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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 24, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.mon >> this gun violence is just a u scourge on this community,e on it's a scourge on our city andon we've got to do more to o prevent it. i >> nine shootings in 24 hoursshg a violent day in the district dt ended with two police officersos hurt by gunfire and a suspecta c dead. but it's not over. o we have live team coveragerag next. next. >> major error at a d.c. labd.c caused expectant mothers toherso get the all clear for the zika virus.rus. turns out some of the resultsoft were wrong. how did this happen? that'sis ? coming up. >> and a newspaper round ofwspan protests across the country.cont this time opposition toosition o president trump's new policypoly on transgender students astudens well as ongoing concerns about the crackdown on illegalon immigration this as the nation's homeland securityn' chief promises no masss hoief ps deportaties no ons.port >> good friday morning to you,ir i'm allison seymour.i'm >> and i'm steve chenevey. ive thanks for joining us thiss th morning. clock, it's fridayay february 24th. >> if you're just waking upking this morning, here's yourng, hes
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dmv it is going to be a beautiful day weather-wise.ahe >> no doubt about it were.doubt temperature going to jumpure gom today. we'll get to your top stories s in a moment. a mom first we'll check weather andk r traffic quickly.affic quy. hi, tuck. >> steve we'll make a run at at record high temperaturesteeratus today. how warm will it get? i'llet? have all the details on that friday forecast coming up. u. erin has got your traffic.fic erin. >> that's right 7:01.ght 701 seeing a lot of slowdowns slowdw especially the outer loopci we're dealing with an earlalielr vehicle fire by central avenue e delays are extending back past pennsylvania. r look at that withhatwit your next look at traffic.raffi. allison and steve.teve >> erin thanks.n tha let's get a check on thea checke breaking news coming out ofmingf northeast d.c. this is video from earlier this morning.this two police officers recoveringrv after they were shot last night. >> thankfully the officersfullys respect expected to this morning still a whole lot e of unanswered questions as to ao what led to the shooting.ooting >> fox5's melanie alnwickmelanik live in northeast with what weh know this hour. hour. mel. >> reporter: good morning,orte guys.r:guys. yeah, you know, as the sun hasnh come up we've tried to get ag
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police said this happened andd d surprisingly we're really notlyt seeing much going on yet. et we assume that they're stille e holding these several blockslos of morse street because they the do need to finish up theh up th investigation. right where you see the stopop sign and that next line of tape, that is holbrook sobrook morse and holbrook is where we h were told that all of this t went down last night. down lastn the investigation, though,st still in its early stages, not o clear really what happened inha the moments before the shooting but sources do tellell fox5 that officers were making arrests when they were shot. sh they were in uniform we'rere told and they returned fireire killing one one man police say that a weapon wason s recovered from the scene that appears to belong to theto suspect. now, this happened just hours ho after mayor bowser announcednn interim chief peter newshamm che would get thef pe job as chief.. both went to the scene and a newsham spoke to reportersprters around midnight.night >> our crime suppression teamprm was in the area because of gunshots that were in the a
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without getting too specificng o it was mostly in the lower lower portion of the body both ofn ofh the injuries.ies. thankfully they were nonlife-threatening.nlife-thate. >> reporter: and d.c. police. p did not wait for ambulances toao arrive. the officers were rushed in police cruisers to thelice hospital. we know that one had surgery.surg the other treated for those t nshohot wounds. outside medstar washingtonashngn hospital center, a crowd ofwd of police cars and fellowfelow officers. mayor bowser arrived later anda also acting chief newsham arrived there at the hospitalosl after he was done here at the scene. not too long ago d.c. policelo union also gave us a lingttlee i bit of an update saying thatayit both of those officers are in n stable condition this morning.on live in northeast, i'm melanie,e alnwick, fox5 local news. ne >> even before that thatvebefort shooting involving police it was a violent night in the the district. there were three shootings in sn less than two hours.ours. >> all just hours after chief ch newsham was named acting aci police chief. ce chi fox5's annie yu is live at liv d.c. police headquarters now with
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annie. >> reporter: hey, goodeporter:, morning, steve and allison, l that's right just hours beforeob the shootings over in in northeast, there were a series e of shootings in southeast,s ward eight. another violent night fornight folks there.folks you had a total of three shootings, four victims.victims now this morning we're told byry d.c. police those four victimsvt respect expected to recoverted just fine. but if you look at this videos o that we shot last night, these are two locations in southeastst that we shot, our fox5 cameras captured pretty much what the residents experience there oneno a regular basis. si a violent night there on wednesday and thursday.thursd we're told that last night'sght series came in starting ating at 6 o'clock, the last one just t before 8 o'clock in the'clock ie evening so the shootingshoo happening in a two-hour timewo-u span about half a mile apart art along wheeler road there in then the congress heights section.igt it was a very active scene mpded chopper searching from aboveom e and on the ground k-9 units k-9 scouring the area for any area y evidence and suspects. and su assp of
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are not saying whether thesewhee shootings are connected butconnb tell us no arrests have been ben made. ward eight council memberember trayon white tells fox5 he's's highly concerned about theoncere crime and talks about theout wednesday night shootings atings total of six happening in that a same take a listen.sten. >> the city is pretty much in in a state of emergency with theofe crime i think we had at least six peoplemethink shot in wardt yesterday. we have begun this safe waythisy home act and a initiative toiveo get the community moreommunity o involved and it's just at a's j level of critical mass rightr now. >> reporter: so, you have a six shootings on wednesday,e three last night, all in then te same area in southeast.oust. we asked d.c. police what ispolh being done and they tell ustells that they are going to be redeploying more officers inmor that area and coming up at 8:00 of course we'll bell chatting more with. acting chief peter newsham sows stay tuned for that as well. live at d.c. policelive at d.c.p headquarters annie yu fox5 localarte >> annie thanks. there you see the therue information about the chiefioab who will be joining us
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than aur.our. hi, tuck., tu >> hey, shorts, i mean, youmeano can wear them this morning.m tho i mean,r temperatures --pera- >> wear them with pride today. >> you think so. >> yeah. >> okay. >> wear them with pride todayih pride as we've got the possibilitysiby of record high temperatureserats later this afternoon.this after. yesterday we hit 75.y we hit today we're forecasting 77. the record is 78 all the wayhe y back to 1985. uh-huh.h. >> uh-huh. >> so, our record is 30 plus30 s years old.yearo all right. all right. currently very mild out there. . 54 comfortable degrees tole dego start your morning.oring. dulles 55. the cool spot up in baltimore, bwi marshall is 47. 47 all these temperatures already [inaudible]
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pass.. >> we saw a lot of emergency ofy rooming flowers. >> yeah, we sure did.e sure id >> yesterday. >> yup. >> okay, thank you very much, tuck. thank >> uh-huh. >> go to erin see how thew roads are. ad it's friday. fri >> it is friday but we've had wa a lot of problems thisrobms this morning. this is the scene on the outer loop of ane sc earlier vehicle e fire, an overturned vehicleed that was blocking a few rightin lanes. traffic getting by now butttingt delays still extend all thell way back past pennsylvania avenue towards joint baserds joe andrews so be prepared forparedr about a 35 minute slow down there. let's switch it over for a look at our maps much we haswvia a crash blocking the right shoulder 395 northbound byboundy little river turnpike causing cg some issues and an outer loop or crash just before colesvillecoel road. it's moved over to the rightr te shoulder but you're still you're jammed back to about route onero dealing with about a 20 minutemt slow down there. as we take as a look at metro safe track surgeug 12 still in no train service rog lynn to l the pentagon on the blue line li arlington cemetary stationtary n closed. southbound 295 ea
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at pennsylvania moved over tonid the shoulder o bu ot your areure jam packed from 50 down too pennsylvania. 50 inbound through cheverly dealing with very heavynd thr ds new york avenue by bladensburgag road. really slow traffic as well. w suitland parkway inbound tonbouo silver hill closed.clos northeast still dealing withl dh police investigation.ce i. we'll take a closer look atoo at that next. next. >> erin thank >> ♪♪ >> metro police release newe ree video of a suspect wanted in a first degree sexual abuse caseee a police say that this man an grabbed a woman who walked walkd past him and sexuallylly assaulted her.ted her. this happened in the 700 block of galloway street northeast. if you have any information, you are asy ksetrdav e to contat police. >> we continue to follow a suspected gang murder.spec police have now charged fourh men including a 17-year-old7- with the murder of christian chn rivas. his body was found last montht h near dumfries virginia.viinia police believe the murder wasmud the result of an internalan power struggle within theithh gang. another update. police found a missing prine william county teen
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mattei reported missing nearly e a week a. police found her a. yesterday in harrison burg virginia. the 15-year-old discovereds with the 21-year-old man.ld man. the girl's matter says their thr family is focused on healingn theidaughter.r. >> in new york city yesterdayyoy protesters gathered outside ofof its historic stone wall inn in n manhattan expressingnhattressin disappointment in thesapintmentt president's new guidelines for transgender students.u and abroad in mexico city protesters rallied againstlied president trump anti-immigration policy.-immigrp coincided with secretary of state rex tillerson and secretary of homeland securityof john kelly joining ho mexico. >> chaos. chaos. we didn't come out and vote t and this is what happens. >> got to that continue tot to t march, got to continue toh, g protest, you have to contine
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to reach out to our elected eled officials.officials. >> activists say their ongoing protests respect crucial tol to keeping the importance of the i active vigil in the spotlight.. homeless security home secretary john kelly trying tor ease down the tension betweenth the united states and latinand n america by pledging that thethat u.s. won't enlist its militaryml to enforce immigration laws. las in statements made yesterdaymeny during his trip to mexico kelly added "there will be no bo mass deportations."portions only hours earlier presidentl donald trump suggested the he told cos at the white house h the deportation push was "a"a military operation."opti >> turn to the growing numbertot of womenhe affected by faultyy y zika testing right here inht hee washington, d.c.wa more than 400 pashtients were re testd the and initiallynitially cleared of the disease.disea but in december the lab thatmbea did the tests noticed abd the to problem.tice it began retesting and thend th results in some cases new results show at least onelee is positive for zika, anothera eight positive for what couldhau be zika virus or dengue the cdc
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have all of the retest resultsss finished within two weeks. weks. d.c. mayor muriel bowseryor today will be announcing a $6.2 million investment forves middle and high schools.sco the mayor wants students tostu excel in science andexcel in sce technology. the mayor will an now's more aw on the investment with publicpuc schools chancellor antoineellore wilson today at brooklyn broo middle school in northeast schot d.c. >> still ahead the poison used d to kill the brother of northrot korean leader kim jong un was ws a nerve agent. that's according to malaysian officials. of >> the united nationsna classifies it as a chemical ofi mass destruction.mass we'll have those ddetails next. >> first though, our bob barnard is at the cpac rally where president trump will besil later this bob. >> reporter: hey, guys, yeahtene we're at national harbahor.iona he'll be here in three hours. hu yesterday the conservativenseriv faithful here heard from hisroms brain trust, the moste st controversial person at therso white house. you'll hear from him when wen e come back.ack >> ♪♪ >>
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>> ♪♪ ationak at national harbor rightl now.o and the new casino. 54 degrees. e tonight toght or win some >> you are. >> no bu yt i might end up there. >> okay. >> you never know where theer k night is going to takewh you. y. >> i love that venue. v i'm not a gambler but i love the new mgm. m >> i'm not a good gambler.gam i want to take tony there. he said it will be too manyeoo m people that will talk to us we won't be able to gamble. ga >> like to get out of the dmv. . >> you want a private room. r >> no, he wants to be able toble let loose. you.yo. got no photos please.eas >> warmest february in d.c.ary n we were right there. were rie. look at that number two rightumt now.
