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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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scary encounter for a park par police officer overnight.rni what happened when he tried tode make ad traffic stop that ledtd to shots fired. fire. we're live on the still very vey active scene. >> plus, no sign of a a 15-year-old prince williamprincl county girl who has beens been missing for almost a weeka week after she met a stranger strangr online. li the emotional plea from heral pr mother as the fbi continues tons work around the clock to bring g her home.her h >> and a live look outside at 6 o'clock on this thursday, february 22nd. weather and traffic on the 5s atand 6:05. 6 good morning, i'm allison i'm an seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. steve thanks for joining us this cheoi morning.ning u 5 news morning.mornin we'll start with an update ondan breaking news coming from the roads in the district. the distt traffic now getting by an overnight crash 295 at malcolmmm x avenue. northbound lanes had been closed overnight.vernigt. two lanes opened this traffic starting to move to mo around what is left of thatf t accident which happened aboutneu 3:15 this morning.mor the driver unfortunately seriously injured.inj >> also breaking in southeastn s d.c., a manhunt is under wayndew at this hour for th
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who rammed a park police car poe during a traffic >> and that led to the officerte opening fire on the suspect'ssp' car earlier this morning.i melanie alnwick is live on the e scene with the details.ils. mel, good >> reporter: good morning,te go, guys. the street is still blockedst off and there is the criluiserc in qstioion. although we came around to theuo other side of it expecting tog o see perhaps more damage when you hear that the cruiser was rammed by another vehicle andnoh so far we don't see muchch unless it is over on the other r side near the -- near the driver. so s-it is po ssible that thatthat th is where the damage is. we're told that the park p police officer did sustain an a injury to his leg, nonlife-threatening injuriesin for the officer so that isficer good news but what is broughtrot out, the crime tape and the he crime investigators, you canyoun see also they're conferringco down nhere at the other side ofi the block. they've been continuing to contu process this scene because apparently the -- the officer fired shots at the fleeingleeing ve
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this vehicle that was stoppedopd in what was considered to be a routine traffic stop.sto. this older model black dodge charger rammed the park policeee vehicle, the officer then th exited the vehicle we're told td and discharged his weaponweap several times, we don't known' how many times and it's alsomeso not known at this time if if those shots hit the vehicle,hic, the driver or if they hitey hit anything but they're stillill looking for this older model oll black dodge charger and the occupant. i was curious sort of why park p police would make a traffict to. i'm told park police do have he city wide jurisdiction so o it o would not be unusual for them to be making a traffic stop insn this area in southeast.souas back to you guys.back to you >> mel thank you very much.ery frees police in frederickn k maryland investigating and itigg deadly shooting that led to a t brief standoff with thetandof te suspect. take a look at your screen.c this is 62-year-old richard hariday. ha
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28-year-old zachary wintersold after the two got intoza an an argument last night.night. the shooting happened in the 400 block of west southwest souh street. haraday was arrested after atera standoff with police thatlice ta lasted about two hours. >> developing story out ofopin northern virginia where arn vira 15-year-old girl is missingis after police say she met a manline. manlin >> police learned she had beenae communicating with this enman tm from estonia.from eston now the fbi is involved.olved. fox5's annie yu is live inive woodbridge now with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, steve and allison. well, the mepoorther of th sete missing teen, makayla matteimati tells us last friday was a a typical day. day her daughter left for the bus f stop around 6:45 in the he morning but never made it toadei class and she hasn't been seensn since. take a look at the picture of makayla that authorities haveiee provided to us. to us. these are two differento diffe pictures with different hairfe styles. she's a ninth grad er at forest park high she weighs 180 pounds and the fbi is now involved, nowed, nw joined in on thisjoinedn on this investigation with
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william county police police department and officials have he learned that makayla had been hn communicating with a stranger a she met on the internet and and they believe she's with this man, meiti metsla an estonianonn national. no other details about thisls as person have been provided to us at this time. makayla mother tells us shehe took her phone from her daughter when she noticed her daughter was talking to thiss stranger but now fears theyrs are together traveling.veling. take at a listen.lis >> i am heartbroken.. i was just sitting across fromsm her celebrating and now she's ss gone and it's just j unimaginable. i would imhave never thought on that day that just a mere few me weeks later she would be disappeared and just gone.go >> reporter: her mother m tells us that her daughter, makayla, has diabetes andan relies on
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again, next friday is one week k since she's been reported repted missing and prince william town police department alonge with the fbi wdouepld like to t hear from you if you have any i information. that's the very latest here from woodbridge,he ver virginian annie yu fox5 local newsily.ewsi >> let's turn to politics's right now. turght now. reaction month, in thisth, morning after the president'ssis decision to lift bathroom protection for transgenderasgenr students. this was the scene outside of the white house last night ahest protesters gathered againstred t the president's move and indin support of transgender rights.ih those protections had been you should by the obama administration.administration president trump believes states should decide on the issue and wanted to roll back on thent eho fuld ewaderantled supreme court hearing that wasrw slated to begin next monthn nexh involving a virginia teen.ten. the issue also made headlinesead after north carolina passed asea bill mandating transgenderder people use restrooms that correspond with the gender on their birth certificate.rth cert >> i've made this year andif ich president's made it clearde it r throughout the campaign that he's a firm believer inirm belin states' rights and thates' certain issues like this are not best dealt with at the d federaleal level.l >> i think
