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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 22, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> gbi helping law enforcement find a deadly stabbing at you of murder and they sayty could be established by hate. >> almost two weekends since anyone heard or seen brian wood. police need your help. president trump pushing new peace effort on overseas trip and back at home waters of diplomacy little more chop. >> i good morning it's rainy monday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> thanks for joining thus morning 7:00 monday may 22. >> so if you're waking up this morning not protestest of mornings out there unless you like the rain. just build a couple more nints your commute i suppose raining out there 7:00. >> let's find out how long it lasts. quick look at weather and traffic. tongueer up first. >> raish
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and then this afternoon few additional showers with cold front coming through and bottom line clouds, cool temps and on again off again sho showers. details coming up erin. >> right now 95 northbound big problems 17 you can see shoulders nruingish commute and overturned vehicle that is blocking thing off on tenth street northeast. we'll haep you steer clear of problems and busy wet commute, allison and steve. >> developing now at 7:00 fbi squloyning investigation into the deadly stabbing that rocked university of maryland over the weekend. >> we're learn ago tack may have been fueled by race and mighting a hate crime. our meling mel is live in college park with more details now. mel good morning. >> good morning steve and allison there was a moment of silence during commencement ceremonies. investigators looking at some of the suspect's online activities and that's what is leading them possibly to th
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richard collins the third was commissioned into the u.s. army following his father's footsteps. he should have been graduating from buoy state this week and his murder now a stuping loss. >> this was a good kid. he was going places. he was going places. and he had high aspirations to achieve all of the goals he set before him as far as military career. we're devastated his wife was tape away had colin was celebrating at the university of maryland friday night on regents drive at a bus stop waiting for you'reer 3 a.m. saturday when the suspect approached. he was screaming possibly drunk and told collins to step left. collins refused and was stabbed in the chest. 22-year-old shawn urbansky was arrested at the scene he is university of maryland student and investigators found he is
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is racist and chief police drn the fbi is looking into on line activities if this fits qualifications for the race crime a hate crime mean while she's live in clem park i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". new this morning white nationalist richard spencer has to find a new gym to work out at. a virginia gym cancelled his membership. spencer has been notoriousness recent months denies being a nazi and has the given trump nazi slips and says american belong to white men. >> no arrests after halocaust museum
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report of a sexual assault which allegedly happened in one of the museum's bathrooms. police stopped visitors from leading building they could -- the president pushing new peace effort investigators into campaign connections to russia heat up in washington. holly morris joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning to you and president may be hoping for something of international reset with the trip. and as he arrived in israel earlier this morning he will try to succeed where one administration after another has failed. five stops over eight days taking trump from middle east to three stops in europe and meeting with pope and nato partners on the way. stop will b
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benjamin netanyahu tractor-trailer a cabinet meeting spoke to peace. >> we look forward to your visit and the citizens ofies real receives with you open arms. >> beyond pushing a peace process the president will vl to smooth other elimination relations after reports he pass add longies haley intelligence the president to help americans americansp up the fight against terrorists. >> drive them out of places of worship and drive them out of your communities. and drive them out of your holy land. 6 and driver them out of this earth. >> and while the president carries out this delicate diplomatic dance back home investigations are turning forward into any possible connections between the trump campaign and kremlin. the next step for congress hearing from former fbi director james comey w
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fired almost two weeks ago. many democrats continued it may have been to stop his probe. we need plush that out and see what the response is. and it's got to come from director comey himself. allison and steve. >> thank you holly very much. >> 7:06, hey, tuck. >> rain showers across the area. warm front lifting through and we'll see daytime highs in the low to mid 70s. >> all righty. >> but the theme the next couple days is clouds, cool temps and on again off again rain showers. this is wet start to the week and we can finish off with soup describe sometimes you you have to go through it to get it right. >> my long doesn't look as fundi'd
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>> it is usual. >> i f i get mushrooms every day. >> function uing city. >> that's right. >> we go to maps or look at me? 59 reg app national and 57 dulles and baltimore 58. again 50s to start the day. not warming up a whole lot. once warm front gets ahold of us in 70s. much of the air getting good rain he less that the way of rain. we'll keep showers and forecast for everybody the next couple hours and should get a break mid-morning late morning early afternoon just cloud cover and with cold front will doll another around of pay showers. take the up three, four, five west coast a cold front and i'll have the 7 day in a minute. lots of showers and opportunities
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>> thank you, tuck. >> let's check in with erin and see how the roads are so far. >> sounds like a good movie day if you can swing that on a monday. 7:307 roads are terrible. look 95 northbound as you come from fredericksburg there's a crash blocking right shoulder previously blocking several prainz by 17. as you come up to warrington road and delays through fredericksburg and through stafford a 45 minute delay. moving to beltway up erin outer loop slow by 202. justed on beyond that point on outer loop there's a crash between 202 and 50 inner loop slow as well. we'll go ahead and take a look at 295 northbound look at that from the beltway to laboratory road. jammed up, delay, crash at laboratory road. as you try to get to 11 street bridge that could slow you dope and looking at maps other issues first a live look outside at police activity in southeast and dealing with pennsylvania avenue southeast as you make your way out past southern avenue and active shooting investigation and police on location.
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helping to direct traffic around that area and moving to maps other issues on the roads you need to be aware of northeast 10th street between d and&every turning vehicle south of maryland avenue and metro on time except for safe track. grab umbrella if you head out day. allison and steve. >> thanks very much. it's nine minutes past 7 now developing news in northern virginia this morning 80 year owed man charged with murder over a property dispute. spotsylvania county investigators say larry johnson shot and killed a 65-year-old neighborhood yet and sheriff deputies say the killing stems from long running dispute over property and the search continues for a firefighter more that a week ago. >> "fox5" bob barnard live in northwest. what we know this morning, bob, good morning. hey ail son and steve. good morning to you. yes this is 360
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street northeast. some embassies here. this is where this fairfax country firefighter was last seen may 14. that is mother's day. here on this street, may 14, he was not reported missing until this past weekend. we have a fet owe to show you from d.c. police. they're classifying this as a critical missing person case. brian wood is 40 years old. he is a fair fax county firefighter who has most recently been assigned to the rest instation number 22 and they say he has been on the department for several years and he's 5' 5", 155 pounds last seen wearing white tank top and blue pants. we don't know his connection to this particular neighborhood though i have spop to the president of the local firefighters union if in fairfax they say they are very
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concern this will give d.c. police or other law enforcement a call. they're concerned about him. 40-year-old fairfax country firefighter missing a week last seen in this neighborhood in northwest d.c. guys. >> all right. bob hope for a good resolution this this case for sure. thank you. >> still ahead a republican law maker calls for violence against anybody that removes a confederate monument. his comments next. >> and jury selection underway for bill cosby 300 miles away from philadelphia narrator: "the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war.
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pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us. ♪ ♪
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>> we'll get a break midday and clouds and general theme around here will be moody. >> okay. >> moody monday. moody monday. >> and it's cool. 59 washington and winds out of the east there you see the arrows showing you winds off the ocean and that will lock in the cool for the day today. and rain showers take a look at rain showers and i'm getting reports for light rain showers. and tucker "fox5". and heaviest of rain norm west d.c. and montgomery county and frederick and getting good reigns now and southwest in
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this is warming front and mild and later this afternoon highs in low 70s clouds in the forecast and late this afternoon a cold front moved in and few hours midday and rain returns this aternoon and look at tomorrow. showers. wednesday showers. thursday showers maybe a thunderstorm and then friday we clear it out just in time tore zip triple i cot city coming back on friday. >> you have stories tucker from the past. >> maybe can show us around when wrapped from the show. >> or during he should be the stour guide. >> hi, erin. >> good morning. >> 7:1
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sweater maybe throw hair me upon ye y sglail cozy. >> you wish you could put your hair in a ponytail. >> you have enough for a cute pony on top. >> he had a beautiful head of hair. >> uh-huh. >> we'll talk about traffic it's not beautiful now. 95 northbound side warrington road. crash blocked right shoulder delay plaque road as well slow traffic through fredericksburg this morning and again through stafford this say look proving over to the beltway outer lone you can see brake light there crash 202 between 202 and 50 and inner loop sluggish and bottom of the beltway jammed up beyond this point crash by laboratory road. let's look at maps. rain putting a damper on things and new crash right now inbound 395 blocking september are lane at the case bridge. so caution there 14 street bridge heavy and freeway in both directions sluggish by
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street norm east remains shut down no vehicle between d and e street and volume notice districts and macauthor boulevard chew street. >> g w. parkway sluggish. and things moving slowly clara barton and overview slow traffic on 95 over to georgia avenue and outer loop 30 minute delay. >> metro is on time. except for safer track. 66 eastbound through mannasas it will take you an hour and 20 minutes top gets gainsville to the beltway. back to you guys. >> thanks, erin, 7:17 now as we check world headlines united nations security council plans to hold urgent talk on north korean missile test.