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46.3 degrees and we're goingnd o to make a run at the warmestaret february in washingtonshin history. >> we can knock that off if wewe hit close to 80 today. toda >> forecast 77. going>> to get awfully close. ce both today and tomorrow back in the 70' 54 i0'ns. washington.ashin. these numbers very i would forur early in the massas 55. cool spot i guess if we canf wen call it that would beat woulde frederick at 46 degrees.6 de sunshine bright, beautiful,beut, more like late april or early may than the end of february.ebr we'll be dry today. we'll have some thunderstormsuns tomorrow that big complex youexu sebringing winter weather tointo parts of the midwest willhe midt bring us a cold front tomorroww afternoon. line like we'll have a of thunderstorms potentiallyms l tomorrow afternoon so just ajusa heads up if you're going to the dog park, golfing, ifg, f you're going to be in a boata ot out on the bay or on the potomac tomorrow, just be onst the lookout for thunderstormsun in the afternoon.ft >> all right.>>ll next week those upper 50's a50's little bit closer to normal, nr, right, for this time of year.ea. >> upper 40's is >> oh, okay. ok >> we're still well abovere stil normal next week butel
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reality. >> just looking on twitter some of our friends went out to the gallery yesterday, youeru know, the infiniti exhibit is there. >> in hirshorn.irsh >> why are their videos muchide better than what we posted onten twitter. thanks eddie.ddie. >> because we're inexperiencedxd obviously. obviously. >> okay. >> i love our -- i love r -- >> tucker was just trying toingo take his best selfie.efi >> maybe that's what it is. hi, we're happy you're backback erin. >> so happy to be back.b i was looking at the instagram posts of the museum.s of the i can't wait to check out that exhibit. exhi right now look at this is terrible traffic.te this is the outer loop as yourra make your way fromr way pennsylvania avenue to past pa central avenue.enu an earlier vehicle fire fre overturned car that we wereed cr dealing with by arena drive dive causing big delays. d still about a 30 minute delaye d even though all lanes arehough l opened now.l inner loop looks goodla ther egood but once you get closer toer branch avenue the inner loopnner slows through oxon hill.through let's take a look atox our mapss now we'll show you what other wo delays you're up against.'re up here's a alook at the miasm yo can see through largo againthrog that earlier crash and and
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fire cleared but again, that'sth what your left with. wh. also seeing big delays 295lays 5 southbound jammed from 50 to 50o pennsylvania. earlier crash at pennsylvania pa avenue cleared.ed. eleventh street bridge inbounddn dealing with some additionaldi volume as well. 50 inbound through cheverlyo heavy traffic. about 202 to 295 to295 and then stop-and-go trafficsto on new york atrveafnue inboundud through past bladensburg road really. maryland commute the outerommutt loop earlier crash atcrah at colesville cleared but 20t 20 minute delay lingering fromay lo route one to that point. back to you guys. >> erin thanks so much.n thanks developing overnight invern prince george's county acounty a shocking incident that couldncic end up with murder chargescha filed against a marylandry mother for killing her son. sn. sources confirm to fox5 that aht dispute between a woman andn a a her teenaged son led thed th mother to shoot the teen inee the chest. now this happened last night at a home aponpe buck her road n clinton. inton. exactly what led up to thatt shooting is still not knownl non but we're hearing it's likelylik the woman will be charged with second degree murder.rder. new details overseas aboutoe the death of kim jong nam ofg nf the
7:18 am
un.. officials in malaysia sayysiay they're certain that theain tha poison used to kill him was a vx nerve agent. two women are under arrest arrst accused of carrying out theg oue attack. you can see it in that circle i on the screen.cree police added that one of themf m got sick after carrying outing u the attack further indicatingndi that the deadly nerve agent ner was used.use several others are also under a arrest in connection with thathh case. the area of the airportthe r where it happened is now being contaminate -- deeaminate --ee contaminated. the attack two weeks ago in malaysia's kuala lumpur. kuala . officials decided once it wasdei determined the toxic chemicalhel was used that they would go ahead andt shut it down. >> ♪♪♪♪ >> 7:18. white house chief of staff st reince priebus is asking top fbi officials to dispute media a reports that president trump'sms campaign advisers weren adviser frequently in touch withwith russian intelligence agentsli during the election.gering the t a white house official saysio the request washouse made aftee fbi told the white house itit believed a new york timestims report last week
7:19 am
those contacts were not accurate. >> today the president will try to unite conservatives with his speech at cpac whicht c is being held at national harbor. >> plus we're hearing from one of the mosting controversialrol figures within the administration steve bannon bano who has emerged as a powerfuloe force behind many of trump'ss initiatives. president trump's initiatives. fox5's bob barnard is liveis at the event with more now.o good morning. >> reporter: hey, allison,gey, , steve, good morning to you.o yu. president trump not expectedt ed to speak for another threeotr t hours and at 10:20 this 10:his morning the doors just hopeduho here at the gaylord hotel athote national harbor.nation you see people are filing inr and yes, you're seeing a lotinat of red ball caps with makeke america great again nobody really of note speakingp this morning, michael reagane the eldest son of presidentesnt ronald reagan will speak later tonight. donald trump was not here last t year. he was on the campaign trail. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: donald trump donalp has appeared at the th conservative gathering knownnown as cpac before but never likee
7:20 am
as president.ide. still perhaps more fascinatingig for trump's supporters andrs a detractors was the appearanceppe yesterday of top trump aideump stephen bannon a major forceor e behind trump's policies who rarely speaks in public and hei did not hold back. >> if you think they're going'rg to give you your country backouk without a fight you are sadly s mistaken. >> reporter: bannon spokesn specifically about a.m. battleae against official washingtonwashn where federal agencies and workers have amassed too muchoo power he says.wer he say >> the way the progressiveogrese left runs is that they can'tat t get it passed they're going to o put it in some sort ofrtf regulation in an agency.age. that's all going to beto be deconstructed. >> reporter: to that end orte isis president expected to sign a new executive order to reform and an lead to the scaling back of scaf regulations another major movemr as the w mhite house continues u to face a number of issues is this morning.rning. the associated press nowciated w reporting that chief of staff st reince priebus spoke to theke te fbi
7:21 am
defend the administration fromro a report alleging contactse cons between campaign officials andao russia. up democratsemocras but at cpac today it's aboutab uniting conservativetive republicans and even somed evens trump skeptics on the right rigt see an opportunity.portuy. >> some have trouble about theue trade issue and the protectionism issue but forr many conservatives it was kindat of aiv homecoming.mecoming >> reporter: now, viceo president mike pence was here last night.night. he basically told the gathering that obamacare is a a nightmare that is about to end. as for the president, he wasents on twitter last night. n we had some gun violence here but he tweeted about the gun violence in chicago whereo wh seven people were shot and killed yesterday.y president trump tweetingwetin chicago needs help. hep. guys. >> bob, thank you very more from bob later at thert cpac rally. y keeps the te da doctor away. ay. we've all heard that one. on
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need to up thecher ante. a >> may want to starto gardening. not just one, two, three servings of fruits and veggies f it is a lot how muchit itmore? finds out the break. 7:22. 7:22.
