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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> today on fox5 news morning, missing and endangered.nda the fbi joining local policei jo in searching for a northern nthn virginia teenager who teenagewho disappeared after meeting ad afn man online. online. >> the trump administrationmi says it is up to eache individual state not thedividute federal government to developo e their own rules concerning transgender bathrooms.transgenrm >> we're looking live outsidengt
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but it's going to feel likeel li mid may. i don't know about you but i'm m okay with that unless you're ae snow lover. lver let's be fair there are some fa of you who have really missedmie winter. er. well, sorry. sry. >> there's always next't >> yes, yes.>> yes, y good morning to you.go thanks for joining us.or joi i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'mn holly morris. morr today is thursday, february 23rd. >> mike thomas is going toomas o talk about this warmup we'vemupv got and caitlin roth filling fil in for erin como she's gothe's t traffic all coming up at on a the 5's. ' >> a developing story out of st northern virginia. the fbi is now involved in theot search for this missing missing 15-year-old girl. now, authorities believe makayla mattei disappearedisad with man she met online. o he is meiti metsla an estoniansn national. she was reported missingg february 17th after her mother h says she never made it toit to class can at forest park high ph school in woodbridge.dbridge. makayla has diabetes and herand mother says she is in need of
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mecation.n. anyone with information ish infn asked to call police. >> reactions mixed to theed to reversal of president trump's federal guidelines intended intd top protect transgender fluent n that guideline was issued bys iy the obama administration but president trump believesen states should decide. >> melanie alnwick isstat outsio the department of education edco with more on what this allsa means. good morning, mel.orning, >> reporter: good morning re and in a letter to the th nation's schools, theools, departments of education and and justice did say that protections against bullying of transgender students aretde substitutely still in place.tute outside the white house is big show there in protest aftert ate the trump administrationnistrat reversed the federal guidance.g. transgender rights advocatesadvs say that guidance was necessary to protect studentst s from discrimination.iscrati the issue rose to the national stage after north carolina car state legislature passed apasd bill mandating that th transgender people inpeo government owned buildingsrnme must use the restroom tha
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corresponds with the gender oner their birth certificate andbirtf the virginia teenager whot identifies as male is fighting through the courts right now for the right to use male mle facilities not a.m. separate private restroom. obama administrationinistratio weighed in with federalth federa guidance that allowed transgendered students who use facilities that correspondcr with their gender identity butet opponents argued it wast was federal overreach and violated i the safety and privacy ofvacy of other students.tude trump press secretary seanretary spicer said thisd this administration opposes theistrat government mandate.mante >> i've made this clear andleara the president has made itmade it clear throughout the campaignth thatroug he's a firm believer in states' rights and thatight certain issues like this are not best dealt with at the federal level.fede >> reporter: 15 statesra have passed laws explicitlyitly protecting transgendertrans students while 13 states sidele the obamastat administration ove those federal guidelines.lines. meanwhile near d.c. mayor m muriel bowser tweeted lastel night that this is an bois an inclusive city that willt continue to protect the rightsis of lgb
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live at the department oft the o education, i'm melanie alnwickni fox5 local news.ews. >> 5:03 right now. today marks day two of thef e conservative political actiontin conference being held innferencl maryland. big names expected to take theth stage this morning presidential adviser kellyanne k conway will speak followed by b education secretary betsy devos this afternoon and theth white house chiefis a of staff s reince priebus and stevend steve bannon will take part in a panel discussion. tomorrow president trump isrr set to addressow p the conferene >> right now u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is inte rexe mexico city t he irss there as e part of president trump'stru mission to build a fence on a the border. president trump has insistedenti mexico pay for a border wallrdel and has taken steps on illegal immigration. homeland security secretary john kelly is also travelinglans separately from batman la before making his way up north h to meet tillerson.ilrso both he and tillerson plan tolat meet with mexican president enrique pena nieto. ne >> fire investigators nowestitow believe a five-year-old boy oy accidentally started the
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that killed him.led him. they say stellan lotuno wastunw playing with a lighter and l after the fire started in the te garage neighbors triedge neigore frantically to help filedhel fid stellan but the intense flames s and heat pushed them back.b two other people inside the inse house were able to get out in time. >> happening today, virginiavi governor terry mcauliffe isrnory expected to sign m newnew legislation aimed to cotgi combat thesl state's opioid ooid abuse epidemic.epi many families across the state have dealt with a family dealt member accidentally overgoingaly on opioids. on legislation o includes limitingl the number of days someone cancn be prescribed opioids unlessioil they fall under certain chronic pain categories.tegories >> 5:05 on this thursday 5on t morning. mike thomas bringing you into y the frame right now talking rigg about our weather for the day. >> what a day we have in store r near washington, d.c. are you ready for mayne?arr may? >> yes. >> yeah. >> did you bring your shorts and your t-shirts. youyour t-s >> well, i got sleeveless on.el that's a start. start. >> that's what you'll need this afternoon because oh,ause , man, is is it going to warm up p big time later today with temperatures expected to rise well into the 70's here in0' days. it's been almost record
