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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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it's like tom, yes, tom, i can be at the airport 8:30 why do you ask because you're at the airport now. you fill in the other side anteaudience doesn't know and that's the fun we have with that joke. >> thanks for joining is us tonight. here at 10:30 news at 11 with tony and shawn starts right now. >> right now at 11:00 rain, hail and lightning storm damage patrol and get ready major changes in store for this weekend. >> plus virginia middle school teacher and accused of driving drunk this morning. >> hear from the store employee that made a run for it as the bad guys bustsed n yours news starts right now. >> right o t the top tonight
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region. >> we're expecting big changes in weather this weekend. we have team coverage with tisha lewis and sue palka. we'll start with sue on what the late setting. hey, sue. >> hi there, tony, shawn this is calm between the two parts of weather story we had warm weather today and severe thunderstorm that cooked up and dropped so much hail and strong gusty winds and took down a lot of trees. overnight we're going to transition into a cooler environment and then rain showers will be with us through much of the weekend. first we want to show you some of the hail video we got earlier today and this was in bethesda and very representative of what happened around the region. lots of reports of hail to the size of quarters and there were a few reports that had hail to the size of golf balls and even ping-pong balls. that's never a good sign when you get those large hail reports and going to radar right now you'll see that while we don't have much going on at the moment there's pass pass iting showers to the south and the line that
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between 4:15 and 6:00 from loudoun to montgomery cou countingy and across prince george county to anne arrundel and held together all the way to easton while a seconds batch affected some suburbs down to the south. here's what's left another exiting from charles to calvert and there's a little stronger activity off the challenge teek area and hail reports including pretty large one in tacoma park of almost 2" hail you can see the rain to the south and it's with us off and on. and rain showers saturday. maybe a little drier for some areas on sunday. it's going to be a tough pattern to ditch and temperatures will be mainly in the 50s as we go through the weekend. but a lot of people have cleanup to do. and that cleanup is going on as we speak. tonight, tisha lewis is live in chef ci chase
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pounded today with trees down. tish a. >> that loud news is generate are for full nrej cleanup and there's a dozen people here around me. here's why a tree toppled into this house and displacing the family we're told for at least three months you can see there's a ladder and you can see there's branches and lights and electric cords behind me there's also bottles of water and it's going to be a long night all of this is the aftermath of tonight's storm. >> whipped and rain all captured on home video taken during the powerful storm that took down this tree in this chef ci chase maibd. >> we'reed in the house and all of a sudden crackling against the windows and went to look and it was hail, big hail balls size the golf balls pelting windows.
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compared to neighbor. >> you hear a big crack, boom and the tree came down. >> the homeowner told me off camera he was home with his family when the tree came crashing down. >> it's greater than $150,000 damage at this time and obviously with the contents not in the house that will increase all the contents will have to be stored while construction is done. >> restoration contractor christian larson says the tree pierced through roof into the ceiling in the home's top floor. a rarity. >> it's very rare you see a tree come completely through the house. >> what you see in this bethesda neighborhood is more common just minor root damage after a tree toppled down. >> at the same time frame you have a number of car crashes and wrecks and number of roads closed and obviously trees and branches bringing wires down and some of them major roadways such as connecticut avenue are affected and
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road and things of that na nature. again, good things is no injuries. >> and just to echo that sentiment thankfully tonight there's no injuries because you can see it for yourself through the branches the tree remains down. my photo journalist heard crackle when we stepped outside of the car and the tree applying pressure to the home. for our own safe tut crew here asked us not to move beyond this point. they're busy at work here in the cheverly chase neighborhood and long night lies auto head. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news" storm knocked down trees and power lines and fell on bakery carol and ethan avenues. no one on the street or inside the store was hurt and downed trees blocked treats and made it hard for drivers to get around.
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she was drunk when she showed up this morning. lauren. they're the ones that contacted police. megan debo had on can tairn of alcohol in her possession at school and it happened:30 a.m. and she drove into work and is charged with dui. 29-year-old is a 6th grade english teach erin she's working hire for two years and in her buy on on school web site says she's actually -- she actually attending sterling middle herself as i child and we spoke with appearance in the area and tom a are angry and some feel it's rather sad. >> think it's a shame she gets into a car and interacts with children she's supposed to be setting an example for the children. i'm glad she was arrested
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in jail it's all sad you don't know what is going on in her personal life. >> she interacted with students and this all blapd classes began and held on 2,000 secured bond. live in sterling. lauren lauren, "fox5 local news". >> "fox5" fairfax county and elderly man was found dead in his apartment little river glen senior seener there fairfax yesterday and autopsy determined he was murdered. 77-year-old ngun had trauma to his up inner body. residents are concerned about their safety.
