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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  February 27, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ coming up, a strange night in la la land. ke., there's a mis ata moonlight, you guys won bestest picture. >> it was a plot twist evenwi e hollywood didn't see coming.omin a best picture miss yup after a the presenters got the wrong velope.e. >> warren washington did you dod >> how about the hollywood failf happened and reaction from there stunned stars at the academy acy awards.awds. plus kevin has look back at alla the big winners. >> the people who taught me gooe and bad how to sale, how too love, how to hold and award, h
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to lose. los >> the best performances -- ♪♪ >> -- and how jimmy kimmel kim faired as first time host. >> president trump holding adi black tie party of his own his sunday night. his first white house gala comea hours before his meeting witheet the nation's governors this thi morning.morning. we're getting a sneak peek ateaa what to expect with virginiairgi governor terry mcauliffe.uliffe a mystery in montgomeryimont county.unty. a missing teen, her relationshii to murder victim and the surveillance video you'll see'ls only on fox5.. first though, a mother natureate roller coaster from the 70s to o winter and then back again.gain. and another chance for someom severe storms.seve storms. good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ >> there you go, wisdom, one mru >> it's good enough for the fort oscars it's good enough for us s gooood day. >> that's true.true >> that's how we're starring th show. 9:00 o'clock on this monday,ond, february 27th i'm steveve alongside holly, maureen and wisdom.. >> i
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everyone still of course talkine about the oscars screw up this t rnining. the last minute blunder totallyt over shadowing the rest of theee ceremony. we'll have a lot more on that it a moment including more the apy that's out this morning. plus, we can't talk about the aa course without talk the red t r carpet fashion.on. we'll share some of the goldenfn looks from last night, and a little later we'll also say whoo may be missed the mark.ark >> that's a nice one right there.e. >> yeah. eople of people looked really good.oked >> very glamorous. >> let's talk about the weathere mother nature reminding us all it is still winter. wte more changes on the way and some more severe weather could be asr well. we >> hank on, maureen i haveen i e something for you.something >> this is your award forfoard o weather.weat i need to you read the card. >> um -- >> go ahead and open it.. >> mike t has your first forecast. [ laughter ] >> worked like a charm.. >> welcome to good day. day
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>> actually that was moreuall exciting than the academy y awards. >> come on. >> let's do the forecast. 42 in 's do washington. yeah, very wintry early think tk morning. we some upper twenty sevens forr overnight lows outside the never took to the freezing mark here in washington but certainln one of our coolest mornings mors we've had in several weeks time. clouds are moving in quickly.cky beautiful sunrise we'll be we'lb mostly cloudy today.loudy day and the theme will be to becamet up again. aga today mid to upper 50s and backc into the 60s and 70s. 7 can you believe it by tuesday ty and wednesday? so warmer warme temperatures on the way.atures o washington cloud cover. cover norfolk some cloud cover. hominine looks like cloud covero as well. rain showers out to the we're not going to get the raini today but we will get the the clouds, and the milderde temperatures as our winds willil be out of the south. so enjoy a nice afternoon.ernoon it is going to be crazy week off weather. i'll have plenty of details on l that seven day including perhaps mid to upper 70s around here and snowflakes on the seven day. da. though details coming up, guys,, back to you. >> thank you tucker barnes. 9:03 is the time the big
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everybody is talking about thiss morning an epic oscars mistake.. a plot twist even hollywoodolwo didn't see coming.dn't soming. >> you couldn't have scripped aa more drama ending to the academy awards. the big moment the one everyonen is talking about came during the best picture announcement.en kevin mccarthy is here with juss what led to this major oscarscar oops. oops. >> it was i was watching it 12:15 this15 i morning it was unbelievable.iebl i feel awkward for both sides oo the parties.e part. i feel bad for both sides of the parties.ies. talking about major mistake thet wrong film was named best picture the producers of la lala land had to give up the oscar.. they thought they won and it was all very extremely awkward this morning the accounting firm that handled ballot counting for thee oscars admit that warren beatty and faye dunaway were given the wrong envelope.g en watch this. >> unprecedented mick yup at the oscars. >> the academy award... [ laughter ]
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>> when announcing best picture the presenters somehow had the wrong envelope. envop >> la la land.>>a la [ applause ] >> in fact, another film fm moonlight was the winner.ner. >> thank you all. all >> thank to you the academy. acy la la land producers were already on stage giving speecheh when account ants withh pricewaterhousecoopers rushed the correct envelope on to stage. >> guys, i'm sorry, no, there'se a mistake. moonlight you guys won bestt yos urcture. >> this is not a joke.e moonlight has won best picture. >> moonlight! best picture. >> i don't know what to say. that was really -- i'm still not sure this was real. >> the presenters had the preer envelope for the best actressorr gory.ory. >> i open the envelope and ite n said emma stone la la land.. that's why i took such a longon look at faye. f >> i also was holding my
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actress in leading role card rar that entire time. so whatever story i don't mean'm to start stuff whatever storyter that was, i had that card.. >> the people in charge of o securing those envelopes throughout the ceremony haveeree previously said there are two sets.sets one held on each side of thef t stage as a backup. >> my heart was a little brokenn >> one of things i'm loving ling seeing this morning is i'm seeing the -- i'm seeing jordan hurwitz producer of la la land d tweeting with the director of moonlight and it's all about love and appreciation for eachi other's work i feel bad for both sides of the aisle being up there accepting an award award thinking you won but i feel badd for the moonlight cast they casy didn't get that best picture moment and didn't have time to give the speech.peec internet is on fire this mornini out t this. hears one thing about theone th presenters warren beatty and a faye dunaway they're saying madd a quick get away anyone noticest of course there's a picture ofro them from their famous roles ass bonnie and clyde
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many people recalling the bige l steve harvey miss universe mixix up last week -- last year.. miss organization universenirs tweeting have your people call o our people. [ laughter ][ la >> we know what to do. do. >> and finally, host jimmy kimmel referring to the missri universe moment with this tweet, personally i blame i am steve harvey for this moment. men so in a statement at the academy official accountant pricewaterhousecoopers pomusecop jeezed for the embarrassing flul it said quote we sincerelyly apologize for the error made during the award announce many m pour best picture.ctu the presenters had been bee mistakenly been given the wrong category envelope. we're currently investigating how this could have happened ann deeply regretd this occur. o who is responsible for thehe handing of the envelope. >> that's a great question.s a r >> here's the thing. h i think the bottom lerine theyy took responsibility and fell on the swordl . let's start squash it i think wh can go on and on about who'sho fault it was. >> and people will. >> and they will the thing for me they took respo>>nsibilit ant my own regret that moonlightoonl
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to have more say this is nowis w over shadowing what peopledowi should be talking about about moonlight.onght. >> yeah. >> the film and its ionomer itni writ was wasood. let's go out and see. a see we're talking about the gaft. g. >> maybe it will cause more it u people to see it.sepeople >> i hope to se. >> were you they're >> the movie only madead 22 million at the box office laf la land 3,341,000,000.,000,0 if anything i know it's ann awkward situation but may give the film more press. p i discussed it ten times alreadr this morning i think it's an an amazing moment awkward moment. historical moment at the oscars. but it is two films that are very deserve going to my twitter by the way a wonderful photo of your hurwitz hugging and giving the oscar to barry jenkins thenn director of moonlight.ct it's a pheornomenal photo myy twitter at kevin mccarthy tv iff you want to see it.. >> it's interesting in theti in entire history, i want to know o how much this has happened inapi the entire history of these the award shows it.ard shows it. >> never happened. >> if it hasn't happened all tht way up until now how
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change something here and there. >> think all those awards thath didn't make sense.ake nse >> there you go. the y that's what i'm saying.sang. >> one other time a smaller category someone was -- but itut was caught before it was done. >> they had the wrong envelope.. >> as sim's as picking up a redr envelope it never happened it ne before. >> it was just that simple. i don't think it was s just like -- we're in vortex where crazyhera happens i'm not surprised thises ha.pen. >> at that level, how do youow u screw that up? >> same thing. same thing. >> you pick it up.>> i think it's hasn'ted to you asa presenter. i want to know who the person is responsible for the hanhoding of the envelope. eope. >> it's not warren beatty's fall. i'm not blaming them.he. >> i blame faye. i b i kid.i. >> we'll have much more from last night's academy awards at ten al.l inn crueling the most other oer talked about moments. roll president trump played inle the award ceremony and how did d jim knee kimmel do first time tm hasting. >> president trump getting the black tie last n truight that'st he got into it had nothing to d witness oscars he host