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>> ♪♪ >> for years you've heard eat your fruits and veggies. a newears y fru study ups the ah finding we can significantlygniy reduce our rick of disease if if we consume 10 servings ofvings
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>> more of a good thing.egore researchers in london founddon d eating those 10 servings meantre lowering your risk of heart hear disease by 24 percent lowerslo your risk of stroke byur rk of s 33 percent among other percentmo benefits. experts say getting 10ng 10 servings is easier than it seems. seem they say that you can addanadd berries to your smoothie enjoyo ayour salad for lunch drink ak a glass of juice eat an apple top help get you there. th and look, i always say when i was making sure likeg sui seeing everything that i wast ia eating which i need to doich ido right now again like 10 grapeske is a 10 grapes so it's not that it'sh hard to just --jt >> you only have to powertoower through a hundred grapes.dred p. >> no, just 10 you can -- it's easier to dooo and of course it makes sense. ss i'm trying to do everythingeveri now at 50 i'm trying to dotodo everything to be here for likeie another. >> 50. >> 50. aren't you, tuck. tck. >> tuck take lessons from al.kef >> aren't you.royou. >> allison you're my role're mye model. i'm going to follow if yourlo lead. i'm going to be honest withnestt you getting to 10 is going togo be pretty difficult.d >> it is hard right.ght. >> yeah. like i eat a banana every dayve
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>> one. >> one >> one. [laughter] >> oh, boy. by. >> like the sesame streett i just got one. oe >> ha ha ha.a. 54 in, what. what upper 70's later today.toay mid to upper 70's later today. . yes, it's possible we couldble d hit some records.e we can get to 78 that would beau a record for the day.or the day. just an extraordinary month ofrf february. uary. no snow and obviously spring has sprung early around herend e and it will feel that waythat wy today, tonight and tomorrow. tom we are going to get a coldng toe front tomorrow that cot uld coul bring us a period of showersho and thunderstorms tomorrow tomow afternoon and againoon thunderstorms are -- we don't talk about them often in february but possible we couldio have some thunderstorms arounduu here tomorrow afternoon asernooa that cooler air starts to work k in so just a heads up ifup you'll be out tomorrow.morrow. there's your seven day. y those temperatures all remainre above normal but a littleattle closer to reality by sunday, s monday. okay, 77 today erin you going yu to get out and play if i'm going to try to.go i'm going to sit on my patiomy tucker but guess what time itwht is right now.ow. >> time for jam cam. cam. >> so, every morning we likever to show you liat
7:27 am
jam-up and right now ind right i nominate the inner loop, thislos is out by braddock road from rom the springfield inner changege through the little riverriver turnpike. other side next to the redt to light you can see traffic is tes crawling. speeds under 5 miles per hourour there. this is another view.this you cas n see it's just miles of very slow moving traffic notng giving us a great green lightren this morning. l if you have an area that area t would like to nominate forhat your morning commute that'sli ts just the worst and deservesnd some good music #fox5 jam cam on twitter.witter. again the inner loop usuallyu looks like this and right nowhiw it's worse than ual. back to you guys.back to you g >> still ahead a fiery crash cah in fairfax county captured on >> tractor-trailer and an suv collided. a police officer on the scenee e captures this thism this from his body camera. 7:27. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> all right. what you're looking at video on the left side of the screen from last night. get you caught up on our top story this morninginof t .ught two d.c. thieves recovering after being shot in northeasttht d.c. this happened along morris and holbrook that scene has been active throughout the hrougutt detectives are still looking for evidence this morning. two police officers they are expected to the suspect also shot and later died. officers said to be in stablee e condition this morning at medt m star washington hospital centere mayor bowser was there early inn the morning visiting with officers families still unclearr what led to that shoot but we'l' talk with the acts police chiefc peter newsham about this case aa he was just announced to be thee new d.c. police chief. c he'll join us at 8:00 o'clock.oc right now it's 7:30. >> 7:30 and check out this t dramatic dash cam video it shows the aftermath of a fiery crashra in police say a tractor trailer and an suv collided near the information of gallows roa
7:31 am
lehigh w. this happened early on yesterday morning.g now n this crash caused a hugeue fortunately, both drivers are okay. he's coming, he's coming! maryland man sending a specialae thank to you dc police officersr who pulled him from a burning car. michael smith is in intensiveve care recovering from a fractured leg and pelvis.d pvis. 58-year-old hit a light pole on bladensburg road. the officer's body camerasamas recorded his rescues this is as you're looking at.yore l he asked his wife to pass alongg a special message to the officers.officers. she spoke exclusively with fox5's paul wagner.. >> i want to say thank you -- yu deep in my heart and i will beib contacting you when i'm better t to thank you in person for being there and saving my life.e. >> a fifth district officer wasr on
7:32 am
on bladensburg road when he saww michael smith's wrecked car witw flames and smoke coming from the hood. hood. >> i believe there's one inside. going to break the window rightt now. >> reporter: smith was was conscious but his wife now says he has no recollection of what t happened just before or after the wreck. >> can you open the door? openn the door! take your seat belt bt off.f. get your seat belt >> reporter: the flames frommeom the hood are beginning to buildd as the officer pulls smith fromo the car. after being removed the officerc ask him if anyone sells inside.e >> is anyone else in there? the >> michael smith is a 58-year-old truck driver whoucko lives with his wife and threendr teenaged sons in montgomeryntgo county. tanya smith met up wise of use s outside the hospital today wherw she had a message for theorhe officers as well. >> angels in uniforms. urm i mean there's no words for -- - for the heroism and the bravery
7:33 am
him. >> he's coming, he's coming. cin >> reporter: tanya said sheaid s had no idea a video of rescue had been sister until she starter getting calls from friends family early yesterdayed morning.rning. when she got to the hospital shs showed it to her husband.usnd >> just thank you jesus.j thank you to the policeth officers. he was like thank god. it was overwhelming .as l he was very emotional watchingcn it. >> reporter: smith says she smi and her husband can't wait to t thank the officers in person.n. >> we're so grateful for allor a that you do every day and especially on that day. yes. >> reporter: michael smith ismii a long road to recovery in fronr of him.. it will be months. month paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> but he is tanya smith says er husband h doesn't know why he crashed that night but she says he isse diabetic and that may havet ma v played a role. >> all right.ig doing much better. that's a good thing.doin'sood 7:33 right now.ow check in with tucker right nowig get a check of our forecast.
7:34 am
day. day. >> i'm not contract alley too talk until 7:35. so.... okay.y. >> i'm just kidding. i'm let's do the forecast. [ laughter ]s t me like ----k a >> like get to talking. talng. >> he didn't know what to do.o. >> silence.>> s >> records possible we are looking at daytimeds p hh in the mid to upper 70s, 7, yesterday we hit 75 degrees. and today i think we'll be ae'l degree or two warmer than that.a yesterday of course we hit ae ha record at dulles i think at national airport we couldould possibly hit a record that would be 78 degrees that record setors back in 1985.back in 1 all right. nice and mild out there. really not cooling down a wholew lot overnight.ig. 54 now in washington. and you can see that originallyl temperatures look at new yorkesl city this morning.oo 59 degrees.59 degre it's february.y. 59 degrees in new york city to y start the day.thday a little cooler there in bostono 46.4 looking at the satellite picturu we're in the clear for beautiful day. da lots of sunshine.ine they'll be a breeze out of thett south and again we'll pump the
7:35 am
above normal.orl. winter trying to make come backc in the upper midwest and someom energy with that system willte w come through our region as a a cold front tomorrow and i just s want to give you heads up out ot tomorrow afternoon we could havw round of thunderstorms aroundorn here we don't typically getet thunderstorms in february we may do that tomorrow afternoon andoa there could be one or two stronr storms.or so we'll talk more about that tt but there's your friday forecast. 75, 76 degrees at 4:00 p.m.t 4:m should be beautiful day.autil d okay. erin is back. back. she's feeling better but heringb voice is still aut little husky. >> a little bit raspy. that's okay, right. rig >> you sound good. >> it's not terrible>>. yteible. 7:35 right n big delays from the springfield interchange up about little litl river turnpike this is by braddock road we nominated thiss for our jam cam spot of the day. really slow traffic.raffic. that's not the only big delay d we're dealing with this morningg no crashes just heavy volume.olm switch it over to our maps shown what else you're facing for youu morning coe. 66 eastbound a crash blocking bg left lane at 29.9. heavy delays from manassas intos centreville because of that ands then from stop and go trafficraf
7:36 am
once you get inside the beltway sluggish through arlington. 95 northbound stop and go traffic from dale city to them t beltway especially as you crossu the aqua quon there moving toto the outer loop earlier crash csh cleared by a ren in a drivea iv we're left with big delays. day all the way passed pennsylvaniaa avenue as you come up passed largo leading to 50 you'll hit l lot of standstill traffic aboutc 35 extra minutes needed to getdt to bw parkway this morning. 295 southbound jams straight str from 50 to pennsylvania avenue.. and 50 inbound through cheverlyl really slow.low. you jam on new york avenuek enue inbound through northeast asasas well. suitland parkway inbound througt silver hill really sluggish slus commute and top side of the o te beltway through college park 95p to about georgia avenue a 15 minute delay. 29 inbound also really slowylo traffic this morning.ning if you're waking up in wheaton e glenmont same story throughhrgh kensington. 270 southbound that speed looking pleasant 270 right now w through gaithersburg. stop and go traffic to rockvillk but nothing compared at a what w we normally zoo for the rest off
7:37 am
just a slight delay passedy pse earlier crash at little river rr turnpike. metro is on time except fort for safetrack right now. now back to you allison and steve.t. >> thanks, erin coming up nextex another black eye or uber. uber. the company being sued by a tect giant. we'll have details next.have all right.l righ also, have the angels fallen? victoria secret seeing a dramatic drop in ♪♪ ♪♪
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> back now with another blackta eye for uber being sued by wayd mow previously known as google'' self driving company. manager -- >> i love this story. sry listen up. did you know that the voicet voc activated amazon echo could save your life? the american heart t association says the device wilw give instructions for performini cpr and will also give warningng signs for heart attack ork or stroke.roke now to get to this informationnr people can simply ask a question like, alexa, ask american hearta how do i perform it will then offer the steps tot perform the life-saving procedure on someone.omeone. >> there you go.>> there >> perfect. >> great use of >> yup. parents take look at your screen if yous take bought thiss toddler swing for your child the company is recalling more thannh 500,000 of them. tm. after more than 100 reports of o swings breaking, 39 reports of injuries, two children left witt
7:41 am
well, it look like shoppersr fell out of love with victoriaii secret on valentine's day.. the company warned that sales sl this month aren't going to set s investors hearts a flame. f in fact, they say store salesal could plunge 20% -- plunge get t it, steve.. >> get it 20% this month compared topt year ago.go. officials say part of the bigig decline due to the fact thatt ta victoria secret killed off its swim wear line last may.ay >> all right. did you know one of the topo ten beaches in thef entire u.s. of a is right in our backyard? >> amazing. next we'll talk to the mayor>> o this beautiful beach city abouto what makes it so special. ♪♪
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
♪♪ 7:44 and just so much to t bring to you.brin you. later today on good day d.c., once again a lot of star power. nascar legend jeff gordon and current racer kevin harvick joir us live from daytona ahead of sunday's big race. rac also on the show, you may scenes their viral video the singers ss behind my black is beautifulea will be here to perform. perfor. the cast from the first familyal of hiphop will also join us u live, you know sugar hill gangi and local rapper who's blowing i up will be here with his video some that shines beautifult ea spotlight on the district.t on s >> all right. rig. let's head out west california officials and farmers workinganm around the clockers towo keep s from flooding in the northernher part of the state. state hundreds of workers scramblingan again yesterday laying down more rock and earth on levees where flood water was threatening
7:45 am
burst through saturated berms. b once the water eases, whiches, might be sometime this summer california lawmakers will looklk into releasing half a billion bn dollars to patch an upgrade the state' strained flood controlflt system. >> now he can work it's all work i legal and technical because it's 7:45. >> thank you allison. >> that's right.ig >> hey, let's get to it.s to i warmest february in d.c. we're e right there look at that 201701 we're currently running numberne two but with forecast highs near 80 today and tomorrow at least a 70 i think we'll make a run at n the warmest february inru washington history. just extraordinary, and again, we'll keep the warm temperatures around today with daytime highss mid to upper 70s.0s 54 now in look at these mild temperaturess 55 dulles.le. 54 leonardtown. can you believe we've had noe hd snow in the month of february? pretty -- pretty extraordinaryri itself there. annapolis 51.lis1. 47 in baltimore.
