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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 6:00, 100 days in. now president trump and vice-president pence making their case for the stalk sh shows. >> we'll have all the highlight and reaction coming up. >> no doubt about the wee weekend. there's areas that are dealing with severe weather out there. gary has all the details and what he's looking at. the news at 6:00 begins right now. and thank you for joining us i'm jim lokay. >> i'm lauren demarco. >> we begin tonight with more on that weather. and we want to fay a live look outside right now. because while many enjoy the sunshine today, take a look at this. some areas have been dealing with severe warm. looks like cloud certainly moved
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washington monument. >> no doubt about that. gary mcgrady standing by with more. restarted out nicely and some dealing with storms and lightning. >> we had one isolated thunderstorm way out fwheingt west virginia riding east at about 20 to 25. history of being severe and heavy rain and gusty wind and large hail in the storm. let me show you radar do give you an idea what is going on. only storm and business out. there again it's been moving over the last hour to the east and a little north east. it did have a severe thunderstorm warping ton until 6:00 and that was for central berkley county in northwestern sections of jefferson ount didn't way out west there. it appears to be weakening a little. as we zoom down to you right now we're seeing good old fashioned heavy rain in there. there's a little lightning as well in the storm continuing, the lightning decreased quite a bit not only in coverage but intensity as well. as i mentioned there was a severe thunderstorm warning on this particular storm. but it has expired at 6:00 and
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so far weather service has not reissued this warm for the storm. it does look like it is really beginning to weaken quite a bit. there's still gusty whipped in it and very heavy rain in the storm. i'll tell what you it looks like lot less up tense than what it was 30 minute ago or so. right now it looks doubtful they'll reissue on this particular storm. boones borough gets heavier rain across and eventually comes across to western sections of frederick count question and just touching 70 right nw south of hagerstown. there's rain in hagerstown there and again continuing to move east and northeast and it looks like now in a weakening phase. look at temperatures riding heat out. there 73 martinsburg and obviously cooled from the storm. we'll still sit at 5. little muggy and hazy. we showed you the live pictures out there. there could be an isolated shower or thunderstorm later on this evening out. there but i think most of us will stay dry and kind of warm and
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we did have a record-setting high temperature. we'll talk more about that and is this heat here to stay or are we in for another period of cooler weather. we'll answer questions for you in the full forecast, guys. >> all right. "fox5" arlington now where a man is under arrest after police say he tried to rundown a few officers and sped off leading them on a chase down a busy street. lindsey watts live in arlington with more on the story. lindsay. >> reporter: jim, this is where the car chase ended at columbia pike and walter reed drive. this started a mile and a half away. police were called to an apartment building for a dispute. and when they got there, they approached a man in a car who matched the suspect description. and now it turns out this map was not even involved in the dispute. he wanted nothing to do with police. as officers were trying to talk to him, he tried to run them over and then took off. when he got here to the intersection, he hit a car. then he got out of his car and started running and made it about a block and aal
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catch up withhim. and this started around 3:00 and police were in the area from about 4:30 this afternoon and the suspect has not been identified yet. so we don't know about his criminal history. and whether he was wanted by police prior to the incident even maybe that's why he tried to flee from investigators as he did. >> our main thing there were no civilians or officers seriously injured considering it's a beautiful day out and traveled on heavily populated areas that's a positive things. >> when you talk about charges he could be facing. >> at this point he's being talked to by detectives. he could be charged with anything from attempted malicious wounding a law enforcement officer to attempted ka capital murder on a law enforcement officer. >> and so the suspect could be facing serious charges. we expect to learn more about his identity later tonight. >> oui live in arlington, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> and developing
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on prince george county just a short time ago. the capital hight metro station reopened and earlier this afternoon smoke was reported in a tunnel between the addison road and capitol hight stations. marina mar of course owe is live with more. mavr ina, what is going on now. >> reporter: the station reopened. you'll see folks getting over the train here. this say blue line train. and since 4:30 until 5:00 they were ultimately just completely bypassing the station up to addison road. and until they took care of the situation fire crews were out here. metro saying it was a min taensence issue there was light smoke. no fire and they believe a arching insulator that happened down on the tracks. you see transit police still here on the scene and they're making sure that it doesn't happen again. but, metro once again running. it is -- was rather single tracking for the last hour and in the last couple of minutes here the station has reopened and service has resumed here to capitol hight.
