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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 27, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> ahead on fox5 news morning,or glitz glamour and an oscars ocas whoops.whoops. this year's academy awards finding itself center stage in an unfortunate mixup at themixu end of the show.d how the show's management is maa that now responding.spond >> let's take a live looklive lk outside on this monday on this y morning. it definitely feels a lot like e february. >> uh-huh. >> we got spoiled there fort sp quite some time.oime time. 39 degrees is what we're at we'e .his morning. bundle up as you head out bututt we might have a little bit ofav a warmuplitt later in the week.e >> details yet to come.o good morning to you.od morni thank you for joining usng. to . i'm maureen umeh.i'm mauree >> and i'm hll
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it is monday february 27th.uary. mike thomas erin como both b here working hard of course.d oc we'll check in with them forhe r the latest on the skies andskied the roads. that's coming up at 5:05. 5:5. we're going to go ahead andad ad begin this morning with hollywood's biggest night.ight. the 89th annual academyacade awards. ds. >> this year's show hosted by comedian jimmy kimmel went offf without a hitch until the veryve end when the wrong movie was announced for the best picture. >> listen to this.>> l >> and the academy award. >> for best picture.. >> land. >> "la-la land."land. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight" you won best be picture. pi >> yeah, that's right,hat's rig, "moonlight" actually won the the oscar for best picture, not "la-la land."an." yeah.
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that -- a stunning end. ed. early this morning the companycy that manages the academyana awards releasegeds th a statemet apologizing and saying that that warren beatty and fay dunn wayy were mistakenly given thet wrong category envelope andgory that's what you saw as warren beatty -- beatty >> he's like i don't thinkli this is >> yeah. >> and then she looked at itn sh ande look everyone thought la-la land" was the shoe in for best t picture. this ending will be talked about forever.t for >> that is crazye. crazy. >> well, there are some other highlights, though, from thehera night. emma stone from "la-la land"lad" took home best actress casey ca affleck took home best actor a while viola davis andol mahershala ali wouldn't best supporting actors. ac more on the winners and all and the highlights in that onehts ie really big low light. ligh >> i'm sorry i missed it.t. >> i heard hit when i was driving in and ieard h was -- m first thought was, well, stevewl harvey is off the
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his gaffe seems so small now. n. wow. >> man, okay.>> man, okay. more highlights yet to comeyet this morning as we told ytoou.yo okay. but there are other things inotn the news this morning. this mor. we'll check our top headlineshes and we'll start with politics.p. today president trump willump meet with the nation'sna governors at the white house.ate the issue of repeeling andling n replacing the affordable carecar act is expect canned to be aecta major part of their th discussion. last night president trump hosted nearly 50di ghto pvernorr their spouses for the annual governor's ball. bal it was the first major socialocl event under the trump trump administration.ministrat first lady melania vicelani president mike pence and hismika wife also attended.aten according to senior whiteeno house officials presidentfici donald trump is expected to sign a newrump i immigration ore on wednesday.dn the president's initial order temporarily halting all al entries into the u.s. from the s seven muslim majorityjoty countries was blocked by a bya federal judge. mr. trump has vigorouslyig criticized the decision.eci the president initiallyni planned to sign the new orderig last week.n >> this morning the search isthi on for a missing montgomeryg m county teen. 18-year-old angelica barahonaara was last seen leaving work
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>> and police say she is theicss cousin of a t teen found dead in northern virginia earlier thisrs month, a teen whose death theyhy believe is gang related. fox5's melanie alnwick isel live in gaithersburg now with theanhers latest.tet. mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning,epor guys.gus. so here is the wok expressok e that's where angelica barahonara rivas was last seen.seen she occasionally works here noun she's only been missing since 9 p.m. saturday -- onlyy about 30 hours but there is some urgency to this case,ency that is as you mentioned,nted, because angelica is also the cousin of damaris reyes rivas, the 15-year-old whose body wasws found in springfield earlierarlr this month.nth. these four adults and six an minors were arrested and and charged in damaris' murder.mure. police say it was gang related. related. angelica was reported missingmii by damaris' mother, here aunt.ha both girls lived with her in i gaithersburg. now worried family and friendsfd told police they have not been n able to reach angelica.ngelic now, police say angelica left lt
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the owner of wok express tellses fox5 that she was on her he phone, then left abruptly.r surveillance video from thece ve shop next door shows angelica leaving. she is 5 feet 3-inches tall,hest 150 pounds wearing a tanan shirt, tan skirt, gray jacket,a black boots and carrying a a pink purse. montgomery county policelice investigates say there wasre some information she may be inen the new jersey area but they ty don't have a way to know way whether she is safe.ether sh they are asking ae nyone who has had any contact with her orr has any information aboutformatb where she is or why oushe left t to please give them a live in gaithersburg, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 localocal news. >> today in the district,e disti students at savoy elementaryvoy in southeast will head back toco their classroom.classroo that's after it dealt with awith rodent and bed bug problem.robl it's a story that fox5 hasfox hs been following very closely.clo. the school forced to shut down early three weeks ago so crews s could fix the problem.e prob. officials say there will be anen open house today so that theodae public can see the classrooms. ♪> ♪♪ >> i