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did do it. >> many part our hearts go out to mr. nygen and we have confidence in their ability to make an arrest in this case. >> a virginia woman meets with president trump after spending years in egyptian prison and scary robbery caught on camera. now employee there tells us how it all wept down. >> another wild finish to pivotal game at the verizon center. news at 11 will be right back.
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>> "fox5" alexandra limon spoke to employee of how it all happened. >> this is surveillance video from attempted armed robbery in northeast d.c. on april 13 it was all quick but frightenin
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wife who are closing up the avondale coffee shop that night. >> the guy tried to get into the store. my wife said she believed it was customer so she said are we close -- we're closed but she offered one more time -- and my wife feel like this is something wrong maybe it can be the robber. >> the reason she thought that is because it happened before and in february d.c. police released video this robbery in which the men made their way to secure area where the registers and proceeds from watery ticket scales are kept and king believes those thieves came back i believe so yeah it was same people and same amount of people and they look -- ty
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>> this time king wife slam the door shut before chiefs make it intoen closure. >> robbers they keep asking us opt door, on the door and and the gun man left and one of the men firtd gun and bullet chipped off piece of counter and hope is someone to the communicate toy identify the concepts and shielded faces for security faces. >> alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> president trump welcomed home a an he jipts shan aid worker. the president negotiated her release. she and her russ returned to the disstripingt after a court acquitted her of what many say with bogus child abuse cha charges. >> we're very happy
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iya back home and it's a great honor to have her in the overall office with her brother and thank you very much. >> she grew up in virginia and graduated from george mason university. >> all right. are we calm now? >> yes, we're calm now. >> all over today. >> this has been a crazy couple of days. that storm last niht in prince george county that did damage it was very scary. they're getting stronger. >> and today we had fuel and another day that low 80s and completely flipping calendar tomorrow and 50s and rain and so. pictures and tree damage very extensive and hardy at montgomery county and prince george county as well then we get to king george and west moreland and lots of reports of trees down there and hail as well aerial pictures you can see the trees are
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strong, straight line wind damage comeing across street and i'll tell what you if leaves were fully out in many areas as it is we have amazing tree cap pi here and unfortunately this happens in the severe storms this was super sel cell moving through between 4 and 6:00 and able to maintain hail for a long, long way all the way to the bay as a matter of fact. lightser tonight strong storms king george and west moreland county area. i got this one a picture from one of my twitter followers what appears to be more rotation and is this touching down is that a tornado. hard to see thre's a tree line here. it may be a low base to thunderstorm there was no tornado warning there but there was damage down there perhaps friends at the national weather service take a look and see what happened there. right now no reports of
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straight line whipped damage and hail headline going forward a cool and soggy weekend and we'll get right to it and expect showers tomorrow morning and if we get intermittent ept rain temperatures may number low 60 s and suburbs may be in the 50s tomorrow and a lot of rain may be in the 50s. speaking of 50s sunday we're there as well and although i'm thiking much of maryland will be drier on sunday than saturday and you'll see that on future cast in a moment quite a bit cooler by 20 than we were today closer to 25 the storms have continue toed to move away. not everybody saw it it was not long and organized line it was a strong storm that fired up couple showers across prince george country and close to 39 a5 and beltway. these are not severe storms by any means
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the coast now and this settled on down and will get storm damaged reports in and cle clearlyal the balls indicating we had a hail report severe or tree down and you see thunderstorm damage here too across calvert country and across the bay and down to the south across king george and west moreland counties. now we get ready for the cooler and rainier conditions to push be in and a frontal boundary has not processed yet but will overnight and that will start the process of getting us cooler this is slow moving area of low pressure that will probably hang auto round for better part of next four days with most substantial rain coming on saturday tonight while we're quiet now we see by 8:00 in the morning more showers f filling in and it's not overly wet we're beginning to see showers as we go through the afternoon though it starts to pick up and fill in a little more coverage as you can see here and into the 5:00 hour you this is a little heavier rain you see running pretty
