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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  WTTG  March 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10 cheering on the cherry blossoms and what a perfect day to see the blooms. spring is here. we'll tell if you it perhaps to stay and what's next for healthcare reform after failure of repeal and replace
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news at 10 starts right now. good evening, everyone, thanks so much for being with us. i'm matt matt ackland, lauren ha the night off. >> lauren, crowds joined us in taking in the cherry months omz and in fact, the ovrm opening of which the early months only festival took place at the warner theater tonight. >> looking good and d.c.'s mayor addressed the courd and unlike festivals in recent memory the weather leading up to this year's event caused a lot of stress. and the cold snap we had this month damaged some of the cherry months only around the title base up and despite that the blossoms are reaching peak bloom and look pretty good. >> we have very happy in the district that spring has officially arrived. and that our cherry blossoms
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opportunity to drive around a little before i arrived and i told the am bar doors. some people dominant and we know we have tough, old trees. >> the festival began ten days ago and this was official opening a month long festival commerates japan's gift of cherry trees to the united states in 1912. it attracts a million to the district each other. this year the crowds were back. "fox5" alexandra limon met early risers who could not wait to see the blossoms. >> wearing wedding gowns, kimmonos and "fifty shades" of pink tourists and locals alike flocked to the tidal basin. >> i come down every year. it's about a three-hour drive. i'll come down and spend the entire day and take photo and walk around. >> some got up early to beat the crowds.
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reason. >> you just want to get some really good sunrise shots with the camera here. >> and at sunrise they had the perfect cherry colored sky to match the weekend's theme. >> well it is peak bloom weekend and these are not the fullest cherry blossoms we've ever seen because of the rocky weather we had this month. with you see many of the cherry blossoms died. >> i think because of the weather the changes in the weather, so, but it's still beautiful. >> the warm was perfect and getting downtown a breeze. metro east up and daytime weekend track work to accommodate all the visitors and provide several weekends and everyone can enjoy one of the best times of year in the nation's capitol. >> this is the first time living here i moved ton closer to my kids and grand kits. >> is it your first time enjoying the cherry blossoms i. >> i was here once before. they're beautiful. >> alexandra l
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local news". >> metro is adjusting its schedule to accommodate visitors headed to the tidal basin and two events for the cherry blossom festival. regular weekend service is planned tore red, green, orange and yellow lines and there is one exception, yellow line trains from reagan national toll mount vernon scare will run every 12 minutes throughout the weekend and the same train schedule is scheduled for the next two weekends. >> let's take a live look outside. sure hope you're having a good saturday and you had some time outside you. >> predicted it last weekend. you said, hey, matt, look at someday think it will gb. >> and you hit are right on. >> it definitely was really nice today. we have more clouds and sun and matt, temperature-wise, oh, my gooness. >> perfect, perfect. >> i hated to be inside tonight too. >> i think a lot of people are counting on that. and i asked sox your viewers to let us know how eyey wept
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guys. this was sent by pamela gram and this was her with her friends christine, leslie and danielle and they were chilling out in brandywine, maryland at romano inery and they are actually paramedics at prince george county fire ems department. i'm happy to see they finally get a break today and got tone joy. it and thank you for watching. and here's a look at the highs today. unbelievable. and upper 70s and 80 baltimore and b wixt thorough good marshall. we broke a record of dulles 78 degrees today. warm, nice out there and as we said we had a little more clouds than sunshine. 67 in d.c.. 65 baltimore and 69 dulles this hour and double sixs at mar martinsburg and 69 fred fredericksburg and showing we continue to roll in tonight. can't rule out a passing sprinkle or so and we have a frontal system going to bring us a few showers
