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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 14, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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suburbs to city close closings and delays fox has you covered. >> indeed reporters spread out across the area to keep you in the snow as conditions khaivrmingt melanie alnwick is in maryland let's start with mel. >> nasty yucky snow day if you can call it that. let's call it sleet day coming up i'll be talking with the mayor of gaithersburg back to you guys. >> good morning. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> thanks for joping us at 7:00. if you just are guest up several updates as far as school closes and delays and fat us store federal government. >> federal government on on three hour delay and federal workers have option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. >> every school in the d.c. region closed with three exceptions
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screen. d.c. schools on with two hour delay and same calvert county schools on two hour delay. st. mary county schools on on time today. getting a lot of rain down south of d.c.. not so much snow. all other stumz in region closed. complete list of closings and delays scroll on bottom of screen and you can find a whole list online >> let's give folks a look outside. if you don't have to convenient you're out that's a live look. if you have a snow day we want to see what you're looking at. share your pictures on social media. use #fox5snowday. >> wisconsin avenue norm west d.c. friendship heights right now and looks like a ghost town this part of washington d.c.. with delays of government for three hours we can expect to see that. let get to tucker barnes and check whoon we can find as folks send more pictures to tucker. again
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little bit ago. >> yeah lots of great pictures in tucker "fox5". send them on in. and i promise we'll show scenes across the area here. deal is this. messy mix started to transition last night about 11, 11:0 and off and running all night. i've never seen radar with more questions on it. everything from heavy rain and south to east of freezing rain and sleet and off north and west snow. >> like a bag of skittles. >> look a bowl of fruit loops. >> is that because we're at freezing mark just above or below it. >> air temperatures generally here are at or below freezing. problem several thousand abdomen feet up epic battle between kovrld and warmer air aair. we sa a layer of warmer air that causes sleet to develop. it's a challenge. 3 washington. we're currently getting i looked out the window mix hire in
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of sleet and snowflakes and i think much of the area wind north, northwest 24. let's quickly show you totals. the further north and west you get snow overnight and big numbers now. frederick up to 8" and front row there. 5" you leesburg 4 1/2 and want to report national zoo 2.7" and places like bwi marshall reported up to quarter inch of freezing rain and sleet. parts of the area where we have had transition we put sleet on top of couple inches of snow and that is going to crust up on the roadways. my avice if you can wait it out do so. we've got self more hours before the system gets out of here. all right. there's appropriate colors and again that's rain to south and east and heavy rain in some spots looks along the western shore bay there heavy rain. transition sdob pink you see including in washington where we have snow and sleet falling and heavy snow further off
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and west. again area low pressure south of ocean city and not done with this until late this morning early this afternoon as we watch the whole system dlaivr big snowstorm to cities norm and east. new york, boston. and to the west 18 to 24" of snow. that's really where jackpot is. winter weather advisory this afternoonment winner storm warnings norm and west. we can expect transtoytion snow for everybody and possibility that we could add a couple inches of snow on top of sleet we collected overnight. bottom line roads won't number great shape for much of day today and must advice wait it out. things better this afternoon once it creeps out. >> you mentioned zoo. it's cold today because of warm and smithsonian -- >> try to keep it on. >> they were on two hour dli and now announcing closed the hope the animals are toasty. >> we'll talk about
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>> we'll talk about airport 600 flights delayed between bwi, dulles and reagan national. first we'll check the roads. >> 7:0 4 seemed we saw morning rush rlier between 4 and 6 and things quieted down. if you need to head out and about we have a lot of adjustps. service alert delayed until 8 because of ice on overhead wires. they'll keep you updated and right now anticipating 8 a.m. start for d.c. street cars and metro access extended 4:00 and that's the last thing today and evening. in addition to that they're opening 7 a.m. on snow routes. any questions erin fox d.c. twitter. the metro stations on above and below ground and trains running on saturday schedule every twelve minute and safe track in effect impacting blue and yellow. green line delay to green belt because of of malfunction west hyattsville and metro bus service 7 a.m. upgraded to moderate snow plan
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vre on s schedule. green line dlawz as we take a look at roads. lot of new problems southern maryland. assateaque closed mcken dry road. and crash blocking left lane. looking live showing you shushy roads next. allison, steve, you see that there. >> all right keeping an eye on that the in the meantime at the airport thousands of flight cancelled. and at the three airport an hour they've giving reduced fees. 5816 cancellations naiingwide 1600 total delays and 600 cancellations if you combine bwi, reagan and dulles. the only cities that have more cancellations now new york and boston. live team coverage continues. frederick maryland this morning school cancelled an city has
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comes to accumulation. >> that's big time snow" gary mcgrady joins us now live from there this morning. gary. good morning. >> hey guys what's going on. just so you know we're not getting". it's not nearly 8" actually and looks like jming from the fact that sleet kept me up all night long hitting against the window this turned into about 2 or 3" of snow. we're weaving through a neighborhood in frederick country in urbana now trying to get off to the side of the road and roads here are nicely plowed. they've done a great job. but let let me say this. even though there's two, three, four inchs in spot but a lot of ice. we're basically driving now on is a sheet of snow packed ice. and the snow is super dense. i was walking a around on it a little while ago you don't think through you stay on top of snow simply because this so much sleet.
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hard but maybe you want to get a sense of if you can hear it. roads easily passable but very, very slippery. i would say that right vaps drive ago around this morning and he came in basically from west virginia this morning. didn't have my problems getting over to me. but again you have to go real, real slow and i suspect it wopts be a lot of folks out early this morning and that will be real, real good job and snow plows definitely out. we're working our way to frederick. there's been more snow accumulation there. we'll let you know. steve, allison, back to you. >> sound good you know we never doubt you gary. but national weather service official is reporting" in frederick. i don't know where they take their mesh. it doesn't look like 8" where you are. that's what they're saying. >> i'll find that spot. >> okay, good.
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was maybe 3" of snow. a lot of ice and sleeted heavy for many hours last night. i think we would rather have sleet than snow. we'll find the" and report back to you. >> thank you. >> until you find it i will go with gary mcgrady seeing is believing. but we'll get you go on your mission. >> all right of the give us a little while. we'll find it. >> thanks buddy. >> maybe not. >> okay. >> our live team coverage continues in maryland. snow causeing a major problem for one upper marboro neighborhood steep and allison i'm up here radondo road. you see behind he major roads down and trapped.
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headed to work this morning. what's your man plan? i where to wait seevakumaran what happens. the tree next to the tree i called about collapsed. it hit his -- landed on top of his vehicle. >> this is didy's neighbor and power is flickering in and out all morning. how are you doing? are you prepared to head to work today? are you staying home? >> unfortunately we had to stay home and call insurance claim like kenny said early i came out this morning and he helped me unbury my lexus that is behind of vehicle up front under this tree
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on top of it and tree from the other side as well we had to back that out as well. >> i want to back up and take these guys out of the shot so you can see. this tree covered the entire road in upper marboro neighborhood. you have probably a dozen homes behind the trees. all these neighbors right to to head out to work. that's not going to happen this morning. they're waiting for someone to come app clean them up out. more trees in the neighborhood had heavy, heavy ice. steve, a allison. >> in the mane time let's head further north. >> melanie alnwick is live in gaithersburg how are things looking now, mel, good morning? >> steve, allison, it seems like sleet is starting to taper off. then occasionally the wind will kick up and you'll get blasted back again. it's sort of good news bad news situation here and we don't have all that heavy snow
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making things yucky. i want to bring in gaithersburg mayor for coming out and standing by. you have a lot of money to work with this year as far as not having to put that into snow budget this is good right? >> it's not 5" like last year that's for sure we're blad for that sglment we're ready. >> how are things look ago rond the city so far this morning. >> the main roads looking better than residential. i would say if you can stay in you should stay in. >> you guys made decision to close yesterday not tough call right? >> actually we desighed to close it was call we made this morning. >> why did i think late last night because it blends together for most of us. >> because some people made the call earlier. but yeah we figured it's really challenges with the minimum of snow and sleet and s
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safety of employees too. >> right. >> and then also there's a decent amount of people out there that really have not been able to get out and make some of the extra money. those contractors it depends on the snow. >> they're all out now. that's for sure. you know the roads are filled with contractors and our public works crews. yeah, they're getting their money's worth now. >> we can see they're making quick work of it to. quick little pass and down on black pavement. things shoulding good the rest of day. >> i think so too. giant here is on too. if you need to get out there's something here for you. >> gaithersburg is great for communities and walking to what you need and everyone can enjoy it. >> greatest city in world. i keech thinking spring starts next week. >> is it does. >> thank you mayor. we appreciate it. back to you guys. always trying to look for the bright side here. >> i love it. so optimistic. >> let's keep
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said. >> thank goodness for that is. >> track the storm 24/7 with mobile device download fox news weather apps. we're not done with precipitation yet. it is a good idea to keep it handy throughout david. search d.c. news and weather in the app store. the app is free. tucker barnes is up with news after this.
