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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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trump fired fbi director james comey. we're live with reaction to the minimum wage oor shakeup they're the latest viral videos what is it about them that makes you want to watch? a psychologist breaks it all down and it looks like a regular house for sale, but an online listing forth hours, well, it's a little bizarre. your news starts right now. it came quingly and without warning today. president trump fired fbi director james comey sending a shock wave through the nation's capital. thanks for joining us, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. the president fired comey in the midst of the fbi's investigation into whether trump campaign advisors colluded with russia to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. the president sent comey a letter said the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended he be fire because of the way he handled the clinton e-mail investigation. he wrote,
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with the department of justice that you're not able to effectively lead the bureau. it is essentially that we find new leadership for the fbi that restores public trust and confidence in its vital fbi mission. the firing comes hours after they notified him that he misstated key facts about the clinton investigation last week anjali hemphill is live with tonight's bombshell reaction. >>reporter: a bombshell indeed many democrats expressing concern over trump's move calling it epa erosion of confidence and democracy and the process of justice. those democrats believe the real reason that comey was fired is because he confirmed before congress that there there are ongoing criminal investigations by the fbi looking into trump campaign's aides and their tieses to russia. they are now calling on republicans to step it up. stop covering up for trump and
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partisan hearings for a special independent council to investigate. i simply said to him, mr. president, in all due respect you're making a very big mistake and he didn't really answer. and i have said from the get go that i think a special prosecutor is the way to go. but now with what's happened it is the only way to go. only way to go. i was flabber gas ted to say the least. i think this president's actions is outrageous. we've now seen the fbi director fired, the acting attorney general having to recuse himself. this is from an administration that says there's no there there to. we need to double our efforts. i think the behavior today, the action today really has a chilling effect
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confidence and the process of justice. no one is above the law in america. this is about a country of laws, not of men. and as we learned in the watergate scandal even the president of the united states. that is as true for richard nixon as it is going to be reu for donald trump. >> tonight fox also spoke to a distinguished history professor from merp university, alan hickman who actually forecasted a trump presidency and he's also predicted that trump will be impeached. he's just release a book where you can read more about that called the case for impeachment. he calls trump's firing of comey wop of the two most brazen cover jups matched objection to the form by saturday night massacre where nixon fired the special massacre looking into
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dots are being connected. the problem is who is going to do the investigation? thef eve now fired the fibromyalgia director they fired every single one of the united states attorneys in every state in the united states. jeff sessions, the attorney general himself is tainted because he lied to the senate about his contacts with the russians and it is jeff sessionses, of course can at the behest of donald trump to fire the fibromyalgia director. our nation is in deep trouble because the trump administration is eliminating all the watch dogs. >> lichtman goes onto say if there is any truth in collusion with russia that that is a poa act of tree son and the only act will be impeachment.
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front of me. i wish they didn't let you in the country. excuse me in these are the latest videoseses to go viral. apgry confrontation, hims of people watch them, but why in what compels us to click on them. fox5's marina maracco talks about this phenomenon. she joins us with more. all it taste is one pose to facebook or any other social media platform and it's a domino effect from there. before you know it millions have watched a chance encounter or even a brawl oftentimes gone wrong. in the last 48 hours, these three videos have saturated the news cycle. flying it just not seem to be getting any easier these days. this viral of a seemingly anti must i am rant. a take down at a pool party. the bigger question why can't we
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turn away or stopwatching in. >> the rubbernecking \effect\affect p. you go by an accident, you go oh, my god, i hope everybody is okay. what's going to happen? video only 24 hours old canceled flights at an airport caused a fuel on brawl. what makes this video viral. >> the more shares, the more exciting it is, the more drama it is. we live in that 24/7 kind of drama cycle and it's addictive. >> this seen also played out in south florida this past weekend a woman walking her dogs attempts to quiet down an unauthorized party at a community pool. she is body slammed and then tossed in the pool. you see a bir raj of cellphones capturing every second of theha
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you don't see is anyone stepping in to help. the more we ' exposed to viance, the more likely we come to accept as the norm. i wish they didn't let you in the country. this video i'm side a northern virginia supermarketment a local woman caught on tape insulting a woman on her religion. she sees the cellphone taping her, but even that doesn't calm her rant. the woman was ranting and very ramped up in that moment. i'm sure later she thought oh, my god, what have i done. that person was clearly videotaping me. why didn't i stop. so if we break down that video, it's been shared just from the original source 7.6 million times in p two hours. do the simple math,