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county, marina marraco, "fox5 local news". >> and this weekend president trump marks 100 days in office and he's not just reflecting on his job but look ago head. president was on cbs face the nation for a look back at term so far describing biggest problem as ongoing tensions with north korea. >> frankly, north korea is maybe more important than trade. trade is very important. but massive warfare with millions potentially millions of people being killed that as we would say trumps trade. >> and the president believes he has a good relationship with president ping and both would be unhappy if north korea had a test. they fired a mid range ballistic missile that blew up shortly after launchd vice-president pence defended his boss saying what critics say president trump
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first 100 days in office. >> remember this president already signed more bills in the first 100 days than any president since harry truman. he's literally 13 different pieces of legislation that rolled back job killing regulations from the obama administration signed into l law. >> the vice-president says the administration will be doing a lot more in the coming weeks and months and delivering on the promises president trump made during his campaign. >> and meantime the president is still working with congress on a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. and he is trying to enact major tax reform. fox's lauren blanchard has more on what we can expect in the coming days and weeks. >> congress has just one more week to figure out a spending plan. takes top priority now republicans are also hoping to take another swing at healthcare after their own party members sank the obamacare repeal and replace effort last mott president and gop leaders optimistic
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can push through another plan as early as this week we're real close. let's pass something not fuel repeal but close at least it's the best thing we think we can get out of the house and it's a much better bill than it was five, six weeks ago. >> democrats state president has to be willing to work across the aisle more. senator chuck shumer telling "fox news sunday" the president cannot run the country as my way or the highway. >> he ought to rel lies he you this back off repealing oaf bam acare f he backs off repeal we'll sit down and work with him to improve obamacare. >> and as lawmakers work and member of gop leadership and house ways and means comm committee. they're united by two goals. to simplify the tax rate and close loopholes. >> this say once in a generation opportunity to relieve the american people of the tremendous tax burden they currently
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administration made this top priority. this is our time to do it >> the president is planning make tax reform a top issue for administration hoping for a mraij erwin if he can get his feert rally around his proposal. in washington, lauren bla blanchard. fox news. >> coming up fox5 exclusive his son killed in the line of duty and now the father of a delaware state trooper speaks out in "fox5" sdlusive. >> and we'll lighten it up a little with enters takenment news and find out if new films were able to knocked favorite furious from the top spot at the box office and in view of the circle starring tom havrpingz and emma watson stay with us.
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>> now to a "fox5" exclusive it's
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since corporal ballard was killed in the line of duty. >> alexandra limon spoke with his father to learn more of the life of fallen officer. it hurts i love my son and the only time i'll see him is in a dream tore picture. he'll always be remembered. >> for burned in his heart is his son delaware state trooper stephen ballard. forever burned in his memory in the moment he got the call law enforcement families fear and hope they never get. >> she said that stephen was voovld in a shoting and doesn't look good he's in grave condition. so i started crying. and you know she put the phone and said here, you know, he can hear you. she put me on speaker and put the phone next to his head and i was telling him how much i love him and i'm on my way and you cannot leave me you're all i have you know
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and i just told her i said, i'm on my way. >> after talking his son kevin ballard did everything he could owe to get from his maryland home to delaware. despite an escort and he helicopter by state police he did not make. it authorities in delaware said corporate ballard stopped a us is miss us car for possible drug doxd. rather than stepping out of the car he was identified as burgon seelye pulled out a gun and chased corporal ballard in parking lot of wawa convenience store and opened fire at close range. he died at the hospital. >> it's my only son. and he is not going to be able to grow up to have children. more children, grand kids you know, he lost his life ding who he loved to do. >> now the only thing getting the family through tough times is remembering that infectious smile corporal ballard was
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always wore no matter how tough things got and brotherhood and love they felt from law enforcement. >> everywhere we went to memorial, where he was shot at and people i don't even know hugging us, hugged me, and it just tears you up inside, because innocent man lost his life doing what he loved to do. help fem people. >> corporal ballard is described by wife, stepdaughter, two sisters and parents. a home orial fund set up to help the family and funeral services are planned for next friday in delaware. >> in the studio, alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> they met in the army 22 years ago and tonight in a local hospital recovering from major surgery. >> they came together most recently after one posted a note on facebook asking for help and the other stepped right up without any hesitation. matt aklin reports.
