or what have you, what kind ofhat f candidate does that make you for the highest
7:53 am
so it just becomes now i knoww everything. it's up to the people.eopl some i'm sure more conservativet than others in arizona to say -y >> i've already put that outatut there. let's focus on the issues. >> i just think it'st's interesting.inte >> i like that he did it. >> when is it too much to sharec or is this kind of the future kt for candidaurtes.di >> that's the big question.s th >> to put it out there.e put ito >> i think we've seen that, upping, shake ups are in right now. >> you say what you want to same you don't follow the rules and people like it. pe>> a it work. >> there you go.>>re you >> short time ago if there wasfs one scandal -- - >> right. >> it could completely eliminati you from the electoral pool. now we've seen that doesn't makt a bit of difference. >> his website is a great read r today. so you should go through it.t >> other than 50 shades. sd >> better than 50 shades. >> not that riske. >> one paragraph.aragraph. >> here's something else we weme were talking about.thalbout talking about the cut throw world of girl scout cookies.kies >> were your daughters girlr gir scouts. were.em wthem >> let me tell you how muchuc money i invested.nvested. >> i didn't have an issuessue because no joke ste
7:54 am
they are the -- all you really l had to do was, right, aunt holly and uncle steve and that was its i didn't really -- i didn't dn' force people to buy and i didn'd want to, you pressure people to buy. >> it's getting a lot of lot discussion an article done by by thrill they interviewedtheynter anonymous mothers and fathershes from california, pennsylvaniansi several different states anderad asking them what it was really r like girl scout cookies they t revealed some kind of, um, i guess questionable ethics abouto selling these cookies, and that the -- >> dish the dirt.>> d >> parents do most of the work.. >> does that surprise you. you >> note doesn't surprise me.n' it is on us. i never enjoyed doing that. i don't really even -- remembere we a co-worker bring their own o child in >> walk around stand at your desk. >> please!>> ple >> right.ight. >> so. >> i mean interesting article. e the parents sometimes pill andid out the kids, you're right.ight. also getting all these onlinein strategies by forming facebookao groups are then going through tr soliciting all their e-mailai people, all their facebook f
7:55 am
>> i think it should get back to what it shwasou and i'm guilty t myself.lf >> how do you feel about this? e every year you see this story and it is true that sometimeselm the girl scouts will set upp cookie stands or their tables is front of like a marijuana dispensary? do you think that's smart? >> ah. >> i don't think so. >> now you're breaking newsou'r >> from marketing standpoint yon have to know your audience fortr the girls, no, not a good idea.i i will say this. thi >> i thought that was genius. isn't the whole idea to make tht kids >> if you're 35 it's genius.s. [ laughter ] >> rig right. >> look, i have seen themen them outside the metro stationtaon setting up their tails and thatr type of stuff. t n pretty mild.ilee i remember last year it was likl 20 degrees and these poor girls are out there and their moms ara just like buy cookies the girlsr are like but i wanting to home.. >> my fingertips.nger >> i didn't realize the prices i were so big. >> yeah.eah >> trips for some.>> t >> the prices are big.he p >> don't you have to sell like 11,000 >> never. we never got one of those prices. sorry uncle steveer got . >> you marked to holly and
7:56 am
myself. you needed to expand a littleitl bit. >> there you go. >> you got to go to the market>s upping. up okay. last but not i hear a dye that changes with w the temperature but didn't we dw that back in the '80s when wen w put the peroxide and your hair would get blonder. >> i'm so excited -- i'm >> sun in. >> about this. it's called fire.italle >> okay. >> it's a hair die that's d t actually going to change witnesw weather temperature so thiso t company just revealed it in a little marketing video they're ' looking for a biggerr collaboration and sponsor so they can bring it to main streai market for you.mark for but when you go outside, if it't really hot you'll get red hair i if it's really cold you'll get't blue hair. if it's humid you'll get purpler hair. art.d you wear that. >> no, not a chance sarah.. >> you like this. >> i would do it.ouldo i >> girls are going to love it.oi >> isn't this great? this will? be the hottest t thing. >> young girls. gls guys too.oo >> it is -- that's a good pointi steve.ste. because it is just semi permanent die.ent die. only last a couple of and then you'll have to have iti reduced but i feel like this isl so hot
7:57 am
>> we need town vest in this.vei come on uncle steve.. >> i'll buy i was round of it.f >> i want round. >> i'll buy the first r >> we'll be right back.lle ri it's 7:56.6. ♪♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.