7:46 am
we'll get a few clouds today bub generally sunny conditions.dis. winds out of the south and agaiu we're on the warm side of someom cold air which is well off to oo the north and west.rtwes warm side of a front which ishis hanging out right here.. mention the front it will get ii here tomorrow. we may have a period of showerse and thunderstorms tomorrow tomor afternoon, and a few of thosefho storms could be on the strongldb side.e keep that in mine, but again upp ahead of it surge of warm air ar continues today, and it will feel like late spring almostings early summer out there with w daytime highs back in the 70she7 and upper 70s for parts of thefe area.area. hit 78 that will tie a record rr that goes back to 1985. quick look tomorrow.orro got that severe potential with, yes, believe it or not severeere potential with thunderstorms aes risk as that cold front comesom through tomorrow afternoon.tomo there's quick look at your sevee day. da notice the cooler temperatures by sunday and monday. m still above normal but next n couple of days, today, tonight,g and tomorrow we enjoy incredibll warm temperatures for this timet of year. hey, real quick. quick is it ever too early to go to to the beach. >> no. al theve is about to talk to the mayor of ocean
7:47 am
things ocean city and beaches. h hey f you're headed down there, temps will be in the 60s tomorrow.rr you know sunny doesn't look likk the best swimming day, steve. temps will be in the upper 40her that is water temperature, always brisk 43.7 this time ofeo >> ooh. >> you know, may want to hold hl off on that skinny dipping erini you were talking about. hey, how is traffic. traic. >> i never told that you storyol for the record. i don't know how you knefow tha. 7:47 right now. >> so it's true. true. >> just kidding, steve, it was s joke. just a joke. tucker can get saying anythingtg but when i say stuff it's a bigg right now bad traffic twinei this is 66 eastbound as you pass 29 give yourself a lot of extraa time to get from gainsvillevill through centreville thisree this morning. you're going to need about 30bo0 extra minutes because of heavyoy volume. let's move things over and show way else you're facing thishi morning. inner looprn delays throughthro braddock road a lot of really rl heavy traffic from the mixing tg bowl up to about little river rv turnpike it's just bumper to to bumper conditions.
7:48 am
take look at our maps a lot of o slow zones in the area.e are not terrible.e. that delay we showed you on 66n because of a crash.cause of a ch it was blocking the left lanete it's moved over to the left t l shoulder at 29. and then as you make your way w out right now dale city to the beltway, we have some stop and go traffic outer loop crashp cra cleared delays remain ton t pennsylvania because of an of earlier issue at arena drive. de it's not looking so great thonan side of the of 295 we don't have a confirmedfim yet but there might be a new crash out by eastern avenue. avu jammed from riverdale parkk passed 50 and metro is on time m if you want to take except fortf safetrack impacting the blue t e line much that's all i got right now. looking forward to yourd to y interview with the ocean city tc .aryland. >> chilly weather -- watery weat conditions right now but thankha goodness there's a lot more to do in ocean in calendar says february.ebruary. the weather says summer here inr d.c.c. great way to start the weekend.e >> ocean city maryland people there are even having evengve bigger reason to celebrate.ebte they've just been name one ofon the top ten beaches in the the country.. yes, you heard me right.ight joining us with mor
7:49 am
ocean city the mayor rick meanan who joins us by skype.. congratulations.cong how did you do it? >> look behind me it's reallyea easy to see how we did it. did i mean what beautiful beach andd such an honor to be recognizedoe by trip adviser and all those t that have visited ocean city and voted for us to recognize us ass one of the top ten beaches inesn the country. honestly you can see why this wy morning.rnin >> mayor, there are only -- nott just one of the top ten in the e country but of the first 13 firt beaches on the list they're alll in either hawaii or florida floi except ocean city, maryland.. so for folks who have not yetoty been there, what are theyrey missing out on and how did all a of a sudden all these people geo the word that ocean city is a a hot spot? well, i think it'shis all the people that visited herr and just wanted to tello tel everybody else about it andt and voted for us. u really what this does, this thi brings ocean city to the t forefront and hopefully we'll be discovered now by millions ofs o people that are going to see s this many of w
7:50 am
been to ocean city and encourage them to take a look and enjoy e what we enjoy here every day.erd >> i got to ask. ask. we're celebrating feels like ane early spring.early sin have you seen up tick in folks coming to the beach although tht temperatures aren't the same ase here in the d.c. area?? >> i'll tell you we have. h and last weekend president's day weekend i mean it looked likekee the middle of june on the on i mean everybody was out and about. we're seeing people, you know, as soon as it gets a little warr and the sun comes out, people p want to be outside, where bettet to be outside than right here on the ocean city boardwalk out ono the ocean city beach even this i time of year it's fun to be b here. here. >> mayor, i want to talk about o that.that. because i know you're thehe biggest cheerleader as you as yu should be for ocean city.n city and it's a beach that most ofoso suss been going to since we were kids. kids but, look, there's always haters in the world out there, too,ld t there are some people who are w saying how can you put ocean oce city maryland on the same list with see teas key florida orlorr some of the top beaches ine tobc hawaii. what do you say to those peopleo who say really, ocean city? wh? is ocean city on this list?
7:51 am
look around and you look at thee beach and you look at the widthw of our beach and the cleanliness of our beach and the way it'st' maintained the way it's well wl guarded and how you can bring sg many members of your family herr to enjoy it, there's no reason o we shouldn't be on that list. it's as pristine as anybodysny beach in the world.he wor. >> what's coming up this spring and summer and what about theutt hotel rooms? are you booked? oe tell us about it.t. >> okay.y well, we're kicking off theckin summer in a couple of weeksfks really the big and tree to ther summer is the saint patrick'se a day parade it will take placece march11th on saturday.ur that's really the big kick off.f then we just keep going on into our events before you know itnoi spring fest will be here. here right now we've got early sea gull savings on hotel rooms.oom. you call and you make your y reservations now for the summer great opportunities to save some money and also book the best accommodations. there are hotels available, ofle course, this time of year a yeaa great time of year to come toe ocean city with
7:52 am
they might call off season sso rates. we're looking forward to great t summer. we have great events.ave grt ev the air show willen be back inkn june. this year featuring the bluee angels so we're just start to gt gear up now for what we hope wep will be a terrific summer at tht >> well, mayor, you kind of read my mind with hotel bookings onee of the knock we get from our wer viewers the afford ability andbd trying to get though hotels.otes i totally understand the supplyl and demand theory, but do you do have any tips for people if they want to get the most affordablee hotels in ocean city? >> yeah, right now i'd go onlinn and go to oc takeom t advantage of the early bookingsg sea gull you know, you book earlier earli you'll get the better rate.e. and we're encouraging people tot do that and we've seen a big up tick in early reservations.erva so people are getting on boardnd and they're planning for the summer season and don't get left behind. do it sooner rather than later. >> i got to be honest whoever is doing -- holding your equipmente for the skype it is the besthe b skype interview that we have had
7:53 am
thank you. thank you. [ laughter ][ laughter ] >> well, that's jessica and shea does a great job and we're up here and we've and up here foref while enjoying the sights andiga the smells and the sounds of tht beach. beach. >> right. >> we encourage everybody to do so. take advantage of this great gre weather. come visit one of the bestt beaches in the country right cot here in ocean city. city >> so, mayor, i know tucker wasr just telling us the weatherther unfortunately you won't get the 80yo degrees that we have here n d.c. or pushing it at leave heee said that water temperatureteere hanging out in the the0s for you, what's the earliest ear time of year that you'veou've actually made it into the water? >> well, um, i'm probably ably little bit later than most mos oplele. sometimes in july.. but you saw the surfers out hert this wndkend. i'm sure they'll be out heree or this morning. mor we saw a few brave souls lastlss weekend putting their feet outet in the ocean. oce might be a bit early for that. a but it's going to be here before you know it.u ow i >> and we'll be there. there you know what, congratulations! as a maryland derr, new maryland derr i'm really proud of ocean tylltyy . so we'll see you in the summer.
7:54 am
>> well, thank you. y we're very proud as well.very p want to thank everybody thatdyt voted for ocean city, maryland.n those that haven't been here,e, take advantage of what is just a beautiful place to be.e toe. >> well, it won't be long beforn that bore walk behind is youind packed, mayor.ed, always great to talk to you.tal. enjoy the sunshine at the beachh >> thank you. thank you. >> we're all a little you got it.yot it. listen the voting on trip tri adviser if you go and i realizei there was some feedback on ourkr facebook page, some people questioning, really, ocean city. >> too >> you go to the trip adviserdvr page when they put the rankingsg out it's overwhelmingly positive. i don't know how many people arp local that is went there, people from the other part of the otha country they gave it reviews. it's worthy of a top ten beach.. >> it's fun. for a family to go it's alwaysay fun.fu you know, i like the littleit shuttle it's a lot of good lot d things. thin i mean i get it. i've been to siesta key you canc see right to the bottom of the,e you know, the sand there but --- >> only one in the top 13 that'3 not in florida or hawaii. number one beach in the world is brazil. numb
7:55 am
>> really. bucket list. >> there you go. okay. >>ving on now. u amovi passionate sports fan? for this week's fox beat free friday -- fox beat friday -- fof beat friday you can enter to ses the washington wizards take onae the orlando magic life. steve.steve. >> one viewer could win fourinou tickets to the wizards game march 5th at verizon center.on c this prize at approximate retaii value of $320 it is provided byy monumental sports and fels entertainment go to fox5 dcc website or our facebook page.kag starting now through 11:59 p.m.p enter for your chance to win.oin one winner selected by randomanm drawing february 27th. all entrants must be 18 or8 older. complete rules can be found at >> it is fox beat free friday. >> fantastic.. >> threats.hreats >> fantastic fox beat free free day. the tickets get tougher to geter as we get closer to playoffs.yos >> let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the day josepheh joyner
7:56 am
reeat picture. he's been a fan of fox5 sincece the maury povich days.ays. >> we thank you for watching. wn he loves waking up with us evere morning and he loves my girly girl charm.harm. >> hmm. >> all right. well, i'm in the sure what that t but hey. i'm going to takehe s it. joseph calls tucker "the man,, the myth, the legend".en as for steve and wisdom, he he says, you're the best dressedss guys in town.. >> tucker didn't hear anythingnh after the man. >> i didn't hear after girly girl.girl. >> tuck? steve, wisdom, who, right, t allison. >> who? [ laughter ] >> that's right.ght. >> hey, we love that. t if you send us your picture andd nice compliments -- >> you're on, baby. >> you go right to the t cop ofo the list. >> we have enough with us not getting diss compliments. com >> that's right. >> we'll take it. > 57 i wne'll washington.ashin. guess what? mid to upper 70s 7s today. we'll get real close to our to record temperature for the day y which would be 78 degrees. so, um, you know, lots and lots of super la tiffs how amazingmai
7:57 am
plenty of sunshine. should be a dry day.oulda dry d. i want to mention we'll get thunderstorms today, tonight, tomorrow veryomy half of the day very very warmdr and thunderstorms will arriveive tomorrow afternoon and then mucn cooler air gets in here byere b saturday night and sunday. so this won't last forever weeve got another day to enjoy. enjoy all right.all rig that is a quick look at weather. plenty more coming up. erin? er yeses, sir. >> how are roads. >> 7:57. we have problem areas tucker i don't think it's any coincidencn weather is as beautiful as it a is. it's a friday i think a lot of people may be staying homeyingom today. what do you think? 66 eastbound crash blocking the left lane att 29. it's moved over to the leftr te shoulder. from gainsshville through 29 wee seeing some delays so we'll have more on that in just a few.ew back to you guys. we'll be talking with d.c.i. acting police chief peteref >> this is his first tv tv interview as acting polic chief. he's answering our questions and sharing his vision for theisiont district. stay with us. ♪♪ ♪♪ay
7:58 am
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for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> this is fox5 news morning. good friday morning.good i'm allison seymour. seyur >> i'm steve chenevey.teve chen. thanks for joining us this f joi morning. >> it is aam on friday, februar7 here's what's on the fox5 news s morning mention and menu.en >> gun violence erupts in theint district zenning two policewool officers to the hospital.ospita. mayor bowser says crime is down.
