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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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saturday night and her cousin was found dead earlier this month in northern virginia and a frantic search is underway to find her. they have very few leads. her cousin de mar is revis disappeared back in december and her body was found earlier this month. ten people are charged with her murder and police say it was gang relied and reyes's mother is concerned her niece may number danger. angelica was seen on this type last saturday leaving work 9 p.m. the owner tells "fox5" this is the third time she had shown up for work. came in texting on phone and about 9 p.m. walked out without any explanation. police believe she may machine the new jersey area. they are asking anyone with nvls to give them a call. >> meanwhile we're continuing to follow a developing story out of prince george county. police say they arrested two teens in connection with murder of douglass brooks. brooks was up d
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known as swipey. he was killed in suitland last august and "fox5" paul wagner talked to the victim's brother night. paul joins us from southeast d.c. with details, paul. >> reporter: tony, this murder rorkd the community for a couple different reasons. number one this 18-year-old was really up and coming. he just released and all bum. he was getting local radio play and he had performed alongside other well known rappers like wale and there was also something else at the time of murder there was a viral rumor going through the area here via social media his girlfriend may have been involved. it was rumor the police took great pains to knock down as being untrue. >> prince george country police arrested 19-year-old deante brewer and 1-year-old desean watkins and charged them in connection to the fatal shooting. according to investigators brooks was outside of the apartment complex on parkway terrace drive in suitland when
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announcing a robbery. it's unclear at this time why but at least two men fired their companies hitting brooks multiple times. investigators believed the men may have been drawn party at the apartment by mention on social media. police say they were able to correct brewer and watkins to the crime because one of the teens was wearing a court ordered gps monitoring bracelet at the time which indicate head was there. and the other teen was arrested in the district in possession of handgun that is now been forensically ranged to the crime scene. police say three others were also involved but they have so far been unable to charge them with a crime. late this afternoon we caught up with brooks' brother aaron doddson. listen to his reaction to the arrest and what the police have to say about the three men still looking for. >> we are happy justice is served all alone with the wait of justice served.
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we got who did it. i mean we cannot bring my brother back but at the end of the day justice is served. >> he was the name with d.c. for young kids coming up now. all he wanted was to get out of d.c. and make something happen of what he did through his blue sick and little kids and everybody knew where he was 5 years old all the way up to 35. doesn't matter how old you are they know who douglass brooks aka dirty swipey was. >> we believe these two gentlemen were on the scene there to rob this party and then that's when the shooting occurred. we still have three individuals that we think are also responsible for the shooting that we is not identified at this point and so certainly we're asking the public if they have more information on the three other suspects that they can please call. >> earlier today he told me there was no question in his mind that the m
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brother knew who they were shooting when the crime took place. and also, the forensic lichinging toll it what we understand there was a shell casing found at the scene that was matched definitively with the gun taken off one of those teens when arrested here in the district. live in southeast, paul wagner, "fox5 local news". >> d.c. high school student is under arrest for taking a loaded gun to school. and investigators tell us the 16-year-old student brought that loaded handgun to wilson high school northwest this morning and a parent told us she got a text alert from school principal explaining what happened and the situation was under control. >> i mean definitely not a message you want to get as a parent. it's concerning and you know i guess not knowing exactly what the circumstances were yeah i don't know but i'm anxious to hear from my daughters kind of if they know anything more.
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school day and no one was hurt and police again arrested the student with the gun. >> president trump is is preparing to deliver his first add tress before a joint session of congress tuesday evening and with just over 2 hours before the speech today the white house is sharing some more details of what americans can expect to hear and fox correspondent joe balancedon reports from capitol hill. >> less than six weeks in presidency president trump is unveiling specifics of budget propose toal that is heavy on defense spending. >> and this budget will be a public safety and national security budget. >> speaking to the nation's governors at the white house this morning president trump sharing some proposals he plans to focus on in joint address to coming gress tuesday night. at the top of the agenda a new budget calling for historic 54 billion increase in defense spending with the same amount being slashed across other federal agencies
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>> we have to win and we have to start whipping wars again. >> the white house says it's gearing up to roll out the first draft of budget by mid-march. which includes major hikes in infrastructure spending and the president also rereel vealing more detailed plan for reforming the tax code and overhauling president obama affordable health care act which is getting push back from democrats. >> they're just in a total pickle and they're hard right freedom caucus says we want to repeal but don't want to put any noon this. >> over happening the proposal is new questions about the trump administration involvement if any surrounding ties between his campaign aids and moscow and president trump again calling allegations fake news as growing number of others are demanding independent investigation. one of the key issues is whether people associated with the administration during the campaign may have coluded with the russian sfwlz as part of new budget proposal the trump administration says it plans to ma