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this picture was taken. kai johns and robert harman were serving together ft. bragg, north carolina, this was taken of them yesterday. >> it is just dialysis you know takes away from all your time. >> and this is them today, 24 hours after a kidney transplant surgery at med star george town university hospital. >> i feel 100% better. that was not the case late last year when kai got terribly sick, so he thought. >> the doctorate urgent care is you should not be standing how are you even vertical at this point. you have to get to the hospital now. >> turns out kai's kidney's faildz and he need aid transplant to he got on hospital donor lists and he decided to use social media to reach out for help. and that's when his old army buddy he had not seen in many years responded. >> this facebook post said a kidney for
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messengered and ask what can i do to start getting tested. >> robert did not hesitate. he has a wife and kids. but he knew it was the right thing to do. >> it's not just him it's any of the other close army brothers and sisters that we have together. >> the surgery was three hours long. georgetown hospital gave us this video. that's robert's kidney being transferred to kai and immediately aft surgery kai felt epergizinged with robert's healthy kidney in place. >> he goz got a wonderfully healthy kidney. the doctor amrawdz kai for reaching on you's robert accepting many times patients fell bad asking for a kidney. >> tell people what's going on in your life. if you tell people about your illness sometimes people are private and don't ever share it. if you share what's
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comes out of the woodwork and wants to help you. >> kai says it was not just robert that saw the plea for help and offered his kidney. several other friends did, too. robert admits he's uncomfortable after the surgery. but helping his old friend is so worth it. >> for someone to step up and knowingly save your life, that's -- you cannot come up with a word for it. >> matt ackland, "fox5 local news". >> it's amazing the miracles doctors pull off and also benefits of social media they're getting help with those guys connected or reconnectd organ donation if a wonderful thing. there's a great cam example there. >> coming up the trail of damage left behind after tornadoes ripped apart parts of texas. >> if you're looking for something♪
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at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us.
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depend on us for more than energy. >> the foal is to provide young teen agars to learn self-defense. mike shows us more. >> today i came in and checked out this girl power event. >> girl power is getting all of this lovely ladies come here and empower each other
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self-defense and just help each other out to be better. >> this is a good way for attorney come together as women and just enjoy time. different kick boxing type stuff and high energy and power. >> it's good because you get your body going and exercise and sort it out and get frustration and everything else that is going on during the day and getting all the energy. >> it's a lot of fun about the body movement and hips you got to try it. >> i highly recommend all women to join. whatever they wanted to do. zumba. kick boxing, self-defense. personal training whatever they want to do. i highly recommend it. when they get the energy going they can empower each
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ever love self-defense i'm all about that. it was a event.h it's all good girl power. >> i love. it. >> no slowing down fast and furious fate of fewer use we mains in top spot over the week. it's become the 0th movie ever to make more than 1 billion. 40u to be a latin lover finished 12 million the rest of the first five on the screen. >> one fillsome called the circle tom hanks and emma watson and debuted with nine million dollars. >> our own kevin mccarthy seen the film and has his review.
