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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  June 29, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> president trump's travel ban is set to take effect in just a matter of hours. at the same time homeland security wants airports around the world to step up security. >> as you you can see from the run down on the side of the screen this is one of the big talkers at 6:30. we invite you to join the conversation as usual. just use that #5at630 when you tweet us. >> first though we have some breaking news tonight. the house approved kate's law. the bill stiffens punishments for immigrants who reenter the united states illegally. the house also passed a second immigration measure. it would strip federal dollars from sanctuary cities that would shield residents fro
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authorities. we have been talking about that leading up to this vote o the bill will now head to the senate. it's no not a done deal yet. >> president trump's travel ban 2.0 goes into effect tonight at 8:00. it will limit travelers from six majority muslim nations. they will only be allowed into the u.s. unless they have a bona fide connection. the administration is also leaning on airports and airlines overseas to increase their own security for flights into the u.s. >> okay, so a lot of changes here. joining us tonight is nicoh espirano. i apologize. i knew i was going to butcher your name. thank you for joining us nonetheless. what are you telling folks, international travelers how to deal with this and how are you advising them and what can they expect. >> well, for the folks arriving shortly as early as this evening, for those who
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have valid visas, the extent of the current ban shouldn't affect those individuals. but we're also encouraging those attorneys who want to go to airports to monitor the situation to coordinate with the local efforts to do so so that we don't have a repeat of what happened when president trump first tried to install his travel ban. >> in fact i understand there are a group of lawyers that are headed to dulles airport to be there this evening. let me ask you a little bit about some of the details of this. they're saying need to have a bona fide relationship, a family relationship or connection here to the u.s. in terms of a job or be related to, you know, a spouse or a parent but it doesn't include fiancés or grandparents or aunts or uncles. do you expect to see some pushback on that part of this. >> absolutely. the idea that a grandparent or a grandchild isn't a close familial
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common ideas of what a family s with respect to that fiancés one of the plaintiffs in our case was petitioning on behalf of his fiancée and the supreme court in its decision looked to the plaintiffs in our case and in the hawaii says as examples of the type of folks who -- who would not be barred by the travel ban. and so it seems really strange that the federal government has pushed for such a narrow reading of what a family member is. >> right. all right a you're obviously with the immigration law center as we mentioned national immigration law center so what is in the works now moving forward given this new development litigation-wise? what's going to be happening on that side of things. >> well, obviously the supreme court has said it's going to hear the fulmer f
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case. we're exploring all options to ensure that the supreme court's order and the lower court's order are enforced to their fullest and that means not extending the ban further than the supreme court indicated that it should be. >> nicoh we got about 30 seconds here just to play devil's advocate the trump administration would say we're doing this to keep america safe, to keep what they believe to be potential terrorists out. what's your response to that. >> their own national security officials said this isn't the way to do it and yet they've persisted down this path despite that fact. >> all right. nicoh espirot with the national immigration law center we and appreciate you joining us tonight. >> thank you so much. >> with those major issues going on in the country the president is still taking time to go after the media and today's target of choice msnbc host joe scarborough and micco brzezinski. the president tweeted "i heard poorly rated "morning joe" speaks badly of me
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then how come low iq crazy mika and crazy joe came to mar-a-lago and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding bad from a face-lift. i said no. >> i was stunned when i saw that and -- i was, too. >> it's not just us. i mean, there were all kinds of even gop lawmakers who came out -- i know one republican senator who is a frequent critic of the president tweeted please just stop. this isn't normal. it's beneath the dignity of your office and that's just one of several but i was stunned that you attack somebody personally when you're the president of the united states. >> even speaker ryan even came out and said, you know, this is not appropriate for the president to be saying these types of things. >> but the question is can anybody stop it. >> right. >>we asked you guys about this on facebook, have the president's tweets gone too far. denise wrote whether you support him or not this is not okay. >> gus chimed in no freedom -- no.
