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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> breaking right now. now a violent night in the district. two police officers recovering r in the hospital this morningospi after a tashootout in northeastt the scene still very active atca this hour.this ho this was just one of severalseva crime scenes overnight.e sces we have team coverage ahead.d. >> plus, the president set tot take center stage at cpacatpac today. this comes one day after the aft vice president's apperearance ap there vowing top put an end to o the affordable care act. this morning we're learningleang why that task might not be soo easy. >> and a live look outside.ou it's friday morning, february 24th, 2017.febr weather and traffic for you on the 5's atd tr 6:05. 6 good morning, i'm allisoninn seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm e welcome to fox5 che nenews mornn and right off the top at 6:00 60 more on that breaking news outis of d.c. dc two police officers recovering f after being shot late lastot tet night in northeast.o this morning the officers at aia d.c. hospital.d.c. they are expected to survive.ur. >> fox5's melanie alnwick islanw live at the shooting scene with the latest.atest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodod m ror morning,ter: guys. g no identificatn
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d.c. police of the officers oror the suspect who was killed inkil this you can see still they've been n holding the scene for several sv hours now.hours now. it happened a little before be 11 o'clock last night and so so here we are 6:00 a.m. and still they need a lot of work here processing the scenescee probably doing a little bitng ae more after the sun comes . the investigation here stillstig in the early stages.rly s and it's still not clear wham cm exactly happened in thepened in moments before the shootings.ho. now sources tell fox5 that the e officers were in the areacers we making a arrerestsa when they we shot. they were in that uniform andorm part of what was described tod the media as a crime suppression team.ppression am. apparently the officersly the os returned fire killing one man. n police say that a weapon wass recovered from the scene thathee does appear to belong to theong suspect. this happened just hours afterur mayor bowser announced that interim chief peter newsham newm would get the job as chief. chie both came to the scene andand newsham spoke to reporters around midnight
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>> because the officers areffica being treated it's going tooing take us a bit of time before we can get some statementssta from them and get some dteetaill as to exactly what transpired. the two best witnesses that wese have that we know of right nowhw are the two officers.ffic >> reporter: now, those th officers withth nonlife-threatening injuries. nonetheless they were rushede ud from the scene to the hospitaloa in d.c. police cruisers, not waiting for d.c. fire and emsnds to arrive and take them there. t we know that one had surgery.ur the other treated for those t gunshot wounds.wounds. again, looks like they'ren, loo going to be be ay. outside medstar washingtonr wasn hospital center, though, ar, tha crowd of police cars and fellow officers and mayor bowser arrived later and alsoals acting chief newsham joinedham once he left the scene.cene. now, the d.c. police union notun too long ago did give us aong ae little bit of first of all they thanked thehae mayor and the chief, actingt chief for their attentivenesstee during this very difficultif
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those officers are now in stable lie in northeast, i'm melaniet,m alnwick, fox5 local news.ews >> now, even before the police e shooting it was a violentviolen night in the district there dtrc were three shootings in lessn le than two hours.hou. >> all just hours again after ar chief newsham was named actingcn chief. annie yu at d.c. policeat headquarters with the latest. annie. >> reporter: yeah, that'seporr:, right, these series of f shootings happening justs happen before what melanie wasiewas talking a it was yet another violent night in ward eight, southeast d.c. you had three shootings, fourotn separate victims. now, the good news isse all four victims we're told should s recover from their injuries but take a lr ofrok aomt this vo that we shot at two of theth locations there in southeastou last night. our fox5 cameras pretty much captured what residents who live in that area experienceat a on a daily basis.. the first call came in at 6:00, the last at 8 o'clock in' the evening.the eving. the shootings happening in aa two hour sometime span allur s alonwh
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congress heights section. sec you had multiple unitsltiple uns arriving. the mpdar chopper searching fror above, k-9 units on the groundth scouring the area for evidenceha and suspects and as of thiss ofs morning d.c. police tell usell they are not sure whether whet these shootings are ward eight council membermeber trayon white spoke to uspo us yesterday and he tells fox5 he's highly concerned abouto the crime and adds on wednesday night there were ay ni total of six shootings in theinh ward. meantime anc commissioner paul l trantham spoke to fox5 as well l and he's calling on the newly selected d.c. police chiefice peter newsham to take action. >> chief newsham should beef right over here tonight to see e exactly what all of us aresre saying about this violence andun the shooting in i'm going to ask chief newshamnw to either get the nationalti guard, if they can't put out a a special group of folks out ut here to saturate this area toreo get these guns and the last --ls in the last three days we doneee had shootings basically in
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same vicinity. >> reporter: d.c. police. olice tell us that no arrests haveretv been made at this time andat thd moving forward they will be b redeploying more officers to ofo that section of southeast.ectio that's the very latest here hre from d.c. police headquarters,ea annie yu, fox5 local news. >> be sure to keep it right here at fox5 this morning. mori. coming up at the 8 o'clock hour acting police chief peter newsham will be here with his ws hopes moving forward in forwardi leading the d.c. policethe d department. >> turning to politicspo president trump set to take t center stage at cpac.t he'll speak at 10:00 a.m.. yesterday it was vicest president mikeer pence pnc addressing the conservative political action conferenceconfr saying the affordable care act a would be repealed andand replaced. former house speaker john boehner predicted therd framework of the so-calledo-cald obamacare is here to stay. sta he said partly because "republicans never agree on healthcare."healt." >> ♪♪ >> 6:05. i nn
