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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  February 28, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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> we sort of noticed we're a little patriotic here. >> salute. what's get started on this tuesday morning, an optimistic vision for the nation, that ist the theme of president trump'st speech to a joint session of congress tonight. what he told fox news at an exclusive interview hours befors the speech. you can see it on the run downn it's what we're talking about at 6:30. tweet us what's on your mind. we know what you meant. we also know the speech is going to look like a state of the union address, technically states of the union
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president's second year in office but it will have all the formats. the address is not technicallyci the state of address. look forward at the next four years under president trump.r are you talkingpr about the military? i'll be talking aboug the border and remember this, on the border and throughout our country we're getting the bad ones out, the bad people, gang members, drug lourdes, in some cases murders. > and beefing up the military will also be a top priority, but it will cost up to about 54 billion-dollar.olla until we get some specifics of e these issues coming out of the pipeline. we've heard a lot of differentrt speculation based on what we've heard from democrats or republicans who either like itke or don't like part of it. one thing that broke a little whiling a while you were on the air at 6:00, but there was a the look of talk that the president spoke with some media membersbes and the new york times reporting the president considering some leeway towards
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immigrants if both sides can agree on some things. we'll see if he talks about that tonight as well. let's a little more insight from fox5's tom fitzgerald fromom inside the capital. good evening from the united states capital where president trump will deliver his first address to congress. now, nobody in this buildingildi really quite knows what we're going to hear tonight. president obama's speeches overh the years pretty much followed a familiar pattern outside of the year he was called a liar and then he in turn a couple of speeches later called out theall supreme court. they tended to follow a similar formula. however, as you know, presidentr trump has up ended a loft the norms of presidentialrms communication and that couldof e the case tonight. where we are right now are in statutory all. take a looky al around for yourself. this is where all the media is gathering before the speech andc then afterwards members ofrs congress are going to file in
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what will they hear. secretary sean spicer said this speech will give an optimistic tone about where president trump wants to take the country.ount a the look of members ofbe congress are also going to want to hear details on highway plans to repeal and oh base obama care, the affordable healthcare act. that has to be done before republicans get to move on their really big ticket item and that is tax reform. the president is going to speak for his nominee to the seem court reporter neil gorsuch. the president and the firstrtery have invited and the ton onscalia's widow to sit in the viewing box of the house of representatives as a signal of how gorsuch will fill the shoess of and the ton scalia. we will be here to bring you the reaction as the members ofers congress file out into the us capital. > for now i'm tomorrow fitzgerald. ofthe president and members congress invite guests who
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late their own policy views. that's right.. as you heard fitz mention the first president and first lady will also have three familyy members of victims killed by undocumented immigrants. house democrats have invited dreamers and those who have been positively affected bio bam a care. fox5's ronica cleary spoke to virginia senator time cane's guest, a whom who he is going to be bringing. what did she have to say reporter roar that's right. i spoke with shannon craw ford -- excuse me, senator time cane she just had a private meeting with him and sat down and talked with him a little bil about the affordable care act and how it has affected her life and what we spoke about what itt feels like to be his guest and to hear remarks from somebody
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who mass made it a campaign promise. take a listen to what sunshine w or had to say. in some way it's going to be little difficult to hear someone in the most powerful position in our government speaking about s why hepeak wants to repeal the a rather than reform it.m it's going to be difficult but u think it's a real honor to be t there and to be amongst so many other honored guests. there's really amazing people aa who arezi going to be attending tonight.toni interestingly enough shannonnon really focused on an openness to reform. she was just very concernedrned about repealing and having a gap in that timeframe. so it was interesting to hear her perspective. she has a neurologic disorderore which would classify her as having a preexisting condition. she's also 26 years old so she's allow to hospital bed on her parents' the democrats are also bringing
