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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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about what happened when fbi swarmed his home. plus, cindy slammed the gulf coast. now the remnants of the tropical storm are heading for the d.c. area. the celebration at prince george's county, dematha high school's markelle fultz is the number one nba draft pick. here from his family and coach coaches. right off the top tonight, a local virginia man is facings naj charges. he's a caused of selling top secret documents to the chinese. the feds raided his leesburg home today. marina maracco is lie at the washington field office with the details. reporter roar it's a counter intelligence division here at the fbi washington's field office that is handling this investigation and just a month ago six year old kevin mal ry agreed to a voluntary interest
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it was then that agents suspect ed that malry had lied to investigators. now, according to charging documents malry is a self-employed consultant at global x. he's an army veteran and because of his work as a special agent for the state department diplomatic security service he had top security clearance until he left that job in late 2012. today his leesburg home was raided by fbi agents who say malry sold top secret documents to an individual that presented himself to malry as a representative for a chinese think tank and those documents were sold for more than $25,000 now, these transactions allegedly took place between march and april of h this year when malry who was fluent in command darin chien chain chinese traveled. they tracked the front yard of the leesburg home in search of electronics. a year ago they noticed that mal ry
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then believe was usedded to fix a broken pipe. neighbors say they're now unsure what exactly that who he was used for. >> this morning there was a loud commotion and i came out and there was a bunch of fbi -- they had their guns pointed toward the house. everyone was freak ing out. this afternoon i became back and everyone did not see this coming. he was a nice guy, kept to himself. he worked out a lot. very reserved. >> the department of justice say s this leesburg man could face up to life in prison if convicted. federal prosecutors saying in court they could pursue the death penalty if certain conditions are met. marina maracco, fox5 local news. >> we have an update now on a story you saw first on fox5. tensions were high the at a jamb packed prince george's county board of education meeting. for the first time dr. kevin maxwell spoke publicly about
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of grade changing and fraud to boost the graduation rate though he's still refusing to talk to us one on one. fox5's lindsay watts was first to report on the allegations of fraud made by four board members. she's live in upper marlboro with the lat est. don't any, the school board meeting here finished about an hour ago now, but from what we're told school ceo dr. kevin maxwell is still inside his building. his car is still in the parking lot. hay knots come out yet and he continues to refuse to speak with us despite our repeated requests for an interview. these allegations have divided county leaders and school employees with zoo some saying the state needs to come in and investigate. others say there is no possibility of this alleged fraud. ed quait, then graduate. educate then graduate . a rally before the school board meeting included teachers, activists and parents my daughter graduated
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sitting on distinguished row and had to take remedial classes for a year. there's something wrong with this picture. these are supporters of the four board members who contacted the state allegedly that widespread corruption allow hundreds of students to graduate without meeting state requirements. since we've made those allegations there's not a day or a few hours that go by that we don't get additional people coming forward. the group went into the board room singing. seats so hard on come by some had to wait outside. there has been no systemic effort ordered by me or others acting on my behalf. school ceo dr. kevin maxwell denied any wrongdoing. the false allegations about our graduation rates strike at everything that prince george's county schools stand for, past, present and future.
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allegations denigrate why teachers teach and why principals lead. they are a personal attack on every teacher , counselor, administrator and employee in this system. >> in the crowd people who stand on both sides of this issue proven or not. it is a fact that some parents know that their children didn't attend school, but maybe 630 days out of 180. so how did they graduate? explain the passing grade without enough attending days. a greump principals stood together to speak out against the fraud claims. as an education l al professional shouldn't we want to set the bar for graduation within the grasp of our students? but now when we are finally gaining momentum when we are finally seeing the fruits of our labor some want to question or cast doubt on our students' accomplishments. more people here wanted to speak, but
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comment was denied by the majority of the board. that motion fails. every day this week i've asked the maryland state department of education will it be investigating these claims, so far the department will not say one way or the other. i've also been in touch with governor larry hogan's office, today a spokesperson tells me we are continuing to look into this. she says the governor is out of the country until next week, but when he returns he will be in touch with fox5. we've talked to numerous school employees and parents about these l allegations and we're continuing to learn more as people reach out to us. tropical storm cindy made landfall in southwest ton, louisiana this morning pounding coastal areas with high winds, heavy rain and flash flooding. sipped did i is now a tropical depression, but it is still packing quite