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>> happy friday.appy f. >> that's not it. t. >> oh. >> oh, 'cause you mean it'su me been warm. warm >> uh-huh. >> you mean the possibility ofpi record heat. >> that's right. >> i can't even wear my>> t jacm this morning. i'm going to break it d n. do i almost had to turn my air myar conditioner on last night.ast ni >> i did think of you becauseou there was a moment when it was pretty sweaty.sweaty. >> i mean -- [lghter]r] >> for february...ebary... >> it's february. embrace it. i >> off the charts.>> records possible we are featuringrdpo daytime hih mid to upper 70's. 70's we hit 78, we'll tie a record r that goes back to 1985. 15. a great year in my life. lfe >> mine, too.>> mine, >> allht.ght. current temperatures, it israt,t incredibly mild out there.iblyi 54 right now at reagan national, dulles 54, up in baltimore a cool 48.ol 48. just a couple clouds outt there. we'll be mostly sunny today. t we're talking extremely warm temperatures. 75.o rday we made it to we hit a record out at dulles of 77. today maybe a degree or twoortw warmer than that.t. 77 degrees. in.ds agaids aga if we hit 78 we'll tie all t record and we're going to keepok the winni
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temperature-wise if you likeou springtime temperatures going t into tomorrow. the weave the weekend forecastem coming up in just aekend fo remu >> thank you, thank you. >> enjoy. >> nice. hi, erin.ern. welcome back. good to see you. >> thank you. nice to be back. bck. i haven't been able to enjoy eny the warm weather but i promise m you i will today. toay. >> awesome. >> still dealing with problems on the inner loop as youeali approach ghew inn erparkway, crh blocking the right shoulder. part of the right lane asgh o wellf .the unfortunately let's switchatel over to our maps because incaus the backup in mclean there'shes a second crash blocking tol right lanes at georgetownt pike. as you palasnes 26ow7 thenn you wall of stopped traffic.d traff. once you pass gw parkway parkway things open up on the innern loop but right now givegive yourself 10 extra minutes to get through that area. area. gw parkway inbound lookingnd log nice. not seeing any problems onro area bridges. onsice coing nice conditi on the 11th street brndidge as d well as the key bridge,idge, memorial and roosevelt.s if you're taking the rails andl skipping the roads earliereaier train malfunction at addison ad road o silver line delays to wiehle-reston this morning. mo blew affected by safe track sa work. on 95 as you come through
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lorton this morning very heavy traffic around the curve.ound t you can see average speeds spees about 20, 25 miles per hour. that many trend continues south of that and point iny stafford betweenof t fredericksburg and stafford you jamic ksupbu. u a lot of stop-and-go trafficf st through lorton as wellop as dale city getting into newington.ewn. so from fredericksburg to theriu beltway leave the house about ab 15 minutes early. you'll need in extra time.ime 270 southbound still looking stl good past 70. more traffic in just a af back to you allison and steve. . >> the number of pregnantumber e women impacted by faulty zikaula testing in the districtdisict continues to we'll have more on thntat next. >> plus caitlyn jenner took to twitter last night withith message to the president. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> ♪♪ back at e back now at 6:09 and developments overseas.e malaysian officials saylaysian f chemicalfi weapons were used too kill the estranged half brother of north korean leaderor kim jong k kijo two women you ngsaw u n.there jt right before rubbed vx nervevx agent on kim jong nam's face at the kuala lumpurla lumpur international airport lasttionai weekrp. the women respect in custody and police say one of them didfi get sick after carrying outrying the attack.atack. authorities plan to dee dee contaminate that area of the the airport. airport. meanwhile malaysia and northnd korea have been unable toable to agree over who will take nam'sns body. so far none of his family fa members have come forward.forard >> also in iraq
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overnight as iraqi forcesiraqi f pushed into the firstpushed inth neighborhood in western mose ulm and also took full control of the airport from isis.from isis. for six days now crews havecrew been trying to route militants from western mosul which isrn ms the terror group's last strong g hold in iraq.hold iiraq. intense fighting continues at c this hour. >> this was the scene inthis mexico yesterday.ys migrants deported from thefrom united states arriving atving at mexico city's airport. airport. a mexican man who livedolived illegally in the u.s. for 25 years said he had gone to paytoy a ticket in portland oregon oreo when he was arrested while hereh was leaving the courthouse.or it's all part of presidentf pnt trump's efforts to crack downckn on the estimated 11 million immigrants living illegally inln the u.s. u.s. and this comes as homeland o security secretary john kellylly spoke to his counterpart in mexico. mexico walking back. comments made byd president trump in which he called the new immigration laws a military operation.perao. kelly said there will be nobe no use of military forces and and there will be no mass deportations.depo >> more protests following president trump's newe prpres guidelines ot n tr
6:11 am
students. the new policy aims to get rido of an obamaer rally federalrally guideline that allowedid students at publicel schools too use the bathroom of the genderod they identify with. ident president trump howeverump believes the decision should t be not a federal decision butisb left up to the states.s caitlyn jenner speaking out inng a video posted to twitter lastit night. night. >> i have a message forage president from one republican to to another, this is a disaster.isar and you can still fix it.t. you made a promise to protectprc the lgbtq community. call >> jen's video message had a message for transgender kidsr kd and bullies as well. wel. >> now to the growing number of women affected by faulty f zika testing in the district.s more than 400 patients wereaie tested and initially clearedcl for the disease but in december the lab that did the test noticed a problem ab ndem d started retesting.t new results does show that one of them is positive for zika,zi, another eight positive fortiveor what could be zika virus