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>> 51-year-old dr. roland yearwood he died not far from sumney area known as death zone 27,000 feet up. sunday one of three climb others to die on everest. the others were from slovakia and australia and fourth ran in india is still missing he decision appeared while making disebts. >> and sex aassault and manager of 2004. one of dozens of women that made similar allegations in recent years. they faces ten years in prison if convicted. >> serious lawmakers. >> and reaction of removal of confederate monday youments in louisiana and seem to be encouraging acts of
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maureen joins us with more on this. >> steve and allison the message was posted to facebook by mississippi house member carl oliver it happened on saturday oliver was angry about what he views in louisiana and polls came the day after statue of robert e. lee was taken down in new orleans. destruction erected in loving memory of our fellow southern americans is main us and horrific. it leadership of louisiana wishes -- burn down or destroy historical monuments they should be lunched. it garnered likes from two other gop lawmakers and no republican leader has condemned the message it has been blasted by state democrats jeremy anderson said i strongly condemn the statement by my colleague oliver. in 2017 it's ashame. and sonya willings barnes a
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democratic member of legislative black caucus called his comments shame full and exceedingly comfortable. carl edwards made headlines after dismissing concerns of president dment mississippi because she was not born in the state and also urged her to leave mississippi. according to reports oliver was elected to four year termed in 2015 with nearly 57% of vote in his district. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> and gloves came off at boxing match mgm national harbor. >> police looking to make an arrest. >> ohh.
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"tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build
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>> 7:23 story of the fightnd yot fight you may have seen this saturday night. >> tear. >> i believe the man throwing punch is boxer andre durell uncle and trainer attacking durell's opponent after the match at mgm. durell won the match via disqualification and opponent continued throw punches this is isle of winning fighter throwing punches. there's a warrant out now for first degree assault. >> that is so out of bounds. >> yes. >> can't do that. >> no. >> big old nobu. nobu-no. >>
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in the national spotlight. >> that's one way to look at this steve. >> i guess, tuck. >> 59 now in washington. cool temps to start the day. we'll keep clouds around throughout the day and we'll have on again off again showers for the next couple hours and break midday and guess what showers return with the cold front. rain shower activity both of it is kind of north here we're in the city, and northwest where we've been seeing rain. break there in southern maryland. that's what i'm trying to say and again this is warmer air that is lifting across the region. north and east of us later this morning. we should get a break for some period of time here during the midday and then out to the west give us a few more showers later this afternoon and in between daytime high low 70s. so bottom line not a great looking day but it won't be raining every minute today. daytime highs 70s. showers in the forecast. tuesday, wednesday, maybe
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thursday, thunderstorms and full sunshine friday. i think weekend our holiday weekend should start on payroll note friday and saturday night temperatures in the low 80s saturday. rain showers and slow roads right now erin how is it looking. >> ut, oh. >> okay and the thing is about this morning's ride because of rain pretty much every route is jammed headed to the district. this is a look at 270 southbound past shady grove road completely backed up traffic there bumper to bumper speeds 15 miles an hour and basically from as you make your way 70 to beltway it will take you an extra hour at least because of congestion and wet roads. 66 eastbound same story through mannasas and 95 northbound through stafford and dale city and outer loop college park not looking hot either. police leave early and use caution. gross rainy monday morning ail son and steve. >> when we come back we'll still down with
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senator wagner and his run for virginia governor. >> and local woman ends behind bars after buying a clock at a yard say. what's about about it that? wheel explain vo: at dominion, we have a long history of providing reliable energy and that'll never change. what is changing, is our name to dominion energy. it's a reflection of our commitment to energy innovation and renewable sources like solar, wind... and cleaner energy like natural gas. and we'll continue to innovate, upgrade technology, protect our environment and serve our communities.
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more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy.
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♪ 7:28 now. a virginia woman set to appear before a judge today all because of a novelty alarm clock she bought at a garage sale. daphne page is her name shelf bought the clock that looks like sticks of dynamite there it is as a joke for her daughter. now while she was at the grocery store, she lives in hen rye company county in virginia someone called police to report what she thought was a bomb sitting in her back seat. officers swarmed the parking lot and used a bomb robot to to phony. but police still arrested page d
7:29 am
possession of a hoax explosive device. >> it was available on the market. if it's legal to sell, why shouldn't it be legal for me to, you know, have it? i feel stupid for having spent a dollar on a stupid clock at a yard sale. >> because of the severity of the charge page was not granted bond. steve? just shy of 7:30 on this monday morning. if you plan on casting a lot in the virginia primary election next month you bet get to it today is the deadline to register to vomit the big race is for governor one of the few in the country and we've been talking with all of the candidates for governor here on fox5 and this morning virginia state senator frank wagner joins us he's going fort republican nomination up against ed gillespie and core city stew w war. thanks for joining us. >> great to be here. >> i know you're representing southern virginia. you know, newport news area. >> right. >> you're a hometown g
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you grew up in northern vir virginia. >> i grew up in arlington. after i graduated from high school i went to the naval academy. when you graduate from the naval academy it's certain you'll live in norfolk or sand ago i was a salvage diver in the navy and stationed on salvage ship out of little creek and love virginia all over and it's great to come back up here for while. >> virginia is one of the great things about virginia the diversity in virginia when you look eight from geographic standpoint almost several different states in one here. i know the folks down in southern virginia give you a hard time from being from northern virginia that's very key in an election as well. if you're representing the state you want to relate people in northern virginia to get that big chunk of votes. >> absolutely. i think as everybody sitting here contemplating driving to work i'm the only candidate quiet frank until either party that's talked about transportation and made a major issue in the campaign and i just cannot imagine giving what's going on today in northern virginia as you watch the traffic going on and on. it is the number one problem. problem everyone in northern virginia looks to for
7:31 am
i'm the only candidate talking about it. not only because because i've been in the legislature for 25 years i've been fight fog northern virginia funding i carried a bill three months ago unfortunately it failed in the house of delegates and i'm telling folks if you want transportation solutions, that don't include these 20, $30 tolls we're seeing, then you need to vote for frank wagner on the 13 many of june. >> one funding resources gone is the gas tax different from what we've seen in the past when it comes to gas taxes. can you explain how this would work? >> when virginia negotiated i was the head negotiator on behalf of the senate to actually push that bill through that resulted in billion dollars and enhanced funding for northern virginia. we went to a percentage tax which means that the higher the price of gasoline, the more taxes people are going pay. what i'm proposing while oil is relatively inexpensive, that we collect the money and understand this and i he encourage people to look at north carolina's gas prices look at virginia go to gas right now if you don't believe me and look at the retail price of
7:32 am
in north carolina. what you'll find north carolina is same price and oftentimes cheaper but they're gas tax is twice what virginia' social security. it tells you the retailer, wholesalers big oil somebody along the line is make the money that should be going to our roads. look, i sit there on the finance committee. i chair the transportation sub committee. i'm telling you we're in dire straits. we don't have the money when we get wmata fixed add stiffly we don't have the money to do what needs to be. virginia rail express pulled back their funding to maintain what they have rather than continue to plan. and watch, what we're doing now is we're turning our highways over to private companies and that's why you're starting to see these 20 or 30-dollar tolls for those people who can afford to pay it and these can't sit in traffic. that's unacceptable. we used to build our highways we paid for them as we went and that's the number one issue up here it boggles my mind that i'm the only one frank wagner is the only one out here talking about transportation and talking about the needs of transportation. >> certainly a key part of your