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>> just got a twitter is ter up state. 5 1/2" in hagerstown now up to 7. >> north and west it never transitioned we have pretty good snow totals now, 5, 8. >> and how are friends up north in
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they do today? >> two feet of snow? >> norm and west and boston and suburbs see hev just know up to two feet. blizzard warnings up there. they're looking at worst of the system. we're on southern end of it. and because storm system developed closer to the coast we have this what we call warm nose. so we have a warm intrusion of air self thousand and feet up that's causing sleet to develop in overnight hours and. >> that will move off eventually and we good back to snow. >> yes and should end the whole thing with snow here. we'll start going to the map. by early afternoon we'll be out of the woods as far as accumulation. >> a lot was made of the snow line along 95 did that hole true. >> to south an east heavy rain and norman west it's heavy snow. parts of area montgomery county and howard country they've been
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expected yesterday morning. here are numbers. cold enough and everything is falling is freezing on contact. temperature now 3 washington and gauge rzburg 28. 30 dulles and 3 quantico and 3 leonardtown and winds fixing up as well. let me mention this wind advisory for those of new calvert and st. marry county winds believe it or not gusts 50. lowser to enter of our area of low pressure which is not far away. south of ocean city early this morning. let's look at radar. it's been a mess all night long. pvrping you see that's transition zone where we're getting mix of sleet, snow and freezing rain. we had report of freezing rain to bwi marshall. yellows and reds that's indicating areas we get rain in some cases heavy rain and further north and west sleet and in some cases all snow. jackpot totals 6,
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10, 12" before things wrap up. what can we expect later today the whole system moving north ago east brings heavy snow new york and boston. we'll see cold air back in here and most of the region transitionings back for a quick period of time to snow and we could get additional ak laces of un. or two in city. and 8:00 there we are noon. we're not done with the system until early afternoon. >> winter storm warning is in effect late today. my advice wait it out here. things move quickly. and road crews got a handle on the road. it won'ting good for a couple more hours. here's 7 day. not really spring like but warmer. >> i would like to apologize for openly mocking punxsutawney phil i thought he was a fraud. >> he
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of nor. >> there he is. >> took a while to get it altogether. >> three hour delay for federal government. >> that means roads right behind us wisconsin avenue mty. >> oui we're seeing empty conditions on the roads. several crashes to show. use caution. 70 southbound to urban an past 109 to frederick to urbana. few vehicles there. take it slow. we're seeing heavier slush and snow on that portion of the drive. heading to spur definitely cleared and plowed. use caution bridges overpasses and off ramps tend to freeze first. outer loop passing hampshire avenue late volume. traffic going slow this morning. adds we forward cameras once again heavier snow 28 by frying pap road and slow moving traffic and lot of heavy slush. 6 also dealing with crash westbound out in centerville now. you c
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you can see blocking right shoulder on 6 westbound. new crash. there let's look at maps we're trying to avoid snowy roads and take metro. disabled train landover and onen line new delays new carlton in addition to on operating on saturday schedule for rails this morning and keep in mind metro access service us is spended throughout the day. bus service kicked in 7 and fairfax asking everyone to use caution aside from that more tweets for you this morning metro bus as of 7 a.m. switched to moderate snow schedule back to you guys. >> 30, 40 miles west in and out leesburg this morning. >> good morning, bob. >> guys a little trouble came us to and this car getting in
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moving here. only 2 or 3" or so falling here. as you can see the plows come by and leave a lot of snow right here at entrances to all different shopping centers and parking lots along the way. make it tough to navigate. if we look on the street it's quiet as trucks and cars go by. it's an inch or so since the plowing. it's more heavy snow falling guys that was more freezing rain for most of early morning. let's watch this car come by. is kind of road surfaces here. i'll tell you what. not too bad. but it's steady snow now and basically everything closed in the area. all schools around northern virginia and computer buses loudoun to city to pentagon and what have you all closed today, northern virginia deals with the storm as well. "fox news morning" continues after this break.
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>>:25 now everybody send your nikts we're seeing them from all off the place. that's pretty nice snow cover where you cannot see the sloppyness. >> the patio is on. >> i don't think i would sit there. >> there's a heater and you have on mittens. >> that sounds fine doesn't
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but brub off the seat. maybe not. >> more snow north. more snow west. but everybody gets something. >> "fox5" snow day #fox5snowday. >> say that fast best bun bread company. >> clever. >> 32 washington. >> what you see here is my little icon is what we're seeing across the area. it's messy mix. and it will continue for several more hours. we'll not be done until early this afternoon. my advice is hang in there. by early afternoon a quick improvement in conditions there. winds northwest 24 giving us wind chill 19 and if you walk down to get coffee be prepared here. it feels like winter out there. still is. >> transition zone surprise and down 9 r5 or minimum of snow, sleet, freezing rain. plain rain if some spots. heavy rain can't makeup counties western shore there and st. mary
7:27 am
snow at all over fight and off form an west remains snow or snow sleet mix and we talk about impressive accumulations. first approaching 6" got report up in haag rz town and what do you say in hager town steve? 7" there. frederick 8" of snow and columbia approaches i've up. s. snow piling up northwest. what can we expect as the system pushes out here we hick to drag in more cold air and i expect a quick transition to snow for all of us being things wind down i by early afternoon. advisories continue through late this afternoon. there's 7 day. things get a little bit milder by end of week. we keep wintry feel around here the next couple days. so i think by tomorrow morning we have not talked about this we're hookly to have hard freeze again like travel issues tomorrow morning for commute as well. how are roads, erin.
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we want to get to maybe for those of you home and want enter entertainment you've about asking us facebook live what with you do today if not working out of people might watch tv or movie. >> still ahead kevin mccarthy gifts us his top picks from grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting,
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and the unmistakable vibe of pure michigan. your trip begins at ♪♪ a lot of folks not going to work today. tod because of this mess out there. but you know what, local lal jurisdictions are on the move. they are getting the roads as ready as possible. the precipitation still coming down. down sleet some places. straight up snow other places. e >> they have to keep doing thatt tonight. we're worried about a deep rrfreeze tonigieht. one step ata time right now and foc
7:31 am
right now and this morning.orng so in addition to seeing all the folks at work at the salt dome e lot of folk at home takinge king pictures and sending them to us, too. if you do fire up that grill -- >> i love his face.ce. >> -- hawk sure to sharesure t because i'm a big fan much notht letting the weather get in then way of the grilling.g. >> yeah, that's right. r happy snow day to you young mann thanks for the picture from thee world building in silver spring, >> in west virginia getting aa g lot more snow than here in d.c.c sue, thanks for the picture.icte great picture.t >> sure is. suris. >> looks -- building up on thed fire wood out there, too.oo >> all righty.igy keep them coming.omg hash tag fox5 snow day. five, six, 7-inches to the nortr and to the west. wes d.c. area getting the first fir snowfall of the season. >> if you are just waking upg u depending on where you are, when we look outside it's a whitete slushy mess out there.. dozens of schools are canceled.. but d.c. public schools areoo a holding out for now. they're on two hour delay. >> take look at the snow totalsw around the area this morning. mr
7:32 am
inches reported at the nationall zoo. up to 8-inches up in frederick,, maryland. let's keep it in the city. holly jepoins i us now live frof northwest d.c. outside of the t fox5 studios with more.h mor of course the big question is, , good call or not for kids to goo to school today?to school to >> yeah, i mean, you know, we'r' not the ones to make that call,c but i'm just going to give you u snapshot of what it looks like,k and you form your own we're getting everything wintern has to offer. the wintods really whipping upwp now. here's what a main road lookoo like this is wisconsin avenue. saw a plow go southbound about t 15, 20 minutes ago so you cano c see pavement there but the but t northbound lanes still verytilly slush covered. if you come around over here, h, this is is harrison street, it's secondary road.oa it hasn't even been touched. so you can see obviously stillly difficult to pass.ffas and then if you just look to the right of harrison here's a sidewalk. i mean it's covered.ered it's's we just saw s a lady walking by and she was literally shufflingi schenn said he should of, if, should have stayed home tod
7:33 am
upper northwest.. we'll check in with christopherr shorter he's the head of d.c. hd public works and he's joining us on the phone. joi good morning,he p mhor. shorter. give us an update where thehere operation stands in d.c. right.g now. >> good morning, thanks formorna having me. >> so we have been our crewsbeee have been out all night and likk you mentioned it really has come down as rain/snow wintry mix, and so, um, at this point, we are -- we are continuing to fight the storm. srm our crews will continue to stay out. we'll did a changeover at 7:00 a.m. -- i should say we did a wa change over at 7:00 a.m. and ouo crews are now on the way back out to continue to fight theight storm.m >> i mean i know this obviously it's also not you your call, but given what your crewss are seeing and given the fact ft that we know that the stormtorm isn't going to let us fors for several more hours, are you y surprised that d.c. public. pub schools are only on a two hourr delay while most jurs