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including new film circle and next week is the one you will be excited about. guardians of the gal amy james gun is about to review that film. i'll tweet out emogi of where i got it. kevinmccarthytv. this week only one major film opening up. you can see loingen and get out in theater years. those are my two first films of 2017. those films are playing in theaters now. this film was not screened to my initially. there were no press screenings i would see. it screened around the can'ty but not in washington d.c.. i saw it thursday evening it's bad this is from fektacular now. going in you have the amazing things lined up. spectacular now has are
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movie. 6 and paton oswald. an a lot of music from kim burton's films. and it's frustratingly bad concept is great. emma watson joins a tech company and find out it's trying to take away privacy. it's idea of over sharing in social media and getting rid of private lives and sharing everything we do to everybody in the world. she kind of goes against this at one point. i thought i loved bill it was his final film. warn you have all these things great and
6:25 pm
you have horrible script it's horrendously bad and unfortunately bad sloppy and choppy at times. and my wife looked at me during the movie and said this is like a bad episode of black mirror. that's what it is. blake mirror is a show on netflix that focuses on similar topics of social media and technology ruining our lives and three seasons so fair recommend watching that that's some of the best television you see. national 58 anthem is disturbing not for kids. i gave it a 1.5 out of 5 and what i seen so far black mirror i get a 5 out of 5. i have three episodes left. super excited to finish those this weekend. skip the circle. see black mirror on netflix own rent "la la land" on blu-ray. and i'll be back with guardian of the galaxy review. i'm kevin mccarthy, fox news.
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>> he was soant eye i almost wanted to see it. >> you're surprised by that. >> it makes me want to see it. it could be that bad. >> coming up political with with statgist jaekbergman and david brown.
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>> for the last 1
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administration has been delivering every single day for the great citizens of our country. whether it's putting our coal miner back to work or protecting america's steel and aluminum workers we love steel and aluminum or eliminating job killing regulations we're keeping one promise after another and frankly the people are really happy about it they see what's happening. president delivering remark on first 100 days in harrisburg pa. >> joining us to talk about first 100 days. strategist jackbergman and brown. >> it's exciting. trump keeps us hopping. >> keeps us hopping. >> i want to know very basic because administration and supporters are outing this
6:30 pm
accomplished so much and critics say opposite. from both of you what do you think has been the president's biggest other greatest accomplish the first 100 days. >> if you have weaker case you want to go first? >> sure i'll go first. trump's biggest accomplishment might be last night with the dinner where trump shows h himself in sharp relief up there with the workers in pennsylvania while washington establishment eats vicious somewhat and bacon wrapped scallop. our friend kelly anne came up with the idea. the only real miss mace take is health care and first is bringing it up way too soon and ryan mentioning it friday. they have to go slow in the house. >> it's interesting looking at last night and the white house correspondence dinner i'm not i
6:31 pm
with jack on this one i think dinner lost sought of what was spoinged to be about protest and celebrating first it's interesting today on sunday show they sently said not only are we not for pressed but we're floating idea of constitutional amendment that would make the liable standard such that the presient of the united states can sue the media if he does not like coverage about him. >> those are different issues free speech and appropriate liable standards. they need to be changed because you have land iser against public figure not addressed in the courts. >> maybe alternative universe where trump's truth is truth and in the new world and using new york time standard actual malice the coverage is what the coverage should be. your job is tool
6:32 pm
government accountable. >> here's bigger accomplishment to donald tr trump. dow is up 4,000 points since trump elected and you criticize george bush for f falling market and do we give trump credit for the rising market. >> you're raising an interesting point. >> and jack brings it to the next. that's a good point. when you see stock market for a certain point people will credit current president or say that was administration previous administration their policies was this and use using an important point. there's a disconnect to how the market is -- >> and i have to think through that. >> the mke
6:33 pm
to promise of tax cuts. >> here's what the market -- they're responding to business man who understands business in countries. >> how many bankruptcies? how many bankruptcies? he ran a family real estate business bankrupts five or six times. >> he has 4 billion. >> he inherited 4 billion and lost hoor than he inherited. >> what do we see going forward with the looming g shut down this say problem. >> this they'll pass the budget the walls out of it and nobody wants to shut the government down. >> what about it with the walk out of it. >> it's not trump that is the problem. i've known paul ryan since kids almost 25 years and i can tell you. >> i'm doing the math on that jack.