7:33 am
let's talk about the campaign little bit. going up against ed gillespie, corey stew war, corey stewart is grabbing a lot of headlines much gets a lot of name recognition good or bad. and you kind of got left out of the shuffle in a number of cases although the race is a lot closer than people might think at this point. >> absolutely. >> you're still knocking on doors doing it the old-fashioned work. is that enough for you at this point? does that work? is it enough to take over the top or get the name recognition out there month outside of southern virginia. >> ever since that debate in lynchburg it was clear who knew what was going on. little gillespie or stewart neither one knew what was going non have a v people saw the debate. i encourage to go to website frank wagner.u.s. if nothing else watch the closing two minutes from each of the candidates in the debate. i think you'll begin to understand who knows what's going on in richmond and that's awfully important the experience you cannot replace. and you know, plan. one of
7:34 am
nobody is talking about, look, we've got to reinstall technical education back into middle school starting in middle school because that's where the jobs are. a lot of students are geared more towards a career technical education than they are the sol route which is good for college bound. look, every business i've talked to out there, what's your biggest problem? i cannot find skilled people to felt jobs. there are plenty of jobs available today in virginia. when i went through school at washington lehigh school in arlington there was plenty of career. my best friend pursued career tech and he has a very very large air-conditioning refrigeration company up here in northern virginia. so there are all kinds of opportunities but we've got to reinstate that. i work in ship yards. once i got out of the navy i started my own ship repair company. built it up to 100 employees. i'm the only real businessman that's republican actually any of the candidates somebody that's actually started a company, i've worn a hard hat all my live work aware welders, ship fitters, machinists. the kind of people that make
7:35 am
i have deep respect for skilled craftsman i want to do something to invigorate the economy of virginia which is sure we have a pipeline arc skilled people to fill the jobs that are currently available right now. >> i want to focus on the last couple of weeks here of the campaign. >> sure. >> getting down to crunch time. you're getting some more attention. you're doing some things in virginia as well. calling out your opponents on the power plants is one thing. what's it going to take now in the last couple of weeks now if you want to make that leap over some of your competition that's quite frankly spending a lot more money than trying to get their names out there. what kit take for to you jump over at the end now. >> i can't go to texas like ed gillespie and wound up a oil money and bring it back home. i'm not a friend of the bush family like he is. if you want a washington, d.c. insider he's made millions of dollars in washington. washingt. gillespie is your guy. voters need to sit back and think all this is when you leave all the rhetoric all the statues
7:36 am
somebody to run virginia. that's what this race is all about. you're hiring somebody to run virginia. realistically ask yourself read the resumes of the three candidates who would you call in first for an interview, steve. >> i believe you'd call in frank wagner first. what are you going to do with the job. >> you're going to address transportation. that's a huge problem here in northern virginia. wow, career technical education, yeah, we walk away from it to the harm of a lot of students and to the harm of the economy of virginia. and wow you got a solid plan to reinvigorate the economy and a plan to have government work with business to grow have a rah as opposed to this adversarial relationship developed between private sector and the government. >> see if voters get that message and take that -- >> i'm sure they are. they're catching on right now, steve. we're really excited rider now. >> as you mentioned today is the last day to make sure you register so you can vote in the virginia primary coming up in a couple of weeks. senator thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks, steve. appreciate it. >> also have been talk wig every candidate for governor of virginia a j
7:37 am
here in the loft on fox5 news morning.& 7:00 arthritic. let's check in with talker barnes. >> ♪ >> steve, thanks. cloud cover, rain showers early this morning not make the commute a whole lot of fun and i definitely keep an umbrella here. not raining every minute today. but we definitely have on again off again showers for much your monday. 60 at reagan national. 57 the winning number in dulles. comfortably cool overnight with cloud cover and rain showers which continue especially here to the west of town. looks like as we along 66 we're getting pretty good rain showers this is a warm front lifting through. as this gets north of us we should warm it up into the low 70s by late morning early afternoon. and we'll keep the clouds around for much of the day. later this afternoon we're expecting a cold front to come through. as that cold front comes through perhaps we'll see some additional showers redevelop kind of see that cold front out into extreme western maryland there and again that will be pressing into the area later this afternoon. here's your forecast for monday. keep the clouds around keep the umbrella handy. on again off again showers.
7:38 am
today. rain showers later this afternoon. seven day looks soggy. i'll have it coming up. soggy seven day, erin. >> right. coming up on 7:38. that soggy weather impacting our roads. we're at a crawl on the outer loop this by new hampshire avenue. we had earlier crash that was blocking a lane it's cleared but residual delays it's about a 35 minute delay 95 to georgia avenue. holding strong on the outer loop just growing. usual area of congestion as we move things over to look coming up from fredericksburg crash blocks the right shoulder 95 northbound before 17 warrington road pretty much parked all wait back past plank road. then we're slow again through stafford coming through dale city. big delays. you can see the outer loop right now also dealing with some sluggish traffic. this is 295 northbound. we have a crash by lavatory road from the beltway to that point. you're park. and then more delays up to the 11th street bridge. let's take a look the our maps. drive times are just crawling along. dale city to the beltway is going to take you close to an hour. and then once you crossing the mixing bowl 395 northbound will take you 33 minutes to get to
7:39 am
an hour and 22 minutes to get from 109 in urbana to the beltway 270 southbound and then 66 clearing up a bit from 234 prince william parkway to the beltway a 40 minute ride. bumper to bumper because of the rain taking metro we have safetrack impacting the orange line and metro l lettiing know parking is at or near capacity. park at addison road or green belt for surge 15. back to you guys. thank you so much, erin. appreciate it. >> coming up next uber might be changing the cost of your next ride and it has nothing to do with where you're going. >> a lot of big moment at the billboard music awards last night. including an appearance from the sun son of the late notorious bism g. ♪
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"tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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♪ it is so much 42:00 on monday. welcome back. one of the countri' top grocery stores is coming to the district fifinally. wegmans will open new store in the old fannie mae building on wisconsin avenue! we could walk there, steve. yes, we could. >> we'll wait. d.c. mayor muriel bowser made the announcement last night. while at a convention in vegas. the store is expected to open in the year 2022. yes. we can wait. the company is also expected to open residential and office space. >> hopefully the first of many much dc taxi cab drivers have three months until they have to get digital meters in their taxi cabs no more
7:43 am
that, you know, the mechanical meter. >> right. >> the deadline to switch from traditional meters to digital meters is the end of summer basically august 31. cabs will have now tablet mounted in the car so passengers can see a map of the route also show the cost of the trip estimated time of arrival and i believe d.c. is the first major, major city to put this in the works. >> all righty. should be some discussion about that i would expect. >> i would think so. >> who pays for that. >> a lot of competition. your uber fare may be going up soon. according to the ride hailing company the cost of your ride may soon depend on how much the company thinks you're willing to pay. currently price is based purely on time and distance uber says the fair setting system will be used in 14 cities. >> how is that ever a good idea i think i should pay a dollar. >> if you're going to downtown in the middle of the day perhaps you can pay more because you're a businessperson -- i mean it seems unfair. >> i'll line up some people we'll put in the same route a
7:44 am
see who is comes out the same. whatever. you know what i men. >> he's not going to do it. >> i will. >> okay. what i don't want to pay more because they think i want to pay more. >> it seems unfair to me. >> charge me where i'm going. >> it used to be like your taxes. that's a joke. >> eye, steve and allison. >> hi. >> coming up highlights from last night's billboard music awards one of the biggest shows of the year i go one-on-one with wonderwoman herself to talk about one of the most anti anticipated films of the summer. stay tune.
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you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america.
