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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 6, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ straight ahead did a sitting us president wire tap a riflerie candidate? that's whats president trump claims in seriee of tweets fired off over the ovt weekend. week now the fbi wants to know wheree he's getting his we'll have a live report. a new scandal strikes theiks u.s. marine corps. nude photos and crude commentsde on social media.edia women the targets. marines the alleged perpetrators.perp i'm bob barnard.m bobarn we'll have live report. another round of metroof m maintenance is underway butndway ride
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coming up the major tollol safetrack has had on customer satisfaction.satisfac and later -- ♪♪ not a bad week for captainan kirk. ki the redskins quarterbackrt celebrating a big pay day and his first baby on the way.ay we'll show you the adorable announcement from his wife andwe tell you why he's turning to to fans of the burgundy and goldndd for little help now. good i was dat 9a starts now.. ♪♪ i'm letting it play tore wisdom. the more beiber the better on bt good day. a minute past the hour on ourn march 6th. i'm steve chenevey, alongside holly, maureen and wisdom wdo martin. mart >> we'll talk about the wizardsh because the wizards are provingo that that trade was a good move. bog dan fifty seven training eight three pointers.three inte >> i believe it's boyan. >> whatever.haver. >> three pointers.>> three poi [ laughter ]
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>> three pointers. ps. any way they were powering per washington to a last minute come from behind win.d we'll have all the highlightsigs and the correct pronunciation of his name.s [ laughter ] >> maybe we'll give him ae hia nickname.ckna >> or we'll give him a nickname. >> exactly. >> there are a lot of consonants in that name. n >> why can i buy a vowel. vow >> let's talk about thiset weather.'s weat lingering chill in the air aftet a bitter cold weekend.. >> another warm up is on them ut way.wa tuck has got all the detailset with a first check of the o forecast. hey, hey, tuc >> good morning, thank you. good yes, cold temperatures overnight. cold weekend we only made it to 40 yesterday. we're fndeaturi wnge ng mild temperatures today.te i don't call it warm.mpn't ll i. we'll be in the 50s thiss afternoon, but good 15 degrees5r or so, 15 plus degrees warmerare than where we were yesterday. 38 now in washington. winds are out of the south a big player in the forecast today with winds out of the southin we'll pump in that warmerds opu tethmperatures a little later tr afternoon.afrnoo beautiful sunrise got greatgot t pictures of the sunrise early ey this morning starting to seertis some clouds moving from theng fe
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west and there's some rain showershoe out to our west as well.el we'd love to get the rain today. we're not going to get the raine showers but we will get the wilt cloud cover.. so as the warmer air lifts intoi the region we'll get more more e than clouds this afternoonthis n mostly cloudy afternoon withnoow temperatures in the 50s to stara your monday h start your work week.t yourk we. there's your temps later thishi afternoon. 57. i think it will still feel cooll with cloud cover but it will bel the actual air temperature will be good 15 plus degrees warmermr than yesterday.rday. 60s on the horizon. theoriz tuesday, wednesday, and maybebe some snow on that seven day. d. details coming up. >> it's still winter. w >> that's true.s ue. >> yeah. >> i now it was going to happen. >> yeah right. e g tonew we were going to getw some. >> me too. >> yeah right. right. >> i hope you're right.. >> we hope so too. >> leave your longjohns putohut away. yore f fine. >> new details about this crash right here in southeast d.c. it happened at an apartmentrt ildiding there. a little after 4:00 this morninr along good h
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what we know now the suv hitit another car along good hoped h court before continuing on andnd then viking a gas line in frontn of the apartment residents were activated after t smelling a strong gas odor butdt have since been let back insides no injuries reported.d taking you now to arlingtont where officials are investigatei a deadly house fireals there.he one person died after flameser e torched this home this is onth i south grant street.t str it happened last another person was rescued fromu the fire and is in a virginiaa hospital center with life-threatening injuries.njie we're told firefighters were dealing with hoarding conditiona inside the home. >> our other big story thisto t morning brewing war between the white house and fbi followingol president trump foss' explosive claims former president obama wire tapped him.aphi >> fbi director asked theed t justice to department to publicc real gelling those claims. melanie this morning live onn capitol hill with the latest fof us. mel?me >> reporter: good morning, goodr guys. also sunday this pretty p extraordinary as well.el. the white house askingsk congressional republicans to t help find evidence to provero president trump
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so far that's been illusive. republicans in the white houseou are scrambling to defend president trump after he accused president obama of ordering wire taps of trump tower during the election. >> we have a dou standardtandard here anonymous sources. sources you know the media are so quickq to rely upon them for everything including these leaks any type p of a russian connect anonymous sources when the negative andatd derogatory toward this towthis president. >> reporter: so far there's been no evidence to back up the president's claims. he tweeted about over therhe ekendnd. >> the president of the unitedf states does not have the authority to unilaterally ordero the wire tapping of an americane citizen. >> reporter: many are left a l wondering why the president pree would make these claims if theyy werun't true. and the fbi is reportedly askink the justice department to deny mr. trump's claims. >> president himself said that t that was on obama's because they haven't saidai definitively that there was no wire tapping of donald trump
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>> reporter: leaders of the of house and senate intelligencelic committees here on capitol hill both of them republicans havens issued statements saying thatntt they will go forward with thesee inquiries with thesein investigations into president trump's claims of wire tapping. also, there does seem to bem o growing support not only on capitol hill but also in public opinion about calls for perhaps a special prosecutor to take tak over any investigation related to russian connections and the election. elec live on capitol hill, melanie mn alnwick fox5 local news.s >> also white house officialwhit says plans are on track for thet president to sign revisedrese immigration ban that new orderwd expected to remove iraq from thr list of countries on the 90 dayd travel ban and remove language u that seemed to give priority tot christians. it would also no longer sin single out syrian refugees fors an indefinitely ban.y the new order has been in theor works since a federal courtourt blocked president trump's t initial evident.l e. d.c. police stepping up patrols in thestep upscale
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neighborhood northwest after aea woman claims a man broke into it her home, tied her up, assaultes her and robbed her friday nighty along california street. this is not from s where the obamas and ivanka trauma and red tillerson all live.tin no word on a possible suspect. s >> now to shocking report. rep the defense department ist i investigating reports that some marines shared naked photographs of female marines, veterans and other women on a secret facebooo page. page. >> and some of those picturesom were allofegedly taken without e women our bob barnard joins us livens from the pentagon with the witht disturbing details of this. bob? >> reporter: yeah, maureen, it n was a combination of picturesre that women may be had taken of o themselves and shared with ad a partner. the partner thenpa leaking themo this private facebook page. p or in some cases, the allegatiog is that marines followed felloww marines women who were eitherit officers or enlisted and took tk pictures of them just out and a about posted them on this marine's united facebook page,
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and then illicitted comments.ome comments that were crude and a aggressive some of the photos not only had the pictures buts b also the women's names, their ranks, their duty station and ad again these were active duty and some veterans. allegedly done by marinesarin themselves.thse now, this facebook page again ii private basically for nave coreo men and marines. but has 30,000 members.. and some of the photographs illicittedly something like 2500 comments. now, some of the women have beee identified. most we don't know who the y are.y are and their names have not been publicized to us but are under investigation by the naval the v criminal investigative service.. now the marine corps well awaree of this.. word went out over the weekend to generals across the marine tr corps this had first come out ii online publication called the war room which is written byy marine veteran himself.. and
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stream news this morning butornb it's been known among the ranksr over the weekend and beingei investigated here at theere at e pentagon. the marine corps has put oututut this statement.nt these are a few lines from the statement that the marine courtc put out. put marine corpsou is deeply concerd about the allegations regardingi the derogatory online commentsot and sharing of salacious sac photographs in marines unitedesi much the marine corps takes tes every allegation of misconductnd seriously, allegations off misconduct are thoroughlyughl investigated.ated. and then this. this behavior destroys moral, erodes trust and did he grades the marine corps does not condoneoec this sort ofon behavior which w under minds its core values. vue again, guys, these were were combination of photos of women that they had taken themselves,e nude photographs, and sent to ao partner who somehow then put them on this facebook page, andg other that is were taken without their knowledge and put out on this private marines unitedd facebook page. p currently under investigationtin heret
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guys? >> disturbing to say the least.l you know, wisdom and i weresdome talking about this.ta i know it's a private facebook page. but really when you put anythinh on facebook, is it private? pvae >> it's never going to stay to s private.iv >> it's out there forever.s ther >> right. >> anybody can get it all the takes is somebody -- i meandy ca don't have to hack it. to hat. once you put it out there it'sh' there. ther >> it's out there. >> yes. >> yes. >> disturbing. that many people were --people - >> part of it. >> part of of it. >> exactly. >> which makes you wonder how long was out there before t bef somebody blew the whistle on it. >> exactly. 1010. keep it in d.c. one of dc'sc' busiest fire station wil reopen. d.c. bowser will launch thell le reopening of engine company 16.y now that's in northwest d.c. now, fully renovated for efficiency, safer routes andte gender inclusive accommodationsn for firefighters.iger it was closed months agoonthag underwent a $9 millionllion renovation. so the mayor will join council u member jack evans and fire chief gregory dean and others leadersa at 11:00 o'clock this morning ti
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stioion. great news.s >> absolutely. time right now 9:10. another roundtime of safe trucku construction kicked off over the weekend an new snapshot of customer satisfaction shows thew on-going rehab work taking ataki toll on riders.ll on rids. erin como joins us live nexts li with all the details. later, eating healthy without sacrificing flavor.gla coming up we'll show you how toh take better care of your bodyour with the hottest and healthiest edible trends. trends.
