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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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gooid. >> it's orchestrated where they'll sit and boo when the congressman talks and cheer when someone is asking a question. >> it's not just republicans the most vulnerable democrats like mccaskill up for reelection in 2017 are avoiding town hall meeting as well. in new york, brian brian, fox news. >> up next maryland hon horz 2002 national championship team as they take on iowa. >> they look for a much needed win and golfer gets almost naikdz ed on the course. all that and more ahead in sports. pass passion
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pass passion. terps are not ob the bubble but if playing the way of late they will lose. terps fans worried
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could turn it into a bubble ready to burst. this year maryland squad has yet to take care of business yet they honard aa team they did everything needed to get to ncaa. they honored 2002 national championship team mashing anniversary of great title run. gary williams and his team knew they had something special. >> determined by hardest working team in country and one of the hardest working coaches and he taught us and molds us to a point where we were just fit sog well together. >> there's probably ten teams good enough. so we were special because we had to overcome things in 2001 that took us to a different point and making it little tougher all that builds into being good enough. >> that was steve blake and cigary will well yumz. terps taking on iowa team that rates 111 in rpi losing would be a huge blow to the tournament resume
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the other way. one handed jam. crowd loves. it second half they would not love this jordan bohanan for iowa catches fire. knocked down tre. couple possessions later more bohanan hits another three. he was just hitting everything look at this. spotted up. 8 triples for bohanan iowa upsets number 24 maryland 83-69. >> georgetown trying to stay out of big east seller and no real thought of the tournament taking on st. john and chris mullen former nba star there and hoyas led by one and turned the ball over. tariq owens takes away from the dunk. 16 turnovers at the half. later in the first georgetown down six and rodney prior off the steal. georgetown went on 17-0 run. hoyas down four year now big
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afterhe three point play. one last chance for tie. prior can got get it to go. st. john's beats georgetown 86 to 80 well it's that time of year for race car fans to see the green flag drop on event combined of say opening day and super bowl all to one. daytona 500 kicks off new season with 59th running and super bowl stock car racing is sovlly a sellout over 100,000 fans cheer on the race. dale earnhardt, jr. returns to car since concussion last year and special owe appears by four time master jeff gordan behind the rear in honorary pace car to on season. a new racing format is being used meaning big changes to the competition. >> we're creating more opportunities for pit strategy and drivers to have more pressure on them because now they can go out and earn points throughout the race and be rewarded for something you do at one third ofed way and hawa
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and you know, those are things that were not there before. so, a lot of excitement and things going to help the racing each and every week. >> up tensety that picked up over the lasts so weeks with elimination process really add aa lot to the sport and i think this is similar to that and makes it like that the whole year. so the pressure is going to be there week in and week out. >> last night crazy finish with the daytona truck race. final lap. matt crafton on the lead. on the outside, craveton flips the entire field gets in a crash. bird flipping through the area. and garera became youngest racer ever to win at daytona scary. >> alex ovechkin. salt and pepper hair. taking on predators after average game after night game last
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tom wilson and they're still announcing lane-ups on broadcast for this goal. early 1-0 lead and second period. roman yosy and phillips scored for goals back-to-back. five goals leave 5-in nashvegas. maryland within the ibf jr. mile right to beat tony harrison. improves to 20-0 his first ever title and how far would you go for a golf shop. >> that's this par. now almost. down to any her ware for shot out of the water at honda classic. he didn't want to get his colleges wet. he wanted -- >> he's pretty fit. >> he wanted to show off. >> he got to show off all the hard work putting in at the
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gym. now i knew you were word. >> they call that first trap or something. >> he is third trapping on the golf curse. >> actually what are you doing. he missed cut but at least he has that the show off. >> and who is talking about it? >> everybody. >> not talking to anybody else. >> the relationships were never big on underwear. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year.
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good. only fios can.
