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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> other reasons for not saving more not having a good enough job and debt. jerry willis. this is fox news at 11. >> right in and out at 11:00, cheering on the cherry blossoms we'll take you to tonight's opening ceremony for the world famous cherly months only fest. >> and it was a picture perfect day outside. gwen will tell you what the forecast has in store for rest of weekend and what's next for healthcare reform after gop plan was pulled before a vote. "fox 5 news" at 11 starts now thanks for joining us tonight i'm matt ackland lauren has the night off. we begin in the district where a time-honored tradition carried on this eechbling the official opening of the cherry blossom festival. it took place at the warper theaterner northwest
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>> d.c. mayor and japan ambassador to the united states addressed the crowd up like festivals in recent memory the weather leading up to this year's event caused a lot of suppress. the cold snap we had earlier this month damaged some of the cherly months only around the tidal base up and despite that the blossoms are reaching peak bloom the ones left at least and quite a few are out there to be seen. >> we are very happy in the district that spring has officially arrived. and that our cherry blossoms are blooming. and we are you know had the opportunity to drive round a little bit before i arrived. and i told the am bar door, some people doubted it but we know we have some tough, old trees. >> the cherry blossom festival actually began ten days ago and this was the official opening the month long festival
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trees to the united states back in 19 12 and it's a hugely popular event and festival usually attracts more than a million tourists to the city each year. and the weather was picture perfect today for folks wanting to catch a glimpse of the cherry blossoms and "fox5" alexandra limon mingled with early risers who could not wait to get to the tidal basin. >> reporter: wearing wedding gowns, kimonos and "fifty shades" of pink tourists and locals alike flocked to the tidal basin. >> i traveled down in recent years i came down every year in fact. takes three hour drive. i'll come down here and spend the entire day and take photos anticipates walk around. >> some got up early to beat the crowds and others did it for a different reason you. >> want to get good sunrise shots with our camera here. >> and sunrise they had the perfect cherry colored sky to match the weekend's t
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we've ever seen because of the rocky weather we had this month you can see many cherry blossoms died. >> i think because of the weather, the changes in the weather. so, but it's still beautiful. >> the weather was perfect. and getting downtown a breeze. metro east up on daytime weekend track work to accommodate all the visitors and we'll continue to provide near full service on most lines for several weekends. and so everyone can enjoy one of the best times of the year in the nation's capitol. >> this is my first time living here i moved to be closer to kid and grand kids. >> is it your first time enjoying the cherry blossoms. >> i was here once before. >> what do you think. >> they're beautiful. >> alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". time for weather let's look live outside a beautiful shot at the washington monument not a g bad evening to have dinner or hang out with friend and have the windows on. it's been beautiful all day long.
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and gwen it's been nothing but beautiful all day. a lot of people as you can see starting early to see those cherly blossoms. >> definitely. >> and not having to put a sweater on. >> i know it felt great. i was out earlier speaking to people in the park with their kids and in bethesda and relaxing and enjoying it and they loved the fact that they felt the temperatures still warm and felt like spring for sure. clouds rolling in. we didn't have a lot of sunshine today. plenty of clouds. that will continue. i can't rule out a passing little sprinkle or two and other than that it is definitely going to continue to be a very cloudy night. take a look at numbers for today, our highs, unbelievable. and upper 70s. 80 at bwi thorough good marshall and breaking a record at dulles at 78 today and 78 also at reagan national air airport. it was really very nice. and now as i said we had more clouds than sunshine and i don't think that was too hard on anyone. and temperatures right now into the 60s and couple of
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and 70 call pep erin 70 mannasas and 69 fredericksburg this hour and 65 d.c. and little cooler at baltimore at 56 and 5 degrees at annapolis and for tonight we're talking 50. mostly cloudy skies. and i can't rule ot a little patch didn't fog tonight or the early morning hours and a passing sprinkle is 30s i possible. much cooler sunday ahead for you though. we have 70s back on the 7 day forecast. i'll show you that in a little bit. matt. >> gwen, thank you. breaking news to tell you about now from prince george county police are on the scene of a murder. it happened around 9:30 this evening on columbia place when officer arrived they found the victim already dead. investigators say someone shot him. tonight police are serving the neighborhood and trying to find any witnesses that may have seen what happened. we'll keep you updated on that one. meanwhile developing from nevada tonight the las vegas strip is back on tonight after a very tense and
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barracaded situation dime end and gunman that shot people on double derrek bus surrendered peacefully after hours of negotiations with police and investigators say the gunman shot and killed one person on the bus and wounded another near the cosmopolitan hotel and casino and the gunman barricaded himself on the bus. >> we have that us is snekt custody and we did not locate any additional victims on that bus. >> that individual was taken into custody without incident. and there were no shots fired bit police during this incident. >> and by the way. this afternoon, shooting began hours after several burglars robbed a rolex store inside the bellagio hotel and cassie owe and that's next door to the cosmopolitan where this took place today. >> up next republicans reg regrouping after their plan to repeal and replace obamacare nailed. and so what's next for healthcare refor
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we're back in a moment.