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february here in what's ofuary w washington with just how warm we've been. we're sta off mild at 54 a5 in washington, 55 manassas, 50an for quantico.for qunti up to the north there are coolrc patches. baltimore is at 47, frederickfr is at 45. a out there towards martinsburgrt 49 degrees to start the daythe d here but again by this by afternoon temperaturesaftern expected to rise well aboveell a normal nearly 30 degrees or soe in some location os.tion satellite and radar here thisras morning shows high thin hig thin clouds. we have mostly cloudy conditions to start.ndit we should get into partly cloudy to mostly sunny from time to time later on this afternoon. there's your forecast for theto days yo for today. t filtered sunshine but very,ine , very warm. very w temperatures here in d.c. up. into the mid 70's. 70's. 74 degrees for your daytime date high. all right, that's a check ofc the forecast. caitlin roth is back now withckw a check of traffic. >> on-time traffic brought toicb you by toyota. toot visit buy a foryotm o special offers. >> all right, mike thomas, some windows opened top downp dn weather later today even this morning if you want coolu breach feels good but it isch fe not in a
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issues this morning as we'rernis starting off early on aly on a thursday.ur southbound 95 in virginia 95 ini there's a crash right afterghtar the exit to 123.1 you can see all those blinkings lights as this double vehicle ve crash that is talking out atat least two lanes. lan emergency personnel on scene. it is southbound heading awaydig from the city but traffic isfici just squeezing by and delaysd are building.e buildg. so, that's southbound 95 inthbo5 virginia. let's get back to our mapsur mas show you another spot in theth district this morning, which as a wctho tle the district isss okay. we're still seeing a lot ofeingo green its still very early butau heads up to those commutingmutin from southern maryland intoherno d.c. you cannot use northbound 295.ud it is closed now betweenbet suitland parkway and malcolm xal avenue so due to a single singl vehicle crash that's very serious. police have been on the scene h for the past hour and as theyans continue to investigate andstige clean up the scene this wills wi remain closed. you can see some of thosef northbound delays are buildinga as people get onto 295 they5 hey don't realize it's closed and cd then they have to be either thet waiting for diverted around. ao. the best way i would suggestould right now is getting on thew inner loop gois around get on gn the gw par
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city right now because you now u cannot use 295. again, northbound closedhbound d between malcolm x and suitlandxd parkway. rkway. otherwise, maryland looks okaya as we take a look at prince at george's county into thatnt montgomery county outer loopmery 95 baltimore-washingtonalt parkway are all right. r delay free so far coming out so of frederick through thugh gaithersburg and down tod down o rockville on 270.on 27 all right, that's a look atlookt traffic. more weather and trafficeatherra coming up at 5:15. maury and holly. >> thank you. coming up on fox5>> tha news morning, north dakotamo officials issuingrn a finala fi warning asking protesters torott leave the cam near the dakotaota access pipeline.ipline >> thousands of san jose ose residents forced to evacuate eva their homes in the wake ofwake o dramatic flooding.fl >> a live look across the d.c.. region. it's 5:08 and 54 degrees.54 back after this. this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:09. protesters marched in the streets of anaheim california overniesght after an oteffrsof los angeles police officers p fired his weaponolic outside off his home during an altercationla with several teenagers.e anaheim police say the confrontation stemmed fromntat ongoing issues with teenses wits lking across that officer'sof lawn. cell phone video of the of the incident has been released andaa on it a teen is heard claimingad that the officer made ane an offensive comment to a femalefea friend of his.nd of is police say that is when thingsts turned physical. pys >> u.s. military general saysl s more americatr
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needed to help fight isis in syria. the commander of the americanane forces in the middle east saysre local troops in syria are in an need of more resources andurcesa american troops need to beneed prepared to "fill the gap." gap. this comes as the pentagon isons due to present a plan to pla president trump for speeding up thet tr defeat of isis. iis >> happening right now inno north dakota more than twoth two dozen protesters remain at the access pipeline.ipeline. it comes after yesterday's yests deadline to to le officials say they now have nowe until 9:00 this morning to mornt leave or they will be arrested. idsters y many protesters d leave peacefully but 10 of but0f them were arrested and there were some tense moments at the site after several tents werente set on fire. reportedly injuring two people j including a young boy. by. >> republican lawmakers in virginia proposed a bill thata b would allow people with a with a military i.d. to carry arry concealed weapon.wepon. the bill would give concealed co carry rights to any off duty military reserves or virginiairi national guard member.tional gum it led to quite a debate in in richmond yesterday overda
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members once they return fromm combat zones.. >> flood waters in northern california are nowod wreatcedig but thousands of people in theas san jose area cannot returnt re home because of health andth and safety a lot of sannc jose andose and neighborhoods are now contaminated after fast itasit rising polluted water triggered frantic up and downfr tear evacuations ona tuesday. san jose's mayor admits thets te city failed to properly alert a lot of residents who wereentsr forced to evacuate suddenly.udd. >> those pictures aretures horrific. >> oh, my gosh. >> coming up on fox5 news on fos morning a new survey revealsrev disturbing information about aoa local university which is regularly ranked among the topet party schools in the country.coy >> and rihanna honored byred harvard university for herr h humanitarian work in barbados. >> going to break now as weo brw do, a live look across on theont d.c. region, 5:11, 54 degrees.e. beautiful day on tap for the taf d.ionregion. we'll talk more about weathert and how traffic is developing dg