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♪♪ >> 9:14 is the time right now. safetrack surge 13 it's officially underway. good news isacoffi that the las- last major blitz of metro'set track work.ack or >> but the bad news for metro,, all that work is leaving a badad taste in rider's mouths when ith comes to customer satisfaction.. so our resident metro expertxper erin como drove on into the loft. she has details now. hey, erin.n. >> holly, that's's this is the first weekdaye firse morning impacted by safetrack surge 13. lasting the first phase throughe april 1st and then the secondec phase through april it's single tracking on the blu and yellow linone between braddc road and huntington van dornor
9:15 am
trains running every 24 minutess so riders having to adjust todjt that pattern in in addition too that now yes yellow rush servicr between franconia springfieldine and green belt. bel blue and yellow riders froms fro virginia to leave early consider car pooling or taking metro buss to get around that one. no surprise here safetrackafra taking a toll on riders actualll view metro. new data is showing just howng much of an impact the safe truck work is having on reliabilitylil and customer satisfaction.ctio our metro contributor martin mti dicaro exclusively obtained metro's latest annual reportualp card known as vital signs. 70% of rider trips were trips w considered on time last year.r meaning a third of trains weree late.. and customer satisfaction issfan below metro's target rate. only 66% of rail customers arere satisfied. but despite those findingssa, martin join us earlier to sayo the work is not all bad. >> some reasons for optimism ins this report, allison. the bus fleet gre
9:16 am
last year.ea rail cars finally startedta showing signs of life as we thet oldest and least reliable carsic are being weeded out of thed oue system and the new 7,000 seriesr rail cars are coming online also metro retrained some of its mechanics in the yards so theyds can properly fix the rail carsar and they're having fury pete failures. >> martin also uncovered howncoh much metro plans to raise faresf in july. in j they'll increase ten to 25 cente a trip on the rail and bus byusy quarter.que curious to see how riders keep up with the fair increase. if you have anything you want tn weigh let us knowyt how metro io treating you #gooddaydc.oddaydc i hear it all morning from ourmo friends on twitter. so let us know what you think.nk >> people on twitter not shyot about it. >> no, they're not.>> no,hey'ret itt it all out. >> it's tough when you're doingo the work to try to make system s better but you're disruptingdis things and then you raise faresf on the surface people not happyh >> no win siatio >> right. we've all been waiting for trait when you need to get somewhere.e it can be frustrating for sure.. >> safety first. fir. >> erin, thank you.>> >> thank you. e>> thank you 9:16. p disney feeling theli t backlash after one o
9:17 am
characters comes out closet. little later kevin sitting downn with the actor at the center ofo this controversy.. >> we'll checky what's makinghen had he lines this morning. lin allison what you got for.otor >> a possible hate crime ine c washington state.shin a bird flu outbreak at tysonss and a new record run at the nfll combine and how the wrong shoes caused one would be player his open we'll be right back. bk. ♪♪ ♪
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20 minutes past the allison joins us once again with a check of the other stories making headlines this morning. alut?ess usof tdlin >> hi, steve . ste. first up the fbibi investigating a possible hate crime in washington state.ta police are searching for gunmann who they say targeted his victii over his faith. faith the shooting happened in suburbs of seattle on friday. the 39-year-old was working inki his own driveway when the man t came up and told him to quote gg back to your own country.ountry he then shot him in the arm. arm victim is member of the seek faith male observers offer covev their heads with turbins whichuw is why police believe the gunman targeted him. h. developing out of northlopi korea overnight another ano provocative show of force.e shoe south korea says the north nth launched four banned ballistic t missiles towards the sea ofhe of japan.n the missiles flew aboutmissiles 600 miles east before lanning ii the water.e r the move was made in an apparena reaction to annual joint military drills being conducted by the us and south korearills . happening today, in our area the man accused of shootinghoing inside a dc p
9:21 am
cotrt. edgar welch plead not guilty ini december welch accused of firinn shots inside the comet ping-pon- in northwest d.c. after readinga a fake news story that claimed m the restaurant was at the centen of a child sex ring organized by hillary clinton's presidentialnt campaign. tennessee officials say afiy commercial chicken breedingen bn facility has been hit by a beeh strain of the bird flew.le tests confirm the facility in i lincoln counsel teen and 30 30 other poultry farms about 6-milt radius of the site are now undeu quarantine. officials say the incident poseo no risk to the food supply,y, though, and no affected chickens entered the food chain.ha and finally, college star nfl hopeful john ross gettingost praise for breaking the nfl combine 40-yard dash record.hd. he ran it in 4.22 seconds, butdt he will not get his own privacyy adidas had offered a privaterite island you'll remember valued at $1 mill
9:22 am
could break the 2008 record of 4.24 but the catch they had to o be wearing a deed today's cleatt to win. win. and ross was wearing nike cleats.ea too bad. to but steve you say he's going toi be okay at the end cast it. >> i think it work out better oe for him in the end. e because nike immediately signede him to endorse many deal. dea the same company that has tha hs michael jordan and lebron james and, you know, what i was hopinh would come out of this, because adidas said in the fine print w said this last week you had toet wear the shoes if you broke thee record to get the island.o get s but they still haven't said hend where the island is. i >> you can't cal. island they get to choose of atf value up to $1 million much i m was kind of hoping since theyhot didn't have to give it awayit a maybe they'd come out and say s this was the island we were going to give away. >> i >> i don't know how lucrativeuci the deal is with nicky.ic you might want to throw in theon negotiationing about an island. you get thean island and the de >> i would also argue this. any endorsement deal is great
9:23 am
were going to get adidas or nike i think nike is the number one.e >> you want the one where they e came to you specifically notcalt just some random person thatnha broke a record.ecd. >> right. >> look, i mean, i think h>>e de it the right way he's known forr being fast. he's been fast in college. colle it's his thing you got to go t with the shoes that are mostt comfortable in.coor not trying to win an islandslan trying a future on an nfl team. >> exactly. money youough money y can buy your private land in this country you don't have to worry about an >> private land in this country. >> or you can buy an island or a whole state.. >> he's winning. >> i think he's winning. wni >> his draft stock went up significantly. >> number three receiver now.ecw it work out wk out we eating better and taking care of your body without sacrificingcen flavor. flavor coming up lifestyle expertxpt nicole young will share the wile hottest and most deliciousus edible trends. wisdom? >> all right. aboucwe'll talk about tucker barnes because he's comi
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warmup that's on the way, and when we can see some rain.e r >> and fresh at 10a, the wrong direction former 1d star louie tomlinson arrested at lax and id was all caught on camera.amera plus, our first look at the alla new love actually sequel inn which two stars have tied the knot. kev haven't sits down with kingn skull island star samuel l.aml jackson what he told him about o the latest reboot and why he and could end up the new voce of fox5.x5 yes. ye and later, yes, there's more.rem local pizza chain marks ain mara milestone and this morninge an they're cooking with como.thom right now 9:24. 9:24. we're back after this.s. >> and there's more. m ♪♪ ♪♪ define your brows. express yourself. brow stylist definer from l'oreal. the ultra-thin tip recreates tiny brow hairs. the spoolie brush blends effortlessly. now brows get their most precise look yet.
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♪♪ >> that wasn't core graphed atg all. 9:27 is the time.e time for the good day sports sps report first up call them thehe come back kids wizards last homm game for awhile taking on then t orlando magic.agic. bradley biehl twists his ankleik in the first quarter forced to r least game, but hey he returns s to score 30 points.s. >> wow. esche twist it more often. oen >> wizards rallied from 17-poinn deficit thanks to a couple ofpl huge threes down the stretch byh who is that, steve boy yannn bogdanovich.ic. >> do you know what boy yannknon means. >> it means battle. >> wha
9:28 am
>> it's from slovania.. >> okay.. >> that's what the name -- ne that's where the name comes from. >> i'm just saying.. >> i'm just saying.g. wizards win 115-114 wizards war begin a five-game road trip tp tomorrow in phoenix.enix should be able to get a win win there as well meantime newew strategy for the terrible and ww do mean terrible new yorkne knicks. yesterday the team nixed the music videos and other forms ofo entertainment during the first f half of the game.. message posted on the scoreboarr the team said the motivation was to allow fans to quotellow experience the game in its pure tst form which for the knis is losing.g. if the team hoped it would winon would help them win it didn'tt because this what is the knicksk do they're an awful franchise.. >> wow. >> lost to the golden state sta warriors 112-105.10 i'm not breaking news here, maureen. th'r're >> you're so grr with it.rrh i >> they're horrible.rie thank you tucker.u after the game players from the opposing team blasted the move e
9:29 am
>> they're hoping no new music somehow would --w wou >> i don't get tha >> concentrate better.r. >> this is a gimmick. gim because they're >> i was looking up theyey'r the actually won the first half ofil the game yesterday. >> so maybe -- - >> in silence. >> it work.or >> look, they needed to more than turn the music off. >> what do they need to do.o >> they knead to get rid of people. people. >> the music clearly. the m >> that's no fun for the fans.of >> exactly what kind of w experience is that?experi >> is it fun to sit there torture through four quarters qt and watching one player. player. >> being there is part of thehe whole experience part every it.i >> they lost and there was nostd music. mu at least before there was music. >> adds insult to injury. iur >> you don't like it.e i >> it costs so much to go to tho game you want the whole who experience. >> enjoy everything about it. >> i think if you're paying andy you're going to see thef yo knip play play you're getting rippede off any way.f y way >> not if you're a super fan. fn being there can be part of thete fun. >> yeah. >> as long suffering chicago cubs fan -- here we go.e g here we go.e g [ laughter ][ >> all
9:30 am