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>> just little more than an hour from away from good day d.c. today. >> where does the time go. >> lost will get real lonnie love stops by. also on the show today, charisse jordan jackson from the real housewives of potomac. >> i saw that last night. >> it was filled with drama but also really poignant moments like the ladies revealing things about themselves. >> yes. >> we'll talk about it. >> tucker involved in that conversation with charisse. that will be fun. we're going to grill every day this week we're getting set for big memorial day weekend coming up. so today we start with corn-on-the-cob. six easy ways to get picnic staple awesome twist. >> could be have 2bs or one. >> one just like it's spelled. >> why would you ever doubt it? >> no. >> don't ever doubt us. >> i clearly don't know. >> we want to give a special shout out to fox5 fan. i just love this entire
7:48 am
the it came in this week justin sykes and his now fiance' he tweeted me and steve letting uss day and they just got engaged at the white house on saturday so justin said he would love a shout out. so we're making this -- this is what we do, steve. >> such great picture. >> we're making it happen. >> congratulations to both of you. it sounds like amazing weekend already. hopefully this week and every week is just amazing from here on out. >> lift, love it, love it. >> congratulations! >> if i got engage at the white house it would be past the 12 security fences. >> right. >> he didn't -- justin didn't have to do all of that. that's more pleasant experience. for both. >> that's the way to do it. >> right. congratulations! >> thanks for watching. >> thanks for watching. >> we appreciate it. >> that's fantastic. cool picture, too. >> isn't it great? >> edit altogether. looks like he had a photographer there. >> these two storm chasers got engaged this weekend with a tornado in the background. they were like out on the prairie. >> that sounds about right. >> there you go. different kind of person. >> right. >> people stepping up w
7:49 am
all right. let's go to the forecast. cloudy, cool and showery this week. showery not only today but really we've got an opportunity for a shower or a thunderstorm in the forecast right through thursday. as we'll be a little unsettled here the next couple of days. 60 now in washington. quantico 60 degrees. annapolis 60. 50 wis the plain dulles 57. 58 manassas. getting rain showers for much of the area here this morning. the exception is southern maryland hasn't seen a whole l lot. you can see here's knife. 95 west getting good soaking rain at the moment, and we'll keep showers in the forecast for the next several hours. this is a warm front lifting through. and cloud cover, rain showers on and off today. and eventually some mild temperatures this is front gets north of us we should get high temperatures up into the low 70s. it will be mild this afternoon. all right. this is a cold front. midday expect to a break cloud cover and later this afternoon as that cold front slides in likely see another round of showers and if we can get any heat going maybe a thunderstorm. i think most l
7:50 am
showers here this afternoon. there you go. warm front then cold front later today will bring us a few additional showers as we get into tomorrow it looks like we could do another round of rain showers as an area of low pressure develops off to our south and east. round number one the warm front is through watch the cold front slide on in and that could give us a couple showers late this afternoon again generally cloudy skies out there today. we'll get clearing overnight tonight it won't last cloud right back up early tomorrow morning we'll have to watch scene if we see this area of low pressure get tracked enough more rain shower activity by tomorro afternoon. there's your seven day. moody monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, maybe a thunderstorm thursday. we'll clear it out just in time for our zip trip friday. and saturday our holiday weekend starts off fantastic with sunshine and temps in the low 80. >> erin, i'm having fun. are you? >> yes. but busy. 7:50. i don't think hour commuters are having fun. crawling along on the outer loop in college park by new hampshire avenue. earlier crash cleared but from well before 95 to past georgia avenue about 35 minute delay. factor in
7:51 am
wet roads out there. let's take look at our maps. want to say thank you to tyrone for tweeting out this photo overturned vehicle completely on its hood. tenth street just reopened. they were just able to clear that car out of the way between d and e streets. again overturned vehicle scene just cleared. residual delays in the area takitaking the freeway 395 big delays all the back to the pentagon on 395 northbound. and then as we take a look on the mur morning commute some other crash locations. inner loop out by 66 a crash and sluggish from basically the mixing bowl up to 66 then again across the legion bridge. and then we have another crash 295 nor northbound out by out by from the beltway. inner loop jams from branch eye avenue across the wilson bridge. 50 inbound just before the beltway jammed to end prize road with 15 minute delay. outer loop by 202 a crash block the shout. keep in mind if you're taking knife through dale city that jams up as well. to 70 southbound super slow. metro look next. steve and allison. >> after near
7:52 am
final performance for the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus the greatest show on earth has ended now after 146 years. thousands of people gathered last night to say a final farewell last show on long island, new york. years of protests by animal rights activists took a toll on the circus. ringling brothers high operating costs and declining tick sales are responsible for the shut down. prom toes for high schoolers in vancouver got interesting last friday canada's prime minister justin trudeau photo bombed a group of students. he was out for jog when students asked him to drop in. hey as habit of popping up out of no w family at a national park in quebec got a shock when they spotted him hiking in a cave. >> how cool is that. >> tucker shorts on. >> actually i thought it was tucker when i saw him real quickly. >> see even tucker greed. >> both are very handsome men of power. >> just out doing his thing. >> that's right.
7:53 am
all right. >> kevin mccarthy who's never one to shy away from helping somebody out with a picture. posing taking pictures. >> kevin did not know where you were going with. >> i was confused. >> yeah. >> what is steve going to say. >> i love you steve chenevey. we have a lot to get through real fast here. so the billboard music awards were last night 53 nessa had you had sons and lawsuit you ludicrous hoe hosted the show. let's take look at the biggest highlights of the evening. watch this. ♪ with performances from nicky minaj to ed sheera -- ♪ >> -- >> it was a star suddenned night in las vegas sunday fort 2017 billboard music awards. this year's biggest winner was rap artist and singer song writer drake. >> ladies and gentlemen, he has broken the record for the most billboard music awards in a single year. >> drake walking away with record breaking 13 awards including top artist, top male artist, top rap artist and top 200 a
7:54 am
>> we're all here on earth for limited amount of time and we got to show love while we're here. >> hely performed in the middle of the billagio hotel famous mountain. beyonce' won for top female artist but queen b was not in attendance as she's currently pregnant with twins. other show highlights included the son of late rap legend notorious big mark wagon would have been his father's 45th birthday. >> good evening. i know my father is looking down on all of us tonight. >> this year's billboard icon was presented to cher. >> ♪ >> and 20 years after the film titanic celine dion performed "my heart will go on". >> ♪ >> also a moment of silence last night for chris cornell obviously a very emotional moment for that. drake did break the record as i mentioned for 13 wins. >> 13. >> beating adele and the performances were
7:55 am
cher 71 years old. >> that's amazing. >> unbelievable. >> big night for music last night. before i go, i had a chance to sit down with wonderwoman this weekend gal gadot is her name. phenomenal actress. >> gadot or gadot. >> i've been saying gal gadot forever. >> i have no idea. >> we said good dot. >> here's the cool thing she actually had to do reshoot thes for the film when she was might have months pregnant what that meant according to entertainment weekly they had to put a green thing over her baby bump and then edit it out. so i wanted to ask her about how that was to shoot a movie while you were five months pregnant and the idea of having your daughter in the movie with you. watch this. >> is it true they actually but a green -- >> yeah. >> how -- what did that look like for you? >> very funny. weird and funny. [ laughter ] >> were you able to do certain movements? were you able to actually like -- >> oh yeah. i did everything that was needed, you know, i did everything i needed to do.
7:56 am
going to be part of this movie as much as my oldest one. my oldest one came to set all the time. >> yeah. >> she waffliering with chris all the time. [ laughter ] >> she didn't care about me or the customer or -- cast members. she cared about the candies at craft and -- she's a flirt. she's sassy. >> so she was -- she's very much part of the movie for me. >> all right. so that is gal gadot however want to pronounce her name. >> i feel like we need to know. i called area gal gadot. what did you call her when you saw her. >> i didn't say anything about her full name. >> when she was on kimmel is he shed was gal gadot. >> if she says it we're saying it that way. >> it's like gal gadot. >> rihanna goes rihanna and rihanna. >> right. denzel goes biden sell but it's really denzel. >> right. it doesn't matter. it's the same name. >> i am actually allison sey seymour. but on tv i
7:57 am
seymour. >> seymour is appropriate. >> oh! >> which is what i said. >> tucker over to you, steve is being quite the wise ankle to today. >> i heard it. 60 now in washington. rain showers continuing here for another couple of hours. a break midday and maybe a few additional showers late this afternoon with cold front that's a warm front this morning. but pretty good soak rain most of the area here. you can see right up and down 95 there. southern maryland you've been spared the worst of it you have light showers. and i'm -- everything is kind of pushing off to the northth east here. everybody will get rape showers for a few more hours. we shall get a break midday. see this front can hold together and bring us a few more showers late this afternoon. there you go. 75. keep it wet and wild. i don't know about the wild part wet for the next couple of days. get sunshine the end of the week. that is a look at weather. plenty more coming up on what am ion fox news morning right after the break. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
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>> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm instead of chenevey. it's 8:00 a.m. on monday may between. >> first up tragedy at the university of maryland. many still grieving the fbi now dreft investigating the stabbing death as possible hate crime. >> also ahead, tick season is upon us again and this year new deadly virus and mild winter i
8:01 am