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when we come back.lrea we comeak you're watching fox5 newsing fon morning. don't go anywhere.where. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:14 break news. two of them actually that we're following. >> ♪♪ >> 5:14 break news. two of them actually that we're following. first we now have live pictures from the scene of that crash that closed the northbound lanes of 295 at malcolm x avenue. take a look at it right there. e.>> 5ofre still on the scen mak atst tes f ratshhereound serious one, car crashr happened just after 3:15 this3:s morning. so far we have not learned ifarf anyone was injured in theur crash but police say a major m crash team is on the scene. sc you can see some of there in the roadway the looking to pick the debris or at least doingeas their investigation.inveigation. caitlin will have much more on this in just a moment but but again, crash closing the northbound lanes of 295 at malcolm x avenue. avenu >> we're also followingfollowin breaking news from southeast het d.c. al u.s. park police officericer reportedly injured after their cruiser was rammed.crra now, this happened on talbert on street just within t
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>> we are told that the officer was w e attempting to mk a traffic stop of an olderf model dodge charger.model dodger the officer got out of the car r and that's when the chargerharge just took off hitting theting he officer. we also understand that thehe officer fired shots at that that suspect vehicle which did getdi a way. ay. much more on these twoese tw breaking news stories as theythy develop. >> right now though it's 5:15 :5 and everybody's talking about ao may in february, mike thomas.ho. >> yeah, it's absolutely -- ite- have not seen a february thisy h warm in years.n ya it's been -- ever. e >> is it one for the record recd books perhaps. >> it probably will end up en being there after we getter we t through these next few days e with the 70's.he i think this will be our warm wa midwest february be in d.c. ofyb all time. we're number two right now. ow. here come the 70's as we rollwer our way through today intooday i tomorrow t let's get right tori it. check out the next three dayse s here. feeling like spring.sprg. 74 degrees for your daytimedayt high for your thursday. tomorrow 76.tomorrow 76 that's near a record. if we hit 78 that will tie awila record that we set, oh, a very y long time
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saturday 73 degrees and thatd will kind of end.will kind we'll have one more warm dayarmy and then thunderstormshu rumbling through during theng th second half of the day willal kind of end ourf little warmli spell .ere. 54 degrees your current numberct outside in d.c.outside very mild start to the day. ay. 55 at manassas.nasas. 53 for dulles.dul 48 though for annapolis from time to timeis f around annapolis we're gettinge reports fog, dense fog advisory in that effect notin to for annapolis but just off tojuf the north of town until 8:00til8 a.m. this morning.a. does not include us here in hern washington. not seeing any reports of fogf g local. just clouds out there to startts the day. but you see how thin they areth kind of out here to the westo t and already see them breaking bk up a bit once we get the sunth in the sky they will break upeau and conditions will turn mostly sunny as we work oure wo way into the afternoon hours. very strong push of warm air. a. watch kind of the reds andds n yellows kind of fill in hereinde and by this afternoon we'reaftee talking very warm conditionscons with temperatures in the 70's. . yes, 70's here for later late february and mid 70's at that.t. 74 degrees your daytime highgh tonight we'll cloud it up oncee again.
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and maybe a little bit of of drizzle here and there but here very, very warm,ther only only 57 degrees for an overnighto low. quick look at the seven-daylook forecast. once we get past the 70's 7s we cool it down on sunday,unday, only 52 degrees for daytime daye highs. some showers possible duringwerg the next work week.the all right, that's a check of the forecast.or caitlin roth, things gettinggetg busy already on the roads. rads. >> already, i know. already, up early here on a thursday tury just after 5:00 a.m., 5:17 to5:o be exact and we're going to goto back to this live picture ofic the closure on 295 andn 95 and northbound at malcolm x avenue due to that a single vehicle hi crash, very serious.seri they've got the major policepoie crash team out there.h team o you can see they're picking up debris i'm looking at what it w believe is the remnants of theah vehicle. no word yet on any injuries oruris what happened to the driver of the vehicle. the vehi we'll pass that along once weale get it. but you can see thegeyou can see investigation team is out.igatnm it's still dark.till d they have to do everything byyth flashlight or by hand and they are trying to assess the or sesh situation but we do believee this is going to be closed fordr awhile due to the nature ofe n the crash. so, 295 northbound between malcolm x avenue and suitlanduid parkw
5:18 am
arounds in just a minute.t a nu fires i want to go back to o another live camera inra in virginia on 95 and southbound.ou we've got a crash after 123.3. so, once when you pass that past exit you see these two cars cas involved with the crash thatthea is blocking what i believe to be at least two lanes. laes. traffic is squeezing by butg byt delays are building. areui let's go back to our maps realpr quick if we can and i want towan zoom in first starting off in northern -- in maryland here. h outer loop 95 and baltimoreltmoe parkway looks fine.e. 270 southbound delay free. free. 66 eastbound is quiet.uiet. but again, we do have this 95 t and northbound delay dale cityec to the beltway as we usuallylly do. do 395 northbound looks fines fie edsall road to the 14th street bridge. we'll keep you updated on botho crashes as we go through thehro rest of the morning. of the moi. holly and maureen.and mauree >> 5:18 is the time. the let's take a look at the ts tak stories you're engaging witath n the most this morning ont social media with our reathltime news tracker. news >> wisdom is back with what's hot on the web. hey, whiz. >> gd morning to you. first up, one g ooid n three won at west virginia university'sni
5:19 am
sexually assaulted andlted and 10 percent say they've beenb raped according to a 46 percent of students surveyed said they had been sexually harassed either verbally through texts texts pictures or gestures.esture pressure for dates or hookupsoks or when someone exposed their tr private parts. meanwhile, classical singer jackie evancho tookcho twitter last night to expressexe her dismay with theith the administration's revocation ofi' federal protections foror transgender students tonsgen request a meeting with the president. evancho has a transgendered sister. she wrote please give me andand my sister the honor tom meetonor with you and talk with youu bons trance friendy genderri rights. they're trying figure out how to current liberalur properties against presidentes a trump into political gain.into p the front runners for the party chai
