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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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fighters with some football connections. >> i'm bringing back the victory. i'm bringing my heavyweight world title. i love you guys. fight on. >> i know you play for usc. but this is the roll tide country. and good luck because you're going to need it. speak up back you're getting ready for round 3. once again we are pleased to be joined by a former of the world. what you think so far? >> deontay's and throwing enough punches. they have to them down. >> what would you say to wilder? >> i would tell him to pick up his jobs.
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washington is up to rounds. what are they showing? >> they open up. most impressively pad speak of physical strength of washington. they are stepping in and around him. he's with deontay at this point. >> deontay on the ropes. really trying to open up the repertoire. wilder wants to open up and attack. but that's a nice attack right off his shoulder. >> disrupted his rhythm.
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sees something. but at the same time he has to be smart. wilder is known for that right hand. he nabbed it really well. timing is perfect. for some reason washington went on a bad foot. now he's standing stationary. >> they should continue. they should continue to use it. >> they had length. wilder of course has the wingspan. >> you look at him, when he moves him back again he's in a powerful position.
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deontay is not stepping, he's not in position to count. >> he's giving them momentum. giving washington momentum. >> he's getting confused. he thought he closed his eyes right there. >> washington is 34 years old. elite start in the navy. the clock is ticking. he knows. he needs to make money, he'd like to have a great career. get the shot at the heavyweight title. in enemy territory. moves in, right hand to the body again. active with the
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were going to keep it here. let's look back at some of this, and virgil, tell us what we are seeing. if you're seeing things be very effective. >> vsat knock him back. that's it happens in a fight of this magnitude. deontay hasn't figured it out. not only is he knocking him back, but he's twisting him. he's had an effect on him. deontay hasn't figured it out yet. let's go to christine. christine? >> the guys are here tonight have both warned the heavyweight championship belt but it has a new name now that it belongs to deontay wilder. he's named it sophia from "the color purple" because she's a strong woman. he told me he names everything after women including the car that got him
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mercedes sprinter named anna mae because she can nurture our who always gets into his destination safely. but if the fight keeps going like that that is, washington might have a chance to rename that belt. >> and a few new cars, too. >> you had a whole bunch of belts in your life. have you ever given them a name? >> no, not really. >> i didn't think so. what about light, lucille? what you think? do you have a relationship with larry holmes? >> no, not really. in the zone so far. they stay close. >> washington is able to use his size and strength on deontay. >>
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establish that distance and stay in the pocket. you see their scoring average. so far a clean sweep. watching on tv here on fox. you all think three rounds to zero. we asked what he thought, he said he's got it all, he's terrific. he said it's about me, my timing, my mental game. i've got to be aggressive. i've got to learn to be comfortable when you're supposed to be uncomfortable. in uncomfortable situations. >> he's usually very effective.
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i don't think they expected it here. >> a good body shop. now he gets a little rough. he fought against arreaola. he was able to do the punishing even with one hand. >> he needs to take advantage of this round. deontay should throw a little bit more. but washington, i think he's waiting for that job to counter on top without overhand right. i don't know if i'm right, but he's definitely waiting for deontay to make a mistake. has a double job. >> i almost want to see more aggressive. we haven't seen as of yet
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there's a job coming up from the other fighter. but he obviously has a more complete arc but we haven't seen it yet. gerald washington doing a terrific job, established himself early. keeping him at a distance. getting physical. he could be winning i guess all of these rounds. we don't know the score but he seems to be the one who has been aggressive and more assertive. you see him with his right hand. >> that is a good point. now we're talking about that because of the injury. i don't know if it's the injury or that just hasn't presented itself. >>
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and determination and he's shown it tonight. >> he's in the corner there, vociferous there with wilder. let me just ask you this stupid question. he's absolutely looking a guy in the eye, he's used to looking at a much shorter guy at the very least. how much does that bother him. much to size alone change the equation here for deontay? >> i hate to keep saying that but it's true. they're playing a big gap yet he's made his lineup. so he's going to fight. >> that's not a small thing.
