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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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return.retu i'll have your forecast.fore the redskins fire general manager scott ma clue and, what's next? they stole 30 guns in less than 90 seconds. what the feds are saying about this bold gun store break-in.bra an uber driver forced to make drug delivers.deli some quick thinking action that save her.r. i know in my heart the father is alive. the white house is vowing to bring this american home from iran. your news starts now. > we begin tonight with the thh latest on this deadly crash in forestville, m.e, one person is dead, two others were rushed to the hospitalthe after would vehicle alsoal collided around 8:00 p.m. on th. suitland parkway. we are told a child was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries an adult who is expected to be okay wask also taken to the hospital.pita while officers were on the
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car hit a police cruiser but fortunately no one was inside ai the time.toring and we'll keep you posted. montgomery county police havehae arrested these two men inmen connection with a murder in montgomeryville age.age. they are samuel brown internetnr thomas.omas police arrested them thisthem afternoon at two separate locations in prince george's county. they're caused of shooting was i young on hawk run terrace on february 106789 police said at08 the time of the shooting thatooi the attack did not appear to be random.ra now, to the return of winter weather believe it or no. i hope you enjoyed the spring-like temperatures today becauseatur tomorrow is going to be a veryvy different story. i had on flip-flops this afternoon. > is this crazy c >> i was out in short sleeves. some of you guys are going to see snow showers in just a few hours. let's check in now with suesue palka to find out exactly theacl timing on some of this. >> it will be closer to dawn before we start to see
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moving. we are not going to be seein tot seven, maybe 10 days. we are returning to winter and it's not just about tomorrow morning's snow showers.s it's about the cold is that coming as well.well but speaking of those snowno showers here we go again, a friday morning commute with awih small amount of snow. but here's what's working in ouu favor. it was so warm today that it would be really tough for any of this to stick to roads. your roads will just be wet tomorrow morning. i'm not expecting delay, but it could make for a mess because sometimes wet roads cause problems as well and there could be enough snow to stick on the grass, especially north of interstate 70, maybe even northern montgomery county and northern and western loudondon it's still so warm tonight. 58 in the a few other spots have gotten into the 40s and we can get snot in the 40s but it's going to have a reel tough time trying to stick. so here's what we're thinking a few inches possible up through pennsylvania if you're going to
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maybe even one to three inches.. in maryland, northern marylandmy maybe you'll get a inch up to a half inch on grassy areas. you'll see a little bit of snow in the district. it will struggle to 7 in the morning north and west you have snow with rain showersh in d.c. again by about 9:00 maybe enough a cross a few areas to put down a quick coating, but by 1:00 you can see if anything is left it's likely liquid a hit or miss snor shower coming in later in the day.da we'll talk more about these crazy cold wind chills coming up in a few minutes. tony and jim, over to you. > all right, sue, thank you very much.uc redskins fans kind of scratching their heads.thei you probably heard by now thatn the redskins have fired general manager scott mccloughan. jim lokay is here with more on this. and it doesn't come as a surprise. no, the rumors have been bubbling for a little while now this is sort of the distractionc that we haven't seen it aslo
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as this guy has been around. now he's the center of it. here's what we know retama. the team confirmed the splite with mccloughan a little bitcl after 7:00ough tonight. the rumor has been bubbling for weeks since mccloughan took leave from the team back in early february to tend to famili members. he said his grandmother passed away. there was talk later he was asked to leave redskins park. he denied that.ha but when he missed the combine there was a sign something was seriously wrong.wron the team was telling us we're focusing on free agency. this is a guy you're paying to evaluate tailen in the firstfirs place. scott mccloughan gone, sean mcveigh officer coordinator hired by the rams. they fired defensive coordinator joe barry and the players that are out the door, desean jackson going to the buccaneers, pierre garcon going to the niners and t chris baker going to the bucks. as we move object
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going to make any other moves? we don't know. is bruce allen making the decisions right now. fans are not happy. here's a question, will the teae even higher another gm or will bruce allen assume those dutiesi >> that's a good question. i guessod we'll see. they're not saying anythinging about who is calling the shots. all we know he's gone. scott mccloughan is gone so moving forward it's anybody'sboy guess. we have a sense of how the fans are angry.gry. how they're showing their displeasure. we're going to talk about that a little l later on tonight. l this is not l the distraction yt want to see on the first day of free agency in the this is not the off season anyan of us want. > thank you very to montgomery county now, thethe acf is doing the search for twor men who broke in and robbed a montgomery county begun shop overnight. take a look.k. this is surveillance video. they got away with more than 30 fox5's marina maracco is in rockville with the latest. >>reporter: authorities believr what you're about to see was a well orchestrated heist. this is surveillance video provided by police and you can