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50 governors and spouses atusesa annual governor's ball.all it was his first white house w gala and it comes hours beforerr his meeting with the state state leaders today. tod it's also just the start of thee president's busy week. week he will also send his firstst budget to agencies today anday a tomorrow he is set to delivero e his first speech to a jointt sp session of congress.gress >> the big question coming out of the governor's meeting andytd dress to congress can theto con president and democrats find any common ground? last hour we w posed that question to virginiai governor terry mcauliffe who w chairs the national governorsnar associate. >> i met with general kelly yesterday. he assured me that no individuals, no illegal folks ii america or virginia today willil be deported. the only ones being deported are those that have committed and been involved in criminalrimina offense.of i want to talk to the presidente t.out that. i want to reconfirm that.rm tha it's very important.iorta list is he were want to createot jobs and we need an administration. what they do in washington lands on governors desadn we have to produce and we wante the federal government tonment understand we are their partners and we want to be p
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process of decision-making.makig >> no doubt about it.doubt t governor it's interesting, too,o ba in these times --imes >> what else is interestingntng there were reports out this morning of course president cour trump last night said ofd o governor mcauliffe, you know, hh call his friend, long-time friend i just ruined his i jus political career. caree so i asked the governor how didh you take that because that's tha kind of thing when it is writtet down can be taken many different ways end said look i've beeneee friends with president trump for more than 20 years.20 yrs >> wow i didn't realize.. >> he donated to one of my firss campaigns went go back a long ln ways. it wasn't anything that was w malicious. >> i found the interview, greatt interview. i found it enlightening theregre does seem to be a sense of let't work together. tog did he criticize some of thehe administration's policies butics overall i got the sense heene really would like to see thisees happen and come together and too hear their friends and perhaps r this can help move things alongo it was heartening to >> still politics in placebo tho governor made the point off saying i had an hour and a halfn last night to sit with the witht president and
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be able to have a candid conversation about many thingsu that impact virginians. that in itself is somebody whose very happy with.ry hap wit >> let's go ahead ton get to go developing story out oflopi montgomery county. a misngsingmo tnteen could be te latest tie to gang violence in our area.r ar >> fox5 has obtain exclusivexcli video of last time she was seene before she disappear.. fox5's melanie alnwick is live e in gaithersburg with the latests good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning,orng guys. it's now been 36 hours since 18-year-old angelica barhona bha rivas has been scene she was was working here at walk expresses saturday night and this wheres e she was last seen.teen. we were able to get that that exclusive video from thiss security camera here we want tot show it to you right now muchuc police say angelica left workor before the end of her shift.hift the own are in of walk expressks tells fox5 that she was on her r phone and then left a brummely.l this video again shows angelica leaving.aving. she's 5-foot 3-inches tall, 150 pounds, wearing a tan shirt,
9:13 am
tan skirt a gray jacket, black a boots and also carrying a pinkin purse. there you see her picture right there.ther here's where this gets really rl interesting much she's also thee cousin of did he march russs reyes rivas the 15-year-old whose body was found innd in springfield earlier this month.h four adults and six minors were arrested and charged in damaris' murder. police say it was gang related.d now angelica was reported missing by damaris' mother her aunt both girls lived with herwh in gaithersburg.g now worried family and friends n tell police they have not been able to reach now, you may recall in this big connection here there were two other girls, two fairfax countyy girls who were previously reported missing and police p believe that all of them mayheay have some relationship to theset gang members.emrs. we'll show you their pictures as well.well you may remember 16-year-old lizzie rivera colindres and herh five month old baby
9:14 am
recovered fie february11th theet same night damaris' body turnedr up in we also have information thatont the baby's father is one off those adults charged with damaris' murder. mur and then also, 17-year-ol venus, she returned home threeee days after lizzie.izzi she was taken into police pic custody. we don't have update on hern h situation just yet but we can wn tell you back here in montgomery county that police are very vy concerned about this case. cas they had some informationon perhaps that angelica may be ine new jersey, but they can'the can confirm that, and they also can't say anything about whethee she is safe or not, but given all of these connections here ir this you can understand why thih has risen to this level. there's asking anyone withith information please contaction montgomery county police.olice live in montgomery village, melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> melanie thank you very muchhk for that report. 9:14 is the time right now.fotiw back to class at savoyat soy elementary for the first time ii a few weeks.a weeks. the school has been hard at worr cleaning up a
9:15 am
infestation and this morningng fox5 bob barnard is there live. how allege-year-old scored a sca one-on-one with orioles super star man machado.. alec parker and his daughter will join us live to talk abouto the daddy/daughter diamon diaries.diarie 9:15. ♪♪ z23wnz z5yz
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y23wny y5yy
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♪♪ 9:17 is the time right now.h well today in the district students at savoye tiay i elemei southeast finally heading backek to the classrooms after dealingi with row department and bed bugg problem that forced the school to shut st d >> it's a story that fox5 has h been following closely our bobob barnard is on it again thisin t morning standing by life with the very latest.atest hey, bob. >> reporter: hey, guys.s. yeah, this school was closed fof three weeks. wee. students went back in after 8:0. classes resumed at 8:45. 85. they had an open house for usses r the medidia. we gr. we can show you inside. insid i mean, they clearly spent a good time cleaning this places a much the floors were shiny in sn fact they replaced the main mai floor in the hallway here in the main lobby the classrooms look clean. can they had to replace all like the rugs, carpeting, cots for the fe little kids, anything with likek soft material that has beenial s replaced. they say they've done somee s patching work here to keep rowew dunce out. dunc again, this was bed bug probleml
9:19 am
with help of our reporting inepg early february even thoughoug teachers say that it had been problem dating back to january.y one parent we spoke to this this morning you'll hear in momentr n here says he thinks there's still in issues here but school official gene opinion card aopin deputy chief of schools here says they think they've gottenve on top of this.. >> we don't want to pointoi fingers or lay the blame anywhere.he we take responsibility for ourp buildings and we takengand we responsibility for making sure s that they're ready for studentst to learn.ea clearly there was a break down n in communication here.e. a high level of concern so outcs of abundance of caution we took some extraordinary measures.sus this isn't something that wehatw would expected to typically butb there was as i said an abundancn of caution around a really highh level of concern here at savoy v and we're excited to have them e back. >> where do you do a deepre d cleaning at?o you empti concern. >> reporter: are you ready for your son to get back into the school ? areo get >> i have no choice. i work to and makesc aho i l hig have no choice but to send
9:20 am
back here, but once again, they can't tell me there's no rats around here in this buildingldg they're a big rat they stillst can't catch. catch. big rat had library closed down for almost -- for couple months. they still can't catch him.. >> i hope it don't come back. b. if it does, hey, they just got g to do what they got to do. >> reporter: the sign on then te front door here says welcome back. thank you for your flexibility.y the students here spent a fewspw weeks at a school about 3 miless south of here in southeast dc. we've done some reporting in thi past three weeks, guy, thatha minor elementary school inool northeast d.c., and then perhaps some other schools peopleools p reached out to us saying thereer are bed bug problems in their schools. basically d.c. ps officials aree saying there's no other other infestation they're concernedond about this is natural thing herg cithe city. rodents you see rat traps aroun
9:21 am
things like bed bugs and lices e get into the schools. but savoy is back open.n. classes have resume this thi morning, guys, here in southeast washington.. >> bob, thank you for that. 9:21. let's check what's makingwhat mn headlines. allison, good >> good morning. mor surge pricing that's what we're' talking about. now in effect at d.c. parking meters.te how much you could pay during dn those peak times.. plus, president trump skipping white house tradition and later, another oscar night mystery.. what is up with nicole kidman's clap? moj. [ laughter ] >> and later, hollywood, oh, myy goodness, this is ours transition.tion. hollywood mourning the loss ofne beloved character actor kevinev will be back with a long look at the life and career of titanic bill paxton. we'll be rigllht p back. ♪♪ ♪ why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara.
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>> 9:24 on this monday morning.i let's get a check of the stories that are making headlines this morning. allison has that for us now. >> first up, another jewish cemetery the target ofs moeck i s th u vp,an adals.anda this time it happened inn philadelphia with more than 500 headstones damaged, overturn include concluding many morenclu than a century a ctury police are calling this incidenn criminal and beyond vandal vanda lidge. this incident comes less thanssn week after headstones wereer vandalized at judicial cemeteryr near st. louis it also comes a s mid recent threats to jewishewis community centers across theos t
9:25 am
well here locally get readya to pay more to park on some district streets depending oneng where you park. today the dc department ofenof transportation will implementmpe new parking meter rates in the pen quarter and chinatown neighborhoods.ods. from third to 11th street and a o street to h street. meter rates range from 150 too 325 depending on time of day and whether it's a weekday orkday saturday. >> president donald trump willml not get the annual white houseoe roving. the commander in chief says heiy plans to skip the white house hu correspondents associationndenti dinner. he says he'll spenton the nightight focused on what he can do to help america be better. bette the dinner is washingtonhi tradition attracting politicians, journalists andrnaa celebrities.itie no word on why he plans to skipp but the president has been veryn vocal about his dislike for thet media.. following several prominent -- calling several outlets fake f news and the end knee of theneet american people.
