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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this is exclusive surveillance e video of the moments beforeomens the teenager vanished.nihed. a live report ahead as we tryy to connect the dots in thiss ins case. plus. >> i'm sorry, no, there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won bestet picture. this is not a joke. "moonlight" has won best picture. >> what a stunning end to the oscars. what rea lly did happen.ha >> ooh. tside on this monday. it's february 27th.ruary 2 weather and traffic coming upin on the 5s at 6:05.6 can you say awkward.y awk good morning, i'm allison i'm an seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m stc thanks for joining us this joins morning. welcome to fox5 news morning.wsn first up at 6:00.. >> kevin mccarthy is here here with a better look into justo jt what went wrong. wrong kev how could this >> yeah, this is a massivemasive massive mistake and i just jst watched this live about fiveabo hours ago
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the wrong film was named bestbet picture and the producers ofducf "la-la land" had to give up the oscars they thought theyht y won. i got to give major props toor the producer of la-la land tolao be able to graciously hand had that oscar moment.momnt. the accounting firm that handled ballot counting foruntir the oscars admit warren beattyba and fay dunn way were givenven the wrong envelope. >> an unprecedented mixup atmixt the oscars.oscs. >> and the academy award -- [laughter] for best picture.ict >> when announcing bestng best picture, the presenterspresente somehow had the wrongwrng envelope. >> "la-la land." "la-la [cheers and applalause]plse] >> in fact, another film,film, "moonlight" was the winner.winn >> thank you to the academy.. >> "la-la land"'s producerroucer were
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when price waterhouse coopersser rushed the correct envelope onet stage. >> guys, guys, i'm sorry.sory. no, there's a mistake.ake. "moonlight," you guys won bestnt picture. this is not a joke.e. "moonlight" has won best picture. "moonlight," best picture.pi >> i don't know what to say.whas that was really -- i'm not'm not sure -- i'm still not sure this is real.this is rea >> so what happened? the presenters had the envelopee en for the best actress category. >> i opened the envelope and it said emma stone "la-la land." that's why i took such a long lg look at fay. >> i also was holding my best et actress in a leading role cardld that entire time. ti. so whatever story -- i don'ty mean to start stuff butbut whatever story that was, i had d that card. ca. >> the people in charge ofef securing those envelopesose e throughout the ceremony have the previously said there are two to sets. one held on each side of thede f stage as a
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>> my heart was a little broken. >> that's jordan horowitzdan hor right there who is thewho is e producer of "la-la land" who wh actual had to hand over the oscar to barry dickens.c "moonlight" deserved theight award.award. the statement price waterhousear coopers apologized for the embarrassing flub.embarrassing it said "we sincerelyinerely apologize for the error thatrroh was made during the awardard announcement for best picture.pc the presenters had mistakenlyisy been given the wrong categoryat envelope and we are currently cy investigating how this couldthid have happened and deeplyly regret that this occurred.oc wrote. the accounting firm pwc has pw been in charge of the oscarcar ballots counting for more than 80 years. 80 yea so, it's an incredible thing thg that happened last n i think it definitely added tod the drama of the event.even "moonlight" is the winner of thf the award so congratulationsg to that amazing film but ut again, watch -- go back and bacd watch . the producer handled it so so gracslusly. he's up there giving speech,
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and then he hands the awars de d over to the "moonlight" teamonli which was awesome.whic so back to you guys in studio.t. >> well, i would say it's like l that for all the winners.i that was a colossal mixup butupt i love the almost sportsst ports manship of it all. >> amazing jordan horowitz the idea like he's up there winning an oscar for best picture and then all of a sudden has to give it over. ove i'm harry very barry jenkins. jn i'm very excited for "moonlight" >> the white house was alsohi the scenete h of a glamorous myu profile gathering.her the president and first lady welcomed 46 governors to the46 white house for the annual black tie ba glovl.use during his toast presidents trump highlighted his effort to repeal andligh replace the affordable care act saying thehe new plan will be "very special special." >> reporter: healthcare willr: l likely be a big topic of o discussion when the presidentp meets were the gives this morning. after the toast the presidentwee then t t invited virginia governorniag terry mcauliffe on stageov whoe says he looks forward to working with thee >> we'll talk about
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while you were sleepingor fire crews in howningard countyu spent the early morning hoursins battling a fire in elkridge in the 7200 block of montgomery road. four adults inside that that homemade it out safely.fe they're being assisted by the by red cross. crss. the cause still under un investigation. >> happening today, a marylandnd mother whom poisoned herisoned r four-year-old -- five-year-old-e son excuse me and then tried to cover it up will be me it ue sentenced in and montgomery county in july she admitted to o giving her son a deadly doseadl of cough medicine then settingeg her car on fire with him withhim inside to make it look like an accident. acci at the time of the accident,he c back in 2015, she had been b going through a divorce and a aa custody battle.attle. >> a d.c. elementary schooltaryo dealing with a rodent and bedan bug problem set to reopenn today. crews have been hard at work wok cleaning savoy elementary.m it's been nearly three weekswees now. officials say there will be anla open house so the public can can see the classroom.lassroom. chief of schools john davis isss also expected to address the the media. >> severe storms ove
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weekend produced rare februaryf torn nope charles county. this is a look at some ofope chh damage left behind.beh the national weather serviceal r rated the twister as a low intensity ef1 that traveledaveld about 8 miles from la plata too waldorf. wa >> i was here on saturdayurday afternoon and -- a >> it was about five minutesoutm it got a little crazy. cr >> yeah and it went from,t from, what, 70 degrees -- 75 degreesd to like 40 in just a couplecoue hours. >> yeah, right. >> so, much colder air working>y on in. on in. >> yeah, it was -- it wass -- is incredible. >> it was incredible. >> raindrops where i was theye were huge. were hug >> and the hailing, lots ande. h lots of reportais liof hail.a all right.ght so, this morning we're waking' were up to those cold temperatures that moved ined in during saturday afternoon.aftero 37 out at reagan national, dulles 25 t-bwi marshall 27 sol7 back to reality here as far asaa winter temperatures, at leasts,t early. we are going to warm it upt u later dan the next couple of neo days we're going to be back into some springtime temperatures and perhaps springtime thunderstorms by wednesday. wednesda >> wow. >> by wednesday. all right. all gh there's at. big look. lo. we'r