7:34 am
in the dmv are closed for today? >> no, i mean, what we're hopinn for and certainly what we'rehatw working towards is opening up all of those major corridors and moving into the reasonable areas as well. w >> but will you able to move tov into the reasonable corridorsri within the next couple of hoursh >> i'm hoping so. >> and what about the sidewalks for the kids having toth walk o the sidewalks?ks >> the sidewalks absolutely.. we certainly given the mix of rain and snow, the sidewalks are not in the best condition but, um, we're hopeful that in the next few hours certainly as thee sun comes out that the treatment, the pre-treatment all of the liquid brian that's placed on the roads will actually kick in and that itt it will break up any ice that'ss
7:35 am
the sidewalks are a different df story for sure. >> for parents that have kids in d.c. public schools are watching this, at what point would you decide or do you think would be a good point for the school system to y douec tidoient f the we're not ahead of this stormstm and it might be best to justjust close.clos sadder time frame you can givef us? >> i can''t i mean i'm really focused onus o getting the roads open. ur sure. >> for motorists and for for commuters. and i'm certainly working with h and making sure that i'm supporting the public schoolc so system to make sure that the roads around schools are as opeo and clear as possible. >> all right.. we certainly appreciate the wor that you are doing and the massive effort that is outsut there, as old man winter rearst his ugly head definitely in thet district and in around the dmv this morning. christopher shorter from d.c. public works.blic works thank you very >> thank you.k yo >> to that's what it looks leak, guhays, out t, ou her i mean -- it mean it's what,ha 7:30 just after 7:3
7:36 am
virtual ghost town out here. her i think there's a reason foreasr that. >> back to you. back you >> all righty. ry. i hope all the kids are safeaf because that is a really long walk if you have to make it on o those sidewalks.delks. holly, thanking you for doingorg that. >> tucker the question have i for you when you see wisconsin avenue where holly is it loo yko virtually empty. e. you seek the moisture still onlo the road. we're worried about freezing to night perhaps. what about throughout day today, any chance of that. >> things are going to remaiannr icy throughout the day today. d our daytime expected to be ineco the mid 30s we're not reallyly going warm it up until we get sunshine.hi we have nice sun angle this timm of year perhaps later this ts afternoon well get a little bitt of sun working in that mightht improve next couple of hours it will bei this icy block of mess that wes have across the area. aa. snow, sleet, rain continue heree for several more hours.severa not done with it yet. yet we watched it transition fromnro snow to sleet and rain and thene back to snow and then back toko sleet.sleet and we're going to continue toe do that for again i'd say'd s through late mor
7:37 am
afternoon reagan national 32 degrees notice the notice the temperatures remain belowbelow freezing, dulles, dwi marshallah 31. there's look at a very messy radar and parts of the areaa getting heavy rain out towards annapolis, western shore of thet bay for those of in thehe immediate washington area, it's' been a messy mix of sleet and snow and freezing rain and all a snow as you get well off to thee north and west we're starting to get snow totals which are in th order of five, six, even 8-inches off to the north andnod west. what can we expect? as oursur storm system moves farther awaya from us we'll start to drag to r additional colder air in and wew are thinking that we'll seee'lle another round of snow across the .rea. so most of the area that'shat's getting rain and sleet shouldul transition back to snow for aw f brief period of time we may addd to our accumulations not a whole lot we could another be a inchah or two in some spots throughts r late morning there's the bigger picture jackpot with his stormis system north of new york and boston, they're looking atng at upwards of 24-in
7:38 am
going to be very very messy 24 hours across new york, upp towards new england here. winter weather advisories continue for us.continue for winter storm warnings north andd west. again we'll see the system wrap down -- wrap up or wrap on out o of here by early afternoon with daytime highs, steve, onlyy 36 degrees i wouldn't expect a t lot of melting today.t of mel we'll have to waitit until tomorrow or wait until we get g sunshine to start to improveve things around here. around ere. look at the winds north and wesw g sting to 30. that's a quick look at weatherth or maybe not quick look. erin has got traffic. tff >> a good look at weather. 7:38.7: and despite the fact we'ret we' seeing reduced traffic on then e roads several crashes.raes vdot letting us know they're t working ten crashes in northerne virginia.rginia. new metro problem red line delay earlier malfunction at rhodehode island delays to shady grove. orange line delays outsideside landover in addition to metroet rail operating on a saturdayatur schedule with trains only oy running every 12 minutes andinea also still dealing withng wit safetrack impacting the blue and
7:39 am
street cars their service svi delayed until 8:00 a.m. becausec of ice on overhead wires and wia also keep in mind metro access s not operating today.. metro bus operating on a moderate weather schedule rightr now and fairfax fax dealing with big problems mix continues ton avoid travel if at all possiblee in fairfax this also, keep in mind in addition o to the public transportationrtan information we already gave you, vre operating on an s schedule l and then also again with metroet we're dealing with additional ad place. outer loop right now we have a crash at bwig inner loop there's a crash after georgia avenue.orgi a and again, very light volume bub we're still dealing with crasheh and very slow-moving trafficng f because of these slick sck conditions, the slow -- the snow mix is causing slow conditions. a company cook road closed. clo crashes on 301 were the were the brandywine roadblocking left r lane few crashes thereoa. also traffic lights are on flasn at the intersection of five and 301. several traffic lights reportedd out in southern maryland in that area through brandywine so
7:40 am
treat them as though you would a stop sign.ig northbound 301 right lane closee at rosary road with a fallen a l treatment got you covered thiste morning. back to you guys.s >> as we head to the break, brek thank you erin.thank you er just a reminder share your snoww picks we want to see them. t >> a got a few we want to shares right now. we take look at -- aww. aww. >> i wish i knew who that was.. >> loving it.t. >> loving the elements for surer >> that's right.>> how about that view from 23rdw r and i street northwest? that'sa a thank you. >> preview from inside.m in how about this? florida keysrik yesterday this was sunris there. oh, i'm sure you wish you wereo still there but thanks fyooru ws sharing that will warm us all uu on a snowy day here in the nation's capital.ital seven cot 40. much more coming up.mip. ♪♪ ♪♪
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drinking water and perishable food, a hand crank weatherr radio, a flashlight, cell phonep charger, batteries, can opener, garr bash bags withdraw string s ties and adjustable wrench to to shut off gas and electricity.ty fortunately doesn't look like we'll need all of that today. a. i don't think we'll get snowed in snowed in s >> eighths snow day which meansc it's probably a good day too catch up on some of your showsrs and probably the shows are on netflix. the company probably happy foror its viewers because it's passeds another milestone for the firstt time ever netflix is moorhousese holds than dvr's. yeah.ah true story.. 54% of americans now havee netflix at that was surprising to you,u ses. >> it surprises me.>> i still have a i dvr.vr i as well. dvr. >> we're old school.>> o maybe that's true. >> youma might want to fire upir your netflix entertainment newsn is coming up comin we'll check in with kevin mccarthy. >> after you watch us all day. d >> we'll be here all day. d
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>> not all day. >> maybe. >> but maybe.
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7:48 am
says it's surviving the snow. we hope it lasts.asts. >> boy, that's pretty. >> that is a winter wonderland.d >> that's out in west virginia. i sawin w picture as well upwarf a foot of snow out there. there it's just a winter wonderland. >> if they can make a snowman they have much better snow than we have here.snow twe he h >> send pictures.tu >> we don't have the pack, p snowfall snowman snow. snowm sno >> let's give advice.e advie. if you are local and you tryingn to make a snowman you'll hurt ht somebody with this >> right. >> you'll get your glovesloves soaked. so >> i likened itak to the old huh puppies.ies. not hush puppies.. the. >> slush puppies because that's' what it reminded me up. u the icy. >> that's a great way to put it. >> right. >> it's a mess out there. north and west.des i mean it were just snow becausu everybody could get out ony coun shreds and get out on the hills >> enjoy the snow day. >> we don't quite have that asts it continues to snow, sleet,et freezing rain and even rainnn across the region and we've got several morel me hours. all right.all ght. here's your snow totals. your st that was a national weather wth serv
7:49 am
who said we got 8-inches ins frederick.ick. so that's one of our higherur h totals although somebody just j tweeted me a foot at her house in west virginia. i'll try to put up that picture in just a minute.ute [ inaudible ] >> yeah. front royal 5-inches.>> y5-he leesburg three and a half. national zoo 2.7. 2.7 don't forget allison only pickyc up 1.4-inches of snow for thehe entire year.ear. >> right. >> at national airport.po. so by far this is our biggest bt event of the year. and in many spots picking up te times the total of what we'veve had.had. exactly. so far this season. fhis all right. all right. 32 now in everybody here north and west ii at or below freezing. so i would expect very slickeryk conditions on the roads tons ot continue quantico 32. leonardtown you fallen back too 32 degrees. you were 34 a couple hours ago.h 33 in frederick.. 32 culpepper not going to warm up today. we'll be in the mid 30s for for daytime highs and i think much of the area will not get above o freezing. winds are now gustingfr out of t north at about 33 miles an hourr 24 in west minster. miner i just want to throw this outhi
7:50 am