9:26 am
plans to at self self ordering r kiosk to about 1,000 different locations.locations. the chain says busier locationst will be the first to get thehe kiosk.os the company has already tested s the technology at several of its restaurants and central ohio. customers at stores with theith kiosk will still be able too order at the counter. wendy' says the kiosks arere attended to appeal to younger customers reduce labor costs and cut down on lining lines duringr peak dining hours.peak finally let's head back tolb the haas car, shall we? some viewers taking to twitter asktt what's going on with nicole kidman clapping. >> actress getting roasted on gr social media thioas morning.orn. let's see it.s seit. >> there's the clap. cla. over the awkward way she clappep with her hands during the show.o on twitter some said -- there ii is again. some say she clapped like a seas as she stood to give shirley mc lean a sand stan owing ovation.n >> i say she was trying to makea stand out a little bit. >> it's epp how you clap when ce
9:27 am
ur n>> something to do with not mehingssin tg up the nails. the >> it did make her fingers lookl super loaning.r anin >> how long were her hands? er h >> some people said it -- chrisr told me made her look like theie grinch hands. hands. >> yes. >> exactly.ctly >> i can see that. >> wow!>>! >> interesting. >> excellent reporting allison.l >> i will say this, al. al. she and her husband keith urbanb were some of the first when that tour bus rolled through to getht up and hug them and talk withk t all the guests.e gst >> no doubt about it. no do >> they were also one of thelsof first i saw come down the red tr i saw a lot of nicole kidman ana keith urban last night.. >> now you know everything abouo her clapping style.her >> thanks, al. righo27 right nclow. once sports journalism careermar came to a sudden stop. but another is just gettingetng started. it's kind of like the circle off sports life.ife. coming up next the dad and a daughter behind diamond diariesa blog will join us live to tuckvt about what makes theirwh mak partnership so unique and how aw they scored that one-on-one witt manny machado.mac. >> we do like manny machado, right. >> first tucker is back with a look at the roller coasterker et temperatures on t
9:28 am
can see another chance for severe weather.veea >> fresh at 10a the red hot looo from the oscar red carpet. our fox5 fashion police team inn place to talk a little fab or fail. plus, what would you do if you only had one day left to live? ? we're asking jennifer beals anda zoey deutch the stars of the nen movie before i and then later, from the guttere to the good day loft. the we've got a very g specialcial performance by d.c. rapper noochie. right now 9:28.t n 9:2 you're watching good day. day.
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♪♪ ♪♪ >> all right. 9:30 is the time right now. time for little good day sports reporting. first up thes the ittle super bowl of stock o s car the nascar cup series kick offk sunday with the daytona 500 anda if you only watched for the fort crashes, there were plenty keepe in some of nascar's biggest starsga knock out of competitiontion including dale earnhardt, jr. j matt ken sick, jimmy johnson and danica patrick.. curb bush to go the checkeredh flag in the end.n thend. he only led one lap the entire r race. >> you only have to lead theve t last >> that's the only one that t matter. >> hot start for the nats downsn in spring training. >> nats stepped out to six-zeroe lead over the thanks in part to bryce harper's second inning solo homerun toomn deep right center.ght cen first run of the game and hisnds
9:32 am
mets they did bounce back. b mount add come back later but it was too little too late. nats 18 to six. s the nats fell to the twins onwio sunday face the cardinals thisrt afternoon and how about this? ? big congratulations to the bowie state bulldogs.e b >> yeah. >> men's and women's teams well they captundred wom the ciaa conference championship titles e over the weekend the secondhe w title in four years for the menh and the women grab the tile the after coming in as the top seedp from the south.theth >> well done.l do. >> way to go bulldogs. bulld >> well done.>> wel >> great program they got going out >> let's talk about our weatherh with tucker barnes rollerol coaster week on tap.on t >> yes, indeed. >> i saw aes thing about tim tew trying out for the mets. m kind of rooting for the >> has he tried out for,. f,. >> didn't he tried out fored for another baseball team >> he's in like the mets farmth system. isn't he? >> yeah. he's also tried to play football numerous that didn't work out.t workut >> he's tried to do collegeo do football broadcasting.g >> what are you trying to say.ut
9:33 am
>> cat with nine lives.ives >> i hope he make the team. tea. >> okay. >> you guys are no fun. week of ups and downs.owns yes, maureen, roller coaster. cr queue the music. >> sing it, all right. >> temperatures are going to be all over the place.all ovhe starting with springtime laterel this afternoon really tuesday t and wednesday and then back toy winter by the end of the week.k so 42 now in washington.hi actually we started wintry thisi morning overnight lows back inac the 20s now 34 in frederick.deck 38 dulles. 45 leonardtown. still cool out there and there t cloud cover moving in.n it's going give us a cool feeloo today although actual airl air temperatures should be about sha 10 degrees warmer than degre we'll get the winds out of the out of the south here a little later today. that will warm things up thi lst afternoon. little bit of light rain showerh activity out to the west.vity o hold this off forthe another 2r hours. ho we'll have rain showers around tomorrow.tomorrow. but as far as today even thoughv it will look cloudy -- it will l be cloudy it will look ominous like rain showers we'll hold iti off as we have got our winds ous here off the ocean later today.d mild conditions later thiss afternoon high temperatures inpa
9:34 am
and not as cold overnight orn tonight early tuesday morning mg then by tomorrow afternoon, 60ss and believe it or not mid 70s0s before thunderstorms arrive on o wednesday.dn look at the seven day forecast.s this is why we call it roller coaster r 58 today. today 77 with thunderstorms wednesdayt and believe it or not we coulde wrap the week up with snow wh showers on friday with a littlee clipper system. so we are all over the place this week and again thosehose daytime highs look at that abouo 25 plus degrees above normal bya wednesday, guys.wey, g back to you. ba ra that is crazy. >> all right. >> all over the place. a thllanks, o tuck.. >> well dreams do come true fore one special 11-year-old girlir with little assist from former sports journalist alexlex parker decided to put his yearsy of experience to good work byork helping his daughter nicoleicol start her baseball blog namedme diamond diaries her blog h b celebrates her love for baseball and her home team the baltimorei orioles. her first post chronicled herd h trip to fan fest but her most hs recent post that really has the
9:35 am
got a chance as you see sittingi down for a one-on-one interview third baseman manny machado. major league baseball tweetedl d about it.about it. how awesome is that? we wantedd talalk to her. so nicole and dad alec thehe former sports journalist buddini sports journalist visit us livei to talk about the amazing experience.expe good to see you once again. hi, nicole, good morning. >> good morning.orni hi. >> so i want to ask first of ala i want to know your involvementt in this which i'm assuming'm aum knowing you was minimal.. i'm guessing you gave the ballny to nicole send take it and run r with it. >> it's all her. her it was mostly her.y her. about a month ago nicole decided she's going to start an orioles blog site, et cetera, i think this is it lab lot of fun. i think since i'm in betweenetwn jobs couple weeks ago i said tod my wife maybe i'll take nicole l down to spring training in czara society tam she can watch frommh outside the fence whatever fansf will do.
9:36 am
hugh daikon -- who runs their pr department.department. kristin if we come down whatow a might we be able to see just as fans? autographs, whatever. oh, by the way nicole has a blog. blog kristin says can i see the blog we send the blog. kristen e-mails me back to say,o hey, if you come down, nicoleic want to interview a player forrr the blog? i call my wife i sais hahn we don't have choice now ww got to go.t [ laughter ] >> we booked tickets. we the orioles were awesome. she ends up, you know, the wholw day was awesome. then capped off with thisappeofh interview with her favorite player manny machado for me this is obviously surreal. nicole is, um, is still on clouo nine i think.. >> nicole, i want to ask youask nicole you went to fan fest and that was one of your first postt that is you had and you were wearing your manny machadoy m jersey. had awesome pictures but did you ever ever dream then you'd get t to sit down and have aave a conversation with him? >> i never like thought of that
9:37 am
and thought so exciting i got an autograph from him. him but i never thought that i would ever get to interview him.ewim >> so when you finally had thele chance to sit down and talk to o him, did you get a chance too prepare some questions? whatns did you guys talk about? >> well, we kind of practiced a little bit at home before we went to sarasota. i had some questions but, um, i didn't really.y. >> no. was it -- what were you theat wu feeling like when you were facee to face with your favorite player? >> i was a little nervous but ii was mostly excited because he's' my favorite player.lar >> well, now that you're a're a sports journalist, you kind ofdf have to stay calm and cool and collected now and ask those questions. what did you guys talk about? >> um, i asked him like how spring training was, and i askek him if he was e
9:38 am
opening day and what he does hee when he's not at like practicing for spring >> and what did you learn from him? what kind of answers didnd he give you that you didn't know?? >> well, i asked him why he wass playing short stop because hese was playing it during the interi squad game and he said he's sd getting ready for the world baseball classic, and he alsoe s said that sometimes he gets he g bored at third base. b and i asked him what he did when he's not like practicing and he said he liking to fishing butngb he's not good at fishing. >> i think you got some scoop so right there especially with theh short stop and getting bored ata third base.thirdas alex you wanted to save that sat nugget for yourself.etor y alex let me ask you this.s. part of your role over the lastl couple of decades when it camesm to sports we've seen you on the air i know you work hard behindn the scenes.scenes. you've had to critique a lot off these people that you're telling what to do as far as other o sports reporters so when n
9:39 am
able to be a dad or was that t sports director in you thinkingk okay, well maybe next time we'le ask these questions? >> it was mostly dad.y d in fact i was sort of shakingha trying to shoot this video.eo i'm not a photographer.otogrhe your man mike rickert is here ih doing a heck of a job.. i'm no mike rickert. rke my camera is shaking while i'm e sooting this seven minute minut terview.w. nicole did great.le did gre i was sort of shocked at howow composed she was and i couldn't' tell she was nervous and then at some point it sort of clickedf e and she and manny were really -l you know in this business you i just want to talk to folthks. f you don't want to think they'ree being interviewed and at somendm point about 30 seconds into this thing, they were just talking. . there was nicole and manny and y she was really composed and sort of like extra composed. comse i didn't think an 11-year-oldar huge fan could be as sharp andsa composed as she was. was but she was.she i'm so proud of her. her it was surreal, steve. s you know in this business, you
9:40 am
and for me to watch my daughterr doing this was -- it was nuts.u. it's still kind of nuts.d ofut >> it sounds alex like it was nicole, manny and one reallyandl proud dad in that room togetherg real quick we got to let you go. what's going to happen next? are you going to expand thepa blog? are we going to take to t advantage of getting all thiss attention we have now? what'sn the next step?ne s >> she's going to school inch about ten minutes.utes that's a. a and then, b, she got going for f the blog.og. >> i'm going to keep working on blog. >> i explained to her, steve,in there were times we would getedo some greatul content and she wanted to go jump in the hotel t pool and i said, hahn, in this business, you can get greatu car stuff. you've got to get it out.t out. you can get all the you want it only matters if you get it outt to the viewers, consumers, etrse cetera, so we had to for go the pool for few minutes one day. she'll keep blogging receptiongn has been wonderful.ul. thank you so much. >> don't tell her about ththeelb media vacation policies we don't want to deter at thi
9:41 am
point in her young life. >> nicole, great job.atob the blog is fun.e og is fun. i'm glad you had a great you h g opportunity to meet one of youru heroes. >> thank you.>> t y >> alex great to see buddy and a hope to see you again real soon. >> thank you, steve. >> thank you. >> thanks >>guys. t 9:41.9:. >> cute. my gosh as a parent there's the nothing that you wouldn't want more than to watch your child dd something that you do even do en better. >> you know what i mean?ou kwha? >> of course. >> that's amazing. of >> that's >> such a great start. >> amazing.>> amazing. >> congrats to both of them.attb the same day hollywoodlywood celebrated its best also in mourning. kevin has more on the suddens passing of actor bill paxton and look how he's being remembered by some of the stars who workedw alongside him. h. it's 9:41 right now. now. we're back after this. e back af.