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morning. mike thomas talking about this s cooldown and then the warmupwarp and then the cooldown.olown. >> the cooldown and the warmup. it's -- >> yikes. >> that's one of the signs of spring almost around here in d.c. is that we startone ofos tg this back and forth thing.d fohi honestly we have been doing it t all winter but here we go intogn spring and you'll notice coldotc a little more and frequentlyre as we head through these nextthx couple of weeks here but also bl some shots of warm as well.. temperatures outside right now again feeling more likee february. 38 degrees now here inrees now washington but check out the suburbs. many well below freezing.eeing. 30 in gaithersburg, 26 at dulles, manassas good morningrnn 28 degrees for to you,rees for , leonardtown even at thear freezing markdtow at 32 degreesd this morning.or satellite and radar shows weshow had some clear skies overnight. t. that's one of the reasons temperatures were able to one os drop. w you do see some showers and even a few snowflakes flying s over the mountains thisnow morning. those should mostly stay out to the west of us herey inst d. today. i think it's mostly a in i-81 i1 and locations north and westand of there.her i won't rule out some spottyoty drizzle and it will just be just
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to make it here into d.c. d. 58 degrees your daytime highme h here in washington.shington. again, skies will generallye cloud up as we head into those e daytime hours and then we willwi get some patchy drizzle mostly during the second half of thesel day today and as f we roll we rl through the evening hours ashous well. well. bigger warmup on tap as wetap ae head into your tuesday and tuesd wednesday. we'll have much more details on that coming up in m ucabout 0 mis tes here. for now let's head over to,ve erincomo with a look at trafficr this morning.. >> this is 95 northbound5 northb coming from fredericksburgdericg into stafford. sta you can see 95 northboundrthund definitely starting to slow slo with some volume.olu. allow for about 10 extraout 10 a minutes from fredericksburgederu through dale city right now because of that buildinguilding volume. southbound side nice and quiet. as we forward ouournd sid camera once you cross the mixing bowlix traffic on 395 is nice and nd quiet. we're problem free out byoutb shirlington circle.shir youli can see those taillights s heading toward the 14th streetrt bridge in very nice
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morning. that trend continues on 66. 66 is also extremely quiet this morning.. not seeing any issues bysues b sudley road right now. n you can see things waking upakip but not enough to cause anycau slowdowns just yet from fro gainsville through andsvilleougd centreville. also looking good inside theoodt beltway through arlington ashroo well. as we move over to a look in maryland, 270 is also at speed this morning from 70 down do through urbana and then again te as you try to get to the spur.te this is by smontrose road. rad. things are picking up as youkiny get closer to the beltway but bt not enough to cause any delaysel this morning just yet. northbound side also flowing freely and the beltway iside a looking good ndouthe bel by new hampshire avenue.hampshe avenue. problem free behind me.d m. back to you holly and >> still ahead, we'll have a wev check of our other top stories s including new details aboutails the man accused of crashingcra into a crowd of peoplele celebrating mardi gras. >> another cemetary the target another act of vandalism.ana time is 5:08. 5:8. we're back in just 30 seconds.e. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> back now at 5:09 with lookk at some of the other topnow soo stories on a monday.s on a mond. in philadelphia policeinhilade investigating after more than 100 headstones were vandalized at a jewisnh cesemetary in cemet philadelphia. the damage came less than adama week after ae jewish cemetaryiy in saint louis reported more
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vandalized. many of them tipped over. over. however, police have notave drawn a connection between the two incidents.nts. man charged with plowingn ch his truck into a crowd oftruck c people in new orlroeanwds durinu area mardi gras parade maderas a his first court appearancefi last nightrs.last night police say 25-year-old nielson razuto was driving drunk with the blood alcohol level threed l times the legal limit.l limit. fortunately no one was killed kd but 28 people were hurt. >> california now where beginning today officials willgo stop the outflow from the oroville dam in order to remove debris. d the water flow will beremove stt for several days.veral days. the department of water resources says removing theces s debris will proaytects an underground hydroelectrich plant and also allow it toso alw resume operations.ope tens of thousands of residentse were evacuated earlier this h month over fears that thet the spillway would fail and causeoua massive flooding.flooding a high school wrestler'sstlr undefeated streak is raisingr eyebrows in texas that isrows it because the student isstudens transitioning from female toale male
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in the women's category. ca max beggs won the girl's texas s state wrestling championshipesim saturday night.turday night. the teen is takingg testosterone wanted to competene against the boys but becauset th of state rules she wasn'tr allowed to. ald >> fans of the people's courtopt are mourning this morning.mour the death of one of thene of the original stars judge joseph wapner. what they were died at his t home in los angeles onhe sundayn the 97-year-old was hospitalized a week ago withgowh breathing problems.ems. "the people's court" began in i 1981. judge wapner decided for 10 years deciding real small caims cases. >> of course the other bigr story of the morning is thee oscars. >> we've already talked aboutvea that eplricdy mixup and some ofd the winners but those aren't th the only highlights.higig we'll share much more justoreust ahead including why one winner r refused to attend the big show. >> all right. i don't know who that is. let's ta
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as we head to break on areak on monday morning. egrees tmooday.ees to pretty chilly out there so bundle up before you head out. t we're back right after this. th >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> welcome back at 5:14.come this is a live web cam of a ofa zoo in new york and this is the momma giraffe.a gir this is april.this i she is about ready to give gi birth. birth. anyone can tune into thisune in camera and watch it. it. she's still in labor but theyu are reporting that she'st becoming more sensitive to to touch so -- and there's lotsthee of movement in her belly. bey. the dad is oliver.olir. he's standing by deliveringliv her ice chips i'm almost forips sure of it. it. this is an animal add venture ve park. they might allow her to walko wa around to induce labor justla like same thing.same thin so, anyway, anxiously awaitingwg the baby is on