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he's going to win and that will take you a long way. >> it will take you a long way. >> how difficult is it to change tactics or be put on the accelerator in the middle of a fight? >> it shouldn't be difficult. he's been in this position before. i don't know what's keeping him from doing so. deontay wilder is a great champion. he is a great fighter. he should definitely change his game plan. [cheers and applause] >> wilder with the right hand, and down goes wilder. wilder talking to the crowd. let's see what happens now. big left hand. he is getting
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washington is hurt, wobbling around. while matt. >> he just gave him a great fight. but that's the right hand where looking for. and that's it. that's all she wrote. >> i initially thought the referee was too close and was looking to stop it. what is you think about? >> it shows you that if you're patient, you got confidence in your ability, you know that he's
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can capitalize on the mistake. >> in the heavyweight landscape, how perfect is that? he was tested by a big man and he answered it with one shot. that becomes an exhilarating wi win. we are going to take another look at that right hand when we come back. it was one-shot. oh, we'll do it right now. there it is. just a sharp right hand right across the face of the washington and that did it. deontay wilder, 38-0, 37 kos. we'll hear from wilder when we come back.
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speak up premier boxing champions is attracted by corona extra who invites you to find your beach. and deontay wilder finding his right hand. it just looks like washington had it all going
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and wilder not only looked like he was losing round he looks lethargic. that wasn't like a perfect, long, lengthy right hand. that's why this is such a shocking yet exhilarating win. >> i said earlier yesterday that deontay's long right hand, you can see it. but when he has that short when he's devastated and you can see how short it is right there. like washington never shot. and washington made the mistake of stepping out with a half jab. >> evander holyfield is here. what'd you think about short right hand? >> hit them right in the temple. you don't see it, and that's what happens when you get hit with a short top. >> again, wilder looks lethargic, losing rounds, great right hand, evander holyfield ringside. larry holmes as well, what did you think, larry? heavyweight legend, and wilder
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champions. let's go to ralph lorenz. >> ladies and gentlemen, the end comes at 1:45 of the fifth round. our referee in charge, mike griffin, brings and enter the contest for your winter by technical knockout, still undefeated and still the heavyweight champion of the world, the bronze bomber, deontay wilder! >> deontay wilder, he wants joseph parker, he wants another belt. he always has his eye on april. he's always an interesting interview. let's go to christine in the ring. >> thank you. deontay, yet again, your fans in alabama came out to support you, chanting your name all night. is there anything you'd like to say to them? [cheers and applause]
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maybe it's the belt? >> first off, man, i want to give god the glory right now. i want to give god the glory and the praises. [cheers and applause] >> without him, you know, nothing is possible. without him, i'm not possible and without him, these great citizens and fans of alabama are not possible. i want to tell you all right now, i said i wasn't going nowhere and i'm still here. alabama, i love you! and i'm not going nowhere. we're going to keep them coming. were going to keep it coming. but you know, i want to thank everybody. what an amazing undercard we had. we
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we do all the work in here. i know it's brutal, i know somebody has to lose, but it ended today, we can love on each other and embrace each other and that's what it's all about. >> heavyweight champion of the world, here tonight watching you, you've always talked about unification. see next question marks peter that's a question they've got to ask. i'm ready. now it's time to do your part. >> congratulations, you get to keep sophia your belt. back to you. >> emotional there because it did look like it could be a rough night for him but he comes back, he's
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wembley, could be real excitement in the heavyweight division. wilder now makes his claim once again, that he may be the best heavyweight in the world. what you think? >> in my estimation, this is the fight that he comes from behind. he had a tough fight. this is a fight that will make him even better and now i'm looking forward to seeing it dominate the heavyweight champion spirits because we have one minute here. your thoughts on having to overcome a very gain washington customer >> it's very important. you get behind, he's behind this time and he had to step it up and he did. >> what did you think? >> he came from behind and he proved a lot of people around. myself. it was a really one-sided fight but that equalizer. >> washington we believe leading on the cards, haven't seen a bit looking sharp, but with one righ