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heading our way. the storm that was tropical storm cindy when she made landfall greatly diminished and now quickly becoming quite a remnant area of low pressure. we still have a center on this storm and it's basically right around the arkansas and louisiana and texas where they all come together. the wind is only at 15 miles an hour. wind is generally never a problem with these types of systems. it's all about the flooding rain and most of the rain here, the heaviest totals, the eight, nine, ten total of rain here have mostly been well to the east of the center of the storm making landfall in the louisiana, texas area but mississippi has gotten the brunt of the rain so far. places down there more than a foot of rain. not many. again, most of the rainfall totals we have been getting from cindy is about four and eighth inche
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like she's going to get caught up in flow and move in our direction amid a frontal boundary. that is fertile breed ing ground for a lot of rain and we are going to get it you can see how much rain there is now. look at this red and orange. that's where we're talk ing about, anywhere between four and ate inches of rain. as the storm moves up along the frontal boundary for us and it looks like tomorrow night, really friday night into saturday morning that's when we stand to get most of the rain here. i think generally speaking we're one to two inches here in d.c., maybe a couple of isolated areas more than that. but it does look like for the heaviest of the rain two to three, maybe more than that up into the northwestern suburbs. again, tomorrow night and saturday mornings that he ' when we're going to get the bulk of the rain from what's left of cindy. with the first pk
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the 2017nba draft, the philadelphia 76 ers select markelle fultz from the university of washington. >> can you feel the excitement from dematha high school to the top pick of the nba draft. markelle fultz made his family, his community and his former teammates proud tonight. take a look. these are some of his highlights from his college career there. all of them garyt ed tonight at dematha to watch the big moment. our own teisha lewis was also there. >>reporter: markelle fultz' story is one that began right here in maryland, unfolded here on this deman that campus and landed him a top spot in the nba draft pick over coming adversity . everyone we talked to at the watch party had the same thing to say. they talked about someone who was determined and dedicated, inspired so many through his journey to success. the philadelphia 76 ers
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markelle fultz. (applause). by all accounts markelle fultz over came adversity, defied statistics to become the number one pick in the 2017nba draft. a walking, breathing inspiration . they packed this watch party at dematha catholic high school. it's awesome because i get to tell my friends that my cousin is going number one in the draft. this is amazing. this is wonderful experience, a blessedded moment i'm very proud of the family, i'm very proud of markel, his drive, his dedication to the game, his mother, ebony, one of the family members that i definitely lookeddedded up to. i tell her all the time i just admire her drive, her dedication and commitment toer
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becoming nba next stars had its dim moments he was initially cut from demat that tion varsity team. he's committed to the grind that's exactly wait is. so, you know, dedication -- you're going to be faced with adversity at all times and you keep going. it's good to see somebody you really care about achieve one of his dreams. i think right now he's doing what all the hard work i've done for the last five years has kind of paid off for him. >> there's a lot of buzz on social media about markelle fultz' fashion choice of the evening. you saw that blazer. well, inside there were several pictures of who people who inspired him along his journey, his friends, his family, his grandmother who recently passed ded away. also there was a lot of talk about his shoes that he was wearing at tonight's draft. they were made from basketballs. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> m
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moment for the entire community. >> it really is. congratulation s to him. >> and his family. we should note just a short time ago teisha actually had a chance to kamp up with him. she rushed to face time with h him in between the excitement and his nba obligations. here's what he shared with us. what was that moment like when you heard your name called as the number one pick? >> it was -- i don't know how to describe it. it was unreal really just to hear my name called as the first pick. it's something i've been working for since i was a quid. i just want to say thank you for everything i really appreciate it. this is a moment that's big not only for me but everybody back home that supported me. >> i mean, it was just awesome. she went onto ask him what sort of advice would you have for those coming up behind you and he said first and foremost if
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craig of and don't let everyone tell you you can't do something a lot of kids looking up to him. >> the message that kevin durant had for for folks tonight. >> the battle that will affect mills of people. >> and it's called toilet to tap water. but is it real or is it fake news? that's just one of the stories the final five is putting under the microscope tonight the at 11:30. i hope it's fake news.