8:00 am
you. i'm allison seymour.eymo >> i'm steve chenevey.'m steve thanks for joining us thisthi morning. it is 8:00 a.m. on00 a.mon wednesday, february 22nd. here's what's on the fox5 news5w morning menu.mornnu first up, metro failing thet troubled transit agency facingag massive budget cuts and losing riders at alarming rate. rat we'll talk with metro generalen manager to find out what thehatt agency plans to do to earn youru trust back.ack and protesters lashing outho at congressmen across thegres country. they're upset with presidentesin trump. we'll tell you why straightll y aheaoud w.. well we miss her already. ay bao bao is china this morning mi you see the crate being loweredr to the tarmac couple hours ago after the panda express landedd about 6:00 a.m. our time.e. right now a live lookive lok outside on this wednesdayeday morning another warm februaryruy day on tap. tap we will see temperatures in thee 60s.. >> back into the 70s the nexthe couple of days. excited. right now it is straight up 8:0. let's give you a check of yourf top overnight fire rips through a t home in prince george's county.y take look. l th
8:01 am
block of shady side avenue in suitland.itla. thankfully everyone made it outt okay.ok. now, the flames are now out, but smoke could still be seene see pouring from that home overnight. fire officials say it began in the kitchen butls s an exact cau is still unclear. right now 8:00 o'clock as wellel investigators trying to figures out what sparked a deadly houseu fire that killed a young boy ana sent four others to t hospital >> fire broke out yesterday. out erda our bob barnard is live this thi morning in lorton, virginia.a bob, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, guys, thishi was fatal fire and just to kind of show you the heat that we're' talking about here, this is as car in the driveway here.ere. a lot of the plastic here and a the glass in front of thef t headlights here melted and if a you look around us over here, hr this is the garage door. firefighters believe the fire began in the garage. this started about 5:00 o'clock last night and take look at the contents a lawnmower, insulation on it. they believe the fire started id the garage.e gage. there's a room up above as welll when
8:02 am
they say there was so much flamm they couldn't get to the garage area, and soon found out fromutm family members that there was a child inside. there were two people who live l in the neighborhood one arhood retired firefighter, the other r an off duty firefighter who werr first on the scene.rst on the s they tried to put out the fire.. they were sent to the hospital as well as two other adults.s. two family pets and this young boy, a young boy, no age or name given yet, died in this fire. f. two other pets were rescued. neighbors tell us that there ara two sister who's live here. her they described this as as familiarly from california.y we're not sure howni long they have lived here.ed her but, again a death investigatioi a terrible fire that it is stili under they don't know the cause at at this point or if they do,oint they're not telling us jus ot y. guys. >> bob, thank you. y. just devastating.ti thank you very much.k you muc 8:02 right now. now. caught on camera dramaticrai body cam video from d.c. policee department.departnt it shows several officers officr pulling a man from a burning cac in northeast
8:03 am
driver veered off the road.ed. now, his car hit a light polehtl and burst no flames on bladensburg road. rd. officers acted quickly and smasa the driver's window and pullednd that man out.ut. the driver suffered only minor injuries.injuri treat tad local hospital andloca later released. under mounting pressure tout statement president trump nowprs denouncing the antisemitidiciset threats targeting the jewishh community and centers nationwide. the president says does he not support quote anything to do t sae an divide in the country.y the department of homeland security laid out president outi trump's plan to crack down onn illegal immigrants here in then united states. their priorunity will be to dept any undocumented immigrant whoho has commit add crime and that includes driving without a license.lie. the agency also is beefing ups e its forces with an additional 15,000 customs and border patrol agents. dreamer's program will stay inin place.e. across the country gopnt members of congress were metgrme with protests at town halls baca in their home districts thisdis week. the crowds hostile at s protesters upset
8:04 am
president trump's executive orders on immigration to the fae fact. fact a lot of lawmakers are nowow opting against holding public town hal instead participating in conference calls instead.nstead. in response to the protestrt president trump took to twitter last night saying the so called angry crowds in home districtsic of some republicans are in numerous cases planned out by b liberal activist. search is on for the vandall who's targeted four monuments o the national mall. mall. this morning the washingtonngto monument has been cleaned upn cp after being vandalized over ther weekend. work on the three other his his historic landmarks continues coi today. lincoln memorial, world war iii memorial and the d.c. warar memorial also damaged byed b investigators say it doesn'tors appear to be racially or o politically motivated. they are now reviewingng surveillance if the taj lookingi for some answers. ♪♪ coming up on 8:05 right now.ow another spring like day.ike d not quite the summer
8:05 am
70s plus we had last weekend oro expect the next couple of days.d >> not making you run wild in the street and thinking, lord. . >> not a february feel today,y t tuck.tuck >> right. >> yesterday was our cool one an 58 degrees. >> that's not bad.s not >> no, no, that's aboutbo 10 degrees above normal, and al, today right back in the 60s.. the weather that everybody isboi looking so forward to is t thursday and friday.ursd that's when we really return too springtime warmth and sunshine.h we should be in the mid 70s boyy friday. fr clouds today, and even a couplel of showers early i'll show you w radar here. 47 now in washington. 45 up in baltimore.more dulles 46 degrees.grs. looking at our cloud cover.. i do want to mention we'll have a lot of that today.hat day mostly cloudy day. d and even a few showers brokenrse out south and west of the city c and a few of those that look tok be sneaking into parts of princ george's county and charlesrles county maybe out towards tards annapolis getting a lightg a lht sprinkle rain showers should bee out of the here early and we'lll be left with generally cloudyudy conditions.itio get a little sun sheen here andd there and temps topping outlets see, about 15 degrees aboves a normal l
8:06 am
mid 60s.0s seven day looks fantastic.ic if you like springtime warmth. allergy sufferer maybe not.ffere >> i have heard from people. >> i feel like i'm kind o today. >> little stuffed dawn.tluffe >> all right. good morning,, calin >> good morning, you guys. you g i think most people agree sprinn like weather is very niceery judging by how many people weren out this pasy t weekepeopnd. probably see that again inhat an couple of days. oys all right. red line delays in bothh directions between medicalns center and grosv benor.rosvenor. no longer single tracking.ckg. about 20 minutes ago we were dud to medical emergency at grosvenor but now you can expect those delays to ease since wein are no longer single tracking.r. wednesday morning commute, wide, we've got our normal issues onai the majors and a couple of coupo crashes to get to. caitlin roth fox5 on twitter.wi. trying to send out all thosell e ashes.s. let's begin southbound 295. 295 very heavy just volume as wee as normally are from route 50 down to pennsylvania of a really atya this point. this then you break free of p thosefo delays for bit. but then you're going too encounter another crash site. c a crash on 295 southbound whichh
8:07 am