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equation, 38-0. tomorrow on fox at the 59th running up the daytona 500. coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. eastern on fox. we're staying right here. join us on fs1 from our boxing. from all of us, i'm brian kenny, good night from birmingham. >> clear skies light eping to hail. >> and what's next in the forecast after a wild day of weather. >> and democratic national committee elect a new chair
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reaction from democrats and republicansen including president on selection of tom perez. >> we'll have those stories and more coming up tonight, see you at
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>> right now at 10 from clear skies to lightning and even hail. gwen will tell us what is up in the forecast after a wild day of weather. >> remembering young life lost. family and friends gather todd say good-bye to michael gray as police continue to hunt
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>> and after major losses in the 016 elections the democratic national committee is looking to new leadership. details on newly chosen dnc chair and local ties. "fox 5 news" at 10 starts now. >> and we have breaking news at 10 out of louisiana where 28 people are injured after a pickup truck plowed into a crowd that was watching mardi gras related parade in new orleans. 21 victims were taken to the hospital. the truck was speeding when it sideswiped a car, rear ended another and then swerved into the crowd. police do not suspect that this was act of terrorism rather it appears to be du presidential i case. one person was taken into custody at the case and we'll keep you updates as we learn more about it i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm matt matt. matt ackland we're getting things ready. beautiful morning and then t
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skies opened up and we saw heavy rain, wind, lightning, even hail. these are photos you are looking at now of some of the damage left behind in charles county. many trees were knocked down. >> storm brought down on overhang on the side of the home right on to a car. that happened in waldorf. fortunately storms moved out of our area. here's a live look now in alexandria and it's camel out there and it has certainly cooled off. >> it was cold we went out earlier today and it was awfully cold. gwen, what a roller coaster of a day when it comes to weather. >> absolutely those storms strong and as you saw a lot of damage in many areas and as far as where you just saw all that damage there to the south that is where we actually had a tornado warning in charles county. we are waiting for official word from the national weather service once they inspect the area 20 see if it was a
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aid owe that hit the ground. that will happen in the next day or so. in the meantime things calmed down a lot. precipitation moved its way off. ridge of high pressure is building in behind all it and we'll see a cool down. that's the next story the cold conditions settling in tonight and winds, gusty winds continue to hamper the area. right now here's a look at winds from 13 up to 29 miles per hour and those are the sustained winds. here's a look at wind gusts right now 18 to after 38 mile an hour wind gusts in hagerstown and 31 district and 30 mannasas and 30 baltimore. we're talking about temperatures now. it's going to start to cool down fairly rapidly in the overnight hours. we were actually into the 70s today for someday time eyes. 51 quantico and 49 d.c. and 49 dulles and 37 win chester and that's the overnight low for tonight looking at our temperature really dipping down.
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we'r create wind chills as well and it will feel colder than that. tomorrow, cooler than we had today. plenty of sunshine at 50. but those winds will be pretty sharp tomorrow. so be aware of that. i'll let you know what to expect in the 7 day forecast in a bit, back to you. >> we'll see you then, gwen, thank you, nearly one week after mannasas man was murdered at a house party his family and friends gather todd remember him. michael gray was killed early sunday morning in arlington and police are still searching for the gunman. lindsey watts has been following the story now and joins us with more on the memorial, lindsay. >> matt, something i can tell you from covering this, michael gray was loved by so many. the outpouring on social media is truly like nothing i've seen and at the memorial today they had to bring in extra seats last minute after more than 500 people showed up. >> it was just one week ago that michael gray spent his last day with his family. his mom, dad,
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brother roland. >> we went to roland's basketball game and michael took him for extra work after the game and it was a gift we're thrilled that's how we spent our last day with him. >> his family stood before hundreds that knew and loved michael not to mourn his death but celebrate his life. >> something say hallelujah. >> hallelujah. >> i don't know whatever is left but he never left without giving his mom a hug, kiss and i love you mom. >> when you started high school i was so worried about you, would you make friends? would you be okay in the school? before we knew it you had too many friends to count. >> by the time he turned two he was already kind of partial to james brown.