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>> if you're looking to land a new job you likely will have to sit tlur an interview. >> some interviews are more interesting than others. the person asking the questions sometimes throws out some real head scratchers and the web site glass door collected a few from perspective employees and interviewer with space x asked this question when a hot dog expands in which direction does it splits split and why? i kind of -- maybe throw you off. we'll talk in a second. here's one from drop box the interviewer asked if you railroad ceo what are e
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three things you check about the business when you wake up. i think that's a good question then there's interviewer from trader joes that said what would you do if you found a peping win in the foods sgher that's idea. >> that's weird. >> the first one i'm thinking maybe has somethinging to do with hets and pressure and something like that space the thing about the ceo what do they need to know about their business. >> when i came here it was more liability question. what would you do if someone said this to you how would you react and i think they were trying to. >> remember your interview. >> i do, i do you might not have been a live, kidding, it was a long time ago. >> i was in kind are guarden. >> we're back in a moment..
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he >> hol we wood biggest night is almost here and for entertainment bunk junkies it's like the super bowl. >> like the real super bowl almost nothing is guaranteed this year. "fox5" kevin mccarthy gifts us predictions for the major categories. >> hey, everybody, it's kevin mccarthy here to give you oscar presdix dictions for sunday night. 6 i'm still rocking "dead pool" socks and i'll be wearing this sunday when i watch the show. let's go through major predictions in six major categories tweet with me kevinmccarthytv i'll have the breakdowns here first up best director came jan shazelle is director of "la la land" and she should and will win for this
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opening shot alone for this movie on the expressway is genius as people are dancing on cars and singing it's brilliant for many reasons and gosling learned to play the piano for the film. damian jasil comes out from a wide shot and i see ryan playing. it's cool. next up supporting actor i love the movie "monday light" it was in my top five. she was in house of cars cards and lucas edges from man khet are by the sea is more defining supporting character. he supported casey aleck performance. her shell ali is in the film for a short time.
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good as well. it will give "moonlight" one oscar win for phenomenal movie by barry jenkins and best supporting actress this category is a lot. viola davis is brilliant in fences she played the character on stage and in the film and by august it was incredible performance by viola davis when you get to the ending and she has that breakdown sequence it's unbelieve toobl watch that. strong character extremely strong performance i loved watching that. to me she was a leading character. next up is best actor. if you would have asked me a couple months ago i would
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said denzel i think will take the win. he's fantastic in the film. he directed it and also gives a power house performance in the movie and deserves to win. do not be surprised if casey aleck steps in there. best actress category hard to predict. you would have said natalie portman in "jackie" and then emma stone won for "la la land". and the beauty i love not knowing for sure what happened. i think emma stone deserves it and was phenomenal and it was personal film for her one of the best she's ever done singing and dancing and it's beautifully directed and she became this character and you could feel the emotion from her real life coming through the perform apps as well. emma stone is my pick will win and should win and finally best
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nominations tied with all about eave and tie tantic. it's a masterpiece. it is. it makes you fall in love with cinema again. it makes you remember why you love going to the movie so much. tweet with me @kevin mccarthytv. i'm kevin mccarthy, "fox5 local news". >> breaking news right now out of louisiana where 28 people are injured after a pickup truck plowed into a crowd watching a mardi gras related parade in new orleans. 21 of the victims were taken to the hospital and do not suspect it was an act of terrorism and say it appears to be a dui case. and one person was nine custody at the scene. thank you so much for joining us i'm lauren demarco. >> we'll get started tonight talking about the for kaeingt. what a cra
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it's been. beautiful morning an skies opened up and heavy rain and lightning and hail. these are photos of some of the damage left behind in charles county where there were money trees knocked down. >> check out this photo the storm brought down overhang on the side of a home look at that of the rite on to a car. this happened in waldorf. fortunately the storms moved out of the area at this point. we take a live look outside right now and it's nice and calm out there but that beautiful warm weather we were seeing has gone away. it certainly cooled off. >> it's cold outside, gwen what a day it's been around here. >> absolutely and those storms strong. we node the downed trees and also a lot of people without power and just unbelievable from frontal system that moved through bringing storms with it. so let take a look at things now as we take a look at satellite and radar composite and show what you is going on. everything is moved to its way out well east and few lingering showers just alonghe