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deserves a equal shot at being who they are.ey are. love who they want to love and o be able to go into a bathroom that corresponds to their gender >> department of education and justice says anti-bullying safeguards against transgenderan students remain in place. ♪> ♪♪ hi, tuck. tu >> good morning.onin >> good morning. >> looking p >> you're always looking good.od >> okay, thank you. remember the 70's?s? >> yeah. >> they're back.hey're back. >> bell bottoms, afros, groovy music. >> i meant the temperaturesnt t but you're right. >> oh, i'm sorry. i was going bheacbukt >> o downy lane. >> fantasy island i remember it all. islll. here comes the 70's.0's we're featuring temperaturesemp this afternoon which are going g to soar like an eagle into int springtime as it will feelme as like -fe- well, the actual air i temperature will be low to mid 70's. 70's 53 this morning at reagann national. did you guys hear the birds
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>> i didn't hear that. did >> okay, well, i can tell you that i heardell, i the birds out early. dues 52.2. bwi marshall 45t all right, aga little bit of cloud cover ander we mentioned some fog. fo fog has developed north anddeve east of the citnoy up towardsp s baltimore and northeast maryland and reduced andducednd visibility with a dense fogd f advisory up filtered sunshine much likemuchi yesterday but i think we get awa little more sun and believe it or notb possible after some daytime heating we could of we w could pop up a late dayte ay shower. kind of an unstable atmosphere. at remember how in themo summer sum time we might have a late day dy shower. shower. >> yeah. >> we might do that too. seven day coming . has lots of those numbers ons it. >> thank you kindly. kindly. >> uh-huh. >> let's check in withet's caitlin. c she's back with us with a look l at t goodniorning. >> yes, steve, good morning.ev we've had a busye, start to theh thursday morning come behind me right now northboundod 295, you still see emergency vehicles on the scene of af a very serious single vehiclele crash. 295 was closed earlier between
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malcolm x avenue and suitland ai parkway. it obviously has reopened.eopen. just taking out the right lane and three left most lanes arenee moving by okay. okay. it looks like traffic patternspt are resuming.resu delays are easing a bit let's go back to our maps.maps. that has been the big issue coming in from southernrom s maryland this if you still want to avoid the 295 delay use suitland parkwayed on stay on the inner loo pp andn go all the way around 395 ornd o the gw depends on how you feel aboutyob it but 295 northbound still st seeing those delays back to to laboratory road.road. maryland commute also pickinglsg up on the top of the there's delays spilling ins from 95 to georgia avenue.gia a. 95 though looks fine and nd you're smooth on 29 as well.ell. 270 southbound heavy volumeboune coming out of frederick. ofred that will take yo through theouh truck scales all the way down dn through gaithersburg andersburgd germantown but then you breakn k free of that south of theret however it will probably startat to fill in connecting theing t dotts between gaithersburg and the spur. spur. 56 eastbound building volumevo out of manassas throughthrugh centreville but then you break k free of it through oakton and an fairfax county you look okay.ok. inside t
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northbound still smooth edsalls road to 14th streetsm bridge. 95 and northbound this is justij volume through woodbridge but ut that's a lot of volume and lot e you're pretty heavy that wholete stretch through 123 where w there was an earlier accidentcc on the southbound side.ide. and back to northbound 295thbo 5 again right lane is blocked blod here delays are easing butng but they're still back to at leastls laboratory road.ratory rd. 295 southbound in the district you're starting to see that tt normal volume fill in from visit to the 11th street 11th st bridge. that is a look at tr affic forffic or now. steve, back to you. you >> still to come this morning,ce new video of bao bao at hert er new home in china.hin >> plus, an update from northomh dakota, a chaotic scene from the pipeline protest campte yesterday as people were forced to leadavy e. to lea we're back in just 30 seconds.c. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> we are back right now at 6:10 and it's day two of thearee conservative political action conference or cpac inr cp in maryland. big names expected to take the stage this morningage thin presidential adviser kellyannek conway will speak followed byd betsy devos this afternoon t and white house chief of staff reince priebus and the white house strategist steve bannontea will take part in paneli discussion. tomorrow president donaldrr trump is set to address theow p coence.nce. >> ♪♪ >> secretary of state rex tillerson and homelandso security chief john kellly in ci mexico city t thisef j comes afr a day from the
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order tour increase deportation of immigrants.migr. not sitting well with leaders er there. relations were alreadyre strained by the president'sre pledge to build a border wall br that he says mexico will fund. f a meeting with mexico'smeico president set to take place today to discuss trade theto d border wall and undocumented immigrants. immigr senator john mccain made aro secret trip to syria last weekae where he met with u.s. forcesfos to discuss plans for defeatingee isis and pushing the militantsi out of the strong hold in raqqa. mccain is the chairman of theaif senate armed servicesrv committee. >> we have breaking news nowreaw from iraq. iraq. security forces pushed their pud way into the mosul international airport thisna morning taking controlti onof af runway while exchangingxcanging gunfire with isis. iss. the excuse me, the advance isadc part of major assault thatsaultt started five days ago to drivede isis from western mosul. sul. the battle for western mosulste is the extremist group's last lt major urban hold in iraq.raq. >> cleanup continues at the dakota access pipeline protest r camp. most of
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out of the area ahead of yesterday's deadline but notut t before setting fourier tong f tents part of a departure ceremony to cleanse the camp.o 10 people arrested a couple cupe dozen still remain at thein athe camp. authorities say they will not be arresies ted saif they leave voluntarily. army corps of engineers called of evacuaacuation over the threat of tisp oringver floodi. >> well, how about some good h t news? someone in indianaindiana waking up a multimillionaire.tii one winning ticket was sold, so, just one for last night's ni 435 million-dollar powerballli drawing.on the winning-d numbers in thatmbh case you're curious and livend around here 10, 13, 28, 52,, 52, 61, the powerball number 2o2o lottery officials haven'ty offi' released what indiana city the ticket was sold in yet. yet >> take a look at this videot tv from china.from chi. a group of siberian tigerserians inside of a safari parkari chasing after a drone.dron until one of them caught thegh drone knocked it right out ofoct th re sky.the y. >> wow. >> wow. >> footage from another camerame shows the tigers gatheringhering around until they are scareda from the smoke coming outre ofnf it and they realize it's not a o tasty treat.