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so we'll gradually turn mostly t cloudy. the rain you se e out to the out to west will hold off untilunti tomorrow although there couldlto be a little ugdrizzlh e orth if you're well out to the west, mountains of west virginia,irgn, western maryland you guysn malad might see a few showers laterl today. more on that coming up.g up. monday forecast.orecast. 58, 10 degrees warmer thanr than yesterday so it should feel pretty good but we'll have ad be lot more clouds than sunshineune around later this afternoon.fter also cold this morning. thi make sures you wear a jacket oa your way out to >> thank you, uncle tucker. [laughter] [l >> say good morning to erin como. good morning. >> i like thego name unclecle 6:07. 6:07. we're trying to get this delays up to show you on the this is our map of 95f 95 southbound. with is a adealing crash on the ramp to the outer loop. they zoomed it in. delays back to powder mill po road. i would say baltimore-washington parkway southbound a better bet. wamovsheound thingsgs over and show you a look atk at our other cameras right now. no. this crash clearing.ea this is the outer loop bt
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turnpike. turn right shoulder just blocked.oc traffic pattern is gettingis geg back to normal as you head from 66 to the springfieldfie interchange. we'll take a look at our maps. . some other slowdowns already this morning. 270 southbound still dealingde with some police activity fromle an earlier crash blocking theg h shoulder at 80.oulder a80. so as you come from 70 inin frederick down 80 in urbanaurbaa you'll hit right now about a a 15 to 20 minute delay.delay. things open up toward fatherardt hurley boulevard.hurley i'll let you know bif anythingg else pops up on 270. 70 66 eastbound a crash blockinglog the shoulder at 29 and centreville. because of that traffic isoftr that super slow and heavy fromr 234 all the way to 29 thisy 29 morning. about a 30 minute delay there.r. once you pass centrevillentrevie things open up as you makeup ask your way inside the beltway b through arlington and fallsandfs church this this mor. taking a wide view of ourof ou commute, things still lookingoog good through anne arrundel onel 50 right now. now. 50 inbound through bowie iswie i quiet but again you can see see that red line as you head to beltsville because of the becaue crash 95 southbound on theouthbn ramp to the outer loop.ter loo. aside from that right now
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second to last day.o last da no train service on the blue t line rosslyn to pentagon.nt we'll let you know if any if other metro slowdowns pop up. steve and ally on.lly >> back here locally andally a turning to a developing story st out of montgomery county whereor a missing teen could be thethe latest tie into gang violence it in the area.o 5 has gotten exclusivexclve video of the last time she washs seen before she disappeared fox5's melanie alnwick isis live in gaithersburg with thesbh lateste. >> reporter: steve and allison the wok express isss where angelica barahona rivasrar was last seen when she wase was leaving work here on saturdayrkh but you see terhe e place next t door, those video cameras,camra, that's where we were able tore get that exclusivex surveillance video from.deo fro. so, it was 9 p.m. saturday9 when she was last seen, about ab 30 hours ago, but there's some s urgency to this case. thi that is because 18-year-old angelica barahona rivas is theae cousin of damaris reyes rivas,i, the 15-year-old whose body wasys found in springfield earlierearr this month. month. now, these four adults and sixdx minors were arre
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charged in damaris' murder.murd. police say it was gang related. lated. angelica was reported missingisi by damaris' mother, her both girls lived with her in gaitrsburg.g. now, worried family andly and friends told police they havee v not been able to reach her ever since 9 p.m. saturday..m police say angelica left workt before the end of her shift. sh the owner of wok express tellsxs fox5 she was on her phone,phoe, then left abruptly.bru you're looking at exclusiveexc surveillance video now obtained from that shop nextnext door and it is going to show shw right here angelica leaving leng the wok express.ok police say she's five-three,ive, 150 pounds wearing a tan shirt a tan skirt a-gray jacket a black boots and carrying a pink purse. montgomery county policepink coo investigators also say theyl have some infsormation that shee could be in the new jersey je area but they have no way tot know if she is safe or if, indeed, that information, th putting her in the new jersey area is correct.orect.
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anyone who has heard from her, , who has seen her, has any ay information regarding herer whereabouts to please calla montgomery county police.ry cou. live in gaithersburg, i'm melanie alnwickurg, fox5 local l news. >> new details about anotherther attack at a jewish cemetary,eme, the second one targeted ingetedn less than a week.ek >> plus remembering actor bill l paxon passing away just hourst before the academy awards.awads. we're back in just 30 seconds. ns dunkin's full-bodied, cold brew coffee. takes 12 hours to steep... and almost no time to sip. keep on with ultra smooth taste, now available with a sweet and salted kick. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪♪ >> another jewish cemetary the target of vandals this time ines philadelphia with morendals th 500 headstones damaged andged overturned including many thatln were more than a centuryg nold. police are calling thealling the incident criminal and beyondeyd vandalism this incident comesis less than a i week after afr headstones were vandalized atedt a jewish cemetary new saint louis. >> the man charged withhe plowing his truck into a group of peo mplanetruc in new orleane his first court appearance a last night. this 25-year-old man nielsonlson rizzuto was driving drunk withuh a blood alcohol level threelevet times the legal limit.e legal t. no one was killed but 28 but people were injured.inju >> just hours before thet hourst oscars hollywood got word that actor bill paxon died. did. he played astronaut in apollo a 13 a
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titanic and a storm chaser in in twister. judge joseph wapner died di at his home in los angelesange sunday at the age of 97.g he was hospitalized a week agodo with breathing problems.roblem. the peoples court began in n 1981. 1981 judge wapner presided over the bench for 10 years decidingdecii real small claims court >> started it all.ll. this group of bull dogl dog lovers hence the t-shirts in t-n mexico city waiting to hearear back from the guinness book ofof world records as theys as the attempted to set the record for the largest bull dog wasst b this itul is amazing tuck.tu more than 950 english bullglill dogs look at those good boys bos and girls, they came togetheroge believed to be the largestrgest gathering ever of thisof spific breed.d. >> a lot just sitting down. those are awesome.e a lot of happy faces. >> such a sweet face.t face. >> lots of slobber, >> slots of slob. sl that's gross.