8:01 am
newsham will join us live andve share his vision for thefor the district in his first tv interview as acting chief.hief developing overnight in o prince george's county, a fighty between a mother and her teenaged son ends with one off them dead. dead. details coming up.g plus bob barnard this morning at cpac awaiting awaitig president trump who is due towht speak at 10:00 o'clock thisck morning so little less than two hours away from that. first though a live looklive outside on this friday.. another fabulous and warm day on tap.tap. it's going to be sunny and inndn the 70s i'm talking well into w the 70s. make sure you get out enjoy eoy because this weekend, hmm, maybe a pop-up thunderstorm and colder temperatures moving back in. hate to be downer.ha >> that's all right.>>t's let's let tucker be the downer. [ laughter ] >> i can't do that today. it's friday. can't >> we have to enjo'sy today. tod >> listen, cooler by sunday but not bitter cold. cd no winter wet in the month of mo february. >> i'm not complaining. i just doing what i was'm t nold o do. >> let's go to the forecast.t reco
8:02 am
possibility today.possibility ta if we can gety to 78 degrees8 ge we'll tie a record that goesha g back to the 1980s. forecasting a high temperatureht of 77. 7 so you get the idea that it'st s going to be an unusually warm day. da oh, about 26 degrees abovedegree normal. that's what we're forecastinge c for daytime highs.ighs. just extraordinary. 57 that's the winning number ata reagan national. nice and mild out there early. dulles 57 up in baltimore bigtie bounce in the last hour up to 5. and lots of sunshine out there e early. it will be a sunny, bright,rit, beautiful day get out early fory happy hour.y hour. get to the dog park.. gore for that jog you've been to putting off.f. all things outdoors all systemss go for beautiful afternoon.on plenty of water. wat you know you'll need plenty ofly water. water. >> that's right. we'll have storms around tomorrow. i'll talk weekend forecast coming up but there'sl quick la at it.alk re i just want's to mention tomorrr afternoon that cooler gets in here we may have thunderstorms.s look at sunday 52. >> thank you very much.yuc >> still will be sunny on sunday. >> okay. >> okay. donon't fret. >> right. don't panic. s sohanks so much, tuck. it's tough. you get a taste of summer andstm
8:03 am
now. >> i spent the last two days ini bed i'm so excited to spend some outdoor time enjoying theoyg sunshine right now 66 eastbound we do have a crash blocking thet left lane much it's moved over e to the left shoulder at 29 buttb really heavy delays lingerr towards that location and thenn again you jam through fairfax.. typical volume 66 eastbound iasd would say from gainsville to tho beltway it's about 35 minutet 35 delay right now.ght no 95 northbound just typical slow downs dale city to the beltway e you can see as you cross the t occoquan you back up a bit springfield interchange throughr 66 on the inner loop delays. day outer loop crash it's cleared ii was by arena drive but remainini delays back to pennsylvania of l really heavy traffic throughhr largo. inner loop is dealing with usua delays through oxon hill fromro branch avenue to across theoshe wilson bridge.dg southbound 295 jams from 50 doww to pennsylvania and 50 inbound very sluggish through cheverly this morning. i new york avenue by bladensburg road heavy traffic and suitlandd parkway inbound to south capitot typical delays.els. freeway eastbound and westboundu heavier volume by
8:04 am
street tunnel. our how about jams 95 to georgig avenue with 15 minute delay.ay 29 jammed through colesville c this morning. 270 hasn't been terrible allbl a pretty pleasant except for justj a little bit of stop gonepon traffic through rockville.c other than that we're seeingthh really nice conditions down totw the spur.the sp earlier problems we're dealingeg with on the inner loop by gww parkway cleared out of the waye we're pot dealing with anyithny problems there. for the rest of your roads gww parkway heavy from 123 to the 1 key bridge.bridg metro on time right now as weowe take a look at our rails exceptc for safetrack surge 12 impactini ine blue line. allison and steve. >> erin, thank you very 8:04. let's get the latest on the newe coming out of northeast d.c. much this is video from lateat last night just before midnight. two police officers recoveringor after they were shot last night. >> officers are expected toicer survive. this mornings there's still lol of unanswered questions thoughuo as to what led to this shootingt >> melanie alnwick this morning live in northeast with theaswite latest.late mel? >> reporter: good morning mni guys.
8:05 am
little bit. if you notice they have taken uu all the police tape and now weow are here at the intersection off morris and holbrook really noean evidence as to what exactly went down or what -- i noticed right here there's quick combat gauzee a pact here really when all of o this went down, d.c. police sprung into action. into they apparently even taking tak themselves to the hospital oro l other police officers taking the injured officers to the hospital in police cruisers rather thanae waiting for the ambulances too we know it was about 10:45 lasts night. ni dc police told us that it appeared there was perhaps anhaa arrest that was going down hereh there was a crime suppressionpri unit in the neighborhood here, and that's why they were responding apparently there hadh had been reports of shots fireds earlier in the evening, and so s looks like an arrest was going down.down. the suspect shot two of thesehe officers.ofrs they said there was a weapons aa
8:06 am
scene that perhaps did belong to the suspect, and chief newshamam did address the media aroundd midnight last night.. >> our crime expression team wam in the area because of gunshotfn that is were in the area earlier this evening.veng without getting too specific iti was mostly in the lower portion of the body, both of the injuries.ri thankfully, they were non-lifelf threatening. >> reporter: and those officers again rushed to the a the suspect also taken to medo star washington hospital centere where he was pronounced dead on arrival there.he mayor bowser and acting chiefhi newsham did also go to the the hospital after they addressed as the media here at the scene.cene but again we don't have lot of information overnight from, n f, terms of what exactly was goingi on. talked to some people in theplet area here that said that they'r' pretty fed up with what they t called a drug problem in thisnhi neighborhood.or we don't have any choonfirmatioo on that fromn police but i knowb that you guys will be talking
8:07 am
acting chief newsham shortly and hopefully wheat get moreet information on that. perhaps the identity of the of t officers and the suss spec asusp well. back to you guys.u uy >> let's try to get some ofo those answers right now the the recent string of violence thatea mel talk about came shortlyho after peter newsham becameec acting police chief.acting polic his nomination ise awaiting confirmation by d.c. counsel.ou >> what are the acting chief'sef hopes as he moves forward as leader of the dc policeader of department. he joins us live this morningor from police headquarters for his first morning tv news interviewi since being given the good morning. >> hey, good morning.orning how are you? thanks for havingr me on. >> welcome to the show buto thut what's on our minds is thend the condition of the officers. oicer are you releasing the officers o names yet or the condition off these two officers shot?? >> we are not at a point where i we'll release any officers names. we're still in the investigative stage here.eer i was able to speak to both of o the officers last night.t one of them actually
8:08 am
surgery.rg we awaited until he got out ofuo surgery and the prognosis forosf both of them is excellent.le which is very very good news. gw we're very happy to hear that.ha >> well, chief, i know it was kw late night you were on the airer with us midnight last night andt here it's 8:00 o'clock in the'ce morning and you're back with usu once again because of thishi incident. incide i know yesterday was the warm weather and it was a tough nighn in the city when it came toe crime and shootings. but obviously a lot of thoughtsf are with those officers.hose o can you shed any more light ongt this situation itself as to whaw it was that happened? >> we're still trying to get the specifics, you know, of thef the incident.incident. we do know and i heard you say y this a little bit earlier whichh is accurate.ccurate we had had gunshots in theots in neighborhood earlier in the evening. so as a result we had our crimec suppression team that wasress working over there,io and our crime suppression team is veryre good particularly at trying tocl get illegal firearms out of our community.commity you know at some point, there, e was -- there was an interactionn between the suspect in t
8:09 am
and two of our officers shotsho were fired during the course of that interaction, and as a result, we have suspect who was killed and we have two of ourf o officers who were significantly injured but thankfully they're going to be okay. >> which is the beste ok news.. chief one quick question heresth we'll get on to your future here hopefully the confirmed -- soons to be confirmed police chief ine the city. hough,th thoseugh, those officers taken to the hospitalan in police cruisers. c what was the thinking behindgeh that? >> you know, our officers may have to make a judgment call on it is not the best practice to transport a shooting victim to o the hospital by way of scout cac but in the heat of the moment an officer made that decision.eciso it's tough to criticize aritize judgment call like that.e t you know, we'll take a close clo look at it. in hindsight fit could have beet better we'll try and make sure it doesn't hll tappen in the fur but that's a very very tougho llll. when one of your colleagues has
8:10 am
been shot, they're facing a f potentially life threateningeatg injury and your first instinct t as a police officer really toeal try and get them help and sop ad that's what they did. >> the mayor has said that crimi is down in the district but thii morning we have the displeasured of reporting on nine shootings n in the district win 24 hours. h what are your feelings on thissi and how moving forward can werdw get these numbers down? >> , i'm glad you mentioned this last year we had the lowestow number of violent crimes in ourr city since we had -- since 2009. we did have some shootings lasts night.nit. fortunately none of those were fatal. other than the police shootingsi that we had.e h you know our officers were out whenever -- you know, you're familiar with this. whenever thefami temperature stt to rise in our city sometimeses there's additional conflictsnf that we have to deal with and unfortunately some of thoseely resulted in shootings but one oe things we're
8:11 am
my leadership here at mpd we're' going stop this violence. violec we're not going to tolerate it. we are not going to tolerate folks who think they can resorts to the use of a firearm in our ty.y. it's unsafe. it scares me unnecessarily.sari that's exactly what our officerr were out there doing last nightn in the trinidad neighborhood.eih they are going out there with the sole intent of getting get illegal firearms off our streetr and we're going to continue toe do that as a police departmenten until we get all of them. >> chief, was do you need movinm forward? we've heard talk thert needs to be more police officerc on the street.trt. whatever. what do you need? >> you know you know thatu kn ta discussion over the number of police officers that we need onn the police department is oneent that we're involved in right now with the council.. i have asked the folks on the ot council who i have personallyery spoken to to be very thoughtfult abouth