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chasing to keep the tigers inin shape. kind of like their dailyily workout. >> that is amazing >> isn't that pretty cool?l? >> way cool. coo all right. still ahead, more details e leaked this morning about amazon's super secretive plans s for its grocery stores.stes. >> live look right nowive lookiw northbound 295.nort a serious accident earlierr this morning.orn traffic was backed up.c was ba this is at malcolm x of a still causing some issues. weather and traffic on the 5s next. z29kuz zstz
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y29kuy ysty
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>> 295 at malcolm x right nowmac and there are three lanes now getting by so jusoltare th the e closest where that accidentt happened about two hours agout u still shut down.rsstill in the meantime traffictime trac starting to pick up and fortunately move a littleve a te closer to speed as well soll s we'll check in with caitlin in n just a couple mince. minutes. minutes. first here's the forecast.recas. >> 70's back in the forecast foa today. look at the after schoolter forecast. going to feel like springli around here, noket early spring, either. going to feel like the middle of april with temperatures
6:16 am
expected to soar back into the k 70's. nice and mild early.arl. generally we're in the upper inr 40's and low 50's. 50' all right. i know you're a rubbing yourrubbir eyes and just getting up but not your imagination if youimio feel like it's been a warm warm february. not only has it been snow freewe but right now with at now wi a temperature of 45.5 we are on on track for the second warmestarmt february in washington historytt and those records go back overg a hundred years so there youu go. and it looks like we're going to make aks r luikn at the warms february as we'll haveas we'll e temperatures today, tomorrow and saturday all 70 or higherigr so here we go.g all right, 53 now in washington, 52 mild degrees insn gaithersburg, 50 in frederick.r. last couple mornings we had ae w few spots gee t bachak into thee 30's. not seeing that this morning.rn. 50 for you in manassas as i mentioned, 55 in we had some fog here to theo the north and east up towards baltimore, havre de gracee, have aberdeen all reporting some sme fog and we'll see if some of that kind of spreads down town t ports of howard and montgomery n county over the next hour orxt r so. so. othe
6:17 am
day. filtered sunshine just like lik yesterday and later thiss afternoon, you know in theow inh summertime how we kind of get o that unstable atmosphere andhe we'llre get those pop-uppopp thunderstorms it is possible p we could pop up a shower or o two a little later this later afternoon as we'll have somee'le instability in the high pressure off to our:thisur is reminiscent of somethingom you might see in thehe summertime and a very, very, vey warm around here, temperatures, oh, let's figurelr that out, almost 30 degrees d above normal, about 25 plus5 pus degrees above normal laternormar today. want to show you futurecastut and just show you a few offewof those showers trying to popopop up. there they are off to theth north and west at 7 oey' aclockc tonight. we'll keep the heat around arou tomorrow and saturday.t and then cooler weatherweatr arrives in time for sunday.un. but not before we likely have ha set the warmest record -- the warmest february in history.hist going to try to say that againtn next time. ne >> you'll get it rightxt t by ty end of the show i'm sure. sue. >> how are roads this morning.s. >> actually we've had a lot ofof problems tucker.ker breaking news out of fallsf fals church. chur route 29 closed in bothh directions at gal
6:18 am
here's a view from vdot.v this is due to a crashash obviously. emergency personnel vdot onvdot the scene right now. n. if you're in the falls churchalc area and youh usually use 29 us you cannot.nnot. closed in both directions at a gallows road. we'll continue to pass more mor information along as we get it t due to this crash.c let's go back to our maps imapsi believe and we have had a busyby morning. off to a roaring start with arta closure on 295 that has sincee reopened. but let's begin here inhe maryland on the top of then thep beltway outer loop very heavy he and stacked up with volume nowln 95 to georgia avenue.gia aven 95 itself looks fine and weand e haven't had any issues issues reported on theported on the baltimore-washington parkway.waw 270 soayuthbound very heavy volume coming out of fredericked right now. ri you see that yellow line 70 lin0 down to 109 but then it looksits like you break free of some of e that traffic from aboutbo gaithersburg down to the spur. u 56 eastbound you've got that tht building volume out of volume tf manassas through centerville.oug then you break freeh of it again easing delays as youas you encounter 29 there but againaga remember, that closure inos falls 395 northbound volume pickinging up edsall road to th
6:19 am
street bridge.rerid and the 957 northbound veryd vey heavy through woodbridge.ugh wob we had an earlier crash crh southbound on 95 by 123. 123. that has since cleared. cle it's not an issue because it'sas southbound but we've got a lotot of delays northbound headedbouna towards the beltway.ltw. and again, northbound 295rthbou we've been talking about thisinb all morning, there is still alla single vehicle this is it behind me. it's in the clearing stages.clea three lines -- three lanes areer getting by, excuse me. m. the right-most lane is still stl blocked where you see thoseee oe flashing lights but delays are starting to ease.ting to e this was closed between malcolm x and syped much suitlad parkway.way. obviously it's reopened you'lly' still see delays on malcolm xmal avenue. that's a look at traffic. look . allison back to you. >> 6:19. thanks caitlin.anks c of course it is tax seasonan and this morning we'reth learning new detailsis about abo your chances of being auditedaui by the i.r.s.i >> let's take the i.r.s. bads. b news and flip with the good news. bao bao safely on the groundgrod checking out the new environsnvs and get something company,thing, too. look a
6:20 am
