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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  March 5, 2017 8:30am-9:00am EST

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>> well, good morning. >> good morning. >> i was waiting for that. >> strike up the band♪ >> good morning. sunday march 5. i'm ronica cleary. >> i'm tom fitzgerald. did you ever do that turn the stereo up loud and record doesn't start right away. >> yes what's a record. >> what? >> i'm kidding, i'm kidding. >> point taken. >> tom fitzgerald here with you. sitting if on our third chair this morning is rena shaw former communications director for former presidential candidate evan mc mullen thanks for being with us. >> happy to be here. >> you said too early for you. >> i'm feeling good like it's 3 p.m. >> i like that. >> we're going to start off with something that was eye opening for thevsh week. a bomb shellacksation in the last 24 hours. president accusing former president barack obama of tapping his phones during the election tweeting well you
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just found out that obama had wire stand in trulp tower about the victory nothing is found and this is mccarthy ism and followed up how low has president obama gone to tap and my phones during a very sacred election pros these is nixon watergate bad. or sick ] guy. >> and he tweeted is it true the dnc would not allow the fbi access to check server or other equipment after learning it was hacked. can that be' snibl and then, who was it that secretly said to russian president tell vladimir after the election i'll have more flexibility and tagged fox and friends. so new tweets coming out this morning. i think the ones that most are talking about on the runs came out yesterday. >> rena a lot of people were sharing this talking about this yesterday. and this president does seem to kind of he lied
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>> he does. >> without actually providing proof of things he has eluded to. >> we do know in regards to the state department during the obama administration in regards to the associated press up on capital hill there were instances that the previous administration did look into communications with people and this is something different though. this is aling a president of the united states wire tapped a private citizen. what would this mean had -- let's proceed here on the pretense that maybe this happened. >> what would that mean if private citizen of of the united states had been wire tapped by a president of the united states. >> it means a lot of things. it's troublesome number one. if it was lawfully done a great many people are saying they're not worried about it if a judge ordered this. and people trust in our judiciary and if this was under the fifa act the foreign intelligence surveillance that is lawful. >> and the reason
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would approve that would be because a judge would have reason to believe a crime was xited. >> a judge would approve that because worried about spies in the united states. now, back to last summer there was a lot of talk about russia and the trump campaign. essentially having ties even going down to a server in trump tower relate today a russian bank. i think it goes all the way back to that. what is troublesome is president is unearthing this two months later this has been discussed about in the papers and brought to light early january and now the president sort of unearthing it because of the far right wants to shed light on it and wants to essentially dig up some old wounds. >> well, but, that's an interesting point rena you have to look at the timeline. we watch this week unfolded with i think it really gave insight to a very interesting dynamic that we will see again and again in the trump administration and that's effort to respond to and control the press. he had that great address and grt
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maybe this was why we don't release the new temporary ban and you have very bad press that comes out about jeff sessions and people are saying this is an opportunity let's bring it up now and let's deflect or change the conversation. >> there's a difference between interesting dynamic difference between interesting dynamic and administration to just can't get the heck out of the way of of its own good news. they had a great, great tuesday. >> they did. they had the country pay ago tension to this president and calling him presidential and said maybe he finally turned a corner and then what happened? they trip over themselves on the jeff sessions. >> the russia issues come back. >> comes roaring back and to come pouptd that we have soaries of tweets yesterday with no evidence and with nothing supporting it as far as the way of evidence. if this white house wants to start making progress it needs a pay a little more attention to what happened tuesday and
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then stop these series of events in the way they handle it that almost petered out all of the momentum and all of the good news and all of the good press they had on tuesday. because that has now fizzled out of air. >> you make a great point. let's listen to what one legal analyst ha to stay. take a look at this first. >> that's a big jump for him to take. we all know that president trump tweets all kinds of things other presidents would never consider tweeting but it's hard to imagine he would throw something out there like that without having something to back it up. then the question is are you really claiming that this was president obama's decision to gore forward or generalizing obama administration. if it was really an illegal act by a sitting president, presidents are not protected from criminal acts that are outside of their duties. >> reporter: so we're left with this argument right now this discussion of did something happen that nobody knows whether it happened or not? president obama