parkway, and then getting on ton 295 from suitland we're seeing a few delays there. so kind of really tough spot right there as usual 295 is juss trying to get into the city. back down into stafford county t here. we have had this crash cleared c for the past half hour, but youu still got heavy traffic throughh stafford on 95 northbound from m route 17 to the aquia harborr pretty jammed.d you break free until woodbridgeg hitting the brakes again on andd off delays to the beltway veryav heavy jammed 395 edsall road tot the 14th street bridge. bdg coming out of frederick countyou you're okay on 270 but rightht around germantown hitting theiti brakes heavy through rockvillell all the way to the spur. maryland commute continuing 9595 moderate volume icc to the beltway and then as usual very heavy on the outer loop here. 95 to georgia avenue. a that is a look at traffic.raffi. more coming up at 8:15. allison? happening today in they in district, mayor muriel bowser said to announce a new way toayt help residents get to the to the hospital for medical care. with the new bill that wouldt w help cover the costs ofosts o ambula
8:08 am
also, today the mayor ismor expected to highlightht improvements that herh administration has made to d.c.'s first responder resources including adding moreg more firefighters and reducing response times.. let's turn to metro rightett in grim outlook for metro's met financial future from the fm th agency's general >> this after he admits he'sit s running out of places to help close the budget gap.ap what does this mean for riders?r melanie alnwick is live outside of metro's headquarters now witt good morning. morning >> reporter: good morning,rnin steve and allison.steve an ofd course, wee been through ts before, where budget cycle iss coming up and the metro generalr manager says, hey, we need too increase we need to reduce service butvit this time it sounds as iff general manager paul wiedefeld e is real until a tight so that is what we're talkin about. slightly higher fares perhapsige some reducedr services on bus d rail lines.ines wiedefeld calling this a reality check of a budget and all of this as safetrack is starting tt enter its last phases and we're'
8:09 am
series rail cars that have beene so cranky and causing so muchngu trouble on the rails.heails still the system finds itself il a deeper financial whole hole in recent history one of thene o te problems fewer riders, years ofa those safety concerns conce reliability concerns have manyae choosing other transportation options.tion. wiedefeld says there's a 12% dip across the board. one example alone the chinatownn gallery mace station which once had 27,000 customers a day at at its peak, that is now down to 22,500.22 in addition costs continue tostn rise. costs for maintenance.aienan costs for labor much those arebt all very important things. tng so now we have a 290 million-dollar gap betweenan expenses and revenue.even what some of the proposals faref on bus and rail would go up up between ten and 25 cents. trains less frequent.requen up to 20 bus routes canceled and a thousand positions eliminatede in those service cuts. now, wiedefeld also wants d.c.,, maryland and virginia combinedoe to kick in moret
8:10 am
another $130 million, you know, that is a tough sell from thosee jurisdictions.ic but if all of that doesn'toe happen, they're talking aboutngo the possibility in a year, a ye, year and a half of maybe evenn really needing what we talked te about before, those regionaliol transportation taxes, those are also things that are very unpatu labelable to the locallabl jurisdictions all of this goessi before the board on thursday.y live at metro head quarter,, melanie inwicks fox5 local newsw >> thanks mel.hank keep it right here on fox5 ofo coming in a few moments, we will talk live with metro general manager paul wiedefeld for morer on this take about metro's metro financial that's coming up atna 8:45 thisi morning and hey, if you have a a question for the gm please posto your questions on our fox5 dcc facebook and twitter we'll try to get all of yourf yu questions to the gene manager. >> in the meantime some have a have school students are told they cannot ftilymel stud the an flag. >> local authorities forced torr get involved.t involv we'll tell you how that allhat a played out just ahead. ahe >> and a warning about local
8:11 am
how you can avoid being a victim. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ wake up, america. blue collar. white collar. no collar. it's the dawn of a new day... and there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy. you're going to doubt yourself. you're going to want to quit.
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because there's grit inside of you, america. a toughness that no one else comes close to. we've seen it for 125 years, and now, on the dawn of this new day, it's time we show the world our grit once more. so get ready to dig deep. we'll be here with coaches, counselors, and professors who will never leave your side, because your success is our country's success. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america.
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♪♪ 8:13. hi, tuck. good morning. >> good morning.♪ time for super c uten good mo letet's do itng. cut >> we need smiles and cuteness.s >> bring it on. it . >> my first five photo of thef t day we got cuteness!utes >> what's going on dimples. dim. >> that is cute little c >> all right.>> a >> time now i mentioned
8:14 am
first five photo of the day. this is amina.. >> hi, amina.mina. >> that real big birthday.irthd. number >> big first birthday. >> aww.w. >> not sure you can tell from the pictures. the she lovespict to sing, dance, ss her abc's and she's got two bigg brothers she loves to hang out with. >> she loves brightening the dmv's day wis this face. >> right. we love your picture. pictu >> oh, my >> yup. >> a happy baby.ab >> that is a happy baby. hope you have great first f birthday. >> hopefully she got to smash that birthday cake with herully hands and eat whatever she sirtr wanted. >> love it. facebook page fox5ox d.c. and send in cuteness just t like amina.. >> adorable. we'll do some weather.ome eathe. we are featuring milderder temperatures.temp yesterday was our cool day ofoud the week at 58 degrees.8 that was only 10 degrees above e normal.noal today more like 15 degrees abovo normal as we should be in thee n 60s little later this afternoonr 47 in
8:15 am
winter has all but waived thed white flag and retreated far tor the north and to the west. >> promise?mise >> at least for the next week or so. can't promise march won't won suddenly turn on us but it doesd not look like we have winter anr time soon around here.ere. our next chance for any a measurable rain after early thit morning thunderstorms on saturday.rday. >> okay. >> that's the springtime pattern cloud cover for us today.orto mostly cloudy, and this showerso we have off to our south and west should fade away quicklyway and we'll be left with mild md temperatures and some cloudses l around today, but the real themt the warmer temperatures.peratu look at thursday and friday well into the 70s even saturday willl be well into the 70s. 7 you can get out don that earlyty spring baseball, lacrosse, softball practice on saturday.y. >> um-hmm. >> the storms look like they'rek late in the afternoon. >> thank you, tucker.. >> yup. no complaining about that sevenn day. >> not at all. >> check on the roads this n morning.otck hi, caitlin. ohiit >> good morning. i don't even think like are we w even in sports -- spring sportss season yet? it's still, yout'si
8:16 am
>> pretty early for spring spr spts.s. >> absolutely. someone was saying on the radio the other day opening day stilla yiday six weeks awayop,en but fl it should be today.oday all right.all r behind me right now let's take e live view the 270 southbound at montrose road. roa heavy volume stacks up. no accidents reported just yourp normal delays here on 270. 270 good morning to all of youning f coming out of frederick andutfrr montgomery county.mery cy let's go back to our maps if we can. can. and we'll show you some otherho trouble spots out wide view shows top side of the beltway stacked up 95 to georgig avenue on the outer loop.. we've got inner loop delayselay branch avenue to the wilsonso bridge. bridge but into the district,ict, southbound 295 just volume here. as you're jammed back on 450 here in maryland.aryl all the way to the 11th street e bridge. it looks like route 50 getting0t on to 295 also pretty stacked u and then once you get off of iti inbound route 50 very heavy,ea too. too. but here's the thing.but if you're on southboheunred's 22 get all the way to the 11thhe 1 street bridge reallyreal pennsylvania avenue with jammede traffic.. you break free for minute and another crash which blocks theis left lane at suitland parkway..