>> all right. >> you would go knowing theywi were going to lose but at least went, eat the hotdog. >> she heard about people who al went. >> fenway.way. >> good job, maureen. goob, >> you tried. caugught it. >> i'm telling you my sports knowledge is increasing. >> all [ laughter ] united states players mustyt stand respectfully during thenge national anthem before nationala team games the mandate handedane down by dus soccer officials ofs really this happened ondn saturday.rd. the new policy was revealed ata the national federation's annuaa general meeting in hawaii afteri being approved by the board of o directors back in february. febr the change comes after meghan rap pa know kneeled before aw ee u.s. team a against thailand baa in september. you'll remember that. ll rshe caught a lot of now the league taking on the o e issue saying you've got stand. >> taking a stand on standing. >> there you go. hail to the redskinsstan>> and d coach jay gruden happy man this morning two year crack
9:31 am
he's lock um through the 2020 asason. the first coach believe it or or not under dan snyder to receivec an extension.. >> that's an interesting fact.e. >> i believe it too. i >> it doesn't mean they can't get rid of him. they have to pay himd of m hore. >> exactly. ectly >> with the good comes some bad. washington post reportingorng outside linebacker trent murphyr tested positive for performancee enhancing drugs facing four gamm suspension to start the 201701 season he's already appealed sod they made rid of that.e rid may reduce it. i we shall last year he was big contributon to the defense nine sacks, three forced fumbles. >> let's not bring tony romoony into the conversation right now. >> over the weekend there werete reports that the redskins theatd 49ers dud a possible trade thata would involve kirk cousins andna may try to include tony romo asa part of the deal.l. cowboys owner jersey jones saidi nothing factual about theg fa report.ctrepo redskins are off limits.. jones still keeping row employee as a backup to dax
9:32 am
the last teams jerry jones would want to lose a player anybody in the division. >> sure.>> that makes sense.ense >> way too competitive for thata and definitely not want to lose them to the skins a lot of skins fans are also like -- >> please. >> we're good right now. we're ge go >> let's keep kirk. keep . >> tony romo hasn't played ad a full season in like two years.. >> and he's horrible in the the playoffs. >> terrible in the playoffs. i mean, let's not get it confused. this dude is not that good. goo actually when you go past -- pt gets cold outside november,ov december, he's terrible. >> i terrible. terble. >> that's why they're looking ay him going to houston where they got dome.go d >> that may work out for him yoy can't touch him because he'llhis get hurt. >> talked about kirk a lot of lt redskins fans say what's wrongwa with him, why not keep him here? he has another reason toeaso t celebrate aside from the big franchise pay day. $24 million guarantee for one year and you know you're goinge to have a little baby. >> aww. >> his wife julie poste>>d h ain instagram.m. that's bentley their dog with a big announcement aey t humanhe n the kirk and julie expecting theng baby in september.p
9:33 am
season. it will be the first child foror the couple cousins needed helpdp from burgundy and gold fans hese followed announcement with tweet reaching out fora advice. aic saying if i'm going to be dad, i'll need some dad outfits.utfis send me your looks, braided belt, jorts, house slippers --p >> no, no, no. n >> we talked about this.. >> we thought the dad should sho maybe help him out with the dad. >> you don't have to dress liked a dad because you are one. one >> you don't have to go all dadd on them.he wear what you normally wear.ear. be cool. keep your style. don't wear crazy jeans.ns >> i was going to say you haveoh explaining to do.ex plthose one jeans that one zipoi trip. >> i think she's throwing shadea >> major shade. >> it's full on i'm giving it to >> the big question with kirk ii he drives that old conversionono van. >> that's >> now is he going to have tohei trade ngthat i tn for the mini n with the baby now because theec car seat. .. i think so >> he's making so much he canan keep the conversio
9:34 am
a new vehicle.ehicle >> buy a fleet cars. a >> that is appropriate f for bay seat. se >> to avoid the whole bad dad bd thing he needs to b escalade. you can buy a van. you haveyo to buyu an suv.n s you got to stay somewhat cool.oo >> i'm just saying. say do you. >> he is cool. he's going to be fine.ine >> he'll be fine.. >> congratulations. con we're excited for you.citefor y. >> let's talk about this realabr quick. because over the weekend, a, major milestone this is the titans.ti. fourth grade basketball team i s had the pleasure of coaching in clarksburg over the we won our last two games. gam we finish the season four and a four last year we were one ande this year we're four and four. u so this is major.. >> pizza for everybody.verybody. >> wait a minute.>> w what?. >> that's right, people. peoe. wisdom got the kids pizza. pizz. >> that's right.right. >> what? >> today kind of drinks. >> fountain drink.ntn dr s soda? >> sugary soda.>> sary >> again the rule y.e y >> first of all, wisdom, congratulations.ra i hope you get the contracttr extension.tensn. >> exactly. >> i don't know about that, steve. >> second of all, did we just'tt not have very influential peopll that said the way y c
9:35 am
inspire your team was to throwo them a pizza party. >> that's right.ight ketch coach malloy said that im said if ya'll win i toll thel parents, i toll the parents ween were going throw a pizza partyar if they won and they did win. w i'll give a shout out -- coach h craig whose big head was rightat there assistant coach made a bia difference helping out with thee team. he was in that picture shout ouo to him. >> no way he has a bigger head a than you. you sereriously. >> that's true. that'ue four-four you earn it.. miles they did fantastic job. >> congrats. you've been tough on these kidss and this shows that, you know, o that tough attitude makes themae >> either that or i was a bad b coach then won inspite of me. of let's go with that.ha >> he's all talk and fun-lovingn dad and coach hence the pizzaza and soda.oda >> it's all an act. >> good. >> congratulations much that'sat exciting. let's check in with tucker now.o h tuck now talk a little weather.ea it was legitimately cold this t weekend.weeken >> oh, yeah.>> o it was like -- like winter cold. >> finally february weather inar march.
9:36 am
>> can we go back to that back a picture of wisdom i got a question for you. y >> go ahead.o >> young man in the front whyan does he look like i hn e's cryiy >> because he couldn't believen we won four games. g [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. gh. oh, my gosh. gos with this terrible coach we wonw four >> brought to tears. >> that's owen over there acting --ti [ laughter ]laught beige meg al. >> all right. rig he was surprised. pleasantly surprised.ised all right.> al. ve ive it. cool and cloudy today.od yeah, cold weekend.. yesterday we only made it to 40 degrees.egrees. 40 degrees. that's it. 38 now in overnight lots of 20s off to tht north and west.rth anwest hanging on to freezing tepp here in frederick 32 degrees.s. 36 out at dulles. at dus. just 38 in fredericksburg.cksb so chilly start to the day. day we are actually with a southerlu breeze going to get to pumpget m these temperatures today.ay. and we should enjoying highing h temperatures in the mid to upper 50s this afternoon.erno milder afternoon to look forward to. to i do want to mention the cloudsd quickly notifying from the soutr and west it will be mostlyostl cloudy day today.. so not the bright
9:37 am
we had yesterday.. but trade off will be warmermer rain desperately needed runningg a drought around here.e. very dry winter as well veryler mild winter, and that rain shower activity holds off until top. we'll get a cold front throughnh here tomorrow and fingers fgers crossed we get a couple showerso around here. 50's today. warm air lifts in tonight. mildi overnight. and then mostly cloudy tuesday.y with some scattered showers developing in the afternoon. again, not a soaking just someom scattered showers around hereer for the afternoon tomorrow. but it will be very warm wm tomorrow.torrow temperatures will be well intoln the 60s. maybe mid to upper 60s tomorrowo all right. rig fast forward the future cast tomorrow morning you can see we got cloud cover and then therene we go. scattered showers by tuesday t late afternoon that's at 6:30.. i'm not going to put a dent inn our drought but at least we gott a few showers around tuesday.uey wednesday and thursday look l fantastic right back into thetoe 60s then just a heads up here. . that next weekend we're going tt forward the clocks we mayweay forward ourselves backwards intt some w
9:38 am
by saturday night and sunday.. so it's a long way off.ayff a lot can happen.. this winter hasn't panned out but there's always hope for us snow lovers maybe saturday nighg into sunday we'll get a littlell something. that is a weather update. holly i'll toss it back over toe >> thanks tucker idea of eatingi right and staying fit and fit a healthy on the minds of everyone. living a healthy lifestylele doesn't have to be bland or blar boring there are many ways thata you can stay fitre m withoutho sacrificing flavor.lar. and our next guest is here to t show us all how. how. let's welcome lifestyle expert and author nicole young to theil good day cafe.good day c she's here with the hottestst edible wellness trends you should be inn corping into youru lifestyle. good morning.. >> good morning. >> good to see you. you >> nice to be here.e to be here. let's get right it to this is news people can use thet first big trend out there that t you see a lot is meat lesses monday. >> that's right. giving up meat even just one>> d a week can lower cholesterol, it can lower your blood pressure and it's a good waypr to lower your carbon footprint.tprint. >> this is meat altoet
9:39 am
you're talk talking chicken, fish, red meat.. >> everything animal christie tofu stir fry i madefr and it's really delicious.icus the made with just noodles youoo can use any kind of noodles youu want i usually low carb noodlesl shier tacky shooter noodles you can use zucchini noodles, rice noodles whatever noodles youleso the key to flavor the tofu.u >> when i hear tofu i kind of shiver. >> no. >> i'm going to have you justngy whisk this a little bit.tle b marinade i use this is peanut butter, some sesame oil, soy sauce and rice wine virga.e vira you would cube the extra firmraf tofu. you know, you soak the pieces ii there for about 20 to 30 minutes. >> oh, okay. your youown them in skillet. so you treat them as if it's me.t. you marinate them and -- >> give them flavor. once you brown that you add in your ingredients,wn p tepper,r, mushrooms, little bit of of threaded carrot and this is wha you come up iyo wu ant to you try it and tee what you think of the taste.te >> i'll taste. tte i'm going on record i'm
9:40 am
tofu lover.tofu lover. >> that's what most people think. i wasn't myself either until iel eithgot into really seasoning id giving it flavor. what do you think? >> doable.>>oabl >> it's hewell actually prettyuy good. >> that's way i wanted to hear.r it's it's actually pretty good.d >> you have to player the tofu.t you'll feel like it's bland. >> that does give you makes yous feel like you're eating meat iti gives you the substance it's ata real meet.eet >> extra firm the texture itu i like. it has body.itas b it has like flavor sort of likee real meat would.real >> all right.>> right next big trend you might see a loft of people talking aboutng apple cidar vinegar. vinegar. what exactly is it and how in hn the world do we incorporate ito in our our >> great way to inn corm intoor your diet -- what it is, it's vinegar fermented from apples.f. >> okay. >> so basically iy.t's great fot digestion, it can also help outt with heartburn. a lot of people say it helps hes with weight loss. >> oh. >> i added it to a iced tea. tea >> this is just cold brewed icee tea with lemon juice, applepple cidar vinegar.da tha that.