8:12 am
department and exactly how manym police officers we need.e need. you have to look at the effectiveness of your policeol department and some of the somee measures that you look to as yoy look is whether or not they'reh' having an impact on violent viot crime. if we use last year as an example, we certainly did have an impact on violent crime. you see if your policee department is responsive go toet lot of community meetings around the city by and large i'm hearing positive comments about the way our officers are empathetic and responsive to tho needs of the community you mayty want to look at response timesps and how quickly our officers get to the scene when an emergencyry happens. i can tell you we had multiple i officers on the scene of thatfha incident that we had last nightg and i say all of that to say when you're evaluating yourou police department those are the measures you want to look at t t from there, you may want to determine how many policeine hol officers you need and you needoe to keep in mind when you'ree looking at crime and that's really what the city is lookin
8:13 am
to do is to reduce crime isrime there's a lot of things that gog into crime and just adding a couple of police officers to tho police department is nots necessarily going to be thear answer to all of youril py roblm so i think people have to be very thoughtful when they're having those discussions and hopefully the folks that aref going to make these decisionsses will listen to my input when we have those discussions.cussions. >> chief, we'll have to let you go. so many more things we want toro talk about with you.ta it seems like all of the piecese are in mace right now. now you're long-time member of theef department. you have the support of thef th police union. you have the support of theve ts mayor obviously. as we let you go right now, lete hi ask you this. i know you're looking for more r help as far as communityom policing right now to try to t bring crime down. d but also the question out theree coming from the white house nowe the question is, will local police be de facto ice agents now as gel how are you going tog work all this into running thist department now that you're the'e man in charge?e? >> with that last question i can
8:14 am
washington, d.c. we are notot going to enforce civiliv immigration laws. ls i think that i feel very strongly that will only create a divide between part of thee community that we serve whenhen you're dealing with local crimec in a big city like washington,wt d.c., you really need to havetoh the trust of your community, ana to get local police involved ind civil immigration enforcement is only going to draw a divide a de between you and the community so you just can't have it.. the cornerstone to americanrnert policing is realonly trust, andd i'm adamantly opposed to anything that's going to create distrust between us and anybodyy who lives or works or visits washington, d.c. thank you very much for havingvy me on and i look forward to talking to you in the very nearr future. >> we'll like to extend ane to invitation for to you come on ce regularly say once a month talkl about issues that d.c. i fang
8:15 am
information officer right>> witw me in the room we'll see -- s we'll see if we can make thateha happen. >> i hope we can. >> thanks for the invite.>> i hn >> thanks for your time thisvit morning.yo >> okay.ur t >> we do appreciate it. e it tweeting, turmoil, executivexeti orders, protests at the center c of the president's first their e days is office. office. >> what is next for the trump administration? we'll take look after the break. stay with us much it'seak. 8:15. .
8:16 am
z29kuz zstz y29kuy ysty
8:17 am
8:18 am
♪♪ welcome back. let's get right to the weather>. 57 glorious degrees out there ot early. 60 in 55 leonardtown we're off and o a running. mid to upper 70s today. tay record high temperatures.. it's certainly possibility.tain we did it yesterday at dulles and we're going to getlyyester a close to it today.clos you can see the clear skies anda quiet conditions.ndns thunderstorms tomorrow.w just heads up it could bet co be potentially there could be a fef strong ones tomorrow afternoonfr ends our heat ve. 77 today. 77 tod very warm.ry war 73 tomorrow cooler by sunday.un. more weather momentarily. erin has got roads. r >> that's right. eight cot 18 never good on goodd day to sit in traffic.ff a lot of backups inner loop inno crawling along by braddock roada from the springfield interchange to 66. to 66. give yourself 15 extra minutes m to crashes just very heavy heavy vo.ume. as we take look at our maps we have a crash 295 on the southbound side. side. it's out by pennsylvania of anif jam backed to maryland 410.. 50 inbound really slow throughtg cheverly new york avenuely newkv basically at a standstill as as well. passed bladensburg road and foru the rest of your frirgday mornii commute a lot of slo
8:19 am
through college park on theege outer loop. allison and steve.allison and isn't erinste, thanks very much. less than two hours presidentdet trump will address cpac at at national harbor.bor what can we expect him to say a mid a arguably controversialtrov term in office so far. f. wis wallace joins us now an anchor of fox news sunday. good morning, >> good morning steve.d mo >> what do you think we'll hear from the president at cpac.ou ta >> i think that at this pointt it's like the line from what is it jerry mcguire you had me at hello. i think that at this point theot conservatives are so happy topyt have a conservative and i thinki they're surprised how're surise conservative donald trump hasruh turned out to be in the whitehe house after eight years of yearo barack obama that they're all on board. board. there sometimes is a kind of creative tension if you willf yw between the republican party and the conservative movement.em we've seen that lot in the past. but yesterday when two of the president' top aids steve bannon and reince priebus went to cpacs they were treated w like lik conquering heroes you can't evec imagine what it's going to be
8:20 am
like for donald trump today andy i think as long as he keeps faith with the conservativerv cause they'll be happy.e th >> rock star status sto at least at national harbor forf president trump. trump a couple other big things cominn up i know one of them you'll y focus in on sunday that is whenw we talk about the governor who's will be meeting that startsta today carries through thecarrth weekend. >> that's right.t's we'll have two of the leadingf e governors on fox news sunday chairman of the governorsernors association that's virginiairgii terry mcauliffe. as well as scott walker from wisconsin a republican and we'lw be talking to them about theut t trump agenda and the impact off obama care, reform and repealea and row place, and tax reformef and trade and all of thesehe things. they're the guys where the wre e rubber hits the road who have tv deal witness impact in theirn tr states it will be interesting ts hear what they have to say.theyo my guess they'll have very different opinions about how the trump agenda will woriok insn tr states. >> i think that's save bet.nk let's fast forward t nowha to to tuesday, chris, because this isu now the joint address to at different -- it's one thingeg
8:21 am
cpac like you mentioned anothera thing to address a joint session of congress and all of the of american people.eric peo so how might the tone or messags change between what we hear froo the president today and whatday we'll hear on tuesday?? >> well, i'm not going tol, i'm predict because anybody who tries to predict what donaldre trump is going to do would beoud bankrupt, you know, you'd be sent home in a packing cratengra from las vegas.. i will say that i think it's is very important. i think this i is really his mos important speech since thee th inaugural address. there's only so much you can dod as weo saw with barack obama wih executive actions. the key is toex getec legislatin through congress and not onlynl big splits between republicansee and democrats, there are splitst within the republican party onao obama care, on tax reform on rem some of these key issues. issue i think it's important that, one, he sets a unifying tone non to say that he backs off any of his positions but he's going tot need to pick up some democratici support to get these three and, tw
8:22 am
to get lits tle more specificcic given these divisions within tht republican party they're goingay to need marching orders from tht president.esidt. here's where he is.he one example taxre r'seform the t border adjustment tax.t tax are you going to start taxingaxn imports coming into thiscomig country? that mean the price oo a tv set, you know a korean tv t set at wal*mart will be moreart expensive.expe big division within theinhe republican party on that. >> and we'll leave it on this, chris, there are also splits asp when it comes to the presidentse and social mode ya and you hearr that from mitch mcconnell at the top saying i wish you won tweetn so much. you're going to get to theoi to bottom of the social media mia department at the white >> that's right. we'll talk to guy>> named dan so vino he is the king of socialoc media when donald trump and thet middle of the day says hey ihe i want to tweet something out, he dictates it to dan and let meetm give you one quick guess. gue how many followers do you think on all of the platformsorms president and donald trump,rump facebook and twitter, how manyan followers do you think donalddou trump has on social media. >> 25 on his twitter plus 18, 45, 100 million
8:23 am
up you're actually -- knife million >> okay. i'm over.m technically if this is price isi right rules i lost.os you still won. >> that's right.>> that' >> you still got me. y g >> without going over the actuat retail price.retail price. >> that's right.>> that's righ >> thank you, chris. thank you see you sunday morning. morni >> see ya. >> all right, buddy.htbudd 8:23.8: we'll be right back.beight bac ♪♪ ♪♪ [ alarm clock beeping ] weather. ♪ ♪
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♪♪ >> it's that time. weather school is in session. >> weather school is in session! >> ♪♪ >> all right, class, it's friday. we're going to have an extra long period on the playground today, because the weather report card it's going to be iho beol iautifuooll g tod on tecaud 's g. >> yay! >> sunshine a today. winds of the south we're givingu that an a. afternoon temperatures mid toth ates m upper 70s a ice cream with a friend, a plus today. i said with friend. >> aww. >> nutty there's my friend.riend. >> cheers, friends.ers, fends. >> weather report card for theea day. let's queue our music, steve. s. ♪♪ [ laughter ] >> super awkward.wkwa [ laughter ] >> all right. aht. it's 8:26 right now.ow we are hearing a breaking newsin out of howard county, married,, an officer involved shooting. skyfox is over the
8:27 am
gathering details we'll share se what we know next. nex stay with us. grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path.