5:15 am
to greet the world any timetim now. now. check out this web cam 'cause ' you can actually watch icat andt perhaps see a live giraffeie board. >> she's standing still.'s >> i know. webr whave a link on our s site as well in case you want y to keep watching this.hing this we love our animals around here, the giraffe of coursee of we're watching first lady and mr. president with their their eaglets ready to hatch there. t that whole thing is on again. >> new life is always aays exciting. >> yes. mike thomas, hey. h how goes it? >> yes, it is. you're right, maureen, we have h the eaglets, we have the babyy pandas last year now we havee the giraffe maybe she's we aitinggi untilg l wednesday when they get someen e warmer weather up in new york.k >> there you go.he >> hey i want to mention metion something that happened thisthis weekend. night the nationale weather service did survey andea confirm that we did have ade a tornado that moved throughthrugh southern maryland duringrnyland saturday afternoon's thunderstorms.hund went through charles countyough just north t-, right around c the la plata waldorf areas are rated an ef1
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winds of 90's miles an hour maximum width about 125 yards12 wide only on the ground for 11 1 minutes. most of the damage was treesmaas and power lines.d power took a few shingles off roofsff but nothing too extreme but b again first tornado of the of te year, about a year removedeov from last -- last year's tornado outbreak that happened in 2016 there at the end ofnd o february. all right, a week of ups ands downs here is what you canan expect. ex we're starting down.arting down we'll move up by wednesday anddd then we're back down again ford the end of the weekeek temperature-wise.temperature- 38 degrees your current numberor here in washington.hereshington. gaithersburg is at 30. frederick 27 and there'sther's gaithersburg just dropped toto 27. 27. winchester 30, manassas 28 andsd leonardtown is at 32 degrees2 ds right now.right now satellite and radar showinghowin you clear skies to starts to stt outside this morning.side but you kind of see the light gray starting to pop up so upo more and more cloud cover cover starting to move in.arting you t also see some snowflakesos flying over the mountains. some of that is hitting thveer h ground. ground most of it isn't although thisos is the storm system that'storm e going to be sliding just toust our west today. toy. chances for showers mostly mos kind of i-81 and the areas aras we
5:17 am
afternoon but here in d.c. i ini won't rule out some patchy drizzle. your surface feature kind ofre k high pressure sittingin off thee coastline pulling in then on-shore flow that's why we'll have the e clouds today. definitely starting off on thett chilly of this afternoon milder air ison going to try to scoot its wayitw in but with the lack oflack sunshine probably stillbly still feeling relatively cool.tive i would keep the jacket around all day today t mostly clouds co kind of i-81 and areas eastareat today and then if you're westwe of i-81 you could be dealingdeal with some showers as we work wo our way into the afternoonaftern hours. futurecast will show you here we are at tha 9 o'clock agg mostly cloudy skies kind ofloud overtaking the region andion nd watch the showers kind ofshow sliding up to the north andup th west there at 2 o'clock.o'ck. so garrett county maryland,ar allegany county maryland maryand washington county theshington c panhandle of west ouvirginia,ir, that's where you could sees your shower activity but look at that, we warm r it uacp tiass head towards the middle of the e week. 77 by wednesday before we coolec it back down, maybe a couplecope of snow flurries flying earlyurf friday morning. frat's a che o of thely forecast. erin como is back on a mondaymoy cold out there this morning,re , erin. >> i know. i had my puff pea pink jacketa j on this morning. thi i will tell you it is chilly.chi
5:18 am
gets me. ge i just need it tots stay warm. . i'm ready for the spring.sping. if you're skipping the roadskipp and keeping it to the rails to l today we're dealing with safeli track surge 12.wi tomorrow is thetr last day ofday safe track surge 12.fe then we get t a little break k until the weekend.til we'llth keep you updated.p you d right now no service continuesis rosslyn to the pentagon on the h blue line arlington cemetaryemry station closed.closd. free shuttle buses service.s se we'll keep you updated on on metro. all other rail lines right now on time.tim. metrobus on time as well. we any questions at erin fox5ions d.c. on twitter.d.c. let's go ahead and take a live e look outside show you some of sf our area roads.r oad this is a live look at 270.t 20. we're keeping a close eye on that. volume tends to build firstds north of this point in h this frederick frompo 7in0 to the trk scales. still all green there.r once you get closer to thee beltway passing father hurley boulevard past montrose roadt mn you're still in really goodtr io shape. no issues on the o the beltway looking good asy los well. we'll keep you updated here onee fox5 news morning.fox5 news morn back to you holly and maureen.u. >> thanks erin. .
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>> five:18 is our time right is now and it is back. nokia unvenoiledw anits iconic nokia 3310 cell they're calling it the nokiao six and just like its predecessor it has nokia's iconic ring tone and thee popular snake game.popu unlike the original version this one has upgrades like an hd screen and brighter color options. 22 hours of talk time.tim. the original version sold moremr than 120 million phones makingmi it the 12th best model in history. >> speaking of new gadgetsw gadt samsung unveiling some of its own with a brand new tablet. this is a first majora announcement since thosence thoe issues with the galaxy sevenay e note phones. the new tablets offer a 10 orr 12-inch screen and will run on n microsoft 10.rosoft 10. samsung lost more thant $5 billion in profit afterofit recalling the note sevens forv faulty batteries.teries. >> here's some incentives toveso go live on facebook.eon facebook the social media network says it media will now offer paid lie broadcasting to the generale gel public.
