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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  June 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> it was a big day for healthcare on the hill. senate republicans releasing a draft of the healthcare bill nand no surprise, there's push back from some democrats. >> this of course is one of the top talkers tonight at 6:30. as usual we invite you to join the conversation. tweet us with the #five at 6:30. let's get to it. >> americans are no longer forced to buy insurance they don't need or can't afford. >> even as we continue to get more details, the broad outlines
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this is a bill designed to strip away healthcare benefits and protections from americans who need it most in order to give a tax break to the folks who need it least. >> the senate republicans version of the affordable care act replacement is out. it's already in danger of being doomed. for weeks now the plan was that negotiated behind closed doors. the talks were so secret even some republican senators didn't see the draft until today. >> they weren't too happy about it. now that it's out the battle lines are drawn not only with the democrats but some members of the gop as well. >> fox5's tom fitzgerald live on the hill tonight and fitz the president criticized the house version of repeal and replace. there's a lot riding on this one. >> yeah, there is, and you know, let's be blunt about this jim and shawn much this thing is in a whole lot of trouble right out of the gate. here's why. this bill was revealed this morning after these weeks of secret negotiations. when it finally got to senators rand paul, to senator ted
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johnson and to senator mike lee, they were a big old no. what they are saying tonight is that from their viewpoint, this does not go far enough in cutting costs and this does not, in their words, end obamacare and from their point rand paul has been very clear about this, he was not going to sign onto a bill that actually ended obamacare. they are saying that this is simply cutting around the edges, amending parts of it, changing little parts of it. yes, it's probably a low calorie version of the house version but for these four senators, and right now those are enough votes to kill this thing, they are a no of this bill in its current form. mitch mcconnell, he takes to the senate floor this morning. now, this comes into the universe right now where anthem healthcare is pulling out of indiana, it's pulling out of wisconsin. those are the home states of vice president mike pence and speaker of the house paul ryan. mcconnell knows this and
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something right now with all of these insurance companies pulling their obamacare plans, well, he says, the results are going to be catastrophically. >> obamacare isn't working by nearly any measure. it has failed and no amount of 11th hour reality denying or buck passing by democrats is going to change the fact that more americans are going to get hurt unless we do something. >> reporter: and there was a lot of drama attached to all of this today t there were protesters that got into the senate building, the russell senate office building, 43 of them in all. they were arrested by u.s. capitol police, had to literally be dragged out of the building. they are arrested and charged tonight with obstruction. now, this bill that was put forth, we are told by the republicans it is going to end the individual mandate, it is going to end the obamacare taxes, it will not cut medicaid as quickly as the house version would, but people who are getting the tax
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cuts on the individual plans, you are going to get those tax cuts under the senate version of this based upon our income, not upon to your age and that was a major criticism of obamacare. but still remember r-the key to all of this, these four senators tonight, all of them saying they will not vote for this bill in its current form and that the senate negotiators need to go back into that room and do better. >> myself and three other senators are releasing a statement as we speak and this statement will say that we cannot support the current bill. [inaudible] we want the bill to look more like a repeal. we're afraid that when we read the bill that it actually looks like a reiteration or a keeping of obamacare. >> reporter: so, jim and shawn, you know, it's back to the drawing board right now because as it was, they didn't have much room for error to begin with. even if they got all of the republican senate votes they still had
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spare to pass this thing with the vice president as a tie breaker. they're four votes away right now and if they're trying to schedule this thing for a vote in july, it's very likely mitch mcconnell might hold off on this until they get whatever deal they can with this quartet of senators because you can bet this right now. there is probably not going to be one democrat who issues a yes vote on this bill in its current or any other form. >> and i think the fact you mention that fitz is that important because president trump already has been saying the democrats are going to block this, they're going to be the obstructionists. we go back to seven years ago with obamacare when not a single republican worked for it so it seems like the political posturing is beginning, well, on both sides, really. >> reporter: the one thing i would add to that, though, is that while they are true what they are saying about this, their problems on the republican side right now are in their own house. >> right
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a quartet of four senators like this coming out and saying they're not going to vote for it because it doesn't go far enough, well, that's very different from what the democrats are complaining about this, that they're saying 23 million people will be off of healthcare so the political arguments are there but the rally is the republicans have some trouble in their own caucus tonight. >> they do. tom fitzgerald thank you. >> lawmakers and advocacy groups are working to dissect the details of the new gop bill. >> we're doing the same thing here at fox5. let's bring in kimberly leonard. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> we have been talking about these four republican senators but there were other members of the gop in the senate who said look i need a lot more time to read through this bill. as it stands right now what is the likelihood that we're going to see anything get through in the next week or so. >> well, it's hard to tell. there are a lot of different parts of the party to bring together. senator susan collins said that