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>> after legislation to repeal and replace obamacare and never made to the house floor for a vote. we get the latest now from f fox's kevin quark yesterday was not a victory of the american people and victory of the status go on washington d.c. and victory for disaster of obamacare. i promise you, that victory won't last very long. >> elected officials in washington are continuing to feel the fallout after failure ever the gop's american healthcare act of. the billed waling pulled from the house floor before it went to vote on friday. democrats in congress are celebrate what they see as end of republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare
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president trump is not accepting defeat just yet taking to offensive on twitter saturday saying he'll lead the charge and replacing obamacare once it "explodes" mr. trump's opponent in 2016 election child in on defeat of bill and hillary clinton tweeting it was a victory for all americans. many are calling the failure of the bill a major loss for 3rez trump and repealing and replacing obamacare after all is one of the top campaign promises. >> they control the house of representatives. the republicans control the senate. he's a new republican president and there's really no excuse why he should not have been able to pass his own initialtive other than this bill really was a disaster. >> and president, however is convinced it will be democrats blamed when president obama afford automobile care act fails. >> they own. it 100% own it and this is not a republican health care. this is not anything but democrat healthcare
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little while longer until it ceases to exist which it will. >> trump administration meantime is ready to move on from healthcare to tackle the next big ticket item on legislative agenda and that's tax and regulatory reform. >> at the white house, kevin quark, fox news. >> hope you're enjoying saturday evening, gwen is back to tell you how the next 7 days will look for you. stay with us.
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>> i didn't realize is it gets a million people each year that come to see the cherry months omz. over the next few weeks it's going to be busy. we have good news for the next 7 days. >> little rain here and there. otherwise temperatures-wise we'll have really warm conditions. like today for example. we had more clouds than sun and you could not beat the temperatures. oh, my goodness. unbelievable. definitely indication of the season we're in. there's no question about that. and tonight the cloud are increasing and we'll continue to do so. and we'll just see cloudy skies tonight as well as for the first part of tomorrow mainly before we see showers. here's a look at highs today. isn't this wonderful i could say 78 and 80. broke a record at dulles today. and so definitely we were right on the mark in terms of those really nice temperatures. and but you know w
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cooling down a little and mild. 65 d.c.. 56 baltimore and 57 annapolis and cooler closer to the water. 64 for frederick and 67 dulles and 63 more takensburg this hour and overnight lows into the 50s and upper 40s across the board and possibly a little bit of patchy fog here and there and i cannot even rule out neighbor a passing sprinkle or so as the clouds continue to head in and we deal with frontal systems. don't be surprised if you kind of realize there's a sprinkle or two out there. we're talking wet warm for sunday. but the good news is not talking a washout by any means. and in fact, most of the day will be dry for most of you. not bad at all. 50s as we move into the overnight lopez-rivass tonight and tomorrow and headed into the 60s. cooled today and aips chance of wet weather. let's look at future cast and time it out. as you move through tonight can't rule out a passing little shower and here we are sunday
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4: start to see anything a little here near hagerstown and mason dixon and more out to the west. as we progress sunday night starts to fill in a little more. you really salvage most of the day without seeing anything. here's 10:00 at night and we get into monday morning and it still is stick around. so expect maybe the morning commute to see a little bit of that wet weather before it starts to get out of here into the early afternoon hours or so. and as we wrap it up for you then looking at planner for tomorrow by midday. 53 rjts cloudy skies. we'll be warming to about 56 by 4:00 hour and as i said, not looking at anything in terms of precipitation at that foypt are the main part of the day. only into the evening it looks like it will hit us. 50 for tonight then. and for toelingt tomorrow we're talking high of 55. far cry where we were today. much cooler day. your "fox5" accuweather 7 day forecast getting back to the 70s beginning of week and on tuesday i cannot rule out maybe an isolated thunderstorm could pop up and drier conditions
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hump day and start to see temperatres getting into thee 60s again cooling down a little friday and back up again into the 60s. not pad at all. we'll be back after the break. stay with us.