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mom, did he come into the house sashaying and saying papa has a brand new band. >> he was a healthy 23-year-old. he went to a house party saturday night these are the last photo taken of him before he walked out of the home early sunday and was shot and killed by a man he had gotten in earlier dispute with. >> if this helps one or two of us to start doing some of the things we're doing or been inspired to do one or two of us to stop regretting our relationship with jesus then what we now look upon as senseless act of violence will have meaning. >> following the memorial the remembrance con tibd friends and family shared the photos and shirts read we are mike gray. >> thank you for loving mike we are mike gray.
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arlington police know who killed michael they need to find him jason allen johnson of d.c. and he may have shaved his beard and hair at this point. he's five foot five and has a tattoo on the right side of his neck. if you have any information about him contact arlington police. lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> now to montgomery county where the owners of car dealership are picking up the pieces after two vehicles crashed into their building this happened this afternoon at the orr'sman dealership. an employee driveing a chevy ta hoy suffered a medical mnl and crashed into a parked car and the force of the crash pushed the parked car into the garage along with the suv and the car also hit an oil drum inside the building and the oil spilled out and a hazardous material team was called in and no one was hurt and oil was contained.
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democratic national baert has a new chairman tonight. perez beat out minnesota congressman keith ellison and handful of other candidates and some of you may recall perez served on montgomery county council from 2002 to 2006 and the 55-year-old is civil rights lawyer graduated from brown university, harvard law school and kennedy school of government. he's married and has three children. fox's jonathan siri has more. >> is it my honor now to present the gavel to the next chair of the democratic national committee to mr. tom perez. mr. perez, congratulations. >> former secretary of labor under frez obama thomas perez is elected chair of the democratic national committee winning seton second ballot and i'm confident that when we lead with our values and lead with our actions we succeed. that is wh
10:31 pm
party has always been about. >> democrats are working to rebuild their party after republican victories in the never election. and at the to much the agenda president trump. >> he has been a disaster if this were a season of apprentice donald trump would have fired donald trump at the end of the first episode. >> getting to the bottom of russian interference in the 016 election and preventing future problems. >> if you want to know how it went with us i'm leaving next chair at 463 pages this is all i've been able to compile if you want to know what it's like to have poder files stolen and staff harassed i'll leave with you this. >> they are hoping to build on anti-trump momentum to take back congress in 2018. >> we as democrats must move forward with courage, confidence and opt mitch a.m. stay focused on elections we must win
10:32 pm
equal progress for party and country. >> new dnc chair comes into office under intense scrutiny following internal controversy involving previous two chairs debbie wasserman schultz and donna brazil. in atlanta, jonathan siri, fox news. >> president trump tweets his reaction to the new chair in form of back handed complement. he wrote congratulations to thomas perez who has been named chairman. dnc and i could not be happier for him or republican party. >> the president has been doing a lot of tweeting tonight and president is also making news tonight over a tweet about the white house correspondent's dinner. he announced on twitter he won't ab tending the dinner this year adding police wish everyone well and have a great evening and annual dinner attracts politicians and celebrities and it's unclear where the president is not attending and he has been highly critical of med
10:33 pm
coverage of the presidency and what he calls fake news and the dinner is set to take place on april 29. >> coming up next, repealing and re placing obamacare. >> the president promised to make it happen. but some governors are raising concerns about the consequences. >> and then a top travel web site says we have one of the best beaches in the country within driving distance. we are going to tell you where ocean city landed in a new set of rankings
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>> classes back in for d.c. elementary school with bedbugs. what's been done to make sure the problems got fixed. and recapping hollywood's biggest night on "fox5 news morning". >> and now to prince george country where police are looking for a gunman that shot and wounded two teenagers. the shooting happened around 2:00 this morning. police tell us these teens were waiting for a bus at the taylor road metro station when the shooting took place and teens were taken to a hospital for treatmen