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adding an extra convenienceta cn for its comers.omers. we'll fill in you.we >> a live look outside as we'll head to break on this mondaymony morning. mornin there's the mgm out atout a national harbor. it is 6:14.
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>> 6:16 right now.>> 6 what would it be on a monday morning without i t some type op glint this is 95 southbound95 the ramp to the outer loop.lo. those delays already back toady powder mill road.po we'll check inwd wither flynn ah few minutes and we'll get you up to speed hopefully.opely. feels like winter again, tuck. . >> happy monday morning.r yeah, sure does steve. st. in fact temps in the 20's. 20 just want to confirm that it was a tornadoto con i was here saturday afternoonten and the tornado warnings went out. out. charles county waldorf to la t a plata it was an ef1 which is a minimal tornado 90's miles per hour winds there and it wsas m s the ground for 11 minutes. mite. fortunately no injuries orur fatalities but there were lotsut of trees and power lines thatnes were brought down by that ef1ef1 tornado in charles county ons cn saturday. lots of hail around here onereo saturday as well.s well
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saw some impressive bus stop forecast this morningmo let's switch gears we'rech geare wintry this morning temperatures in the 20's. we're in the mid 30's here inwie the city but most of the areaara waking up to 20's.0' after school today it will beil a little warmer thanthn yesterday. we should turn mild withuld temperatures in the mid-50'ses h by afternoon.fteoon. 37 now in look at your coldcol temperatures. quantico is 32, 28 in manassas, dulles 25 this5 this morning.mornin frederick 27. leonardtown 32.dtown. so, most of the area annapolisnl and here in washington thehingt exception at or below freezingfg to start your day. we'll wake up with a little litl sunshine here.sunshi not quite got to give it a little more time. we should cloud up prettyld clo quick. we have a system out to theud ut west, warmerem o utair to thteo to be trying to work in andn and the rain showers will hold offlf but i think the clouds willil move in today and with awitha southerly breeze we should bebre a little warmer zethan yesterday so daytime highs in the 50's 5s and lots of clouds out there aea little later this afternoon. here's another look at it.ther high pressure gets off to our ou east and that will kind ofwill n keep the flow going here off
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the ocean which will helphich wl increase the clouds aroundhe clu here withd a little drizzle this afternoon but most ofernoo your daytime hours, if you're ye doing sports after school, should be dry here, justch jst cloudy. there's your seven day. e' hey, all over ths yoe urplace ts week. look at that.look right back into the 70's.'s. thunderstorms return wednesday and then we chill it downhill again by the end of the week, wk maybe even a few snowflakes bywf can you believe it? k n yo thunderstorms anu d snowflakesbi within days.eve r is a aweather is a ait? n >> you sound much betterll muchr today. >> i feel -- i took it easy easy all weekend.k >> good good. good go >> wanted to go to a party butyt instead i watched about fivet fe bad movies on my couch.myc outer loop crash. c this is on the ramp to 95to 5 coming down from laurel.m you're going to hit some bige bg delays. de they did move it over to theer o right shoulder there but big bg slowdowns right now from pastoma powder mill road the icc to icc the ramp because that rightat shoulder is blocked. traffic is super heavy. eav your best bet to get to the the beltway in a much more more pleasant way bw parkwayarway southbound. some time iave you this morning.this
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outer loop at little rivertle ir turnpike. turn earlier crash did clear soclears traffic is getting back tok to normal. little bit heavier on the inner loop buietr the outer loop side is definitely back tock t normal and looking much much better. we'll take a look at our maps. mas. other issues this monday morning, 270 southbound you'reur jammed from 70 to the truckto tk scales. an earlier crash that was out by 80 in urbana cleared.lered. look at that red line. lne. you're if for about a 30 a30 minute delay. once you past 80 typicalypial volume toward father hurley.ury. leave the house about 40 abou minutes early to get fromt m frederick to the beltway.ay. southbound 295 usual volume vol from visit to the 11th streete t bridge. sluggish from f 202 to 295. 25. and then new york avenue past bladensburg road slows.urg roads 66 eastbound an earllier crashch at 29 cleared.ared you're just jammed solid right t now from sudley road to t that's with a heavy flow ofow f volume and leftover delayser d from that crash.rash. 28 north and southboundsout through chantilly lookingtilly g good. metro is on time except forx safe track impacting the blueace line. we'll keep you updated onated on twitter as well at erin fox5 er
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steve and allison.allis. >> the price you pay for aor a parking meter is going up inp penn quarter and chinatown.chna if you're looking for streett parking on h third e or 11 or 1 streets northwest the ratesrates will range from $1.50 to $3.25 5 an hour depending on the time te of day. it's the second time in recentme months rates have beenhs r adjusted to try to improvempve parking availability throughab what they call demand basedb pricing. ing. >> next reboot of a populara po cell phone is unveiled.viled. we will be right back with wt that in today's business beat.