causing concern. fox medical team is here with tips how to protect yourself. >> billy bush breaking his silence how his family reactioned to the infamous access hollywood which then candidate donald trump. >> first though live look outside. it is a rainy start to your work week unfortunately. and it's only the beginning of what's to come ladling up to memorial day weekend. >> developing right now 8:00 o'clock fbi joining in on the investigation into that deadly stabbing that rocked the university of maryland over the weekend. >> we're learning the attack may have ban hate crime fueled by race. melanie alnwick is live in college park with now more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. a somber morning here at the university of maryland. yesterday graduation day should have been a day of celebration. instead shock and sadness here throughout the campus and it's information from the suspect's online activities that is leading federal investigators to consider those hate crime ch charges. just accepted a commission into- the u.s. army. following hi
8:02 am
footsteps. he should have been graduating from bowie state this week. his murder now a stunning loss. collins was visiting two friends at the university of maryland friday night. they were on reagents drive waiting for an uber 3am saturday when the suspect approached, police say he was screaming possibly drunk. >> and then he said to the victim, step left, step left, if you know what's go for you. the victim look at him puzzled with the other friends of his and said, no. it was then that sean urbanski establish the victim in his chest. >> young man his career was about to take off. his new commission and when had he live was taken that night. >> reporter: >> 22-year-old sean urbanski was arrested at the scene. it was sort of odd people say he didn't leave the scene. he just hung around that bus station until his arrest. he is a
8:03 am
student. investigators found that he is a member of a facebook group that is said to be racist. the police chief telling us that a lot of hate directed toward african-americans on facebook page. now the fbi is looking into where else urbanski may have been online with other activities he may have been involved in. for now he's being held at prince george's county without bond and he's facing murder and assault charges. live here in college park, melanie alnwick, fox5 local n news. >> three past the hour. happening right now, president trump in israel on the second stop of his historic trip overseas. the president and first lady arrived in tel-aviv a couple hours ago. >> right now the president is speaking at a ceremony with the president of israel who he'll mr. trump's visit as a symbol of the unbreakable bond between israel and the us. later today the president will meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and tomorrow with palestinian president mahmoud
8:04 am
former fbi director james comey will be sitting down with the chairman of the house overnight committee likely to talk about his upcoming testimony. comey agreed to return to capitol hill to testify before lawmakers in a public hearing. it will be his first public hearings since his firing earlier this month. no set date for comey to testify. sometime after memorial day. president donald trump budget plan set to be unveiled tomorrow but some of the details are emerging today. sources say it calls for cuts to the tune of would $.7 trillion over ten years and so called mandatory programs. people familiar with the plan say that includes cuts to pensions for federal workers and higher contributions to ward those pension benefits. it also includes plans to drive millions of people off of food stamps. coming you on five minutes past the hour. rainy start continuing across the area today. >> yeah. we haven't seen the sun in a couple of days. saturday and sunday were both
8:05 am
comfortable though. >> rain showers this morning. the next couple days will be gloomy. >> i went yesterday to the taste of arlington. > did you. >> met great fox5 viewers. everybody was saying it wasn't the 95 degrees that we earlier in the week. >> right. >> nice day to be outside yesterday. >> yup. cloudy, cool and showery week. in fact we'll keep a chance of showers or even thunderstorm in the forecast right through thursday. so next couple of going to be a little on the moody side. 60 at reagan national. 50 dulles up in baltimore 58 the winning number at dulles, bwism. rain showers with us the laugh couple of hours. most of the area had continue to see rain. by late morning we'll get break. i'm not sure we'll get any sunshine keep it cloudy but the rain should lift off to the north and east by late morning and then as we get into the afternoon hours, a cold front which is back into west virginia extreme western maryland should get in here that may kick off a few additional showers. bottom line keep the umbrella handy it will be a rather cloudy and wet day today. there you go. daytime highs
8:06 am
low 70s. once we get the warm front north of us. >> moody monday, tuck. >> moody monday. >> then it will be moody tue tuesday. >> we got to get new illiterations. >> how about wet wednesday. >> that's so clever. no really. some of the most simple ones take time to come up. >> yeah. >> i'm working on that. >> like a flow. >> yeah. >> steady flow. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> we can do take two tuesday since it will be monday repeat. >> okay. i like it. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> erin said it i like it. >> speaking of complicated roads are mess tee today with the rain this is 95 southbound after fairfax county parkway. big crash there block the right shoulder and right lanes. you can see first responders cones are set up. more an ambulance just arriving at that scene so as you make your way south from the mixing bowl watch for those slow downs. we'll forward things along. some other big problems that we're dealing with on our roads. a lot of slow drive times if we can take a look at our maps i'll show was else you're dealing with this morning. crash the inner loop blocking the shoulder near 66. big delays th
8:07 am
66395 parking lot. crash 50 inbound outside the beltway delays easing back to enterprise road. a crash blocks the shoulder between 202 and 50 on the outer loop. little river turnpike right now is shut down between prosperity avenue and wakefield chap per road dealing with a big crash seen there causing delays just outside the beltway. and let's take look at our drive times through virginia and maryland. 6640 minute ride from 234 to the beltway. 95 northbound from dale city to the beltway that takes you close to an hour. 395 from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, 38 minutes. gw parkway 123 to the 14th street bridge 19 minute ride. red and yellow all over our map and drive time. maryland not better at all. 270 southbound from 109 in you are been in a to the beltway that's going to take you an hour and 22 minutes. top side of the beltway outer loop 95 to 27039 minute ride. and then as you take a look at 95 southbound from 100 to powder mill road, 26 minute ride and the outer loop pennsylvania avenue to bw parkway close to an hour. my best advice to you,
8:08 am
early give yourself a lot of extra time this 395 crash did clear at the case bridge but we're seeing a lot of residual delays there. heavy traffic everywhere. if you're skipping the roads and taking metro keep in mind they're letting us know largo town center and morgan boulevard close to capacity park at addison road or green belt for surge 15 impacting the orange line. express shuttle buses to the blue line available. steve and allison. >> thank you very much, erin. >> happening right now the search continues for fairfax county firefighter now this firefighter has not been seen for more than a week. >> police are now asking for the publics help in this case. fox5's bob barnard life in northwest with we know this morning. good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey, allison and steve, good morning to you. yes,. we understand that brine wood either lived on this street or has family on this street. this is the 3600 block of veasey street northwest right off regional road not far from the embassies here. i can though you this picture. brian wood, four years old, been a fairfax county
8:09 am
several years. most recently aside to station 22, that's in reston, virginia. he was last seen on may 14th. that's mother's day last seen in this neighborhood. a week ago sunday was reported missing this past saturday. may 20th. and this all coming out from d.c. police now who are calling this a critical missing person case. brian wood 40 years old, 5 feet 5-inches town 155 pounds last seen wearing a white tank top and blue pants. now we really just don't know anything more about the story behind his disappearance except to say that both fairfax county firefighters and dc police are concerned and are asking you if you know anything about brian's whereabouts to give authorities a call. guys? >> bob, hopefully they get some information soon. it's nine past the hour. billy bush breaking his silence on the trump talk that cost him his job. >> what he said to his three daughters after the scandal broke. that's next. it's
8:10 am
♪ ♪ >> quick look ahead to good day dc as well. loni love will stop by again. love having her here from, of course, you know her from the real. >> of course. >> going to be here in the loft. >> also we welcome charrisse jordan jackson back from housewives potomac. last night's episode you said was sub subdued. >> very powerful. >> we'll fire up the grill to show was you can do with corn-on-the-cob as we celebrate grilling week here on good day dc. that's all coming up at 9:00 o'clock. that your dream bedroom, from a personalized closet, to a well-organized chest of drawers, to a cozy bed, can be yours for less. save up to 20% at the ikea bedroom event.
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♪ time right now 8:12. happening now, bill cosby has arrived in a pittsburgh courtroom for the beginning of his sex assault trial. the comedian stepped out of that suv around 7:30 this morning. not long ago, and was helped to the door of the the courthouse by an aide. jury selection gets underway within the hour in the case that will decide whether cosby drugged an assault add temple university athletic employee back in 2004. >> 8:13. it's that kind of morning. we can deal with the rain but when it comes to the commute and everything else, just gets a little messy. >> not fun. >> not fun at all. we'll give you a little extra time this morning to brighten our spirits, tucker. >> i get extra time. >> you know it. >> excellent. i can't wait. yesterday i was on our fox5 site i check out lot of cuteness. >> did you. >> yeah. >> i'll bet you couldn't find much cuter than this. >> you're right about that.
8:14 am
>> great names. double the cuteness. >> aww. >> look at that little guy. >> baby not so sure about the hold. >> let's say hello to brantly and bryson. >> brant system acute little six month old. >> okay. >> brantly is the baby. >> his big brother is six. >> how handsome. >> uh-huh. get this. now i'm having trouble with all these b's. >> okay. >> brittany says brantly loves blowing bubbles while watching his big brother bryson play soccer. >> did you it! >> good job. >> did you it. >> thank you. >> well they are such a handsome little duo. >> i do love the matching sh shirts. >> matching shirts are great. so cute. >> super super cute. >> aww. >> i love it. the pride on bryson's face. >> send us your child's picture go to fox5 d.c. send it in we promise just be patient we'll get them all on. >> will they like all this rain today? i don't know about that. >> well, we don't get a choice. >> i guess. >> right? >> state cute boys.