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not much happening ridge of high pressure building in behind the front and we will see clearer skies as we get into tomorrow. but, if you look further wiingt you can see there is clouds and also can't rule out few snow showers over higherel vagues of mountains it's 46 now in nation's capital and feels like 38 and wind chills will be factor for tonight as we continue to deal with gusty northwesterly wind and winds continuing to be ansh utonight as well as tomorrow and right now winds gusting from 18 up to 35 mile an hours and so those wind chills will be significant tonight you're definitely going to feel it. for tonight our overnight low chilly 37 and tomorrow will be dry and windy and it will be sunny. we're only talking 50. far cry from the 70s we had for today and we've got some roller coaster temperatures in that 7 day forecast i'll will the you know all the details coming up in a bit, matt. >> see you in a
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thank you. >> nearly one week after a mannasas man murdered at a house party his family and friends gather todd remember him michael gray was killed early sunday morning in arlington and police are still serving for a gunman. "fox5" lindsey watts has been following the story for us. she joins us with more on the memorial. >> michael gray was loved by so many and there's been a huge outpouring on social media. at the memorial today 500 people showed up. >> it was just one week ago that michael gray spent his last day with his family and mom, dad and younger brother roland. >> we went to roland's basketball game and then -- took him for extra work after the game and we were thrilled that's how we got to spend our last day with him.
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hundreds that new and loved people not to mourn his death but celebrate his life. >> i don't know never left without giving his mom and hug and kiss an a of who you mom. >> when you first started high school i was or weed about you would you make friends? would you be ai believe to navigate that big high school? but before we knew it you had too many friends to count. [ laughter ]. >> he was already par sthool james brown by age of 2 [ laughter ] how many times mom did he come in the house sashaying and singing papa has a brand new bag. >> he was a health 2-year-old and he wept to a house party saturday night and these are the last photos taken of him before he walked out of the home early
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and killed. friends say by a man he had gotten in early dispute with. >> if this helps one or two of us to stop one of the things we're doing or stop one of two of of us to stop neglecting our relationship with jesus then what we now look upon as senseless act will have meaning. >> following the memorial the remembrance continued. friend and family shared these photos. their shirt read, we are mike gray. >> thank you for loving mike. >> arlington police say they do know who killed michael they just need to find him. his name is jason allen johnson of d.c. and keep in mind he may have shaved his beard and may have shaved his hair off at this point and he's about 5 foot 5 and you see a distinctive tattoo on right side of neck. if you have any information abou
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police. lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> m coming up next democratic national committee chooses a new chairman. >> details on the man they picked for the job. tom perez and his local ties coming
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>> democratic national party has a new chairman tonight tom perez that served as labor secretary under former president barack obamament perez bheet out congressman keith ill son and other candidate and some of you may recall served on montgomery county counsel ill from 2002 to 2006 the 55-year-old is civil rights lawyer frauded from brown and harvard and kennedy school of government. he is married and has three children. fox's jonathan soary has more on election of perez. >> it is my honor now to pres
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chair to democratic national committee to mr. tom perez. mr. perez congratulations. >> former secretary of labor thomas perez is elected chair of the democratic national committee winning seton second ballot. >> i am confident that when we lead with our values and agos we succeed that is what the democratic party has been about. >> democrats are working to rebuild party after republican victories in the november election and at the top aft agenda president trump. >> he has been a disaster. if this presidency were a season of apprentice donald trump done would have fired donald trump at the end of first episode. >> another area of focus getting to the bottom of russian interference in the 016 election and preventing future problems. >> if you want to know how -- us with i'm leaving next chair of 46 pages this is all i've been able toil compil


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