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>> 6:22 right now.>> 6 time for our business beat. the nation's big health our insurers headed to t bhtieon wh house today at least some ofease them but first a check of the montgomery county.ntgo joining us from fmeox businessbs network studios the recordhe red setting lauren simonetti.sim good morning.go >> reporter: oh, goodh, good morning. morning. okay, first of all, i watchedtcd almost all of the oscars lastart night. >> i'm sorry to hear that. to >> reporter: i'm tired but i ed missed the grand finale, the he big news, "la-la land."la." >> it'al
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talking about this morning.ornig >> reporter: missed it. the dow is riding its longestlot record setting streak sincesi 1987 up 11 days in a row. r futures are completely flatmple this morning. we'll see what happens bute there's a lot of concern thatwht this is an overbought market.bou if you look at the leadershipd utilities and telecom that'sande not typically the leadershipeadr that you see in a boomingoom rallying up nonetheless, in the past 11 pa 1 days, the dow is up 767up 767 points. poin we'll see what happens todayody on tap durable goods orders.ds r >> the president not just not st meeting with governors today also meeting with leaders inrnid the healthcare industry. i >> reporter: yes. ys the humana co is expected toxp be at this morning's meeting. humana said next year they're e dropping out of the obamacareaae marketplaces.mark blue cross and blue shield of north carolina their ceo willill be on tap as well as bluea cross/blue shield association they represent about 36b independent insurers.depein among others will
6:24 am
meeting. trump is talking to them and d he's also talking to the t governors what are governors sayingre g about how doov you get rid ofu g obamacare and replace it with wh something better?betr? >> hm. interesting.inte >> reporter: tough problemter: t that they have on their handsous and from the town halls that toh we saw lastal wlseek, this is a very important issue to t 20 million americans.ri >> no doubt about it. no we'll talk withdo virginia'sirgs governor at 8 o'clock thislock s morning. shameless plug t let's talk about wendy's rightrt now. wendy's is going to bring kiosks into their restaurants.ea it's like when you go to theo to convenience store unput in your order on the touch screen and then youenrce sn th sandwicc magically shows up.ows >> reporter: because that's bece easier apparently than justjus telling a person what youou want. so, i hate the some of the stores already alr have them. i find it confusing.. wendy's says millennialsllels actually love the kiosks. ks. by the end of the year ey're're bringing 1,000 of them tof themo wendy's locations.cans. especially during the busythe by times this will make the lines
6:25 am
they say they'll recover thevere cost of the technology withinw two years.two ye and obviously it brings downgs n their labor costs. cots. so my question as is the is he question of most americans asers technology slowly takes over,ov what happens to the humanan workers? >> exactly. s my sandwichsa i going to get to me, that's the'e big concern as well. we >> reporter: yes. >> real quick nokia phonei something that millennialslle might hate but it is availablele if they choose.ey >> reporter: this is the old old school post popular phone ever e from the year 2000, the nokianoi 3310. it is back. bc it costs $52.52 and, you know, it doesn't do't that much but you can talk onaln it like people actually talkllt on the phones for 22 hoursho before you need to charge it. t and if you want like a second sn phone or a more simple phonene or a phone for my mother, thisth is the phone to get her. h. >> if the old school video vi games are coming back why noty t old school phones, too. and it's cheap.and it's ch thanks lauren. >> reporter: see you later.
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>> 6:25 now. 6:25 now. >> will never have that phoneh again. >> i don't need more than one ne phone.d more >> i'm saying you would never go back to inthg ayot phone.on >> no, but my parents have oneae smartphone and one old schooloo phone. they would do it.they >> why not bring back the math bell land line. >> the princess lan streamline.. >> you laugh but maybe it will t be a collector's edit mion.ion you never >> i still have a line withineth the cord. >> you remember the old school l where we had to like --lik-- >> we used to prank call ono pr those. ting f cng for it to come back. >> uh-huh. >> 37 new york in washington. i'm getting tweets that it'syort cold outside and it feels muchsh colder than where it's beenit's the last couple mornings soou make sure you goplt a jacket.ja. 37 that's the warm spot. spo lots of 20's early.'s earl winds are calm.e ca we're going to warm it up intot the 50's toitday.d we're also going to increasencre the clouds but we shoulde shou remain dry.remain dry. there might be a spot or twoor o of drizzle later today butday bt again with temperatures in thetr 50's it would be justatures ver, very light sprinkles and iinklei think you'll see more cloudsluds than anything else latering else today. quick look at that serven day. . look at tomorrow, 68 70's around here wednesdaywednes before thunderstorms bring itton to an end and
6:27 am
round of cold so we just seemt to be in that spring pattern at month early this year. y >> you have some weirde apparition on the seven day. ona >> i do havey. something verymeh strange there. we'll talk about it. >> okay. >> i'm loving your sleevesovg yo today, alliurson.alli >> thank you. ice.hey look really n >> it's the completed sleeve.sle >> it's a very good look.s a g very pretty.very pre red line delays that's not a no good look early train malfunctions at farragut northru because of that many residual rl delays on shady grave to thead red line. 95 on the southbound side ra mp to the outer loop crash movedase over to the right shoulder.houl but heavy delays from the icc i as you too it to merge ontorge o the beltway this morning.or i would say baltimore-washington parkwaywash southbound a better bet to getet you to the outer loop withoutwit that headache. keep it to fox5 news morning.5 r more news,n weather and trafficr in a a. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ we are back now 6:30 one a a monday morning. we are looking at aa mocrash oo 95 southbound.uth this is on the ramp to theto t outer loop.loo. delays back to the icc.c. erin and tucker will be along a on the 5s with weather ander and traffic. traffi welcome back to fox5 news morning. first though at 6:30 the30 he search is on for a missingmis montgomery county teenager whor may be connected to a recent re gang violence in our area. 18-year-old angelica barahonaara is the cousin of another girl gi who was found dead earlierearler this month in northern virginia. vi now she was last sergen leavingg work about 9 p.m. on sa