9:42 am
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♪♪ yes. of course it is. something wrong? >> there you are. yes y.s y. >> hello.>>ello. >> i'm filomena and you are?? >> grace roses' boil friend. fri chris was telling me how you y felt much more comfortable witho my being here. >> that's nice. not to tear you away, deer, butt the wi
9:45 am
you. >> well, it was nice to meet ita you, chris. cis >> get out. drawing people in.n. topping the box office in debutb weekend jordan peel horror movie earned more than $30 million. m. costs less than 5 million to to produce.ode get out push the lego batman movie into second place.ce taking in shy of $20 million mli bringing its box office total tt more than $130 million.llio and john wick chapter two roundd out the top three taking ining about $10 million there. man with a plan kevinn kv mccarthy.carthy. >> people got out of their housh to go see get out! >> oh, my gosh.osh >> were you like ready for thata >> exactly. >> i was going to say real quick two hours of sleep i've beenee working on that all morning. i thought it went really well. w >> give myself around of applause.plau >> that was amazing.zi >> c
9:46 am
>> kevin >> that's why i went to fourto r years of college for thatolge f moment. >> that line. . wmovie did really w >> ask for your money back. >> $4.5 million produce jordanda peel incredible film maker ifilr love this movie and seeing it twice makes it better. i've seen people saying that ont twitter. what you see the second time you know it's reallyhe s going on. especially that scene. s. >> i've had people say t thing. it was scary and some people it wasn't scary at all.ry andwa >> it's funny and't sc >> it's fumeant tosc be. so peel -- key and peel greatre comedians and i think what hes n did,d he infused a lot of socil issues into the movie but alsols made it a comedy but also made a horror my parents saw it on saturday. r they loved it. >> am i going to be able to a sleep after i see it.ter i e i >> it's not really a horror aoro >> it's not a slasher film. fil >> i love people that tweet us #gooddaydc a lot of people sawop it because it made 30-point if f million dollars. let us know what you thought.atg people were stun how smart itunw was. how clever it was.w clev how it does -- d >> like a sixth sense type of of thing?
9:47 am
>> i guess some people comparina it to accept forward wives kindo of thing. >> okay. >> but -- i don't really can'tyn say anything and allisonllis williams on talk show recently who plays the girlfriend in thee film. fi people who don't know daniel'ss character black guy dating a daa white woman, they are going to g meet her white parents and when they get home something stranget is happe that party sequence you just sat one of those examples. but something crazy is happenini at the house. h >> someone is telling them to to get out? o >> something is happening.s h but the movie is actuaaplly supp smart. i think jordan peel really hit h on something so important and so message driven here how we talkw to each other in society and how racism is dealt with in societyy it actually very smart movie. tweet us #gooddaydc. i'll bet i was lot of the peoplp like this film.. >> no, i just want to know if ww i'm going to have to leave my le lights on for week. >> it's not scary. it' >> through the night. thr. >> more like at the end you'retr kind of cheering. of eeri >> if that makes sense.ates sen it's crazy. it's a crazy experience.
9:48 am
your emotions.yourtion but yeah i gave that movie oh o five out of five. first five out of five of 2017.. >> better than john wick two.n t >> yes. >> my second five out five ises logan. john wick two was 4.5. bill paxton, you know, if we cac skip ahead to the third videoid here, chris, because you made mm happy.ha you brought up a great movie of bill paxton called frail tee this is movie that he directed.c this is it right here. is it ri. >> this is a seen from the film. and it's horrifyingly scary feel paxton's character gets aracters message from god.fromod and then he has his sons and himself kell people to find some type deaf mon.eaf it is an insane well made horroo film.. matthew mcconaughey are in the e movie there's so many big twists in the movie as well pa bxtonxt directed that.dire that's one i really want tolly t recommend. a lot of people talking aboutgbo him passing away this morning. g i remember remember him and show the roles i loved of his over ho the years. y. true lies
9:49 am
i know weird science was oneeirw that tucker was really reallyea into and that was from 1985. 1 that was born when that came out. >> see fred hays in my householo for apollo 13. 1 >> he's great apollo 13. 13. >> this scene is classic.ssic this is weird science.ce mr. bill paxton right here. h he's so funny.ny. something about his facial f expressions the way he cliff hii dialogue. my personal favorites is in trut lies he places the used car salesman arnold's wife in the film is kind of cheating on himn and with this used car salesmans arnold goes there and the guys h has no idea he's te he husband.a >> did you read -- what id -- w learned i didn't know that het e was the kid in the kennedydy assassination the picture in his history.y. >> you're right. i never knew that he was thatt kid. ki he's from fort worth, i believee >> yeah. >> and so a lot of people werea talking about that over theatve weekend. >> can we show real fast thet t best scene ever from twister? the cow scene. >> yeah. y >> the cows are on the bridge.dg one the coolest scenes ever.sve we got cow what a great lin
9:50 am
what a great moment.omen that movie still holds up by thy way it might look a little littl cheesy at times that's really great-breaking film.brea a lot of those effects they wery out there with i love to see them do it againin with today's effects it will bel interesting. you can't replace bill paxton i that role. re. that's the love >> or the old cell phones. >> aliens masterpiece.rp edge of tomorrow.w. >> titanic. bill pox ton.ox i would rent frail tee if you have a chance.l ha great horror film.ilm. >> great movie. >> directed it too. >> you will be up a>> t dhe nigt for that one.atne. >> that messed me up for awhilep at m movie. >> nope. not watching it. i'll watch apollo 13 for the 46th time. >> 9:50 is our time right now. . coming up let the good times roll.ll. fat tuesday tomorrow and it a i means big money of course foreyr the big easy.. fox's lauren simonetti has all h the details coming up next. ♪♪ ♪
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♪♪ all right. it is big spending in the big easy this time of year, ofg speo course. the fox businesset
9:54 am
simonetti breaks down theow t business of mardi gras. >> reporter: originating inn medieval europe until frenchil f explorer brought the holiday tot new orleans mardi gras has beene hail as the greatest free show e in the wor >> it doesn't cost any money. the pore raids themselves arehes put on by crews. they're private clubs.e pr so it doesn't cost the cityit money. it doesn't cost the participanti money. >> reporter: while the parades are paid forr: w by these privae clubs infrastructure do cost tht city a pretty penny. the city cease a huge return onn its investment many. m >> mardi gras is a huge economih impact for the city of newugof w orleans. it generates roughly $840 million annually.nnlly. it costs about $5 million too host mardi gras. >> reporter: some of the most famous fat tuesdayter: s traditi include what are called king cakes, rings of dough covered id sweet frosting with a special ae treat hidden inside. iid >> we start eating king cakes on 12th night the 12th dayh d
9:55 am
carnival season. but they become popular gifts gs and souvenirs. >> reporter: more thansouv 500,0 king cakes are sold in new ad in orleans each year in the monthss leading up to mardi gras andmars another 50,000 are shipped out of state. >> however you really have to bo there to truly soak in thehe spirit of the holiday. holiday >> you come here and experiencec mardi gras and you never forgetv it. >> reporter: did you knowid you there are about 75 parades held in new orleans alone each year?? that adds up to 134 miles of of partying in the big easy.y. in new york, i'm lauren simonetti, fox business. bin i have never been to mardi i gras. >> me neither. to mardi grasmardgr numerous tim. >> really? >> two hours away where i grewew up. >> okay. >> went to college. so i've been down there>> w numu times. my whole thing way mardi grasars it's good one's good on if you go down thereti there one time i think you'll be good.oo because it's too crowded and too much a >> i would like to see it just, you know, experience it such aic big deal. >> once a enough but you keptouk going back.go
9:56 am
other things.her t i didn't go for mardi gras.ra >> what dud while you were downl >> i got relatives and all kinda of friends and stuff. >> how many relatives do youelav have? >> exactly. >> last time i was in new orleans wisdom martinti and i ww the only people on all ofn all bourbon street.bourbon s >> that's true. >> wow. >> different set of o circumstances. >> unfortunate. >> yeah. >> the parallels of seeing empte bourbon street compared to marda gras. >> it was completely --plety >> all right. rig >> we are coming back with our oscar talking about it continuing red corporates andrae talk about who got it right, who didn't. fab or fail.fab or fail. the stars were indeed out. first though of course it isouri coffee time on good day d.c. if you've been eyeing our cool dayl mugs listen up because we knowsw that good day dc dunkin' donutss mug we like to give away it's aa perfect cup for that great g dunkin' donuts coffee all youofu have to do is head t or fox5r facebook page. you can enter there as well. one luckyin
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10:01 am