9:41 am
to the next level you can actually make it booze see n.ex. i like to add mass could you.ul. >> do you know what that is.know >> yes.>> >> i'm familiar. this is moscow i love because ie got a smokey flavor. f >> it goes between -- reallyea yummy.yumm >> chili and chocolate. and clae goes really. rea do you want to try the spikedhee one. >> if i have to.ha to. 5:00 o'clock somewhere, >> >> that is good. >> that tastes like a drink yous would order o lutik at a bar. a >> exactly. speaking of drinks --inks- >> speaking of cleaning up your cocktails isls another trend.nd so in order to have a cleane aln cocktail you have to start witht a clean >> okay.>>. >> clear spirits that are not,te you know, loaded way lot of sugar. >> go to yoga first. >> make sure your glass is clean. start off way clear spirit. >> your mind is clean. >> clean mind, clean cocktail. vodka, tequila clean spirits.ts gin as well. >> okay. >> this is a watermelon martinii i made just fresh watermelonermo juice with a little bit of lemon juice in it
9:42 am
rika vodka it's very clean made from iceland glacier springlaers water. >> that's the cleanest water yoa can find in the world.te wowow. >> it's refreshing, light. lig >> really refreshing. >> isn't that nice. >> that says summer to me.says we've got a minute left. >> one more cocktail great gre expectations cocktail.ocail. try this one. one like that name. >> fresh grape juice. >> i like the rosemary in therer >> this is gin. it's got floral fruit forward flavor. >> wow. >> isn't that nice . >> garnish it with rosemary.y. another great clean cocktail. ct >> these are amazing we'll havev all these recipe on our website. highly suggest you check themhem out before we go -- >> probiotic.>> p. >> you get from yogurt. active cultures great for for digestion and your gut keepingke everything -- >> i feel like i've heard aboutt probiotics this has been a trend for some time now and even pushp it on kids. >> yogurt is great way to incorporate this into your diete i did mexican chocolate yogurtor
9:43 am
plain yogurt little hint ofe o instant coffee and cocoa powdere on top.. >> try that and see what youd eh think. >> okay.kay >> that in nice.ic. >> you get your probiotics in a sweet that is so good. >> is this like, what would be e serving size. >> i'm big into the mini vessele if you're having a party do d these little minute niece putiet them on tray. o you can also do, you know, your typical eight, 16-ounce >> sure. >> you do like one part yogurt -- yogurt -- [ laughter ][ >> tumbler. you can ma ick that booze see if you want to do.seu want t >> there you go.>> t you go. nicole young how do people findi you. >> a lot of my recipes instagraa at nicole young style. style >> i loved each and everyone off them and i feel better to be a part it. it. >> glad to hear it. >> back over to ya'll.ll. >> feel good watching you.. >> a lot of those foods areds a rated r.ted r. >> not going to happen.appe. wolverine rated r. last chapter set, box office records in the letter r. r. beauty
9:44 am
responds to the gay character cr for disney.ey kevin joins us live from los angeles with all of those details. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in stomer satisfaction jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone. l for $79.99 per month, r the first year with a o-year agreement. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. go to or call 1.888.get.fios get the best. get fios.
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9:46 am
♪♪ she's like you. very much like you.ry muclike ♪♪ >> i'm not whatever is youhateo think i am. a >> she needs our help. >> whether it was r rating oring
9:47 am
logan a bonafide box office hith in its first weekend for detaili on that and what else is makingm headlines out of hollywood let't head there. los angeles, california that'sor where kevin mccarthy is thiss ts morning. hey, kev, good morning. m >> good morning, steve. logan crushed at the box office. unbelievable.ev i think a lot of people weree questioning whether or not ringh rated super hero film in then x-men universe could do that dot dead pool was a huge filmil obviously but logan being such a big character from pg13 x-men13x films over the years.ea this is the largest wolverine opening ever the fifth largest e rated movie ever opening which w ise.uge. this opened bigger than 50 tn adeses of gray. i mean that's a pretty big deal. and you know, it kind of just os shows you that the -- that the comic book audience really wants to see the comic book characterh in this natural form. i mean pg rating has been h b holding things back and it's nos because of the violence vlenc specifically it's about thehe emotional consequences theses t characters are going through.
9:48 am
i mean i know -- this is as fictional environment.iron clearly but you're dealing witht a guy with, hooks has claws on his hands but there is an emotional core to him. h that's what the beauty thisuty i movie did in james mangold phenomenal film maker. $237 million worldwide thisldwii weekend. 85.3 in the united states.te massive numbers.bers. i mean like i think this is t ts going to open major doors foroof other r rated super heroes forms and 20th century fox is really r ahead of the curve here. he. it's very cool what happenedwhat with the box office. offic >> one of the reasons you're oue there in la because you sat doww with the beauty and the beast b cast. i know everyone is reallyy anxious for that come out thisut friday.. but i also would guess thatue everybody including yourself was really anxious to talk to josh gad given the news that hast h broken surrounding the story the movie.vie. >> sure. the film it's openin march 17th and it is the basedas otosis knee classic the in '91 animated film whi
9:49 am
everyone knows and loves, and to catch people -- i'll keep thisep brief.hi what ended up happening a few week the director bill condon c released an interview withew w attitude magazine, and in thatha interview he said that there wae a quote exclusively gay moment unquote in the film and he wentn on to explain that lefu josh jh gad's character, you know josh j gad because he voiced olaf fromo frozen, he says "lefu is i somebody on one day wants to beo gaston and on another day wants to kiss gaston much he'such he's confused about what he wants.ute it's somebody who is realizingea he has these feelings. feeli that's a quote from thete from h interview did he. the bigin question is, why did e say this if it wasn't supposedtp to be a huge deal? i meann obviously the media attentioneni and the story has blown up. holly, you and i were discussini this the other day off the air. and i think they should haveink handled it the way they handledl the ellen degeneres story linetn within finding d
9:50 am
had the two women who were witness baby and they said up tt your interpretation. int because to me when you're youe watching beauty and the beast, when you're watching the movie,v it's a very subtle thing and i like the way they put it in thee it wasn't like over stated. ste to me it was just a normal -- ii was normal thing to see in thesn film. so i think this whole story bleb up and i spoke to josh gad aboug what his feelings were on theee media attention and the when wee get back from the soundbitendbi we'll talk about the two placesa that are possibly banning thisnt movie because of this.ofhis. watch this. >> the movie is so subtle.o subl it's a beautiful normal thinglhi that happens in the movie.appens i think it needs to be that wayy >> i appreciate that.reciate tha i feel like the whole conversation has been sadlyn wildly blown out of proportion.. >> agreed. >> i feel like -- i hope there'e a time in which this -- this something like this isn't even n story. >> thank you. here a to me there are far more contar mroversial things in thes movie like the fact that in my opinion my horse hates fat hes people. >> yeah. >> through me off of him everyfe opportunity he got.opport i
9:51 am
>> like to me was the most discriminatory thing that hammem on the set and i am pressingm es charges again the horse.agai >> i completely agree.. >> whose name ironically wasyas buddy.dd [ laughter ] >> but thank you kevin. >> it is interesting to hear hi say that. i think that part of the reasona this is become such a big dealia is because of director giving that interview, i think it was meant to be initially just aust moment that happened in thepenet it was supposed to be subtle. sl and it's become this big thing i now. it's become so big that a a theater in alabama is boycottinn the movie they wrote a wholele entire facebook post why they're boycotting it.ting it. they were citing elements fromso the bible in regards to why they were going to be boycotting thee movie.movi it gotten to a point now where i read an article on cnn the other day how russian officials are under pressure possibly banning... >> it's become a massive massive thing.. >> yeah.
9:52 am
>> okay. looks like we're having problemb with kevin's sun along with russia i read someeas other countries are looking to i ban the movie as well because of so-called gay scene. s beauty and beast getting bst g attention whether it's good ordr bad, who really knows?no we talked about it here. >> it would have beent interesting to see what hadst happened had the directoring nn said anything about it and not n done an interview with -- not--n brought it out in this magazine that caters to a gay audience when he talks to a magazine thaa caters to a gay audience andaude starts talking about thatha character being gay you put itut out before before the moviefore comes out you're going to get gt the attention whether it's right or wrong the attention is goingi to come. com he knew it was going to >> he knew it was coming. so -- >> burying the lead drive insns still do exist.xi that's a drive a d >> that's a drive in in alabamaa that's >> who knew. >> 9:52. we'll be right back. 'll be righ.