5:20 am
representative keith he willtati her son. rihanna is adding another an accolade to her resume for her philanthropic work.c work. she's named harvard universityui 2017 humanitarian of the she's being honored forred building a state of the art center for oncology andtefor ono nuclear medicine to diagnoseto and to treat breast cancer at bt a hospital in barbados.arbdos. she's also done charitable chari work in africa. af and finally listen to thisni story. in march of 2000, dan marinoario announced his retirement fromtim the nfl but on wednesday,day, marino signed a one day contract with the dolphins so wi that he could retire as a he member of the oncolyuld team hs ever played for.d fr it turns out that he never actually filed his officialficil retirement papers with theme league and it took them alntl this time to figure that oute th he never officially filled outft those papers be and yet somehow he got into the hallhe g of fame. >> wait a minute, what,, doesn't 53 people that take53 ph care of that stufatf for him. >> and how is the nfl nothow ist aware of of t >> i'm just saying.say >> how did it come to ligh
5:21 am
>> i'm just saying.saying >> uh-huh. >> and why is that story trending yes. [laughter] [lau >> several people -- >> boggles the explainedog several people dropped the ball apparently ogln besothl pe. >> i like that, wisdom.wiom. we caught that. that >> ♪♪ >> thank you. >> you're welcome.weome. >> oh, man. oh, an. it's thursday, folks.foks. [laughter] >> all right, coming up onight, fox5 news morning, one of thenee most powerful companies inopa silicon valley is about ton va take a huge step into the ridehe sharing business. >> and mcdonald's has a newonalw way to get you back inside its restaurants. re >> we're heading to breakstreeag right now. t ri live look across the d.c.he.c. region. 5:21, 54 degrees. all right, we're back afte54racr this. hope you're having as much funcn as we are this thursday hursday morning. mornin >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> employees of uber aremp sharing more stories oflo sexuae harassment as eric holder h investigates the allegations. some staff members
5:24 am
managers groped themmanage threatened them with violence. the company has launched anunchn extensive investigation afteresr several claims of rampantampan sexual harassment crossed itsras offices. >> google is taking on uber. ub. the search engine will reportedly expand a carpool a cl service on its popularpopu navigation a waze.vigation aaze. the ride share would bee cheaper than uber andnd encourage drivers using theusing app to pick up people who are we heading in the same direction. google first launched its ridesl sharing service last year inse tel avivrvic and san francisco.. >> in an attempt to boosttt to t sales mcdonald's will soon offer one dollar sodas.fer on the fe ast food chain says the s deal will begin in april andril be good on any size soda.. mcdonald's will also offerer smoothies frappe pays anday shakes for just two dollars o t it comes as the company fightsom declining customer visits andisd a 1 percent decline in >> ♪♪ >> that will do it. i >> i'm not harping onpinon mcdonald's but we don't needon to encourage our kids to drink soda.
5:25 am
>> i think that's why they've seen a decline in sales. s >> people are on that sugar is the devil.the de >> you know what they shouldte have done, the fries, makee fria those a little cheaper.hea >> yeah, yeah. y >> not that it's the best thing for >> yeah. >> i could go for thert two-dollar shakes.t >> there you go.wo >> that will do it t for me.e. it's a milkshake type of dayof y later this afternoon because a temperatures are going to feel like springtime, yes, y springtime here in washingtonwan coming early this morning.mor reagan national 54, dulles 53,, bwi at 47 degrees this hour. satellite and radar outsideoute showing mostly cloudy skies toso start but once we get the sunhen up, things will quickly thinqui out and we'll turn partlyan cloudy as we head intod thweoss afternoon hours.afternoon there's your planner forho theee day today.da by 10:00 a.m., already in theale 60's, mild start to the day,, 1 o'clock 69 degrees, by 4 o'clock this afternoon, lowonl to mid 70's overtaking thetakthe region. gi yes, it's going to be ag to ba beautiful after work, after aer school get outside and enjoyd ey it. it. 74 degrees your daytime hightimh here in washington, 72 for
5:26 am
74 degrees. the only folks that will misslls out on those 70's look likek lie those who live close to thethe water. chesapeake bay still a littlekeb cool this time ofay syetiar sot will hold temperatures down.atur all right, that's a check ofs a the caitlin roth is back with someoe traffic. >> mike, good morning. m it has been a busy startik toar our thursday. the good newsou is 295 is295 northbound has reopened.eope here's a live picture of theture scene behind me.nd e. a single vehicle crash forced fd the closure between malcolm x avenue and suitland parkwaytlana but now obviously you see some e traffic moving.fic mo two lanes are squeezing by as bs they have reopened theened e interstate. inters now, there are still somell some heavy delays that have beenys t building so if you normallyally take 295 northbound and you norh want to avoid it y get on theet inner loop and just take it tok the gw parkway go all the waye a around. we're not seeing any more traffic there. as we go back goa to our maps we'll show you any other delays that have beenys tb building. there it is, the crash just ust before suitland parkwayfore earlier forced th se uiclosure n 295 northbound has reopened reo but you can see that red, those delays that are stackedckd back to laboratory road. traffic had been diverted onto malcolm x av
5:27 am