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>> well, after huddling in clos ed door meetings for weeks, senate republican leaders revealed the draft of their healthcare billion, but there is already stiff opposition not only from democrats, but also from republicans. the senate republican version of healthcare reform is only hours old, but already in jeopardy. and my hope is not to defeat the billion, but to make the billion better. republican opposition is stacking up with some members saying the proposal doesn't go far enough to lower healthcare costs. the draft slashing taxes on higher incomes and eliminating the individual and employer mandates. americans are no longer forced to buy insurance they don't need or can't afford. democrats c
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the house billion. >> mean to the millions who lost their healthcare, mean to senior s who would would find their premiums going up dramatically. president trump saying \he\e he would welcome democratic support to fix obamacare allowing him to check off a major campaign progress. the senate minority leader with this political offer to his gop colleagues. let us right now, democrats and republicans sit down and try to come up with a bipartisan billion. we're willing to do it today, now, this minute. will you accept that offer? >> mr. president if i thought that was a sin another offer i'd take it in a minute, in a new york minute, but it's not. >> democratic lawmakers not the only ones upset. safe on liberty. capital hill police hauling off protestors, some in wheelchairs furious over the
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for drastically cutting medicaid . mitchell ma konl had hoped to bring this to arrested on an outstanding close this week but with already four nos this billion may have flat lined >> today was not a bad day, a little muggier than we've seen over the last few days. >> still muggy. tomorrow in. >> tomorrow still muggy. a lot like today, a little bit more sunshine. a little bit. >> and we're eventually going to get some of the tropical air coming in, right. >> we got a lot of that in place now and then all of that tropical remnant moisture, you're right, coming up. >> you've been listening. >> we have 15 different weathers . there's a beautiful picture of the white house. it's 81-degrees here in town and that's high enough to do a heat index in town right now when you factor in t
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81-degrees. it feels like it's 88-degrees out there right now. now, back out in the suburbs it's already cooled into the 730 s so we don't think much about heat index there. wow, it is very, very muggy out there. \rain\reign\ is trying to move into our direction. a lot of this is going to dissipate. by tomorrow around we'll have some of the showers around. we've been pretty much dry this evening. tomorrow morning i think we're going to have a wet commute, at least parts of the area will have a wet commute the way it's shaping up now. this is 5:00 in the morning, showers coming across, maybe even a rumble of thunder, too. we do have some instability working into place overnight and through the morning commute we should descrie out tomorrow and into tomorrow afternoon, but there could be late tomorrow evening some thunderstorms popping up and there's a chance that if they do they could end up being strong, maybe even severe and i'm beginning to see now what's happening it looks like we'll break out
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sunshine. it's going to elevate the temperatures into the upper 70s, early 830 #-s. that's before the real heavier moisture comes up this. this will be what is truly left over from tropical storm sipped did i coming up. a stretched out frontal system here and an area of low pressure what was cindy is going to be working along that front. tomorrow night, this is saturday at midnight. we start to get into the friday night, saturday morning that's when most of this rain will come across. and it looks like by eight or 9:00 saturday morning we'll have one last band of thunderstorms and showers move through and then we'll dry out on saturday afternoon into saturday evening. dryer, air comes settling in on sunday. the remnants of sinned disi on saturday. a lot of rain there, maybe one to three inches of rain area wide. sunday is look ing nice with temperatures in the 80s. here's the
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forecast for you. 88-degrees, still hot on saturday with showers and thunderstorms mainly in the morning hours, beautiful on sunday, mostly sunny and 84. and next week we end up with this jet extreme dropping down and that's going to provide some very, very comfortable weather for us for the first week in summer. we're talking about some places only in the upper 730s next week. there's your seven day forecast, 89 tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms primarily in the afternoon and evening. saturday all the rain comes in from what's left over of cindy, looks nice on sunday and next week is just gorgeous for the first full week of summer. there's your forecast. brody logan is coming up with sports after this. stick around . kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. i'm getting goosebumps. get 17% below msrp on all
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>> the philadelphia 76 ers select markelle fultz
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>> applause. >> that was the reaction of family and friends watching the nba draft at dematha high school in prince george's county when hometown kid markelle fultz was selected number one over all by the sixers. pg county has a p post office ulings of just over 9,000 people. which by the law of mba averages say they should have one player. this year they can have as many as 15. fults has set hefty goals. he wants to be league mvp. he wasn't even voted in the top basketball player as a high school senior and he was cut from a junior varsity team. he is a six foot four guard in a game that will fit him perfectly with the trust the process sixers. right now it's unbelievable really. you want to do something and to go out and do it is unbelievable. right now i'm very excited for myselfnd
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chance to take care of my family . i did something that a lot of kids want to do. i'm just happy for it and like i said, i'm blessed. this is a dream come true really. all the hard work i put in coming into this. i'm looking to going into the organization and giving it my all. that's the one thing i want to do, come in and give it my all and off the court i want to give back to the city. >> the kevin durant tweeted the number one pick comes from pg county. we are on a role. congrats to the legend. markel already a legend. markel has zero worries about the congrats he could just prop everyone up. he's like markel call me in six, seven years. >> still nice to get the shout out. >> best wishes to markel. >> of course. and his family and everyone out there watching
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us. jl is coming up jim lokay is coming up with the final five and there's a lot to talk about stay with us.
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don't mess with america. all right. here we go with your final five. healthcare takes center stage at the capital. is nancy pelosi about to get on us stealing secrets and giving them to china and with everything else going on did you even know it was tech week at the white house. the chaotic day on capital hill over healthcare, the final version was finally made public. they want to vote on this thing next week. there were protestors, a few dozen people. these images were quite striking. they staged a die in outside of mitchell mcconnell's office. the protest was organized by national disability rights organizations. protestor s were


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