6:34 pm
here. i've known him 25 years i don't think speaker is his thing. i think he would make a wonderful president. paul ryan doesn't discipline members he doesn't call the role. he can't discipline members you have freedom caucus running house and liberal republicans running the house and what he is now is basically prime minister with a coalition government. >> it's interesting how much the white house seeded to paul ryan to rangel the votes. i talked to a colleague on the budget site and from everything we're hearing we'll passe spending bill from what we know the republicans can afford to use 22 votes. right now 21 people are on record saying no. stwlevr got a one vote margin.
6:35 pm
not taking people out to the wood shed. you cannot let liberal republicans run amok. you're not on the subco subcommittee. >> this is kidding -- le leadership lost carrots and sticks. >> sticks? >> earmarks antefact there is not just a party discipline in the way of primaris, it's harder. >> one thing we heard quite a bit is north core he a where do we stand with that. we heard him say to royters major, major conflict. are they handling that the right way and forcing this relation. >> i he may say something that surprises you all. i think we're in agreement here. i think they're doing a job of escalation in a very calculated way. i think we need toe escalate the pressure because north korea by all accounts is not too far away from having icbm interkent nental ballistic
6:36 pm
technology that would reach the united states and west coast. that can't happen. that's a red line in my book. >> we have agreements surprisingly trump is stepping up u.s. president in western in asia and first time in many years. first time in and here's where we might agree. north korea is complicated. you may want to take out this regime. what you have is chaos like libya and tam is period towards reunification. >> they reunified and whep it reunifies like germany china reaches outputs its arm around dangerous to the united st states. >> one of hour major is north korea can decimate soul this is real world this is not hypothetical. this is about popular city
6:37 pm
we get itwrong. i think administration is doing a different job. eye hope they'll continue to be thought null terms of how they engage with china and how china really is the only country positioned to is airport -- >> even dnc china is doing well with china a diplomacy with china is nothing less than brilliant. >> so as we head out can we end on agreement we have a couple things you agree on n now. >> perfect. >> of course. >> ending on a request note. >> that's always for join ng us. thank you. >> until next week. >> thanks, guys. >> back
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>> we're toping a list of things to do and see around town this week. martin willing performed mga national harbor friday and saturday. on sunday derrek and
6:40 pm
hoff are bringing their tour there too. >> move to disco♪ i love this song. library of congress is celebrating all things discowith ongoing festival. it's not only about the music tuesday. fashion guru tim gun from the d.c. area will thereby for interview to talk about discoera fashion and impact on modern fashion. i'm thinking bell bottoms there. in fairfax county a brand new family friendly add develop tour park is debuting this week and ribbon cutting for the free top adventure course is thursday at 1 p.m. and it opens to the pub liping on friday and there are zip lines and obstacle courses and tarzan swings and of course walking and biking trails. tickets start 28 for the day. >> and if you look for a little culture you can hit up embassy row d.c. this saturday for the annual around the world embassy tourment more than 40 embassies will on doors to the public 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with samples, demonstrations,
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heads up many embassies require a photo id for admission and fun thing technically r are you on foreign soil while visiting them. >> saturday also the start of triple crown rises and kentucky derby take place. if you want to wear a fancy hat you don't have to travel that far. it is also the virginia gold cup. gates on 10 a.m. and plains virginia tickets are not really cheap but if you want to save money you can pick them up at various outlets including harris teeter instead of paying a fee to buy them online. >> and also want to mention that art owe matic is con continuing this is last week of it. if you're interested look for that online in crystal city. that's a week ahead. the news from 6 is far from over. fwary will be back with a look at the final look of the forecast. we'll be right back. pl
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pl frlt of midwest and deadly storms ripd through several communities. >> blamed for nine deaths and dozens more are hurt and one of the hardest hit areas in east texas not far from dal oos. >> east texas is recovering after tornado tore through the area leaving a trail of destroyed homes overturned vehicles and mangles treeld. >> you can feel the winds and you can just feel the temperature and