9:53 am
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♪♪ it's cough tee time on good day dcf you've been eyeing our goodg cool mugs listen up we now havee new good day dunkin' donuts mugt to give away perfect cup f
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great dunkin' donuts cuff feenkn head to' oro our facebook page a d.c. to entert our mug contest. const. one lucky random selected byd random drawing. drawi. you only have now until 11am toa enter. enjoy the mug if you get . >> enjoy another hour of goodouo day. the 10a coming up next andnd somebody from one direction wenw the wrong direction.g diion. >> i like that. i le that >> got in a little trouble.roub >> that's a good tease. tse movie i love love actually youll heard there will be a part two.o we have first look at it.lo at i >> we also are sitting down witt samuel l. jackson or kevin did d should say he has a new movie out congress skull island andes fox5 is apparently very big inyg this movie. >> i love.e. that. at. >> that's pretty cool. tha >> and we got new pizza locatiol and we have a new p location. >> and pizza. >> all right, all right, okay. >> all right. we'll talk about that coming up ht, >> all u sam jackson and we have a newew pizza location. i'm tired of
9:57 am
ese e planes. >> oh, wisdom.s ilding ♪♪ g a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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z23wpz z5yz
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y23wpy y5yy
10:00 am
we care about using cage-free eggs. and we care about azing taste. because at hellmann's, we're on the side of food. ♪♪ new at sten legendary actore samuel l. jackson. why is he sayingn sa fox5 a numm of times in new film congressm s skull island? we find out at 10:30a. >> did you see it nicky minajy n pulls a lil kim. k double take have you seen lamar odom's new assistant and justinn timberlake's acceptance speech.e >> did i say a possibility ofliy snow in the seven day.evenay tucker is track wagon we need tt know. the 10a starts now. now. ♪♪ nice. >> feast or
10:01 am
>> we're feasting today.reeast >> we're feasting on drinks. >> giving us a new attitude.. >> a lot of empty glasses theree let's see if we can fill thoseih up by the rental of the show.l s and again. an >> full circle.e >> all right.>> all right. >> have you heard yet?e you ard >> and pizza doing something ahg little different. we'll talk about it.t >> here's a little clue. yeah. >> can't wait to hear more.'t wi >> i'mt to excited. >> cooking with como later. >> one of many things coming upp this hour. >> chock filled 10a do we have h steve. st >> as always.way >> um-hmm. >> so settle down and enjoy.. >> a minute past the hour.ou steve alongside holly, maureen and wisdom. apparently it's also national n are a yo cookie day. >> what? >> what happened.appe >> remember when they were onerh or two flavors of oreos. o >> i remember that my favor a s isville in a la oreo. >> golden oreo.reo. >> why do we not have that.av >> i gave up sugar. member?r? >> i gave up sugar i pick up tht wrong time to give up sugar.uga. i thought you pick it back up. . >> did he.
10:02 am
>> weaning himself from cookieso for while.hi >> what about snickers bars.abou >> that's different.hat's ffer >> oh! >> i haven't had one today. >> hence why he's cranky.ra >> couple hours. ce ho >> you know what i really love. >> what's that. >> the thin ones. >> they have those.ho without so much -- it doesn't have -- the opposite sit ofiteit double stuff. stuff. the problem is you eat doubleatu the amount because you think --- >> you eat the whole sleeve.hole >> that is so good.>>is >> you know the ones i don'tnowh like.e whahat? >> the flavored ones.>> t >> no.he i'm a purist when it comes toes s.eos. >> i'm with you. >> you like the chocolate ones. >> i like the blond oonneess, tt >> those are my favorite. >> the blonds? >> i like the flavored filling.l >> blonds do have more fun, hmof wisdom, thank you speaking ofk i breakfast if you need a littleiu pick me up on this mondayy there's coffee for that, right?t if you're already thinking it's 5:00 o'clock somewhere there's e wine for that. for tt. right? but what if you couldhad actually get the best of bothot worlds. molinari cafe is selling coffee
10:03 am
then rehydrated using accustomum red wine from napa winery. redyed and then roved it's saids to have a blueberry flavor and a half pound bag 20 bucks. >> sold out though. >> really. >> we need a taste test. tastet >> back order right now.r rightw i tried to order some.rder s >> did you drink it do you get y the same results from drinking i lot of wine or no?or n >> are you like up or down? >> exactly. >> picked up or relax. >> reich vodka red bull. r b one is stimulant and the other o is not. fighting within your your body? body >> come out even.ou. >> they basically said because of the way i guess the wine t w works with the coffee, there's e high sugar content in there so s wisdom is off limits, of course --co >> right. >> they said because of the ary saidhug of the high sug content and the coffee you mighg feel like you catch a little buzz but the clock click contenn is so minimal it's not from thef alcohol. alco >> okay. it's just going to be more the flavor than everything anythingr else. >> it probably did taste good. >> i'm sure it does.ablyur doe i'd try it but it's sold out. sl >> it's sold out.
10:04 am
:03.3. let's what's trending. tnding. >> first up let's talk aboutlk a arnold.ld. arnold schwarzenegger had hisad fill of reality tv for now he's' stepping away from nbc celebrity apprentice after just one je season. now the ratings for the show t s weren't great and he's blamingin president trump. trump. >> that went the other way, tooy >> he says the show which the president once hosted when a lo of baggage and after after schwarzenegger took over as hosh in january, the president wasnt quick to criticize him askingg people at a national prayerl pry breakfast to pray for the formeo california governor and act.rmiv the president is stillerno exece producer of the show over ther e weekend tweeted out, arnoldd schwarzenegger isn't voluntarily leaving the apprentice he wasnts fired by his bad pathetichetic ratings not by me, sad end to a great show. sho no word on who might replace arldld. wow! >> wow!>> >> all right. okay. w ht.who would want that job ? >> at this point no one.o one. >> no one. >> okay. if you have an idea of who you o think woul b
10:05 am
apprentice #gooddaydc. >> some people probably want tht former host to do d >> exactly. >> i'm thinking it's run its i course. co after while, yeah, been there,re done that. >> why do you want to keep doin it? >> yeah. >> it should have ended whenouae president trump stopped doing dg it. let the show run out. >> tough to replace.. >> absolutely. absol >> speaking criticism daviding s letterman offing tough love too com immediate 86 comrade.6 c former late show host says het would have handled president trump a little differently thany host jimmy fallon first of all loving the beard.ea. >> really. >> totally rocking that and that's the coverally r photo fin a magazine as well.. letterman referenced the momentm jimmy kimmel tussled with the wt president's hair saying i wantg to criticize jimmy i can only o tell was i would have done inin that situation.that i would have gone to work on soo trump but the thing about it isi you don't have to connect a complicated -- you don't haveonh concoct a complicated zero teary cal premise to joke about trump.
10:06 am
tv. he retired after 23 years on the he calls president trump trump pee. >> is he boycotting a razor. r that look is not -- no. >> i can see the whole likele l after working in late night that many years like not watching it. because, you know,.no >> separate yourself from it.f . >> if i'm not working in morning news i might be sleeping in. i >> that's what i'm thinking too. after 14 years love actualla is getting a short sequel this t morning we've got a first lookk behind the the producer emma fraud drummed up p lot of attention with these the tweets of the mini sequeleque supposed to be ten minutes long. hugh grant, kyra, colin firth ch and atkinson are expected tod to rernrn. hugh grant's character is stilli prime minister and now married m to natalie.. the short sequel will give us aa look at where many of theany te characters from the hit film are
10:07 am
now. the short is actually beinglly b filmed for the uk charity comic relief which benefits benefits organizations i wases from the h world. >> isn't that a term limit forim being prime minister?iniste >> maybe he got out of office oc and then ---- >> came back. .> came back in who knows? we'll >> i'll go with it.h it. a lot of attentionttti surrounding the new beattie anda beast movie on the co-star joshj gad and his apparently gay character, emma watson has a has little controversy of her own. she got backlash over van nat nt fair photo shoot for a photo wew scholl you. y we cropped it because the photoo shows little more skin than we w usually do here on good dayood d depend owing want day you watchw it showed her in an open wide jacket with nothing underneath. the scandal. snd several people criticized emmadm saying she be trade her feminisn values by revealing clef scratca in a photo. she responded with reuters withr saying she really didn't knowllk what her breasts had to do witho
10:08 am
>> i agree. >> i thought the whole point of feminism is to do what you wantu to do. to do. >> by the way our researchesrc department known as chris smithi has just found out there are no term limits for prime minister. >> okay. >> hugh grant there you go.h gr >>an still prime minister in th love actually sequel. seque >>s t's okay. >> take it from particle lamb to e e palace now. prince harry and his girlfriendi meghan seeming to going from strength to strength. two spotted together in montego bay jamaica they were attending a wedding of harry's good friend. they were overly affectionate and looked very much in lovee o. they were seen holding hands ana her arm around the prince do yoy those things when you're in whee love. >> exactly. >> there you youo. >> why didn't we show thet shoe pictures of him on the beach? >>h.eah. harry has nice abs.icab >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i thought we do that duringun celebrity dish. >> you can pull up that and addd that to celebrity dish.y d >> let's wrap it up with this. . be careful where you take thatat selfie.