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dengue fever the cdc says theysy expect to have all the reteste e results finished within two weeks. >> this morning residents inrnit san jose california cleaningifoi up from massive flood waters.a they can now get back home. hom. in some areas the water was contaminated. the same storm that cobrought th heavy rain inat california willl start hitting the midwest starting today.toay. >> it took 16 firefighters to rescue this dog. this og. it fell off of a cliff in san is francisco. a firefighter was lowered down d and used a special k-9 karen k necessary to secure the dog. to. firefighters say the dog was friendly during the hour long og process to rescue him. hi. >> that's a nice effort too by y the firefighters there.t >> all righty. righty another black eye for uber. ub. we're going talk about that inh today's business beat.. >> live look outside as we as head to break. already 58 degrees.58 let's check in with tucker next. >> ♪♪
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>> we continue to follow thisin morning's top story.ue trning's two police officers off recovering after being shot last night. aftght. happened in northeast d.c. d.c. this was late last night along l morse and holbrook streetseets northeast. no both officers survived.ive both said to be in stablestae condition this morning buthis iu they're in the hospital attal a medstar. the suspect was also shot andota later died. late now, it is stillr died unclear a exactly led to the shooting.hoo. we will talk to acting policeole chief peter newsham about thisn case andab others.thrs. he's going to join us at us at 8 o'clock this right nowock 6:15, let's get aa check on our spring/summerinme forecast. hi, tuck. >> yeah, right to summer stevem that's that's what we like to o do around here.d he. my house was nice and warm w when i got up.u bus stop forecast, mild mil temperatures for this time ofesf year. upper 40's and low 50's out 5 there early and look at your atr after school forecast. forecast just about everybody into the et 70's and well into the 70's. 70. we might even be a degree oree o two warmer than our daytimedayte highs yesterday.erday those are yourest daytimeare highs. 75 is what we yohit at reaganhin national. that was a new record out atouta dulles and up in baltimore
6:16 am
marshall 77.marshall 77 don't forget our normal normal daytime high is only oly 49 degrees so we're looking at t temperatures, what, 26 degrees s above normal yesterday.sterday. we'll do it again today.t we'll do it again tomorrow before cooler air gets in here e saturday night, early 54 now in washington. leonardtown 54 degrees.4 degr these temperatures juste temperr extraordinary for thetraoinary overnight hthours.urs. 46 is the cool spot up in frederick. frederick. 54 this morning in notice steve even out at theut t mountains you guys areu guys are enjoying the very springlikespre temperatures as well earlyea this all right. we are on the warm side of side things today no doubt aboutubt a it. again, temperatures 25 plus25 pu degrees above normal. spring has sprung out to ourut r west but winter is also al returned just to the north andnd west of some very springlikerink air and blizzard conditionsndi this morning or at least heavy v snow conditions up into partso p of wisconsin, minnesota, partso, of michigan as well wherel ere they're looking at several inches of brand new freshw sh snow. something we haven't talkedg we about reg hionally here in many, many weeks.we all right. for us it's a warm front wellalt to our north and
6:17 am
going to get that southerlyat su pump going again again. the area of low pressure youlowe saw out to the west will dragilg a cold front through here tomorrow and i do want towant to mention tomorrow afternoon wete could have a round of of thunderstorms and the nationalth weather service just reminding us that if you're a boater thinking of being out on the bay look out for quicko thunderstorms.thun there could be gusts and weuld don't want pbee gople capsizings scattered thunderstormstere tomorrow afternoon. cooler weather by sunday, 52.d . erin is back feeling better.bete >> yes. >> she brought with her ah brand new husky voice.husky >> i know, that's the onlyvoonly thing that hasn't come fullyfu back yet. . right now 6:17 in the morningm and skyfox is over the inner her loop. we're tracking two crashescras here. gw it was there since about 4:30 : this morning.orni right lane right shoulder right still blocked.ill blocked. heavy backup and in thatd in backup there's a second crash cr in mclean so let's take aak look at our maps.t our maps. that crash is blocking twooc right lanes at georgetownanes a traffic is backed up from justot before the dulles toll road so y
6:18 am
toll road passing, excuse me,cum gw parkway you're going to hittt about a 15 minute delay thereaye its? you have the a mess.u good news is the legion bridgehr is nice and quiet. nice not seeing any problems on gwgw parkway inbound and traffic ontn the dulles toll road isdull tolo looking good.g we'll switch it over right nowii and show you a ghlook on 9595 northbound. crash on the ramp to the innermt loop. that's going to start to goi quickly turn that ngg treen mapm red as you make your way to the mixing bowl.ixin so give yourself a lot of a extra time.ex good news istr traffic is still moving to the left on the rampft to the inner loop but it'soop bt causing a big slowdown.owdn. aside from that one if you'ree e taking the rails this morning earlier train malfunction at addison road silver line le delays to wiehle-reston.e blue line dealing with safewth track work by arlington work cemetary. that station is any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. allison andtiond. steve. se >> we have another egg to watch at the national arboretum. ar thebo famous bald eagle parentss mr. president and first lady welcomed their seconds egg ofr g the year yesterday. the first egg laid on this is a live l look at thek nest from the eagle cam.e eaglea drop
6:19 am
on folks. mom and dad will take turns watching over the eggs untilhe l they hatch in about 35 days. da >> let's stick with the liveithh animal theme. live picture of april theil giraffe getting ready to give tg birth. there's going to be a baby.g toa this is atby animal adventurevne park north of new york city. cit the live cam is subject ofubject controversy after animall rights activists said it was sexually explicit promptingompng youtube to take the cameracamra down. it's back up this morning.morni >> do you have a problem withhae your phone rando amly shuttingsg down. if so apple has a fix this ix ts morning. details next. ne >> first though it did not not take video of a division twoviso softball game to go viral. gam trying to beat out the play at t first base you're out but y let's do a little acrobatics. head first slide little flipe ll over. she was not hurt. hur later on twitter she poked a poa little fun at herself sayingf hey, a the least i tried.rie. landed on the base at least.