6:45 pm
hit so shoord fast. the national at weather service confirmed three tornadoes touched down for texas and the tornado that struck grew up to a half mile wide as it blast aid path of destruction. and including state representative and state senator. nor ted cruz office aeps white house this morning. >> very importantly we want to recognize responder that spent a lot o long night last night and all day today working tirelessly to help people in need as well as countless volunteers who helped peopl
6:46 pm
challenge. >> and tornadoes path is visible from the air. it showed debris littering the texas country side. power crews are in the area resoreing power. emergency crews across east texas continue to sevsht damage in text. it. fox news. >> and we had some weather move through parts of our area today. >> everything is calm down now. nothing hows us kind of a clean radar. we have a chance for more weather here. and record and the heat we had this weekend continues. for the most part tomorrow muggy day. cloudy. hazy too and all things considered just a nice warm lit bit on the humid site even out there and form tracker radar that's cluster of storms norm and west. severe thunderstorms comeing across i 1. look how
6:47 pm
right here up towards hagerstown. it's a lot more stable up h here. that storm road up and calmed down quickly and right now there's nothing else going on across the region. could be isolated thunderstorm here or there for the next couple hours and i think everything just pretty much calms down. record heat today. i mentioned that. the one place where we had record tying heat was dulles at 86 degrees. that record goes back to 2007 reagan national 88 degrees. so we were definitely south of the front here for reagan and dulles. but look at baltimore. they did not even make it to 80 today. they stayed in the 70s so the front actually behaved fearly perfectly signature right on top of us today and allowed north eastern counties and places to be cooler and here for the dmv and south and west temperatures jumped to the upper 80s and in some cases close to 90. we cooled after a little in spots. dulles 82. they're off that record high. record tying high. and frederick is 81
6:48 pm
look down here south of us. generally speaking temperatures middle 80s for fredericksburg and cooler out by water for nam list at 79. i think this evening will be calm. 83 or so at least here in the city. and at 7:00. north and east a little co cooler. south and west a little wa warmer. and 9:00 all should be good with just a few clouds and 76 degrees and 11:00 will be 73 or so. let me show you thunderstorms here but most of the activity is back out to the west of us. that's where we found a lot of severe weather again. and it's taking place to the deep south now. watch how this line of thunderstorms coming into places ike mississippi, alabama, over to georgia. there's still a sliver of tornado watches in place here coming through tennessee and down to well most of mississippi and eventually alabama and georgia where this activity is taken probably continues to -- it weaken as i little and moves off east and by tomorrow that storm system gets closer to us and the front so late
6:49 pm
mean the evening hours we're under a slight risk of severe weather here for most of central and western sections of our region. and further north and west up through central and western parts of pennsylvania that is enhanced risk which would be a little bit greater risk for coverage of severe thunderstorms. primarily we're talking about wimd and hail and there could be isolated tornadoes within this late tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening. and lows tonight very mild, 70 in town. gaithersburg 67. a lot of 60s in the suburbs. tomorrow morning 71. dry and lunchtime 8 and we'll top out tomorrow in the lower to mid 80s depends how quickly thunderstorms out west form and we get clouds to cool us out a little bit. i think 5, 6:00 we have thunderstorms out there tomorrow and we'll watch for possibility that some of those could be strong and severe. 83 tomorrow and then we're back down into the 70s. and even the 60s as we get to thursday and friday it looks like pretty wet storm system coming our way. we'll b
6:50 pm
60s and hopefully next weekend nothing like what we've had this weekend with the heat. but at least hopefully we get rain out of here and next weekend maybe dry. i'm not completely convinced yet. we'll wait and see if we get closer to that. there's the forecast, jim. >> thanks, gary. >> meantime, for the annual walk for ms raises funds for multiple sclerosis treatment and rfk stadium southeast today and we're told this year the greater d.c. maryland chapter is 400,000. they do this all over the country. locks of love are expected to surpass 1 million mark. back after this