8:17 am
expect pretty heavy delays.s 95 northbound remains jammed jam route 17 to aquia harbor inn stafford county due to an early accident. that has cleared.acthatar but you've got delays through tr stafford also through woodbridgg and then you're off and onoue of delays all the way up to the beltway. inside the beltway 395he bel northbound very heavy edsall eds road to the 14th street str bridge. . here's another look at 270 on our map, heavy volume fatherathe hurley boulevard all the wayhe y down to the spur.e s that's a look at traffic.ic allison, back to you. >> caitlin, thank you.. let's head to alexandria ali now, four people are in custodyo for allegedly scamming an 89-year-old resident.esiden these are pictures of two of the suspects crystal mullens and gerald kinnard. k both from culpeper, virginia.. robert mcleod and pamela mcleodl are also in custody. investigators say the suspects posed as contractors and they ae promised to make repairs on that elderly resident's home and to t do pest removal work. resident paid the suspects more than
8:18 am
turns out no work was ever doned the sheriff's office isff concerned that there could belde more victims and they want toant hear from anyone who may haveav had business dealings with thea suspects we just showed you. steve?e? al, thanks very.>>al, parents and students in southou central virginia are angry aftet a school official asked two askd students to remove americann flags from their trucks. the administration said thed school had them remove the flaga for safety reasons.. families put up a protest loyal authorities stepped in yesterday deeming the flags on the trucks safe. sa >> i kind of started getting ang grow, because i mean what's thet problem with the american flag?f and i asked her, i asked her, i said, is it don't tread on meade that you have a problem withavee because i mean i can take ite i down real quick but she told mee both of them. >> more than a dozen students se showed up to school yesterday y donning the american flag onla their cars in response to thehe controversial situation. candidate for virginia governor corey
8:19 am
charlottesville trying to keep e the robert lee statue from beinb moved out of a park. city council voted to move the e statue from lee park rallies foi and against the move took placea last night one of the rallies being late by the other by todd author davidta swanson who rallied in support of the city s council's actionso happening right now in d.c.d a vote underway recall the head of the dc police union. matt mall comes as some dc some police officers are upset withet his policies.liies. polls are open to officers aters several d.c. police stations stn until later this evening.veni according to the washington city paper the vote comes a mid on-going from salary disputes t scheduling policies such as alla hands on deck.. when we come back a close c call for actor harrison ford. >> the actor has twitter buzzing after his botched land tagis boa california airport and now wee finally see just how close it it was.s. this new video is out. we'll show it to you next.ex ♪♪ ♪♪
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oh what's it doing? rooster sound impressions. rooster sound power up your morning with a 300-calorie egg white grill. only at chick-fil-a. ♪♪ welcome back to fox5 news morning. live look over the area today. smooth sailing at least in thats spot in the dmv it's 8:22. nasa's space x rocket which was successfully launched on sundaya facing unexpected hurdle this
8:23 am
space station today but it was s called off due to a computerte data nasa now hopes to land space x x tomorrow morning. but nasa did have a success overnight from kazakhstan unmanned russian cargo shipushi began its supply mission to the space station. it follows a failed launch backk in december. the good with the bad on thisd i story, right? the russian russn rocket will arrive at thehe station on friday.. well we have video evidencec now just how close famous actorr came to hitting jet with hisit small plane. keep an eye osmn this video from tmz. at the top of the screen the o yellowf th plane that's coming n in the middle flying right in ri between the other airplanes this is the botched lapping of o harrison ford at a californiaifr airport last week. week. his approach coming dangerouslyo close to that american airlines 737.73 ford was flying over the planehe which you see right there on tho taxi way at the the incident has prompted an faa investigation.investion. harrison ford famously saying to the tower, was that planela su
8:24 am
answer was yes. >> did hane really say that. th. >> he did. >> hmm. and he hit another --ther -- >> he had a little incident on golf course not that long ago. >> okay. other news now. n bao bao has officially landed in cha.a. her fed ex jumbo jet arrived ard just about 6:00 a.m. our time ae couple minutes ahead of timef t after nearly 16 hours in the air they brought down her crate just before 7:00 and now she is ons o her way to a nature reserve where she will live. liv bao bao was accompanied by fourb vets and the national zoo's panda the national zoo just tweeted tt out a photo of bao bao duringurn her this is it. they said that she happily ate a look at her is she holding on to the bar right there. about the cutest thing.t th >>e she has her paw out. paw ot >> that's not the cutest thing.t >> maybe it's feeding time. >> she drank and slept the whole way fed ex took great care off the whole team.eam. >> aww that's >> really sweet. rea >> um-hmm. >> she's like are we there yet? are wehe
8:25 am
>> guess where we are right nowt at 8:25.at5. >> in class again. i >> we're in class. wre i class in session. weather school.ool. ♪ ♪♪ >> it's time for your weatherore report card. ♪♪ there we e go. that's what we're talkinggo. ab. class, we have a new student. se we have new student in class. >> we do? >> caitlin roth.. >> i feel like we saw thatsaw t student before on that clipboard >> we need to you show around the classroom and be nice to to yod be ne her.t >> okay. >> allison you get an a for workingon y well with othouers. >> okay. >> they don't say erin como when they toss to me courtesy of mike >> this is our weather report rr card. card sunshine, cloudy today.hine t that will give you a c. not too bad as far as winds outn of the south here at five toivet ten. th's a b b. afternoon temperatures mid 60s.. mid 60s this afternoon.. that gets i was b. hopscotch always an a plus. >> i was the queen of hopscotchh >> were you?eryou? >> yes! >> i will take you on allison. i
8:26 am
you don't want it.. >> over all grade today that's a b. queue my music! ♪♪ >> the teacher is about to be b given a lesson.esn. >> that's right.>> t ♪♪ [ laughter ] >> are we awake? >> self service.ce. all of the above. >> all rightalyl .igy thanks you very much tuck. tk. >> i see hot for teacher isch is still a thing. >> it's a thing.hi. >> in some people's minds at a 8:25 every morning.orni >> last time i was here about au month ago we were like are we w sick of that song >> nope.op >> going strong.oing thank you, guys.ank youys. all right. let's get a quick check of che o traffic for you. y. we'll start off with route 50 r5 inbound behind me here this isei our latest crash to come inome n blocks two lanes at montana m avenue in the district.e stri you've got route 50 jammed allme the way back to 410 due to d t result of a crash which is w taking out two lanes at montanaa avenue.ue. now above you and blow you hereh on those maps -- never mindeverm let's see if we can get to ouror cameras because we've just got s live view of 395. 3 there we go. g this is 395 right at crystal