10:37 pm
are in stable condition tonight. no word yet on what led to the shooting. police are still trying to determine mostive. mean while less than an hour later the body of a woman was found nearard wick ardmore road and yellow wood lane. and someone shot the woman and they're now trying to find the person responsible. we don't know the woman's identity yet and/or what led up to the shooting. police are asking for anyone with information about this case to give them a call. >> national governor's association is holding a winter meeting in d.c. this weekend. republicans hold 27 of 3 governorships for election this year and next. one of the big issues being discussed is president trump's promise to repeal and replace obamacare. many governors are anxious to hear what the republican congress and president has in mind. we'll hear nor from garrett
10:38 pm
teny. >> and one of the concerns is medicade and how any repeal and replace plan will affect it. under the 3 states and district of columbia expanded medicade to make more people eligible and that added up to 11 more million on medicade roles. governors from those states are growing concerned about obamacare replacement plans that scale back the medicade fund they go receive and one is republican governor john okay significance from ohio that met with the president yesterday to discuss his concerns. >> the president was responsive to my concerns about the affordable care act, medicade expansion. and he said he was very intrigued with the idea. don't know where that will all go but i'll tell you that the president was you know he licensed very carefully to what i had to say about it and had a very positive response. >> kasich is one of the number of govern nors that met with health and human secretary tom price to share concern
10:39 pm
government can allow the states to have more flexibility in using medicade dollars. but among the governors there's also a lot of concern over congress potentially moving too fast to repeal obamacare before a replacement plan is ready. >> affordable care wakt as complicated, cumbersome bill. almost everyone say it can be improved. significantly improved. to say we will do that improvement down the road and repeal it without having idea specific idea of how the replacement is, i mean, i think what congress would love to do is push all those costs off on to the state. >> and you can bet there will be a more discussionthon in the coming week as republicans return to washington and are set to introduce their official repeal and replace plan. in washington, i'm garrett tinny, fox news. >> and d.c. elementary school dealing with rodent and bed bug problem is set to to reopen monday. crews were hard at wor
10:40 pm
cleaning save" elementary in southeast and the school was forced to shut down to fix the problem. >> this is my favorite tore jury of the week. august 28, 1963 dr. martin luther king jr. stood on steps of lincoln memorial had delivered the i have a dream sfwleech yesterday d.c. public school students did the same thing for the 1th year in row d.c. public kids honored dr. king's legacy like this. "fox5" photo journalist nelson jones was there. >> in so many ways dr. king's dream has come true and but we rel lies our work is not yet complete. now is the time to lift our nation from the quick stands of racial injustice to the silent rock of brotherhood. now is the time to make justice
10:41 pm
children. >> i have a dream that one someday this nation will rise up to the truth meaning of its creed. >> i have a dream that one day on the red hills of georgia the sons of former slaves and sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. >> i have a dream that one day even the state of mississippi a state sweatered in the heat of injustice and heat of oppression will be transformed into oasis of freedom and justice. >> i have a dream that one day my four little children will live in a nation where will not being judged by color of their skin but by their character. >> let freedom ring from kol california. >> free at last, free at least, god almighty we're free at last♪
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freedom♪ brotherhood♪ walking hand-in-hand to the promise land♪ i have dreams of tree freedom♪ i have dreams of freedom♪ walking hand-in-hand to the promise land, let freedom ring. >> let freedom ring♪ let freedom ring♪ >> by the way that's principal of the school she's not only principal but has a good voice. that's a great day i was there with nelson and the kids must have practiced for months because they all hit it. >> they nailed it. >> yes. >> not reading from a script. >> nope, nope. >> i love they were all so good. >> all those smiley faces. >> great job, kids. >> up next, rescued
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burning car. >> the message from the man saved by d.c. police this week to the officers who pulled him to safety. and that's coming up next. stay with us. ♪♪ know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values ♪♪
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know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management® team.