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signals this they're sending of key important issues.ues. i think the most important issue that the democrats do want to send tonight, it's a message of county. this broke just before we went live at 5@6:30 yesterday, therdy idea that representative keith ellison is bringing tom perez, each representing facts of this party. the two of them walking inng tonight showing that the democratic party is putting on a united front as they go intoo this joint address and hear what the president has to say. so i said it earlier we're not just listening to what the president says we're also watching these signals and messages that everyone in that audience is bringing through the guests that they have chosen to bring along.. we're talking about wardrobe, too. a the look of females ofmale congress are going to be wearing white or purple at least on the side of the democratic side. they want to draw attention to their issues and make sure that the
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>>reporter: watching all of these signals are fascinateing. i love watching it unfold. > what are democrats and republicans expecting to see in tonight's address. >> let's bring in senior vice-president and polster,lste ashley rich and democratic strategist david brown.wn. hello to both you. >> good to be here. > ashley, let's start with you. what do you want to hear from the president tonight. >> i'm ' really looking to hearing president trump's optimistic vision for the future and to remind voters that he's doing what he said he would when he originally ran and was elected. i think we can expect to hear a bipartisan tone from him. he's going to talking about a lot of things that are relevance to all of us. fixing the healthcare problemobe and things like infrastructure.i > let's switch to the otherh to side and talk to the democrat. what do you hope to hear or what do you want to hear tonight, david?
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some o wf theou things he talkes about h early on before he got e nomination. wish he would talk about the negotiation with drug care companies.comp i wish he'd talk about concrete issues that would actually help h people. unfortunately this is really they at tricks and he's going to read what's in front of him. the best thing we could have is have the tell prompter go out and he's going to wing iting because that's when it gets really fun. you mentioned you wanted to hear a bipartisan tone. would you say that if he takeses the bipartisan tone it would be a bit of a shift of what we've seen so far in this administration? >> i think thisad is a totally different situation than whattu the presidentat has been in befi and i think the white housee certainly recognizes that and i'm sure he's prepared by tone and tenor to take an approach to talk across the aisle.
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need to do for him to keep the campaign pledges.edge david, she mentioned, you know, talk about things that are going to unify and bring people together. what do you think the presidentt can say tonight to unify our country? i mean when he looks out at the divided houses theres or the divided parties, there in the chamber but we're not just talking about there, we're talking about all acrossross america. what does this president need to unify us.y >> he can't. it's just too deep. he dug it too deep. the division is too wide.e. > can he lay the foundation? is there any way he can lay the foundation.foun >> it's just too late for that. he's not a reagan or even a clinton. whether you loved him or hate him, he could reach across. it's not in his nature. and it's just -- there's tooo much baggage here. what he could do is do no harmam maybe. > what would you mean by do no
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>> i mean maybe if he didn't have to attack the obama or tear down where we are as a country because we're a lot better off than we were eight years ago as a country. if he could layout a few positive points to help workingn people, but if he talks about the threat of immigrants andts start to divide us, we're right back in it. i don't see how he doesn't do't that because he can't veer. he's stuck on the path he's laid down.down >> ashley, anything.le >> i disagree withy, that. i think if the american politic that we were better off than wen were eight years ago we wouldn't see president trump elected with the numbers that he was electedd by. > when you say what numbers it goes back again to the fact -- it's a point he's the legit mate president of the united states but you city of philadelphia have almost 3 million moret 3 people who agreed with hillaryed clinton in thi ws case. when you talk about the lector numbers it was a 309 victory, but not to the extent that
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would have seen other presidents. ran, he would have won. > but he can't.n't. >> i know he couldn't, but this is not a referendum on the pathways, this was a referendum on hillary clinton. h itil was two flawed candidates d the guy who got people more excited wins. > i understand how you feel and maybe your thoughts are what other democrats are feeling out there. is there something positive,siti though, that you can say about this president? >> you know, i really rooted early on in his nomination because he talked about his documentic issues and even went to the left on hillary clinton and on drug companies. and childcare.d remember he said he was going to make childcare 100 percent taxet prein america. i don't think he's going to talk about those things anymore.ymor i think paul ryan shut those down. if he would go back to some of those domestic pocketbook issues that will make a difference