calcrete county, st. mary's mar county you guys in the lower ler eastern shore towards ocean city under a wind advisory a little t closer to the center of our area of low pressure, and winds could gust to 50 miles an hour. hour so i would expect we'll continue to have some problems with downw the power lines and some tree te limbs and that kind of thinginot here. not just in southern marylandar but across the area for the necn several hours. here's your radar. i can't remember that many colors on it but there you heavmey but rain continues alone western shore of the bay. bay that's a wintry mix right across knife and it's mostly sleet with some snow mixed in we've hade'vd freezing rain up to quarteruaer inch, quarter inch of freezingrz rain up at bwi marshall earlyar this morning and then mostly aoy snow event off to the north anda west although sleet is mixed ine places to the north and west ass well. what can we expect as the stormo system gets out of here we'll wl get cold air back into it.. and we should end as briefef period of snow for just aboutbo everybody later this morning,ori early this afternoon it's possible if we can get snowet sw bands going we could pick upic p some additional accumulat
7:51 am
an inch or 2-inches not quite ni done witness event yet as youou can see bigger picture heaviest of the snow up towards new yorkk and boston where they've got got blizzard warnings north and wess of new york city this morning. m all right. here's future cast. cast. let's show it to you.t's sh there we are at 9:30 still sti dealing with issues. looks like it gets back to wintry mix and off to east andnd south. so at noon perhaps snow bands leftl over before things start to t really taper off here later thit afternoon at 3:30 this afternoor things will gradually improve i not sure we'll get a lot of lot dawn, but at least we should gel the precipitationd out of thego here by early afternoon.y aftern we do have advisories whichis continue through 6:00 o'clockhr6 tonight, and then notice howe hw cold it is. co overnight lows back into the low 20s i think we'll have delays dl tomorrow because everything isrs going to freeze hard here laterr tonight we're only going to getg to 33 tomorrow.w. not quite out of the woods yet.f look at tha tt pot of gold at te end of the rainbow, erin. en. for friday. >> looking forward to that one.. >> green beer for everybody. ev. >> can't wait much that's a promise. wait 7:51. 7:51 take a look at this in alexandria. this is a bottom side of
7:52 am
beltway the inner loop there'sts an overturned vehicle.le you can see the skid mark in the slush laying on its side to thei left just one right lane getting by right nouse very slow commutc bottom side of the beltway inner loop as you make your way out wo through alexandria this morningr a lost problems in maryland asya we forward our cameras.amer. heavier snow coming down fromowf frederick this morning.ick thisr this is look right nowni at youy make your way inbound on 50. really quiet commute throughou anne arundel all the snow in the center median grassy area.y aa use caution.tion. watch for slick sts. very empty commute top side of the beltway the outer loop fromf 95 over to georgia avenue. avee. but we have had several crashess reported on the inner loop and l outer loop by connecticut avenue this morning as well as bw parkway.way a very heavy dusting right now 270 southbound past 109 as yous can see obviously not the same congestion we typically seelyee during a normal weekday morning commute want to you were to you usyoeu caution. watch for slick spots bridges,rg overpasses on and off-ramps in n southern maryland accokeek roada is closed right now we're w dealing with utility problem and mckendry road.kendryoa we want to get to phone pho
7:53 am
joining us we have charlie gushg lower spokesperson for the for t maryland state highwayighw administration. what advice do you have foradave drivers around the maryland area, karlly?ea, karl >> very simply slow slow i think a lot of people woke upp expecting to see six to sixo 12-inches of snow it appears tot be wet roadways but there's a ta lot of water arc lot of moisture on the roadways and still slickk areas out there.s out he because we're right there att freezing. same with the pavementeemt temperatures.temperat so be extra cautious if you havo to go out, make sure you're notn driving too fast for theg o fa conditions because that's whatst always ends up people skidding d out and spinning out.g o if you do come across some of our snowplows stay well behindse them. they're clearing a path for youy safe test fest place to be iso b behind them. >> really good advice.y gooddvic any problem areas throughoutouou maryland that are worse thann others folks should be very be r cautious while driving through?? >> well, you know, it varies it from county to county.o count vick a completely differentiffee situation from montgomery countt than you would in frederickreri county they got more snow upnow that way. way. take it easy expect thehe unexpected and in these types of storms
7:54 am
the further west and north youoy go the more snow there will be on the ground there might be mit slushy accumulation on the sideo of the road.n of our crews will stay out until we have bare pavement.ent. >> thank you very much for y checking in withou us. >> sure.. >> spokesperson for the maryland state highway administration. use caution if you have to ben f out and about. commute commute l yight so we're hoping that that willtl help improve the amount of of crashes we have seen earlier.arr back to you guys. to yoys >> all right.. erin, thank you very much.u ry m want to get to kevinget to mccarthy right now. right now he is taking a snow day.ay so kevin is actual joining us from casa mccarthy, and lastas time we talk with you kev hee randomly pulled a movie for meom to watch and he pulled taken i i was very happy with that.ith tt. i have to ask the obvious isioui that oscar on your lap?r l >> it is. by thet way, let me tell youely something right now. this dog sleeps at least 14 lst4 hours a day, and he is never ner been more mad at me in my entire life because i keep waking himim up. >> he's like the groundhog right now. >> putting him on the hi
7:55 am
you're teasing him. >> he's mad. he wants to go bac>>k to sleep.p >> go night night with daddy.h d >> he wants to go back toac to watching dead pool. dea >> it's okay. go back and watch dead pool. poo >> good morning to you guys. >> good morning.ood >> what do you recommend on a yr day like today?ay? >> yeah, so obviously a lot of f films are out on netflix andnd amazon and hulu i rem add bunchb of the oscar films earlier if if you only have netflix or if youo have netflix subscription aio bunch of great films.. looking for family friendly fenl movies utopia, great disney film, awesome voice acting fromf jason bateman the scene in the dmv it's one of the funf yesterday scenes i've seen inscn disney film in a long time aes e great one for the family. sink street this is a film i mentioned all last year. yea it's an underrated film. fil from the director of one an irish film with music involved.. beautiful movie. mie. if you really want to see a great independent type film im definitely recommend watching .hat. jurassic park the classic css spielberg film is available on l netflix as well. wel from
7:56 am
was. and then the oscar winning filmm spotlight. kind of a movies for everybody. spotlight for more of the adult audience.dience. looking for a journalistic typec film. jurassic park for theark the blockbuster audience. sink street kind of just all a around feel good movie and a utopia for of the family fil friendly movie. mov you can watch jungle book the te remake. >> what should we binge watch? t >> i mean i always tell you, i i always tell you breaking bad.gad i mean that's obviously myiously a lot of shows that my wife hass been watching recently like thee oa. i mean i just watched threeedhre hours of the bachelor last night. so i'm a little out of it from that. that show is insanely stupid bub i had fun watching it.t. but i don't know, there's likere lots of great shows onwsn lelevision. you can watch -- rewatchatch stranger things available onabln netflix as well.asell rewatch the first season ofasono that. season two is coming back this year.year game of thrones if you hbo account you can rewatch the gamm of thrones episodes as well oneo demand there.mandre and a lot of films are availablb on deman
7:57 am
you so many movies that wouldn'n oscars this year like moonlightt you can watch on amazon and i you can watchman chester by thec sea on amazon and i tunes. tunes fences is available on i tunes.s so a lot of great filmsreatil available to stream you don'teau have to leave the >> we'll let you go. we' i got to pick the movie lastt time. allison gets to choose >> spin around and t get me one. >> tell me where to to . where am i going.whe am >> right behind you. rig >> all right. all hold on. o >> i had taken last hour.t hour. >> let's allison gets to watch -- don't't , kev.kev. st g grab it. >> very short movie called seven it's like four hours long.. >> never mind. >> pick another. anoth >> you have to binge watch one movie it's a problem. >> kev, we'll see you neck hour. >> that's definitely a bingedefi watching movie for sure. movie s >> got to go, kev. kev see you n hour.u n h more weather and traffic comingf up right after the break.. ♪♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. good tuesday morning. i'm allison seymour.seymo >> i'm steve chenevey. cve thanks for joining us today. jo >> it is 8:00 a.m. on this snows day, march 14th, 2017.01 here's what's on the fox5 newses morning menu.. mid march nor'easter delivering a messy mix of snow, sleet and rain to the region ana you can see from our cameras all
8:01 am
problems with trees down. dow there are messy roadways. look at the bottom right.m right actually a lot of accumulation.t from d.c. to maryland van have e a, we are tracking the changingg conditions. live team coverage is coming up. it can be a painful job butb somebody has got to do it beforr you head outside to shovel, you, sidewalk or your driveway,y, expert advice to get the job job done. without hurting yourself.el how about the harlemarlem globetrotters they have bigs shows coming up this weethk inn d.c. ill they'll join us live ui late this hour. talk to them about very speciali thing they did while they wereye in town as well. wl they'll be here. we're calling it winter's revenge, tuck.e, tk. is not ever yet.. >> winter finally showed up.d up >> there's that.'s tt >> it's here. h >> i just went outside a minutet ago it feels really like -- lik- typically how it feels in december, january. it's amazing. >> really cold, right? yeaeah. >> we never talked about thatr t part of it. >> current temperatures 31 degrees. most of the area here belowerbew freezing and our winds are a gusting to 30 miles an hour. hor so in addition to
8:02 am
we've got light sleet and some s mist in a few flakes out hereer northwest washington. we're not done with it yet.h it. that's bottom line. botm li self more hours here where wehew could be dealing with accumulating snow or in somen s cases a heavy rain and then we e should see things wind down by isis afternoon. thirty-first winni ang reagan national, dulles, bwi b marshall as mentioned winds area blowing here now out of the north gusting 25, 30, there's a 32 miles per hour wind gust inwi washington. is.out in annapol a wind advisory for southernouer maryland, saint mary's county, , calvert county closer to thelo center of the storm.ntth winds could gust to 50 miles an hour down there50 mil. there so just heads up here. her we could be dealing -- i know we've had problems with downedin trees with the icing and downed power lines much we could havemu additional problems a little later this afternoonch pro. all right. right. that radar has a color for everyone on it.nt. the general idea has been rainer to the south and east.ast and snow to the north and west. in between a nasty, i do want to