8:27 am
city where you've got pretty pry heavy traffic jammed just aboutt from the 14th street bridgeridge all the way back to the pentagon. so again that's look at our cameras down by t thehat' pentan watch out for that crashrash route 50 inbound we'll have loo' at all of your other majorsor coming up at 8:35. 8:3 all right.all r that's look at traffic.'s l t steve and allison.steve an >> thank you very much, caitlin. it is 8:25.:25. metro leader says he's runningni out of ways to find the money to fill huge budget gaps with fairr hikes added in. >> if you take metro to work you won't want to leave the housese until you see our live interview with metro's general manager coming 8:45. 8:4 >> why is the left trying toryit stop free speech at least as conservatives see it that way. w we'll take a closer look and and talk about millennials and a conservative i as well. it's 8:27. ♪♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> live look at the white housea t ght now.t 8:30. 47 degrees. 47 d we willeg call it. it. talk about what's happeningutha' inside the white house and beyond here in the nation'sion' capitol and surrounding areasnge this morning the country leading conservatives start to gather aa national harbor. for cpac over the next few few guests include president trump,, white house insiders kellyanne conway, reince priebus as wellie as hour next guest cab bot b phillips the director of -- fundraising,
8:31 am
contributor to. good to see you.. >> good to be on. >> bigoo day for you 5:30 speakn session.sessn what's on the jenn today.. >> we're talking social mediaalc today encourageiing young conservatives in the movement how they themselves just one the person can make a difference on their campus through the use o f social mode ya and for those whw don't know what cpac is for thee viewers at home i describe it at pretty much spring break forak f young conservatives on college campuses they're not used tose t having other conservativestheroe around them because ofecau o professors, administrations aree more liberal and so they come to cpac. they're surround beside otherid conservatives. great time for the young leaders in the movement to really gorety together as well in otherl in generations. >> it may be a lot of young y leaders but you're also hearingi from the veteran leaders ass well.we the list of speakers have veryey long. we can get into that in minutein let's poe cuss on the young folks right now. tw. why go this route of social media? is it something lackingc right now or needs fine tuning? what are you trying to get ating here? >> in the past on the conservative side we've>> in ide neglected to really invest timet as well as resources into sociac
8:32 am
important it is, and how it can really win entire campaigns, on a smaller level kit really justl spread your message amongst youy peers on college campus much m that's what we're trying towe'ro encourage kids.encoure ki let them know, hey, a lot of of older people but young possiblel send of tendon object on socialc media. it is the future f you're goingu to spread your message f'rore gn generation you got to do itot to online. onne >> millennials get social mediam getting the message across and finding the effective way to do. >> do you subscribe to thescbe h president's meth putting yourtiy thoughts out there on blast orlr go a different way.iffere >> some people like to see, youe know l, the put exactly whatct w you're thinking on social mediam if that works for you that worky for you. another people we're teaching -n i'll be talking about video content.t we've had great success withcesw video content.onnt great success with other socials means. live streaming, periscope whatever it is get your messageu online.line >> if you're trying to bef you't effective as leader you want toa make sure you create ae a following, though, so it's onet thing for the president to do it because he's the president.side if people are going to listen. if y
8:33 am
their thoughts out there as their they're feeling them is that effective or more effective way to do do i >> supposed to be fun. sposed people are on social media to bo entertained it doesn't have to'o be stale politics does not is ts be this boring button down dow approach. you can be innovative in thepr e you spread your politics. p you can be fun. you can be creative and that's a what we're trying to encouragete people with. cpac i'm really you mentioned the president i'mi excited to see how presidentrest trump will be received last yeaa he pulled out of cpac 2016 and a he was booed for it whenever his name was brought up i'mug up interested to see this year whe he gets up, therese are going tt still people that resent him,t h never trauma pers an grow abouta his past pulling out are support him fully?him fully? >> that's question i have toos i especially when it comes to millennials to try get insideryi that mine. that is the future now. for the republican partyn party obviously they're looking for future leaders as welly th but e seems to be this diss individuas between the republican party ofy the past and president trump. how is that being handled now by millennials. >> i think millennials they're ' lot more concerned with who canc get me a job, how is the economy looking in the future? they're'
8:34 am
issues.issues less concerned about minoroned a things that may have been a lotl more important to the older to r generation of voters but they'rt not as concern.not asonce they're not one issue voters young people are not this mono list tick block many people peo assume them to the economy is most important. t moving forward conservatismrvats needs to be based around the principal saying here's why couldn't sabbatism especially the best method moving forwardof that's the appeal to make youngy people and focus less on socialc issues. >> it's been described in the past and tell me if thisbe senos unfair or not, millennials mayia be more about how is thiss thi affecting me personally asersona opposed to perhaps --- >> that's been voters will vote with their best interests and with their pocketbook in mindoon whatever it is. >> any difference for theny dfee younger voter force millennialsn in the way they view it.w i >> maybe little bit more. le bi as people get older that mighthg start to change as people start to have families they view the world department of different. i don't know exactly what it is. but i think the bottom line i'm' excited to see how many young people actually here this
8:35 am
incredible example of just how conservatism really is not justt for older people.der there is a huge contingent ofng young people as well. as well. >> the president will be speaking i know that's a huge draw obvioushely. p i knoobviouy a lot of members of thers o administration are going to betn there. webe mentioned kellyanne on kay and prescribes.prescr milo yanopolis will be steve ban i don't know will be. b right decision for him or not tt be there. be maky have ever right to make that decision. most people acrossn. the boardha respect the decision they madend in talking to people that are going to cpac they're excited et about the people who are going. they're not excited who is there, who was diss invited. marco rubio the new leadershiprp they're getting to see.. what are you based on a youngng conservative having the chancehc to meet with other young conservative keeping an eye what's happening across the acr do you set limits we need tod accomplish this much in this amount of time? we're goingisho change our strategy at a certair point.