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>> another black eye for first though a check of theoughe markets. joining us from los angeles atlt 3:21 in the morning, hillary hl vaughn, good, good how aremo you? >> reporter: hey, good, good morning. i'm awake.awake >> i love it. how are we looking? how isowi our money looking thisng this morning? >> reporter: so, futures are a slightly down but yesterday y markets closed mixed.mie the dow gained 34 pointsed 3 closing4 at 20,810. the nasdaq down 25 pointsits closing at 5835.t the s & p just up a littlelitt less than a point at 2363. >> okay. let's talk about uber.s talk ab. seems like the ride share sh giant has been in the newss be lately and it hasn't been bee good. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. more drama for the car dma company. this is all over theirselfirse driving car program.g car progr here's the deal. google is suing them saying that uber has top-secret trade- secrets that a former employeee stole from them.the. they say that an employee --loy before an employee resigned he downloaded 14,000 top-secrettop documents and ended up takingtak
6:23 am
that former employee startedstad his own self driving caring car company that uber thenr purchased in 2016 so now uberw r has allegedly this proprietaryoy information and google wants was it bac they found out about this this because they were cc'd on ann e-mail that had a photo of a circuitboard they looked athey t that photo and said, hey, that's our design and so nowesia they're moving forward ndwith wt the lawsuit.the lawst. >> okay. that's nasty business. apple trying to fix a problemblm with the six phones, right?ig >> reporter: yeah, so if you so inn you've noticed your phoneoue randomly shutting off you're not aloofne.not a a lot of users who have the iphone 6 series have beenbeen affected. apple sales the latests the test software update should fix the e problem. they said about 80 percent of 8p the people that downloaded theoe update have seen this issue resolved. the issue has happened to me.d . i haven't updated my phoney one yet. i need to do that.hat so, update your phone, see if that fixes the issue.ssue. and then if you
6:24 am
problem, contact apple.appe. >> sadly sometimes it feelsetims like the updates make thingsing worse. >> reporter: yeah. eporter: yea >> for a minute.h. >> reporter: they take a>> f long time, too,or soter: i alwaa put it off.o >> let's finish with a little l valentine's day for victoriaoria secret. didn't do the business they were hoping.we >> reporter: yeah, customersstos not showing victoria secret as lot of love this valentine'shils day. this should be a big month forh them next to christmas.. well, they under performed. sales dropped about 20 percenttt so what they were last year soyo they're giving their investors a heads up and this is just j the latest problem for them. th. they cut out their swim wear w line which was hugely popular. p i'm not sure why they did th that. they also cut out theirir popular catalog.po they did all thispu to save sa costs and it's just seems toeeso be not enough.enough. it's not bringing people intoplo their stores and it's not not bringing them online tol purchase their lingerie.inge. >> maybe they can make thingsy a little moreca affordable.ffo i don't know.i >> reporter: yedoah.a >> is that just me. >> reporter: it is pricey.>> is. >> hillary thank you ver
6:25 am
much. have a super weekend.w >> reporter: thanks.e rter: thak you,.too. >> okay. >> or maybe they didn't expectde it to be 80 degrees in i february and people would bepeoe wanting to buy their bathingat suits that they no longer sale. >> valentine's day looktine's dk forward to.orward to. >> they changed their pucketthei of product everybody wants to go at leisure. people aren't making a lot ofgoi money offng aot it. t. >> i always spend a lot ofspendf time on that that web site and n i can never find quite what i'm looking for. for >> browses too much.oo mu >> let's go to the forecast.rec. >> hey, we're going to be,o e, guess what, i can't even een believe i'm going to tell you tu this, back in the mid 70's 7s later today.tod. maybe some upper 70's. 70 we could get close to a recorded that goes back to the 1980's if we can hit, let's see,e, 78 degrees. 78 we're forecasting 77. so, one of the things you'llthgl notice it's mild out this morning. rn 54 degrees feels great.egrere just a few clouds in theuds in e forecast off to the north andrtd west winr
6:26 am
look at that until sunday anday then by sunday things will thing return to nos rmal around herehe but today and tomorrow more extraordinary springlike air. a. look at tomorrow.loo i do want to mention we'llion have a round of potentiallyoteny thunderstorms tomorrowde afternoon and ars few of those h could have some gusty winds sows just be ready for that ifthat you're going to be playingplayin golf or going out on a boat orar whatever you may be doing tomorrow during the day. ay. >> good advice. advice. >> not a lot of thunderstormsund in february. >> pretty rare. that's why we're trying to>>ryio give everybody the heads up that we could have some soe tomorrow. >> good to know.>> g thanks tuck.ood hi, ethriann.ks, i >> good morning, steve,ood morns allison and tucker.teve 6:6.. skyfox still over the innertill loop as you make your way past t gw parkway crash moved over to the right shoulder.ght shld all lanes opened.opened. look how slow traffic isffic is moving. as you pass the dulles tolles tl road you'll hit a wall ofll parked traffic.park there's a second crash in the ci backup. we'll go ad had and switch over to our amanpd s in mcleancl this morning it's blocking twooi right lanes at georgetownanes pike. you can see that yellow andwnat red lingering now back to just before 267. so give yourself about 15 about
6:27 am
once you pass gw parkway thewayt inner loop definitely opens upin so that's good news.nes. another big crash slowing down d 295 on the southbound side ate pennsylvania avenue.venue. you are jammed solid from 50fro0 down to pennsylvania once youncu pass that crash you do open outpatient to the 11th streetstt bridge. you can see a little bit of ae a northbound delay rubber neckber delay past pennsylvania avenuevu as well. 50 inbound through cheverly just a little bit sluggish andhn new york at bladensburg also a dealing with heavier traffic.ff. 95 northbound crash on the crase ramp to the inner traffic getting by to thee c ge keep it to fox5. we're back in just a few.w. >> ♪♪