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if you have more it w than 2,000 followers and can get at least l 300 people to watch, facebookch will share, 55 percent of its s ad revenues with you. you if you meet the qualificationsul you could get a notification noi to signfi up. up. now facebook rival youtube hasau offered the same deal for years.s. >> payout from the tooth fairy have soared pat past year pat pr hitting a and all time high. average of $4.67. $4 not just good for kids youds yo know. the tooth fairy's generosityneiy has historically been a gooda indicator of the economyor of ty apparently and althoughthh 89 percent of kids visited by b the tooth fairy get moneyry g she's also known ton to occasionally leave gifts like toothpaste or tooth brushes.russ >> that's not fun.>> tn. >> give it a go, lady. >> exactly. >> all right, much more aheadora on fox5 news morning coming up in just two minutes. justwo minu stick with us. us. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> back at 5:22. taking a live look at the a llot going on overnight. president hosting 50 governors s for the first official event at the white house sincece taking office on january 20th.ah and as you can see lightsights slowly coming up, waking up at t the white house on this mondayon morning as we hope you are,u re, too, waking up with us on thisis beautiful monday morning.moning. >> if you're wondering whatyo time it is, it'su' 5:23. so get going. let's get a look at the te stories many are alreadyrelready engaging with on social media. l >> for that we turn to wisdom martin. >> good morning.ood a lot of buzz coming out of the oscars aparoft buz from thag picture mistake.picture first up, the winner whoer who refused to attend.. in a
5:24 am
he said my absence is out ofouf respect for the people of myy country and those of the other t six nations whom have been be disrespected by the inhumane law that bans entry of immigrants into the unitedunited states. this was his second oscar best director winner isiners the youngest person to receiveoc that award.ard. damien chazelle who directedir "la-la land" is 32 years old.. "zootopia" took home the prizehp for best animated feature fature film. it was one of the biggest hithit of 2016 taking home more thant $1 billion worldwide. and "suicide squad" took home. when 16-year-old was 16-yeas singing at the oscars last night, she got hit in the headnd with a flag.with a f it was just a brief bump butf bb that didn't seem to faze herto up ther
5:25 am
moana did lose to "la-la land" in the best song category.a >> this is oscars thing i'mhin m telling you. >> you know what, and peoplew wp are overlooking too you knowtoou what else was on sunday wassu ws the daytona 500. >> that's right.'s ri >> kurt busch won for thebusc first time in the last threelase laps i think the lead change led like four times . people ran out of gas.g >> that was drama too.t was dra >> oscars holly, oscars.oscars. >> that was the oscars of the driving world. >> and it was on fox. >> it is funny how the oscarssca is blowing everything else oute of the water and kevinan kevi mccarthy is not here yet. y >> he'll be here.he >> we wants to get to your weather forecast this morning because we are waking up to much moreantsforeca e tywepicala february-like temperatures-likep outside and satellite andide d l radar iteve en shows somews me snowflakes flying over theak mountains of west vesirginia vi this morning.rng. that will stay out to theay ou e west, no concern about snow sow here but maybe later
5:26 am
this this afternoon we can getag a little drizzle here inttle drr washington. temperatures again much morees e winter-like. washington, it'shingto it's actually a warm spot, mostmost waking up below freezing infr thee suburbs this morning.ubur dulles at 26 degrees, bwi at 25. here's a quick look at yourok ar planner today.t through the 40's in thes in the morning hours cloudy in the afternoon with temperaturesoon i slowly rising to theth 50's. 50 that's a check of yourf your forecast. erin como is back with in c traffic.omo >> i am. i'm just walking in rightis no wight no because we are up against someao new problems that you guysms t need to be aware of as you yo head out.ut. starting off way live look onive the inner loop a big mess out st there, ton of flashing lightsasi a disabled vehicle.a di zooming the camera in. left lane is omginetting by gallows road.gall anticipate a slow down. keep it to that left lane.owtict give youharself ext trleaft timm the springfield mixing bowl tox little river turnpike as youiveu head to 66 this morning.morn maybe you're trying to pass 66 p and make your way out towardd tysons this morning. 66 out by 28 seeing a big a slowdow
5:27 am
right now you can see a pumpa of the brakes as you head he toward 28 on 66 eastbound thisss morning. morning. lots going on right now. no. so we'll switch it over and swit show you a look o at our we have an issue we're dealingwg with on 270.70. southbound side and disabled vehicle blocking the righthe rht lane after 70. 70. causing delays as you try toyouo get to the truck scales thisk sa morning. so, just like that, badhat, traffic. back to you guys. gu >> all right erin thank hen thae was. a frantic search under wayad right now for a missingmis maryland woman after herer h family fears her disappearancese at the latest case tied to a a viol.nt gang. details in a live >> and president trump donning o a tux from the governor's ball l to his week of firsts onirs capitol him. a busy schedule ahead for the commander-in-chief.and we're back right after . >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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>> ahead on fox5 news morning, hollywood shines bright at thesh 89th annual academy awards.awa that is until the end of the ofe night. >> i'm sorry, no.>> i'm sorry there's a mistake., nothere's a >> the major mmiixstupak takinga center stage as the wrong as th winner is announced for one ofen the show's most coveted awards. president trump hosting his owesidn evening of glamour t the annual governor's ball. bl >> i just want to salute andan toast the governors, the great e governors of the united states. >> the governors returning to the white house again todayovero and lawmakers return to capitol hill ahead of thed lawmh president's first eaddress to ao joint session of congress.conre. plus a frantic searchti under way for this missingssing maryland woman as her fam