8:03 am
taking place overnight withhtit everything from freezing rain to sleet to snow and then kind ofn back and forth as it wavered the line waived back and forthback h overnight.. what we expecting.. expecting everybody toody transition to a brief period ofd snow before things wind downnd later this morning and during d the early afternoon hours, andra the thinking is there could beob quick spread accumulations of aa inch or two.inch owo we're not done with theh the potential for some lightight accumulations a little later this morning. because of that we still hthavih advisories in effect that's a winter storm warning north andah west. thank you.ou treat tweet me tucker fox5.kex5 lots and lots of pictures. not west virginia out towards o hagerstown it's a winter winte wonderland they got eight, ten,, 12-inches of snow out there ande for the rest of us heres beenese this i see mix and that's why we have winter weather advisory in effect until lace this morning.. daytime highs only in the mid m 30s with winds gusting at timesm to 30 miles an hour. hou i think the precipitation will l end by early afternoon and we'll get a chance to scrape, dig o
8:04 am
depending where you are.inu i do want to mention tonighton very concerned about a hard freeze, and we're likely to havh some additional delays tomorrowr morning as well. well >> all right. take the one tepp at a time.ime. >> i'm keeping an eye on the >> snow i can't even -- ugh i'mi an ice coward.owd. >> erin is keeping an eye on thn roads for us right now. >> i'm worried about the commuta tomorrow morning as tuckernis tu mentioned we could refreeze andd dealing with dicey conditionsh i for wednesday morning. right now i'll get out of theweg way. this is the inner loop as younea make your way out on the bottomm side of the beltway.. telegraph road there's anh rohe overturned truck on its side sid just one right lane getting by.. big police presence.rese you can see a lot of slush downn there. icy conditions use caution.e ca 395 by edsall road also dealingg with some activity because of a crash blocking the rightheig shoulder and right lanes.htanes left lane getting by very slowlo but notice how much lighter traffic is.fic i a lot of folks are taking the te advice and staying home waitinga out the morning rush if at allll possible. but still even though valiumh um light reduce your speeds we'rese still seeing dozens of crashes
8:05 am
in fact over ten crashes working right now according to vdoto v through northern virginia. virgi let's take look at our maps if m you want to avoid the roads and take the rails, red line earlier train malfunction at rhoderhod island avenue residual delays to shady grove. residual delays in bothals in directions on the orange linen l due to disable track outside minnesota avenue. all of metmiro rnnail operatinga saturday schedule.ule. safetrack still impacting thepa blue and yellow with singlein tracking and no shuttle servicee available outside the pentagonpo for as of 7:00 a.m. metro bus did update to mother rat plan vre operating on s schedule.e. treat car kicking in service 8:00 a.m. they have ice on the wires they the need to clear. and also dash kicked in at 7:00: a.m. and they're operate ong ann adjusted schedule as wl. any questions on twitter erin fox5 d.c. d.c. allison and steve, back to you.. so if you are one of the ofe areas where there's lot ofthere actual snow and you need to gett it out of the way, the driveway, the sidewalks, you know the, yot drill.drill you have to clean it. you have to shovel.vel. >> right. >> do you. e doe don't want to get ourselves hurt or anybody else.t >> bob barnard is
8:06 am
with expert advice to help usels out. because some of us have to get s out there and h do it myself included g >> reporter: hey, allison andisd steve. or the key is higher someone sne else to do it.t it's not -- there's not lostot l snow but it is heavy.ea. so even though it may look likel not much it could be does he goo joining us is dr. ray solano chiropractor fox5 frequent freqt contributor. good morning. >> good morning. good to see you. >>go.porter: nice to see you so it's kind of tapering downinw but there's a lot of wind here.r it doesn't look like much but we're here in mark lot. lot first of all is there someone who should not be shoveling today? >> there really is. anyone with a>> the heart condii any type of blood flow issuess problems should not be out heree pushing snow. s if you're out of shape, if youiu have haven't exercised in monthh today is not the day to starto t your work out. o >> reporter: what can youut do?d i've got a shovel this is more m a p prop. you'll do the work, right?? >> yeah. >> reporter: what -- first and for most bob
8:07 am
shovel can weigh 20 to theiro te pounds. think about that if you're out t here for about 30 minutes you'ly move hundreds of pounds of snow. got to be careful. have to have good form whenhe you're pushing snow.u'rehi >> you can hurt your back, maybm have heart hrt attack. >> we did this earlier. i mean, that's not that deep bub that is heavy.. >> that's heavy. heavy let me hope you show you how wee do it the right way. w >> reporter: thanks lot. my critic. my >> you wan ct to put a slight bn in the knees and hip and push a the snow out of your way as opposed to lifting it andt a throwing it over your shoulder.. i'm going to demonstrate that. >> reporter: surete.. >> you take staggered steps andd you push that snow depending on where it want it to g >> reporter: a lawyer. lr. >> exactly out of your o think snow is thick andnd compaqed. so you have to once againn stagger the steps, and push theh snow out of your way.ay do you not want to take that ana throw it over your shoulderul because that's how you'll hurtoh your back. >> reporter: that makes sense.. okay. ok and i mean, just do
8:08 am
maybe, don't try to do youro dou whole driveway at one time?e? >> absolutely. a easy does it.. over time. if you get out here and startnda bite mill of the afternoon aft you'll probably be done but do a little bit each time.e >> reporter: i kidded dr. ray r and said get a snow 34. that can push issues.ue >> those are very easy and posee issues in your neck and upperppr back you have to push thoseusse especially uphill they vibrate a and once again, if you do it ini a short period of time moreime r likely to strain your neck and a upper back and even shoulder.hol >> be careful pushing those. >> reporter: doctor row solangon in ashburn virginia as we leave you can you show us the form we'll just watch you as you're r doing it to kind of see guys, g get the niece bent and you're not tossing over your back overe your shoulder which we often dod thinking it's the smart thing get it the heck out of the way,y but new york city, push it i forward according to dr. ray. r a chiropractor who sees people l who not with heart attacks butat throw out their backs doingng this, >> bob, we'll sent you allison address. tell the good doctor to stop. s run o
8:09 am
>> thanks, bob.ob you're the best.u' bes >> we're going into town to help allison. >> all right. help people who actually a need it. team coverage continues right now. let's bring it to maryland. roads there slick with sleet,h e snow and a lot of ice. >> in one neighborhood peopleneg are unable to leave.hb fox5's sarah fraser is live in upper marlboro with the update. good morning, fras. >> reporter: hey, allison andond steve.eve. we're here in upper marlboro onr row done dough road and and elizabeth place it was actuallyl really fun sight a few minutes ago. they had giant plow truck comeom through and kind of move allnd l these trees out as you can seeae behind me. the trees here just covered with ice.ic thankfully everybody in thisdy i neighborhood is safe this morning but they had trees come down branches plow trucks camerc through. they cleared it very quickly.t . i think a lot of neighbors arebe now disappointed because theyece were using that as app excusee not to go to work. wor they may have have to go now. nw but any way, you know, we talket to some neighbors this morningsm and they just said a
8:10 am
they've hurt the crunching thehe branches worried many of themf t move their vehicles throughout night trying to get away fromaym the branches that are so heavyra with the ice.he. but some of the roads being at least partially cleared here.cla so you can get a car through.ou. but everywhere around the sideid streets here, all have trees, branches down and obstructingbsg kind of part of your roadway ana commute. very quite a lot of people not even heading to work thisk t morning.morng. telling us even regardless of the clearing they're staying s home and staying safe. steve and allison, back to you. >> great advice if you can dodvy it, sarah. s thank you very much.ry in the meantime let's head to frederick e maryland schools are cancel there this morning. >> fox5' gears mcgrady joins usg from there.ra gafrry, did you find all that tt snow? >> reporter: hey, listen, we're kind of northern fringen r frederick and basically we're just south of walkersville and d we're kind of clos walkersville actually. act let me just say this i don'ts on want to get into a big debate o this.s.
8:11 am
employee that gives us 8-inchnch but you got to trust me, too. i kind of know what i'm doing di and i haven't found it yet. zoom in. i'll get down on my knees.y kn this is trustee snow penn five and a half inches deep. dp. i measured all over the place pe out here. here. that's about 3-inches. are you zoomed in, van?an >> okay.>> so look right here.ghte. now, look, we got -- we do have to measure take intoake consideration a little bit of contraction because we've hadn s some sleet and we doe we'v haveo take into consideration there'sd been some wind blowing evenere d though this is somewhathis isomw protected from the wind a good o place to measure.eare i measured a bunch of places. p. i mean we're still getting g pretty much three and a half, 4-inches of snow tops out here.. one more place. pla this isn't great place to do itt that little picnic bench so it's accumulated more. less win. w so that gives us 5-inches or soo it is under a tree so some ofo f the leaves may be keeping some of the snow. snow. so all i'm saying here in i frederick there's a good amountd
8:12 am
but i have not found, steve and allison, 8-inches of snow even taking into consideration thecor wind and potential contraction. >> tweet me a picture and we'll' retweet them.m. let's find where there's six orr 7-inches in frederick county.ou. not in a snow drift.rift back to you. >> the challenge is on.hall is >> thanks, gary.y. >> we know our great viewersreas will accept that challenge. chan you can track the storm 24/7 on the good with your mobile device. super easy to do and it's free. re >> download the fox5 news and fox5 weather apps to d.c. news.w and d.c. weather in your appou p store and again it's all free. f >> we'll take a short break. bak tucker is up next with another h check on what's happening hap outside right now all across the region. gion.
