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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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h is fox5 local news at 6. making his case, the presidented is preparing to deliver hiser first address to congress iness prime time tonight. good to have you with us, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawnhawn yancy. tonight's address is not a state of the union address, but the white house says the president's speech will look forward to the next four years under presidente trump. some of the key issues he iss he expected to discuss, include immigration, school choice and the supreme court. the president and members of congress invited guests to the speech tonight who reflect their
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fox5's ronica cleary is live ate the capital tonight to explain a little bit more abouto this. ronica. hey shawn and tony. yes, that'ss exactly right. we to look at these guests that the president invites to an event like this. they really are there to conveyy a message, to speak to some of the most important points that the president wants to highlighi in his remarks tonight and withd that we have some guests that represent those key points thatt you just mentioned.ntio three of the guests, they are actually family members of victims of people who were killed by undocumented immigrants. beknow that immigration will a huge and major factor in this evening's speech. another guest is actually a young girl who is a first generation college graduate. she benefited from a tax program that allow her to choose to go to a private school. and finally a guest is the wife of justice anton scalia.a. she's there really representing this vacant
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the supreme court. we know that president trump has nominated judge r judge gorsuchj with the president's right toudg invite guests we also see guests of the democrats. one guest that is reallyly pointing to a key issue that the democrats want to highlight, the idea of unity. we saw a really damaging and devisive primary for the democrats and now the democrats are working to show unity.ity. so representative keith ellison. he has invited tom perez, the new dnc chair to be his guest. these two just had a battle over the dnc chairmanship.mans that is behind them.m. now this invitation democrats unity. another issue that the democrats want tothat highlight that we ry know that they're on the defensive about, is the affordable care act. we're in senator kim cane's conference room.conf we're about to sit down and interview a young girl who will be the
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cane she has a neurological disorder and for her she really believes that the affordable t care act focused on no more preexisting conditions limitingd you fromit getting healthcare. that is a major important factor for her so senator kaine has invited her.invi we're going to sit down with her and talk with her and bring youn some of the interview in our 6:30 show.6:30 all of these guests all highlight crucial irons bothons sides of the table are talking about. it's going to be a fascinating evening to watch unfold.ld. we're going to be watching forcn so much more than just what thet president has to say. we're sending it back to you. all eyes on that speech tonight, ronica, thank you.k yo fox5 will carrie the president's address live at 9:00. we'll also seem it on and our fox5 d.c. facebook andok then we invite you to stay tune for live reaction from capital hill on fox5 a news at 10 and 11.. d.c. police officers could be under
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responded to riot go during the president's inauguration. an independent consultant shoulc examine theonsu actions of polie during those protests. officers arrested more than 2000 people during the swearing in ceremony and the parade of a. most faced rioting charges for breaking store windows and setting fire to a limousine. new tonight police have tried to figure out who is responsible for vandalism discovered onn howard university campus. a message spray painted on a sidewalk welcome to the trump plantation. frederick is howard's president. the vandals also spray painted a second message that says stand for something or fall for nothing. the vandalism comes just one day after president trump met withth frederick and other hbcu others. a lawsuit has been filed by the
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officers. it stems from an arrest that took place last november involving a transgender womansgn who was accused of assaulting a neighbor. she claims she did not commit the assault. the aclu says police entered her apartment and made an arrest without a warrant. matt ackland talked with theith woman who filed the suit and has video of what went down. >>reporter: this happened app couple of monthsing a and as always there is always someoneas with a camera in the room andoom also we're told that there were body camera videos that we haven't seen. we're going to show you theu video of a cellphone pennsylvania was used in just a second. it was capped on facebook live. hunter who was the executive director of transgender color collective says police have responded to her apartment while she was having a dinner party. she was wrongly accused of assaulting a neighbor than aan police had no rate to arrest her. on the facebook live you will see y of officers holding her am for several minutes asking herng to come out before
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place. oh, my god. no. no. no. this happened at hunter's northwest apartment in november. ' was hosting a party for transgender act tests who werea in town for an event at the white house. during the arrest she suffered a pinch nerve to her arm and she has had back pain since the areunion. when they came to my home andd said they were responding to an assault, i was shocked because i know there was no assault. so i closed my door. they knocked again and there were three of my neighbors standing on the landing and one of the neighbors pointed at me after the police asked them who assaulted you and when they pointed at me i was like i assaulted you? i and i was like i'm not dealing with
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went back in my apartment and that's when four cops began ton follow me into my home and grab me by my neck, by my arm, put handcuffs on me and adreamted tm drag me out. d.c. law is clearwi that it is unlawful for the f police toor arrest someone withe a warrant for a misdid he meaner that they have not seen unless the person is likely to escape,p to destroy evidence or to hurt someone. so officially police could not comment on pending litigation, but a source familiar with this this arrest told me video has been reviewed and some of the officers were wearing body camera. it is believed the officers usedd restraint and acted properlyted during that arrest. that source says officers were justified in making the arrest after hunter was accused of assault. remember, miss hunter said shed did not commit an assault and wants the judge and jury to decide this case. she did not say how much commencation she is looking for. sean. >> thank you, matt.