8:15 am
>> 60 now in washington. our winds you are out of the east and that's going to lock down the cool for the day. at least for the first half of the day a warm front coming through gets north of us we're hoping to get high temps in the low to mid 70s later today. but the theme here early it's been rain. rain showers again warm front lifting through. and been a good steady rain for the last couple of hours for much of the area the exception has been southern maryland but i'm just looking off to the south and west and i see showers you'll likely get some shower activity over the near term here as well. what can we expect today? showers this morning. clouds midday. and then as we get into the afternoon hours a cold front out to the west will start to move kind of see some showers out in extreme western maryland and west virginia we'll likely see another round of showers kind of mid to late afternoon but the general theme around here clouds, showers and relatively cool temperatures for this time of year for the next couple of days. look how we have a rain chance, tuesday, wednesday and thursday as well before we get bright sunshine back friday. >> that's all right for the weekend looks good. >> weekend will start great. >>er
8:16 am
erin we started out by showing pictures of the traffic did it not look so good out there. >> still look pretty bad. 8:15 right now. 95 southbound compute big crash blocks the right lane and shoulder after fairfax county parkway. very slow traffic coming down from the mixing bowl as you cross the beltway there.& so give yourself a good 20 extra minutes to get passed that point. we'll forward things along and show was else you're up against this morning. as we take look at our maps several other crashes you need to be aware of. 395 on the northbound side coming up past the pentagon there's a crash. another one on the inner loop there by 95 as well. also, keep in mind, little river turnpike shut down between prosperity avenue and wakefield chapel road. big crash seen there. very slow traffic on the inner loop coming up towards 66. there was an earlier crash as you make your way out passed passed 66 on the inner loop. safetrack no trains between new carrollton and stadium armory. shuttle service is available. new carrollton landover cheverly deanwood and minnesota avenue stations closed. silver line trains impacted as well as they opete
8:17 am
minutes really reston east to stadium armory. definitely consider taking one of the express shuttle bus options. that can connect tout blue line much quicker to get around. slow traffic on 66 right now. worst of the commute 95 northbound through dale city that's going to take you close to an hour and 395 we have that new crash 38 minute trip is going to increase and then in maryland, i would say 270 the worst of it right now. from 109 to the beltway on hour and 22 minutes. so get an early start. >> i know. tucker just grown. no fun for commuters. any questions erin fox5 d.c. on twitter a wet ride this morning causing a lot of additional delays. back to you guys. >> 8:17 right now. and billy bush breaking his silence before the former today show co-host opening up to hollywood reporter about the scandal that cost him job. >> he was fired after a video showed him engaging in lewd talk about wed with now president trump holly joins us at 8:00 with more. >> he's getting pretty candid. >> not holding anything back. at this point he
8:18 am
much more to lose, right? so according to bush, plenty of people nbc new about the tapes existence before it was leak to the washington post last oct october. he also reveals he's only been able to watch the tape three times. that hearing his comments always leaves him feeling totally and completely gutted. here's part of the now infamous record hemoglobin was taped while trump was speaking with bush on an access hollywood tour bus. >> whoa! >> yes. >> whoa! >> yes, the donald -- oh, my m man. >> that's her with the gold. i got to use tick tacks just in case i start kissing her. if he could go back, this is what billy bush said he wish he would have done. "looking back i wish i had changed the topic. trump like tv and competition i could have said can you believe the ratings on we have a. but i didn't have the strength of character to do it. "as for the
8:19 am
spoke about how he explained his behavior to his three daughters. especially when his eldest daughter who was 15 at the time asked him why was he laughing and what was being said. >> bush told her quote i have no answer for that's any good. i'm really sorry. >> bush also said that one of things that has hit him the hardest this idea that he's contributed to a culture of sexism and sexual objectification in america. since his firing bush has done much soul searching and self help experiences and he now says he's not going to retire from show business indefinitely. he has a plan for coming back into the main stream fold and he's hoping to land a job in television saying "i have changed in a way i think will make me better at my job". >> i read the whole interview very interesting, and one thing that kind of struck me was when he talked about, you know, not saying anything. he was not justifying it but he's like, you know, it's my job to be in. in with the people i'm trying to talk with. have sources with. you can underan
8:20 am
tv. >> sure. >> and so not necessarily want to go roughly any feathers not necessarily agreeing witness but not wanting to make a problem so he could keep that connection. i think that's a great discussion to have with your kids. because sometimes not saying anything leaves you agreeing with what's going on. >> look -- >> it takes courage. >> as a parent can you imagine your child questioning your character on something like t that. so i like what he said. i don't have an answer for it i think just sorry. >> he said that was the hardest part was when his 15-year-old called him in tears saying, you know, and he said his first reaction was to say honey it's going to be okay and she said, no. you need to tell me why you were laughing at that. >> right. >> and then he said i don't have an answer for it. so it's a good interview. i mean everybody makes mistakes. >> yeah. >> i wonder where he will land. his name carries weight. be forgiven by the public thatn- you know had a problem with that. a lot of people didn't but se
8:21 am
>> i think he'll land somewhere on his feet. >> thanks holly. >> appreciate it. >> when we come back while live experts come to the rescue of a stranded hump back whale. >> in an unusual way. the whale stuck in california harbor took good vibrations to get it moving but it work. it's 8:21. 8:21.
8:22 am
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♪ 8:23 right now. >> yes, al. >> i'm going wish this away. >> okay. >> i try to wish it away. it didn't work. still gloomy and rainy outside. wing. thank you very much. >> i gotcha. >> okay. >> take look this. cool story. whale got stranded in california harbor. >> that's not the cool part. >> how they got the whale out of the california harbor. >> absolutely. >> there it is. this is in venture what harbor it was stuck there for hours on saturday. wildlife experts spent four hours trying to figure out how to get that whale out of there and then they said, what if we put a device underwater that has some speakers and we played whale noises calling it out of the harbor back into the open sea? >> dog gone it it worked. >> it work. >> cool. >> yes. the whale went back out to where the was happiest. >> you know what he said on the way out. >> thank you! [ laughter ] >> where else are you going to get that. >> nowhere else but fox5 news morning. >> nowhere else but here. >> over to you. >> that was very well done. >> thank you. >> y k
8:25 am
the weather school. >> every morning in weather school. >> school back in session, kids. >> whether we like it or not. >> you know what time of year it is, don't you? >> almost summertime. >> it's the time of year you buy your teacher's favortism. i'm expecting very thoughtful -- >> wow. >> -- gifts. i do not encourage that. >> a waste of money no matter weights. >> sunshine today. we'll be lucky if we get any. that's a d. humidity there's lots of that. that's a d. afternoon temperatures i think in the low 70s. we'll give that b. hey you want to mow your school lawn, steve? >> no. >> didn't do you that for extra money when you were in high school. [ laughter ] >> he doesn't like to talk about it. >> that's a d as well. overall we give this 1c. we never give the teacher a c, do we? >> hit my music. ♪ i'm hot for teacher ♪ >> it's a long walk today. extended remix. [ laughter ] >> nothing like working my first communication job and mowing the lawn on weekends for extra money. got to do was got to do. >> wow! i wish i had that gig. i can have used it. >> hey, erin.
8:26 am
>> unfortunately because of the rain we're seeing huge problems on the roads. this is 95 on the southbound side crash blocks the right shoulder by fairfax county parkway. delays coming from the beltway on through. as we forward our cameras along, in marshall 66 on the eastbound side, dealing with big problems overturned tractor trailer well i promise it's not that dark outside we'll go and show you some other problems. big delays through marshall 66 eastbound crash by 17. and then little river turnpike still shut down between prosperity avenue and wakefield chappel road. metro is on time except for safetrack impacting the orange lane. more in just a few on this rainy gross monday. allison and steve. >> just have no fear, summer right around the corner and for many of thus means lot of time outdoors. weekends at the beach. maybe even time on the water. >> sounds glorious. right. >> that means unwanted pests including some of these nasty ones. dr. shilpi is here to tell how to protect yourself from mosquitoes, ticks, the other bugs. eww. all right. enough of that video. back after this. ♪ ♪♪
8:27 am
ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war.