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>> we are back now with ae arckn crash on the george washingtontn parkway. parkway. right shoulder is blockedoulderi rights b now. you can see the policet activity on that side.ti o traffic is moving a littlea slower. welcome back to fox5 news morning. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's atome bad tr 6:35. 65 first now at 6:30, we want towao get right to melanie alnwicklnik live in northeast d.c. with d the latest on two policen wo pol officers shot overnight.. >> reporter: steve andeve and allison, still notino identification made by d.c.. police on the officers or thehe suspect that was killed in kill this incident last it was about 10:45 when all ofaf this happened and police tellolt us that it was part of a crimea suppression team, that's whyion the officers, the uniformed, thd officers were here along morseao and holbrook.olbrk. so, holbrook is about downout where you see the police carce r there with its li
6:31 am
we've kind of looked at thet lights come up to see if we if could see any more more investigative activity in theatv street so far but nonee yet. y. we just don't know yet whatha happened in the moments beforenh the shootings but we do hearo ha from sources that the officers were making arrests when allwhel of this went down. dow. the officers were shot we'ret we told in the -- in the lower oe o part of their bodies.odes. we had heard maybe one in the torso and in the legs but not tu a hundred percent t confirmed on that officers returned if i wereur killing one man and police didmd say last night that a weaponweon was recovered from the scene fre that appears to belong to thebee suspect. suspec now, d.c. police didn't wait wat for ambulances to arrive. arri they loaded those officers off into police cruisers and took them to medstar washington center. one had surgery, the other treated. these are nonlife-threateningfee injuries. a you had could of police carscl and fellow officers. f mayor bowser and acting chief
6:32 am
the hospital once they left ft the scene here.ene her and as they told us, you know,k they really -- the two best t witnesses they have are thoses h two officers who aeyre in the th hospital, so hoping that weatwe will get more information asmat to the events that led to this shooting later on today. today. still more investigative workve to be done here in northeastnort and the d.c. police union union telling us this morning thats ma both of those officers are now in stable condition live in the trinidad neighborhoodrini melanie alnwick.melanie alwic >> before the police shootingssn there were three otheree o shootings in less than twoan two hours with four separatefour see victims. they happened within a half a ha mile from each other in the in e congress heights area.ongress the first call came hein justn u past 6 o'clock and the last last call just before 8 o'clock.o be sure to keep it righturp here to fox5 morning news. news coming up in our 8 o'clock hour acting chief newsham willml join us live for more on theve t violence throughout the city thy and his hopes moving forwardg f in leading
6:33 am
department. in fairfax county now anow n investigation is under way inn reston after a.m. woman wasanas hit by a car and killed.kill the crash happened at thed at te intersection of reston parkway r and south lakes drive. the driver also stayed at the se scene. no word if the driver will face any charges. well a 20-year-old> well a - gaithersburg woman accused ofrgf kicking her four-year-oldr daughter in the stomach for fo not brushing her teeth is duetes back in court this morning. morg that little girl did not survive. iris rivas was initiallynitially charged with child abuse lastit month but those charges couldh be upgraded to murder. muer. major announcement todayunce that will benefit middle andle high schools in the district.di. d.c.'s mayor and new publicic schools chancellor antoineellor wilson will announce more than $6 million in new investments.v. the mayor has said middle mi school science and technology are some of the topf the priorities. prince william county mother and wants her kids to prince kidso have more recess time. te. her children attend lake ridgekr elementary school are rightta now recess isry s only 15 minuts
6:34 am
daily. she created a petition thatetita has more than 800 signatures 80 now. tonight she'll host a townt sh hall meeting with the prince pre william county school boardoun chairman. it will be held at the talle t oaks community center in woodbridge at 6:30. 6:3 steve over to you.r to you. >> al thanks very much. al thanu time for the morning linche.. ln wizards and caps back inrds action tonight. wizards go ttio ponhiladelphia r matchup against the 76ers. 76 first time they played in over n a week.week. and tonight bouillon bogdonavich makes his debut. d caps taking on edmonton.edmonto college hoops last night ine ho foggy bottom josepoph and georgr washington hosting u mass. mass. the game was close in these second half and ithen gw saidwd okay enough with this close game. let's just below it out.t. 33-13 run. gw cruises 83-67.3-6. colonials 15 and 13 on the season. season. nascar right here on fox5arr
6:35 am
s little bit of a rule change.chn. the race now segmented intoenten three mini races. rces. about a quarter in the halfwayhf mark and the checkered flagred g all with points on the line. li they won't stop but whoever is w leading at that point getsint more points. one thing that hasn't changedchd the dual to determine the 500 t5 field last night in daytonadaya chase elliott wins the first dual and becomes the firstthe driver to win a pole and dual an in the first year since dale earnhardt.earn dale earnhardt jr. the secondth fastest in qualifying.g. the fastest for most of the he dual 53 of 60 laps. laps. last year's daytona 500 winner denny hamlin takes the lead goes on to win his third daytona dual. a dual look for him to be a favoritee a on sunday. at 9 o'cloc k this morningcor we'll talk with jeff gordon gdon and kevin harvick.n we'll get a take a look at the best ofof the annual spring trainingtr photo day.o d this is jayson werth and brycenr harper doing a little lt spbroththers. >> hilarious.>> hilario. >> recreating the a stepbrothers movie