5:31 am
fears her disappearance may be the latest case connected tonnet gang violence. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news >> good morning to you. g thank you very much foroo joining us.d ank u jog i'm wisdom martin.artin >> and i'm holly morris. m it is monday february 27thry 2017. mike thomas, erin como bothmo b here as well, weather andeatherd traffic coming up on the 5s. upe >> all right, but first webut fi have some news to get to. today in the district studentsss at savoy elementary will head wd back to their classrooms after r it dealt with a rodent and bedad bug problem. the school was forced to shuto s down nearly three weeks ago so crews could fix the problem. pr. officials say there will be anen open house today so the public p can see the >> today marks one year since me fallen prince william c yountywi police officer ashleyll iaguindn was shot and killed in thekil line of duty. duty. she died on her first day onda n the job. she was responding to ao domestic dispute at a home in ao woodbridge when a man inside ine opened fire. now that man is also accusedccud of killin
5:32 am
the day.the day. his trial is set to begin this s summer. summer. ashley guindon's motheron's motr released a statement.atent. it reads in part "your manyur my acts of kindness and expressions of sympathy have sye been great comfort to me andat t my family during this pastth pas year." a missing montgomery county teen coulsdin be thethe latest tie to gang violence ineo our area. g 18-year-old angelica bar loan in a rivas is the cousin of a oa girl found dead earlier thiser s month in northern virginia.vir >> she was last seen leaving l work on saturday night.n saturd. fox5's melanie alnwick livelnwi in gaithersburg with the verysbe latest in this story. s mel. >> reporter: hey, guys, so wok express here in montgomerygy village, that is where where 18-year-old angelica barahonaa rivas worked this is where she was on on saturday night.rday ng it's only been a little more mo than 30 hours since she wase shw last seen but detectives say there is some urgency to this ts case and this is why.why. you talked about it a little lit while earlier. angelica, 18 years old, is the cous
5:33 am
the 15-year-old whose body wases found in springfield earlierealr this month.nt now, these four adults and sixax minors were arrested and charged in damaris' murder.mude. police say it was gang related angelica was reported missing mg by damaris' mother, her both girls lived with her in gaithersburg. now worried family and friendgae told police they have not beentb able to reach angelica.anca. now police say angelica left ft work before the end of herer shift. the owner of wok express tells l fox5 she was on her phone,phne, then left abruptly.a surveillance video from thellanv shop next doorid showeos f angea leaving. leav she's 5 feet 3-inches tall,ches, 150 pounds wearing a tant shirt, tan skirt, gray jacket,jc black boots and carrying a pink purse. montgomery county police investigators have developedor some informsation that may put angelica in the new jerseyewrsey area. however, they cannot be sure what her conditi
5:34 am
she is safe, really what has whs happened to her since then. tn. so, anyone with information isos asked to call montgomeryl montmy county police.. back to you guys. >> all right, mel, thank you very much., me much. 5:33 is the time rightthe ti now. turning now to politics andics d today president trump will meet with the nation'se n governors at the white house. >> the issue of repeelings at t replacing the affordable carele act is expected to be a majora r part of their discussion. discuo according to senior whitenior wt house officials prim isicialsrii expected to sign a newnew immigration order wednesday. wed the president's initial order temporarily halting all entries into the u.s. fromthe u seven muslim majorityjority countries was blocked by aby a federal judge.judge. now the president has vigorously criticized therouslyi decision. heti initially planned to sign pland the new order last week. we >> now to our other big storys this morning. orning hollywood's biggest night the te 89th annual academy awards andrn this year's show was hosted by y comedian jimmy kimmel and wentde off without a hitch until thentt end when the wrong movie was announced for the best picture c >> that little thing.>> that lie >> just a small t little mi
5:35 am
academy award -- [laughter] for best picture. >> you're impossible. god. "la-la land.""la- [cheers and applause]s and applu >> no. there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> this is not a joke.a jok this is not a joke. a i'm afraid they read the wrongtr thing. this is not a joke.e. "moonlight" has won best picture. >> "moonlight" actually wononlih the oscart" for a best picture,, not "la-la land." earlier this morning thening th company that manages theany academy awards released a rele a statement apologizing and saysas warren beatty and fay dunn waya were mistakenly given the wrong category envelope.vepe. again, unbelievable.bevable. well, there are some otherer highlights from the night,ghts o though, to talkm about. emma stone from "la-la land" la" took home best hack cress casey affleck took home best actor for manchester by theby te
5:36 am
mahershala ali won best est supporting actors.tic kevin mccarthy will be hereccar in just about 20 minutes.u 20 i'm sure his head is exploding. he'll joan us to talk more about everything thatjo weannt a down last night. it was good show, though. goo it.its of it was -- was >> until the end. e >> until the end. it's like you can't even talk about anything abou >> right. owsbecause that overshadows everything. >> stole the whole show.tole tho amazing. >> i felt bad for warren bait too. he's like i don't think thise i is the right card. >> right. eou k's here, fay, you tak it. >> drama from that point. >> i know. to weathert overrama f because on the weekend,kend, started out nice. >> oh, my gosh. >> and then all of a sudden the bottom fell out. then the bf >> then we had stormsel rolll ol through warnings all over the oe place, the tornado in southern maryland and now it's winter again. >> now it's winter.>> now i >> then it will be spring pr again on wednesday. >> getting cra-cra.etting . >> then it's winter afterhen its that. w >> did you earlier do tinhis. >> yeah. >> that's what we do hee >> the rollercoaster that is spring. spring.