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of west potomac high school in exactly has resigned from his h alex case and michelle little were placed on leave earlier this month. the district wouldn't explainctw why they wereou suspended and jd called it a personnel matter. principal case submitted his resignation last week. he wrote this letter to the parents, i am excited to pursue new authorities and also spending more time with my family. a maryland teenager who went missing over the weekend is home safe. this is surveillance video of angela rivas leaving work saturdays at the walk express in gaithersburg. the owner says she came in, was texting on her phone and then a left withoutnd explanation.nati the 18 year old was found in montgomeryville age save and unharmed. > some scary moments for a crowd of peoplemome attending a
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police say an elderly man driving an suv plowed into a crowd of people injuring a dozen members of a high school marching three of them are in critical condition. police say the suv involved in today's crash was actually part of the city's annual parade. every indication is that it was not involving drugs or alcohol, norris are any indication thatni this was an intention l al act.i every indication is thaton it ws just a tragic accident by an elderly man driving his vehicle into these band members. today's accident comes just two days after a man drove his truck into a crowd of people at a parade in new orleans.lean 28 people were injured. police say that driver was intoxicated. > olympic gold medicine list michael phelp was on capitaltal hill today.. we'll have more about his message about at lets and doping.
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needed much in february, an umbrella. it is raining out there.ere. we've only had a third of an inchf of rain in february so we need it. check this out, tomorrow we make a run at we're going to forecast 78-degrees. come with a price. march is coming in like a lion and the lion is severe weather. we're going to show you that coming up in just a few minutes. we'll be right back.
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> welcome back, the most w decorated ohelco limb pinion maa splash on capital hill. michael phelps testified beforet a house committee. he was there to encourage the continuing and even strengthing and the did i doping programs. he always felt us athletes were clean and played sports fairly he didn't have the same feelingi about international competition. in some cases i thought
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were cheating and in some casess those were confirmed. co i have a hard time understandind this. in addition to the tests on competition ts i had to notify as to why i was every day soay they will be able to conductondu random tests outside of competition. this whole process's a toll. but it's absolutely worth it to keep the sport clean and fair. phelps say athletes deserve a level playing field. members of the international olympic exit ' and the world anti doping agency also testified at that hearing.ear youtube is about to overtake television in popularity, p believe it or not. fox's business networks lauren simonette explains. >>reporter: the us economy grew at a slow 1.9 percent rate in 19 the fourth quarter.ur that was less than analysts were hoping for. that is certainly a slow down from the three and a half growth
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a reason for the downturn slowel business and slower government spending. youtube viewership now surpassing 1 million watches per day. people may soon be watching moro youtube daily than are watching television. one and a quarter viewers are watching more than recorded tv. the retailer missed estimates on both quarterly. weakness in stores over shadowed cigarette online. japanese airbag maker that cat t has pleaded guilty to fraud charges and will pay a build in penalties for concealing an airbag defect for years. that defect is blamed or att least 16 defects most of them right here in the us. us the scandal growing wider when plaintiffs also charged thathar several auto makers knew the airbags were dangerous but continued to use them to safe to money. ford is he skipping its new suvt to liv
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wi-fi who the spots. spo the all new expedition availabld this fall will be able to support as many as ten devices at once. that's business. in new york city i'm lauren simonette. > say it ain't so. some area ski resorts arere closing because, well, take a look. there's no snow. what are they going to do t? o and it is an annual tradition that got off to a pretty violent start, but revelers are stills trying to make a the most of mai gras. i guess we're going to have aave live look or tell you what's going oncoming up.