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6:52 pm
>> if among most up like likeliness. teed up for trash talking wizards ben. as response wizards in next meeting dressed in all black for celtics few ral
6:53 pm
first time in 33 years. >> john wall limbering up for the first game in boston. work it out. scored 41. closed out the game. washington in the corner. wizards opt game on 16-0 run and celtics guard izaiah thomas gets his tooth knocked off he goes over picks it up and he goes out and comes back in soon average i heard you had to put that back in in an hour if you want to keep. it marquise morris it's 'j 'jumper. taken back to examine his ankle. no word on severity. he did not come back on the game. larry johnson style four point play cuts the lead towed five. but thomas and celtics too much. wizards drop game one 123-111. >> redskins 2016 defense was bad. especially third down where they ranked last in league. solution pick players from best
6:54 pm
football. alabama skins two first picks jonathan allen and ryan anderson were part of crimson tide top ranked d. >> we played the same defense for years. it was close. never ever i thought we would be on the same team. i thought i got rid of them. >> what ryan said plague on the same team for the last four years came close. we have a great program at alabama. you never think about a situation where you go to play for a team with one of your great friends from college. it's a mess blessing, i'm excited. >> and anthony randon't had simself a day for the ages. nats up 5-3. upper cut blow. deep into left. his third rbi in three innings you'll see that's pretty much nothing. fourth inning. ran don't not done. two runners on. 406 feet. left center. nats lead 10
6:55 pm
hold that up with bases cl clearing double and then capper yokz a high fast ball. rendon three home runs and ten rns batted in two short of mlb record and beat the met 23-25. mma fighters use body as weapons, hands, knees, elbows, feet, "fox5" photo journalist introduces us tie firingt beating able bodied component when missing a key weapon. >> 30 days aft accident i had to gun to my head. just before i pulled the trigger i decided ways not going to quit. it i was going to die i was going to die fighting. ♪ [ rocky theme ]♪ i found my passion in jujitsu. when i lost my leg this was 21 years ago they deposit have para olympics or amputees on commercial or television. i had to find my own way. i went to marital arts
6:56 pm
when i first started training i was not allowed to train in most gimz. they turned me away they never seen a amputee training marital arts. i wanted to start competing we had to drive four and a half hours to chicago to sneak in tournament. i would wear long pants and my leg was pat padded up to make it compatible and after i won i knocked the guy out in first round and i took my leg off and raised it above my head aunt entire stadium went quiet and realized what happened and exploded. i can remember that at that point is when i felt equal. years go by and they offered me a chance to play. real amputee could do it. live combat sport. so you cannot think about. it it's not linear motion. you have to be acting of flow and to me that's shows true ability. i've been trying mixed martial arts after holding a tight until lansing michigan and about a year ago go heard about
6:57 pm
attorney. >>t had to go and compete in tournament had to fight able bodied opponents without prosthetic it was ruch first match and second match little bitter and ended up submitting all of his opponents and winning it. >> there are advantages, you cannot ankle lock my he don't i have an ankle there's disadvantages i can not block guard attacks from that side. i'm not able to tweak from that side. people are stunned. they cannot believe that they just got beat by a one-legged dude. >> it's more than a sport it's a lifestyle. teaches you how to solve problems under duress. so the things we learn here is applicable to any other of our lives. >> without in i don't know write would have ended up with jujitsu i'm a world champion. >> and that's amazing. >> cool story. >> i like he
6:58 pm
there's are advantages, i cannot being ankle locked. >> exactly. >> nice night out there. >> i think so. maybe a spotty storm or shower. that's it. >> see you at 10
6:59 pm
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♪ ♪ and now i present my history project about ancient greece. i, uh, had some big plans. there was gonna be a musical component, there was a graphic novel in the works, and, well, what can i say? some projects just, uh, don't get off the ground. so, without further ado, i present the acropolis, made out of popsicle sticks. the a-popsicol-is! oh... wow! who's miss twitchell to accuse me of giving up when things get hard? she's the divorcée, not me-- not yet.


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