5:37 am
coming your way. mean? take a look at your temperature trend.rend 58 today, 77 near 80 onar 80 o wednesday but then yet again an thunderstorms will roll roll through. a few of those could be strong then down to 56 degrees on thursday. the dyorecast for the day again 58 here in washington.shi. generally most in the mid to m upper 50's, maybe a 60-degree-de reading or two just south andutn west of town.t all right, that's a look ata lok the weather. erin como is back with theback with roads this morning. starting to get a littleroad bue out there erin.there e >> thas righght. 5:37. this crash actually on theon outer loop bottom side of the beltway. two right lanes blocked outer loop near little river turnpike. so please givet laneop nyourseo mers extra time if you're heading hea towards the springfieldprinield interchange this morning frome r 66. we'll keep you updated.u inner loop traffic increasingncr through annandale as well.we this is a look 66 on then the eastbound side.sie. heavy volume past 28.t we don't have any confirmedon crashes at that location.that l all lanes opened but you canou n see how heavy traffic.t is 270 southbound coming down toward urbana we're dealingdeali with a disabled vehicle keep it to fox5hi
5:38 am
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>> ♪♪ >> police in philadelphia are investigating after moree in p t 100 headstones were vandalizede at a jewish cemetary inetary philadelphia. the damage came less than aless week after a jewish cemetaryceey in saint louis reported more than 150 headstones50 head vandalized. them tipped over.m tipped over. however, police have not dra
5:41 am
a connection between the two incidents and the israeli foreign ministry and officialins calls the report shocking andg d a source of worry. >> man charged with plowingith his group of party goers at aer mardi gras parade made a courtot appearance. appearan he had a blood alcohol levelalcl three times the legal limit. lm. no one was killed but 28 people were hurt. were h >> go to california wherewh starting today officials willdal stop the outflow from the oroville dam in order toam in do remove debris piled at thee deil base of itsed mai an spillway.p. the water flow will be stopped t for several days. the department of waterfont of resources says revolving --volv- removing the debris willll protect an undergroundde hydroelectric plant and allowct it to resriumc e operations. tens of thousands of residentse were evacuated earlier this his month over fears that the spillway would fail and cause wf massiveai flooding.loo >> this morning tributess mornis continue to pour in for actor t billpo paxon. p he died suddenly on saturdaytury due to complications from heart surgery. procedure that paxon was apparently worried about ab but also optimistic
5:42 am
that's according to an e-mail he sent to movie director doug limon. first those tributes one ofthos the most touching comes from about 200 storme tou chasers wo yesterday spelled out paxon'spa initials using gps coordinateso on a map of tornado raleigh.ral his portrayal of a storm chaser in the film "twister" was one of his most famousfous roles. >> kevin mccarthy joins us joins with oscars talk. >> i'm sure he has one or twooro he wants to share with us ands we want to hear his take. t let's take a live look outside u on a monday morning, chilly out there, folks, 38 degrees, 5:42 is our time.i we are back right after this. t. >> ♪♪
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>> back now at 5:45 with ak no live look at capitol hill. capi. all is quiet right now but inht a few hours lawmakers will return to work fooling week long recess. now it comes w just one dayone day before president trump's first speech to the joint session. congress recess plagued by ague heated week of town hall style meetings with republicans facing tough questions aboutin their plansgs w oumoghvi qng fo. >> ♪♪ >> 5:45.45 >> it's smooth weather time. >> really? i don't feel like this is smooth weather, though, thatis is we're havingg >> no. >> you're right, the weatherher itself isn't smooth.'t oth. >> no, the music is smooth. smo >> the music i
5:46 am
>> and the weatherman iseathes smooth. >> and you're smooth. you that's a given.iven. but this rollercoaster of alerct ride that we're on're on weather-wise is crazy.ather-wise >> yeah, but you know, it's winter into springtime.spri it's what we get this time oftif year and that's kind ofs kind of what -- it's going to be theoine theme of this week and nextof tn week and the week after that. it's march. we're getting ready to be ready march. we're at the end of february t here and here wehe end go. g. speaking of crazy weather howweh about saturday afternoon? weone just got this in from the national weather service late last night they went ahead andva confirmed that ahead tornado did move through southern sthern maryland, charles county just south of waldorf north of la plata, very weak tornado ef1, 90 miles per hour winds there,t, 125 yards wide.5 ya it was only on the ground forour about 10, 11 minutes and only ny damaged kind of trees andnd of r power lines. took a few shingles off theng roofs. luckily for us no injuries orrie of course no fatalitieso fatali reported with that tornado atnaa all so i guess some good news gw there. there. but still strange to see inee n febrry.y. pittsburgh -- not pittsburgh,tt, pennsylvania had two tornadoes n on saturday and that was only oy the second and third time inme n their history they've ever've seen torna
5:47 am
mostly cloudy and, because of, u the clouds we'll stay on the onh cooler side of things today toda even though temperatures willerl try and sneak above normaleak al later on this afternoon. this af much warmer by the time we get e to the midweek. m perhaps temperatures near 80ure0 by wednesday afternoon butftern then once again, we had thead th opportunity for a few strongfew storms as we kind of change chae air masses between the warmse one and as be cooler one that wl return as we head into the endh of the chilly air returns on thursdaynt and then by friday morning, we could even have a snowflake or two flying around the region though that doesng a not look lt too big of a deal at this at point. 38 degrees in d.c. but we have 20 27 gaithersburg, 26 dulles,26 ds manassas 27 degrees this morning so it's definitelye jacket weather and we do havedo a little system that's going to try to sneak up thenea appalachian mountains today. t areas i-81 to the west couldwesc see showers.e showe i won't rule out isolatedisd drizzle in d.c. we have high pressure tryingryng to shield us though from thatfrt rain here east of the east of mountains although with theh on-shore flow and some milder mr air trying to sneak up fr s