delays there.delays thr if you're coming from southernrm maryland and you need to get into the district again inner loop to the gw parkway mightrkwh be a better option.pion. conversely as we go to the t outer loop top of the beltway te 95 and bw parkway in princein george's county, montgomeryunty county all looking go, od.god. you're smooth we'll keep you updated'r on 2955 as we go through the rest of the morning. holly. holl >> thanks caitlin.nks caitlin. coming up, we're going to uo continue to follow breakingue news of a to u.s. park policeae officer injured earlier thisrli morning in southeast.o >> the fbi joining the searche for a missing northernorhern virginia teenager.virgia >> let's go to break now as weoe do, another live look outsideou on what is setting up to be a ba very nice thursday inrsdain february. 5:27 is our time, 54 degrees. d. more stories to share on theshae other side of the break. break don't go anywhere. anyw you're watching fox5 news5 nes morning. mornin >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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equate to describe the ultimate heights you can attain. your full potential. ♪ >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning to you.>> good o thank you very much forthanu ve joining us. in.wisdom mmart >> and i'm holly morris. morr today is thursday, february 23rd. >> mike thomas is here to talk about weather in a second buton first we need to get to get caitlin roth because she hase ha some very importantimortant information to share.form. >> thank you. two bihagnk issues on thisiss thursday morning.thursd morning. as we begin let's go to our cameras 295 northbound hads 29 been closed earlier between malcolm x avenue and here itx ae is behind me malcolm x avenuecoe and suitland parkway.itland par. that was closed due to
5:31 am
single vehicle crash. c it has i don't know if this is theis ie right camera but if we can getg to the correct one that would be great. there it is. it shows two lanes now lanes squeezing by on 295by on 295 northbound. again, this is between malcolm x avenue and suitland parkway, d delays are back to laboratorylay road. let's go back to tho otherther camera, i'll show you our you other crash. othecrash. this one was 95 southbound approaching 123. that earlier crash is stillis out there. this is not thes is t right camera but you are ae squeezing by as we continue to o see that two-vehicle crashvehice being cleared up. we're going to get inthose cameras straightened out.r we'll have a fullas update up coming up for you at 5:35. holly. >> information out there wenf appreciate that.ormate t we have more breaking news tomok tell you inag bout. this is from southeast d.c. d.c a u.s. park police officer pol injured after their cruiser crur was rammed as they tried to as o make a traffic stop. stp. this happened on talbert on street just before 4:00 this jue morning. >> we're told the officer was attemptingre ttolo make a stopo an older model dodge charger. md the officer got out of the carer and that's when the chargerthatw took off hittinghen the park pa
5:32 am
officer in the leg. that injury isof minor. minor now the officer fired shots at t the suspect vehicle as itvehicl drove away.drove away there's no information rights nf now on whetheror that vehiclevee was hit by any of the shots. sho >> to another developing storylp this morning. this m this one out of northernf northe virginia. a 15-year-old girl is missing mi after meeting man >> police learned that she hadn been communicating with mantingn from estonia and now the fbi thf isnvolved.d. >> our annie yu is live inve in woodbridge this morning withidge the very latest.the ve good morning, annie. >> reporter: hey, goodeporter: , morning, holly and g wisdom. we sat down with the teen's ten mother last night and she was s of course filled with sadness,s, worry and fear for her daughter's life. she tells us that makaylaayl turned 15 just last month andn she was -- she left home lastmes friday, it was a typical day.c she went for the bus around 6:45 and she never made to ite class and no one has seen hersen since much this is a photo of of mckay l she's in the ninth grade attends forest park highhh school in woodbridge the fbiodbf has jo
5:33 am
investigation and they sell us y that she has beenthat s has been communicating with a strangerthr she met on the internet andnet d they believe it is this man right here meiti metsla an estonian national. na no other details about thisailst person have been provided aten r this time. this her mother says she took makayla's phone away recentlyrec when she noticed hermanticed hea talking to this man but now butw fears they are traveling together. take a listen. lit >> we want to believe ourieve o children when they say i'm say talking to, you know, so and son so from school. scool. but the reality of it is theseee predators, these ghostlyho predators that we can't even ca' grasp, we can't see, they'reeetr there lurking, they'reking, t manipulating these girls'he minds, teaching them how to howo lie to us, how to hide, how to h sneak. >> reporter: now, makayla'smakys mother tells us she hass she has diabetes, her daughter hasaug hs diabetes and her life dependsr i on medication so she is veryis y concerned about this and foroutf her safety, of course. c if you have any information,infm you're asked to call the
5:34 am
prince william county coty department -- policedepartmt --p department, excuse me.depa that's the very latest hereest h from woodbridge, virginia, i annie yu fox5 local news. >> ♪♪ >> 5:33 right now and the>>righh trump administration hasistratis lifted bathroom protectionsrotin for transgender students. stude. a protest of the decision wasecs held in the districtistrict yesterday. the federal guidelines issuedl e by thelines obama administratin allowed students to use bathrooms and locker rooms m matching gender identitiesenders that differ from their birthheih certificates. now, the trump administrationmpi believes states should decide the issuees a stand also cited a confusion over the guidelines. >> ♪♪ fight againstagainst domestic violence princeiolence george's county states's countys attorney angela alsobrooks iss s announcing her support for a bill which would increase thechw reasons a person may seek a protective order and additional domestic violencelene resources. >> includes adding harassmenthan and malicious destruction oflici property to the definition oftif abuse in terps of domesticmestic violence incidents.ence ide the bill also calls for the c state board of eatch todayc asian
5:35 am
boards to incorporate age ge appropriate training onaining o domestic and dating violence in their health next week the district department of transportationnt r will apply a new park, meterp rate of schedule in twodule in o popular neighborhoods.pola starting monday it will affect drivers in penn quarter andin r chinatown. if you're looking for streetg fo stre parking on h, third, e and a 11th streets in northwest no rates will change from $1.50 to $3.25. this is the second time rates have been adjusted to improve parking availability throughg a demand based pricing.pring. >> ♪♪ right.right. >> not sure how i feel about ifa that. >> hm. >> all right. >> well, you go to the gogo to with. what are you going to youo >> you got to pay to park or par you pay the ticket which costswo a whole lot more. more. >> you're shoe your how youe sho feel about this weather.el aboue >> yes, driving with the top, d down today and i don't even have a convertible. >> uh-huh.