6:31 am
developing in the districtnh new surveillance videosurv released shows man who used ausa shotgun to rob a conveniencecone store in northeast.or take a look at the video, see, s if you recognize this man. mn. the robber points the gun at a customer then even fires an a shot in the air.e ai the crime happened earlier this month and this is robber re got away with a couple ofuple packs of cigarettes and $80.0. fox5 is remembering princepe william county police officerun ashley she was killed in a shootingshoi while responding to a domesticdc call one year ago on her very first day on the job. j. our alexandria limon spoken sok with guindon's aunt and uncleun about how the family isfamily keeping her memory alivealive through a memorial fund in her r name that's raised more than $50,000 so far. f. her mother has donated the some and to good causes andes an has more plans for the future. t >> our whole goal is to try toto provide funding for, you know,k kind of body armament as well ae because that situation where wh she was shot, you know, the he bullet went under the body b armor, went through and thenughn came out thde bc
6:32 am
looking to donate some of this s money to hopefully device aice a piece of body armor.odymor. >> the family and police forceie are holding a private memorial l to honor guindon this week.wek. public events will take placepla during police week in may.e weey another daily reminder ofminderf guindon is her aunt's dog whodo is part of a litter of pups pups that operation paws for homesos named after fallen the dog was born just two daysos before officer guindon wasn as shot and killed and was originally called guindon,ndon, stephanie guindon adopted thed t dog and renamed her ash.r a. congress gets back to workw today but last night hundreds of people gathered in silver spring to meet with their u.s.u. senators and congress membersme to voice opposition tooice president trump and hisiden policies.t trum made up of up was democratic lawmakers including chris van hollen and ben be cardin. part of the white house'sous budget proposal for the te upcoming fiscal year includesinl boosting defense spending butint slashing funding forunding republican targets such as theue epa. now the
6:33 am
marching orders will be stoneer agencies todayst and ad administration official sayscias it won't make significant changes to social security and medicare. and according to senior se white house officials president trump is expected to sign a newump immigration order on wednesday.edn the president's initial orderial which temporarily halted all entries into the united statests from seven muslim majorityjori countries was blocked by a by a federal judge.l jud the president initiallypres planned toid sign the new ordero last week. wek. and the democratic partydemo has a new chairman now. n. it's tom perez.erez. the former labor secretary incrt the obama it's his job to rebuild theuilde party at all levels and reach rh out to chunks of rural americalr that felt forgotten this pastst election. election. perez says his focus will bes we prop ticketing social security e medicare and growing good jobs j in the economy.onomy. steve, back to you. >> we'll get a reaeve,l quick qk check of sports in the morning n line. line. big day for d.c. united soon s to be new home. how pretty is that. tht that will be what it looks whato like when it's finished theshede groundbreaking sta
6:34 am
southwest d.c.c. stadium which will seat 20,000t0 people set to open next year in buzzard buzzard po. fifty-ninth running of thene daidone in a 500.da a bit of aid disaster 15 of theh 40 drivers didn't finish the great american race gotcan racet knocked out in crashes.r dale earnhardt jr. returning after sittin jg our.t since jule of last year with a concussionon and he would get wrecked outre of this 12.t kyle busch who won the first stage of the race blows a a tire, dale jr. will that drivedr right over the side of doesn't flip but that's theip b end of the day for all those drivers. race red flag for 15 final lap kurt busch in theuschh number 41 going past kylet k larson who ran out of gas onon the st lap.p. doesn't matter how you do it, t, you get it done and you win and that's kurt busch's first daytona 500 victory and that'shs his happy crew chief. ch local mascots turning outmat to celebrate the birthday ofrtyf the wizards g whiz. that was probably better thanttn the game. wizards hosting the jazz.the jz. john wall nice sequence knocksue
6:35 am
though wall had a game high 23h3 the wizards fell behind by 24 b2 and would lose by 10. 0. women's college hoopsmen' maryland hosting minnesota ons n senior day so it's the final fnl home game for the inside outside tandem of briannabri jones and walker kim bro' and kd the two seniors did not not disappoint jones finished with w 24 points, 14 boards. walker kim bro' 27 points ands d maryland wins big 93-60. 93 they are good finishing 15 and1n one in big 10 play to tie ohio o state for the conferencerence title. and that one loss in the one loe conference was to ohio state.sta >> are we talking women'sng woms basketball?etball >> yeah. >> then i feel compelled to mention that babies team was wa division >> yea. they score 93co93 points. >> don't worry about what theyr what i said is they wereer division champions.hampions >> it's a low scoring league, that's >> does it matter? division champs. >> congratulations. >> is it more exciting ifch>> cr you'reciti ngt ihere than watchn
6:36 am
tv. tv. >> really. >> on tv. >> yeah. > yeah. >> okay, so i would think ito would be better in person.i in . >> like football, like any --an i think hockey is mores mor exciting in person 'cause --cas- >> fast and close.>> fast an >> it never stops. it never stop most sports you see you can see all the replays.r >> i don't have a sense of howee fast they're going on tv. >> yes that is true but thatt tt track it's -- it's like's l watching a race around thend t grand canyon.yon. it's huge.. so it's very hard to see in person. >> maybe that's why you partyhah a lot before you go.y yore you g >> uh-huh. >> let's do the forecast. 37 now in washington.'s do shin. we're going to be cold to c start your day but we'll turnl mild this afternoon.ld t daytime highs will actually hibe back in the 50's so not thet springtime 70's we had a few w days ago but a nice warmup to look forward to later this lter afternoon. cloud cover will increase very y quickly here so maybe a littleba sunshine to start the day. day. then we'll be mostly cloudy. be i think we'll keep it dry. i know you see some raine showers out to the west but b they should hold off until -- un we'll get a few showers aroundad tomorrow. look at wednesday.t wednesda thunderstorms back in thers forecast. it's a possibility.