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bill that would strip funding from planned parenthood and this bill would do that. now, she has the opportunity to offer an amendment next week but we'll see whether others will vote for it. she's also staying she will not vote for a bill that would cause millions more people to be uninsured and right now we just don't know what the projections of the bill are. >> so much has been made about the secrecy of which this was cobbled together. when you talk about that, when you talk about the susan collins of the senate, when you talk about maybe even the ted cruzs of the senate, are those discussion the -- the fact that they were so secret, the process, does that harm the whole chance for compromise down the road. >> it can and certainly we had senator mike lee say just this week why is this so secret. i haven't seen it. i thought i was going to be helping with writing it and he urged isn't it leaders to but a little bit of a halt to it to slow things down, o to have more discussion it's hard to tell
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happen next week. some republican leaders say that it will. others say let's get more time. right now we're looking at next thursday but it may be pushed off past the recess. >> kimberly let's talk about some of the details that came out in the bill today. the american people for the most part are tired of the politics as usual. what are some of the things that we see in the bill that will either help or hurt american people. >> well, the first thing to remember is that it mostly applies to people who don't get insurance through an employer and so we're talking about a few million people. now, the biggest change that it would make is to medicaid and what it would do is it would actually reduce some of that expansion that obamacare made that helped low income people essentially be covered who hadn't been covered before and in terms of those who are covered through the exchanges, the obamacare exchanges we're always hearing about, there's actually delay for those so we'll see those just sticking around for several more years with government funds so in time for t
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people not not feel a lot of changes that are ahead. >> kimberly leonard we appreciate your insight. this is something a lot of people are watching closely. hopefully we'll see you again here on 5 at 6:30. >> i hope so, too. >> thank you. >> democrats lost some key elections in georgia and south carolina. today there were calls for a change in leadership namely house leader nancy pelosi. >> pelosi says they remain united. she was speaking to the press and dismissed reports party has lost confidence in her leadership. listen. >> i always listen to my members, i respect the addition that exists in any caucus it's a part of our life. i'm proud of the unity we've had and frankly my leadership on keeping everybody on fighting the healthcare bill in the house of representatives very proud of our success in defeating it first time. >> nancy pelosi was very defi
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talked today. she said look i'm here there and there may be people who are not happy about it but i'm going stayer. >> what we talked about with tom fitzgerald whether you like or dislike nancy pelosi that was something she was able to do when they passed the affordable care act getting pretty much her entire caucus on her side there. >> they're trying to lay some of the latest blame on the election at her guys thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure thanks. >> atima i'm going start with you. nancy pelosi does she need to leave the leadership or is she the scapegoat people are using or a reason to talk about change. >> you know, i think she's a bit of the scapegoat here. when you're looking at the election returns from these last few special election that is we've had, i mean,
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georgia six, windy 21-point swing where tom price beat his opponent by 34 and we came within the striking distance. tons of money was raised and in virginia we have almost close to 150,000 or more folks turn out in our primary versus republicans so there's a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of money being raised. she's obviously a great fundraiser for the party and i feel like people are just frustrated on having that one in district that were designed for republicans. that's what i think is happening more so than anything else. >> michael one thing the republicans have done to great success is use nancy pelosi as sort of a for lack of a better word a bogey man saying she represents san francisco values and some people see that as a bad thing t it soft pits the west coast against every other district. >> therein lies the argument why it might
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her. right now the perception is the democrats can't win and take advantage of a very week president but the reality is if you look closer at those races aren't i want to underline something atima said you're talking about that montana kansas south carolina and georgia. >> uh-huh. >> very conservative states and the not particularly winnable elections so the perception about the democrats is largely driven by the results of races they couldn't win. now, going forward the republicans have been able to use leader pelosi and leader schumer as very effective fundraisers for the republicans so now might be the time to make a change ball if we don't make a change or you don't see a change, then the democrats are going to continue to get what they've gotten and that is winning only raises that they can win and not really having a chance to take on the republicans and some of the more closely contestd the races.