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rushed the door. two men burst into the united gun shop off of randolph road in rockville tripping the alarm system. they're both in dark clothes,clt face masks and wearing gloves. they led straight to the glassss filled with handguns. can see them smashing the glass. tonight we asked the atf if there is any sort of federaleder regulation that stipulates as to how she is gun shops should store and secure their guns and the atf saying there is no such regulation. any time there is a theft of firearms atf has found thatfoun those firearms are december continued to wind up in the hands of criminals so we takeke these steps very seriously. it's important for us to work with firearms try to make suresu that they do properly secure their weapons.weap this particular federal firearms
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security system in place. the atf says national federal firearms license burglaries have risen. that would mean a burglary in a begun shop just like this. maryland had similar in h 2016 coming in fourth after texas, north carolina and california. back here at the united gun shop the entire heist took a total of 86 seconds and police say that a total of 24 hand guns and seven long guns were stolen andstol tonight we're learning that these the suspects could bee facing federal charges. in rockville, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > new tonight an uber driverrer fare turned into a nightmare for a driver in northern virginia. police say the passenger forcedc her to drive to severalseve locations in a neighborhood to make several dangerous deliveries. so how did she get away? fox5'' teisha lewis i
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woodbridge with the story. >>reporter: we'll get to that in just a few seconds.e i'm sure this was a complete nightmare. we're told uber driverrer pickuk happened here near minute iville. this is one of the bestier intersections. the passenger reportedly toll the female uber driver to keep driving after they came to theio first stop. now, police say he then forced the driver to make several stops along some type of apparent drug route. during the encounter, police say the victim determined that thete passenger was in possession ofof drugs and also a large amount of money. police say the 26 year old uber driver then was able to contactt a friend during the abduction. she texted a friend actually and that friend then called police. now, again all of this started and ended within about a mile radius. the uber trip started at minutei i villian cardinal and police made the arrest at minute i villian general
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drive. the usher passenger, 26 year olo hear pete san due was airiest and police say marijuana,ijua prescription pills and also money was recovered. san due is charged with abduction, also possession of narcotics among other drugs r charges. he was arrested on march that's on tuesday and remains behind bars without a court hearing is scheduled for may 1. i did speak with an uberer spokesperson asked them what did uber driverrier drivers do in a case of an emergency. for example, taxi cab drivers have buttons that they can push if something goes down.down they say they urge uber drivers to call 911 if there is an emergency. > the gop's fight to replacelae and repeal obamacare cleared two houses, the house energy and the. the let's go now goes to the goe full house.full it is not expected to pass thero though, in
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both rep than as and democrats have been critical of the plan. house speaker paul ryan roled up his sleeves at a powerpoint a presentation and said the new system needs to be put in placel if they said the democrats gavee us obamacare let them live it with, the collateral damage inda this country would be awful.ul. this administration hasadmi developed a pattern.patt healthcare is part of that. they talked like pop lists, but those act like helping wealthy people. they will vote on the gop plan. if the passes it will then head to the senate. metro is giving a thumb's up to some major changes. how much you'll soon be paying. he went missing 10 years ago today, the white house ramp upp the effort to find the man who my be the longest held hostage
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> all right, get ready for it,, higher fares and service cuts ou let row muchs that he's right. the board gave a preliminaryelim approval to the changes today. the general manager says they are necessary to avoid a major financial crisis. under
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rail service will go up 10 cents to bus fares will go up a quarter. and the weekly bus passes will remain the same at 17.50. they will save several busral routes that were set to be eliminated. investigating last night's at&t outage that prevented some customers from calling 911 on their phones. they set up back up emergency numbers, the nationwide outage has since been fixed.xe 10 years ago today this man went missing in iran. iran claims they do not know what happened to robert levyvy son. our government doesn't believesn that.'t if he's still alive levy son is the longest held hostage in american history. the white house is offering $5 million for informationorma leading to his safe return. fox's garret kenny has more. >>reporter: the