8:36 am
crystal ball.ystal ball. >> the goal has to be bighe gha picture. you can get focused on onen election and one cycle. cyc because then it ends and youds think, okay, well now what? yoy always have to be focused on thn big picture as whole.ho we're a movement.a mov we're not thinking about one thing at a time we're looking a how can we strengthen tim then t movement moving forward for thew entire future for the wholeure generation for the nextne generation as well and so we'reo not concerned about just oneustn cycle. we're here to stay. >> all right. f know you have a busy ahead ofr you. 5:30 time slot for you.or y >> looking forward to it.t. >> speaking at cpac. thanks for joining us.anks send it over to tucker eight coc flick. >> steve, mild temperatures onmi board for this afternoon.ldfor t i like the little graphic hadhic there. 47 in washington.47was cloudy even a sprinkle or showeo here off to our south early thii morning. i'll show you radar coming up.yo bwi45. dulles frick. frick all right. all ri call a little shortwave trough g little piece of energy moving through. looks like we lost the lasthe l frame of clouds we are generally cloudy here to start the day.hed you can see a few showers acrosr central virginia.gini few of those sneaking in close to our suburbs just to ourur south. you might encounter a showert en eaterly we'll keep the clo
8:37 am
generally around considerabledea cloudiness this afternoon look l at the mild temperatures anotheo day. temperatures 15 degrees aboveeeo normal by this afternoon. 65 your daytime high your afternoon hours should be niceen and dry. seven day has got spring on itn not officially but unofficiallyo it will feel like it around here tomorrow and friday detailsridet coming up caitlin is here with w roads. >> tucker if this is spring,prin what is summer? good right.igh. that's what i want to know. >> beer. es, es, i know. longest spring ever here he beginning in mid february. fru let's begin here on route 50ou 5 inbound a crash nasty jammedam traffic on route 50 as you as approach montana avenue. avenue. that's where a crash takes out the two -- takes out two lanesul and if you've got delays backk crossing 295 all the way i think to about 410 here in maryland to landover hill so one long linele of traffic on route 50 inbound 295 you're very heavy from about route 50 actually open beyondn route 50 all the way down to tho 11th street bridge.ri there's better look at the jamup 295 that will take you to possibly eve
8:38 am
avenue.avenue. earlier crash on suitlandtl parkway cleared but you stillre got heavy delays approachingppri suitland parkway there they aree spilling back on to suitlandtld parkway due to couple of crashea and all the volume pretty hectic out there.t th maryland commute outer loop vere heav oy 95 to georgia 95 moderate volume from the icci back down to the beltway. 270 southbound you're okay outay of frederick county but then but once you start hitting hitng gaithersburg germantown off andd on very heavy traffic especialll around rockville and towards tht spur. finally knife you are stillknyo jammed route 17 to kaya harboryr due to earlier crash in stafford but it does look like that seems to be easing a little bit.sing l all right. that's the latest on traffic. tf one final update coming up 8:55. >> >> caitlin tnks. do you tell your partnerar other people's secrets? hmm. h think about it. >> yup. [ laughter ]
8:39 am
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♪♪ >> all right married couples here's a question for you. >> i love it. t> allison you might wantight ao expound on this point.po >> or not. n posed on rn posed on read itun do you tellead i eacth other yor friends secrets. >> it's a talker for sure.ure. so now of course some wouldomou argue a secret is a secret youet don't want to break the bro or girlfriend code by telling youry mate but others in the poll t p responded that when you get married, you are one unit andnd you tell one you tell them bothb so we wanted to hear from you and posted the question on ourur fox5 d.c. twitter page
8:42 am
70% responded of course youourso would tell your spouse yourouseu friend's secrets.. 31% said absolutely not. i shall keep it to myself.f. >> well, it depends. there are times when i have not told and even when the person pr has hasn't said look i know,i k don't tell mark.don't tell m i had a friend who would get get really mad because -- wouldn't t say please just don't tell markm would ask maybe at that point i should say just don't tell medom then. >> i feel like if i was to telll you something --hing >> right. >> if i just told you i proba>>bl iyf -- >> you would expect i would tell mark. >> i would expect mark would bep involve at some point.ecvo s if i said to you, look, this ono stays between us. us >> then it would be between us. >> hope it stays between us.tayn >> it would be between us except for that one thing you told me d mee time. >> mark called me.k call me >> it was so juicy. j what do you think.what >> i like it. .otike eight lot >> let's check in with wisdomism and maureen find out what's o ws coming on good day in just a fet minutes much more juicy discussions >> by the way don't tell me anythithng because i tell ite w. >> wisdom, you would
8:43 am
excellent seymour wisdom wdo i don't tell it all.rri don't te >> and i do.ll it >> all right. .. all right guys. guys to say good day d.c. will be epic is understatement.ersten we're pulling out all the stopss for the next two hours. >> professional athletes take difficult reality when they'retr playing days are over.days one program is trying to helpo l them out here to talk about nfl players including aj francis from thehe redskins. >> a local legend is retiring rr after the 50 years the winningin yesterday high school coach ingo maryland's history joins usoinss live. that's just the beginning. we'll put up the good day guestt list members of the cast of thet show underground in town foror special event at the museum of o african-american history and hia culture.cuure. but first they'll stop by thethe loft. lo >> the stars of tv1 new showhow media will also be stopping by n plus general hospital actress finola hughes, remember her? h she is joining us live with angn important message that she'st s sharing on the show and in real life, and we'll wrap it all up
8:44 am
marguerita day. >> jam packed two hours of goodg day d.c. tell everybody. don't hold that back. bac ain't no secret.ect tell everybody.rybo >> that is amazing show. >> right? nk thank you. look forward to it. to it >> okay.. so our viewers asked and wea are going to get answers fornswr when we come back. we'll talk with the head ofith metro to find out what thethe agency is doing on a lot of o issues but to also keep riders r safe. ♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast.