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>> coming, coming. >> is anyone else in there? is anyone else? >> no, sir. >> a maryland man is seasoneding a very special thanks tonight to the d.c. police officer who's pulled him from that burning car. 58-year-old michael smith hit a light pole on bladeensburg road and his recue was cap furd on the officer's body worn cameras. >> he remains in intensive care. he's recovering from a fractured leg and pelvis. "fox5" paul wagner has a special message from both smith and his
10:47 pm
>> i want to say thank you deep within my heart and i will be contacting you when i'm bet to thank you in person for being mr. and saving my life. >> a fifth district officer was on his lay back to the station on bladeensburg road when he saw michael smith's wrecked car with flames and smoke coming from the hood. >> i believe there's oneed in and i'll break the window now. >> smith was conscious and his wife now says he has no relex of w457d before or after the wreck. >> can you on the door. >> on the door. >> get your seat belt off. >> flames from the hood are building as the officer pulls smith from the car and after being removed the officers ask him if anyone else is inside. >> is anyone else in there? >> no, sir. >> micha
10:48 pm
>> michael smith is 58-year-old truck driver that lives with wife and three teenage sons in his montgomery county home and ton yap smith had a message for the officers as well. >> angels in uniforms there's no words for the heroism and bravery that they displayed in saving him. >> he's coming, he's coming. >> tonya smith had no idea a video ever the rescue even existed. until she started getting calls from friends and family early yesterday morning. she took it to the hot and showed to her husband. >> thank you jesus thank to you the police officers he was like thank god. it was overwhelming. he was very emotional watching it. >> smith says she and her husband conditioned wait to thank the officers in person. >> we're so grateful for all that you do every day and especially on that day. >> yes. >> michael smith say long road to owe recovery in front of of him and it will be months. paul wagner,
10:49 pm
boy those officers really, really saved them didn't they? >> we see those things happen again and again and you're lucky and grateful for those officers at that time. tonya smith says he doesn't know why he crashed that night and he's diabetic and that may have had something to do with it. officers say any one of us would have done this. >> right. >> and chief newsham told us something similar to that happened again where a lady was in distress inside her apartment and the officers kicked in her door to be sure to give her medical care. these things happen probably more than reported. good job by all the officers there. >> absolutely. >> coming up tonight, high praise for a beach that's a popular get away for folks around here. >> we'll tell you where ocean city landed on a list of best beaches in america.
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z29kuz zstz y29kuy ysty
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>> beach season will be here before you know it and one of trip advisors best in the country is a car trip owe way. it ranked ocean city, maryland, number ten on list of america's finest beaches. the rankings are based on millions of traveler reviews and ocean city ranked higher than ft. lauderdale and south beach in miami. what's going on? not to ditch ocean city but wow. the top are siesta key st. paul florida and hawaii la hayna. >> maybe it was also about how cost cheap to go there maybe? maybe not as expensive. >> the reason they said
10:54 pm
there's a the lot of free activities with the boardwalk and all the shops and things to do and then sports because there's a lot of water sports. >> and in the summer it's a great place to be on the boardwalk. >> i don't know. it beat out beachs in hawaii i think. >> california. >> i'm like wow. >> not to mention jersey shore not on the list. >> i always heard good things about jersey. >> wow. okay, any beach is a beach is a good beach cannot go wrong with a beach. >> shall we move on. >> yes. >> no beaches today. >> it is like arctic circle out there. >> i know we came around the bend. today temperatures were well into 70s might have been a nice day to think more beach-wise and crazy strong storms and now we're back to winter again. weather buffet is all over the place. today was extremely active and unfortunately dangerous storms that cause a lot of damage in many neighborhoods charles country we had a
10:55 pm