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through to sunday. and 50 for tonight, then, mostly cloudy skies. a little patchy fog as well. and as i said a passing sprinkle here and there possible especially north and northwest. and tomorrow will be a little cooler and i think it bill not be too bad overall and not a washout for the showers. i'll have the details a little later. matt. >> sounds good to me e see you in a bit, gwen, thank you. >> and the las vegas strip is back on tonight after a very tense barricade situation came to an end. a gunman shot people on a double decker bus and then later surrendered peacefully after hours of negotiationss with police. and investigators say the gunman shot and killed one person on the bus and wounded another near the cosmopolitan hotel and casino and barricaded himself on the bus. >> this incident is resolved and we have the suspect in custody and we cannot locate any additional dick victims on the bus. >> that individual was taken into dust di without incident than were
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police during this incident. >> and this afternoon shooting began hours after several burglars robbed a roll exstore inside the bellagio hotel and casino. it is next door to the cosmopolitan where the incident took place. >> now to prince george county police are investigating the murder of a man outside an apartment complex in laurel. police were called to ed up borrow lane after someone reported hearing gun shots. when officers arrived they found a map in a car parked outside of the apartment complex. investigators say he was already dead. police are now trying figure out who was responsible for the shooting and a motive. and in frederick county a man is in custody after he all allegedly stabbed another man during a party last night. and this happened on little brook drive. investigators say darnell mason stabbed another man after a fight broke out at a party. and the victim went to the hospital for treatment and was later released. police interviewed the
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and he was able to identify the attacker. officers arrested mason a short time after the stabbing. >> as we reported this week, the sexual assault of a teenager at brockville high school gained nationwide attention. the horrific crime has once genre newed debate on immigration policy in the region and across the country. the two suspects jailed for the attack are from central america and were in the u.s. illegally. and fox's caroline shivly tonight. >> two teens who were caught after illegally sneaking into the country last year were still allowed to enroll in a maryland high school. that's where they're accused of raining a 1 4-year-old girl during school hours. henry sanchez is from guatemala and has pending alien removal from him. jose monday tan owe came here from el salvador. they didn't release his picture because he's a minor tried as an adult. they pushed a fresh than girl into the boys room in mo
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in a bathroom stall. lawyers for the two accused teens have been hit with hate mail. >> the sensationalism and the outrage and the hysteria that's been taking place over the last week in this case is getting out of control and the reason for that is, i believe, that it's because of the disgusting vtreal spewed by donald trump -- >> a homeland security report shows montgomery country is near the top of u.s. jurisdictions that decline immigration detainers and maryland governor calls it a sanctuary county. >> there's a bill here in the legislature which i threatened to veto which would make maryland a sanctuary state and prohibit our local and state law enforcement and interfere with their ability to cooperate with federal law enforcement which i'm absolutely opposed to. >> president trump issued executive order to force local governments to comply with
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in washington, caroline shivly, fox news. >> to the districts now police revealed surveillance and still pictures of a person of interest wanted in a deadly stabbing of a woman in northeast this week. police want to you take a good look at this man. and investigators want to talk to him about the death of karina mill of north carolina. her body was found tuesday afternoon inside a home 14th street northeast and the person captured on surveillance video may have been driving neal's car. that car went missing but was later found and detectives said the person they want to speak with visited places in laurel and beltsville after the mu murder. and police are asking anyone with information about this case to give them a kawxt. and we are following breaking news from the district tonight where police were on the scene of a shooting in southeast. you are looking at live pictures from the scene right now. and this happened about an hour and a half ago on minnesota save. police say a person
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and taken to the hospital in serious condition. and no one is in custody. police are looking for the person responsible. we will bring you the latest details on this as soon as we get it. >> and still, much more to come tonight at 10:00 the future of healthcare. what's next after the gop pulled their repeal and replace plan before a vote. and plus, supporters of president trump hold rally around the country and one of the peaceful marches turned violent. and panda cub boaboa well she's adjusting to her new home and in fact made a big debut in china a we'll take you there coming up. stay with us.