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again tough traveling in some of that weather. going forward to, 10, 11, maybe a few drier hours and into sunday more of the rain now tends to stay through central virginia and notice we got clouds from maryland but mostly that rain is staying south. although can could be close by as fredericksburg and this may move over a little bit. looks like models suggesting later on sunday night this bubble of rain could get closer as well. they'll be tough to ditch that's for sure on sunday. meanwhile high temperatures today no wonder the storm got strong 4 with lot of humidity and i warm air did not get to bwi and they did not see much of the way of strong thunderstorms and we're seeing temperatures slowly fall. it will take longer as i mentioned the front has not come through yet. listen early next week the storm system happenings offer the coast. we keep showers in the forecast monday and
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the cool side and towards end of week we do another big call ter flip and after we get through cool days on monday and tuesday you see on the 7 day we're popping up to 78 on wednesday. each warmer on thursday and we pop into the mid 80s and by the time we get to friday of next week some models try to sthuing could be 90 degree day friday and that would be the first one of 2017. we'll see if that happens. in the meantime keep rain gear handy and enjoy the pollen washing rain that's about to come into d.c.. tony, shawn. >> feeds the front. williams scores. justin williams 104 to the extra session and washington leads series. >> that there the deviceive goal -- decisive goal and caps big win at the verizon center and caps lead toronto mayple leaves in the best of 7. >> brody
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>> brody loingon is live. what a great night, brody. >> tony, shawn, it was the deviceive cold to divided winners from losers and tonight the whipers were the capitals. big time goal in big game, game five. in two siri when's it's tied 2-4, 78% of the time whipping game five win the whole scene. there was a moment 2:2 23 left and alex ovechkin gets knees out from under him. he had to be helped to the locker room and came back out second period.. but you know redskins great santana moss says big time players make big time plays and in big time games and santa amonths has been doing it entire career playoff goal and came up just when the caps needed most
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and looking forward. >> the more important the game the bigger jution tip plays. >> is that con table us. it's contagious myself and other guys want to to be able to do that to. i learned from the best. >> you can tell it's getting closer erin closer you know bri think the games just there was shots going in and bouncing any don't think it would change much that's something that happens and after the last game it cyclical and changes and it did and i expect under hard fought close game in game 6. >> justin williams was brought here to washington because of experience in games like this. and i want to go back to game one. caps are down 2-0 multiple players say
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was the one that gathered them in locker room and said calm down we have experience we can get the win in over time like they did tonight. justin not doing it just on the ice but off and tony and shawn justin williams known as mr. game 7. i'm hoping he doesn't have to be mr. game 7 and you don't have to come back to face the game again. >> that would be very nice. >> sooner rather than later. thank you very much. p caps win in over time and nationals beat the met in extra innings, 11 innings. >> how about that? >> big things are happening, d.c. rising. >> we'll be right back.
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dozens of wild horses wept up for adoption. >> bureau of land manage sglment wild horses couldn't drag me away♪ >> very nice. >> that brought a tier to my eye. >> to mine, too. >> read the story. >> bureau of land management gathered wild animals across the country you can buy one for as little as $125. there's special requirements here you need a large animal shelter and own horse trailer and large popper scooper. bureau says there's owe too many wild horses for environment to support they put them up for adoption as a way of managing size of herds on public land. >> they will sell some hours. >> $125. >> they're wild. >> i think they'll do fine on somebody's big farm. isn't it nice they found a hugh main solution. sew many times we knowha
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: this is pretty big news. we have a portion of richard simmons now. >> richard, please, are you ok, richard? >> we have a triangular shape of the upper eye area. >> he came back from the hospital. he spent three days there. harvey: the lure is getting bigger and bigger. >> why? harvey: he loves everybody's talking about him, he hasn't been seen and he's furthering that. >> this is his version of like an instagram twerk? >> we got mariah and nick coming out of mr. chow's in beverly hills. our photog is like are you guys back official? >> we've always been official. >> do you think it's a coincidence he loses his job and gets back to the woman, the rich lady? harvey: no. >> i think it was her. i think he felt heartbroken for whatever she went through. harvey: that's a little too touching for my taste. [laughter] >> we got offset from migos at


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