>> who are you? >> china. >> look at him smelling --me excuse me her smellingr s everything. where am i?e am i? >> she's checking out her newerw digs. she'll be quarantined for one f month and then she'll enterent the giant panda breedinging program which when she's about'b five or six. s. keeper from when she was inshe n d.c. will keep an eye on herher in china for the next couple ne days as she gets used to hero he new home. fascinated by that. >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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>> it's 6:22 right now. the grocery s'st 6ore of the fii new details leaked thistai morning. first though we'll check the gh joining us from wfo x business business network studios laurenn simonetti. hi, lauren. >> reporter: hi.>> rorte good so, futures flat.tur >> i was just growing to askto you about that. seems like this wonderfulyonderl momentum that we've had mayad my and slowing a bit but futuresuts look okay. >> reporter: the trump bump. trp i know. you know, the trump bump goldman out with the report, ret they're warning that it'se warn'
6:23 am
they're saying we'reying we' approaching the point of maximum optimism and the idea ie of this tax cut plan coming at some point soon perhaps august if you listen to the treasurytht secretary stevere mnuchin that t we might be disappointed by itdt and, you know, the markets uparp 13 percent since the election,lt so we'll see. se. >> no complaints so far. f. no complaints so far at all.ntsa let's talk about the grocerygroy store of the future right now.uh we love talking about all thel t automation all the wonderful wol things, the easy things that tht make our lives supposedlypp easier or do they?h >> reporter: amazon has beenzons so secretive about their grocery store ambitions, theyamy really have we think they have this 10,000i0 square footwear house in footwrs seattle that they're lookinglook to turn into a grocery storeore and they just filed or appliedp i should say for a liquor license at that location. locat. so, if you read the tea leaves here the thinking is that is th amazon is going to build abuilda drive through supermarket andrke it woul
6:24 am
and they're going to do this doi in seattle.seae. we'll see.see. now, you could have a robotroot check your license to proveen that you're 21 and that you that can buy that bottle of vodka vok but i'd bet that a human beingag is going to do that so maybe amazon's food store endeavorsreo do include employing realployin human beings. orn on thisorn t because that's the key. with all of thisuse thpush to e people jobs, the last thingh you want to take jobs away from people hence the wholee he bill gates thing that came outhg this week about the let's talk about the i.r.s. speaking of people who havek ab jobs. the i.r.s., the people that we as, you know, audit fearers typically fear the most they're not as prevalent asprevs they used to be.seb >> reporter: you know, we'vee seen i.r.s. audits go down five years in a row. so, basically one in 140in 140 taxpayers will get an audit. that's a .7 percent audit rate. it's budget cuts. u fewer people working at the at t i.r.s. business
6:25 am
this is not an audits endorsemee cheat on your taxes or door something you wouldn'tthin normally do, but information is i.r.s. audits dropping five years >> i believe in karma so i'mma m not going say a word aboutg a wo that story. mcdonald's one dollarna drinks. doing whatever they can to getl er ty can business, aren't >> reporter:ness yes.e buzz around all-day breakfast totally faded. f a dollar drinks to get you ins the store.e s if you need like a frappe payfra or some sort of coffee mixed cafe beverages two bucksveragesw starting in in april >> whatever works.ks. thanks lauren. lauren. we'll see you tomorrow t ityou wi be we'll celebrate together. 6:25. >> reporter: see ya'. ya >> hell. >> oh good morning. mor >> good morning. >> 70's we're featuring later'r today and we'refe on track for the warmest february in washington history on also als snow free which is a very rareee feat. >> which is the and direct andet opposite of what punxsutawneynxn phil sai. >> with our morning meme --mem- >> he's been debunked.debnked. >> s
6:26 am
that. 53 this morning.53 this already feels mild.mornin we got some cloud cover outreado there earlovyer o autnd some fon and east. we will try our very best toe burn that off and we'll be inin for partly sunny conditionsnd this afternoon but what you'reye really going to notice, theice,e mild temperatures. tempera gettu out the shorts.hor. not the short-shorts, steve.te >> like the board shorts. >> yeah, like knee length.ngth >> got cha. 74 today.y. 76 tomorrow.omorw. cooler by the end of the the weekend but next couple days das we're just 25 plus degreesplus s above normal. >> go crazy. ht be ht be a shower late today, tooa , let meshower mentn that. >> an amazing forecast. fo. thanks, tuck. >> thank you. >> check in with caitlin get a a look at the roads this a morning. >> no cutoffs yet. yet. got to get into the 80's for80fr the short-shorts i guess. guss. it will be top down weatherath later. this morning we've got a lot of issues kline you haddingha one in the falls church area route 29 lee highway closed at a gallows road due to the crashadt yosee behind you. y. it did involve a a tractor-trailer which was-t briefly on fire. that fire has been put outra bit obviously caused a big sceneig n to develop and that's why hy
6:27 am
personnel trying to clear thatcr up and in the meantime youtime cannot use 29 at gallows road rd in both directions.directions so follow the local detourse lo that are posted aroundca theren or if you're in the fallsthal church area, you might want to just avoid it altogether.toge let's go back to our maps show w you some other issues and issued we've been going all morning mng long since we came on the air tr at 4:25 with this northboundnort 295 crash.ash. it has cleared so that's the th goodews.s. it had earlier closed off 295of5 in between malcolm x and suitland p that has cleared. cle all lanes are opened.ed. delays are back to laboratoryk road on 295 and delays have he spilled onto suitland parkwayu all the way back to branch abra finally 295 southbound in the te district your normal volume vlue delays from route visit to theut 11th street bridge.e street br that's a look at traffic.idge t. steve and allison, back to youc guys. >> all right, thanks >> next, we will get an updateue on that police-involvedpoli shooting in the district fromn t overnight.ri ove >> plus, the nrnigba tradeba tr deadline is wizards not wasting in it timeme making a move.move. the morning line is next. t.