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>> tonight rjs house republicans and president trump are trying to recoup after legislation to repeal and replace obamacare. never made to the h
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fox's kevin quark. >> and yesterday was got a victory for the american people. and it was a victory for the stawts quo in washington d.c.. and its with a victory for the disaster of obamacare. and but i promise you, that victory won't last very long. >> elected officials in washington are continuing to feel the fallout after failure of a gop's american health care act. and the bill was pulled from the house floor before it went to a vote on friday. and democrats in congress are celebrate what they see as end of republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare. and president trump is not accepting defeat yet taking to defensive on twitter saturday saying he'll lead the charge and replacing obamacare once it "explodes" mr. trump's opponent in the 2016 election dmimd on defeat of bill hillary clinton say it "was
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americans" many call it a major loss for president trump. repealing and replacing obamacare after all was one of his top campaign promises. >> they control the house of representatives and the republicans control the senate. he's a new republican president. there's really no excuse why he should not have been able to pass his own initiative other than this bill really was a disaster. >> the president u. however, is convinced it will be democrats who are blamed when president obama's affordable care act fails. >> they own. it 100% own it. and this is not a republican healthcare. this is not anything but a democrat healthcare. and they have obamacare for a little while longer until it ceases to exist which it will. >> trump administration meantime is ready to move on to healthcare to tackle the next big ticket item on legislative agenda and that's tax and regulatory reform. at the white house, kevin ko korks, f n
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tib peaceful event a pro trump rally turned violent in huntington beach, california this afternoon. counter protesters said before the march began they plan to stop it. and the los angeles times reports fists started flying after anti trump protester doused a pro trump rally organizer with pepper spray. it's unclear if anyone was arrested. other pro trump rallies were held around the kupty today without incident. and the national cathedral observed earth hour this evening by turn off its lights. and earth hour is a global movement designed to bring attention to climate change and protecting the planet. the event is healed yearly and people are encouraged to turn off any non essential lights for one hour as symbol of commitment to the planet. earth hour began in sitd any, australia in 2007 and since then the event has grown and more than 7,000 city as cross the -- or around the globe are observing it. >> and a r
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gwen joins us now. gwen, you're the lady of the day. because it has been perfect. you predicted. it we have had some rough weeks in the past. >> we have. >> and i'm hoping and praying spring is finally ear and this is just beginning. >> we don't want to hear about 20s and 30s and we're talking about s word spring. that's what we had today. we have more clouds than sunshine today. tem furz made up for that. i don't think anybody was complying and i was out and about and had to talk to a few people out there who just really were enjoying the day with their family and kids outside. and so, we have clouds. definitely. and here they are. we're going to increase in the overnight hours and all ahead of a system that is going to end up bringing us wet weather once we get to sunday. but, the cloudy skies are. there i cannot rule out a patchy fog as well. and current temperatures rights now, it's a very mild 67 degrees at this hour and i spent a lot time since i've said that. light, southwesterly wind and temperatures elsewhere 68 in
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and of 1 win chester and 66 at westminster an and all up and down the mid atlantic enjoying that warmer air flow. 24 hour temperature change quite a difference. warmer than last night in the nation's capitol. overnight tonight overnight lows low 407s, a much cooler sunday for you and you'll have to keep the umbrella we'll see a few showers. good news, it's not going to be a sunday washout. most of the day will actually be dry, matt, and i'll have everybody up to date on when they might expect a sprinkle or two tomorrow. >> not bad torrow and monday you were saying good things. we'll get to that later. >> hey, don't you miss bao bao already. >> because he loves you. >> come and gone from the national zoo. wheel we'reen joying spring like weather bao
10:20 pm
enjoying a new home in china. it's been a month since she left the national zoo and headed to home land after spending the last month in guarantee bao bao made app appearance. since she does not understand chinese xhants she has english speaking speaker. she's enjoying diet of local bamboo and steamed bread. >> that's very good. hm. >> only a panda would love it. >> appreciate it. >> much more to come tonight at o 10. caught on camera. a cow comes charming at a police officer. we'll show you this video what happens next.