8:13 am
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>> ♪♪ >> 8:15. are we going totter cutenessoing factor today, tuck? >> please say so. i'm really in the picture with you guys. it looks like i'm reporting. live reporting from over here. >> it does. >> come on over and join the party. >> am i real? >> you are. >> okay good. let's get cute. cuteness factor of the day we factor enesshe lheikting factor. cut we need it. that is adorableen smile.mi my goodness. >> kaden.>> kaden. >> kaden. it.t love >> oh, my gosh.os kaden is three months old.. yummy. yummy. >> here's what he loves lovese o loves to do.s
8:16 am
his mom. >> so lucky. >> steve, he thinks you'ree pretty cool. no report about me. but he lovesno h ris allison.. >> he does?? >> he loves allison. all >> my goodness.y odne let's hang out. >> you shall have play date. d >> let's hang out, kaden. you are so yummy. yu >> that is adorable.. >> um-hmm. >> okay.>> oka look his little hands. >> he's adorable. kaden we love your picture. go to send us your child's cld picture go to our facebook pagep fox5 d.c.x5 d.c i trying to through each and eaa everyone of t we take everyone on the -- can'c get everyone on the air. a know they're being seen. we love them.e t keep sending them on in. i >> have super snow day. >> yeah. >> gorgeous. all right. we still got act ion out not done with it yet. y hey gary was asking about a a ruler looking for 8-inches ofncf snow in frederick county. sure enough we got it.ot look at that.lo at thank you for sending that in in middleton just to the north andd west of downtown frederick.reri and we got a ruler with 8-inchee of snow. s you can -- tucker 8-inches he
8:17 am
>> so now frederick county maryland you have gottene g 8-inches of snow. >> there you what do you do u kn gary ask and you shall receive.e hey, there we go. hancock maryland what a wintryir thank you tucker fox5 keepp sending your pictures n just a winter wonderland across parts of the area. north and west getting the hefth yesterday snow in some cases nos at 10-inches plus there,here almost -- what does that say? ty five or six,. >> 5-inches in ashburn. >> ashburn, yeah.>> >> very windy. >> very windy.ery dy winds out of the north gustingus 30 to 35. impressive. i love this one. o. look at that icy parking lot that's what we're looking atng hash tag two hour delay. so obviously take it easy out there when you get out there. oe not going to warm up a whole lol today. remain very icy this afternoon. thank you cowboy fan although we might want to work on a name cascade maryland. >> going to need the truck getcg around today.arouoday >> quick look at the weather.oot we are at orhe blow freeze fogwo just about everybody. a few spots are just abo
8:18 am
20s annapolis is 35 degrees.degr looking at the pictures out out upper marlboro with sarah frasea that to me looks like a period of freezing rain we had overnight, and unfortunately with a lot of trees blooming early, that freezing raing r adhering to you will at surfacea that's why we're having problemm with trees down across the areaa and in addition we've had sleet, snow and some cases heavy snow.. we're expecting a transitionrans back to snow for just about everybody before our systemur sm wraps up and gets out of heres r and we can put additional lightg accumulations down for much ofof the area here.e arere. even those of you off to the oft south and east haven't had lotal of snow you could get a quick qi coating maybe an inch a couple e spots of 2-inches here as our ao whole system gets on out ofut here. there's the bigger look, and blizzard conditions up normal in new york and boston today wheree they're looking at 18-inches 1in otus in spots. that's where the jackpot haskpoh been. of course air travel delays del galore here not just washington but philly, new york, boston ito will be a nightmare travel day.y hard freeze tonight.onight. i'll show i was map here. h ve
8:19 am
delays and additional delayselay tomorrow because we are going tg be very cold around here i mean low to mid 20s in the city and teens north and west. wes snow pack tomorrow morning and a likely to have, upping, prettyry icy situation tomorrow morningom as well. >> um-hmm. okay. definitely have to watch that, right. hav >> yup. >> yup >> okay. >> let's get through today first because erin really t withrh the hour government delay still anml few hours away from the coml mu. >> absolutely.>> absolutely we saw commute earlier this t morning pick up aroundroun 5:00 through virginia. vir this is look at a skype shot wew got of overturned truck on thent inner loop left lane blocks ones right lane getting by telegrapht road in alexandria this morning. so folks going by slowly.loy. perfect example why you want tot take slow. don't want an overturned vehicle this morning.n ov th switch it back to our cameras c show you an active view of thata overturned again you can see trafficic squeezing by one right lane speeds under 10 miles an hour.e1 watch for slick spots that inner loop crash is still very active it's been out therile for little bit now. as we forwar
8:20 am
for the rest of your commute inn virginia, some other problem pbl areas. 395 northbound by edsall road,er earlier crash just cleared.t cld you can see some snow and slushs sleet mix coming down and justt very wet conditions.s. watch for those slick spots. st. take it slow this watch for any icy patchesatches especially bridges, overpassesve on and off-ramps you can see c s flurries coming down right now.. 66 out in centreville usually bum four bumper traffic thisraff time of morning. of orni definitely a much lighter lht commute as steve mentioned thatd because of the delay for federar employees we'll see things pickp up a little later. ler right now traffic moving slowlyo 66 eastbound at 29. 2 and speaking of virginia, we doo have jennifer mc cord on the cd phone with us from virginiairni department of transportation.n. jennifer, what areas do we wantw to avoid this morning fororningr motorists? >> sure. honestly if you can avoidstly driving at all, that is really the number one focus if you can. we know a lot of folks will befs heading out for the, um, for delayed start today zoey roll z lies some folks will be on thef road. stay can stay home that's real
8:21 am
we still have an active snow mim rain event going on out there.. so every time that that snow isn falling in between the plow pasp that is row accumulate on theone so that's something that you'ret going to be looking for aslookis you're driving today. >> what advice do you have for motorists who have to makviece e way to work this morning? lighg traffic we're seeing we've been advising them to leave bufferver room between vehicles and take it slow. for example right now we're looking overturned truck on the inner loopen vample erturn.. >> sure. please leave a lot of brakingng distance. take it very very slow. still seeing folks the traffic e is very light so we see folksol still kind of trying to quickuik out there. t there is a light traffic but yot can't take that speed of speed.d the other thing just to be aware that the conditions can change g very very rapidly. we're seeing, um, changin conditions if you're coming froo the west and heading east youngo can see a slush, icy mix you miy might see a snow. s so those conditions are going ti be different on the road as well. they could be slick, they could be wet. so just take be itsld slow. s you might encounter
8:22 am
on the road. on depending on, you know, how long ago the plow has been there. the so just be prepared for foes fos changes in the commute.he commu. >> jennifer mc cord with vdot, v thank you so much for joining j .s. we're advising folks the same s take it slow if you have to heah out and bout. if you can wait out the morningr rush we strongly advise it.e >> back to you allison and all steve. >> thanks erin. team could have ratch of revenge cou continues ines in the district.distri. we'll talk with mayor bowser. b >> in the meantime as we head td break send us your snow picturep we're getting more of them. pine trees are starting to feele a little bit of that s heaviness from the ice that is coating them. them. tucker saying a lot of thosea lt trees starting to bloom and jusj means extra but look at the cuteness here. >> aww poodle doodle duo. no more pictures. let's go play in the after all eighths fox5 snow day. >> wintry mix rape, sleet, snows and wind in arlington. that's what we're seeing alleein across the area. thanks, tighe, for the picture.u
8:23 am
back with more after this. t ♪♪
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪♪ winter was like, you thought i was gone?i gone? >> i know >> no, i'm back.>>o, i >> i'm back, baby. bab it's winter's revenge.enge >> gary is cruising down 15 upd5 in some significant snow accumulating up that way. way >> all righty.
8:26 am
area. tucker is with us now we'res wiu seeing a little bit ofs t of everything.ythi we were just talking in the in e break. heavy winds out there to the toe east in addition to the snow ann the ice here in the d.c. region. >> 55 miles per hour winds indsn just looking at tree damage it's clear to me we period ofd of freezing rain particularly justt east of washington and that'sn s why the trees are in such baducb shape and the winds are pickingg you. look at the winds north northwes at at 25t gustithng t3 would not be at all surprised is we don't have additional issuesi with downed tree limbs and powew lines and that kind of thing.hi wind chill 17 degrees.degrees. very very -- feels very veryer v cold out there.cold ohere all right. it's been a wintraly mix and a d mess overnight.ight things are starting to taper off which is good news but we're non done with it yet.t yet. in fact, i think we'll see a sea transition back to snow for just about everybody here as ours our storm starts to get on out of oo here later this morning and byhn early afternoon we should be done with anything falling out of the sky here, and keeping k kind of generic got a little bit of everything falling out of thl sky early this morning.inorning. area of low pressure south of sh ocean city if that pulls away we should s
8:27 am
the winds will pick up and veryv cold tonight.ight. i'm concerned about a harderabo freeze overnight.freezevernight. look at that 24 in washington. teens north and west latert l plenty more weather coming upg u with snow totals momentarily.oma erin is back with roads.ds >> we've had so many problems om the roads.e ads biggest issue in alexandrialexaa inner loop overturned truck in i the process of clearing.leing. only the right lane gets b this is out by telegraph road ra and you can see several several emergency crews on location. l in addition to that we havewe he metro delays aside from metro operating on saturday schedule.l we have residual delays on theot orange line because an issueue outside minnesota aveu keep it to fox5 news morning.or we'll get it around the roads. advise to you stay home if at i all possible but we'll keep youe safe out there. out we'll be right back. ♪♪
8:28 am
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8:30 am
keep stepping your picturess from whatever is happening in your area whether it's snow, sleet or rain. let us know.pphateverea there you see on the left slet e the,, what i believe is theat ie world' most colorful radar mapap ever. >> it died down little.>> it li >> a little bit. muted some of the darker colorsc those purple which are reallyicr heavy snow as that moves up top the north. on the right there you see frome our crews that are out and aboud for the district on the topict t through the roads that alreadyaa been cleared and then of coursef as you head farther south youery have not as much snow on the the ground.grou so again make sure to use the #fox5snowday.ox5sno ll all right. >> stay in the city now. the >> joining us now on the phonene is d.c. mayor muriel bowser. boe mayor, good morning.. >> hi, allison, how are you. a y >> i'm doing well. i'm w how is the