6:36 am
with the caption want to dot too karate in the garage a famous fa line from the movie because bece they did just become bestbecbest friends. >> aww. >> bryce is really getting into thatce i picture.tu. >> i like it. >> hi. >> hi. >> hey, how about the record high temperatures today. open the windows, hold o tfemf o the air conditioning, if youu can.can. >> yes. >> and enjoy the springtimee spn temperatures 'cause they'reat not going toures last forever.o. >> okay. but they'll come back eventually. >> eventually. >> in other words, go crazy. w inher washington.asington. we're featuring daytime highs.i. okay, yesterday we hit 7. today perhaps a degree or two oo warmer than than th maybe mid to upper 70's for everybody. so, just extraordinary herenary that we're talking about these kind of temps at the end ofs atf february. our normal daytime high isigh is 49 degrees so we'll be about ab 25 plus degrees above normal nor later today. winter is trying to return to ths etrying t upper midwest andh will be a front associatedssiatd with that system that'sstemhat's
6:37 am
lakes that will bring us cooler air tomorrow.ow. so, tomorrow afternoon wef could have a period of showers h and thunderstorms but up aheadbd of that today, tonight and thedt first half of tomorrow we'reroww going to just be dealing with these -- i having nothing but superlatives, extraordinarydinay warmth, 77 degrees.7 d >> yikes. >> okay. weekend forecast coming up.. >> my gosh. >> and the morning meme is coming up as the well. >> ooh. ings.ngs are all great th >> tnks s tucker. >> hi, eturin.ri. >> hi, good morning.>> hi, gd mn 6:37 right now. now keeping our eyes on the roadse we're still dealing with a crash blocking the right righ shoulder. this is the inner loop past gw parkway. an earlier crash in mclean prior to this point that wasis t out justha past 267 byy georgetown road has cleared cle but we're still seeing delaysdey from dulles toll road to gwgw parkway. pa we'll let you know when these clear. let's switch to our maps. we have a mess of others swita r problems. if you're heading out in thet ie district we have been telling we you about the policee poce investigation street closureslos remain the 11 to 1200 block of f holbrook street and
6:38 am
15 and 50 block of morseof street northeast. use bladensburgst road or kneel street florida avenue to getflon around that but watch for or increased traffic in northeast as you head out this morning thg around those closures.losures. again that inner loop crash cas we've been telling you aboutou moved to the shoulder. sho you can see those big delaysd there and then the outer looputl there's a crash beforerash colesville road jammed back to o 95. bottom of the beltway a crashf h coming from 95 e northbounbed to the inner loop as well. back to you to you uys. erin n thanks. 6:38 right now. no parents listen up because nextse a recall to tell you about you t involving a toddler swing.swng. >> plus, why producers of theuce new fox tv show "24 legacy" are apologizing this morning. we'll be right back.
6:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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6:41 am
>> ♪♪ >> back now with what's trending on the web on this friday morning. your childyot back ng on little takes toler swings,es tol listen up. the company is recalling moreis than half a million after more than 100 reports of the swingses breaking. 39 reports of injuries ts of inju including two children withildrh broken arms. producers of "24 legacy"lea" on fox apologizing for usinging real footage of the 2013 kenya mall massacre to depict a fictional terror attack intt egypt. it included real footage fromoog the attack on west gate malls in nairobi an attack thatck that killed 67 people.ple. critics slammed the show forw or being in
6:42 am
disrespectful. beyoncé won't be performing at coachella. her doctor advising her toising take it easy.take it sy. she promised her fans she'llan perform at coachella nexta next year. told theth she coachella folks though becausehe she's still on the web site sie headlining this saturdayning thy night. night. >> family first. >> i agree with that. >> right. really have a headliner for the second nighten of the three night festival. fe. >> but we have so many people to choose from, don't we.ose fr. >> iuess.s. >> steve, thank you. >> none are booked yet.ed yet. >> okay.>> oka thanks, steve.anks, st count down to the oscars is is on. kevin mccarthy ahead withad w his predictions ahead of theicti big awards show on sunday. do you agree with his choices? we'll be right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back at 6:45 on a fridayme b morning.orning unfortunately a violent nightt in the district last night. nih. two police officers shot.police the good newsshot here, they are recovering, they're in stable condition. our melanie alnwick on theick on scene will have the latest andtd also join us at 8 o'clock. acting police chief peterr newsham will join us live. lie we'll talk about what's goinglko on in d.c.ut won in >> in th e meantime let's checkk in with tucker get a look atl our forecast.ast. >> hit 75 degrees yesterday 7 and allison as5 de a tribute wel be in the mid to upper 70'ser 7s today. >> okay. >> i got a little somethingo for you. >> yeah. >> late 70's. >> better be the bee gees. >> this is your song. sng >> he kind of took his songnd oo andok
6:46 am
you. >> it is a >> ♪♪ >> it is a jam.>>t >> i think there's only like threle people left thate le tha actually know what that songat g is. >> me, you and.and. >> and the captain.>> and tapta >> the captain. >> 54 in washington.shi 51 in annapolis.apol so, all right here's the deal. d temperatures are very, veryy, mild out here early and we arede again looking at temperaturesemp 25 plus degrees, 25 plus degrees above normal later l today. hasn't just been yesterday andtd today that we've beeneen featuring warm temperatures.em it's been the entire month.onh haven't had snow this months moh and we're on track for the second warmest february inrua washington history.wash i think we'll make a run atmaket the number one there with temperatures in the 70's bothn h today and tomorrow. to all right, there's your t satellite and radar.llite anr. we're quiet. we'll be sunny and brightbrit today. winter is trying to return to the uppers tr myiidwest.idest. area of low pressure up intoureo the great lakes will drive a cold front through ourri regionr tomorrow and when that coldow at front arrives we could see appeared of showers and potentially somentially thunderstorms. heads up if you're going to befe out tomorrow goi afternoonaf