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>> d.c. mayor muriel bowser is introducing a new plan top add drets the alarming amount of missing teenage girls in d.c.. and here's what the mayor's plan looks like. among some of the initiatives increasing the number of officers assigned to children
10:24 pm
expanding missing person's web page and social media foot footprint. they also pledge to work more closely with local organizations and provide grant support to non profits who help with rhawn ways. and yesterday, mayor becauseer tweeted this, thanks "fox5" d.c. for bring ago tension to this national problem and d.c.'s response. critical for our youth to know we care about each of them. >> and all right. joining me now is a & c mis missioner chreese. you were just outlooking for a young women this morning you can give me information for that. >> when i started her mom valencia harris has been looking for her daughter now. >> yeah, and it was one of the cases that i personally when i first started to
10:25 pm
the web site i got backlash not knowing about the case ways trying to research and find them and my source was ndp outside of one case three years ago. >> i talked to valencia she still believes her daughter was taken. is that still what you believe and is that how this search is carried out. >> and what she does and as well as other daughters out there nat we still have noten been able to find and she gives other parents permission to joint effort in us helping to find them. and looking for parents that need support and going out to look for the daughters and looking for them to come forward. >> let's talk about this plan and the mayor has come up with six initiatives. she's responding to this tell me do you think this is a step in the right direction. >> i think she's responding directly
10:26 pm
resolution that my office provided to her as of wenz we gave her ten items at the town hall meeting we were located at with council members supporting me and bringing this whole thing together. and i think she just wanted that. there's still some items that i think it's a great step in the right direction and we need to look at technology and we need a system put in place to accepted a video text or photo text and in place of 911 call that would give information out to people right away. >> so that means if someone is missing you can send a text of their picture right to police or put into the social media atmosphere right away. >> absolutely. you would also if had you seen a issing person if you see someone because right now there's outstanding -- i talked to commander out there this morning command are dickerson to bring ago wareness to the cause like i told her this morning aim here to plug in the holes and gaps. we're all working together here. we're just fighting areas whe
10:27 pm
ways we can make ourselves strong in that area. so, yes, sending a text make you seen someone. but you don't want to go through the hassle of calling 911 because it happened so faxingt you can send a photo, maybe a car. video of the car. and it gets over to npd right away. >> and the mappeder is really stepped in and tried to do a lot with this. and are you surprised her efforts have now has the national immediate alooking in on d.c. and did you expect this to happen that so many people are now concerned about what's is going on here? >> well, so, i think her efforts has helped to bring awareness to the missing persons and i think the national effort is because this is something obviously been oing going and didn't start with these own people and there had been more young people going missing since she started this initiative and i think it's important for the national attention to be there and they rngt just missing children in washington but around the world and brown, brown and black childrenee
10:28 pm
light. >> many are runaways and come back home and found. you can give us an idea of why there are so many young women that are running away from h home? >> so, we first need to make the distinction i talked about this earlier on 93.9 with easy street we need to make the distinction between one, missing person and a runaway. so, once a person is missing, you cannot prejudge to say this is a runaway when that person ran away from home last week. you don't know the danger that that child is in. or what that current situation is. so you have to look at every missing person and ask critical as anything else. now you go to isolate the situations. so there's certain said of resolutions for missing persons and another received resolutions that need to be put in place for those running a away. safe shores is initiative that actually supports santa claus #santa claus is one of the organizations that i know for a fact provides support for children who have been physically abused or severally abused at
10:29 pm
that's one of the areas i've been able to get a solution for con still unts who it children in that situation. that's a solution. i've worked with trayvon white with the safe home act and initiative and we're looking for boudz to support that bill and walking home children safely or provide transportation to children or support non profits that are out there doing the work. >> you must be happy to see things are taking place now. >> absolutely. we're grateful. i tweeted about. it facebook posted about it and taking initiatives in place. >> commissioner thanks you so much for your time. >> thank you i appreciate. >> we'll be back in a moment.