8:31 am
going. >> it's going very well.. we've been out, of course, all a night. we pre treated yesterday. yeste. we have our main roads passiblel getting into our residential streets and our teams are out o there giving it their all. >> we were talking earlier about the school kids still havingg class. as far as you know is that still onyou ? >> absolutely. we are on a two-hour delay and y so we will see our kids arriving after 10:00 o'clock. they have different arrivalrenta times depending on their gradesr so we have our teams out that are securing the areas around schools.ol. the schools are warm and ready y and ready we're ready to receivt our children. >> i guess hazardous part if i were sending my student toss h . ps would be the sidewalks,id mayor. how can you ensure that they'lll be safe for the kids? >> well, certainly allison we'rw asking everybody to use cautioni we
8:32 am
make sure our buildings areuiins clear. we know our residents out beginning now to clear the car t sidewalks in front of theirwa property andlk bs usinesses doig the same. s part of the reason we're opening later is to make sure everybodyo uses a little bit extra time ine moving around. around. what we see is we thought thishs forecast could bring us up to aa foot of snow in the parts of tht city. we got less than an inch.n i i think the most we've seen is e passible.ible and we will get out, of course,u to make sure we get downown blacktop on the reasonables asna well as the main arterials. >> hi, mayor, it's steve. good morning. i wanted to ask you a bout yourbo meeting with the president. awed chance to to talk about fet thing when it came to snow prep. was that the white house idea ou did you approach the white housu and want to get together?oget >> no, it was the white house's idea, and i think that they wanted to be proactive
8:33 am
this was the administration'sato first kind of call when itnd olw relates to the federal work force, and we were please thelee and i thought it was a good wedd idea to bring paul wiedefeld ini to also meet the president pre because we want to, you know, the president i think and his h team were focused on the t decisions they have to make havm related to the federal workal w force. force. >> no doubt about it.>> ndoub good to get all the powers power together when it comes to theo t idea of d.c. metro and thend president of the united statestf to talk about things and we see three hour delay for the federaf work force today.orceoday did you have a chance to talke k about any other city business, s maybe statehood, anything liketl that while you were meet wig the president? [ laughter ] >> we were pretty focused yesterday on the show issues and federal work force, and also making sure that we have theavet right contacts with the white tw house and they were prettyre proactive earlier in the day. fema assistant director reachedr out to us, and the president wanted
8:34 am
assistance that -- to call if we needed any additional assistance. so i think this was one of those things, n tewhi administration, um,ati, they are dealing with some ofome these decisions for the first f time and i thought it was a very to reach out to the city as well.ll >> sadly this event is not over we're talking about potential refreeze in some areas. are what's the plan moving forward,a mayor?? >> well, that is a concernrn allison for tomorrow actually. l we're going to be monitoringing throughout today.ay right now the temperatures arere above freezing. we expect them to stay above ave freezing throughout the day.t te but we have to be mindful forinf tonight and so we will payl attention to that. t because actually the potentialal for more icy conditions coulds c face us tomorrow.row >> no doubt about it. no doubt . that's what tucker is keeping an eye on as well. wel we'll keep you posted as best ww can, mayor.or good to seat connections arectis there between the white house, the president and you as mayor y
8:35 am
did the president mention at alt if he's enjoying himself in d.c. living here as a honorary d.c. d resident?side >> he appeared to be enjoyingedy it. i walked in a lot of meetings going on at the time, so he s seems engaged.ed >> good to hear, mayor. gto h always good to talk to you asou well. well >> thank you, guys.haou, thanks for keeping everybodyngvy posted much it's valuable service when people needeed information. thank you. >> thanks, mayor, our pleasure.. >> meantime talking about tuckea the mayor lkkeeping an eye on te ice. tucker sure is as well.uris as . not just now but tonight. tonig >> very concerned about laterco tonight, steve, because, overnight lows back in the teent and low 20s. even here in the city, we couldl be 22, 24 degrees by tomorrow tr morning. there are your current numbers. most of our area is at or below freezing.zing so you know just because theecae sidewalk is not covered in snows look out.ok out it could still be slippery slipp there.ther reagan national 31.l 32 dulles and in baltimore 30 degrees.30 degrees baltimore up in baltimore bwi marshall reported a quarter incr of freezing rain in little morel
8:36 am
6am.m. again, freezing rain has been ae issue. steve mentioned all the colors c on the map this morning. maphiso we're trying to transition itn t back to snow. i think most of the area shoulda end here the brief period of pid snow as our system wraps up andu gets on out of here.out of h you can see we're starting toin get drier edge on the back edgec here. he things will wind will ww i don't think we'll call itn't n quits on the potential for light accumulations until early this i afternoon there's the biggerigge picture.ure. blizzard conditions up towardspw new york city really north andyn west of new york and bostonrk ab where the jackpot is going to be, 18, 24-inches up there.. just a huge boom in snow totalsw later today.later tod you can see again our system nom quite done. area of low pressure down here h mentioned rehoboth beach beach 55 miles per hour wind gusts ind the past hour.the past hou winter storm warnings north andh west. winter weather advisories here in theeath city. city. there's your seven day. day i think we'll all work hard toot get to that pot of gold at the t end of the rainbow, err are inn. >> does that mean you're takeou
8:37 am
patrick's day. >> green beer for everybody on e friday. >> great job with the forecastas tucker.tuer if anyone has earn it, you guys have. have metro operating on a saturday sa schedule with trains every 12ry1 minutes red line track problem o outside wee ton if you'reou planning to take the red lineo r single tracking right nowht between wheaton and forest glenn. delays in both directions. in td safetrack work still in place op the blue and yellow out by out huntington van doren watch outch for delays there.he orange line residual delayslel because of a disabled traind t outside minnesota avenue. so a lot of metro delays thiss morning.morn and also in from d.c. streetcarr they have officially suspendedud service because of ice today. ty we'll let if you know that if yo changes. metro bus operating on an a moderate snow schedule.chedul also, congestion from the orange line, blue and silver delays iny both directions.on so quite a bit of activity going on as for the rest of your of commute keep in mind if you want to avoid the roads ve on an s schedule as well and in additiod to that's correct again,o that'a streetcar has suspended allgadel they were going try to kick ite in earlierto this morning.. and dash
8:38 am
seven. se any questions at erin fox5 d.c.c on twitter.witt southbound baltimore washingtonb parkway the right lane is blocked at 193. a lotalrk ofway snowy, slushy, icy conditions outside the beltway w in maryland and southernth maryland accokeek road is closeo at mckendry road with utility prob em will the. t crashes along 3011 at brandywinw avenue. left lane block.ft lane b traffic lights on flash at thelh intersection of 301 and five. throughout southern maryland use caution in charles county asn is well lot of traffic lights aref out. treat those intersections as yoe would a stop sign. outeulr loop crash at baltimorei washington parkway.wa inner loop crash on the shoulder after georgia avenue. inner loop dealing with crash af brte dlinganch avenue and as wel eisenhower avenue. avenu take it slow if you have to heaa out and about this little son and steve?onnd s >> let's head a couple hours tou the west right now they'rsre celebrating at wisp key resort in maryland. in maryl where they anticipate open agaia at some point this week. wee how pretty is that right now? live view from the resort cam. m >> glad to see they're open forn business. the ski resort was forced t
8:39 am
close in february because ofause balmy weather, but look at the slopes now. resort expects to open thisn t weekend. 8:38.8: stay with us.stayh us >> 6-inches of fresh powder thih morning. mo >> perfect. ♪♪
8:40 am
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>> some pictures from out to ths west right now we kind of canvass the area. rights he you can see from that flag ing addition to the snow the sleet s the rain whatever it is that you've gotten in your area are because it's varied across
8:42 am
to be consistent.sten >> yes. y >> this morning. ern sret on the eastern shore. wind gusts over 50 miles an hour and we've seen some freezing rain. send us your pictures #fox5snowday.#f we will continue to share to s throughout the morning there'srs some of the ice on the tree branches.branches. yeah, we got you.ou definitely a telework kind of day, and that's right whereig sarah is as you can see. >> ice on the trees right theree she was in upper marlboro. michael, hanging with my boys. cane and able. a >> good looking dogs.ogs. >> yes.. >> that's the best day.t d that's calvert county.y >> dogs love the snow.he sno they don't have as much snowuchs down in calvert county.nty. let's check in with wisdom and holly find out what's coming up on good day out w starting 15 m5 from now. >> good morning, steve andfringa our crews continue to bring youu the best snow coverage around during the next two hours oftwhr good day d.c..c. >> from maryland, virginia andna d.c. we are on snow patrol.l guess this we could be in for i another round of tucker will have updates all throughout good day.. >> right now new york ty
8:43 am
been declared a state ofta o emergency as a blizzard buriesau the big apple w go live to our o sister station for update theret also ahead on good day, pizza, snow and i do.o. who would get married today? ty well several people actually. sarah frazier is going to bring us there live. l >> plus we get a sneak peek ofee the season finale of fox's lethal weapon starring comedy legend day man wayans.. >> snow not stopping pop starr amy grant from joining us live.. if kids you don't know who she o is, just ask your momma. m she has a message to her d.c.. fans. >> it's a busy morning here in the d.c. region.ion spend your snow day with us. >> we'll keep you informed and entertained all for the next two hours.ho we'll see in you a few. few >> thanks, guys.hank guys. we look forward it to. lit >> all right. thehe meantime, still ahead harlem globetrotters have a h a bunch of shows coming up in the dc area.a. they'll join us in the fox5 studios. >> imagine a basketball. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:44 am
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and eat free with select packages. ♪♪ oh, boy, that's a problem.rl >> what is going on here?er >> we're starting to see one off these days people feel like feek there wasn't a lot happening out there as far as snow. so it's business as it's not.'s not. it's still very slippery outery there and very heavy when itheni comes to the ice. ice. we've seen trees down. we've see limbs dow that's a probl