6:37 am
with a few snowflakes onwflakes friday so hurray lots to talkto about this week. >> interesting.>> >> coming up morning meme. intum we've got some fun morningm memes this morning. >> we do.>> we do >> yeah. >> tell me there's an academy'sy award one. >> of course there is. there i >> okay . >> [laughter] >> kind of wrote themselves last night.of wro , goodlast nmoigrhtning.or >> i still can't believe thatiea whole award mixup. >> i can't either.ei how does it happen at that level. >> and you don't want to s tithk it's staged for attention but you can't help but wonder.wondr. >> my gosh. >> you don't think so. >> no. >> i amou d completely --plete -- >> we'll talk about it.t it. >> so much top dish d red line delays earlieris malfunction at farragut red line residual delays tol des shady grove right now.ove right. aside from that blue linet bluee delays. they're impacteddela still by sy track. tomorrow is the last day ofdy safe track surge 12.afe ac taking a look at our mapsur maps right now, 95 southbound soutoud crash, it did clear as you merge onto the ramp to the outer loop but delays still ill heavy back to the icc. ic baltimore-washington parkway aai little bit of yellowng past p powder mill but still a betterer option right now to
6:38 am
greenbelt rather than 95 95 southbound. reports from mark brady ma of an earlier crashcrah investigation on the inneratio loop by kenilworth.nilwo the crews got out out it is clear right nw. all lanes opened.opened. typical delays picking up onng the outer loop in college parkee 95 to georgia. 270 southbound earlier crash cra in urbana by 80 cleared.leed. right now what we're dealing deg with is just a lot of volume from 70 down through urbanarb this morning. morning you need about 40 extrat 40 exa minutes to get from that 70 tota the spur as you head to theead o beltway. we'll keep you updated on yourer commute. keep it to fox5 news morning.rng we're back in just a few.few. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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extended bonus buys are here at giant.
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only at my giant. >> ♪♪ >> 6:41. back now with what is trending on the web this monda yith s mony morning. a long running dispute theing dt state of maryland and its historically black collegesal have been in.l ha ofofst the state maryland millions according to o the baltimore sun, marylandaryad higher education commissionc has spent more than $2 million2n defending itself in a lawsuit.a. the suit claims programs ats pra well funded traditionally white universities have erodeded similar programs at historically black colleges. it was filed again more than 10 yearslac ilaedgo.g next up despite that major j mixup at last night's oscars os the evening included an important first with his "moonlight" win mahershala alili became the first muslim actorli to win an oscar. os securing the best supportinguppo actor trophy for his role as s juan.
6:42 am
moment from last niy gheht. katherine johnson one of thesone nasa mathematicians whose worksw in the movie "hidden figures" is based on joined the starse s of the movie on stage lasttage t night to help present the bestt documentary award. a mrs. johnson was given a joh standing ovation.anding o in the movavie she was played by our home girl taraji p >> love honoring the realeal person. >> surviving one. beautiful. >> thanks friend. coming up much more about the oscars includnging th uap tt moment at the end, a lot of reaction pouring in as youn as u might imagine plus jimmylusjimmy kimmel tweeting the president during the show. did the president tweet back? tb if you thought nascar was ws crazy strap your seat belt on 'cause kevin is up next. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> really pretty. >> really p>>r retty.rett >> ♪♪ >> 6:45.5. >> doesn't feel like february though. ou >> good point steve. goo it's not the springtimeng temperatures of a few daysures s ago. >> so what's going to happen gon like in my neighborhood, the blossoms, the cherry bloomsherr cherry blossomsare out. o. >> i saw a lot of trees thatr are blooming. >> what happens when it snows. >> if it's notens a hard freez they can hang in there. can if we get in hto a long periodao of very cold temperatures itmpe will that stunt the blossoms.os. >> i'm hoping they don't come back out. >> meanwhile let's just takeil it e ilen. >> uh-huh. [laughter] >> time is up.>> time is u there we go. [laughter] [l >> let's go to the forecast. we're lo otooking at a week of u
6:46 am
and downs. we're starting cold.ting c we're going to warm it up midweek and then believe it or not maybe a few snowflakes bys friday so lots of ups andps a downs. thunderstorms on wednesday.nesd. warmest february in d.c. history. right now if we can keep itkeept going we're on track here forerr the warmest february inruary n washington history there. 47.4 degrees. all rig4 ht.igh. here's a quick look at currentcr temperatures and 37 in washington, 27 in gaithersburg.ithersbu. everybody -- just aboutt ab everybody below freezing witheez the exception of here inceptof washington. e hagerstown now isis 34 degrees. 32 quantico.quant good morning fredericksburg, 31 degrees. 28 in culpeper and the cloudslos just off to our west so the t clouds are going to move in n shortly. we'll keep the rain out to the e west today as high pressureghree will keep things dry but we dryt are going to get a lot of a loto clouds around here thisds a afternoon. i do want toro a lso mention that mention th our winds will shift out ofshift the south so we'll be warmerer today. yesterday high temperatures were in the upper 40's toy high0 about 50 and today we'll b
6:47 am