5:36 am
someone who does.e who do. >> windows opened at the very oy least. what a february we're having wea and this is kind of the peakf te of the mountain. >> best ever for me. for me. >> if it's not going to snowo s it might as well be warm i wam guess is the way i'm going to ty look at things. ilook at 74 degrees here in andrees heren washington later today.shin lots ogtf 70's to go around. arn i want to look at the weekend. w it is thursday. is thury. if you're making weekend plans s saturday stays warm with s temperatures in the 70's buttauh during the afte ernoon70 hours cold front will approach, a pretty strong front will bringbg showers maybe evenybe en thunderstorms outlooked forutlor our first potential severeentiar weather system of the year,her m just a of marginal risk meaninm one or two storms couldld contain some gusty winds.inds. by sunday it's not overly colded but temperatures feeling much more like they should for kind of late february here with most staying in the 40's andated lower 50's as we head throughthh your sunday afternoon muchf there it i 73 on saturday, 52, with loftswo sunshine though on sunday. su that's a check of theof e forecast. caitlin roth is very busy thisu morning on the roads.mornin hey,g on caitlin. >> yeah, who knew so early. e
5:37 am
thursday morning we begin herege on northbound 295.thboun we've been talking about a a a closure. it had as now reopened between suitland parkway and malcolm x avenue after having beening been closed due to my a single to mye vehicle crash that was veryrashs serious for a couple of hours hu but you've got very extensive et delays on the northbound side of 295 fifty sevenning back95 f down to almostif the inner loopl at this point. so if you're commuting fromm southern maryland stay on the st beltway take the inner loopner p either to 395 or maybe the gw parkway would be a better option.o even though two lanes arelane squeezing by and it reopened r it is still pretty heavy. heavy. coming in from virginia, 95irgn9 northbound looking at the at t volume delays from dale cityle to the beltway. belt that's a look at traffic.ook at we'll have more coming t up in i less than 10 minutes.inutes. wisdom. >> coming up on fox5 newsx5 n morning, nasa announces thenoune discovery of a new solar slar system with at least threeeasthe earth-like planets.ea >> and we continue to followntil breaking news from southeast fre d.c. a park police officer injuredofe when their cruiser was rammedw earlier this morning. >> as we head to break rightwe o now, a live bre look out
5:38 am
across the dmv. the time is 5:37, temperatureeme 54 degrees. back in a mom ent.mome. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> 5:40 with a dire warninge coming from south america. officials say venezuelan economic crisis is so severeris that a food shortage isis forcing tens of thousands ofhouf people to go hungry o
5:41 am
could touring a new nationalw na survey more than 9 millionn 9 people say they only eat oneea meal a day. day the economic crisis firstonomici began in 2014 after worldwidewo oil prices >> north korea denying its kor i agents masterminded the assassination of half kim jong un.. they've arrested a northste a nr korean man working at aokin malaysian company along with three other southeast asianuthet people. >> meanwhile a fire broke oute br at a waste recycling plant in pt sydney australia on onon thursday. more than 100 firefighters anda 20 fire engines have beennes hae trying to extinguish the blazeh local media reeported.pod. all factory employees wereoyeesr evacuated and have beenuated d a accounted for police said.sai. it's not known yet what caused
5:42 am
that fire at this point.o >> coming up on fox5 news nws morning a montgomery countyntgo police officer isme honored for his bravery. bravy. >> a new exhibit is>> a n celebrating thewe e fashion andd wardrobe of princess diana. dian >> as we go to break now t-aak o live look across the d.c. d. region on this thursday this tda morning. 5:42 is our time right now, wene are at 54 degrees. de going to feel like springlipr today again, folks. fol we'll take at this time,t this t right? we've got more tore share on the other side. side. >> ♪♪
5:43 am
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:44 right now. we are following breaking news>o from southeast days.wing southeast d.c.: >> we're told that the officeroh was attemptinatg to make a aak a stop of an older model dodgeolde charger. the officer got out of the carrc and that's when the chargerarthr took off hitting the parke p police officer, the parked car c and injuring the officer inring the leg. now that injury is consideredcos to be minor.mino the officer fired shots at thehe suspect vehicle as it drovevehiv away. no information right now on whether that vehicle was hormai by any of those shots.hos. >> actually have a crew on theve way to that scene and ofa course we'll bring you more asos it becomes available but right r in you we're going to talk w more and more and moe're aboutot the amazing day that is on tapi for the d.c. region.region. right, mike? >> yeah, we're grooving on a, we thursday morning. the warmg ing things up.'r it's warming upthings up. outsis going to be feeling likeling li spring. can you believe it, spring ine n february? >> no. i just hope that it co ntinues co to be spring and doesn't
5:46 am
>> it might but let's enjoy enjo what we got right now. >> you got it. >> yeah. >> by the way i ran into a a gentleman who says he likes the dance move.a >> you need to keep bustingep b them out.them o >> give him what he wants. is that what it is, just ahead bob. >> you need to evolve.evlve. >> weather-wise around d.c., if you thought it has beenu thob warm in february you're right.r if you're under the age of 41 as ofe tdeor day this is the ww midwest february you've everuar seen. after the next three days pass s by i think just about think j everybody we're going tusot pas this 1976 warm midwest 1976 war february of all time and bebe number one here in washington.s. those are your top five kinde yf of warm midwest february inmidw d.c.n we currently rank number two. 45.5-degree averagee age temperature. check out the next three days. . feeling like springtime herelike in washington. 74 degrees your daytime high hi today. mix of clouds and sun but i b think as we get into the the afternoon more sunshine than cl
5:47 am