the 10a starts now. ♪♪ >> all oscars all the time. >> of course it is. ng>> about,ut,is talki right? >> big day. >> when is the last time weri he lt ti talked about the oscars that much? >> last time they flubbed it.fld >> which was never. whichas nevr >> till now.ow but we always talk fashion. fhin so of course, who was fab? >> and who failed it? >> i'm going to say i think a ta lot of people -- >> i'm stay on the fab side. fas >> i'll stay on the fails side. >> fair enough s. >> that was easy.. >> oh, my gosh.. >> part of our glam squad if yoy want all you have to do is swees tweet us us good day today. tay d.c. who do you think killed it who do you think slade it? who do you think should have stayed home?ho [ laughter ] >> it is the oscars so we knowoe these cards could be >> that's true. >> oscar fashion i tweeted out a picture s
10:02 am
halle berry apparently peopleeno had issues with her hair.r hair someone did the meme with the crying jordan faces. >> i tweeted tout picture whoice did this? people.ple >> bad hair at the oscars.scars. >> apparently.>> >> did you see her >> i didn't see halle weary. ha. it created a controversy.over she decided to go natural. nur >> some people loved it. lov >> i like it. >> some people hated it. >> it's hard for me to imagine a halle berry doing anything bad.. >> actually she still look goodk >> that's what i was going to say. >> she could have showed up in heff fee bag and stillou lookedo good. >> 10:02. save that for the vma's.. >> let's check what's trendingtd right now this morning and firsf up y, it is oscar talk. >> it is the only thing thatthit seems to be trending.ndin first up it was a strange nightn in la la land the oscars goingsg off without a hitch, well, until literally the last moment. momen but like we've been talkingn t about all morning a major mix up it when it came to the best bes picture announcement presenterss warren bait
10:03 am
given the wrong envelope andngnp presenting the award to the wrong it was the most talked aboutke o moment of the night.e ht and really over shadowed whatwe was otherwise a prettyrett predictable night for detailset we'll turn to our own hollywood expert fox5 kevin kevin, there are a lot of peoplp that are talking online aboutut was this a conspiracy? was thit something the oscars did -- choh this possibly happen? did theyd do it just to get publicity. >> there's no's no way in my opinion there's no way. i'll never know for sure. for unless they release someelea som information. but i just have feeling in my opinion that at such emotional i moment a publicity stunt for stt that would negatively effectyffc both parties. both p i mean thear entirety of thisf t moment the entirety of that t element last night negativelyt t affected both of them la la lana was up there on taking their award.rd they thought that they won they producer thanking everybody.vebo three speeches d and then you have this switch si the award was supposed to besed given to moonlight and then the moon
10:04 am
they don't get the moment of the best p gicetture winner they doy get the moment of giving a fullf on speech. so forever going to have that moment where they were not goine to win and they were going toret win.n. >> talk about the way the talk director snatched that card outh of warren beae tty'was s hnaant. >> warren beatty if you watchrei the moment very very closely yoo can see on the card it sayss actress in a leading roll theyoy handed him the wrong cd. nothing to do with what beattyht or faye dunaway did.way you can argue all day d long abo how warren could have handled it and could have maybe saidbe s something but again i think it's all liv hundreds of millions of peopleis watching the show at that pointi i don't really think it was that simple of a solution. solut but yeah i do think he snatchesh it. >> -- i think if there was a conspiracy, none of those peopls were in on it.e we >> i>> >> you know what i mean. mn >> faye dunaway she was likehe s warren i'm out of here. >> listen, kimmel over the yeara is very famous for pulling png publicity stunts. s we know the twerking video witht the fire. that's been done before.e but i mean for me i just --t -- don't want to be believe we live
10:05 am
something like that on someoneoe during emotional moment liket l that. especially when you work so harh for something that big of aig deal. you just don't mess up.on't m u i mean if you want to do it liko a smaller category, that's stils not the right thing to do. d >> i agree with you kevin.u k i don't think there's any way they would have done somethinge like that intense alley one thing the oscars does not need a bad publicity.ubli. they don't need the attention. t they already have the attentionn they've had negative attentionen in the past. they don't need to get more f we f did it on this show, that'st' different.ent. >> right. good because they would relish in the attention ause. >> it's interesting to me because --caus-- >> bad publicity.ty >> couple things i want to point out about that moment. jordan hur vets giving theving speech gave the oscar to barryrr jenkins, i thought he handled hd that with such class. cla i was looking over twitter thisi morning i was looking at jordann speaking to barry jenkins onnsn twitter and they're sharing this compassionate love they know tho film they made were they know they love each of love their movies and to me that wasa a really cool thing to
10:06 am
>> playing definitely's advocate easier to gracious when you'vehn already won six awards thatsix t night. >> i genuinely think that he wat okay. listen it's emotional i have no idea what's going on g in his head. h both of them handled it well. great photo online they're botht hugging each other.g each it was -- to me it was handled h the best way it could possibly be handled by the people who pew were winning the awards.hewa >> it's amazing to me, though, g that in the entire history and y the gazillion years they've dond award shows this big avenue gaft has never happened before and wf have all this technology, allog, these people, and then all of a sudden somehow the wrong cardd gets in the wrong hands.ngds i just don't understand how thao happens. >> that leads credence to -- >> i don't understand how it happens. >> perhaps it wasn't an on'tit accident acci iten, i think there's -- i woul tdhi g theore on record, il best my life on it but go on record say there's no way it waw intentional.entl >> i don't think it was. i't t >> you talked about the fact tau that this obviously rob theob moonlight cast from having theii moment in the spotlight
10:07 am
robs la land cast of having to v be the embarrassing moment ofent giving speeches for award you se didn't actuallyec win. win but what i think the other thing it kind of stinks, kev, it has h now overshadowed all of the of winners last n >> yes. >> nobody is talking about any of these people who workedy si hard to win these awards.s >> that's a great transition. i think you're so right.nsitthin i tk hiyonku' the show itself ww actually very good. i think no one is talking aboutg the show any more, because ofecu what happened right at the end e at 12:15. 12:15. but there were so many great gre moments. i saw thought kimmel killed itou as the host. he was pulling anally len ingh linall regards to the way he wasto interacting with the audience,ih having candy dropped down fromew the ceiling, life tweetinget during the show. that was cool. tthat was coo getting to the main categories,e there were some big surprises. s i mean in the act -- director category that went to 32-year-old damien chazelle she was supposed to happen.was su he's the youngest director toecr ever win the award so good on him. damien chazelle won best directr act he is a treason actorasonct category that to me surprisese e were. leading up to the awards in then beginning of the award sea
10:08 am
portman was the frontrunner forf best actress last night emma nit stone took home that award. she did phenomenal job in la-lai land much great performance from her and very very genuine speech. also, in the actor category i predicted denzel washington.ash. i thought he was going to winin because the sag award is one of the biggest predictors of theorf best actor award of all times.. so ten out of the ten lastt winners at sag also won bestt actor at the oscars. osc but last night, casey affleck af who was the original frontrunneu for these awards took home thatt award. so an mazing night. there was so much unpredictable in regards to the major maj categories.orie moonlight won best picturebe piu nobody that i know of predicted that. that i thought very interesting.ouveg night. it was a passionate night. there were great speeches. spe i thought there were great performances.oughpeorma >> we haven't talked one bitkedb about anybody's speech.ech >> or performances aside fromsio justin timberlake which i wch personally thought it was aonal little flat way to start thelaw sh
10:09 am
>> i think timberlake start to the show wasn't his why it was problematic it was directed poorly. he had enough energy he went enn down the steps it was fun to ita watch him. i like how they introducing himg it was very raw. r but they did a really bad job covering him and directing himim and just didn't play out the wao i thought it would.. now, speaking of performances i thought john legend had a good a one performed two of the songs t from la la land.a la l. i thought sting's perform maps m was okay i'm not a huge fan ofeo the song.e but overall, i thought that juss the entire show had a great had energy to it.t. kimmel just did it so effort e leslie and holly and i were i discussing that this morning.or kimmel has the ability to look l like he doesn't really care to be there.behere but he just nails every singleyn joke and the bit with matt damom very very well done in myy opinion.. >> i love matt damon >> i think kimmel overall fromvf what i've seen people are giving him rave reviews for, you know,o his hosting. hosting i thought he was spot on even at the end with the gaft when hehen brought up steve harvey iy thought he was just spot on anda