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people's lives, yeah, he would y have a lot of people rooting for him. > i think there are a lot of things that people want to hopee they'll hear from the presidente tonight. i know you guys will be watching right along with us. thanks so much for coming in. you guys can see the president's address to congress right herere live on fox5. we'll also be streaming it live. and then of course stay tuned for live reaction on fox5 news at 10 and 11 1 #. there are a lieutenant of people assembled around the district. obviously everybody heading over to the verizon sent forethe big warriors/wizards became. a lot of traffic out there. >> we're going to deal with d something that we have not seen very much. some rain showers moving onn sh through. it's not particularlyow heavy. i think the bulk of it will likely be over right around 9:00 or so as our members of congress are heading onto the capital and the president is heading on in. it's light rain, but y
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need the umbrella. tomorrow a very interesting day. it's not only going to be a very warm day. we're forecasting 77 tomorrow, 78, the record is 830. but we believe march will comewl in like a lion and that's because a strong front is going to approach in the afternoon and it may, in fact, trigger some strong and severe thunderstormse we're worried about damaging winds. can't even rule out an isolated to n.a.d.e. on. heat like this give ways to temperatures into the 50s on thursday and quite ae good breeze as well.. you want to stay weather ready form that is for sure. > that is your forecast. it is busy at the capital tonight with the final touches being made with the president's address to joint member of congress. we'll talk more about that when 5@6:30 comes right back.
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l for $79.99 per month, r the first year with a o-year agreement. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. go to or call 1.888.get.fios get the best. get fios. > the p has drawn criticism h from the set of and the right since he's taking office, butas both set democrats and oakin res will be watching tonight to seee how the pr
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forward. the founder of live wire media relations, but before we get to that are we going to bring in krista. >> good to see you. >> thanks for having me. you look at body language. >> all the time.ll t > and sort of get a read and ad feel and you're going to be watching the president tonightog but before we get there we're going to look at some of his past speeches and we'll talkll about them. the >> you got it. > let's local it.> i want you all to know that wet are fighting the fake news,. a few days ago i called the fake news the enemy of the people anp they they are the enemy of the people. because they have no sources. they just make them up.p. and that was his speech at cpac last what did you see there in i saww a lot of hand gestures that
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see a lot from him h, but whathb did you >> trump was in his zone for this speech. when he walked in, there was chanting. there was a standing official. these are sta all the things tht his ego. > from his audience. >> he needs it and when he gets it he's actually a very good presenter. in thiprs particular case he ket close to script. he was animated. he was holding the podium, reaching into the audience. there's six universal facial expressions. this is one of the first times in the last month we've seen him use his smile. so trump did a nice job with cpac. > let's take a look now, he spoke to the cia,. >> a little bit of a differentfe situation. > this is just video that we're going to show you guys rightht here. give us an idea as you're watching him come in. what are you getting from his body language from here. >> trump met with people in the morning and he built a camaraderie with folks. he kept
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get that affirmation from the people behind the stage.tage this was a luke warm audience.ic he's standing in front of the stars here and as he would reacd out to people he would findfind certain people in the audience that were giving him certain displays of affirmation, maybeia like nodding their head and he would reach out to them and give them a thumb's up direct limit he was reaching out to people i the audience to get theny thath heen needed.ded. again, this was a luck warm audience and it went both ways. > let's role one more piece of video. where is this from?m? >> the white house pressess conference. the 909-minute press conference, impromptu press conference last week. there he is walking in. he has been in office quite a bit. this is where it took a bit of a combative tone towards the media. did you see from him here. >> in this speech it took him less than two minutes to makemae this room completely contentioun
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what he did here isis ' holding onto the podium unlike where at cpac he was reaching into the audience. here he's holding the podium almost knuckled and using the physical almost aspect of steering the conversation in the audience and as people asked him questions he was extending his neck, which is -- he was just very out of sorts in this.this > compared to the other oncere whento you see him there, you se him holding on to the podium anu not doing the hand gestures. does this surprise you? this seems like a trump we've seen in some way, shape or form so far.o >> all of the gesturing, all the ways he's handling himself we're seeing him over and over.r. it makes my job not that very difficult. > tonight he's going to be in a room divided, what will you be looking for as we watch the speech.