tomorrow 76 that'smo only 2 degrees shy of a record high. could we break it? possibly.o will that depend on how mucht de sunshine we get. d thennd tny of 70's an on saturday before we havee we h some thunderstorms rumble thunds through in the r afternoon andra kind of cool things down as wea work our way into saturday satua evening. allergy report, too, i mean, me when we get this warm in in february trees start to bloomrto a little early.le early tree pollen abnormally highormay for this time of year grassya pollen as well causing asi little bit of chaos. allergy sufferers beware. things arers getting a littlea snifflely out there. starting mostly cloudy, patchyoy fog baltimore and locations north of there dealing withng wt dense fog advisories until 8 o'clock this morning.o'cl in d.c. it's mostlyoc more ore clouds to start, more sunshine n this afternoon.ernn. 54 degrees your day -- nota your daytime, that's thet's the temperature right now.ature t n. manassas is 53 as is dulles.s. frederick is now up to
5:48 am
martinsburg. today nice big surge ofurge southerly warmth. we got a storm system thatherlyt will approach us saturday butatr a ahead of it we're getting a a warm surge of air. air. we're calling it 74 degrees for a daytime7 high here inher n washington and one more check c of the fox5 accuweather 7-day 7a forecast o-76 for saturday, both to close to normal on sunday, lots of sunshine butt breezy and easterly a high ofteh ig52 degrees. we'll warm it up towards the middle of next week. 68 degrees by next wednesday.d caitlin roth.itlin roth. >> you guys got the forecast,foa you got those moves mov >> like the head bob. [laughter] [laugh >> yeah. you have to start somewhere. >> right. >> the crowd appreciates it.pprs very good mike p-you got this.t. hey, northbound 295 it sayst ss closed but it actually hastu been reopened at malcolm x avenue. obviously you see two lanes of traffic squeezing by.uee you can see emergencyou personnel on the side of your c
5:49 am
they're cleaning up still from a single vehicle crash aeanicrah couple hours ago but 295but 295 northbound has reopenedoped between malcolm x and suitland d parkway. delays though back to theh inner loop if you're coming in from southern maryland, youryl may want to take the innernt to loop to 395ta or gw parkway tokw get around that althoughalthgh traffic seems to be moving.c that is goodse.ems good. two lanes squeezing by on 295 25 northbound. let's go to our next cameraera showing volume building on 95in5 northbound in virginia throughhh the woodbridge area and you'reao just seeing your typical tal delays due to volume.ue tl no accidents there.t let's get back to our maps ou show you some other spotsherts around the area.nd the are even though we've been off toen a busy morning down in d.c. c. we've got heavy volume also on 270 southbound coming out ofng f frederick through the truckugh scales and then down to 109 here in maryland so intoo montgomery you break free of it around arud gaithersburg a little bit. bit. maryland commute also pickingmuk up on the outer loop.outer lo. still looks okay though 95 andhd bw parkway no problemslems reported and we'll keep youp yu updated on that 295 jam-up asup we go through the rest of thethe morning. for now back to holly andhollnd wisdom. >> thank you very much. you ver. today delegate eleanorlegat
5:50 am
hall to protect the affordablefa care act a the event will bet we held at the old counciloucil chambers in northwest.or she wants to hear frome was to a residents who benefit from thefo health in right now republicans tryings ti to repeal and replace the affordable care act.are act if that happens it's estimatedes 106,000 d.c. residents whodents have preexisting healthstingheah conditions would be at risk of f having their health insurance ie taken weigh. >> a montgomery county policetg officer is now aomer medal of valor recipient.lor officer jeffrey hughes wasrey hh presented with the honor the hor yesterday. hughes earned the award fore aw his bravery in last summer's deadly apartment explosion intm silver spring. uty when he heardhard a loud explosion at the flower w branch apartments on pineyr branch road. he quickly helped severalsevel residents who were jumpingmping from their burning the ntsb though stillthe nt thot investigating the cause of that >> time right now is 5:50. 5 let's take a look at thek atthe stories you're engaging withyou' the most this morning onorning social media with our realtimel news ter. >> that means maureen is backurn here to tell us what's hot onath the web this morning.b m >> good morning to both ofrningf you. he has just been confirmed
5:51 am
congress and epa administrator scott pruitt is already in thede hot seat. that's because e-mails betweenan himself and fossil fuelfos industries have been released. l the e-mailse reveal he had cozyz relationships with lobbyistsship while he was oklahoma'sok attorney general. generl. the e-mails were recentlyrece turned okay. nasa announced the discovery dis of a new solar system that has three earth-like planets withlil climates that support life.ane the new planets are just 39w pln light years from earth.ets m ea. nasa says this new discoveryscoy gives them a hint that findingdg a second earth is not just a isa matter of if but when.. forget five a day, eating 10 portions of fruit and fruit d vegetables is dramaticallyamat better for you.bett f that is according to researchers. ouey found in although even the rendc iommended five portioo of fruit and vegetables todayety reduces disease r
5:52 am
even better.etter. the judge says the law raises first amendment concerns. and finally this thursdayhu morning who will emcee theemceeh white house correspondent'shouss dinner also known as nerdn as prom. normally comedian performs a funny monologue along with the g president but this year it'st ts not clear if president trumpnt even plans to attend. a the event is on april 29th. plus the white house huse correspondents association hases yet to announce who will bee whb this year's talent whichw organizers typically wouldypi have known who would be weeksek ago. so, looking like our nerd prom may not be in full effect this s year. but 'll l see. things change.nge. >> thanks mo.>> thamo. we want to go back to breaking news in d.c..c. >> a manhunt under way forfor whoever rammed park policer cruiser during a traffic strop.s >> melanie alnwick live on thein scene with the latest. what can you tell us mel.can >> reporter: good morning, good, guys. yeah, lofts park police vehicles -- lots of parkofpa police and government