10:09 am
when you step inside thehe infinity mirror's exhibit at the hershorn museum parent somebodyy accidentally broke a pumpkin it side one of the exhibits.exhi two weekends ago a man was m trying to take a selfie with on of the spotted pumpkins.umin when he fell and shattered it. exhibit was closed for couple of days.da. hershorn worked with the artist yo-yo cos summa to the integrity of the installation.. tickets are free but demand madm it hard to get a pair. i mean really? taking a selfiei and you'll crash a pumpkin. >> they encouraged selfies.fies >> i understand.>> i uerst they said take selfies. >> here the bigger day.r d two days the exhibit was closedo people had that tickets those t days -- >> exactly. >> that's true. >> right? >> how do you feel the broke an $800,000 pump glynn that's whats i'm saying. i'm how are you not more cautiouscao take your picture but man you m can't do -- d >> i don't think you're thinking of that you're in there.t re inr you're not thinking about
10:10 am
expensive that is and they're asking you to be interactive.eri once you break it you're like -- >> your live flashes in front of your eyes. >> don't you think all of that a stuff is insured. >> i hope so. bill. bill. him the >> yeah. he didn't get bill.get ll. >>ono. >> the lifetime of embarrassment -- >> enough. >> exactly. once popular classroom ce pon looping its way back int style we're talking about a cursive. remember that? it's making a a come back.come last year more than dozenhan en schools passed laws mandating ag course in public schools. proponents of cursive say therse handwriting style is faster makes for an easier way to taket notes and is also good lifeood skill especially when it comeswc to kids learning how to write w like their signature.ignatu >> i agree.. >> actually writing words onng w paper is a good lifestyle.tyle >> say senate so.eo. >> now a days serve on thehe computer and chrome book in andr school. not that there's anything wrong with technology but man.ogy t m. >> you need to know how to nee write. >> exactly.>>xactly. >> how about this? king kongink returns to the big screen this g weekend and this time around
10:11 am
to bring down the giant ape.. coming up later kevin joins usoi with more from his one-on-one with the skull island star andnd why he could end up new voice of fox5. >> first, though, highlightshl s from the i heart radio music mus awards including jim justinn timberlake inspiring speech andh katie perry's food foe ba pa. p one direction member underbend arrest.. oh, and nicky minaj she was shes letting it all hang out. 10:11 is our time. tim celebrity dish we're serving itg up next.up n ♪♪ ♪♪
10:12 am
10:13 am
this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
10:14 am
>> time for good day celeb didro the dish. >> playing your favorite music. >> oh, my gosh. some of music's biggest stars were recognized at the music' heartrt music awards.. ryan seacrest was the host.est h the chain smokers took em bestot new artist and best dance sog. bruno mars was innovator of theo year the first award of the of e night went to justin timberlake who won best song of the yearhey with his hit song "can't stopt the feeling".ling" and during his speech though thg singer waste nod time sendingen very inspiring message to his th fans. take a listen. >> if you are a black or brown
10:15 am
lesbian or you are trance and -- >> whoo! or maybe you're just'rs sissy singing boy from tennessee. [ applause ] >> anyone that is treating you u unkindly it's only because theyt are afraid or they have have hav been taught to be afraid howafid important you are. [ applause ] >> making a good statement there to everybody watching. meanwhile, we're staying on iyin heart radio music awards because katie perry she actually couldy have used a little friend toriet help her prior to the award awa show. apparently she walk the red carpet with quinoa in her teeth. what? >> first glance the newly single single looked radian as shean as struck a pose at the pose he star-studded event. ent but on closer inspection it turns out perry wasn't justn't j making an entrance with a brand new haircut. it was a couple of unsightedhted pieces of food wedged betweengee her teeth too.r teh to >> what? >> see, that right there is athr sign that you don't have anyveny
10:16 am
because a friend would say --- >> exactly. >> or your stylist who you hirer would say. >> maybe they didn't -- dn' >> before you down there. there who would take a picture andturd zoom in. zo >> like right before she went down she was like shoveling in quinoa?quoa >> no. >> doing make up. >> long night.>> she need add little nourishment. >> i respect her. h >> do your thing.. >> somebody should have had you back, katie.ka listen also making news on theet red carpet at the i heart music awards.ds demi low vat dough no best drest list for her. singer's striking nunnery minedn several people on social mediaim of the tin man from the wizard z of oz.of o however one person described her appearance like this. le thi quote don't get mad at me, okayo i'm not the one who decided toed wear aluminum foil and show up i heart radio awards looking like a freshly wrapped chipotletle burrito "that is harsh.. eighths very good description. i have to say.i have to i think it kind of hits the naie on the head. >> burrito.
10:17 am
>> i tell she could really helpl tune in those old school style dtv's were you had the aluminumu perfect for that.for tht >> poor demi lovato. >> let's talk about oneut one direction.ction lawyer for former one directionn singer louie tomlinson says hiss client was arrested after after photographer provoked and causec the altercation now tmz obtainei video of that altercation.cation attorney martin singer saysger tomlinson was protecting his girlfriend eleanor calder and asked a photographer to stop film at they arrived at lax on friday.fri the photographer made a citizen the police took tomlinson intooi custody he was later released ii due in court march29th. >> you can make citizens arrests >> i wasn't aware of that.are >> and have the police come anda take new n. >> i guess so. so. wow! wow! >> i guess he beat him to the phone.phon >> i don't know. don'tw >> i'm not sure how that works.. >> all right. listen let's head on over to paris because it's fashion weeke there. ther and apparently nicky minaj iss tu
10:18 am
and perhaps paying homage all al the same hello. did you know good day dc madead pasties.paie we don't. we don she instagramed series of photoo showing us not only is she hashs tag unbotherred but she is in fact unbotherred in pasties. pai they were so minimal we had toat cover them up with the good day d.c. logo there. alexandra, tase pass tees to beb exact when fans saw the picks tc they immediately beganeg commenting on how similar the t look was to fellow female mclill kim. you remember her iconic purple l 1999 mtv vha outfit she walk the red he red carpet in anotherer pasty's look in 2001. 2 at the source hiphop musicus awards no word if the pastiesasi will be a peace treaty for nicky and kim. >> doesn't nicky minaj has a beef with everybody.. >> big one right now with -- wi >> that one still going on.stiln
10:19 am
real quick friday afternoon weow want to you take look at this as picture and tell me was think. lamar owe dam was was spotted st around walking around beverly br hills with a woman that looks tt like -- who does she look like?k >> now, if you want me to say khloe -- >> you can say whatever you want to say.ay wnt to say rhe reason we're doing this storyso'r becausee they'r' saying she looks like khloe k kardashian. >> no. >> you don't think so. >> anybody see k yhlouoe. khl >> khloe before, you know, yeary ago before she became fit. >> okay.>> oka >> all right. >> right? >> a lot of people are saying it looks like khloe. >> i guess i can see the hair. i don't think it looks liket tht khloe at all. i'm not going with it.ith it. >> not buying it.>> notuying it. >> not buying it. >> anybody buying it.>>dy buyg . >> nope. n >> going once. >> no. >> going twice. khloe.nk she looks like >> no. khloe and everybody that loves s the kardashian tweet erin como.. that's not a very nice. exactly.exactl khloe looks way better thanbettn that. >> i agree. >> yeah. yea maybe it's the bottom halff that's kardashian esk. >> even -- that lady was likeasl two times the size of khloe. t
10:20 am
old khloe --- >> unfair to khloe. khloe. you know me i'm not a kardashiah defeer.defend. but god bless hershey's beeney's working on herself, right.. >> exactly.>> exaly. >> listen t minus four days d until the live action remake ofo beauty and the beast hitsea theaters and if you are on the fence about whether you'll seeh it, a brand new sick video foreo the film's title song is guaranteed to have you running n to the theater. featuring ariana grand day in ai gown that makes her look likeook the enchanted rose come to lifel and john legend wearing an outfit straight from the prince's closet. >> ariana grande has her hair down.. now theirs news.ews. no ponail. >> look at that dress. lat that i love it music video the perfect owed to gorgeous fairyay tale and proof that they that t couldn't have chosen two bettere people to cover this iconic g song. >> look at her. s.gehe looks gorgeou doesn't she.doest sh >> seriously what's with -- >> and john legend. >> ♪♪ >> sing it, john
10:21 am
>> try not to get swept up inptp the magic.. i dare you.ou i'm already swept up. they sound amazing. >> beauty and the beast! theea >> you think i can get away witw wearing that coat to work?to w >> that's what i'm thinkingg about right now. >> we could wear that red dresse >> that coat is -- well, maybelm not. >> the problem if you wore that dress none of the rest of usf us would fit on the couch. cch >> it would take up one wholene half couch. >> ariana, wear your hair likeal this more often. you lookly not 12. >> ♪♪ >> now i have to say this kind d of makes me excited to want tooo see the movie.see thmovi >> really. rea >> yeah. >> that's the dish for today onh a monday.e di a .nks guys >> zen toll cun christie teigeni speaking of john will he lendl n she had a lot of fun on twittert and award shows.hows. she's opening up about a secret her balance with depression.res. allison will join us later withw details on that.
10:22 am
>> we're toasting and pizzad p milestone the chain about tout t open its 20th location. congratulations, everybody. ery this one is a little different.e but erin is in the kitchen kch putting finishing touches onoues some food and drinks and we'll w celebrate with food, drinks anda pizza when we come back. bac ♪♪ ♪♪
10:23 am
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10:25 am
developments in the case of a transgender virginia teen fighting to use the bathroom he identifies with. just moments ago the supreme court zen the case back to a lower court making a decision. ene justices said they havepeni tsopten d othutt mae of decidina gavin grim has the right to use boy's bath root at his at gloucester county high school.yi the case had been scheduled ford argument this month. thi the case has been handed back tt lower core. the high court's decision decis follows president trump'sows pr decision to withdrawatrl an ordo by former president obamadent o allowing students to use these e bathroom of their chosen gendere get to new video into the it newsroom dc police releasingsi this showing a man attacked atke his van at a gas station this is on 14th street northwest.. back on february 19th.ary you can see what's happeningsap that. that. suspect grabbed the man's bagd but the man fought back going at it with notate one but twout two suspects.ects the victim lost a shoe at onehoe point which you can see there ic didn't stop the suspect eventually gave ups toed the bag back before thee t victim took off. o police hope you might recognizei the suspects or their vehicle vc scene in this photo always alway dangerous to fight back but inan
10:26 am
was able to keep their well just when we thought wo were done with ugwintertime.wini february was pretty warm.y wam. warmest ever.r cold snap this past weekend nott possibly snow this weekend. tucker barnes in the weatherth center with all of that.erh al ck.k. >> that's not over sell it quitt yet. the possibility is there as weit get into next weekend we could c at least a wintry mix around here as winter does not lookoesn like it wants to quit. quit. actually it's funny it feelstee more like winter in march thanat it did in february when we werer seemed like we were hitting 70ig every other day.ev let me talk aboerut springtime r warmup because that's on thehate near term horizon.. 42 now in washington.asng we're already warmer at this thi hour 10am hour than we were alle day yesterday when we only hit y 40 degrees and we're expectingxi daytime highs in the mid to mido upper 50s this afternoon. ano so it should be very pleasant ps day around here i do want towant mention the clouds which willill quickly increase from the southh and west here this afternooner mostly cloudy day today. cloudy but a rain free day. actually, really need the raindt around here we'll get into theno springtime season shortly andrty we'll have a lot
10:27 am
demands and we have been runninn deficit the last couple of months with not much snow and/or rain here most of january andua february. so we need the rfeain looks likk we'll have few showers around an tomorrow but for this afternoono just plain old cloud cover and d again as that warmer air works w in from the south and west and t southerly breeze get the temperatures into the 50 this afternoon.ures i ow a couple of much neededeede showers most of that will be ini the late afternoon but we will l be in the mid to upper 60s tomorrow. with a few spots off to our to o south getting close to 70. 7 so nice springtime temperaturess to look forward to the nextrwaro uplele of days. t then that gradual wear down inn temperatures we get cool againla by friday and saturday. surda we'll see what happens by saturday night and sunday.ay n at least the possibility thehe ingredients are there for a a winter storm or wintry mix or we'll see what happens but but either way we'll swing thewi clocks forward by early sundayun and that. that's the latest weather, guys, back to you ates. >> thank you tucker barnes. 10:27 is the time.. all hail the king. k kevin joins us live from la f la where he finish sitting down d wi t
10:28 am
kong skull island. isl he'll explain why one of the stars could beone the new calln for fox5. back in a moment.