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>> gn
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to talk about comfort cases in concernsing ton today. this was at kepzing stone park p. it a they do this every year packing party for comfort cases and they provide back packs and duvrle bags full of pajamas and activity books and journals and all kind ever toiletryes and things like foster care children who end up showing up at foster care homes with trash bags with all their belongings in. it take a listen to the fo founder. >> my motivation is as a community we should all be giving back and eight years ago my husband and i adopted four kids out of foster care and i was absolutely shocked that they were carrying trashed bags when they arrived in our home. what surprised me is that 40 years ago i also was in foster care and
10:34 pm
i cannot believe as a community we still had not gotten it right. >> isn't that amazing. they have a fund raid her coming up april 22. that's the information there. they have a good fund me page comfort cases you can go to and they have a desperate need for pajamas and duvrle back anesthesia it's important price tags are left on even wrapped nuxt these kids are used to all the hand me downs and that type of thing we're trying to get them comfort and dignity and. >> right when you told me about this tonight i never knew it was such a thing that when they go to a new home it's all in just a plastic garbage bag. >> belingings in a trash bag. hard enough going to a new home with a new family and shuffle around as a child and to have to face like let alone everything you own is given to you in a garbage bag and that's how awe riff on someone's door stext i love this charity and i ask you to support. it they have a go fund me page. comfort indications. let's give
10:35 pm
the weather. >> yes. >> things improved today. >> he beautiful. >> and tomorrow might not be perfect. but the trend is looking good. >> the trend that's exact lit word. the tend trend is looking better on the 7 day forecast. if you loved our temperatures today, you'll love the temperatures of the 7 day forecast ep and now we have clouds. more clouds than sun. aim store your foy tonight and lots of clouds rolling in and can't rule out a little patchy fog. look at the highs today, unbelievable. 80 bwi. broke a record as dulles 78 and at reagan national airport, 78. it's been a long time since we had those kinds of tempe temperatures. it's welcomed, i'm sure. even without the sunshine. and right now, temperatures into the upper 60s and pretty much everywhere we have 7 0 mannasas and same culpeper and 67 in city and 65 at baltimore. and as we take a look up and down the sea board take a look. that warm air really that place. and still a very cold area
10:36 pm
with really colder air up in the northeastern up to areas of you? england and we're at least benefiting from a southerly flow and we'll cool down a little tomorrow. clouds continue to roll inen crisising clouds tonight and can't rule out a passing sprinkle or two and a frontal system that brings us wet weather as you get into sunday. be prepared for that and definitely have to keep the umbrella handy and we're still talking temperatures that will be not pood. overnight lows into the 50s and tomorrow we are talking 60s and so a lot cooler that we were today. but once again, you know t. is that time of year we're dealing with a couple frontal systems here. and so tomorrow, we're talking about showers. and not a washout at all. and in fact it looks like most of them will move in to the evening hours. let's look at future cast for you and here we r sunday where we get into 9:00 at night before we really start to see too much. just a little starts to kick in before that and here's areas to the west and lipingers rights through into monday and so once you get into monday in the morning hours expect to see some
10:37 pm
to move out and we get a little break. with some of those clouds headed out. in the mean time tomorrow, midday, 53 cloudy skies and 4:00 hour, very mild 56 deg degrees. wraching it up for you then. 50 for tonight. mostly cloudy skies and could see fog patchy fog tonight and little bit lingering into tomorrow morning as well. so just don't be surprised. passing sprinkle i cannot rule that out and for tomorrow, 55 degrees a daytime high. far cry from the upper 70s and 80s we had today but we do have more of that coming up for you in the day forecast. and as i said, some scattered showers. let's have a look at that accuweather "fox5" 7 day forecast for you. matt was talking about the beginning of the week and we're going back to the 70s all over again and we have a few spring storms to talk b by tuesday, can't rule out a rumble of thunder there. >> i see lightning in the graphic too. >> lightning in the graphic tuesday and we cool down a little bit once we get to hump day and sunshine there and the
10:38 pm