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> welcome back, as the calendac turns from february tk,o march, the hopes are fading that weh will actually get some snow to cover some of those ski slopesos out there.ou snow lovers are kind ever upsetv about this. it has been bad even for business. whisk resort in western marylandeste is now closed because of thehe warm temperatures. liberty mou
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pennsylvania is also closed thii week. businesses that depend on tourists visiting these resorts are certainly hurting.ting on a weekend we would have a couple of hundred customers a day that go either on their wayy to ski liberty or on their way back to either d.c. or baltimore, wherever they're headed and we just didn't have that this year. the gentleman you just saw right there, tom colleges andere, universities field of t chucky's barbeque is hoping for a bettert year next year. white whisk is closed for this year, liberty mountain still holding out hope. > we'll soon know how much the unseasonable i warm weather has impacted washington's cherry blossoms the predicted peakredi blooming period is beingbein announced tomorrow at the last year's peak bloom happenede march 25, but accord, to the national park service from 2013 to 2015 peak bloom was a
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april 106789 peak bloom means at least 730 percent around tidal basin are blossoming.. once peak bloom is announced they can last for four to ten days it all depends on the weather, winds or weather. sue palka, what are you guessing based on what we've seen. >> i would say before march 25, earlier than last that's my take on ifat you rea'sd the descriptiond really won't know until about 10 days before. that could change. we could get a warm spell and say they're going to be out in peak bloom on three days.s. but because i see a little l a pink, that's usually the stage in which they're 20 days away. that would be sometime toward march 20. > i think it's going to be early this year, too. >> it's going to be hard not too. we are going to get a little cooler, but that cooler air is not tomorrow, guys. we could push 80-degreesdegr tomorrow. it's crazy, but it's possiblet' that you'res going to
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march 1 usually that means thats something big is coming with it and that's the possibility of some veer weather tomorroworro afternoon. we have some showers out there. the showers that are moving out there between now and 9:00 they0 might deliver a couple of tenths of an inch of rain. we need every drop because this area continues to be dry or in a moderate drought. its near record highs that willt begin the process tomorrow.orro you'll feel it early objection to the form i think it's going to be kind of a windy day as well. could there be more than one round of thunder storms tomorrow. that is possible. watch the afternoon, any timeime between about 2 and say 5 or 6:00 these storms could be severe. that means they could have hail with them. it could be a few more than we saw on saturday as well. can't even rule out the possibility of a tornado, some damaging straight line winds and then we get cold enough that even on friday is it possible we could see a few snow flurriesflr throatinth
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we'll keep an eye on the temperature that will be all important. as of tonight, though, some showers coming through in time forth evening rush hour.r. that often does bog things down just a little bit.ju this is not-he rain.-he we have not seen any rumbles of thunder, but it looks like a little while it will take a little to clear on out. all the red areas all the way down west of memphis, those are tornado areas that are in effect p. that's why we think march will come in like a lie lion, not in the temperature department, buta in the storm7yj department.part these storms could have teeth tt them. 70-degrees, close to our record of 830 and then we drop to 55 o5 thursday with a breezy day. with that kind of contrast and that kind of push of cold air it's no wonder we're expecting our second severe weathertbreak. the frontal boundary will come l slamming on through with severe storms possible, especially inin the afternoon and again here are the big threats. we can't even elina
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possibility of a tornado, the thread i ts medium. we had one on sachet it was an ef1 in charles county. the high wind risk is pretty high. the hail risk is medium and thee flashlighting looks like it will be low because these will be moving pretty quickly. for this evening you can see our showers long gone by 10:00 here. tomorrow morning do we see an early morning round, especially north and west that move on through by the noon hour. watch this line that rile develops here. this concerns us when you see yu the brighter colors. that's an indicator of that ooze bellual iing up to the beltway tomorrow afternoon. it looks like the bulk of thishi it if this model is right iss wrapped by 5. here's our warm day and then wen take a break from the reallyreal warm temperatures to bring in ai chance of flurries on friday. we stay cold as we start the weekend we see saturday'satur temperature only 42 but then we're slowly warm
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sunday, monday and tuesday of next week. that is your seven day forecast, but don't go anyway. we'll be right back.
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well today is fat tuesday, the culmination of carnival season in new orleans, families tourists and locals have had a good seat for catching the trinkets thrown from the floats. fox's will car has more detailsl from new orleans. >>reporter: can val celebrations taking place across europe as they let lose beforeoe the fasting season of length. it's amazing so am people are so happy and everyone is dressed so beautifully. unlike anything i've seen
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rio degeneral aerosol whatne schools participating.ra the within es get a trophy, national bragging rights for a year and a party on ash wednesday. >> our hearts beat fast very fast. we step onto the avenue and make it heart. in italy hundreds of revelers took place in the battle of the origins, the origins are the annual fruit fight are believed to date back to a tyrant in the middle ages. in the worst case you put a cold orange and put it on your eye instead of ice and you move on. it is the culmination of five days of festivities. of course carnival also has to protect a bit. it needs push the envelope. here at home hundreds of floats and marching bands taking place in new orleans. fat tuesday is the last day of cairn val season as it always falls on the day before ash wednesday. >> the vibe is
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camaraderie, neighbor with neighbor sharing free food and drink. it is really one of the great shows on earth. justice, faith and power, unofferingsly they represent ast whole lot of fun. in new orleans, will car, fox news. > what did you do for that, will?ll? >> it's crazy down there.. > it does indeed. thanks for joining us tonight at 6. 5@6:30 is coming up right after the break.
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> we sort of noticed we're a little patriotic here. >> salute. what's get started on this tuesday morning, an optimistic vision for the nation, that ist the theme of president trump'st speech to a joint session of congress tonight. what he told fox news at an exclusive interview hours befors the speech. you can see it on the run downn it's what we're talking about at 6:30. tweet us what's on your mind. we know what you meant. we also know the speech is going to look like a state of the union address, technically states of the union


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