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>> 8:30 of the let's get to somt breaking news out of howardt ofr county, maryland.ard. there you can see some of the oe emergency vehicles on the scenee police say there is a suspect in critical but stable conditiononi after being shot by a policepol officer. you can see vehicle involved as llll. the incident happened the 7200 block of off and on crossing drive in cl
8:30 am
we're told the suspect was wanted by police and was drivini when he nearly struck that tt officer with his vehicle.ehle the officer then fired at theirt car hitting the suspect. the officer not injured.ur we'll bring you more information as this develops but there youls can see live p bictures of a vehicle and emergency vehicless courtesy of sky fox. ♪♪ 99 minutes away president trump speaking at cpac being held at d national harbor that's where bob barnard is thii morning with more as the placeae starts to fill up. to fi bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good, good morning, steve. the room opemonrn at 7:00 o'cloc the president is expected during the 10:00 o'clock hour.r. 10:20 but we'll see if he hits that mark. vice-president mike pence was here last night speaking to this room of faithful conservatives vice-president last night was saying that obama care is a nightmare, obama care ise i nightmare that's about to end. d there have been other speakers yesterday, steve
8:31 am
reince priebus two of the top advisers to president trump werr here yesterday speaking michaell reagan the son of ronald reagan the late president will be herer tonight.tonight. joining us now is a republican particular mc lean virginian vii judith oaks who's oaks i love it.t. seeing a lot of these make america great hats judith.s judt you were telling me, you're republican, you have republicana neighbors in mc lean who aren wa never trauma pers. per a lot of people in this countryy don't like what they've seen the last 30 days or so of this t presidency. but you do. about this president that makes you come here todaye that makes you support him soims much? ch >> okay. one of things is, you know, hee speaks plain english. okay? anybody can understand ud him. he's in the a politician. and he is speaking to the people.peop i feel like i'm one of them, and i think his message is very ver clear and very good. g i'm with him. >> i'm with him.. >> and you said that it i frustrates you your republican
8:32 am
how do you explain that? >> i think they have trump derailment syndrome. plain and simple i've tried tori talk to them and you can't talkt to them. it's really an emotional thinghi with them. wi they've got, you know, they'vet, got to use t theirhe minds a lil bit more about this. >> report roar yet there'st t nothing so far this presidenthi has done either on the campaignn or since he's been president p that turns you off?ou off? >> absolutely not.ely n he said what he was going to dog all the way along and that's what he's doing. steve bannon and reince priebus mentioned it yesterday he's carrying out the agenda they talked aboutd it yut t. i'm glad i'm here.'m her >> reporter: judith, thank you y very much.very muc >> thanks, bob. >> reporter:>> retired treasuryr department worker with master'se degree here at the cpacpac conference. leave we'veeavee'e had violence in howard countynty here in the district last night. but what president trump was tweeting about last night washtw the gun violence in chicago. referring to seven people shotpe and killed in chicago yesterdayd he says, chicago needs help. he. he also this morning has been b
8:33 am
investigation of russia'susa' involvement in the campaign. so the president is up and atsip them. he's tweeting. in till be here in the 10:00 o'clock hour, guys, and sd will we here at the cpac atpa national harbor. >> all right, bob, thanks very y much. send it over to allisonmu now. thanks, steve. fox5 is recognizing blackck history month by exploring the rich african-american history ii the state of maryland.. today this morning we want to wn introduce to you a woman whoho calls herself a documentary story quilter and after seeing e her work, you'll agree. [ laughter ] >> dr. joan gaither is sewing us something big. >> it's important that they're ' >> she's creating another quiltt >> each time you do you sayouo o don't put anything on that's no' important to the story.rt >> but she's not doing iantt a. >> betty sent out the passe is needed. [ laughter ]ne
8:34 am
side of a busy road in anne arundel county -- county >> here you go with those scissors. get away. >> doctor they gaither and hernr passe. >> i'm going cut it right theree and we can squish the buttons.qu >> are telling a story.. >> there's a joy to be able to o see this started with nothing, and just layering these piecess and fabric and the joy of the of story that it tells, you know, afterwards. >> this quilt is almost done. dn it will soon be featured in a ia play before going on display ata hood college in frederick,ck, maryland, and quilt speaks lumemes. >> so i put pins in so when you see like around here there areer pin that is will stay in here. . they anchor the quilt at the same time but these symbolize for me the pain of being pulledd from your homeland and this continued identification of who i am by the color of my skin. >> and she's very honest abouttt what goes into i
8:35 am
>> every ten years, eve decade, the word that is used to describe folks who look like usu it's different.ferent and i decided that no one had hd the right define who i am. >> after 172 quilts, the journen is just getting started.ta >> i'm trying to sort of fill in the gaps.s. get what the actual fact is out through the work and make it beautiful and invite people at the same >> beautiful work and thank to t you kimberly brown our produceru for bringing that story of the h to life. >> that's great. >> all right. ack hiblack history month.>> y >> 8:35 right now. now hi, tuck. >> ♪♪ steve, allison, it's going to be incredibly warm around ard here again today.he aga 57 now in washington.ashiton. we'll do another -- add probabll 20 degrees to that by afternoono with lots of sunshine. 57 as mentioned in washington.ho 60 in new york city thisyorkity morning. to start your day.r day these temperatures obviouslybvuy well above normal. 25 plus degrees above normal
8:36 am
later today.od. out to the west winter is trying to make a come back here acrossr the upper midwest this stormto system will drag a cold frontd t through our region tomorrow tomo afternoon and put an end to our warm spell, our heat waveave whatever you want to call it,, and we'll be cooler by sunday.. but this afternoon just just extraordinary stuff here. her 77. we hit 78 that will tie a recorr that goes back to the known 80ss winds out of the south here at a five to 15.o5. weekend forecast coming erin has another look at your yu roadways. roadwa >> i do.>>o i was 36:00. 295 southbound really jammed upu you can see headlights comingomg towards us on the northbounde nd not terrible look at that parkhr lot. earlier crash out byh ouby pennsylvania avenue that clearee but you are jammed up fronum 414 through riverdale park south of 50.50 let's take look at our maps. o m we'll show you how backed up things are down towards the t 11th street bridge that crashhaa blocking the shoulder now. now 50 inbound completely jammed upu to 295 and new york avenue slowo past bladensburg road.. the outer loop through largo sos slow earlier crash clearedleared awhile ago at a rona drive bute residual d
8:37 am
a vehicle fire in montgomeryer county norbeck road eastboundasd before georgia of a pete of pe piringer working on that scene,e as we take look at your wide y e view of your friday morning commute around the district dtrc maryland and virginia a loft a l sluggish traffic on the innerffe loop through oxon hill as you as cross branch of a through the tu wilson bridge.. and again can't stress enoughno how backed up the outer loop isi from pennsylvania avenue to jus north of 50.. college park slow from 95 over5e to georgia as well. 66 eastbound this crash has cshh cleared to the shoulder.ulr. really heavy traffic from manassas through centreville this morning once you pass 28u things open up a bit more b mor traffic and go traffic past thee vienna metro station.on all metro trails on time righti now except for save truck surge 12. >> news out of the nest to brint you neck. we'll show you thehe d.c. eagle cam. there's a change going on. >> oh. good morning. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
oh, hi tom. you're really stuck in that rut. what rut? what are you talking about? it's clearly a rut. really? i thought i was in a groove. hm. classic rut thinking. huh. i was once in a rut too. but then i tried chicken for breakfast. i didn't know i could have chicken for breakfast. how long have i been in here? a long time.