10:10 am
the entire oscars. osc >> he reactioned really well. w i don't think we have this videv at the moment but one of myenbu favorite moments of the nightig was the la bus tour and for a f people who didn't sea islesea describe it very quick toll you. the la had red buses that goha g along and see different parts os the city and stars homes. they actually brought a bus to s the kodak theater and the peoplh that were on that bus sightseeing were then broughtn g into the kodak theater theer unknowingly that the oscars were happening. and it was a very very cooly c moment.mome i believe we do have a video.wea it's very very cool.l >> he doesn't believe they werer totally not >> i'm with you. i believe this was a hoax. was a >> how do you know?? >> how do you not know theno t oscars are happening no no way.w >> if you ever out there for f just -- you've been out to manyo of them just a movie opening there, they shut down hollywoodd boulevard. so how could you miss the oscars completely shutting down blocksn of hollywood boulevard betweenve the kimmel theater and the dolbl theater.ea >> you heard kimmel say they hea d that driver.ver.rd
10:11 am
it. the people that were on the busb by the way if you look on the above shots of the bus, that bub wasn't even full.ven it was a very >> why can did they have phonese ready to go to see dresses theys were like rolling as they walkeo in. >> listen, if those people knewn what was happening, they are thy greatest actors i've ever seen e in my life. there's no way they knew. k >> i think they did. >> basically a group of -- o >> how could they not know the w oscars are happening.pening. >> the red carpet is -- red ct >> 20 people on bus walk into ao study yo full of super stars ans celebrities and did not reactiot at all and kept taking pictures. >> look at this.t they're so calm, cool and collected.ecd. kevin, you geek out when you go see anybody and those people are calm, cool and collected.. >> you geek out when you saw th video of this.ouof ts. >> really? >> if it's fake, i'm going to bt very upset because i guess i'm pretty gullible. gullibl they got me. i thought that was cool.ght thac >> you keep on believing.lievin that's sweet. you keep on being you.being >> because you just can't stop the feeling, kevin.eling, kev
10:12 am
>> way to sum it up.aysu >> i'm just saying.>> i'must >> maybe we can retire that sont >> listen -- make it go away. a >> thanks kev.>> thake >> we're talking about the tking oscars of course.carsf co it is the fashion event of thenf year. so we are sharing some of theof best looks from the red carpet.r with some help from our fox5 f fashion po >> first, though, what would yol do if today was the only day ofo the rest of your life becauselic that's the theme of new movie mv before i fall. fal this morning, stars so we deutcd and jennifer beals will join usi 35 talk about it.about we're back in a moment. ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds,
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10:14 am
z25eiz z16fz
10:15 am
y25eiy y16fy >> all right. welcome back. time right now 10:15 it's time for the good day celebrity dish. ow 1ay chis morning tributess mo continue to pour in for actor bill paxton he died suddenly ono saturday due to complicationsue from heart surgery to . sgery he was just 61 years old. the procedure was one that t paxton was apparently worrieded but optimistic about. about. according to e-mail he sent toeo movie director doug limon. but as far as those tributes one of the most touching comes from about 200 storm chasers who actually spelled out paxton's initials using gps coordinates on a mal in tornado alley.. his portrayal of storm chaser ir twister was one of his most m famous r there it is there. there but he started in so manyy wonderful films. aliens, titanic,
10:16 am
on cable in the hit series big b love that went for five seasons. >> he'll be miff for sure. >> do you ever go to the movie theater and enjoy the film so fo much that you just wish everyonn could see it?see i >> have you ever done that?u evh >> i don't know if i've ever kn done that. do >> i've been like oh my gosh gos everyone has to see this movie.. this was the case with chanceitc the rapper first after seeing se the movie get out, he tweeteded this. did i not tell ya'll get out was incredible? best film across any genre in awhile. awh go see it today. today that was the first tweet, wis.,s then later, he casually tweetedt to his fans, i bought all the t tickets to get out at captain ca theater on 87th just pull up puu with an id and enjoy the movie.. >> nice. he wasn't kidding he actuallyki bought all the tickets tddoin te remaining shows at that chicagoo theater.thea it included the 5:30,0, 8:00 o'clock and the 10:30 10: screenings. >> that make it easy. >> so fun. that >> yeah.ea
10:17 am
that's very cool. cool. wish i had been in that neighboo at that time. >> i know, right.>> i know, r >> save me some money.ight let'.s talkave about jay-z andk ocean.n. frank ocean presented aesd a broadcast on apple's beats onene radio called blonded radio friday afternoon his first showo was a pressure trophy of goodd music, prince, sade'', celinee dioned a conversation with jay-z who owns tidal a rival streamini service to apple. the two discussed shortcomingsrg of modern radio which jay-z called pretty an ties many model that caters to very specific spi demographic young white women.. he said, you take these pop pop stations they're reaching 18 to 34 young white females soales s they're playing music based on o those tastes and then they'rehee taking those numbers and they're going to ties the agencies andsd people are paying numbers basedd on the audience that they have.. so these places are not even en based on music. >> that's what jay jay-z had toa say. remember all this talk aboutk a
10:18 am
nomination. a lot of performers they didn't going to award show becausewecau frank ocean wasn't nominated. >> a lot of love for frank oceao apparently. >> all right. r ce's your celebrity dish. >> for ourbrit monday. >> oh.h. >> ♪♪ >> what do you think people wilw say about when you you die? die >> you think i care. i ce. >> that we're [ laughter ] >> watch the road. road. >> we need music.. >> i want to pick a song. >> pick something.etng >> that's clip from the movie me before i fall based on the 2,010 novel of the same name. ne. it centers high school seniorior who finds she may be living then last day of her life over andnd over until she gets it right. movie stars zoey deutch andnd samantha and jennifer beals asrs her mother.ther they join us live from new yorkr with more on the movie. more good morning to both of you.
10:19 am
>> good morning. >> when i was watching this>>his trailer and i watch it several times, i was like, okay, it's i' like groundhog day but it's like mean girls but it's really serious.. so what exactly is this movie? >> i mean it's kind of wonderful there is no other film to trulyu compare it to. t it's extremely unique andend thought provoking and i mean atn its core at the end the of thiss movie makes you literally wantlw to be better person. it's amazing i watched people a the end of the screening pick up strangers trash and, you know,n, open doors for people and small acts, dorks small acts off kindness, and makes me want tott like grab my mom's hand and tell her i love her. her. it's really beautiful.iful i mean in a time of unparticleal leveled meanness in our countryc it's really wonderful to have aa story about being kind toindo yourself and being kind to others.he. taking responsibility for your u actions.actis >> all right. >> zoey's character sam kind off starts out in the mea g
10:20 am
click. click. she starts out as kind of a meaa girl, and then through this repetition of this last day ofto her life gets an opportunity to change and she realizes herser flaws don't define her. >> i'm curious to know what it is about this particular subject matter or this movie that tt attracted to you it?? >> well, for me, it was the realization that on any given moment on any given day of youru life you can change the rest of your life. and you have the opportunity tot enact compassion at any givenoni moment. >> and i think that is, um, applicable not just to teenagers but to anyone at any point in time in their life.heirif >> what you do today matters. >> yeah. live every day like it's youre u last, right? really that's thee bottom line.boom lin >> yeah. >> when you think about it. people that love this bookoo because i know this is likenow e there's a bunch of teens out t there that really love thisve ti book. are they going to love the movie adapta
10:21 am
pretty close to the book or goko off on its own?? >> it's very authentic to the tt spirit of the book.oo it very much so. s very very much so. s >> i think, you know, get back to what you were saying beforeig it's not only living every dayrd like it's your last but livingg every day like when you meet anyone that it's their last.ei s what do you want their last dayy to be like? how do you want tot treat them knowing that this tha could be their last day? do you want to be impairment do yout do want to be angry? do you wantan to be divisive or exercise somes passion and >> after doing something likeomk this thought provoking as thishi did you guys or did you ladies e take this and go home with it? i i mean did you start, you know,, acting like this or were youwery already acting like this youhi y said okay this is a greatgreat concept? >> absolutely.el absolutely. t s sol, yeah, it was something i hamed meditatthed oinn fgor wi but it doesn't -- you know, it takes such huge amount