6:47 am
just i know we don't typicallyty talk thunderstorms in februaryfb but it's certainly atainl a possibility and there could bete some pretty good gusts withre them, too.tty th there's your sevenem, to day. a. 77 today, 73 tomorrow, coolercor by sunday and monday. mday. still above normal but atal butt least a little closer to wheretr we should be.d okay. erin is back.s bac. she's feeling better.elin >> i am.g 6:47. voice is still a little bitttleb deeper than usual. us skyfox is over the on-rampmp from 95 northbound to the inner ne there's a crashr lo it's blockig right there the left lane softae give yourself a few extra extr moments to get on the ramp. ra at the mixing bowl you'llg bowll encounter delays leadingr delays towards the inner loop from 95f5 northbound. northbou as we switch to a camerach to aa that's not the only bigig problem. s the outer outer loop by central avenue.loop by earlier vehicle fire under under control but activity from the f fire department still blockingtl the right lane. let's switch it over for a swii look at our maps.t our delays are leading all the way y through largo this morning. as you too it to get up from om say branch avenue top centralcen you'll hit delas. aside from that there's a that a crash on 295 southbound atthbout pennsylvania avenue.lvania a
6:48 am
shoulder but still some reallyrl big slowdowns from 50 on down dn so be mindful of that. that another crash on the outerash or loop before colesville road.vil. you're jammed solid back tod b o before 95 really to route oneo t right now so give yourselfrself about 30 extra minutes to getnut through that portion of thertioe beltway. a lot of silver line delays clearing bygy wiehle-reston. we'll keep you updated butated t it's my favorite time of thefav morning right now.morning righ >> yes, it is,t the time for the morning meme. we got to ke eepm moving today o we can hear about all of kevin's pleasantries with the oscars. >> maybe we can get some oscar memes on monday.monday. >> that would be fantastic. s get tot to it. #morning meme.#m all right first one is inspirational. >> okay. >> all right. >> i like those. >> let me see. >>re it is. is. >> oh, hello. >> always remember ths. >> okay. >> uh-huh. >> sideways. >> i love it up. reminder.mider. >> amazing when you see treesn r out in nature that are justare t doing some crazy things.some crt >> or for me when you see themeh and they're pe
6:49 am
i noticed a lot of themced a lom yesterday they're so symmetrical.etrical. >> yeah.eah. ci fascinating. >> don't think that's in't thin nature thouingh.ough >> no. >> no. >> those little bonsai. bonsai. >> mike at a t put up me whenmen i memed a picture.p i just wave my hand and springng appears. >> that is so beautiful.ea >> i found in yesterday. fou that is a blossoming cherry in downtown washington.ash isn't that amazing. >> a liisttn'le ahead of scheduc >> time out. ucker.u find it t >> well, my photographer foundyh it. >> good morning to you dave. >> hi, dave.>> h >> call him out on all hisall business today. >> i wantss dave to goat hise t shine. >> fair enough. >> allison this is from ryan>> y and mereditanh and they are bigg fans, they love it.ove >> let me see it. >> the face you make when allison says your face is meme s worthy. >> i love it. >> you are meme worthy. >> there you go.o. >> ryan and meredith e-maileddid me. don't be intimidated.ti if you can't figure out how to
6:50 am
hashtag or whatever you canou just e-mail it to us.o . >> send us your thought andou they can we can make r it. it. >> yes. >> mike thomas is good atas is t that. >> we want everybody to feel evt like they cano fe eparticipate.r >> where is the hard sell on this? he's got three pleasespls on there, please, please, pleas, please. >> begging on him. >> that was mr. mike>> thomas.. >> selective credit taking.aki >> selective credit.>> sve >> stick around throughout theun day. we have a whole b tunch cominghh up on good day, a lot of star or power. power. nascar legend jeff gordon former champion kevin harvickevi both joining us live fromfr dayton in a ahead of sunday'sf ' big race where it will be sunny on sunday. no more rain down thonere.rain on the show you may have seenavn their viral videos the singershe behind my black is beautifulbeau will be here to perform for pf us. the cast from the first familyay of hip hop joining us and a a local rapper who is blowing upli will be here with his video that shines a spotlight on thet nation's capitol.pitol >> love that's noochie. no are you a passionate fansi n of sports? for this week's wek fo
6:51 am
to see washington -- the -- t washington wizards take on theak orlando magic live. li one viewer could win fourwin ur tickets to the wizards w it's oniz march fifth at thet he verizon center. the prize has an approximaten ae retail value of $320 and it's as provided by monumental sportsts and feld entertainment.ntrtainm. >> that's a great deal.t go to fox5 d.c.'s web site or fox5 d.c. facebook page.c. facee starting now through 11:59 p.m. tonight and enterigha for your chance tond win. wn. one winner selected by randomy m drawing on february 27th.ruah. all entrants must be 18 or b older. complete rules can be found at all right cue the oscar music because kevin isl righ her and it is go time. time. >> it's super bowl weekend.eeke. >> don't you look sharp.ok >> i went all out. >> nice.>> nic. >> tux, full on tux, "deadpool" socks on.ool i know it's not nominated butmit it's nominated in my heart my this morning. th >> there youis m go. o. >> gq about make sure youabout s matchur your "deadpool" y
6:52 am