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administration made a new pledge thursday, vowing to find missing american robert leaf son and return him to the us. the trump administration remains unwaiver to locate mr. leaf sone and bring him home.e. the leaf son family has suffere far too long and we will nott rest until his case is resolved. he is a cia agent disappeared in 2007. today is the ten year anniversary.y. i'm always helpful that we'll be able to get bob home unfortunately we've already had two administrations and it's been ten years. > for the past decade iran and leaders have said they have nove knowledge of where the american may be. we need the united states government to meet with them and find out what's necessary to get bob home. i'm hoping that the trumpump administration will be able toow do the former pbi agent disappeared during what washington calls an unauth
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for years the us claimed leafd son was on a trip for a private firm, but in 2013 it was revealed he was sent by cia analysts. i know in my heart that bob is alive.aliv iran is responsible for bob. they know where he is and what happened to him. > the only images of leaf son since his disappearance emerged in 2010 and 2011.d now leaf son's family says they're hopeful presidentent trump's deal making backgroundcr might help get him back home. this friday marks bob leaf son's 69th birthday. > all right, everybody. spring is over for now. winter is a few more hours left. it's still pretty mild out therr tonight.toni roads will be fine tomorrow even though you may see some snowow falling. the kids are dispointed. even tony son is like two-delay. >> sorry about we might have something to watch monday night and tuesday.ay. > oh, no.
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th i'll probably be still saying this in april.ri > tonight it's all about thee return of cold air which has not come in yet as you can see by our temperature there under the fox5. it's still in the 50s and that will help us out a lot tomorrow morning when we start to see this run/snow mix coming intoom the area just in time for the morning rush hour. we're on the warm side of the jet extreme for maybe six morex hours and then the cold air is going to return. it's going to be the coldest air we've seen in ex woo. as we head on into the winter it will feel like winter. here we go with the winter advisories. these up from pennsylvania to new york andw yo south of boston. we have a couple of winter advisories in garret county inty west virginia. a couple inches. up through pennsylvania it might be three or four inches in the heav
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here comes the cold which will likely end up being the bigge here's an idea of what you can expect tomorrow we'll see a mix of rain and snow showers at 8 i the morning with a temperature of 44. obviously raft that will bera melting evenft in the northern n western suburbs. by noon it's starting to get windy we've got a couple of flurries aroundment thehe temperature has only come up to 4. by 4:00 we're dropping to 42 an2 wind chill temperatures will start to become noticeable. 6:00 friday, mr. the a the wind chills in the 20 #-s and maybe 2 some0 teens out there. take it forward to saturdayrday morning. i'm pausing this at 7 because 7 this is when the d.c. rock andk role marathon will be kickingng off single digit wind chills in d.c., low teens to our south feeling like 2-degrees in hagerstown. the hour we're still in teens to low 20s. by the time we even get to to saturday at 9:00. teens to near 20 or # 1, # 2-degrees. you get
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an artic blast that we're talking about coming in for the weekend and we'll be looking at high temperatures in the 30s too near 40. we had been tracking another storm, not tomorrow morning's snow coming down from the north, but a storm that may pass to our south. it still looks like that's only going to be close enough to only give flurries to places like it doesn't look like it's in the cards for us.s but the cold air sticks aroundis and we're fores casting a dry weekend here. our temperature for the saturday only 39-degrees. don't forget you lose an hour of sleep but you gain more daylight. the sun goes down on sunday at 7:12 with a temperature of 41 41 and again that next snowy system stays to our south. if you have friends coming into town to runn the rock and role, 26 to 29. you saw
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tony and shawn and this is a coastal. cold air will be in place. will it be a snow maker for the i95 corridor? right now itest too far awhich to say.fa the cold airr is here. a lot of times this far out the models are not able to pull that together. we're still chilly at wednesday at 39, thursday, 43-degrees. ry about that, tony and shawn. i don't have any more 70s in the forecast for a while. > it is what it is. > thank you, sue. coming up next, who redskins fans are blaming for the drama is that surrounding the team.. and coming up tomorrow morning on fox5, more reaction to the firing of redskins general manager scott mccloughan.ough plus, could this weekend's cold weather mean trouble for the cherry blossoms peak bloom? the national park service taps in and we're tapping into the benefits of salt i yoga.