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times off the top of my head. s 1,306,000 viewers an hour. everybody that is pushing that content out, that is what makes a video viral. it's amazing to me that some things like that go viral and some other things -- i think people try to make some videos go viral. absolutely. you never know one why ising going to go viral. >> there are agencies who specialize who determine what goes viral and what doesn't and then companies like that pepsi ad use those same tactics know what people want to see or what they'll react to. >> you push the buttons and the next thing you know, you're viral. >> very interesting. >> metro is in the midst of a budget crisis. the transit agency plans to race fairs and
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washington post columnist richard grid long was there. we talked to him about what this new budget plan will have on rider. there's nothing particularly good on the budget for riders. it's a particularly i'm sulting blepped of budget cutbacks and fairs. it has happened before. but it basically always contributes to a decline in metro rider high pressure. the depressing thing to me is that metro is planning for its own decline. their budget is constructed on the idea that they're doing things that will mean fewer people will want to ride metro. >> it's not all doom and gloom. thompson says he doesn't believe metro is in any kind of death spiral. he believes the transit service will bounce up. >> parole denied, a bishop involved in a
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behind bars. we'll tell you why the parole commission did not set her fre. the changes that a school district made that saved millions of taxpayer jobs and programs. buyer bee bear, this house is that up for sale is getting a lot of buds online because of its mysterious living. we're back after this. introducing the fios gigabit connection with download speeds up to 940 megs that are 20x faster and more powerful than most people have. incredibly, it's $79.99 a month for one year.
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q. early parole has been ejected for a former episcopal bishop who struck and killed a cyclist while driving drunk in baltimore. healther cookies currently serving a prison sentence. cook pleaded guilty to charges including manslaughter, drupg driving and leaving the scene. the parole commission says she has not shown refuse and has not apologized to the victim's family. cook who was the first female bishop in her diseases has previously been arrested for drunk driving. she is set to be rebeasted in 20206789 the engineer behind the deadly amtrak derailment in 2015 will not face charges. the train derailed
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a curve into port richmond. ate people were killed, more than 200 were hurt. a philadelphia district attorney says there is no evidence the engineer ended criminally at the time of the crash. going green saved a northern virginia school district mills of dollars mple the move to make the school energy efficient saved jobs and infused extra cash into the county's schools. >>reporter: $22 million, that's how much prince william county last five years by making tweaks big and small all to preserve energy. windows are closed. eighteen year old were doing their minute check to make sure windows are closed. it's the little l things that
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getting the big cost down. for students that would be laptops, desktops, unplugging our phone charges and for teachers, closing the windows urges every urks turning off their lights. when things are recycled and made into something else you're not starting from scratch. you're starting from a project that's already been halfway made. in most buildings across the district this is the room that uses the bulk of energy. it's the mechanical room and part of the way the district was able to cut energy and save costs is by shutting everything in here down and turning everything off. but to save millions goes beyond changing behavior. we have converted boilers from fuel oil to natural gas which is a more energy efficiencies tell. we've also replaced lights with led lights and we've
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lights with t5s and t8s both more energy efficient lighting. we've also put in light sensors so when people leave rooms the lights go off. the mission is to go green, stay green and save money. by saving # $2 million and redeution our energy costs we'll be able to put that money back into schools and provide benefits. again p, saving jobs, adding staff. the district says its energy conservation efforts are equivalent to cut asking 20 million cars on the road. turn a teisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> been fifths going grown. >> most definitely. >> speaking of green, the lawns are getting nice and green, looking pretty good after we've had a little bit of rain here and there. >> yes, and
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too. more rain coming, too, by the end of the week. >> tone initial you talked about a rain. >> i'm sorry. >> you know timing is not good, because once again, friday, saturday. this ill with be the third one in a row. >> i know, tell me about it. i was trying to do something in my house. it's not going to happen. today i think we can all agree that it was a nice spring day, really comfortable temperatures, lots of sunshine and i think we're going to have another beautiful day tomorrow and not as frosty cold. another benefit, the days are getting longer as we get closer and closer to the start a of summer and this beautiful photo from twitter journalist and we thank you him for this. it gives us 14 hours and nine minutes of daylight. enjoy every minute ever it because tomorrow is the last day of a lot of sunshine. by the time we get into thursday it's clouds to start and then maybe to reign to