8:40 am
get out of your breakfast rut, with a freshly toasted 300 calorie egg white grill. only at chick-fil-a. i gotta get out of here. >> 8:40. what a beautiful day it is going to be here in washington, d.c. it's going to feel a lot moreifl li ike yn oung t'ro efe in flor, southern california.if south texas. anywhere it's pushing 80 degrees. 57 right now. n the eagles are enjoying anotherh egg to watch over the nationalnl mr. president and the first lady welcomed the second egg of theft year yesterday.ay the first egg was laid o sunday. there you go. eagles justse chilling right now.chil mom and dad will take turns taks watching over the eggs untilnt they hatch. take about 35 days bef
8:41 am
here in the nation's capitol.. only tax about 18 minutes ts get good day dc let's neck hollh and maureen and fine out what'sa on the guest list. list. >> unfortunately very violenttui night in d.c. withol severaler shootings.tings. one that involved two policewooe officers being shot.rsng shot we have live team coverage. >> also, life during good day president trump will take center stage at cpac we're live fromiv the national harbor where the we event is being held. >> let's show that star-studdede good day d.c. guest list for friday nascar legend jeff gordon and turn racer kevin harvick joinsvk us live from daytona ahead ofado sunday's big race. r >> and also on the show you maym have seen their viral video the singers behind my black is beautiful. they're here and they will they perform. perf the cast of the first familyamil hiphop also joining us live, ana a local rapper who is blowing uu big time will be here with hisis video that shine as spotlight on dc. >> as always it's jam packed pke good day d.c. d you're right it's just minutesus away so we'll see you
8:42 am
>> all right. r we're looking forward it to.okir thank you so much, ladies. in the meantime, we alsoheea have kevin mccarthy to look forward tom he has his oscar o predictions because the big shos just two days away, kev. kev.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> ♪♪ wait a minute.te >> ♪♪ oops. [ laughter ] y favoriis m
8:45 am
this album and, yes. >> make a video of it later on o today. me and my daughters.ghters >> i'm going to put in you time out for full ten seconds. >> all right let's get to it.ig records are possible todayht l.t how about 77 for daytime high? if we can sneak it up to 78up t we're going to hit record highoh temperature for the day.ure foed at least we'll tie it back to 1980s. will this be the warmest war february in d.c. history? it's looking like it's going to makem a run for right now we're numbee two. no snow this month.sonth. it's been amazing winter. winte and if we can get to 46.9 overve the next couple of days with dst temperatures in the 70s todayurs and tomorrow we'll get i really close.os you can tell youryou can te great-grandchildren that youn t were here for the warmestarme february in history. in hiy 57 now in washington.ton. leonardtown 57.n 5 mild for everybody.vebo
8:46 am
i just step outside it'sde i beautiful out there.he 60 in hagerstown.rsn. 59 winchester.esr. few of cherry blossoms are doind their thing a little early. daffodils are getting up and iti will feel like southerly breeze today.eeze t generally sunny conditions, dryn if you're going to happy hourpyu later this afternoon, it's going to be perfect afternoon for it.n we have cold front out to the t west that will bring an end to o our warm spell, heat wave,t wav, whatever you want to call it cal tomorrow afternoon withon wit thunderstorms. we will be. oler around here by saturdayy night and sunday.t nday but up ahead of the the front ii is just very untypical for the t end of february and again we'ren looking at records the potential for record temperatures around o erre later today. it's not just washington.was let me mention. of the eastern seaboard out places like cleveland andland a chicago temperatures have beeneb well well above normal.l. that's your set up for tomorrowo i just -- national weatherleath service put out somethingt somhg yesterday wanted us to remind r everybody if you're going to ber out on the potomac or the bay tomorrow, there could be some bs gusts with this front that comes through tomorrow afternoon.hatma just keep that infter mine. water temperature is very cold c we don't want anybody to be in
8:47 am
possibility of storms comingitym through and again that will bewb tomorrow afternoon.rrow there's your seven day forecast. temperatures do drop off by about 20 degrees by sunday.un and a little cooler next week but certainly doesn't feel likek winter is coming back any time y soon with temperatures in theint 60s next week.eek. guys. that is a update. 77 today enjoy.oy. steve, allison, back to you. >> tucker, thank you very much.. i say this is the time ofs e the morning i always feel so s under dressed, al.dressel. >> look. you got to give it to kev. he's still rocking the tie barhb though he does not have a a traditional tie on.n. >> this is my good luck tie barr >> i wear breaking bad tie bar every single day.ay also wearing dead pool socks poo today. >> you are looking. loo >> in honor of the one of the greatest movies e >> and a tuck seed dough.dough academy awards are sunday. super excited i did review getwe out yesterday.esteay five out of five. f >> you love it.. >> still 100 rotten foe maten e toes after 100 reviews. um indicate out last night. go see it this weekendicate i d love to hear your t
8:48 am
>> seeing it tomorrow. >> can you video call me after you watch it? we need to talk. d >> i will. steve has to tell me how to doow that. >> just face time.ust >> all right. >> face time. >> moving on oscarac sunday jimy kimmelly a lot is up in the air. best director though this is easy category damian chazelle takes this no question. 32-year-old film maker. one of the opening shots i'vengo never seen. he directed whiplash. made whiplash because heau couldn't get la la land madee angry piece but la la land incredible.incr made over $341 million worldwidd at the box office. i think it might be -- definitely one of the biggest bt grossing films worldwide in the nominees this year also hidden d figures big as well.figu that's number -- best director will win, should win. w best supporting actor i really l think this is going to go to ali. phenomenal in moonlight.oonl moonlight was in my top
8:49 am
the year last year.ear. there were better performancesre in moonlight. moonlig i think the actress who play shy ron were supporting in my m opinion. in i will say, though, had lucas l hedges in manchester by the seas is to me one supporting actorgct is. he's incredible.redibl he's there the entire time. ali is barely in moonlight.ooig so i would love to see moonlighg win because i want moonlight tot take home an oscar but i think lucas hedges deserves it.sees >> an interesting question for supporting rol how long do you actually have to be in au film. >> i remember the timing on thii an actress in american gangstern in like for five minutes or mins something like that and she wasa nominated.mi it was like i think if you y appear on screen for one secondd you're in the' >> >> and interesting one of the cool things about the silence of the lambs by the way is that anthony hopkins --opns -- >> the actual screen time. actua >> only in it for 16 minutes.mie he wouldn't leading actor. aor >> hard to believe when you think about the whole movie.ov >> how long movies are. are best supporting actress this iss
8:50 am
killed it in fences.s unbelievable performance. the best crier i've he have seen on scene. sce >> any time you're willing to t let everything fly when you'reou crying on >> she has snot rolling down heg face. >> you can say it. >> she does. she that's the way she crys she crye let's it all go.let's ll g if you watch her cry at a movie that's what happened. she did it in doubt. she did it here. it's a amazing.mazing movie is a five out of five for sure. she'll win. w >> i felt her pain.>> i >> you totally did. totally d. >> felt her pain in my opinionin she's leading in the film even e though they're giving herivinr supporting role. >> right. >> best actor, if you told me three months ago leading up to t this high to give my predictione no question casey affleck.fleck >> yeah. >> manchester by the sea goingte to hn but denzel won the sag award.. which changed everything. now, the last ten years the tene winners who won the sag for f acting went on to win the sag for best actor at the -- i'm --i sorry the oscar for
8:51 am
>> doesn't that make sensehat ma because the sag award is voted by >> act. >> oscars voted by peers.yee >> right. rig golden globes voted by the glo press. >> right.he here's the thing. it could go either he.y >> when you think if your peerse voted you in one award, it woulu make sense they would vote youle again. >> i agree.>> changes all the time.change i've seen it happen before.efor i think denzel in my opiniony op gave the best performance ofrman last year.r nobody embodied a character likl that. the energy, the way he did it,ii the way he spoke, everything di he on screen.hen sc he's s denzel. >> he's direct directed it andnd did it it on stage amazing filmg and i think that he will takeak home the oscar it will be his third. >> glory, training day and now this.trai now >> now this which is casey affleck hasn't wouldn'tn'o yet. ye so there's a theory because hese hasn't wouldn't will the academa then give it to him? because bc you think about people who winew awards over the years and how ah they choose them.them sometimes they give it to somebody because it's theirt's e time. i can argue that denzel deservev it for malcolm x before
8:52 am
day even though i loved traininn day he won it for training dayiy not malcolm x.. scorcese didn't win about the deported, what about go fellas, taxi drive.fellas, ta mean streets amazing.ximazing. >> best actress honestly emmamma stone.on she killed it amazing iamazi performance.mance again, i am probably going to bb wrong about this. t i think that this going into i this year natalie portman for fr jackie was the frontrunner. isabel won for el at the goldenl close. emma stonecl won at the sag awas this is a role that she was bors to play.lay. it's her life basically shely s moved to la when she was 15 with her mom from phoenix.enix. she's an mazing star in thisr i she sings well she dances well.. and it really is an emotionalal character. i love this film so much. m and i think she's going to winin but don't be surprised if youf u see another actress on stage. sa because natalie portman can takn it you never you nev k that's the hardest category toyt predict this year in my opinionn best picture now where it comesm to. to allison and i have a
8:53 am
>> okay. >> la la land is i guess the easy choice considering it'st's nominated for 14 academy awardsa it's a big deal because it's actually tied with titanic andnd all about as the most nominated film inn oscar history. now, that gives it a certain momentum, and that's why emma e might make it tore actress, butt allison and i have bet i will i say this.hi i'll give allison credit here.dh >> thank you. >> when it comes down to the front runners for best pictureic you have moonlight, you have hidden figures and you have laea la land. now, hidden figures took homee the sag.e now they took omaha the ensemblm la la land was not nominated for ensemble because it's to two leading characters. hidden figures in my opinion a a more important film than la will land. even though i like la la land ln better. i think hidden figures is aiddeu movie that could have ancoul han opportunity to win.opport >> you have the mysteriousavthey hidden fences. >> yes.>> y. yeah, yeah. that's the tenth nominee. >> i know this doesn't go intoot any consideration when it comes to the voting i will sayeratio s
8:54 am
hidden figures taught mees t something about people who notpn just changed the world.. >> sure. >> but the universe.>> but t >> that's the beauty of movheiee >> la la land taught me about hollywood that i've heard aard thousand times before and nothing new.g n >> i don't mean to call you outy but you haven't seen la la land. >> kevin. >> it doesn't matter.. >> it doesn't matter that you'vu seen it. >> here's what i would love to to do. if there were not laws wert la prohibiting me from showing it o would sit down and i would livev stream myself watching la la la land to see how long i couldi take it. >> you'll go to prison and bee >> i'm not going to.>> i >> we're not showing nothi >> we can show our reaction. re. >> screen movie that's invie thi >> maybe show a movie -- me watching it see how long i lastl >> if la la land wins i will w bring you a bag of sour patchpah kids. kids. >> and if hidden figures winsgu i'll be happy and also bring i i was bag of twizzlers if la la il land i'll explain about it forut the next year. >> i'm sure you will.>> i think it's going win. i'mink i by the way we all know the reala winner of the oscars.. >> it's dead pool because itad
8:55 am
suicide squad won nomination non dead pool has zero.dead i'm rocking poo out these sockss today. to my dead pool socks. >> probably time to say goodbyee >> we're saying goodbye.g gdb >> you looking sharp. sha i love it.ove it. >> thank you very much. >> he's actually yawning rightar now.. >> we have to get to our give g away. see you on good day. >> fox beat friday. fda you can win washington wizards r tickets as they take on the onhe orlando magic.agic one viewer could win four tickets to the wizards game thes march 5th at verizon center. the prize has proximity retail i value of $320.32 it is fro provided by monumental sports and fels entertainment go to fox5 d.c. starting now from 11:59 p.m. tonight for yourou chance to win.. one winner selected by randomanm drawing on february 27th. all entrants must be 18 or o older. ol complete rules can be found atfa fox5 d.c./contests..c./contests it's so good it should bed b shouldn't be free.
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>> thanks to viewer cassie the actor in american gangsta was robbie d. >> great. be right back. ♪♪ >> let's get to tucker. let >> let's do it. >> take it away. got aotquick, kev, i's question for you. you. >> yes, tucker, tu >> when are they going to put a good movie out. >> you're an idiot.e an idi i love you. great movies out right now.ow >> do your weather.>> do >> we'll try to get kev toget vt hollywood by monday, right.ight >> i am going to hollywoodolwood monday. monday >> 60 in washington. was we're going to be in the mid to upper 70s lateinrt
8:57 am
and clear skies.and clsk quiet conditions tonight balmyib if you want to dine outdoors gog for it much looks like raine ran showers maybe a thunderstormstom tomorrow afternoon and then thet cooler air gets in here bite end of the weekend. wnd 70s next couple of days and 50s, low 50s by sunday. sunda all in all spring like weekend.. >> erin feeling better. bter. back for last traffic.ic. >> 8:57 right now.ght we do have some breaking news if you're headed out on beltway. outer loop crash center lane block the ritchie marlboroop c r big delays there.he use caution. second crash that did clear dle north of 50 watch out for that t one as well. one big delays lingering on 295 295 southbound crash blocking shoulder at pennsylvania avenuee delays back to riverdale parkdap and 60 eastbound crash at 29 at9 blocking the shoulder.r. keep it to fox5 news morning. mi good day at 9a coming right up.. ♪♪ ♪
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