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>> ♪♪ >> we are back now at 6:30 : with the mess of the day. of tha it feels like it's been a tough week commuter-wise.u we're back with a live look inoo falls church.c this is route 29 on lee highway. it is closed right now in bothth directions at gallow road dueroe to a truck fire. f of course you can see theee the emergency response, bigse, b cleanup under way right now. caitlin and tuck will bed tc along on the 5s and will keep you posted on youron ur weather and traffic.and tr welcome back to fox5a news morning. first know at 6:30 no
6:31 am
continue to follow breaking breg news out of southeast d.c.ut where the search is o on for or whomever rammed a park policeedi cruiser earlier this morning.rn. this happened along talberton street just before 4:00 a.m.ust. we're told the officer waswas attempting to make a traffictr stop when the car took off. o now, that officer that openedned fire -- then opened fire but fi it's unclear if the car or theot suspect was hit.suspect s hit. just moments ago they towed the that cruiser away from the frome scene. the officer also suffered minor injuries in this ordeal.. now to this week's deadlyk' fire in lorton virginia.rg just a heartbreaking story. so fire investigator its nowits believe a five-year-old boy-oldy accidentally started the firee r thled hiled him. they say stellan lotuno wasuno s playing with a lighter. a after the fire started l neighbors tried to get him out but nobody could get insidein the garage where he wase because of the inretense flames. two other people insider highsni got okay.d a fairfax c nty y police officer on restricted duty ty following a frightening crash ch recorded by another car's car dashcam. the officer was responding towa a ca
6:32 am
saturday. he was in a marked cruiser cr when he collided with a minivan that was trying totryint turn left on leesburg pike. pie. the driver of the minivan miniva still in the hospital.ill in tha a preliminary investigationnar says the officer was speedingspe and his lights and sirens were off.f. happening today in> montgomery county a planningha board meeting is expected toecto consider plans to redevelop arel parking lot off of river roader which is also where members of the macedonia baptist church believe hundreds of formerfo enslaved people are buried.b people that they're relatedelted to. land is owned by equity one equi and the company wants to build d a multi-million dollar mixedr mx use project there.use projt the. ahead in our 8 o'clock hourlocku we'll talk live with thee wi the county planning director.di let's head to the district now. mayor muriel bowser holding her first budget forum of themum new year of theencouraging ress to share ideas for the city's c budget priorities for the yearer 2018. next year. tonight's forum begins at 6:30 at woodrow wilson high schoolowi in
6:33 am
set for saturday in northeast nt and a third will be held next week. we now, you have until uti 8 o'clock this morning to voteti on a namnge for the baby giraffe born this mop at the maryland td zoo in baltimore.o in baltimo it's the first giraffe calfstff born at the zoo in more than t 20 years. 20 we told you about this about yesterday but here's a little lt reminder for you.u. these are the names now dottiete opal ruby, willow, our favorite, sephora and amar aam the official announcement willo be made at 11:00 this morning. >> rappe the giraffe.g write it in. >> that is not on the list.t is >> we like we time for the morning line.. >> caps ended a two gameo a losing streak beating thebeatinh flyers last night 40th victoryi of the season so far in phillyn on the ice that's alex ovechkin. let's talk about
6:34 am
backstrom t.j. oshie withith goals.goals. that helps washington with a four-one win. win. there's his second of he th night. night. up for the caps their firsttheit home game in nearly two weekswes tomorrow night at the verizone center against edmonton.. nba trade deadline. they picked up this guyhis guy yesterday. they agreed to trade 2017's first round pick and andrew nicholson to the brooklyn netsln for bog done very very u 27 years old a six-eight forward averaged 14 points per game for the last place nets.a he and otto shooting 3'sing should be good. o another tough loss for the terps. lost to minnesota last nightastt at college park. maryland up by one at the half but then the gophers scored 55co in the second half. hl maryland losses
6:35 am
selection sunday two weeks sunds away. they'll get in but probablyob not the seed they wanted aanteda couple weeks ago. depaul got past georgetown in dramatic fashion.ason. even at 65 hoyas missed a shot. shot. both free throws thro and that willg do it. t crowd went wild in syracuse s last night three-point buzzerret beater and there it is and good night d syracuse passed the bluee devils. big upset for number 10. duke tend to peek right beforetp the tournament keeps their post season hopesurna alive. a. more college sports. sp don't typically talk about about track and field but watch thehhe au runner shoe comes offe comes halfway through the 800-metere race. look at right foot barefoot goodfoot bad enough for the win.enough f goodor enough for afterward he joked i need tojok fix my form because i seem tom o be favoring one side. way to represent americanto r university and runep with
6:36 am
barefoot and one shoe. >> we should cover more trackre and field actually.c >> isn't that amazing though? t just did not finish a beat. >> finished the race strongraceo with one shoe on, one shoe, onee off. >> how about back in the daythe when you were his age.e his >> i know --kno >> six weeks, no.n >> no, it would only be a be a couple days recovery. >> it's not apples to -- don't t cut yourself short -- selll yourself short.short >> maybe i'll try today may because it's going to be inbee thite's 70's this let's see if i can recreatecreae it. it. here come the 70's.e the 70's. yes, we are featuring mid 70's s today, tomorrow and low 70's 70s on saturday.. so, so long winter i mean, mean, maybe it will try to make ait bit of wil a comeback but it'sas really not much on the horizonhn here. 50 in gaithersburg, 55ersbug, 5 leonardtown. start.drtoff to a mild i want to mention a little fogi to the north and east. inin fact a lot of fog as you get ge up towards baltimore.imor.