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>> 8:45 -- 8:46 if we want to bt precise. >> let's do it of the be precise. >> it's 47 degrees. if you want more deails y ou'll>> it' have to wait a full ten seconds for your forecast. welcome back.e b after a cool down yesterday i'm using that word loosely highselh temperatures only in the 50s we5 got another warmup which getscht going this afternoon and believl it or not we're going to be wele into the 70s. w0s. not so much today, today in thet 60s by thursday and friday,y, right back in the 70s with temperatures soaring 20, maybeae close to 30 degrees above normaa by friday afternoon.on 47 now in washington.ashing 46 in quantico.. these temperatures not toos no chilly overnight. 46 out at dulles. dulle our cool spot this morning wasnw up in frederick.up we did reach the mid 30s foror overnight low.t l 45 in leonardtown this morning.i cloud cover even light showers.o generally this has been just too our south and
8:48 am
so it looks like charles county, um, parts of anne arundel county, calvert county getting i light sprinkle this will fade off to our south and east butt u the cloud cover i'm losing that last frame of the satelliteatlie picture but the cloud cover will stick around today.stick it willaround remain mostly cloy kind of get filtered sunshineunn later this all right. al the big picture the jet stream.. controls the weather and withndt that jet stream well off to thet north and west we are on theth warm side of things i mean m extraordinary warmth around herr it look like we can have one ofn the warmest februaries inie washington history.onisto perhaps one of the warmest winters in washington history if last couple of days verify andin we're temperatures around 15 to 30 degrees above normal byl by thursday, friday and so get ready to enjoy a really l early taste of some springome warmth around here with daytimey highs again and plenty off sunshine. thursday and friday justay a extraordinary. look at that. temps well into the 70s.e 7 believe it or not we have a ono thunderstorm on saturday. then
8:49 am
end of the weekend but again agn these temperatures the next seven days all well abovebo all right. al guys that is a weather update.l. i will toss it over to you.. >> tuck, thanks very much.h. tracking metro it is a story we've been covering all morningg long. the grim outlook for the transit agency's financial future.ure >> the harsh reality coming froi metro general manager paul paul wiedefeld who is now calling onn leaders in d.c., maryland andd d virginia to quote come to gripss with metro's financial situation saying that budget and personnen cuts alone won't fix it whatt wa does it mean for metro's futuree and for riders were it comes too things like service, reliability and safety. mr. wiedefeld joins us now thisw morning exclusively live fromero metro headquarters g to see you mr. wiedefeld.. wi thanks so much for joining us if want to get rigchht it f toro we to a lot to get through.hrgh >> good morning steve.ood >> put you on the express traina this morning. mor i want to tuck about your comments you made when it comess to just trying to fix this gap right now.t n. we've been talking for years fea even before you came on board about the possibility of this so-called death spiral betweenen
8:50 am
fairs. so how do you fix it? how big o ait? problem are we in and do o look to an outside investigation to try to find out a way to fixx this or are you able to do so internally? >> steve, as you mentioned ienti mean this has been talked abouta for decades.caes i think what's a littletl different is we've been very v aggressive in terms of o controlling our costs and and managing tightly as we as you know i've proposedpo eliminating -- i eliminated 500 jobs.. 200 more i'm eliminated thisedhi spring and thee hundred if we de service cuts will be eliminatedd done a number of things in terms of absenteeism, overtime ande workers' comp.s' we have to make sure we're managing as tightly as possible. even with that said, basically,l our numbers are not working in n our favor.avor we've had drop in revenues, clearly, some of that's due to o safetrack and some of due to the nature of the but at the end of the day,e day, again, this has been talkedked about for years we go througho g this cycle almost on an annual ba
8:51 am
come to grips, because my toolso the tools i have left, are veryr very few to control it from thet management side.nagemeide. >> so aside from just a quick qk follow up, aside from just just reaching out to others for help, do you have a bar that you havee to reach at this point when iti comes to ridership? i know i k ridership is down some lines may be system wide 15% over the last are you looking at like we needd 30,000 more rider as day we cane break even, 40,000 rider as dayy do you put a limit on that? >> no, i don't. the reason i don't, a, we've got increase ridership and we will l be doing that basically byal b improving the safety of thehe system, by improving the track t performance and by improving the rail car car p we'll do that.erfowel do that will start to drive theve t numbers back up.. but we have to realize thatt basically costs do go up. this is an older system now, 400 years old so the investmentsestn will continue to go and thatndha system gets older and older andr then cost in general go upop whether it's price of fuel,fue whether it's the price
8:52 am
energy, price of health carelt c whatever those costs go up. they tend to go up almost at tht rate we're increasing ridershipp so that's just the reality off the numbers.s. as you may know, we cover noneen of our capitol costs.. that's all subsidized by the federal government and we cover just under 50% of our operatingg costs there's nothing knewnew there. that is the standard win the t transit in fact we're one of the leaders in cost recovery on the operating side. side. but you know the reality is, wew need to basically -- this systee is too important for this regioo to let it fail.t to let it slide further ande fud that's what we're trying tot 'r prevent.evt. >> let's talk aboutut accountability and penalties for past transgressions and people e feeling like their lives havees been put in danger and the deata that we have seen and the the incidents that we've see what should the penalty be here, sir? could it even be jail time?me >> good morning, allison