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fair to say tonight the row vol isto underway. these are some of the tweets, fire bruce allen.lle redskins coming down on the side of scott mack and. the general manager that brought some success to the redskins. in fact, over 3,000 and counting on one of am online petitions calling for allen's firing. many others are planning a so-called ash on ashburn tomorrow at redskins park.eds in the end the only people wholy know how this all played out are scott mccloughan, bruce allen and dan schneider. if the washington post reportsos are correct, allen believed mccloughan was too hands on witn players. the breaking point was mccloughan ongoing battle l with alcohol. the same documented reason heeao left previous jobs with the seahawks and the 49s. it's also well known mccloughan's wife takes
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social media. the message leadership is about making others better as a ultimate are of your presence,ps making sure that impact lasts in your absence. the responses overwhelming inver her husband's favor. all right.and's let's talk about some actual sports tonight. college hoops, george masonaso seeking its first atlantic ten tournament win facing fordham in pittsburgh. 3 # seconds left, mason down by 6. just before the busesser an incredible come back, tied at 65. hits the three, george mason wins 82 to 71.1. next up second ceded bcu in tomorrow's quarter finals.ow's also in the a 10, george washington, st. louis, the colonials manage 13 first half a points. they trailed by 12 at the half.. in that second half the come back. ahead to mat heart. matt heart down, up, lay in, tied up 38 all. once again
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minute. ofan ahead. all you dangerous deliveries,ngr the slam, a game high 18 points. george likes it, gw wins 53-46.4 up next, richmond in the quarter finals. i like the feedback, guys. fe in the acc turn t amount in brooklyn, virginia tech versus e florida state, seth allen goesos in inbound over to zac la dayer for th te dunk. he had a game high 22. the seminoles scored.the the hokeys loose 74 to 68. at 22 and 10 they should get aet bid for the ncaa tournament. that is a look at sports as we count down a little towards march madness.adn college basketball, good stuff. it is good stuff. it's certainly not the weekend i have a three-day weekend next n weekend. my plan is to have the feed up.. > you have a favorite team? >> no. i just like the
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: super good news for harrison ford. he is getting the progressive insurance stamp of approval for flying from none other than flo. >> he's a gold star customer, i'm sure. >> he just had some issues. >> the golf course, i give him a break. you're an insurance agent. >> ok. harvey: and my engine failed and i brought it in without hurting anybody. >> did you run through all of the protocol before you took off? harvey: did everything. >> how old are you? [laughter] >> judge mathis. we talked to him all about the faizon love incident. so judge mathis gives some advice. >> i would suggest he do some volunteer at the youth center to help the type of young people he may have affected. >> what young people were affected? >> there's some kids somewhere right now faizon, what the hell? >> he can throw a kid way farther than he threw that guy.


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