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said flatly, this did not happen. >> but the statement went so far as to say president obama did not himself order that tap. but perhaps the doj. his department of justice the obama department of justice could have ordered. it time will tell you we don't know it's too soon. but i think the president if you will let me get back to the previous point for a moment this is president act ago loan. his senior officials are as confused as we are. we have not seen evidence and congressional republicans those that belong to president's party started calling as of yesterday congressman mash said you need to show evidence so we can prove constitutionality. that's what we need to get back here. as part of mc mullen campaign last fall that's what we does all the time we need to stand on the constitution and say truth. >> what's your farm former boss saying. >> he's concerned. we need to stand back and say look let's call this what it is
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and this is president to your point earlier trying to cover it up. again. >> is it issue of of wire tapping? is is there -- i mean we're assuming it's wrong. i don't think that's right homer. i would not expect that the president would use -- i would not expect him to use the discretion to necessarily differentiate between president obama and obama administration that's unacceptable and to suggest -- perhaps something was done that was inappropriate and should not have been done. we cannot brush that or under the rug and republicans are -- the president is coming out essentially saying that this is wrong. but, like you said, there's legality here. we need too look at the legality of everything and this wire tap could have been legal again a judge could have order today and we know that now and we -- put out a great article today and said look to the two different times these fiza warrants were asked for and look to the truth of it all. that's what we need to do look at what the is actually legal
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>> let's talk about something we know more about more than a few tweets without much information. russia and how it may be and really is so far overshadowing trump presidency. now keep in mind this was a separate meeting from what caused flynn's resignation after reported allegedly or confirmed now misleading president about contact with
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let's first before we dive into this take a listen to sessions at his press conference talking about recuseing himself. >> i asked for their candid and honest opinions about what i should do about investigations. certain investigations. and my staff roomed recuseal. they said that since i had involvement with the campaign i should not be involved in any campaign investigation. i have studied the rules and considered their comment and evaluation. i believe those recommendations are right and just. of there, i have recuseed myself in the matters that deal with trump campaign. >> jeff sessions on thursday. jeff sessions has done the right thing here. and you know he could not proceed in any kind of re
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be one of the subjects of this investigation. but, democrats may have over played their hand on this. this ain't mike flynn okay? this is sitting united states senator, senator from alabama who on two occasion he's these discussions and during his confirmation hearings the question was not acting as a campaign official did you ever have any contact with russian official the question is did he know of any campaign officials having any contact and he said he did not know of that and then he said he did not have any contact as a campaign official as a sitting united states senator he's matter of senate arms services committee part of his job to meet with people like that. in this instance for all the things trump administration has been criticized rightfully or not this one reeena do you think democrats maybe over played their hand. >> i don't think they're mrirly over play
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into dangerous territory when they say purgey. they're saying sessions who is our top law enforcement in the nation. >> you've been calling him senator sessions. >> we look at him and say here's a guy that came out number one for trump and it was under sessions who said he's my gay and he campaigned hard for him. by recuseing himself he's doing the best thing again let's go back to the roots he was deeply involved in cam pane and did know of a number of officials with trump campaign that contact with russian am bar door. he should have been forthcoming of the i don't believe he purgeerred himself. i think he should got ba to capitol hill. >> you don't think written responses are good enough sdmri don't think written responses are good enough. there's a lot pe people can tell when somebody is sitting before them answering tough questions and we need to we know russians metaled in our election. know knows how sensitive the topic
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think there's a lot after agreement what he's didn't is the right thing to recuse himself. what is your reaction to the reports that trump is furious about this that he is very angry that he has done this. i mean, i'm not surprised he is upset because i think that to the president that's administration of guilt even though it's not. and what's your reaction to that and take on it. >> mr. trump understands this is more chaos. >> it looks chaotic to the american public isn'tly and whether that happens the president is weakened and got seen to be that strong leader that mr. trump so badly wanted to be and with between ral anybody leaving now and senator sessions recruise kusing himself what does this say about me. i understand he's furious and how staff handled this. >> you really think president trump surprise that reflective about administration. >> without a doubt. >> and concerned about what people think about chaos within administration. it seems he thrives on chaos.