but you know what? we need the rain badly matt, we're under a severe brought. >> we have a drought going on. >> incredible scene caught on camera in sex texas a suspect charges at a police officer and wait that suspect is a cow and an officer was trying to coral the animal and closed the gate behind hem a.m. through see tractor-trailer cow started running full speed at the officer. let's see if we see it again. watch out. he got out of there fast. fortunately, no one was hurt. i guess. >> that's a fast running cow. >> i didn't know cows could run that quickly. it wanted to get the heck out of there. >> or maybe trying to get out of the pen. >> wanted to escape for sure. >> asking a coach questions after a game is daunting task for any sports reporter but a 13-year-old girl asked a great question and some people are answering we with theea
10:39 pm
brody logan has sports♪
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10:42 pm
>> wizards clenched a playoff spot. there will be playoff basketball at the verizon center in six weekends or so and have a big game tonight kickoff a very key road sglip perfect. >> the wizard are a game ahead of raptors for third spot in east and looming is five game road trip that starts tonight. wizards are in cleveland starting off with lebron james and cavs and ends with steph curry aunt warriors. 6,000 mile trip book ended by two best tes
10:43 pm
lebron james rocking the rec specs. john wall, bradley beihl, getting any shot they wanted in the half against the defending world champs, wall had 24 points and 6 assists in the half and wizards at a team hit season high 71 minutes first half in cleveland. day after home game last night. 12 point lead at half and then wall tossing to morris. 11 ra signatures for walt and steal by auto porter. you have to reward the man after the hustle. there flush by porter. love it. wall had 37 points and bradley beihl had 27 points and wizards beat lebron james and depending champion cavs 127, 115. >> i've been working a lots on my pull-up shot. guys have been giving me that shot. i have to knock it down with confidence. i'm getting healthier and healthier and aim getting better a
10:44 pm
and trying to finish the season stong. >> all right. cavs how are they at home facing off with coyotes. washington 30 and w at verizon this season. breaking the tie with his tenth and breaks scoring game once again the goals didn't start rushing in. 30 seconds later makes it 3-1 and caps win it again. beats two defenders nrailing goal empty netter and capitals win 31 game at home and it's a franchise record. there's still eight games left in season and caps win fourth straight 4-1. >> i awls loved what makes home ice advantage the fans show up and cheer us on we're comfortable in this building and home cooking is always nice. >> and that one man chucking a tall boy. >> maryland playing tenth seed cinderella
10:45 pm
not all smiles here in this game. terps down in my opinion at half time to tenth seeded ducks. upset in the air. 3rd quarter terps come back. destiny slowcum lay in on transition and breaks free and maryland down three. 4th quarter too much from oregon. ruthy heb ert takes the nice pass and up area under here. oregon shocks maryland, 77-63ment terps are eliminated. >> well the ncaa tournament like my big sort sporting events brings a throng of your honorlists of all age and background including max bonnet bonnet iser. check out his question south carolina coach frank martin last night. >> when you coach and teach your team defense what's more important, technique or attitude. >> fist of all, lot of respect to you. that's a heck of a question. i've been doing this a long time and that's the f
10:46 pm
that's a heck of a question. attitude comes first. we have to have guys that are going to believe in our mission and believe in what we want to do. once we believe we can teach them the technique. >> not everybody loved max question as much as coach martin did. they called the kid insult to the profession and even worse this reporter david carvellowhined kid is cute but not fan off topic question when beat rideers are trying to pull gamers together. cleary these journalists are worried that a 13-year-old is better at their job than they are. sorry to tell you this on deadline sports writer not everyone is covering same torrey just because you're writing gamer doesn't make it -- tony think any reporter question is wasting your time self centered. we should be inspiring future journalist not cutting them douchbility i
10:47 pm
roll whiz tv writers write non sports question and detailed quetdz about specific play we don't happen to be covering. we're all guilty. what he do is not all that serious. i hope when i forget i don't bash a kid on twitter. both reporters have apologized to max and i hope he keeps you his great work. heeds been covering the tournament. >> you may know him later in life. >> it could be the binning of something big. he's getting a lot of love after some of the hate from a couple reporters. he's getting a lot of love on twitter iser from people. he's twinled twitter followers and has picture with the teams and everything. he's covering ncaa tournament 13 years old. love it. >> good job on his part. >> up next at 10:00 is your sleep tracker doing more harm than good? if you got one of those. i don't have one. we'll explain do you have one, brody. >> these people look like they're sleeping fine. >> they're out. >> we'll explain why the device may
10:48 pm
to you lose sleep. >> now they're wrestling. >> they may have a tracker on.