5:48 am
recipe for cloud cover andoud ce that's what we'll mostly havetlv today here in d.c. is a good god amount of clouds maybe somebe se patchy drizzle around theround h metro but again i think thehink steadier showers stay off toy o the west today.toay. your forecast for this this afternoon 58 degrees today,8 des mostly cloudy skies, spottyspoty drizzle. i think that mostly holds offho until the afternoon hours. maybe a couple of showersfower pushing in through theshing inoe overnight hours tonight buttonit generally just a cloudy night nh with temperatures in the midmpei 40's. 40's quick look at your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecast, as s amongsted up and down we go,ed u upp to 77 on wednesday, then wn thunderstorms roll through andr we'll cool it down for the endhd of week. again you see isolated earlyea flurries on friday with a highdh of only 47.nly . erin you mentioned earliereaier these up and down temperaturesnd driving you crazy and i agree with you. >> they are. i don't know how to dress andyor then it's not good for uknow how tu when it's constantly warm thentn cold. also traffic problems thisobls morning 5:48 monday outer loop big crash blockinglog the right this is right by little rivere r turnpike. so as you make your way fromw 66 to the springfield mixing m bowl interchange there you'rerc going to hit someha big dela
5:49 am
few extra minutes. you can see volume isyou can e e increasing as we ill.easing as l we'll move it over for a looka k at 66. no crashes to confirm but ut heavy eastbound volume once on you pass 28.u pass 2 you can see things also thing a picking up as far back asc a sudley road. leave the house from from gainsville about 15 minuteslebo early to get to the beltway.b as we take a look at our maps op those aren't the onlyhe only slowdowns we're facing thiswns s morning. a few crash in maryland justd jt outside the beltway as yous yo come from laurel you'll hit you delays 95 southbound on the on-ramp to the outer loop it'sos involving a tractor-trailer. traffic getting by but slowly. . back to you holly and wisdom. >> ♪♪ >> all right get ready to pay more to park igohtn g some d.c. streets. that's depending on where you or park of course.park of course the d.c. department ofnt o transportation will todayill to implement new parking meter mer rates in the penn quarter anduar chinatown neighborhoods.hborhoo now this impacts parking onrkinn streets from that third toom tho 11th streets and then from erome street up to h meter rates will range from $1.50 to $3.25 per ho
5:50 am
guessing depending on time of of day and of course whether it's i a weekday or saturday.. >> ♪♪ >> all right. well we've been talking about ngve band thaeet was quite a show.ite a sh >> it's so big. i look who visits early. ear >> people are waking up right rt now, i know we're going get too all the news but yeah the ending of the show whichthe shoh happened about, i don't know, a five hours agoi dowan's incred. >> i have to say i was drivingri in to work and i was listeningig to wtop and i literally youally had a plea was like o-i can'tli- believe that. >> it was amazing. i>>t "moonlight"monlight" won best picture.ture. originally the presenters reader the la-la land title and itan it was a huge mixup. i let's get to jimmy kimmel as aia host. >> what do you think. >> i thought he killed it. >> i thought h>>e w washa greaho >> opening monologue waspeng mol amazing. to me kind of played from the fe ellen playbook.ayoo ellen was an amazing host. host she really interacted with the audience. audien ellen took thatce epic selfie we know about. in this regard he live tweetedhe president trump while
5:51 am
twice. twice. at one point i think he said merle says hi or something like that. it was very funny. f meryl streep if people aren't aware the president tweeter out she was overrated aftere wa she gave a speech at the golden globes. >> you know what i liked aboutkt him it was like it wasas like s effortless for him.rtless form. >> totally. >> you know what i mean? himn? just being him. h so many times we see hosts tryme so hard.hard >> yeah and they opened thepenet show with timberlake which wasks jimmy kimmel had candy going go down from the ceiling at sometha point. the best thing he did allt d all night though was the live busebs tour. did you guys see this.his. >> i did. >> i heard about it.bout >> when you go to l.a. theyo l.y have these red buses that take people around the city to see ts the stars and to see their the houses but they took this one bus apparent the people on itop didn't know and the peopleople were guided into the theater tht and they were shocked whenen they walked into the kodakinto o theater as the oscars weres were happening and people were walking up denzel met thisnzel m couple, he married them righthet there, it was very, very
5:52 am
funny. it was a really hilarious bit. we'll get video later on but onb it is very cool if you haven'to seen that. >> now everybody is going howve do i rygebot that tour. tr. >> yeah. it was really funny.. mean tweets as onan his t show he had celebrits read mean that was pretty funny. >> i thought att whe matt damont stuff was hysterical.yscal. >> fantastic. it really was. funny. nnht it was so >> people who don't knowt w kimmel and damon had a lifea lif long bit going on where theyt hate each other and he madehe me fun of him the whole time andime damon was there as a producerr for manchester by the sea s which took home best actorest ar with casey affleck.ey a if you're wondering why some wh of the stars were wearing blue ribbons last night this is forsn the aclu, american civilvil liberties union.union. this was worn by lin manuel miranda. that's his mother. "moonlight" director barry jenkins wore lin manuel says i'm wearing a aclu ribbon bother fighting incredible fights for american f ideal. the aclu is