6:37 am
those temperaturesun to near ar record temperatures over theatue next couple of days and again we'll be in the 70's by 4:00 p.m. i'm want to mention the chanceme of a pop-up shower. you knowof a the summertime we e instability and sometimes weitye get thunderstorms.thundms. >> sure. >> today we can do a shower, shw same kind of idea. kind ofdea. >> really. >> not long, just a little long blast. >> and widely scattered.atered. >> thanks, tuck. >> kind of like a disclaimeris for tucker in case it happens.hp >> just trying to covert tryingr myself. >> wgot it.t. hi, caitlin. >> you got to be as vague asvags possible sometimes and cover cor everything. chance of a shower in yourou neighborhood. behind me we have some text up e but basically this is from vdot o closed due to a truck trk fire. we're getting word that theord westbound side is starting to reopen. toiting to see if any traffic is moving ther se bueet i for nw plenty of emergency personnelpe on the scene and again this isni in falls church route 29 leeutee highway closed both
6:38 am
at gallows road -- there's thers some traffic. we can see the sowestbound sided has reopened so it's justit's ju really the eastbound sidetbound there in falls church.c all right, back to our mapsr mas and let's take a look at some se other trouble spots here thisots morning. we've had plenty of them. them. off to an early start with a w lot of issues northbound 295thn5 crash after malcolm x avenuelc has been still some heavy delays backelac down to laboratory road andad a spilling onto suitlandilling o parkway. look at that heavy delays suitland parkway from branch par avenue all the way to 295 soll try to get around that use use some local roads if you can. finally 295 southbound justust volume heavy visit to the 11thyt street bridge.he we'll be right back after after this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. it's time to check what's trending on >>the imwee b oton s thursday morning.thursdayning. first up, classical singersi jackie evancho who sang ato sa president donald trump'sdonald s inauguration took to twitter t last night to express her dismay with the administration's newstration's w transgender guidelines tonder gl request a meeting with the president. evancho has a transgendernsgeer sister. in her tweet she wrote that wrot the administration's decisiononn is disappointing. she also wrote "you gave meave e the honor to sing at your sing r inauguration. please give me and my sistersi the honor to talk to you aboutat transgender rights ." walking dead stirring up s contrors
6:42 am
clothing retailer has reportedly removed a walkingwal dead t-shirt from its storeore after complaints that it wasints racist and offensive.ffeive the shirt features a baseballbab bat covered in barbed wire and the phrase even knee meanyme mine knee mow which is character megan said as hen sa picked out a victim on thide season six on the show the line is thats tt followed by catch a tiger byerby his toe. his to earlier versions did include aca racial slur as tiger was tiger s replaced with the n-word whiche- is what caused the complaint. tt finally a professor is taking a selfie every day forayr the last 30 years.years. carl baden took the photo toeho document his aging so it'sging really before they even calledcl it selfies.elf he just took a picture of himself. he's been dubbed the father ofbd the self tea.ta. he tries to remain faithful toho that same image posing with p the same neutral facialf expression right here ies suppose and using thesion same 35-millimeter camera, the same e tripod backdrop and lightinggh
6:43 am
every day for 30 years.ars >> amazing. >> i love it. >> he was ahead of the curve. t. >> yeah, he was. look at that. >> and it's always tough withwa the olysd cameras to do itdoit because you can only reach so ro far. fa >> tucker, he looks older.l >> let's let tucker have his moment. >> let's live in that momentivet for a minute.e. way to go >> hugh jackman sits down with kevins do mccarthy to dish aboui his new moviesh "logan.""l today we are going to get at kevin's review of "get out" ot which scored a 100 percent onpet rotten tomatoes.omaoes. kev has been raving about it.oui is it really that good? the fox beat next.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> ♪♪ >> hi. >> hello. >> i thought you were over on ov the other wall. wal. >> run, tucker.tuc >> you got some good runninging music. music. >> steve, i don't run. s i was just doing myte walk. wak. >> there it is. there iis. >> you're out of breath,ou though.'r >> yeah, i am. brisk walk. all rightb,ri feeling like ike spring. check out thsese daytime highs for the next couple of days.s. 74 today. 76 tomorrow. tomorrow. going to get awfully close tolyo records. if we hit 79 wooer go togethere tie the all time high forr february and then saturday 73ura with a possibility of some thunderstorms. and, that music right on time. m i'm impresse
6:47 am