8:28 am
efully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. we just got the keys to our new house! we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
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♪ >> look at the white house this morning. the rain continues to fall. kind of raw this morning. temperatures in the upper 50s in most places. hitting 60 in d.c. it is that time of year. hundreds of thousands of motorcycles will be rolling and roaring from the pentagon to d.c. for annual rolling thunder memorial day weekend event. you see it, you hear it every year. really something to witness. honors prisoners of
8:30 am
memories and those who are still not back. those missing in action. those who served during vietnam. this is the 30th anniversary of rolling thunder kicks off 8:00am on sunday. al? steve, thank you. well there's plenty to celebrate with the arrival of summer but there's one thing most of can do without and we're talking about mosquitoes. they are a major annoyance and the cause of much it itching joining us no dr. shilpi agalwar with a look at the common insects that can wreak havoc and thou avoid becoming a victim. also talking about ticks because it's that time of year, too. good morning. >> good morning. yes. >> such unpleasant trees. >> i know specialsly with this rainy weather and long weekend coming up i wanted to make sure that everybody is well equipped to get protected against those mosquitoes and the ticks. >> okay. so basically we always hear it. don't have standing water. >> right. >> i was surprised by some of the sources like that like gutters. what else should we look out f for. >> gutters 93 areas where you have potted plants that rim ouid
8:31 am
the water you want to clear all of that because mosquitoes breed in as little as a bottle cap of water. >> serious. >> they can lay eggs if -- >> making them even more annoying. >> exactly. any standing water. you just need to dump it over and wash it out with clean water and make sure it's dry. bird baths, gutters all of that. after this big rainstorm that's the thing we need to look out for any of that water cleared out so your home doesn't become a breeding ground for that. >> shilpi, why is this year -- why are experts looking at it as particularly bad potentially bad year? >> for two reasons. so first, the warmer climate. and there's actually been an explosion of other insects and organism that is help to keep these mosquitoes and ticks al alive. so with those two sources, the warmer weather and then those organisms we have more of these all around especially here in the dmv. >> all righty. what works to prevent them i that's all we can do. >> lee products we want to look out for. first one deet we get a lot of questions. there's controversy on that. but deet if you look at all of the studies
8:32 am
studies they're all telling us that deet in low concentrations, 15 to 20%, is safe and effective for pregnant women, women thinking about becoming pregnant, breast feeding women and children who are over two months old. >> you know the funny thing shilpi when we recently went to puerto rico and i've heard that, you know, there's zika in puerto rico. so take your bug spray with the deet. >> yes. >> there's so many to choose from. i'm like if there's zika should i take the outdoors one. >> yes. >> what's that magic number. >> what we real dollar need. if you look on the label the labels can be so on fusing. >> right. >> you want to look for something that's between 15 and about 30%. >> okay. >> that's your safe zone. you've got the that marketed 98% but those are the levels where the toxicity starts happening. >> so if you look at it all the seizures the nausea the headaches it happens when it's 90%. you really don't need that. every two to three hours you want to reapply it but 15 to
8:33 am
sip klee the bottle will say that will give you good protect. for zika the interesting thing toe to know about that that mosquito actually active during the day. so staying indoors, keeping with the screens, wearing clothing that you actually a little nerd tuck your shirt into the your pants and into your socks that will keep you from getting bit. >> okay. >> the other two products that you want to look for are something called oil of lemon eucalyptus an extract so it's not natural by any means in the sense of people are like that's very natural. but it is effective. the problem it can get on your fingers and get into your eyes. for kids that's a little bit harder to use. >> what about some of the natural things like i'm sorry but when i'm there, i am not looking for natural when i'm trying to fight the zika mosquito. >> that's why i brought this thing also because you want to avoid the things that say natural because very often they don't have the ingredient that you need to help protect you. so keep away from natural for this one. and just go ahead and stick with either deet, pro canyann or oil of lemon
8:34 am
ingredients shown to help protect you against mosquitoes. >> i see the dreaded tweezers, shilpi. >> yes. >> we're talking ticks. >> um-hmm. i know. so ticks very concerned about ticks, right, because of lyme disease and then this new thing we're hearing about the powasson virus. powasson little bit more serious but not as common. high fevers, symptoms of which is the confusion, the headaches, almost meningitis like symptoms. and those can be very dangerous. there's no treatment for that it's just supportive. if you feel any of those symptoms, you've recently been bit by a tick, you should be evaluated in an emergency room. and also keep in mind it takes as little as 15 minutes for that tick to sit on you and spread that powasson virus. >> okay. so, all right. so i have dogs. >> yes. >> so you're sitting there pet the dog you're it tow what's this bump you see that gnarly head sticking out or whatever it is. what be with thus though if you miss it because you're camping or doing whatever like how can you know after the fact that you've been bitten by a
8:35 am
>> sometimes you may not know allison but you always want to do a tick check after you've been outside. especially on your children. and in the scalp and in the under arm those are the two main places that are missed in the scalp just lift each section of hair and run your fingers through if yourself even use your phone take look if shares bump you're feeling on your kids make sure to check. allison, if you do find a tick, one thing i want to stress removing it properly. so go ahead and take your tweezers. go to the top or the tip where it's attached, squeeze and pull directly out or up and out. not wiggling it that just leaves the head and the mouth in. and it actually can aggravate it so that the tick is insteading in the bacteria even further. so for aid vowing lime, the powasson virus you want to get in there and remove the tick. and the lyme disease, the tick has to be attached for at least 24 hours. but if you have any symptoms, fever, that bulls eye rash, joint pains irk be evaluated by your doctor who can do a blood test. >> okay. we think this keep t
8:36 am
what's the fan for, shilpi. >> the fan of one for gets this mosquitoes don't want to come in when there's wind blowing. it's not really good for them to land in a very airy area. so off little fan, run that too that will absolutely keep your mosquitoes away. >> that's interesting. >> so easy it work all the time. >> another things that make themselves super annoying. tucker, over to you. they don't like the wind. >> i have gigantic fan it blows all over my property all the time. >> good. 60 now in washington. we got cloudy and cool and rainy conditions to start your day. and that will be the theme not only today but really the next couple of days are going to be rather mood deem there's your rain shower activity up and down 95. it's been raining here for a couple of hours and we'll continue to do so. warm front lifting to the north and east. once it gets north and east of us later this morning i think we'll get a break from the rain showers and we'll have to watch this afternoon for a cold front which may kick off a few additional showers. you can see it out to the west out in western maryland. so bottom line take your umbrella and be ready for some rain showers here for the next sever hours. showers in the forecast. we do expect
8:37 am
the low to mid 70s later today as that warmer air lifts into the region and humidity out there as well. seven day looks soggy. will the sun come out before our big holiday weekend? >> hope so. >> answer is yes. i'll show in you a minute. erin is back with roads. >> yeah. but at the same time it makes the rain in the early part of the week seem a little more bearable. >> look at this 395 northbound at the pentagon center lane blocked by disable car from and earlier crash. by on the left or right lane there. big delays back to the beltway right now you need about 45 extra minutes to get from the beltway across the 14th street bridge. another bad crash that we're dealing with keep that in mine 95 southbound by fairfax county parkway. and take look at all the red. we are pretty much jam pack i was over the place because of the rain inbound and outbound to and from the district little riff turnpike closed with a crash scene between prosperity avenue and wakefield chapel road. as we forward things along to metro really crowded roads if you want to take rail not a bad idea. metro bus in the district in
8:38 am
crowded secondaries. no trains on the orange line new carol to to stadium armory shuttle service available if you want to take that grab your umbrell in if you're headed to the metro stops. keep in mind you're looking at 66 eastbound from gainsville to the beltway about an hour delay at least. we'll have more traffic in few. any questions erin fox5 dc on twitter. back to you. >> erin, thanks very much. 8:38. coming up next we'll take look at the weekend box office. see what you were spending your money on. >> talk to kevin coming up. up.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ >> not pretty start to the monday if we get through today, the week will get better. at least by friday. >> yes. and who doesn't like to look forward to fry dan on a monday? it's just what we do. 8:41 right now. as kevin predicted alien covenant number one at the box office. end $36 million in its opening weekend. the r rated scare fest earned the top spot by just $900,000 because guardians of the galaxy still going strong taking in another $35 million over the weekend. everything everything finish third. are you familiar with that. >> no, everything everything? >> don't know it. don't know it. >> finish third with $12 m $12 million. so -- >> everything everything. >> made some money money. let's check in with holly man rue find out what's coming up on good day d.c. hi ladies. >> everything everything that's what we have on good day dc. all over this developing stories. the local
8:42 am
is a university of maryland student murdered in what could have been a hate crime. our coverage continues live from the scene. we also continue to track president trump's trip overseas. five stops over the neck eight days. his stop today in israel crucial. we have a preview. >> also at 9a, we'll talk live to the maryland college student who got the surprise of a lifetime on ellen. >> okay. let's do this. holly. control room roll the good day guest list. we have another surprise to tell you about this morning. the lot of will get real when loni love stops by. also on the show today charisse jordan jackson from real housewives of potomac all new last night and oh, boy, full of drama. >> and guess what? we'll be grilling all week. getting you set for memorial day weekend, of course and today it's corn-on-the-cob. we show six easy ways to give this picnic staple an awesome twist. >> kevin sits down with the new wonderwoman and got day fashion police has been activated to dish all about last night's billboard music awa
8:43 am
>> epic start to epic week here on epic good day dc. don't miss it an epic minute. >> we'll see in you a few. it will be epic in case you didn't hear. >> everything everything. >> always is. ladies, thank you. coming up we go back in time at the kennedy center a week long event and you can join us. we'll tell you how after the break. break. for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:46 am