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protection agency and the state department while leaving both social security and medicare alone. in washington, joe walden. fox news. >> new tonight jewish community centers around the country hit with another around of bomb threats. jewish day school in rockville and fairfax are more than dozen targeted by that's. in philadelphia a jew way cemetery was vand listed and dozens of head stones were broken or knocked off and money is being race todd repair and re store the the head stones. this is latest jewish grave site to be targeted and last week 170 head stopz were vand lised in hoe mow and israel foreign ministry is calling this shocking and source of worry. >> there's plenty of people from the philadelphia community and around the world that don't share the same views as the people that did these activity here. we're here to show there's more love in this world than hate. >>
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raised thousands to repair that cemetery in missouri and they're pledging to help out, after the latest incident. >> new concerns tonight about how officials in baltimore handled two separate graffiti cases and this graffiti was featured earlier this month when baltimore city police announce today indictments on the edmundson avenue bluff and according to police ea is a tag for the gang and neighbors say graffiti has been aon a playground at roots and branches charter school for months in the meantime last friday police found graffiti that reds jim crow runs b more and it was removed in 24 hours. >> that doesn't make any sense. why would they leave that up but take down -- >> our fox affiliate in baltimore reached out to the school with the gang graffiti they plan to prioritize fweting it removed. >> students at savoy elementary school in d.c. went back to classrooms today. the school was forced down to
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cleanup after a rodent and bed bug infestation. "fox5" has been following the story closely. for the past three weeks they consider bus todd a different school. cleaning crews did a thorough sxerm extermination of savoy, d.c.p.s. hosted a on house. every desk in every classroom was vubd scrubbed and floor in 345eu7b lobby replaced and rugs and other items to harbor bedbugs were also replaced. >> we don't want to point fingers or lay the blame anywhere. we take responsibility for our buildings and take responsibility for making sure that they're ready for students to learn. clearly there was a break down in communication here. a high level of concern. so out of abund apps of caution we took record fairy pressures. this is not something we would expect to do typically but there was as i said abun dance of caution aronld a high level of concern at savoy and we're excited to have them back. >> since we first
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working on the issues here's "fox5" learned of other d.c. public school campuses battling similar things. the school district says it's investigating. >> well today it is the district other football team that took center stage. a groundbreaking on new home for d.c. united. >> and it is never been a better time to be a foody. that's right. partner stores are struggling but a new type of tenant may take their place. how about food halls. >> sue. >> sounds interested. sounds kind of like from the tudor times. what a beautiful weekend we had and now we had a lot of clouds around and few showers passing on by. but it looks like february will go out on another warm note. we'll be talking about that and a lot of ups and downs. you what tonight stay ahead of the weather forecast this week. plenty of challenge ahead and we'll talk about all of them in a few minutes. tony. >> and if you have an idea for story we want to hear from you. all need t
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>> all right. food lovers rejoice as jerry will is shows us food halls with tasty eats prepared by big name chefs are popping up all over the country. >> the best food halls transport you to a different place in a different cuisine but you can have it all under one roof. >> it's good-bye department stores and hello food halls. the latest trends in food is spreading to mauler cities across the u.s.. popping up in cities like detroit and nashville. this is big retailers struggle to hang on and new type of tenant is taking their place. >> got the market west eatly
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the cool thing now is that you're going to be able to find a food hall in every major mark this is on the middle of the city. people stop and eat and go and most people are expect today but they get to feel that luxury of going out to eat. >> food industry expert state halls lure in food lovers who want high quality ingredients in a more casual setting. most mem us are paid down and for restaurant owners costs are lower. >> they're able to innovate quite frankly with a lot less capital in one of these stalls within a food hall. >> food halls are bringing in top chefs. >> celebrity chefs and non celebrity chefs and up and coming chefs. it allows them to experiment with a new concept and the foody gets the benefit. >> outside of dallas in plano texas a 55,000 square foot food hall is expected to on in the fall. >> this really make the point
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tenant. >> there are so many great restaurants coming there and the fact there's 55,000 square foot food hall is critical element of it emphasize the point. >> tv food star anthony boredane is planning to on one in manhattan near hyaline park and whitney museum. >> d.c. united hosted unofficial groundbreaking ceremony for the brand new soccer sayre tony. the main construction will get underway southwest. today's air ceremony included performances by local student athletes and mls commissioner and d.c. muriel boudzer and united coach and other united players and audi field expected to seat about 2,000 people and expected to on sometime next year. very exciting for our soccer fans. >> the perhaps look great. >> they do. beautiful. >> looking forward to it. >> it's not every day that a bird is l
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little guy and how you can help the bird find its way back home. >> is that a para keit. >> i don't know. >> you have heard about this? going back to the roost. nokia is launching first generation phone. why? we'll be right back. the following ad is being condensed for your viewing convenience. so i just switched to geico. what took you so long? i know, i saved a ton of money on car insurance. that's what i'm talking about!