10:22 am
consciousness to enact it, and d just the other day when i was ii taxi and i could feel myself getting worried that i wasn't t' going to make my flight andnd feeling impatient i justent st thought, okay, just calm down. w it's not the end of the world.or i had a really terrible day.. >> emotion dull discipline is is like an endless, um -- you havee to be conscious about emotionalt discipline. it's a cdionscious decision. d >> the best way forme to getme g stressed out, jennifer, you wilu always be alex to me. m it's just go ahead don thatha maniac dance. i'm just saying.ayin [ laughter ] >> it's just gets it all out all there.there. >> dancing can get it c we've been doing jazz hands thii morning. [ laughter ]hter >> be hahn never. do you have just go back to youu flash dance days and just put the sweatshirt off yourt o y shoulder, put the legwarmers onn and bust it out? >> that would be no. no [ laughter ] i i don't. i do have my private moments my private crazy dance moments.omen
10:23 am
but i, you know, wouldn't invitt anyone to watch those. those >> that's awesome.aweme. ank you all.l. both so much. we appreciate your time s.. we definitely look forward toel the movie i know it comes oy utt theaters this friday. tfriday >> all right.>> r >> thank you, ladies. ladies. >> march their. thank you, guys.>>thk yo >> thank you so much. tha you >> i was reading about zoey, too. i think if this is true, youruey never know, but she -- both very smart, you know, jennifer bealsa went to yale.le she dully deferred a yale from r year filming flash dance zoeycey deutch actually graduated a yeaa early because she skipped ninthd ade.e. >> wow. >> really? >> good for >> smart ladies.mart ladies. >> no doubt about it. >> smart m novo okay. ok 10:23 is the time. t coming up later from the guttert to the good day loft. special performance by d.c. d.c rapper noochie.chie >> that's coming up first thougg tuck is back with more on theort roller coaster ride we'll takell when it comes to temperaturesre this week.k. hopefully on the up swing now.g. we'll check in with him afterft this. ♪♪
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
♪♪ >> temperatures are going to be all over the week. right now we're at the bottom oe the s hill.arall e at t midweek we'll get to the thiop a right fall right off again. a is that accurate tucker. tucker. >> you is he it steve.ou is he . kind of like we're climbing thaa roller coaster right now. >> right? >> i want to be in the front seatto. b >> okay. we can put you in the front seat. >> that's scariest place to beae on wednesday when we get thunnesdderstorms.derm frick now in washington.ashingt. we're trying to warm it up and we'll be milder than yesterday.y i do want
10:27 am
cloud cover out there for your monday. but the all every actual air ir temperatures will be five to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. 48 in annapolis and leonardtown. most of the areas in the 20s att 5:00 o' one our coldest mornings we'vese had in several weeks all right.. starting that warmup.t war starring that climb on rollerhal coaster as daytime highs todayid in the upper 50s do about 60. 6 just clouds today.s t i know we got a lot of showerwe activity out to the west. to th. we'll get a few of those tomorrow.tomo that's warmer air working in.iri by tomorrow afternoon we'll beel well into the 60s and thenndhe believe it or not, up ahead of a cold front on wednesday, we'll be well into the 70s.0s so we've got a lot of springtimt temperatures to look forward too here, and then the bottom fallsl out big thunderstorms wednesday. at leave the possibility. and behind that front much muc cooler air by thursday and by friday a few flurries aroundund downside of the roller coaster.r high pressure your look foroo today and winds off the ocean oe will give us some cloud coverlor today.toda. but milder temperatures withrath th
10:28 am
there you go cloudys skiouest . quick look at that seven that's what i call roller rolle coaster temperatures.mperatures. 58 today. od 77 by wednesday. and then 40 ace round here byerb friday with a possibility of a couple early snowflakes fridayry morning.morn that's look at weather, guys,, y back to you. you >> all right. all right. thanks, tuck. >> appreciate it.>> a all right. the academy awards red carpet is of course the fashion event of o the year and it's where the real winners stand out.ut. so this morning we'll picking pg some of our favorite looks and a which ones missed the mark as a well.we. the fox5 fashion police team in place ready to hand out t citations. we'll be right back. ♪♪ 'll ♪♪
10:29 am
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♪♪ it is hollywood's biggestho night of course but the fashion event of the year.llywrse but o. academy awards red carpet theart place to pull out all the stopss and the stars they didn't did disappoint last night.nit. fox's michelle polino has theo e fashion highlights from the red carpet. >> reporter: morning drizzlesrie didn't keep the stars fromm shining bright on the red carpee at the 89th annual cad me cad awards sunday. suny. >> this was the show i watch inh my pajamas and bet on who will l win and you dream about being here as a nominee.omee >> i'm over women.'m over i'm so excited.xced look at all these people.. everybody looks so nice.ic >> reporter: oscars is the t super bowl of fag a lot ofg a lo people interested who is going i to win, best actor, bestt actress, best picture but
10:32 am
everybody wants to see what is everybody wearing.. the ladies seemed ready for thet dreary weather opting for long g sleeves.slves. other bear skin and saving theie hairstyles with slick backed up do's. >> definitely a lot colder than what we normallyy a lo experienr in la for the oscars it didn't ' keep the ladies fashion back. very stylish but very practical. i think this is a first awardwa season or the first oscars we'v' seen where women were practical. some of them were even wearing i coats. >> a listers chased away thed at gray skies with bursts of red r bright whites, springy florals a and plenty of sparkle.rkle. >> haley seinfeld was in a very princess like gown. like go it was white and it also had had colorful but there was also a lot of pops of color on the carpet. viola davis went for a bold b revved that beautiful red lookee amazing. >> statement ribbons opinionsboi and even stuffed animals wereede the accessories of the day.ay with many celebs wearing their r personal causes close t
10:33 am
hearts. >> that's my baby for the charity.. >> i'm here for red carpet green dress an initiative to promote sustainable living of living mym dress is sustainable.ab >> we get political and i thinkk this year is ripe for politicall commentary.entary. a lot going on in and a lot to l ta abobout. >> the unusually wet southern california weather didn't put ap damper on this year's oscars oar carpet as the stars made theiret way to see who got the gold. wrapping up another exceptionall award season. ind hollywood, michelle polino, fox news. but who wore it best? test? that's really the question,ion, right? who should have gone sha back to the drawing board orrdr fired their stylist.. here to help us out this morning our good day fashion police teaa in place paul wharton, kym lee, tam lee, good morning to you.or >> good morning.ning. >> good morning.. >> we'll get right to it because we want to have as much time too be as caddy as possible.ossi >> all right. [ laughter ] a >> let's start with jonellejo
10:34 am
>> jonelle mo'ne war elli stab queue cher she look like a dream come true. i love theco detail. the julyed neck place was beautiful.tifu the sheer bodice was fabulous.s you have they hads here.. she paired it with a suede beltb for somebody that normally sitst with black and white she reallya knows how to reinvent her stylee by adding metals and differentne things. things. i got full a plus jonelle mo'ne. love it. >> i think she's too. i tnk shes she's a red t carpet trend sett. everybody looks forward to herer black black and white look.d wht i thought it was absolutelyas al gorgeous. >> what i also loved long goneon are the days when we used headea bands to pull hair bag now it's' a tee are a. a a it was just gorgeous on her anda many of the women on the redon d carpet we'll talk about it theyt had a lot of head bands a lot of hair adornments very beautiful t on her. >> what did you think mo.t did . >> i like it. i saw model on the runway r wearing it i thought it look loo great. this is to me if you're going to put on showho put on show with the outfit. oft i don't necessarily think thinkk something for everyone
10:35 am
for jonelle mo'ne i think she looked great. gre >> i love it. >> holly you're out there onre o your own. yo i'm on my ownur. my. i don love it. new planets they just discoveree i thought maybe she was beamsasa that came from the -- beings bei that came from the new planet.ot >> holly it's go hard or go home. home. >> i know. .'m just saying >> fab. >> fab. >> fab. >> holly the hater the firstst fail.. >> okay. all right. so the neck one we o have coming com up dak johnson.. our 50 shades of darker -- >> whatever. whate >> matronly. >> you know what when it's guccs it's never matronly but -- >> really?>> rlly? >> i thought it was actuallyhtta very high fashion. i like the high neck line i i really loved the bow and pleatet front. i thought it was fabulous on tht red carpet and the cartierearer jewelry was topnd it offndt perfectly for me.petly this is a great oscar look. >> um, i wasn't a big fan.ig f it was just okay for me.r m i thought it was a little littl wrinkled at times when she wasm on the carpet i felt like steame machine, please, somebody.eb but it was -- was -- >> it was raining, tam.