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person to take over? >> it would have to be somebody who is, you know -- can actually get party discipline, caucus discipline. she's one of the few members i think in a couple decades to really get the vote discipline that she's gotten out of the caucus. that's how we got the aca passed, right. also has to be a really good fundraiser. when you think about that number of folks that really -- it dwindles down within the party. >> yeah. who does the party have? is there anyone like that. >> tim ryan from ohio was the one who ran against nancy pelosi. >> and he's not -- >> he's not a name. >> he's a guy in the midwest who has a lot of respect certainly but he's not a great fundraiser. there have been some good people. >> when you mention tim ryan's name and i'll say this nancy pelosi she was a trailblazer, she's the first female speaker. that said tim ryan, is that the kind of voter that you
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need to sway to win states like ohio again if you're a democrat. >> if you're a democrat you want to make sure that you turn out folks that are in what they call the rising american electorate. you want to turn out younger voters, genxers, millennials, people of color, yes, some working class voters, white as well. so, latinos. so, you're going to want to have somebody who looks a lot like where america is going -- >> we're running out of time. i want to give michael a chance to give a final word. 20 seconds before we get out of here. i didn't want to interrupt you because that was a gun point but i want to give michael a chance. >> tim ryan may or may not be the answer. what were do know is continuing with the same veteran leadership is not going to give the democrats what they need going forward. >> you said it right there. atima, we appreciate you being here. we appreciate
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fauntroy. >> thank you. >> the president was busy today tweeting he does not have recordings of his private conversations with fired fbi director james comey. >> so, the president fired off some tweets this afternoon. he wrote i did not make done not have any such recordings. this tweets ends weeks of speculation after the president suggested falsely at the time he may have taped interactions with comey during visits to the white house. he wrote james comey better hope we have no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. hawpe under pressure to release any tapes if there were. those tweets the reaction on twitter was very -- that was not donald trump tweeting that. that was very lawyered up language the. >> like somebody specifically told him that. for the last month and a half the white house has neither denied for confirmed any -- -- that these tapes even exist
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>> sure. >> when he we had james comey when he testified he said everybody comes talks about that comment. lord dee i hope there are takes and we know there are not. >> newt gingrich conceded it was >> so, there you go. it's a twitter politics at its finest. >> coming up speaking out about gun laws. >> we'll tell you what they're saying when we come back. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. virginia voters overwhelmingly support background checks for gun buyers and want to restore the one gun a month limit. >> the quinnipiac poll found 91 percent support universal background checks. 51 percent support tougher laws, 45 percent oppose them. >> but is the issue of gun rights a trop p
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voters when they go to the polls. >> reporter: we had a chance to catch up with ed gillespie the republican nominee for governor of virginia. seeing this poll and these results, we always talk about gun control and where candidates stand but is it a top priority for him and his campaign. he said that he does recognize that it's important but as he travels across the commonwealth, these are the issues that people bring up to him. >> the things i hear about is i'm campaigning all across the commonwealth and i'm campaigning all across the commonwealth are jobs, the economy, schools, roads, those are the kinds of things and then i would say in addition to that, too, great concern about the opioid and heroin epidemic throughout the commonwealth. >> reporter: well, when we were in manassas earlier today, well caught up with a few people as we like to do on 5 at 6:30 to get you the pulse of the people about the top priority that they're going to think about if they go to the polls. >> ability to continue growing our economy and, yo
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p-, my faith that they are -- have the skills to do that. >> i'd like to city sea 28, traffic on 28 fixed and a lot more options for public transportation in our area. >> the most important issue for me is how is it going to affect my family, how is it going to affect the majority of americans regardless of my personal opinions as long as it's what the people want, not just what corporations want, religious leaders want. >> reporter: is the issue of gun rights anywhere in your top three. >> it's not top. i'm not sure i would throw it in top three but it's certainly something that i consider. >> no, not overly concerned with guns. if you have a gun use it responsibly. >> not in my top three at all. >> reporter: there you have it, a left lane perspective from the people. if you want to weigh in and tell me where this issue is for you when you think about going to the polls tweet me. find me on facebook use that #5at630. >> ronica pointed out
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area tonight. he was not able to say anything on camera with us today. we did hear from ed gillespie. >> president trump wants to tighten the rules on immigrants. >> we'll explain in when we come back on 5 at 6:30. >> ♪ stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder.
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ome sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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and we'll be putting in legislation to that effect very shortly. >> according to the white house studies found 51 percent of households headed by an immigrant used public assistance at a rate than nonimmigrant households. it doesn't take in the difference between immigrants and nonimmigrants families. >> a lot of people are facing the delineation between illegal immigrants legal immigrants and i believe the president was speaking legally in that context. >> correct. >> the first family opened up the white house to congressional families. >> we'll take you to the picnic on the lawn when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> all right. would you call this picnic weather? >> it looked like it but when we showed the skies a minute ago they looked a little gray. >> a little ugly. the show must go on at the white house. president trump and melania hosting their first congressional picnic at
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the hour on the south lawn. >> vice president and mrs. pence will join the first family and welcoming congress and their families for music and picnic fare. the theme is called picnic in the park and it is modeled after a summer evening in central park in new york city. obviously we can't see the exact picnic from right here. imagine, who knows, if you've ever been to central park you can kind of imagine maybe what it looks like there on the south lawn of the white house. >> got to tell you when we were getting a sense of what they're doing there and -- and there was a carousel, there was some other things there, so i wanted to see donald trump and nancy pelosi on a carousel just joining hands in unity. >> that's highly unlikely. we certainly hope they have a good time. maybe they'll get some unity and things worked out. anyway that will do it for us tonight. a busy day of course tomorrow and tonight on the final 5:00 you'll talk more about healthcare. >> we'll talk about a little
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we have a busy show plus our friends tim young stopping by. we'll see you tonight at 11:30. >> student in. we'll see you then. good night, everybody. >> ♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: donald trump, another big scandal, from putin to putten. >> president trump golfing, driving his golf cart over the greens. >> that's a huge sin. >> it's debatable that it's even on the green. >> this is a fairway here. >> no! that's the green. i worked at a public golf course. >> private? >> public! >> i was a server! >> you were a server? >> floyd mayweather training at the ten goose boxing gym. he's training as hard for this one as he is for any other fight. >> what do you think conor mcgregor thinks if he sees this video? does it make him a little bit scared? >> conor mcgregor is making $100 million for this fight. he would fight floyd if you gave floyd a knife. >> alex rodrigue


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