10:49 pm
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some say slip is over rate sdmrd if you're having trouble having a hard night sleep some recommend a hot trackerer. >> it's supposed to monitor how much rest you're get and help you catch up on z's. those trackers may have opposite affect. fox's jessica formaso explains. >> according to national sleep foundation sleep is essential for a person's health and well-being. >> many of us lover a great night sleep and the problem is when
10:52 pm
a report published by researchers at rush university medical center found people are losing sleep over tracking their sleep. >> we noticed increasing number of patients bringing in data from their whereable sleep trackers and found that the trackers themselves were actually causing them to have more sleep. >> research says it's causing people to lose sleep over fear of losing sleep. >> people were anxious about their sleep and trying to get a specific number and in trying to get the number they were doing things interfering with sleep like doing things laying in bed trying to make it add up to eight hours. >> assistant professor of sciences and clinical psychologist at rush university medical center kelly barron says no one can control sleep. not even those with a sleep tracker. >> for some people monitoring they can always take it one step too far whether with steps or clories or sleep. some people the tracking themselves makes i
10:53 pm
far. a little over board. >> but overall she's says paying attention to your health is a good thing. however, barron claims technology itself will not change your behavior. >> we know from several sites for weight loss or exercise wearing the tracker itself is not going to change your behavior. and it has to be together with a program setting goals, taking other steps to get that behavior changed and then you can increase your steps or sleep more that sort of thing. the device itself oftentimes ends up -- >> barron says one should monitor how one feels if you feel unrested and you should add more time in bed and being fixated on a number won't help you in the long run. because sleep can't be perfect every single day. i'm jessica formoso "fox 5 news". >> that makes sense in the morning if you rel really tired throughout the day maybe you didn't get enough sleep you. >> don't need a tractor tell you that. >> i don't use a sleeper but i love to sleepy
10:54 pm
day or night. >> i'm with you. >> i wear an iwatch and tells me when it stand up she say sitting in the new smoking every once in a while it tells to you stand up and walk around and sit back down. that's i don't use any of the sleep functions. >> that's interesting. >> and spinach seems like a pretty heart healthy food doesn't. it now researchers think they found a way to turn spinach into heart tissue. the break through could be revolutionary and up until now scientists try to use a 3 d principle to try to see the delicate wrestles. plants could be a better match because their delicate vains appear to be capable of delivering blood. >> interesting. >> interesting. >> these 3 d printers do everything but mother nature may be do i better job. >> plants repair themselves and do things themselves in their own way. so maybe, who knows. >> for sure sounds good. >> science. >> we'll be right
10:55 pm
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many americans are not doing a good job of setting up money for an emergency. we don't spend if we don't have it. >> easier said than done whole a new study says americans are feeling more comfortable with savings than a year going still not doing better job of saving for a rainy day. >> it's good to know the money is there. but even then i'm not completely frugal. i like money is there to spend it. >> bank rate says 21% of working americans are not saving any of their income. >> people dialed back the amount they're saving over the last twelve months. >> so if they're not saving where do people feel better about their nelingt eggs
10:59 pm
bank rate chief financial analyst says one reason is job security. >> that ledz you to have greater feeling of confidence you know what maybe the savings i have set aside will be enough after all and stock market has been on a tear. things like retirement savings 401 k balance looking healthier and that leads to a feeling of confidence. >> and makes you feel better when you have money on the b bank. >> 40% of americans are not putting money in the bank because their experiences are too high. the the second most common reason was they have not got and round to it. >> people let their lifestyles dictate savings as opposed to saving 1st and living on what's left. and in terms of not getting a rounds to it, let's fix that right now. sign up for direct deposit from your paycheck into a dedicated savings account and sign up for your employer sponsored retirement plan and have money come out in payroll deduction and boom the savings comes out. >> if you don't have to don't
11:00 pm
>> other reasons for not saving more not having a good enough job and debt. jerry willis. this is fox news at 11. >> right in and out at 11:00, cheering on the cherry blossoms we'll take you to tonight's opening ceremony for the world famous cherly months only fest. >> and it was a picture perfect day outside. gwen will tell you what the forecast has in store for rest of weekend and what's next for healthcare reform after gop plan was pulled before a vote. "fox 5 news" at 11 starts now thanks for joining us tonight i'm matt ackland lauren has the night off. we begin in the district where a time-honored tradition carried on this eechbling the official opening of the cherry blossom festival. it took place at the warper theaterner northwest


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