that so again nice warmwarm afternoon or mild afternoon tono look forward to and we should s keep it dry. it dy. maybe a little drizzlezzle developing, few showers out toro the west this afternoon.afte here's a look at the seven dayay and again rollercoaster ride here. 58 to day.58 tod couple showers tomorrow. tomorr. 68. look at wednesday, up ahead ofaf some thunderstorms. t we may haveh strongtron thunderstorms on wednesday, 77d7 and then we cool it down again n maybe by friday with a little clipper system, we can get at a few flurries going aroundurriro here. that is a weather upday. erin is back with the roads.road >> all right, 6:47. 6 keeping our eye on everythingvet this morning.this morning. right now we're taking a wide we view where you can see someee me volume is building especially the outer loop college park 95ok to georgia 9avenue.avenue. about a 15 minute slow down dn there. we had an earlier crash 95cra95 southbound on the ramp to thep outer loop t. that cleared. cle delays remain heavy back ton hek e e icc. t you can see it's a parking lot. i would sayld baltimore-washington parkwaywash southbound a better bet but you can see nds aom be heavy voe from 32. it's basically yellow because bs speeds are checking
6:48 am
30 miles per hour. hour. just heavy volume.eavy volume. but again baltimore-washingtonlm parkway southbound still and sta better bet than that 95th5 parking lot.lot. 270 southbound super jams fromf 70 to the truck scales.he truck and then once s you pass thatt point through urbana it'sa i's heavy into montgomery right a 40 minute delay from 70 to the spur as you get onto n the beltway.e beltwa 295 from visit to the 11thit toh street bridge really slow slw traffic. 50 inbound through cheverlyhr remains a bit sluggish andh nd then new york avenue past past bladensburg slow. s suitland parkway inbound byby silver hill usual volume and vod then in southern maryland also dealing with delays, five at the 301 split. red line delays as1 well toell farragut north and that's fromt an earlier train issue we were e dealing with, guys.g wi >> all right, thanks ethrin.erin >> thanks erin.. >> thank you.nk you >> all right. >> ready. >> let's get to it. time for the morning meme. >> ♪♪ >> send us your -- listen>> lete d us youu. i have beenr -- l ettthing somean k veryry original -- i can tell people are trying to make the morning memes. i love that. usic.move the m >> all >> ♪♪ >> let's get to it. it. mom sent this in, thank you yo
6:49 am
daphne. >> heyda, daphphne, so cute. ct. >> on friday, 74 degrees in february.february. >> #not impressed. >> look at daphn [laughter][laugh] >> cute. >> daphne is not sure she'sre feeling it although we did hitit record temperatures on friday. r all right, my friend stevet sent this one in tributes toribu bill paxon. ver.ver.r man, game o >> little inside here.e inside . tucker always says that, yeah. y >> one of my favorite quotesquos from alien. al all the gentleman just walked in the room but a tribute to our dear friend.dear friend. meredith sent in the kevin andad goes to "deadpool" for" fr everything.everythi. >> all the time. tme. >> sounds good to me. sou >> he's andgo winner every day.. >> no way they can mess thatmesh statue up, right, kev., v. hey, please, please, pleaseease send us your memes.y either that or steve is goingveo to have to start making more. me >> i know. >> #morning meme.>> # >> i have a request for memesf tomorrow. w
6:50 am
>> cat memes?>> c >> they are bountiful.bou >> i think we deserve some catca memes. memes. >> cat memes it is.>> c we'll make tucker goingatl makee through all of thoser .goingug >> i think theh all of #will ren #not impressed with all the the cat -- any cat meme at theeme at bottom. not impressed.m >> if you incorporate grumpyorp cat it might be better.ig b >>ll r right. got your work cut out for you tuck. let's say good morning to ourni facebook fan of the day. fan we have a twofer today.feroday. anthony and his fiancécé tiffany. tiff >> hello. tryingy says he's been to be fan of the day for four years. so today is your lucky day anda i say it's our lucky day, too. o anthony says he watches fox5s f5 every single day.. thanks for tuning in and we ande hope you have a super week.we. >> speaking of super last night n was the super bowl of movies mov the academy awards and kev is as here with the oscars recap. rap. >> yes, i am. good to he sao you this sa morning. i want to mention the billbi paxon, that was an amazingg tribute. tr i like the game over.he gam i
6:51 am
i love his roles.l i group up on -- there's a movie he made called frail tea alien titanic weird science. sc. >> yeah, he's one of thosehose guys. >> brilliant guy.>>rilliant for g me though true lies when he plays that used card car salesman, one of the coolestolet things i've ever seen. rest in peace mr. paxon.r thanks for all your work.wor 61 years old is far too young.yg >> way too young. way toooung. >> if you're just waking upkingp the oscars had a major mar surprise roughly about six hours ago. ago >> neither kevin nor i have treats. >> so here's --n no >> we both lost. o both lost. >> warren beatty wasy w delivering the best picturetur winner. announced "la-la land" as the winner if you look closely the card he's holding is actually an actress envelope not a bestlopeb picture one. he was given the wrong envelope. >> just in that moment because hat e debatiting this it looked like warrenng this it bes showing fay dunn way to sayay does this -- what do you think d this says? and she went ah
6:52 am
and sat. it. >> right. >> nobody saw it.>> noby saw >> "moonlight" was actuallyli theght" winner. "moonlight" won best picture.pir there's two ways to look ato wat this m i feelom bad that thethe "moonlight" last didn't get there proper congratulatoryongru moment that excitement thatha they won the award also propet o time for a speech. a speeh. the other side to look at it is the "la-la land" producersods are up on stage giving theirr speeches, three speeches deep. >> a long ti. >> and then all of a suddenal they have to stop them andl jordan horowitz on the left offo jimmy kimmel there handed overer the oscar graciously. graciousl. he's the producer of "la-la "laa land." >> producer of "la-la land," la" okay. >> you'll see him hand thel seet oscar over to barry jenkinsbarry the director of "moonlight."oon" graciously did "moonlight"'s a phioenomenalenol movie but this was a majorajor mixup and warren beatty didy d have to come back out andoutand explain that the envelope i was holding was for actress ine a leading role. ro. >> he shouldn't have had told have done that atn' all. a it wasn't his >> if you look at it veryfait vy closely he's actually -- he's hs confused by i