unfortunately, we're doingdoin allergy reports.orts. the trees, the pollen high, i mold low, grasses low.ow we're just kicking spring into o gear a month early. so peaceful.eacel. as our temperatures are justst astonishing. i mean, they're 25 plus're us degrees above normal.above norm. 53 this morning in, nice mild start. 48 in annapolis.annaolis. 48 in frederick.. typically we would be in they we upper 20's and low 30's. obviously those temperaturese 15 or 20 degrees above normalee and we're stilabl on track for f temperatures in the 70's latersl today. do want to mention some fogme off to the north and east up towards baltimore and visibilities up there quarter mile or less so there may be some travel difficulties if you're headed up 95 in the head next hour or so.up 9 otherwise filtered sunshinefilt today. i just want to mention theon he atmosphere is a littlemosp is a unstable so it's possible withoi a little lift later today weer d could fire up a shower or a a storm. not a storm.orm. really is a shower buthower but temperatures will be in theurese 70's later today andtodaynd anything -- any showers we get will be very widely
6:48 am
i show you these on stturecast. there we are at noon.t noon this will be late afternoonaften early evening.evenng. 7:30 trying to get a littleitt line of convection going itsing possible we could pop a fewle we showers late this afternoon.aft. keep the heat around fridayund and saturday.turday. ends with a thunderstorm saturday afternoon and then a ao little cooonl aer,nd still abova normal sunday and monday andd ma look at that, we're right backer into the 60's to near 70 byr 70y tuesday and wednesday of nextan week. week pretty amazing stuff. s what do you think, caitlin? >> unprecedented. wild. i'm just tryin>>edg t.o debate i need the air conditioning todino sleep comfortably.sleep >> right. that's s sad. but i mean i was warm lastrm lat night so i'm really thinking th oh my gosh. don't feel guilty if you have to do itohel gbeuicause i'll bo it, too., too. behind me we're still following this closure on the he westbound side at route 29 at9a gallows road.llow this is the eastbound side. side westbound side still closed stid due to an earlier truck firek that has been put out but lotsut of vdot personnel on the sceneee trying to clean it up.clean it u if you're in the falls churchalh area you cannot access theac westbou s
6:49 am
at gallows gallows all right, let's g o back tok t our maps real quickly if wely can. we'll show you other fewer f issues on this busy thursdayursd morning. i don't know why but we've hadvd crashes and issues since weand n went on the air atce 4:25. northbound 295 crash after malcolm x avenue has this was a single vehicle veh crash very serious that hadtad the road closed earlier butliert now you've got delays still on the northbound side taking youtk back to about laboratory roadab and this has affected suitlandcl parkway. you see very heavy delays jammed traffic all the waye way back to branch avenue. avenue. and finally let's check in onk n the other side of the beltway,bl maryland commute very heavy on the top of the outer loop there stacked upoop from 95 to georgia avenue.gia a. 95 itself and the t baltimore-washington parkwaye-wa are looking okay. oy. and that's a look at now it's time for... the the morning meme. mo >> yes, time forrnin the morninm meme. >> ♪♪ >> i didn't know i had to do it ton'dat y.da. >> caitlin we'll put your picture in there th >> yeah, just photoshop myotoshy face in there.
6:50 am
>> #morning meme send them onemn in. in >> aww. >> aww >> this one is from a sad snowdw lover. >> is this you, tucker. >> aka tucker barnes. b >> there are a lot of us snowus lovers who were disappointedsapd we didn't see any. measuring all of d.c.'s winter'r snowfall. >> well, he's still smilings stl just like you. >> i think he's given up all hope. >> all right. >> there you go. hat's whs what i'm taking i taking t. >> the morning meme with thisrn guy. you had one job.inthishad one jo >> yeah, just one job. b. >> at rex the rat. >> i think we'll need a do needa over with that. with >> i think he's sick of it. t. >> maybe he's like this iss what you get. gt you drag me out of that holehato every year. >> i'm a evground hog, okay. >> clearly the focal point of p not many happy people here asera winter totally disappeared. >> i feel so bad for him. h >> did he ever say he reallye re could do it anyway.anyy. >> well, he doesn't talk al, whole lot. h >> he said put me back in my hole. >> let me hibernate, fool.erna,.
6:51 am
#morning meme. please send them in and ise senn promise we'll get some on the se air. we put on a nice gentleman'snt dog just a few days ago and he was just like put my dog on. >> the ground hog is going toron be actived more. mre when it's cold and snowy heowy can keep sleeping.s >> i think he made a point.pont this tradition needs to go. g. >> we have star power in the inh loft today actor rappertor rper comedian brandon t. jackson innn town for some shows at d.c. improv. improv first though he's going to go hang with us in the loft.e lt. >> plus actor luke wilson willen join us live. lie. he's lending his voice to theg e animated movie "rock dog" og" which comes out this weekend.e >> you don't want to miss don'tm tucker and allison taking aing a field trip this morning.m you guys are going to theg to hirshorn museum.rn muse there's a brand new exhibit that i think we'll snee a lotwe of selfies and instagram pictures soon.