8:47 am
traffic signal.l. >> sure is.. >> we'll keep you up to speed oo everything as best we wen let's check in with tucker right now and get the latest.t. >> 10 seconds. >> you want to wait? >> just for ten seconds. >> hey, welcome back. let's get to it. i want to start by saying we've had a little bit of everything o re overnight.>> h rain off to the south andstartte here overn eigast. freezing rain. rain. wintry mix and further north ann west you get the more snow we'vw seen. places like cumberland checkingh in 8-inches now. now martinsburg just got a report,o, thank you, 7.3-inches. alexandria close to the city 2.. national zoo 2.7-inches.he leesburg five.bu i think we'll add to these totals. totals. alt least a little bit as we'rea expecting a transition back tonk snow for just about everybodyut here for the next couple ofple hours before things wind down w early this afternoon.eron it's cold out there.d outher it's icy across most of area. a 31 in
8:48 am
you're 32 degrees.ees just saw report in annapolis anp they had icing overnight.vernig with freezing rain issues inn annapolis. 31 in baltimore.almo 30 in west all snow well off to the north r and west. that wintry mix has been the problem along 95 and then freezing rain transitioning tors all rain as you get intou get i southern maryland. winds are now the problem out oo the north gusting here at 32 and 31 in annapolis i mentioned mend rehoboth beach report add winddd gust of 55 miles an hour.n h so our area of low pressure is i really starting to strengthenhen very rapidlily here just south s of ocean city and because ofse o that there's a wind advisory inr effect for the lower eastern eas shore. that includes calvert countynt saint mary's county. cnt so winds gusting to 50 plus0 miles an hour realizing that ast that area of low pressure starts to deepen. all right. let's get to our colorful radar. we got little bit of everythingf out there early this morning. mr but notice the rain is starting to fade off to the east heree es we're starting to transitionstar back to purple.back to purp that's freezing rain the pinks t are sleet and light snow and and then we've got snow off to the
8:49 am
i also want to mention lookson o like drier air starting to workn in so i think we'll cut off the precipitation machine here later this morning and by afternoon ao i'm not sure we'll get sunshines it will still be windy and coldl but at least as far as anythingy falling from the sky we should s see that wrap up here i'd say is about the noon hour. hou perhaps one or 2:00 o'clock thil afternoon.ternoo. heavy snow in new york andyo boston.ston. travel conditions are obviouslyv not good up here. blizzard conditions north andrdc west of new york up into westere massachusetts they're expectingc total accumulations 18 plus 1 p inches up in some cases up to 2 feet.o fee here's a look at our area of lol pressure again a deepens our des winds are really going to beo with us this afternoon out of the north, and i want to mention the potential here i think morem than potential.ot. likelihood of a hard freezedre later tonight with snow pack. pc overnight lows are likely goingy to be in the teens north andns a west even in the city in the lol to mid 20s so tomorrow morningwm we're likely to have some travee delays and perhaps school delays as everything we got out thereut toda
8:50 am
hard here overnight.vernig there's your seven day. d wait to get that to that pot oft gold by friday temperatures intu the mid 40s.the d 4 all right.all r. that's weather update.that more coming up allison andisonnd steve. stev i'll toss it back to you guys in the loft.e loft. >> tuck, thanks very.>> t in the meantime we want to remind everybody to check outo c our apps you can pick up theankt fox5 news app and fox5 weatherer they are you can download them search sec d.c. news and dc weather and yoy can get them from either the apple app store or google playge store and up to speed on s everything throughout the day today. all right. in the meantimehing tday , time to have ato have little bit of fun today becausec it's not all snow coverage. no we'll have a little fun with the harlem globetrotters continuing to evolve the sport o of basketball.. the most famous team in theeam n history of babb.ab >> that's fair to say, right alt >> i would agree with that.. they debut's first ever point -- >> four-point line. >> prompter moving real slow. rs move that comes six years aftera the team unveiled a
8:51 am
shot to worldwide a claim and ca before they kick off their four game to are in dc stomped by ouo studios to share their talent. joining us buckets and hoops.. >> hey.>> h >> good morning. >>.good morning >> how is it going. goi >> you ever travel anywherenywh without a basketball?withouba >> you know what, we can't. can we can't. i think it's part of the jobhe j description.. >> it's pretty awesome to have t basketball with you everywhereue you go. you know, people first like, yoy know, reaction is, are you a globetrotter?glob >> right. >> what gives it away? >> they'll ask us if we really -- are we really rll globetrotters.rott >> we might have got it from, f, like, you know -- >> sports authority. >> super fan.>> f we'll say yes.say ye oh can you do some tricks fore k us? well, kind of walking downn the aisle of the plane. >> yeah. co o on. welcome back to d.c. tc. >> yes.>> >> welcome back to fox5. wcome we're excited about the shows. i just watched this wholes who documentary on the organizat
8:52 am
after all these why do you think that is?s? >> i think it's because it'saus' whole some family entertainment. globetrotters have brought bro cultures together, you know, one point playing for all white crowd the earlier part of thef day blacks at blacks on one side, whites onhie the other side now it's a rainbow inside at recent in they're all for the one personso the globetrotters started in the first place to be happy and havv fun. fun our team been to 122 countries and territories.ri funnier history we do not speak 122 languages. languag laughter social security ughtuniverse. >> and basketball too. >> listen when i was this big>>s that's when i was on board withw it and when i was young and nown it's like, you know, kids that are that age get to do it.o t. what was it that for you guys g just like hey this is what i w i wanted to now take this t opportunity.op not just showcase by skills of l the sport but get to travel, gea to meet all these cool people?e >> when it first happened to me,
8:53 am
i was posting videos to sociall media. this would be the perfectct opportunity for you with yourit personality and all of that andd i -- at first it didn'tt d register. no, no, no. n then my family and parents weres like that it this would be ahat perfect fit how you love to meee people and play basketball andkb deal with your passion.assi yeah, you're right.e this is a great opportunity i'mu blessed to be here.he >> let's be honest, too. t you don't see a lot ofot o professional basketball -- anyl- sports that are like, you know, co-ed. >> that's pretty ground breakink thon level, too.thonevel >> we're the first all men's alm sports team the first woman inwn 1985 her name lynette woodardoo she came to the harlemm globetrotters training camp andd beat out several guys for heralr spot on the team. kansas u college all americann and won a gold medal. >> let's talk about anotherut ao woman right here in d.c. you ha a chance to meet. meet we were fortunate enough to tall with her last year at the whitee house you you had a chance tohat
8:54 am
108 years young. y how sas that. >> she's amazing. >> what was that like for you l guys. >> it was amazing.s amain to know what she's been throughh and how far she's come a longshe way. to see her just out therere promoting to be thin and activea it was a lot of fun meeting her. >> actually, i grew up in a house with migrate aunt and my grandmother migrate aunt was aun born in the same year.bosa she passed away at 95. a 9 i had that wisdom in the house when i seen her i almost meltt m the. it was so hard not to cry somers of the things she was saying.wa. one of the kids asked her, what, do you love about life? she was like i love, um, treating peoplo nice because when you treatreat people nice everybody you comeom across if you treat them nice tm you'll have a front seat to glory. i was like trying not to >> rightke t. >> you need add bucket of watert that time. that >> we want to see you show offsw your skills.yourll we want to let folks where theye can find you. three shows coming up this weekw going to be in fairfax that's ta going to be on forty th
8:55 am
>> one bonus one. o four >> eagle bang on friday andag sundayle. b verizon center two shows on saturday.turday >> yeah. >> al, this is what you did when all right point guard remember d back in the days of your y basketball >> that move, i did do that onee right. >> now this was -- i didn'tidn' get --ge >> wisdom martin taking overdomk from the team that he coachedoah four-four record this year.s >> how do you even learn how tot do these things?s >> um you got to practice.ic. >> who taught you how to doow this. >> you got to practice to theict most expensive thing in the om.m. >> okay. >> concentrate and you learn ane little bit faster.aste >> i love it. >> i want to ask you when you w did the trick shot we showed thd world recently up in boston frof the rafters the hoop that youatu made, where does that rank amono your trick shots? >> bottom of the totem pole totp actually the venue was out ofaso the this world but the highest h shot i ever made in north in no america actually is highest shot in new york american 583 feet
8:56 am
take to make a shot m like thata >> that was my second >> you're kidding. yt am not kidding you at all. >> i might have doubted you in i on tv now that you're here in h person. >> you doubted me? >> yeah.>> >> i might have to do some morem tricks. >> while do you that, we'll, 'll remind you again eagle bank eagn arena on friday and sunday. verizon center on saturday a lifetime of memories always a ay good show. thank you buckets and hoops forr coming in. >> no problem. no probl >> can i get one -- >> can i just get one? >> oh yeah. >> obligatory --or >> okay. >> don't look at it. > look away. >> okay. >> look like you know what you're doing. >> there it is.
8:57 am
>> welcome back.quick weather ue get to good day d.c.r d c. 33 now at reagan national. nat 32 dulles. bwi marshall 31.all most of the region sitting righg in the freezing mark and we'vemw had everything from freezing rain to heavy snow across the t area and with a nasty mix of sleet in between, and things ara very slippery out there. there so do take it easy. back edge of our precipitationtn shield starting to appear herere just to our south and west i wes think things will wind downill n later this morning.orning likely brief period of snow forf just about everybody we're notve quite done with it yet.h itet but things should be improvingmi here a little later today.erod there's a look at your seven dan forecast i want to mention thete hard freeze tonight. plenty morm weather coming up in good dayood d.c. right after the break. reak.
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♪♪ straight ahead, old man winter not going quietly.uietly the month of march living up tot its lion reputation. bringing the d.c. region its first major snowfall of 2017.f01 the nation's capitol not takingk any chances.hances most schools in the area alreada closed or delayed.ay but even when the snow stops,


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