5:53 am
in search as the stars werears wearing the blue ribbons. ri one of the best moments of theoe night in my opinion no opinion question was katherine johnson n on stage with the stars of "hidden figures."gures." for people who aren't aware,e, she's 98 years old. taraji p. henson plays her in hn the film. the lm. phenomenal movie "hiddenie "hidn figures." she got to say thank you veryk you much. it was a beautiful a huge standing ovation.ovion. and just to have -- actav imagine what and that feels t like for two people up there, t, katherine johnson herself and then taraji standing in extoexto somebody who she plays who islao a legend and taraji kepttarajikt saying this that katherine johnson never looked at it asit more than just her job. she was just doing her job and j she was fighting and sheand sh wanted to keep this going andkep she was a big this part of john glenn getting into orbitt successfully for the first trs time and she's very -- it's-- t' just very cool to see thate tt happen. i know it meant a lot for taraji to be able to meet herabt in person. so it's an incredible storycrle "hidden figures" so
5:54 am
hopefully -- >> i'm glad she's around to ar see this and see the success the of this movie and to be able be to get up there on that stage. >> can you imagine.agi. >> everybody was crying.c >> it was amazing.r>> >> it was a big night.t was a bi if you're just waking uping couple things that did go downdo as we mentioned "moonlight"monl" did win best picture, actor went to casey affleck, denzelfll did not win which was hugein 'cause the sag awards wouldhe sg have predicted awa that. t emma stone took home actress.oo that was cool. there was some great moments. gm i thought the performancese were g i thought john legendlegd did a good job with the "la-la land." land." >> did lin manuel win. >> no, he did not win. wi he was there for moana.a. >> he would have been thehave b youngest to win an e got. go >> the song went to justinwent horowitz for ju"la-la land" cit of stars.stars. >> okay. >> cool. >> it was a memorable oscars.o >> it was awesome. it was esome. i mean, it was the best oscar or ending i've seen. i'v it was cool. col. >> didn't look like warrenwa beatty knew it was the wrong wrg card
5:55 am
in a leading category.ingat >> i'll show you the best est tweet from all all te. >> how can that happen. how cant >> i'll get all of that.hat all. >> obviously a huge mistake. massive mistake. mis >> thanks kev.hanks kv thanks for coming in early. ear. >> thanks for having me at 5:45. >> of course we can't talkco about the oscarsur withoutwitout talking about the fashion.ashio. the big thing seemed to beg seee silver and cold taking overr the red carpet as well as a generous helping of diamonds jewels feathers and seek quinns. sequins. we'll break it all down the down fashion hits and misses later ms on good day d.c. >> let's talk about weather. we >> after this past weekend andht all the warmth we whaeed on saturday, february 2017 standsa alone warmest february we'vet fa ever had in d.c. and evend e though we're chilly this chillyt morning and on the cooler side s today, it will not be enough enh to bring that number down. down. this will register as the he warmest february in d.c.n d.
5:56 am
stop this morning.stop thi bundle up. it's chilly out there. tre. then after school with a lack of sunshine and a good amountoda of cloud cover, 54 to 62. 2. we'll still feel on the cooler r side. so you'll need the jacket all jt day today but take a look ata lo your fox5 accuweather 7-day-da forecast because guess what? wh we're warming it up again. aga tomorrow near 70. 70. by wednesday near 80 but we will have to watch out for out r some possibly stronger thunderstorms rolling throughro wednesday afternoon andernoon ad evening and then we'll cool itct down for the end of the week,ndh maybe even a couple of snowl flurries, yes, snow flurries, ye early friday morning. that's a check ofea the fork. erin como is back with arly k lo at traffic.affic. >> 5:56. tting bad. b we've been telling you aboutu au this outer loop crash bottom of the beltway by little rioover turnpike. ne, right shoulder blocked. that's causing a bit of a slowst down. o inner loop backing up througf h annandale as wtell.hro as we switch it over to the maps, 270 southbound police activity and a crash sutcene ate 80. so, as you come drown 70 to 80n0 getting through urbana we're we seeing a huge delay on 270 on right now. leave the
5:57 am
minutes early at least oneea lane right now is that blocked. bl and a new crash in virginia 60ig eastbound by 29.eastbound we'll keep you updated for fo your commute during ther co 6 o'clock hour here onmm fox5. >> ♪♪
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5:59 am
>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f >> straight ahead atne 6:00,6:0, less than a month after ah after missing girl from montgomeryrl county was fmoonund murdered, he cousin has
6:00 am
this is exclusive surveillance e video of the moments beforeomens the teenager vanished.nihed. a live report ahead as we tryy to connect the dots in thiss ins case. plus. >> i'm sorry, no, there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won bestet picture. this is not a joke. "moonlight" has won best picture. >> what a stunning end to the oscars. what rea lly did happen.ha >> ooh. tside on this monday. it's february 27th.ruary 2 weather and traffic coming upin on the 5s at 6:05.6 can you say awkward.y awk good morning, i'm allison i'm an seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m stc thanks for joining us this joins morning. welcome to fox5 news morning.wsn first up at 6:00.. >> kevin mccarthy is here here with a better look into justo jt what went wrong. wrong kev how could this >> yeah, this is a massivemasive massive mistake and i just jst watched this live about fiveabo hours ago


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