♪ maybe good music helps out with the raindrops out there today, al. >> bruno always helps. >> no doubt. >> except when i wait for his performance it's almost 11:00 o'clock at the billboard music awards. that's a story for another time. >> late night early morning. >> and then the rain. we'll get details on the forecast in a minute. first kind of story that just kind of cuts right through you. the timber sports competition being held in germany wood cutting sawing chopping wood cutters all over the world one take the crown this year the top chopper 39-year-old austrian apparently he had been training for years for that moment. >> going to somewhere else to do it? >> it's like a whole thing? >> it's like the medley round i guess. >> i think i saw that scene in the movie misery. >> that one didn't work out so well. >> no. >> weren't row warred for that. >> you have to be very careful when you do that. >> honestly that looks like something tucker would do. >> the log will split while you're standing on it. >> it he looks like a big handsome matthew
8:47 am
>> that's not where you were going with this? >> that's a serious saw. >> not the first thing that came to mind. i was looking a that the saw 14 feet long. >> i'm just being a reporter. >> doing what you got to do. >> just like tucker brings us the forecast even if we have to wait a full ten seconds. allison, steve shouldn't an american win best lumber jack. i feel like we have the best rubber jacks. >> like paul bunion. swap his name was? yeah. >> we can't be so center the. there are on the countries. >> west best forests. >> practice that kind of work. >> you would think. but what do i know? >> apparently not, right. >> right. >> paul bunion was here he would have won. >> he definitely would have won. cloudy, cool showers ahead. in fact, not only showers ahead showers right now. i'll show you radar in just a second. little cool out there early. let's get started with 60s here in washington. 50s north and west. cloud cover for everybody. and most of
8:48 am
getting showers at this hour. this is a warm front coming through. you can kind of see north to south the rain showers. southern maryland has been spared most of the rain early but this little batch is working through. so you guys in charles county and let's see down towards sane mary's county leonardtown rain showers as well over the short term. today were we expect later today? warm front will get through the region and lift north of us and we shall get temperatures into the late to mid 70s late think morning early this afternoon with cloud cover in tack. i don't think we'll get a lot of sunshine today, and a bit of a break from the rain showers midday and then later this afternoon see this cold front out to the west out in western maryland, well, maybe you can see it i'm telling you there's a front out here, that will slide in and that may give us a few additional showers later today. so the bottom line is, cloudy and showery for your monday. i definitely take an umbrella here later today. warm front gets through again that cold front could give us a few additional showers later this afternoon although i think the bulk of the rain showers should be out of here by late morning. there we go at 6:00 o'clock tonight you can see jt
8:49 am
showers kind of redeveloping and we'll keep the clouds around through late afternoon early evening. overnight maybe a little clearing and guess what? tomorrow we cloud right back up again. and by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, we could do another round of rain with an area of low pressure that develops off to our song and east and push off the coast the bottom line the next couple of days, yeah, moody. you can see monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday we got rain showers in the forecast maybe thunderstorm by thursday. and looks likes our next chance for bright sunny day will get here on friday. not going to rain any minute for the neck four days but unsettled for the next couple of days. that's the update look at radar again in just a minute. back to you guys. >> tucker thanks. this month president john f. kennedy would turn one had you had dress years old the lasting and living legacy to jfk here in d.c. is taking note of the centennial talking about the kennedy sent. it is embarking on week long celebration that you can be a part of lots of events planned. joining us now with more on that the major project expansion that you can't miss when you drive by
8:50 am
thanks for joining you. >> good morning, steve. >> first of all i want to start with what you can see. >> it's great to be with you. >> what i saw on over the weekend as i drove by, lights, red, white and blue outside the kennedy center all lit up something you don't do often but it look pretty. >> yeah, it's really beautiful. we have a beautiful pallet of course the big white building, and every once in while for a special occasion we light it up and red, white and blue jfk100 a great way to tell everybody what's going on. people have been stopping me on the street in cuff fee shops and other places saying, what's going on? it's a wonderful way to get the covering started. >> let's talk about some of the events that are coming up this week as we lead up to the 100th celebration. the 100th birthday of john f. kennedy. what can folks fine at the kennedy center? >> we have programs basically every day from today at 6:00 o'clock all the way through next monday the actual day of what would be his birthday. we have wde
8:51 am
whether they are free on our millennium stage at 6:00 o'clock or multi media event. tomorrow night we have the hubble can at a time at a on thursday which is exactly the anniversary of jfk's moon shot speech. most importantly i would say is saturday. one of our wonderful traditions here to have an open house. so starting at noon through 10:00 o'clock, programming throughout the center around the center all over the place. family programming. dance, music, theater, acrobats, all kinds of great stuff. free on saturday and then on monday itself, very special day, here in the opera house really a tribute performance. words, visuals, dance, music in tribute of his birthday. followed by the navy com moidores with our millennium stage at 6:00 o'clock. >> so much stuff happening. >> really great week of programming. >> it sounds like it for sure. >> almost every single day. >> one things di
8:52 am
saturday the open house a chance for folks who maybe have never been to the to kennedy center maybe you drive by it all the time you never make it in the doors can you just walk in or do you have to get free tickets ahead of time? how does it w work? >> well, one thing that so few people actually realize is that every single day at 6:00 o'clock we have free programming for 20 years 6:00 o'clock, 365 days a year we have programming here for free. and then on saturday it blows up. it's all over the center. no need for ticket ever. you come and you just join us. it's really great. you can come by shuttle bus. bu. there's parking here, of course, it's very easy to get here. >> and deborah, one other thing i have to ask you about, you cannot miss when you drive by all of the construction that's happening right next deer. what is that going to be? >> so the center opened in 1971, and we have never had any significant expansion. we've changed a little bit the outside and certainly on the inside. we've never had
8:53 am
expansion. and those two big cranes moving around are really fantastic. they are -- they demonstrate what we're doing to first ever expansion of the center. we're excited to sort of build on what the building already has, which is formal spaces, stages, audience seating, et cetera, and we'll have nine new spaces all of them informal. all of them very audience centric and inviting. the scale, of course s very different because this building is so large and sort of monumental, iconic. those will be beautiful open spaces but a little bit more of human scale. good i was going to ask about that. >> we expect to be open at the end of the next year. >> i was cur cure if there woule anyone grand haul type thing that would be a part of this but it sound like it's going to be more opportunities for smaller type events to be happening there tame. >> well, nothing is really quite as grand as the foyer here at the center. but there will
8:54 am
beautiful spaces for events, exhibits, parties. so there will be other very grand rooms but nothing as quiet as magnificent as this space here. >> i'll live you on this grand question then deb would bore rah. the hope, the dream the vision for 100 years from now for the kennedy center would be? >> i think if you go to our website at jfkc.o rg that really tells you the story of this entire centennial. and it talks about the fact that artists are really central to telling the story of our humanity. they are the culture reflector. that really tells us who we are and provokes us we are with another in society. and i think that hundred years from now we should be having that same conversation. if we think about what we know of the past, it's what we know through culture, history, art, and that is how we will be remembered
8:55 am
jfk was particularly articulate on this subject, and i think that if we can continue to celebrate what he led us to believe that artists are the ones who tell us the story of our days, that will be what we celebrate again in another hundred years. >> it's trial al measure here in the nation's capitol. best wishes with the expansion. all the events this week. deborah rudder thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much, steve. >> you're very welcome. you can see information on the screen if you'd like to find out more information about the events coming up this week, president john f. kennedy would have been 81100 years old next monday, a week from today. >> love the kennedy center. >> take a short break of back with the forecast after this.
8:56 am
>> ♪ >> hello there joan. >> hello. joan oswald is a today's facebook fan of the day. she loves fox5. starts watching every morning at 4:25. all the way through 11am. >> can't even hate on her because of her shirt. because she's a viewer. so good morning. >> we said it time and time again of one is welcome. >> of course. root who you want to root for. >> joan loves the fox5 crew and wants us to do a zip trip in capitol heights. thanks for the love, joan. we love you right back. for your chance to be fan of the day post your picture below joan's. >> all right. you said you were a taste of arlington. >> i had great time. >> we love festivals me and you i was at the greek festival saint sophia's big shout out and big shout out to father dimitri who gave us delicious greek doughnuts. >> ooh. >> we go every year. i was representing with my greek letters but i realize it's
8:57 am
this kind of greek festival. but still, look at that smile. he was super nice and just -- i believe you're right. the cooler temperatures made it, you know, more bearable. less -- little bit less of a crowd. um-hmm. >> so great. shout out to the saint sophias' community. sitting proudly on mass avenue in the district. >> a great weekend. >> today uh not so much. >> get the rain out of the way so we can have sunshine for the end of week when we get into our holiday. reagan national 59. rain showers continue here for a couple more hours. i think we've got break midday and then we may see a few additional showers with a cold front develop later this afternoon but the bulk of the rain shower activity should lift north and east with this warm front in the next couple of hours. and just generally cloudy this afternoon. 75 and you can see we stay moody tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we'll go to break and then coming right up afterwards, good day dc. dc.
8:58 am
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♪ straight ahead, a college campus murder. soon to be bowie state graduate stab at the university of maryland. and now the fbi is looking into a possible hate crime. president pushing ambitious piece plan on his first trip overseas this morning he's in israel. the second stop on his eight-day mission. but back at home, the investigation into his ties to


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