6:52 am
>> yours today. [laughter] >> and then people will seeoplel that and then you'll be theth next big thing.thing. >> blowing right on up. blowi r >> should be fun.hould be >> happy to go. go >> guys, speaking of fun kev is here with the fox beat.x bea. >> i have some fun stuff in st the fox beat. going toe review "get out." ou" got interesting interviews.nters hugh jackman back as a wolverine. he's been playing the earshe's b andye y this is kind of a warning towaro parents. you've seen him in the x-men x films which have been pg13. beeg this is a very hard r rated movie. movie. so, just 'cause you see worldsee even on screen does not mean this is for the is foe i i spoke to hugh jackman aboutugm the difference in shooting a pg13 wolverine film versus an vs r. watch this. ths. >> that's interesting.terting. a little bit different.difnt. but for me, the r rating,r yeah, it is violent and atanda times it's like, ooh, but it's ' more r rated for the story and a the drama. i was really -- i guess i wentsn back and watched
6:53 am
before we did this and thatid th was really an inspiration.sp it's are. it's are rated because we've seen the effect of the violence emotionally.em >> the consequences. >> exactly. makes it a little bit harderttli when yout actually put it put t through your head your fistad has to go through their head. h >> top of the head that shot.e >> you have to be a little more precise where you'ree going. >> that scene was amazing. in the trailer it was like ohikh my god out of the top of hisis head. >> the movie comes out marchm third. i'll have more on that but again, not for kids whatsoever. w >> doesn't sound like it. >> "get out" opening up. p. the idea is amazing you have a black gentleman dating a whitee woman theyma go home to the home white woman's family and mysterious things aresterious tr happening but there's a partyeg scene where all tthheseer whe'ih people come up to him and too t it to say things to him wherewhe they're overstating thingse oves that he's not i spoke to daniel colulo thelo e real actor in there film aboutmt what that message was and wha
6:54 am
those scenes meant for him as an actor to play this. th watch this. >> miscommunication of intention. what you're trying to do as a a white individual is basically shake someone feel welcome butiw how it's received is that i t feel isolated. >> yeah, exactly.exatly. >> it's that kind of like -- and that party scene was one of the reasons why i had toto say yes to this because it wasus like oh, i've been there soen th many times and people that doeno that are lovely, they're there really nice people but youut you feel awkward and you're likeou' oh, that's t-, i'm just living my life, and if you're being constantly called what's itallet like, oh, let's talk about talkt this, let's talk about what'shas happening in botswana.t i don't know. i just don't know. ko and it's -- and that's the wayha it is. [laughter] >> what is happening in botswana. t. a lot, a lo i'm going to wikipedia it. it >> an example of that someonehas comes up to him at the partyt tp and said i would have voted vote for obama for a third term or tr i love tiger woods.tiger woods. those are lines in the film where the people are trying tooa
6:55 am
>> or my best friend's black.blc >> right. that's scanningly what the s movie is pointingcan out. o "get out" my first five out off five rating of 2017. 2 an absolute masterpiece. jordan peel has created. r it opens up tonight aroundarond 7 o'clock. i absolutely loved this film.lm. it's smart clever funny scaryles everything you could want and in a movie but ngi yout makes yo think afterwards and as you you just heard that many actord speaking those are the typesth of messages this movie isie trying to get across. aross it's an amazing filmng flm absolutely loved it.solutelyed i my first five out of five off ff the year. the year. it's only february so inly feuas usually only give about five to six maybe seven 5's afteraf 150 films this is my first frst one. one. >> yay! ave to site.ite. it's phenomenal.he that scene right there, thatthe freaks me out every time. tie. that guy who did that scenet cee actually pulled his leg wheng he was shooting that. th >> it's hard and then you gotyou to do the turn. turn. >> first five out of five. five it opens tonight aroundroun 7 o'clock i think everywhere evw so go see it.
6:56 am
>> awesome. >> super. >> you have a comment about havn the britt ish actor is that whah you were saying.atu were sayin >> just saying i like tot sayino occasionally see an americanalle actor in my an movies. [laughter] >> when you see him in then yo movie you will never guessyou wi that he's british.riish. he sounds so american.american. >> plus he's an actor. plus hen. >> i got it but then i justst saw the interview you did. >> well, i don't have a welon problem with british actors.cto. >> well, i do. [laughter] >> kev i'm going to try to see "la-la land" before the awards w this weekend.eend. 54 in washington this morning. i hey, we're going to be in theine 70's later today. filtered sunshine expected butbt the temperatures 25 plus25 ps degrees above normal, so makeo e sure you've got, you know, ow, that sporty pair of shortsir ofh you've been wanting to bring i out since santa brought them t to you at christmastime asmastis you're going to need them the te next couple days. couple . maybe a thunderstorm saturdayndd afternoon. af caitlin is back.n >> i was going to say weis need a visual tucker.l t guess you got some sporty s shorts for we'll need to see them.. northbound 295 crash after malcolm x avenue
6:57 am
however still heavy 295eav northbound back to laboratoryory road. suitland parkway now very heavy jammed beyond branchbranch avenue so some troubles comingeg from southern top of the beltway 95 toof the georgia avenue very heavy.ue vey that's a quick look atck look traffic. more coming up in the 7:00oming0 a.m. hour when fox5 news5news morning returns right afterturne this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ z29kvz zstz
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z29ksz zstz y29ksy ysty
7:00 am
>> ♪♪ >> 7 o'clock right now. the trump team reversing o'c course olonump trteaamnsgendert putting power back in thepower a hands of the states.s of the ste the move could impact schoolt s districts across the country.acu a live reportntry coming up. u. >> and a 15-year-old marylandd d girl disappears after meetingme a stranger online.lin the fbi is asking for the for he public's help as the frantic fra search continues and herdr mother makes a desperate plea.e. >> plus, a traffic stop in d.c. erupts in gunfire. a park police officer usinglice his gun after he said then af driverter tried to ram hisd tos cruiser. now a man shunt under way.r wa we'll take you there >> good thursday morning toursdr you. i'm allison seymour.m alson seym >> and i'm steve chenevey.our. thanks for'm jo siningte us at 7 o'clock on this thursdays thua february 23rd. >> if you're just waking upre ju this morning, here's a live live look outside for you. you. going to be a really nice day.d. but tomorrow just wait untilw js you see the sevent wa day. day. it's pretty -- well, let's gettt a little peek right now. n >> let's get a quick check on c weather and traffic.r and traff. tucker and caitlin standing sang by. we'll start with >> beautiful sunrise oututifunro th


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