10:29 am
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oh, my gosh.os give me your position.ition >> anybody know what that is.ha >> i don't know, man. [ inaudible ] >> is that a monkey? monke >> what the hell is that? >> somebody talk to me, man. >> fox three fire and kill. >> really? he going to fire att that big old monkey.key >> hope that work out for the te best. best >> that's a clip from the new movie congress skull island.. stars tom hiddleston, brie larson, john
10:32 am
l. jan jackson as members of an expedition exploring a newxpring island who discover amasses apea living on it, chilling relaxingn it serves as reboot of monster franchise and exists as the same universe as godzilla. god over the weekend kevin got a a chance to sit down with theith stores and joins us live withve the reboot, reimage ginning,, redoing, remake. what is this? is this kingking kong's nephew, son, relative.elv >> what's going on here. >> it's king kong. takes place during vietnam war.m >> i know it's king kong that's' the name of the show.e na is this his son? his navy few? his cousin? reb reimagining? what's going on here. >> it's kingg? k ong.whn >> it's king it takes place during thehe vietnam era.m e >> before he goes to new york or after he goes to new n [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry?? >> we're just playing, kev. k >> we're messing with you kevin. >> just go. ahead.
10:33 am
samuel l. jackson one of moomo favorite actors early. so many phenomenal films he wasa the highest grossing actor of all time before harrison ford surpassed him after the forceor awakens.awens couple things that ares thatre interesting are that he's in this film. you heard in that clip he kept t saying fox. f he actually says fox5 like tenie time in the film got to the t point i'm like this sounds likes he's promoting our station.taon i'm trying to get actual clipsll released from the studio of himh saying fox5. we can use that in our promos or something like i spoke to himth about but alsoa the idea of seeing these realsea stunts onset but most m importantly there was a massives film that came out in january jn called split and this is the m knight she'll shymalan film that made $240 million on $9 milliono budget.budget i bring that up because the t ending of split was it was -- it was a combined version of samuem l. jackson film unbreakable.aka. so i spoke to sam jackson aboutt what he
10:34 am
sequel kind of to his movie unbreakable from 15 years agoeaa and he seemed pretty excitedit about maybe getting back into the role of mr. glass.r. gss watch this. >> one thing i love about thiss film they have supposedly packly happening much the helicoptersip falling. the what things onset blew you awaya that were real? like i meanea were guns being really fired fid with blanks? we always firesir guns.ns. >> yeah.>> y >> yeah. i was always shot by the guy they -- shocked by the guy theyy set on fire that was running rug around because every time they'd say cut they'd douse him anddoma then go, juice him back up andnd go smear -- light him first before they'd say action. dude, the like -- but i think ii get paid for every time they get it will. >> each individual it will time. >> yeah. >> that's cool.. >> taking falls or whatever thee get paid per fall.
10:35 am
>> one thing i know one of yourr favorite movies was unbreakable. i actually have my unbreakablene ticket with >> oh really?>> oreal >> i've been saving it forbeen v years. i just saw m knight shymalan --- >> you saw split. >> i saw split. did you se seaw s it? what didy think about the connection good i seen split. >> what did you --en shat diu -- >> the ending? >> yeah. sounds like i'm going to gete m another job soon.soon >> would you want to dot something more with it? >> well, supposed to be three ii the beginning. >> really? >> it was always supposed to be a trilogy. trilogy >> that's awesome. >> so i was like really bumpedyd when we didn't do the other twot any way.any wa maybe now we'll get to it.. >> did m knight give you a calll and saying this is happening at the endhis is of split before yw it or were you surprised. >> i made a new moviere calle ye split and i want to you see it.. i was like, okay. cool. he's like, no, i want to set upu a screening so you can see it. i was like okay.y. thehey did. and i saw i i was kind of like ---- >> that's cool. >> okay. what's happening.what i called him and said, y
10:36 am
really great movie. mov so what's the plan? he said sai well let's see how this movie does first. first. i think it's been successfull enough that he might want to wt pursue that.hat >> by the way in the movie you y say the word fox5 over and overr again. i work for station fox5. f [ laughter ][ laer >> so to me it was like cooll hear -- you basically said our station's name 25 times.25 t. >> i'll be the new call time for your station.ti >> he said it right there. and i'm telling you when you ses the movie he says fox5 at leasta ten times.imes because i think the names of the helicopters were all different f fox numbers which is why you sas that in the in e cl so i need to somehow see if i can get the studio warnerr brothers to release just that ta part so i can put together aethe stream of him just saying fox5.5 >> that would be pretty >>eah.h. >> kevin, is this king kong thet previous king kong that went tog new york, t new king kong? is this, i mean, i'm completelyompy lost here.lost h what is it the premise of this s king kong? is he brand knew? i mean are we at a different time
10:37 am
>> different universe.iffe what is going on with this kingg kong.ko. >> tokyo. >> godzilla. i want to know what's going onog with king kong? >> the idea behind it is as you mentioned it's a reboot soiree beating something means that yo can take the character and put p it in a different time frameimer it's still the character. but it takes place during the te vietnam war so the actual kingng kong character we see him in the beginning of the film during din world war ii, and we figure outo where he possibly came from. so i think trying to figure outt exactly where he's at in regardd to new york that's probably nott what the point is.nt is. the point of it is a reboot. re. i think you're just dealing witi the character in a different --- in different reboot timeline ine my opinion. >> hh.>> >> my head is hurting. is hug. >> it's as if king kong showedwe up somewhere else but it's thehe same king only one king kong.g kong. >> there's only one king kong?on >> >> i know that denzel washingtoo spoke about him in training dayg he talks about king kong there. the character has -- has - >> i don't think that's the sam' king kong,
10:38 am
nothing on me.g me. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> i know you guys are poking pg the nerd bear.nerd bear. i'm just feeding into it. i i'm giving you guys whateverhatr you're asking for. >> these are legitimate areegit questions kevin mccarthy.thy. legitimate questions.ns we just want to know about kingk kong and what it has to do withh split. once you start talking aboutalkt split and some other movie i was completely lost. >> well, before i introducingro the package i explain that the e movie split which made $240 million was equal to unbreakable. unbreakable was major may iay i don't mean film starring samuell element jackson he's not inn hen split. i wanted spto get his opinion wa it was like to see a second secn movie made about the character.r i thought it was a legit question.qution. >> kevin you don't have to you listen to him.sten thim. >> wisdom is -- is >> don't explain yourself.. >> split unbreakable arere previews to king kong? >> exactly
10:39 am
>> that is right.>> t >> tell wisdom that he has a horrible impsdressioomn of samu. jackson. >> is this the biggest king kong though the king guest of the of congress so far? >> the biggest i've seen.eeen. back in the day when they madeda him he was a little miniatureiau thing. they made him. this is c. good i version of it.ont. it's pretty tall. tall >> he looked impressive.e >> p kevin, you're a greatere sport. thank you. k you. >> thanks, kev. >> see you guys. >> all right>>.>>ig. now, folks, you might want to have kleenex handy for this oury next block. one author pin as dating profile for her the heartbreaking reason after r the break. bak and super model and author and r christie teigen opening about at her struggles with postpartumtum depression this monday morning.r allison seymour has beenhn following that one.follow she joins us ainsg good day ata continues. ♪♪
10:40 am
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♪♪ 10:42 is our time.10 new celebrity mom opening up this morning about her battle with postpartum depression:4.its chrissy teigen has penned anned essay for glamor magazine and a our allison seymour is following this story for us from the loftf so al, what did chrissy have toe say about this. ts. >> it was surprising. it was su you know you look at theserpri e people and you think they're soe perfect. and she's really forthcomingthci about her struggle.e. let me tell you tl yo >> it's interesting because i dd remember her tweeting and stufff after she had the baby. her -- she looked great againrea these are cute pictures of her h body you don't think she'snk dealing with something butwi apparently she was.ap
10:43 am
11 months after her -- she and a her husband john legend welcomed their sweet baby luna simoneunao into the world when everythinglw changed for the model and thehe author.or after teigen' pastern in then th leave from the lip sync battle l something felt off.thing felt o. getting out of bed to get to tho set on tim te was physicallyll painful.l she's a foodie, you know, famously and she recalled notect even having an appetite anditnd being moody and more emotionalol than before she became a mothere teigen caught herself beingei short and often rude to thee t t people onset. lip sync battle again and follow her rudeness she would burstould into tears at a lowest point aat when she didn't have to work, teigen hid away at her home with all the shades closed nodo connection to the outside worldw at all for days at a time and she recalls just being campedped out on the couch sleeping for sp days and she even turned aned pantry into a closet so she so wouldn't have to go upstairs fos more she did then seek professionalso help. that's when she was diagnosedsed with postpartum depression and anxiety. she credits anxiety
10:44 am