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>> two d.c. police officers made unusual rescue today and fontd a lost bird near new hampshire avenue and t streets northwest they called it the alliance and they picked up the bird and group tell us they're trying to find the bird's owner. >> wield hold the bird for five days. hopefully anybody in the public knows who opens this bird or if owners watching definitely give animal care and control office a call and they come down and collect the bird and need to show us a picture of the bird to prove it's their bird you. >> ft. owner does not come forward the bird
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for adoption and the hugh main rescue alliance says bird rescues are not that usual. they don't happen that often and group did pick up 14 stray bird last year. >> and all right. remember this neighbors spotted this history animal running loose in capital heights maryland last wreek. prince george county police and animal control officers caught the animal along valley park court. people didn't know if it was a wolf or what the turns out it was a dog german sheppard husky mix it is in good health and has not been claimed. beautiful dog. >> i mentioned that last week. >> shawn i remember you saying if that dog does not get claimed. >> beautiful. >> what about the bird. >> you know. >> the bird looked cute though. >> it might be for somebody else. >> that was as i para keit right. >> it looked look a parrot it was big, had big eyes. >> i hope somebody deposit say hey go free. people do that sometimes. >> hopefully the bird will find a good home as well. >> yes, absolutely. >> certainly been a lot colder outside. >> it has been. >> we had a bit of
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and did it feel good to you. do you miss february. >> i miss warm m actually. >> shawn we're bringing it back. it will be 68 tomorrow and wait it could be near 80 wednesday. >> shut up you. >> that's the first day of march. >> you say march comes in like a tlooin may have some roar to it because with that kind of heat we have a strong front coming in there could be some thunderstorms around. of course you heard what happened saturday. caitlin was talking about this at 5. ef 1 tornado in charles county and lot of reports of hail filled our twitter feeds and facebook. you can check out the pictures there. but for the next couple of days we're talking about a warm-up and it begins tomorrow afternoon. although we desperately need rain we're in moderate drought and showers are passing by to the south tonight and there will be another chance tomorrow afternoon later in the day and we have to watch wednesday. it will be so warm the record is 0. we're fore
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wednesday. but watch the afternoon because it could feature some strong if not severe storms later in the day on wednesday. the usual primetime. it could be even maybe a little earlier on wednesday. so we're watching wednesday very closely and we'll be keeping you ahead of it too. so you can stay out of the way. today's high temperatures even though it certainly felt cooler and was more cloudy than we've seen, 55 is above arm by 5 degrees and we're going way above it and again tomorrow. not that cool now. we've only dropped 1 degree to 54 aand 50 annapolis and 5 culpeper and cooler and winchester 46. not all that cold tonight and that means we recover quickly tomorrow. tuesday high temperature 68. again late-day showers possible. wednesday is even warmer 77 and severe threat goes up once again we could see storms that could have strong wind and i hail. we'll see if they have rotation.
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with strorping winds and isolated tornadoes. it's light rain showers passing by to the south right now. if you have not seen them yet you probably won't. these are dwindling quickly they did not supply much in the way of moylingt tour. high pressure off the coast. we'll eventually see clouds starting to clear on out. and but not that cold tonight. we head for the 40s overnight. not as chilly as last night. i think dulles dropped to 29 last night and here in the city 46 de fwreez and we'll keep clouds around early evening and then clear it out later so that you should have a good amount of sunshine tomorrow morning and warmer afternoon at 6 degrees and then later in the day here come the clouds and few showers will roll through in the afternoon. but before the showers get here, 68 degrees. it will feel nice if you like it warm. and fredericksburg 69. culpeper 69. hagerstown cooler at 63. but here comes that warm push for tuesday and wednesday and then this frontal boundary will be plowing through that very warm and humid air. so
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wednesday. here's future cast. we'll show what you we're expecting and again 6:00 tomorrow evening this is when we see showers come through. maybe a rumble of thunder. but more likely it's just showers that begin to exit the area around 10:00. so 6 to 10 boy we can use the rain and here's wednesday morning an we already see the first signs of that squall line getting closer and it may be here as early as 2 or 3:00 and continue affecting our area with possibly second line around 7:00. so you can see we're going to be watching anywhere from 2 to 8 as this line comes through the area and we are out looked for the pots abilities already of strong to severe storms on wednesday. by 11:00 out of here and then we're cooler as we head into thursday. 54. and chillier for friday. your eyes do not de receive you. i have flurries possible on friday. i love it when we go from 77 and thunderstorms to underyes in 48 hours. that's march right. >> yeah. >> 50
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about 64 degrees so the weekend looking nice so far. but boy we could really use rain. we had third of an inch all this month. very dry and mild february. warmest february we ever had by the way. >> i'm not surprised. >> i'm not evenlyer. >> thank you sue we'll be right back.
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>> if you rely on smart phone for technology 13 years old it's value care. >> i might want to. >> the company nokia is going retro and it's reare introducing nokia 3/10. classic talk and text phone was world's most popular device in the year 2000 and company is trying to capitalize on no, sir tall gentleman. and the new ve
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has upgrades and it's still simple. >> it has 22 hours talk time. it is up to 10 times more than original one and one month standby times and it has a snake and noki a ring tone. >> i don't know what a snake is. >> 310 will be available late their year and sell for $50. >> it's the game. >> sdaim game snake. thank you, jim. >> and he probably already has one. >> i don't know why. obviously did market research. >> and quicken type phone is super easy to move we think. >> nice commercial i gave them. >> thanks for joining us at 5. >> 5@60 is next
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>> all right. hello everybody, it's monday. let's get things started top democrat on the house intelligence committee says a probe is underway to look in the campaign ties to russian officials. >> democratic national committee you can see the rundown on the


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