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things that we've seen in the past. he's going to be looking to thet side of the aisle where he gets the affirmation. he's going to steel the energy from that and he's going tooing connect with those people. if he can stick to the tell prompter, tonight i'm hoping that we see see the first side of him that's actuallyuall presidential. has the opportunity. he's going to have to stick that side. > we've known him in the pastas and how he built his reputationt it's still a new frontier for him. >> it is fun to watch. > thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate it. >> we're back after this.
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> we're back. how do you feel about this? the way we're f actualleey sitting i the couch in the fox5 loft. lo you guys know social media wentt crazy over trump advisor kelly and conway doing the exact same
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this picture of conway made the round showing her with her feet up on the desk. the posts calls for kelly ann conway to have a little class lt and expect for the guests. so far the administration hastin not said anything about it. you guys are certainly soundingt offer about it. you are weighing in on our o facebook. extremely unprofessional, yes, big deal, no.o. this shows how desperate thehe media is to find fault with anything or everything thathat happens in the trump white house. >> honestly i don't care.on if onees of obama team members were dog that fox news wouldould have had a field day it with. i think that -- it's okay, jim. where people were upset with wit this i think it's because it was the oval office and people said she was trying not to. we've seen picks
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president bush with his feet up on the desk, president obamadent with his feet up on the desk anu people on bothp sides took issue with that. he is the president, though. >> these difference.>> in the grand scheme of things -g it's not the big deal. > was it a big deal, not at it's just funny. > it set social media on fire. tweet us right now if you think we should actually do the showhe like this. we want to know. aren't jim's socks cute, by the way. > things got a little flip at the national cathedral today ana do you notice anything different? >> look very closely there. we'll talk about this. we're coming back. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh...
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my giant.
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> the annual pancake race wase held today.he this year they got a little political. the national cathedral went
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alternative pancakes. we're talking about waffles. today is fat tuesday or pancake tuesday. it marks the last day before the start of length.engt the cathedral celebrates every year while participants competes for the golden skillet. >> is that what it is? >> those look good. the cathedral said they're in the afraid of change so they served up waffles instead. the waffles were not eggos. they look like more sophisticated waffles. >> they are, more like belgium. we're also extreme the president's address on our and on our facebookco page. then we invite you to stayy tuned. we'll have live reaction on capital hill tonight at 10 and 11. >> i really prefer waffles and i don't like syrup. i prefer syrup or how about you. >> i was always a big waffle
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guy. > we're going to do a whole show about everything you put in a waffle iron. >> in a waffle iron, stuffing, mashed potatoes.pz z > you do that. >> yes. > that's a whole other show, folks. thanks for joining us. y23wpy y5yy fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've en ranked highest in stomer satisfaction jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone. l for $79.99 per month, r the first year with a o-year agreement. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years.
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get the best. get fios.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- charles: nicki minaj has the perfect fire back at remy ma. you want to talk about my ass? i'm going to show you my ass. >> she's out shooting a music video with future. i think she looks great. charles: she hasn't responded to anything remy ma said. raquel: we talked to safaree about the situation. >> do you think nicki should respond to this? >> i don't know. raquel: safaree feels that nicki should not respond. >> he doesn't want to have to write it. [laughter] >> selena gomez and the weeknd are over in paris. he's there for a tour and they're staying a walk away from bella hadid there for fashion week. charlie: why is selena there? >> she's the girlfriend and he had to go to town for work and he's like, you want to go to paris? and she's like, yeah. charlie: why isn't she the independent 21st lady off doing her own thing?


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