i want to mention this. "get out" is still at 100 percent on rotten tomatoestm with over 100 reviews.eiews. >> okay. >> it's my first five out ofe ou five of the year. yea i reviewed it yesterday yesterdy morning. >> going tomorrow. >> go see it>> g now. w. get out of your house and goous see it. e it. that's really cheesy. cee i worked on that all weekeek long. didn't deliver as well a as iel wanted iivter to. t let's get to the oscaroscr predictions. categories, first up up is best director so on oscar s night you can follow me onllow twitter if you want it's kevint mccarthy tv, i'll be be tweeting along with the show. but best director no questionqu damien gisele 32 years old directed "la-la land" whichlandh has made over $300 million $300n worldwide at the box office. also directed whiplash so i'mas very excited about this, tis, 32-year-old i believe he's theie youngest filmmaker to ever winv best director if he wins on on sunday. next up is best supportingupport actor. now here's the thing. thng. i'm a huge massive fan ofanf "moonlight" one of my favorite o film
6:53 am
i love mahershala ali. al. everybody else in the film i thought was supporting asortings well. to me lucas hedges theges gentleman on the right from f manchester by the sea he's the e one supporting casey avenuecase fleck's character in thats char i thought he gave a more moe powerful performance.rfornce. i love ali. al i love it would be a win for "moonlight." i want "moonlight" to win so wio i'm really happy that he'sthaths nominated and he's going to goig win the award on sunday.unay. amazing scene by the way right t here. he's phenomenal. pen next up, best supporting actress, no question, no need nd to talk about this viola davisol going to win she deserves toshev win phenomenal in fences.nces. takes it movie directed byire denzel washington.ton. viola davis will and shouldll ad win the award.a good categories n
6:54 am
best ones. now best actor here's thethe interesting thing about this t particular category.catory. this was going to be a front running role for caseyfor affleck. if we can get to the nexte n prediction which is bestictionhe actor. i think that denzel washington n is going to win sunday and sund here's the's i think he gave the best bes performance of 2016, no16, no question whatsoever.wha he was phenomenal in fences. f before the golden globesen globs though casey affleck was theasee frontrunner. frontr he would be the globe, critics,s choice. then everything changed whengedn denzel won the sag award. aw in the last 10 years, out of all the actors who have wone won best actor at the sag awards,awa all 10 of that em have gone on e to win best actor at thectorhe oscars. >> you change the your mind. mid >> i haven't changed my mind. i think denzel wall a betterbete performance. pe i just think now that denzelenzl won the sag he's going to winhet the oscar.the os >> i'm sorry.'m s i was confusing this for best picture. >> next up best actress againgan actor and actress are thear the hardest categories to predictgot this is year.
6:55 am
months ago who was going to win this category i would toldtd you no question nataliena portman. rtman. then the globe went to others. h i'll choose emma stone.s know i'm probably going to bego wrong it's probably going togoit go to el or the film --ilm isabelle or natalie portman. po i'm praying hoping for emmafor stone to win. then best psticture here we go.g this is going to go to "la-la-la land." ." nominating for 14 academy acy awards. >> i say you're wrong.g. >> it's tied with titanic and all about eve for the most nominated films ever in oneer ie year. year >> okay. >> cool thing about this movie i 32-year-old filmmaker butaker don't be surprised if hidden figures nix in there.figu >> i say hidreden figures willel win best picture.pi you stick with yours i stick stc with mine. >> hidden figures won the sag. . that's a big deal
6:56 am
globe drama went to moonlight,on globe musical went to "la-lala-a land." those three films will bee th frontre runners. ru i'm predicting "la-la land."-la" i will be very happy if hidden figures. gures. >> i think the way hollywoodnk y works, he's going to win. win. >> i heard katherine johnson jo will be there in the audience.u. >> she's in her 90's. 90's. she's awesome. >> hi, the youe' can. can. >> dave if "deadpool" is not is up for best picture i'm notture going to watch.wach. >> it's not up for best picture. >> it will save me sevene sen hours. >> it's on another network.neto. i'd rather not 54 in washington. guess what we got record recrd temperatures, at least the the potential of them today, midday, to upper 70's.0's. enjoy a beautiful afternoon.ft heads up.heads . we got thunderstorms tomorrowmsw afternoon and we put an end ton this heat wave and we're and wer calling it a heat wave, right,h, mike? that's erin how is >> traffic is backed up on the outer loop.baouter loop. dealing with huge delays right a
6:57 am
now. now. earlier vehicle fire under control but two right lanestwo i blocked. this is the outer loop at central avenue. is th ce ntjraal avmmed backed ck to pennsylvania avenue. pennsyli you need aa av good 35 extrad ra minutes to battle that tha congestion. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll have the very latest ony n that and the rest of your yur commute as we continue. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.mon >> this gun violence is just a u scourge on this community,e on it's a scourge on our city andon we've got to do more to o prevent it. i >> nine shootings in 24 hoursshg a violent day in the district dt ended with two police officersos hurt by gunfire and a suspecta c dead. but it's not over. o we have live team coveragerag next. next. >> major error at a d.c. labd.c caused expectant mothers toherso get the all clear for the zika virus.rus. turns out some of the resultsoft were wrong. how did this happen? that'sis ? coming up. >> and a newspaper round ofwspan protests across the country.cont this time opposition toosition o president trump's new policypoly on transgender students astudens well as ongoing concerns about the crackdown on illegalon immigration this as the nation's homeland securityn' chief promises no masss hoief ps deportaties no ons.port >> good friday morning to you,ir i'm allison seymour.i'm >> and i'm steve chenevey. ive thanks for joining us thiss th morning. clock, it's fridayay february 24th. >> if you're just waking upking this morning, here's yourng, hes


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