10:36 am
>> it's tough out there.s toug >> i know. on the girls.on the >> it's been raining a lot inoti california.lifornia. >> very victorian. i thought it was cute it wasn'tw one of my favorites.y favorites. >> how about you kim. how about >> i would like to see y her hai different.ffer in a more look maybe somethinghi braided a loose very dishevelede braid i would like to have seene something that would lend itsele to that whole look because thisi whole vick for yann look for mee with her hair that way she washs just, you know. >> i think i had have that samee bow on my homecoming [ laughter ] >> it didn't do it for me.or m it was in the back. >> i think joan crawford didoani something like this years ago.h did it much better. so nope i'm going to call thislt fail for me.fa for >> fail. >> she's not a sex pot but she's herself.f. >> now that's a statement.tent talk about sex pots.ots. >> yes.>> y. taraji. >> alberto perretti. really blue velvet was a top top trend of the night with the men. >> it was.t >> you see me do that she showee she's men she's boss and is a thought that this was a great ae come back we talk about earlierr
10:37 am
the mark jacobs she wore at the grammys ill fitting two shortwoo this was tollly sexy and she --- look like the movie star thattat she is. >> her stylist was saying she s wanted to play it save this time she got such bad reviews fromws the grammys she just went wen sultry. sultry. you can't go wrong with thath tt look. >> you can. can >> you know her styling team very good friends of mine soine jason i have to give him a fab.f however, it was not my favoritee look on her so can i doo fab/fail.b/. >> yes, you can.>> you can do whatever you want. w. >> i loved her hair.ed h >> i definitely don't think it'' fab on her.s fa i've seen her lookb on her a lor but i love jason and her whole team.te >> can we talk about cp3o's sister. [ laughter ] >> this jessica biehl and jt. j >> when i first saw it is itt gold or silver? tiffany neck nc piece and he is wearing what he said -- i thought they look l great as a couple i thought thii was a interesting
10:38 am
younger woman to wear a shimmery sequence gold so for that her body is on poini i thought she look really great. the dress was not my favoriteave but i thought she looked lke stunning as couple.ouple. >> i thought so too much thehtoo necklace that -- awesome necklace.nece. >> yeah. >> really awesome. if you saw the dress without it, she really d>>idn't n ree dred t necklace. so i think she look great.k g it was a different look for her. >> when she's done wearing thatt dress it could be one of thehe civil war reenactors with that. >> they cep saying she actuallye looked like the oscar itself. >> yeah.. >> i mean her husband he stamped it when your husband stamps youu look you definitely have to say fab. >> fab. >> i will do a fab. >>. i wike them >> christie teigen and john j legend. >> i love this couple.s couple. >> her husband said again hegaie said she looks like a goddess.d. how can you say no to a goddesse >> look at that. >> this is -- did many dresses s on the red carpet.a she is just really found her way.wa her personality her look.her
10:39 am
carpet everybody loves her. lov. she's almost bigger star than h is at this point.nt >> she represents well forepwe somebody who a baby not long ago. o. her body looked great in thisrei dress.dres. >> okay. we got to keep it going. g keep it going. a lot to get to. >> emma stone.. >> i really like emma stone's look. she was in what was emma stone wearing. >> gee van jay. j what i liked most about this look is the lip that bold redolr lip and the hair.p and i thought the beauty really tooo this look over the top. top. >> absolutely the dry wave bob b was just really hot.llyot just made her look so classic hollywood and i loved that. tha i love the bold lip. l it was just really a beautifulef statement for that dress.. normally for a dress of that tha hugh you normally wouldn't doldo lip that way because tone on ton tone is really hot right now bug i really liked that.ed tha i think the red tones in her inr hair just
10:40 am
>> hollywood look. l >> she does look amazing. >> this is a big talker.r halle berry. b >> what do you guys think?uys tk >> oh, gosh. >> okay. o. >> we love -- let's talk aboutbo why maybe it's a fail. a fai because the dress is fabulous. versachi you look down at the bottom beat weeding on this dress so feminine her body wasos slamming. did you see that booty, oh mye y gosh over the top. now, luckily the bottom of drese kind of brought her through because the top of her look set her up.p who styles this hair?air? >> oh, well, i think -- shenk -e looks like the bride of frankenn stein. >> i would have been a littleava aggrav lated in my seat was behn her. >> it would have been hard to bd see anything.see yth i think halle berry looks droprp dead. >> you know what i didn't like maureen about it i really didn'' like the highlights. i understand the curl, the the natural curl that's beautiful the shape of it but it just looo the like the highlights wereer giving me bride of frankennk stein. stein. >> her stylist said she wanteded to celebrate her natural
10:41 am
that's actually all of herf natural hair.tura a lots of people think it's as wig it's her natural hair shehe wanted to be tollly free. >> shouldn't wigs look like youk natural hair and not -- >> look, i love the meaningni behind why she did it. >> she's halle berry i'll give her a fab. >> nicole kidman.icole dman >> loved it. >> dot clap.lap >> authorities armani.ani i think that nicole kidman loves these nude gowns but it's been b really -- -- >> they match her skin. s >> but not always. >> really. rlly. >> not always. >> sometimes they wash her outut completely i thought she lookedo gorgeous last night.rgeo i really thought the red lipsed helped bring it together matchet with the ruby she look like a dream on the red carp. carp >> i think she looks a little washed out. >> she always looked wash out.a. have you ever seen her look tan. come on.n. it's nicole kidman. >> less than a minute. minute. >> i don't like the color gown.go the gown is to tone on tone forf her i feel like it's just tooe t
10:42 am
i feel like i would like to seee her in something a little more e just fun just once. >> have you all met nicolee kidman? she's been running this for ten years much this is her r look. >> joe mel mo'ne rock her lookk much this is nicole kidman. kid. >> fab or fail?ab or fail? >> we didn't get through all ofh ours. can we at least do a guy. g can you put up maybe ryan ryan gosling if we can.gosl >> this is my favorite gown of f the night.nig. haley seinfeld. >> she was fab, fab, fab. fabfa there he is. >> whoa! >> now back to my 1989 prom. pro what is up with that shirt. >> it's gucci. >> ruffles are never good on the d cararpet. nev >> i'm just>> i'm >> can't get away with that tha holly. >> it's the >> i immediately take those ruffles off.les holly --hoy -- >> you watch the partridgeartrid family. this is a partridge family reincarnated. >> it's 2017.7. >> i thought he lookede absolutely amazing.. >> i love the dove stale winnerr jacket. ja that's just me. >> thanks, fashion police. poli. >> thank you
10:43 am
>> gentlemen.>> g >> thank you very muchenhank everybody. in the meantime we are moving on with music right now becaue sewe he's a product of the dmv and a this morning he's paying tribute to his hometown with a specialpi performance of his new singlee noochie will join us in the lotl of next. we'll be right back. ♪♪ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
10:44 am
10:45 am
this is the dc everybody know. >> move over wale, fat and logig there's new rapper on the scenee and looking to put the
10:46 am
the map.e m. he's a 21-year-old rapper from berry farms gaining national nat exposure and featured in xxl magazine. his new single a tribute to hish d.c. heritage and even thoughh the record mason like trap musis it has a positive message.. here now to perform gutterrm please welcome noochie. n take it away.ay. ♪♪ ♪♪
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
♪♪ >> oh my goodness. gdn 19 years old doing his thing. >> 21. >> you know what, charge it toet my hea not the heart. 21 years o. >> 21, 21. >> either way you're dope. you are dope. are >> i appreciate it. we had a lot of>> i rappers come here you are doing it big. b. very i love the message.. you're saying from berry farmsrf that doesn't mean what i'm allaa about. >> dmv period because it's looked like it's all just all less -- negative.egiv >> g. g. tta. tta. >> even the people from it they talk about it bpeadop but we goo come together to in order to geo out of it.of it >> who are you hoping to reach t with your music?c? >> everybody.>> everybody. i make music for all ages. trap the people that like thatak and i got stuff you like.e. stuff mom would like.ike what do you think i would like.l >> i wouldn't like this.n't >> i'm just saying. whatever you like.>> iwhatever y i got somethingou for you it's.' >> when did
10:50 am
you? >> like when i started writingri music when i started doing -- dg >> when you realized this is was want to do this was your your calling. >> listening to music big like l jay-z and coming out of my m father did music and like it'si' just like once i figured outur o that i could write and like howo much music made me -- how it mater me feel i wanted to make k people feel like i feel. feel. you got gutta what's coming up now? now? >> actually got a project called product of the dmv.the dmv which is out on everywhere,, tidal, album music, spotify.tif. video is out for gutta video. vd >> i saw that. saw that. i got a video called anythingd a coming out the next single sin picking up radio play right now. >> yeah. >> party song. y yeah. >> i got a video called trustleu nobody else. >> are you touring?>>re you >> yeah. i just finished a tour with dj big and we did like the midweste we did florida. fri and we did recently dmv tour tou too. >> no doubt you certainly areub blowing up. i want to make sure people canto make get a hold of youg
10:51 am
if they want it. go ahead and give us e-mail-m handles or facebook handles hanl twitter all of that.ter alof tha >> all my social media noochieie music noochie music. >> twitter, instagram.gram. >> we have it up there on the tt screen.. >> that's my hash tag. >> who is noochie w they heareyr who is this.his. >> somebody will say noochie. ne >> good day dc they're findingin out who noochie is. i you're amazing. want to give a shout out to thee dancers give me their names. nas >> i'll let them do it. [ inaudible ]dible ] >> how old are you.>> h >> i'm nine years old. >> okay. you're amazing. i'm you' you're amazingre a.mazire amang you guys are all maze. a m thank you so much for sharing tur talent. thank you for sharing your tal talent
10:52 am
>> thank you. y >> we can say we had you first.r >> this is my first live my irst marformance ever. >> he were make history here one good day dc. >> i group on it.n >> thank you so much.uc god bless you continued success. >> back over to you guys on theg couch. [ applause ] >> he was great . the dancers were amazing i can c just watch them all. 10:52. good day at 10a coming right rig back. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ oh that's my favorite song.. >> just for you, wis. w >> i appreciate it.e >> wow. >> hello tucker.ucke >> did you touch on the craziness of the academy awards today. >> no. what happened. r aam i doing weather for a minute >> here's the question. h how many actual winners can youu name? name? >> because all the talk this morning has been about whatse at happened at the end of the show >> yeah. like i said, you know, we've wve always talked before, take t listen to this emotional speeche we didn't listen to one to acceptance speech.peech. >> i heard -- didn't talk abouto the politics stuff. stu the whole buzz leading up to ito was political as you want so jimmy kimmel made a few joke in the initial monologue didn't foulk about that. we know fo
10:56 am
aside from that you're note getting a lot of play.a t of pl. >> it's true.s tr. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> you just don't care. >> do you think it dies after today? >> i gift one more day.. then it's done. >> by wednesday we're done.e >> i think that if the stars or directors of moonlight were note making the rounds on theous on national shows this morning thet will tomorrow morning and thenhn after that it goes away.sway. >> do you think it will ever ber revealed who did the card mix up? >> no. >> probably not. >> i think it will get blamed gd down through the chain so muchgh somebody will take the fall fort it. >> you've been talking about this for an hour. after steve harvey's snafu whata are the chance that is will happen again a year >> apparently pretty goodretty d because it happened. >> after a hundred thousanitd to years of doing the award show now they mess it.t. of. suddenly it happens last night. >> not everybody has a job yhaou can be wrong most of the time. >> oh! >> wait, wait.>> wai you got the punch line and stili get paid.d >> the shade is real
10:57 am
>> like when the weather guyth g plays >> let's go.>> let'so. upper 50s today.50s tod there we go. 70s by wednesday with thunderstorms. >> that's what he's betting on. we'll see.
10:58 am
10:59 am
z29phz z16fz y29phy y16fy
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>> how you doin'? we do not judge, but we're judging. ♪♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪ >> wendy: first, thanks for watching our show. second, i love mondays because it's all hot


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