6:53 am
we are out of time here butheret the best tweet of the nighte because of this mixup was this. m. night s hyamalan i wrote thee he ending of the academy awards w 2017 at jimmy we really got them. th if you don't get that joke, m.jk night shyamalan is one of the greatest twist ending writers.ri one of the cool things jimmythiy kimmel was he went to thehe ellen school of hosting.f host. ellen did a great job with the h big selfie at the oscar so aa couple -- awhile backhil president trump tweeted this tweet out meryl streep one ofrys the mosttree overrated actressec in hollywood.tin hol doesn't know me but attacked att last night at the goldenthegoldn globes. that tweet but the e idea there that he says she's ss overrated as an actress at one t point so moving on, last night kimmel went to twitter tont tweet him live during the show s and said, #merle says hi, got 302,000 likes.2,00 then he tweeted this.his. hey, donald trump are you up? u this is all during the show. sh they had his phone on s
6:54 am
i thought it was pretty funny. made me laugh. coolma >> how could you not talkou about the moment where thelde e tour bus comes in. n. >> we're going get in rightet it now. now. >> amazing. >> this was the best moment of thethe night. i did you hear i was doing that next? you're cueing me up. u if you were watching the showwa last night the waytc this wenti down we're going to show youo sw the video there's those red r tour buses in l.a. and you go around, you see the city, youtyu see the stars' homes and homes d things like that. like at. >> right. but you never see stars.r see s. >> you never see stars.tars. so, kimmel set up this bit, bt, the people on board apparentlypy did not know anything that wasag going to happen and this is i what went down. watch this.h this. >> people riding the bus thinkb they're on a regular tour and a one of the stops on the tourr is an exhibit we told them they're coming into this this building to see a speincialg s exhibit of oscar dresses andre gowns.wns. [applause] >> hello there. hi. welcome to the dolby theater.ole this is the
6:55 am
academy awards which are ins whh fact happening right now. nw. >> that's my fiancé.fia >> oh really. when are you getting married. >> july 18th. >> who is your favori 1te actort >> that man right there. [laughter] >> denzel.>> denl. denzel, would you be the bestul man at theiryo wedding. >> i love it so much. [applause] [applause] >> yeah, that's a good idea.hat' i now pronounce you husbandusbad and wife . >> [laughter] >> kiss the bride. >> i mean, what a greatht>> kt e moment. >> i love >> i like to think that thethint people were genuinely not set up. i think they were there.k they werethe excited.xcid. ryan gosling handed one of theae tourists a box of juniornior mints. nt remember ellen did somethingmetg similar having pizza deliveredd to the the audie that to me isnc a good oscarscar host. i thought kimmel killed it.ledt. congratulations tolations "moonlight." i wish they were able to get gt their proper speech time and and also proper congratulationser c but it was a big deal, so., o.
6:56 am
today. >> totally. amazing.amis if you haven't seen it go see se it. phenomenal. phenomenal >> good morning sir.. >> have you taken the tux off since friday. >>o.o. goou take i went to bed three hours agobe so, yeah, no, i hthave not. nt. still wearing it. it >> looks good on you. looks gooy >> thank you buddy. thank you >> 39 now in was bhington. we're off to a chailly start.a. much of the area below b freezing early. mildar afternoon.fternoon. mid to upper 50's is what wet we anticipate and we are going togo gradually turn mostly cloudy. c. nice sunrise early but we'll we' turn mostly cloudy today.y cloud here's a big look at youryou satellite picture. pict rain holds off until tomorrow.o. maybe a little drizzle for a a spot or two this afternoon. af seven day all over the place. pe 70's by wednesday, maybe someo flurries by friday. by fr that's weather.'s weat traffic, erin. >> i'd like to happily report re i already got a cat meme.t eme. >> oh, good. >> i haven't got to read itread yet so i'll get there.l get the i saw it right before i ran inen here. red line still dealing with an earlier train malfunction at farragut residual delays to utshady shad gravy. safe track surge 122nd to last t day where the blue line ise lins impacted. im so we'll keep you updated on
6:57 am
a lot of slowdowns especiallye top of the beltway the outer loop. we'll have a closer look at belr that as we as we keep it to fo cx5.on fox5. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ where's frank? it's league night! 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. bowl without me. frank.' i'm going to get nachos. snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right off the top at 7 o'clock this morning a mystery in montgomery county a missing teen, her dead fox5 ighn relativetging teen, her dead ane video obtained
7:00 am
fox5. her whereabouts unknown.unkn. details in a lie report. repo >> plus congress is returnings u to work today after a week week long recess and they'll soon th' get a visit from presidentom pst trump who is promising to lay t out an aggressive agenda withgea the affordable care act and immigration at the ton of thef e list. >> this is not a "moonlight" has won best picture. cture. "moonlight" best" bee >> saving the best or perhaps ps the worst for last. las true hollywood ending.ndng. the oscar moment everybody isev talking about.about. wrong film named best picturec and things got a little lite awkward on the stage.e stage so how did it happen? detailsds straight ahead.ight ahead. >> good monday morning to you,n, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.hene it is 7:00 a.m. on this mondaydy february 27th.fe >> if you're just waking up this morning take are jlook att this beautiful sunrise.nrse. live look outside.u >> let's get a quick check onuin your forecast and traffic traffc tucker and erin standing by. by. looks pretty tuck.t >> gorgeous out there but it'sts cold. cold. overnight temperatures back inmp the 20' get today.ll we i'll h


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