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somebody who was thriving on chaos doesn't want you know to really care so much about what the american public things and often times his tweets reflect that. he does want to be seen as strong. and when you were seen as weakened and people in yo administration are questioned and step ago side that's not g that doesn't make him look like a strong leader and i think he is that reflective to that extent people called him as far as i signature but he has a lot of those elements to show he wants to be loved by people and when his people are not loved he's not loved. >> that's definition of as far as signature. >> we'll call him that then. >> vice-president mike pence is fired up this morning as ses associated press published personal email address of his wife coming one day after it was revealed vice-president used private account for public business while serving as governor of indiana. and of course people are immediately making comparison to
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to hillary clinton and her teeny tiny email scandal but is tractor-trailer same things. listen to vice-president take on this.. >> in there's no comparison whatsoever between hillary clinton's practice and having a private server miss handling classified information and destroying emails when requested by the congress and by officials. we have fully complied with all indiana laws and had outside counsel review all private email record to identify any emails that ever prepsed or mentioned business state business related activities. >> and he's probably right about tat. there is a big difference between you know mr. and mrs. pence who happen to be governor of indiana at the time and first lady of inian ahaving america online account by the way that's the real crime. >> just kidding. >> really -- you made fun
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who is still using that. >> the fact that hillary clinton took means of settingp a private email server as end around around traditional methods of government communication is very different than somebody getting aol account hacked. is this lesson to public officials and will we learn this lesson of public officials what you do not and to do with email. >> we do when the next crop of leaders says take cyber security seriously. it's generation divide. obviously former fwovrn nor and now vice-president is embarrassed for this hack. look nobody wants to be seen as irresponsible. but using that aol account was irresponsible unfortunately and fortunately for trump administering and vice-president pence it was not illegal and there was nothing on indiana law that says he
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could not do to the that. that's huge differentiateer it was hillary clinton's handling of classified information and round about way in which her campaign and she has a candidate was seen to be untrustworthy that led to her down fall. people are crying all kind of things saying it was her email versus his email sexism perhaps it's reality. there was a law broken when we were talking about secretary clinton. there are no laws broken when we talk about vice-president mike pence. >> there must be something that feels after all the attacks of emails obviously it's different but people read headlines an he must want tonight bury his head in the sand to be associated with an email headline. it's still about optics and like we were saying with the president it's his team appearing to be attacked or weak. he feels that way. >> this is just end of as you said tom tuesday was awesome for the president and
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this week has just you know been a bad week for the administration. >> what this is, is irony. what this is is irony. if you pound on previous administration about emails you cannot have your own vice-president getting email -- >> you better have to all tied up. >> it die lutz the message -- and by the way the campaign is over. i don't know if anybody noticed yet. but we seem to still on both sides be locked into this catch 2 that we're still talking about everything before november including emails. >> and as member of republican party i have to it will you that's one of the things most disappointing i was part of of the the trulp movement and de sueded to repain in the party and i decided to give him a chance. he's operating in campaign mode that's what got him elected and what people love and i don't know that that is good for the. >> the never trumpers how hard does that affect the president goals.
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and we have little time. >> without a doubt. what we saw that show of unity was really big and i think republicans have decided to coless around this president whether against him or for him and they said it's time to do something together and unfortunately these distraction this week will behind are that progress. >> thank you so much for coming in and joining us today. we have a lot to get to as we continue to this morning. as we head to break. >> snl. >> we have i take an 1994 movie forest gump. you will never guess who played the lead. take a look. >> my name is jeff, jeff sessions would you look a chocolate. no thank you. all right. well i'm going to have one. i'm attorney general of the whole united states. i got to meet the president and everything. >> this is my best good friend kelly an. she ain'tot
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politicians. >> washington he lights met at the annual gridiron club last night the event put on by washington press corps. newcomer kellyanne conway made her debut at the dinner aside nancy pelosi. the gridiron dinner is 13-year-old tradition where they let loose and have a little fun and make jokes at all raises money for a good cause as well too. but not been a lot of reason to laugh too much. >> it's interesting all these events between press and administering it's unusual dynamic. >> well especially with the president announcing he will not go to white house correspondence dinner they raise money for that dinner as well. it's good to have situations that people can get together and at least kind of see themselves as human beings withouting in the throws of battle without democrat, republican or versus press. >>
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leave the exits to snl i have seen some press kits but they're all in fun. >> former president george w. bush took to book signing to promote his new book can which is a portrait exhibit in texas. >> features 6 oil paintings of american veterans all painted by former president. it is displayed at the george w. bush presidential septemberner dallas and he is selling a portrait of the book. >> it's really cool knowing that a president drew him and it's portraits of veterans who of course are the real superheros and just honor to get book that president put off and also the medium. he's one of my favorite presidents. >> all of the proceeds go towards helping that in need. >> amaze
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>> amazing to hear somebody say in 017 george w. bush is one ever the favorite presidents given when he leaves office he was ranking to the bottom and i cannot think of another president who in search a short period of time rehabilitated not only his image but struck out on this completely different pathen everybody thought george w. bush would be accomplished painter the way he has and the way he's looked at when he talks about being in the spotlight and what he sees his role as the president dancey as. it's been rashable to listen. i don't know if you seen any of the interviews he's done. >> it's a fascinating look at how presidency changes dramatically over times after you leave the white house and control and affect it and improve it. >> i remember when he left office he had a great line. somebody asked if he would be worried about how history would portray him and the president said we will be dead in history and i don't care about that. >> you might be right. >> "fox5" on the hill coming
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there's a place in america where you can almost see russia. which means there's a place in russia where you can definitely hear america. music: ♪ we salute you...... ♪ music: ♪ we salute you...... ♪
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>> the whitehouse press sent will be a new face name in your house but he has been around the white house for sometime and in ways you might not have expected an old photo of spicer dressed up as easter bunny. in 2008 after bush president depy was dug out by
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writer. "fox5" on the hill. >> fox news start wtd chris wallace is next. thank you four joining us. we'll see you next week. z29kwz zstz y29kwy ysty
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