8:53 am
no, as you probably have beene e following, we've been very aggressive in making sure that t everyone understands that theyas are being held accountable asle you may recall one of the firstr things i did was to let all oflo our managers know that they area at will employees and basicallyc they serve at the pleasure of,ae and that they need to perform.em we've also done that for the non rep -- i'm sorry for the t representatives people in unionn and if rules are broken, wen, pursue it and to whatever level it obviously there's a criminalriml element it to we'll take it to a there. th if it's a performance issue, ifi it's a lack of professionalism,i whatever it is, we do that. tt. but the goal here is not just to eliminate -- fire people juste u fi thehem. that's not what we're doing. we want to encourage thoseho people the vast majority of ourr employees that do fantastic jobb every day to continue to doe d that. and then if we have issues witht individuals we will deal withdea them as well.them as ll. >> mr. wiedefeld you said thisfd is a situation reality is it cannot fail but the truth isthet it's trending in that direction right now. right now. you have said that you need morr funding for this.fuing for th
8:54 am
you need? who are you asking tt contribute more? and have you e reach out to the white house, he president trump, anyump, a administration officials forls f more guidance or help there as s well? >> sure. there's three things we'ree th dealing with. one is the 17 budget.udt. we will manage to that.hat. that's coming in a little bite b lower than we had remember it's a $1.8 billionio operating program and 1.2 billion capital program.. so we're win roughly 75 milliono we will manage that in' 17. in' $18,290,000,000 hole00 h operating side.e. and as you know, as your viewers probably know, i've asked -- i proposed a role will the budget and i've asked for sacrificeacre from across the board. we will continue to make pressures on the management sidg of the we've asked for increase in we've asked -- which we haven'tn done in thee years. years we have reduced service.ervi. we're proposing to reduce service on those routes that thr just are not performing veryy ll.l. and we've asked the local lal jurisdictions to kick in sometos dol dollars. so i think that's the approachro
8:55 am
that we can -- we will take in' 18 and solve in' 18 the futureue beyond is is the issue that's ta where we've got to buckle downow with our local leaders to makere sure we're addressing those thoe issues. and that's -- it's not local. obviously as you mentioned theti new administration, we look we k forward to working with them. this is the capital of the freef world. they're their infrastructure.rue this is there system. system. we want to make sure it reflectt that as the best that we can ata all times.all tim >> have you reach out to the ne administration though for help?? or do you plan to? t >> i have reached out. yes, we are reaching outbought o both the federal transit administration, u.s. dot secretary, and other avenue thaa is we havev.. >> so let me just come right out and ask.. can in your purpose pin and will metro ever be the affordable, safe, mode of transportation fof the d.c. area?re >> i think it is today. today. i think it is today. t very affordable product.
8:56 am
and we made it safer in terms of the rail service and in terms oo personal safety.. but we want to make it better. so definitely want to make it better but i know it is very ver safe and reliable system andte d very affordable.e >> you've been very open aboutno some of the frustrations i think that you felt along the way.g ty you've talked with us aboutbo this, and i know it's a very v long process when it comes to t this system that we've had withw slowing down stations, shuttingg down rails to try to get this t maintenance work done.ce w d are you going to see this through? are you feeling thelie frustration at this point or are you going to stay on board untit this gets to be that -- the safer affordable most desiredose form of transportation in d.c.i. that you want it to be? >> sure. a, i disagree i'm not frustrated i'm impatient but i'm notot frustrated.. i'm impatient because i want tos get things better.t thin better. i have tremendous pride in thist system. i think the pre john has pride i in this system that's what i w wa t
8:57 am
can. i'm fully committed to this. t you know, there's no waiverringg in that at all. all. and i know i've seen theeen progress wee made and i know we'll continue to make thathat progress.ogre. and the support we're gettinge g from the business community,mmu, from the riders in general f the employees, they are all moving in the right direction. and it will take some time. tim we didn't get here overnightveig that's for sure it will take some time but we'll get there. t >> is that the message to riderr this morning? because i don't have to tell you that people ara frustrated with metro and frustrated about the idea of o rates going up. what do you want to say to them? >> i understand that. i underst any time you have to pay moreor you don't like it.ket. i get it. i'm the same way. way. the reality is we have a systemm that basically, you know, itnowi takes investment to keep it thet way we all want it.t i think it's relatively the policy is to raise fares every two years to keep up witht inflation.ion. we haven't done it in three years we can't go backwardso bar there's also logicha
8:58 am
have a stake in the game as well and they should participate asu well in that. >> mr. wiedefeld we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. yo sharing your thoughts with us. you we'll have tor leave it there o now. >> thank you.>>hank >> thank you very much,nk y veru mr. general manager paulger p wiedefeld. good day is next. don't go anywhere. we'll see you then.
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