physical pain holly. teigen was hess tan to open upp about her secret but she wantedd people to know that postpartum depression does not discriminatt and it was something that shehe could not control.ontrol she beautiful moved her essay hy saying quote i love john and luna more than i can imagine ime loving anything and i still hopp to give luna a few siblings mosm partum hasn't changed that. so i think that's -- i mean to t know that she might go through h that pain again, but also to al know where to turn to for help l she says she's ready to have aaa bigger family.amil >> the biggest thing that ihat credit her for and i think is ti probably one of the hardest hde thing for anybody is acknowledge you have the problem and actually seek help for it. i and then to talk about it so pub libly. so many times when you're a new mom if you were to say somebodyn i just couldn't getay o sff the couch or i was rude, they're ty' like of course.coe. you haven't haven't se that's just all's j that's just part of being a neww but there is a point where it'ss more than just being a new mom.w >> of course. >> it's a real problem.s real >> the sad thing went got oh o
10:45 am
media, we're quick to what's wt' wrong with her? they say she's so difficult to work with notitt giving her the opportunity thata she might just are what manyt mn other women have.e. >> and men too. t >> exactly. i'm really glad that she cameam out about it and i think that it she helps one regular momul m because obviously she's nothe'sn gugular mom. she's a celebrity mom. mom. >> right. >> fit helps even one regularone mom out there that's battlingin then a good deed.eed. >> did she seek help.eek help. >> she did. she did she went to her regular doctor. then the regular doctor, you d know, just ran off the things d you have this, check, check,ck, check, check. check. >> oh wow. >> postpartum depression andio a anxiety.. >> you can see the two cominghen together. geth especially,.cially,. >> absolutely when you're awhenr first time mom. m >> exactly.>> >> you have no idea. y h >> it's >> it's supposed to bet'supp wonderful. >> then you start to feel guilti because it -- maybe it doesn'ttt feel so wonderful and you'rend u like what's wrong with me? really all that is just normal.l >> i remember when my -- our o first child was born i read updp about postpartum depression anda heard some stories about it aseo
10:46 am
born, i was always honey, youey joke you okay because i had no d clue as what to what was going on. first baby. didn't know anything about thata either so i read all this stuffu i'm like you okay? you need anything.. still i know what i read i knewk that was very real issue andssud re cononcern. >> we've got to know that thist always happens.appens. but there was no name for its n before. >> exactly.>> ectly. >> my goodness. >> what happened to those woment >> i'm so glad she's talking shg about it just the stick mark yok know, again like you guys just said the stigma you're not -- you're supposed to be bryce full new mom and here you are suffering with something that you're not supposem andwith s tr with and you know, you feel fee worse for it. thank goodness we're shedding a light on this so many women have gone through this, and have completely shut down because non one thought that this should beu happening to them. >> the important part of her o h saying i had it, i dealt with i and i'm not afraid to go there again.agai. >> to go there aga. >> it shouldn't be a reason for to you say my goshbe i'm never'r going to have any more kids k because of it.becausof i >> i'm
10:47 am
she said that john legend justej is what you thought he would beb in this moment even they didn'td know what it is.knowhat exactly.. >> i'm so glad we that this t discussion much this is good. tear jerker for sure. jerker fo online dating nothisung w a lot of people turning it to io find love would you use to findn a future partner for own spouses she's a claimed author amyr amy rosenthal battling terminalermia cancer and knowing she has weeks left to use using her final days to one last masterpiece a dating profile for her hubble of 26hu years. the children's author describes why her husband makes thehud ma perfect mate.rfec mat saying in part "i've never beenn on tinder, bumble or e harmony y i'm going to create a jenn rolll row file for jason right here h based on my experience of co ofo existing in the same house with hisam for like 9,490 days.s. amy also goes on to describe his other likeable traits such asbls being a sharp dresser, good cook, a lover of music and trav
10:48 am
to their three adult children.. she ends the post by saying shes gave her husband the finishedine profile on valentine's day and d hopes that the right person p reads it so he can begin anotheh love story and if that's nots selfless and just makes you want ry cry -- >> i read the whole thing it tht really is amazing i posted it on my facebook page. and it is heart wrenching but ii tell you it's an amazing gift.. though i did have someone that t respond that said i wouldn't hot her husband felt about that.hat because they, you know, there'ss all different sides.fferenides they didn't necessarily wouldn'' want at this time be thinking about moving on to someone elses >> i think it's more a love a letter to him. >> it is a love letter.t isle >> i agree. i'm just telling i w agrhat youu someone wanted i agree that's t why i posted it. >> honestly you have all these t crazy thoughts when, h the girlr were younger, i thought the samm thing.g. >> but it's like nobody wants tt hear that because mom, you're y fine and whatever.ver. but it's more so, too, like youu want somebody to step in and be that figure because parental fire
10:49 am
>> you love so much so much youo want to make sure they're there intact. i love it. . love it >> wouldn't that be a heavyn't t burden for the person that'sn ts trying to either respond to gopo that. think about that.thin >> yes. >> think about that. you read this and you're like t wow.hihis an as much as i might want to -- t >> how do i step in and fill a f those shoes. >> right. >> exactly. >> okay. >> any way -- .> good luck. >> 10:49 right now still is to s come time for erin to do an to a little cooking dc based and peasmarking a big milestone wita brand new concept.. we'll do cooking with como. ervin in the kitchen with food d and drinks and good company, t too. we'll check in with them next.t. >> i want to try the one on the end. ♪♪
10:50 am
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♪♪ d.c. first micro hotel hot opened with hotel rooms average bowing 250 square feet.e fee now, tonight hotel hyatttt celebrating lobe levelbe lev restaurants grand opening and a erin is in the kitchen getting i ready for the celebration too begin. >> you know i love a good party. hotel-and pizza teamed up tomedt offer hotel guests in the entire foggy bottom enabled a taste of
10:53 am
dc. new bar called hide bar x and a bar will take a queue from and d pizza award winning food concepn craft your own cocktail options and local beers and house winesn on tap. it will be the first and only o and pizza snoop d.c. to serve up through new breakfast pies.refa i'm pretty excited about that and joining bus tonight's ribbon cutting opening sam blum of andd pizza and bar manager at howard. thank for coming in thiscoming morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. ribbontart with micro hotel. brand new food concept. >> hotel-is the brain child ofld jim and pipe. and pip it's super exciting pros we were honored to be tapped toe the food and beverage for theeor hotel and so i think the mayorhe is really, you know, excited exc about the innovation and cree ae grave have the happening here ih d.c. we're honored to be there e for the ribbon cutting our our official launch. lnc >> you know it's a big deal whed the mayor comes out for youror y ribbon
10:54 am
>> and breakfast people. this is for people who work andr live in foggy bottom. >> tell us what you have overusa there. >> first time we've done breakfast in our shop and so wer p have three different optionsrt there's really one for everybody. so we have avocado toast you'rer seeing a lot of menus we turn wt night pizza. >> i cannot wait to try that. >> it's got mash up avocados, spicy chick peas we roved in the oven, ghost cheese that's the ce one i go to most often. o but then for those who kind ofid like your classic breakfast all american it's got bacon sausage, egg, some parmesan, and my favorite part it there's tott thehere. >> i've never seen tots on an t pizza before. pi couldn't be better. and then for those witzzha couls tooth we have the cinnamon toast so it starts with sweetenedsweee ricotta base and cinnamon sugar, bananas and fresh min. and cereal crunch on there. the >> only at foggy bottom.m. >> right.. >> you're featuring local bruceu and classic cocktails
10:55 am
the mayor will get behind theeh bar and help you whip somethingi up. . tell me was brought in today too highlight.highlight >> gin meal which is like a takl on a moscow mule.cow m gin in there, some some fresh mint. mint. if you can get your knows inr there you can smell that fresh mint. mint >> make i can try some.ake n tr >> absolutely.y >> it's very good. >> use green hat a local diss till rear as well as ivy city ct gin we try to incorporate everything that's d.c., marylanm and virginia kind of in there. >> get the flavor i saw you mashing up the fruits and limese and lemon in a lot of fred sh ingredients.res >> we can go with the -- this ii next one is call the vodka lemonade it has a little bit of vodka from d.c. and limoncello from don chi chi yo.hi y all the locals.he loc >> we have the menu right here.h take look at the drink prices. 7:
10:56 am
basically up heard of in thisd t city you really are offeringing affordable drinks for therdabled neighborhood and for the guestse >> oh yeah. oyeah >> all right. guys i can't thank you enough.>o ribbon cutting to night you're r located in foggy bottom.otto head on out and try breakfastst pizza.pi we'll do that right now while ie toss it back to you guys in thee loft. >> thanks, err inn.>> tha tucker sliding into the shotng here. we're coming over in just acomig minute. you're not getting away scott gt free erin and company. >> recent tweets or am i doing d weather. >> do weather.>> d >> it's up to you. >> i'll do weather>>.l do wther okay.ay we'll be in the 50s later todayy we've got springtimeingte temperatures to look forward too tuesday, wednesday and thursdayu back into the 60s. and just in time to spring ourgo clocks forward saturday nightor and sunday. maybe a winterward storm. >> hey l you go.. >> right.ig >> why not? longer forge lighter to us see the flakes. fke [ laughter ] >> steve mentioned earlier, it i will be an hour less of snowof o flying. >> good point. we need to snag soe
10:57 am
pizza.. >> i do too. i dooo >> tuck, leave the charge myy friend. >> see you bright and early you tomorrow morning.earrow mning >> bye-bye. >> bye-bye.
10:58 am
z29phz z16fz y29phy y16fy
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i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. tide. number one rated. it's got to be tide
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live from new york city it is the wendy williams show. >> (cheers). >> won't judge. but we're judging. it is going to be ... >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> now, here's win i. (cheers). >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> thank you for watching. (applause)


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