warning there and we saw a lot of damage through that area as well as la platea and waldorf got hit hard also. right now things calmed down a lot and did so into early evening hours and everything moved its way out and lingering showers off the coast. some clouds well to the west of us. in between all this we're seeing clear skies and those clearing skies are all affected by a ridge of high pressure building in behind the frontal system. so, we had clouds but a very, very mild night. and in terms of things that's -- cooler night i say we should be looking at and i'll skip past this map. this map is actually not going to give us information i want. 3 mile an hour winds right now this is another issue. gusty winds all day with the storms and continuing gusty tonight and for tomorrow. right now sustained speeds are from 7 to 26 miles an hour and wind gusts right now take a look. up to 35 mile an hour wind gusts right now in distri
10:56 pm
we've got 30 baltimore and 3 dulles and 30 winchester and we're going to see some wind chills tonight as a result of this. and yes we're talking wind chills after coming off temperatures some 25 to 28 above seasonal average for daytime highs. because that frontal system that brought us those storms today has a real, real big surge of cold air behind it and that will cool us down as we move to the overnight hours. here's a look at numbers we hit today. 75 reagan national airport and dulles, 77 and bwi thorough good marshall 75. as i said, 25 to 28 warmer than what we should be this seasonal average and right now, starting to cool down. 46 d.c. and same at mannasas and 48 annapolis and 42 dulles and a chilly 37 right now at winchester and 47 culpeper and but that cold care kicking in behind this front is really going to give us the chilly weather that we will see in the overnight hours with temperatur
10:57 pm
daytime highs tomorrow into the 50s. and take a look at national map you can see this dividing line that i spoke with yesterday as well keeps moving closer and closer to us with that cold air. and that's going to happen all up and down the mid atlantic. stormy weather today, we're at partly cloudy skies for tonight and cooler at 37 and we're back to sunshine tomorrow with a ridge of high fresh use daytime high only and westerly winds strong cooler but windy. as we get into the rest of the week things start to warm-up a little bit. we deal with showers tuesday. chance of a thunderstorm or two wednesday. we're heading back to 70 again and we dropped down temperatures-wise down to the 40s. all over again by end of week. definitely roller coaster week with those temperatures. >> and back to you. >> thanks, gwen. >> congress willing back in session next
10:58 pm
>> over the past weeks in some cases they got an ear full. protesters and frustrated voters disrupt aid number of town hall ganlerrings, we hear more from brian yennis. >> some lawmakers are avoiding the confrontational altake louie gomer citing public safety concerns and rodney friendly high schoolian are choosing to have telephone town halls indz stayed. alabama representative gary palmer hoeinged a town hall at city hall in hoover and he spoke to the crowd overflowing at the outside and popular topics for all ten halls of obamacare and immigration and climate change. we some constituent
10:59 pm
we some constituents are hosting town hall meeting themselves and invading law makeers to attend the like in las vegas where an empty spot stood as replacement for tell her and a cardboard cutout of porter in ohio. leopard lapse is embracing meeting with constituents who did not vote for him and he doesn't believe they're paid protesters. >> not to my knowledge and this is 41 in-person town hall meeting i held and i've never experienced paid pro tester. i don't think that was true the other night. >> left leaping group called up divisible pub lerkd a happened booing on the web giving step by step ininstructions on resisting president trump's agenda and being polite and persistent. pittsburgh area congressman tim murphy did not hold a town hall meeting this week sighting
11:00 pm
gooid. >> it's orchestrated where they'll sit and boo when the congressman talks and cheer when someone is asking a question. >> it's not just republicans the most vulnerable democrats like mccaskill up for reelection in 2017 are avoiding town hall meeting as well. in new york, brian brian, fox news. >> up next maryland hon horz 2002 national championship team as they take on iowa. >> they look for a much needed win and golfer gets almost naikdz ed on the course. all that and more ahead in sports. pass passion


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