5:53 am
talbert street and talbertn terrace. you can see the park policeparke cruiser vehicle right there inh the middle of the intersectionnn and that is where at 4 o'clock4 this morning the park police officer made a traffic stop sop and the vehicle that -- that --t you or she stopped rammed the officer's vehicle.ehic. the officer was injured in the leg, nonlife-threateninge-thrnig injuries, good news there, but did discharge the service weapon several times. times. not sure if the bullets struck k the vehicle or struck the driver. er the vehicle is described as an a older model black dodgedel blace charger, which fled the scene so again we don't know how now h many shots were fired, don'ted know if the shots took effect. we can tell you they're they're continuing to process the vehicle here for some kind of evidence. evid i assume they're looenking for any sort of paint matchingint mt that sort of thing that theyng h can use to help them in trying g to track
5:54 am
indeed, they do -- are able tobo corner the driver of this this charger, they'll need that asths evidence as well.evidences but it is still a very activeace search as well right now forow whoever rammed this parkver lice cruisiser. live here in seroutheast, i'mth melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. news >> 5:54 right now an iconic ic piece of royal history set to rh go on displayis tomorrow.row. diana, her fashion story willn open at kensington palace in i london. lo it features more than twothtw dozen of princess diana's mostt famous dresses.dresse it also tells the story of her f life as a member of the royalr l family through fashionmily thrgi sketches and photographs.p the exhibit will be opened fortl the rest of the year, the 20th2h anniversary of her death iseaths this summerly.merly. >> jackpot. a single winning ticket fromckem indiana won last night's ni $435 million powerball35 m drawing. the winning numbers are 10,0, 13, 28, 52, 61 and theth powerball that number is two.o. this was the second largestlargt jackpot win in that powerbl
5:55 am
congratulations to you.ngra a lot oftu money. mon >> one person winning it all. >> yup. awesome. >> for them.m. >> yeah. >> are we jealous?jealous? >> ♪♪ >> well -- >> maybe a little.>> hey, listen, 5:55 is our timer t right now. let's say good morning to our o facebook fan of the day t oh, f myda goodness, hello darnell and patrick. patrick. you guys are looking good. good. now, i am seeing a raccoon,raoo, reit? i? you have the want to make sure. >> that is ayou ha raccoon.r >> darnell says fox5 is his number one source for news. s that is a raccoon, right?riht? >> yes, i believe so.>> in yes fact, darnell says hishi buddy patrick the raccoone r often watches with him from am tree through a nearby there you go. >> okay, i'm suspect. suect. >> oh, really? >> all right. >> i'm suspect. >> well, we >>attract andan appreciate all viewers noers no matter whether you're likeelik darnell or whether you're a're furry critter.ritter. >> darnell, is that photoha shopped? i'm just asking. asin. i'm just asking. as i don't know.i do i'm just -- i'm suspects
5:56 am
i appreciate both of you, ou, right. right. hm. what do you think? tweet tweet wisdom. [laughter] everybody agrees for thebo o most part that 70's in in february is pretty much a muca treat, right, mike?e? >> absolutely. i don't think that's photoink a shopped. i think he's just got food in in his hand. raccoons will do anything for food, even pose for pictures. pi here come the 70's ready orady not here we go with the busthe b stop forecast. for not such a bad start to the day, four to 54.o4. after school shorts andrts d t-shirts 65 to 65 degrees.5 de there's a look at your fox5 accuweather 7-dayuweather-y forecast. next three days of 70's and then wehree d cool it down sunda but warm it right back upght bap towards the second half ofs next all right, that's a check of th the forecacst.the fo caitlin roth back for some traffic. tr >> i notice this is before ouras time but maybe is we need some 70's muse second. muse sec we wouldn't have grown up withwh it. >> what is seventies music? [lauter]r] >> okay, way before mike's time. i think maybe it would set the mood. thirst morning commute stillor
5:57 am
northbound 295 earlier it had id been closed between suitlanden d parkway and if malcolm xa italco is now only blocking one rightki lane. it has reopened.pened. traffic is squeezing squey delays are all the way back to o laboratory road. they're easing as you get to ge the beltway.ltw. we'll have a full look ofok o traffic when fox5 news morning g returns at 6:00 a.m. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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mom, i just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years. man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood. there's no butter in this churn. do my tris look okay? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news
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scary encounter for a park par police officer overnight.rni what happened when he tried tode make ad traffic stop that ledtd to shots fired. fire. we're live on the still very vey active scene. >> plus, no sign of a a 15-year-old prince williamprincl county girl who has beens been missing for almost a weeka week after she met a stranger strangr online. li the emotional plea from heral pr mother as the fbi continues tons work around the clock to bring g her home.her h >> and a live look outside at 6 o'clock on this thursday, february 22nd. weather and traffic on the 5s atand 6:05. 6 good morning, i'm allison i'm an seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. steve thanks for joining us this cheoi morning.ning u 5 news morning.mornin we'll start with an update ondan breaking news coming from the roads in the district. the distt traffic now getting by an overnight crash 295 at malcolmmm x avenue. northbound lanes had been closed overnight.vernigt. two lanes opened this traffic starting to move to mo around what is left of thatf t accident which happened aboutneu 3:15 this morning.mor the driver unfortunately seriously injured.inj >> also breaking in southeastn s d.c., a manhunt is under wayndew at this hour for th


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