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thursday. at this hour we track temperatures that have mostly fallen into the 40s, especially west of d.c. culpeper 45, again here in the district it's 56. so not quite as far into the 30s, but there will be some upper 30s tonight. i wanted to show you this morning reagan national dropped to 36. if you live out toward the dulles air, northern virginiaor up toward north central maryland you likely had some scraping to do. so not that cool tonight, but we will fall into the upper 30s and low 40s. thirty-nine formatter instance bugger, hazes town. i wouldn't be shocked in a few spots may head down to the upper 30s. about 51 for the district a few degrees warmer tonight than last night. we'll talk about the set up for later this week. start ers tomorrow still looking good. high pressure is going to keep this frontal boundary at bay a little bit longer. so thativ
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sunshine, a comfortable day of the temperatures upper 60s to low 70s. it will be a mix of sun and clouds. the high is not going to stick around forever. later in the week that's when we bring the rain in. tomorrow's planner five at eight in the morning. by 5:00 about 73 in the district. maybe per 60s in the suburbs as we can see here in the afternoon planner. but then as we head toward thursday morning at eight, starting to bring in some rain showers. i think this is too early. i think it will hold off until later in the day. you can see that the pattern is one in which these areas of low pressure are going to see the same frontal boundary down to the south. by friday morning it could be some pretty decent rain that comes in here off on to your west. that would be friday night and through the day on saturday. that's when the bulk of the next rain showers come in. we'll get the timing down for the
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generally late day showers. 60-degrees on friday. that is really cool. saturday, 62-degrees. mother's day, fortunately we begin to change just in time. 72-degrees. it should be dry as well and next week looking warmer, sunnier and dryer. >> that's your seven day forecast. >> would you buy this in right now amazon echo can hear you. soon it will be able to see you what koo wrong? the retailer is reportedly coming out with a new echo that features a screen and video calling capabilities. it will allow users to make internet-based phone calls. the price tag, 230-dollars. it's kind of like face timing. at some point people will be able to tap into it, hack it and see what's going on in your house, all that kind of stuff. >> the chapses are you would not want to buy this house in this story. the online listing i
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gaining attention because it's a little creepy. it's being sold as is for $1,009,000. the listing says the upstairs apartment cannot be shown under any issuing ses. someone is living there rent free and will continue to live there even after you buy the house. the current owner has apparently never actually meant the person living upstairs, the listing says acknowledges the situation odd, it is selling $25,000 under the appraisal. it's just strange. that's just crazy. how can you tell somebody else that you have to let them live there rent free. >> you can't. >> electronic woo ' investigate that further. the redskins former manager talks about what led to his
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take a look at the late ers technology for buying cars. game seven we'll be live at the caps practice center. and if you're still looking for mother's day gifts, the chef will be here to show you how to whip up a perfect meal. fox5 news morning starts at four:25 a.m. we'll be right back.
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so act fast. go to >> for the very first time former redskins general manager goes on the record to what led to his departure just about a month or so ago. mccloughan took the ride road. he called it an a.m. canal split from a marriage that in his words just didn't work. you do feel like it ended in a way that was kind of mutual and that both you guys are okay? >> yeah. the main thing about it i want to say before we get off here is i really respect the fans a lot.
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about the players and the coaches and the opener, but the fans were incredible. i'll respect that and i'll never forget it. by the way, it's 1306. we know grand paul soins around anyway. what caught me he said he wants he wants to get back into scouting service. but you'll notice no con sill try blood. i don't think it's germane that the reasons are part of the discussion. he does like what the redskins did in the draft. they kind of followed his plan, didn't they? >> he gave them a map. i wish him well. absolutely. >> that's going to do it for us for tonight. tmz is coming up next. that's right, fox5 newses morning, the crew comes in bright and early at
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the morning. that is if you're up that early in the morning. i wonder what they'll be covering is there anything going on? >> good night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: kellyanne conway has resurfaced. >> we talked to her about the "saturday night live" sketch, where in the world is kellyanne conway? >> i was on fox this weekend. >> "snl" pushes the story line she's been out of the public eye and she's like that's not true at all. >> her profile is lowered. >> she says it's not though. >> i say i'm as thin as i was 10 years ago. it ain't true. >> i say i'm a virgin. >> darren criss, so we know he's playing andrew cunanan and they actually have video of him re-enacting the scene where he shoots versace. >> the weirdest thing is he just walks away. harvey: this guy when he puts glasses on, he looks like cunanan. >> don't you feel like there's something eerie about this though? harvey: yeah, that's what


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