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>> over a week away f
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talk say a deal on stadium naming right is close exxon mobile, mgm in the ranks. it could net the club 15 million a sgleer no new name on the mark or team in the park. nats in palm beach closing out spring training. first inning no score and tanner gets to work. jose went down swinging and beltran goes down. one run and five in third winning and fourth inning nationals up one. check out this slide. yeah. kind of a slide to get up and move around. zimmerman you got to love this hops up avoid the tag and scores run. nationals 2-0 they tack on a few more and go on to beat palm beach neighbors 4-1. weak leading up to the terps sweet 16. all we can talk about is destiny slocum shot. terps shed they
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the media couldn't think of dream elite match-up with uc uconn. all they have to do is beat t tenth seeded oregon right easy right. >> there's destiny not putting up 75 footers but all smiles. sabrina ionescu drills it and had hand in face doesn't ma matter. terps down nine at the break to tenth seeded ducks. guest any look at this the lay in. maryland. down just three. trying to mount a come back. 4th quarter. just too much from the ducks. ruthy hub ert takes a pass goes up for the lay in too easy. oregon shoz shocks maryland they're legaled 6 7-3. >> until last night when florida hit a buzzer beater and entered pantheon of tournament shipping moments. buzzer m
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few. if anyone can it's montgomery blair high school dissecting madness with math. >> these are the sights and sounds we associate with march madness. >> but blair high school, these are the sights and sounds of march madness. >> to which games does everybody in this competition think they'll be close. >> this is david stein sports statistics class that turned sports greatest tournament into his semester math project is where you need ucla to beat kentucky. >> sports teams, professional teams, clem teams are using analytics and high level mathematics to figure out effectiveness of decisions and being able to evaluate decisions the teams made, math has been a crucial element in sports. >> in this class, there is a lot of math in the madness. >> somebody have a calculator. >> each team looked at what variables and factors they think would be m
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think would be most significant. >> their offensive defensive deficiency. >> field percentage. >> the opponents of those opponents rate. >> coach tournament appearances. >> we used rpi as well and i'm not quite sure what that is. >> i'm not sure what that is either. what i'm sure of is that these kids take the competition and the trash talk seriously. >> it's -- >> there's a mess of twilter feud. >> they have a bird. we took a picture of somebody eating a bunch of fathers everywhere and said this is your motto after we're done with it and stuff like that. >> like any good group of sparts statisticians these teams have a web site to taught prog no, sirty cases and photo shops, blogs, smawk talk all to make it engaging for a generation of high schoolers who are not known for their attention spans. >> it was exciting of course because it involves like what is
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real world. >> what we're doing we don't know answer going into it. so it's interesting. and you know, sometimes the data doesn't make sense but we have to struggle and figure it out. it's more real world instead of living in a textbook. >> and hox work is not bad. >> we have to watch games as assignments. >> we came a long way in math education and particularly here at blair. in figuring outweighs to get kids to engage in math, use in complicated situations where there are not easy answers and makes for not only more oouts useful education buten gaining and exciting. >> instead of textbook. really real life learning. >> life learning and you don't know what the answer will be until it happens in real life. i want to say fall project was the election. their model had hillary clinton 98% chance of winning. >> so. >> they -- did they fail that class. >> well they were using all the polls everyone else was using.
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if you put it into model and that's what they're telling you that's what they said. >> they're doing better with the tournament last year. >> not bad. >> these kids know their basketball or numbers or both
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>> baobao is enjoying i china a after spending the late month in quarantine bao bao made her favorite appreance yesterday she as adjusting and since she doesn't understand chew neetz shez she needs english speaker zoo keep erin enjoying okayet of local bamboo and chinese steamed bread. i never had it before but sounds delicious. my baby bao, bao. >> wasn't it there was trouble with chinese bamboo now she's adamenting. >> she's doing just fine. >> another thing that is fine is weather chick check of weather. >> color tomorrow and chance of showers more in the evening than anything else. and
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day forecast. >> we need that rain though, too. >> we do need the rain badly. >> thank you for being us with tonight and looking for you tomorrow morning at 7, have a good night
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