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it is mr. president. >> kelsey added i think the media has gone past the point of too far in your biased coverage of him. you treated obama with kid gloves. you bent over backwards to kiss up to him. still i don't care w what you say -- this is not first time we've seen when he was a candidate, when he was a private sit is that we saw attack on rosie o'donnell. on the other hand we always hear when he gets punched he punches back harderrer. >> forcefully that's for sure. >> let's bring in ronica cleary. what are folks saying. >> reporter: they're saying everything, shawn and sarah. a wide variety of responses. we're having a lively discussion about this on twitter. we took to the streets here. take a listen to the handful of responses that we found right around the white house. >> predictable and tacky. >> i think you got to read into trump. he has meanings and thoughts and
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he says usually and they don't read into his mind so he's a new york oh, i'm from new york so i understand what he's saying. >> i always think it's sad when we can't just be positive and when we can't think and say things that are positive, i will say that he is our president and so i don't want to say anything bad about the president. i think we all come from different perspectives and from his perspective maybe that's acceptable. >> i don't know why you'd repeat a story like that. it's just a weird thing for someone to tweet. >> reporter: well, now let's go to twitter. we asked for your responses using that #5 at 6:30. the first says it is what it is, mika fired the first shot, got an expected trump response. now she gets the victim spotlight. #5at630 and another person on twitter says #5at630 nobody has reported what joe scarborough and mika brzezinski said this morningaidg in today's press briefing sara
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handful of quotes and comments that the administration is pointing to that maybe led to a response like this. not just aimed at president trump but also at staffers and people who make appearances on behalf of the president on shows like "morning joe," in defense of those responses and as you both said the administration is defending what they're saying, saying that he fights fire with fire. let's keep that discussion going. i'd love to hear from you. way in use that #five at six at 6:30. >> ronica thank you very much. not quite back to the drawing board. a day after calling off a healthcare vote senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is now trying to send a revised version of that bill to the congressional budget office as soon as tomorrow. the hope is a vote can still take place this summer. the president supports a plan saying it will include a great surprise when it does come to a vote. >> but there are still notice nine gop senators who still say i can't sign off on this as it stands right now. i think this is
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really tough for them to get to that point. >> uh-huh. >> but there's speculation that they would get there, you know, it comes back and then they end up passing it in the end similar to what happened in the house but then it's still not a done deal 'cause you still got to reconcile the house bill with the senate bill. >> i thought it was rather telling, too, that mcconnell was indicating that they may have to work with democrats on this and reach out to them which i thought was interesting because i thought that was the point all along anyway that they were supposed to do but, you know, bipartisanship, they might have to result to that. see what happens. >> well, the road to the white house takes us to loudoun county where a virginia man charged with sharing top-secret documents with a chinese agent appeared in court. >> fox5's paul wagner joins us live with the very latest on this story. hey, paul. >> heys, ladies, kevin mallory will be able to get out of jail if he meets few conditions, $10,000 bond and he will be in home confinement. we did learn some new information today. the prosecutor in the case was asked by the judge if any new
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found in the search of mallory's leesburg home. we were told by the prosecutor that they had found an sd card which had eight classified documents on it, four of which they said they already knew about it. we also learned that there was some fake mustaches and wigs found in a closet of mallory's leesburg home indicating that he may have some interest in trade craft or knowledge of trade craft i should say. let's show you some video we shot outside the courthouse a little while ago. these are some of the supporters that came to court today, a couple of dozen by my count which included his son and wife. they all declined comment as they left the courthouse. government prosecutors argued in court today that kevin mallory should remain behind bars because the chinese would have great incentive to get him out of the country and we don't know what mallory has in his head said the prosecutor. but the defense argued mallory is the straightest of straight
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and wounded in iraq. the reason he went to government officials is because he was concerned the people he had met in china what part of the intelligence community and he was not going to "betray his country." but the lead prosecutor in the case said there was evidence mallory was going to sell other documents to the chinese. he understands trade craft. lied to the fbi. and the chinese have great incentive to get him out of the country to see what is in his head. prosecutor john gibbs told the court that the chinese gave mallory a phone to communicate with them and had indicated he was getting setting up a bank account in another name where the chinese could allegedly deposit money. prosecutors argued that mallory has money troubles and the only money he made this year was the $25,000 mallory says the chinese had paid him for two white papers. now, the judge also asked the prosecutor if other classified information may have been found inside the house. the prosecutor told the judge that some of it is
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analyzed. that's the latest from alexandria in the federal courthouse, paul wagner fox5 local news. >> thank you paul. a local woman made national headlines for her unique parenting style. now she's hoping to use that attention to run for an at large seat on the montgomery county council. we'll talk to her when we come back. >> ♪
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the all-new 2018 chevy equinox for around $249 a month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> ♪ >> they been walking around for probably about 20 minutes by themselves. >> i'm not going to risk my kids being snatched again like this. >> the adults in my life know where i am but if you want to talk to them, feel tree to freeo give them a call. >> there's no neglect here. you know, different people can have different opinions about parenting but that's a far cry. constitution clearly protects our rights as parents to raise our kids in the way we see fit. >> that was two years ago
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danielle may teague cleared of any criminal charges and the woman dubbed free range mom is focused on politics. >> she's kicking off her campaign for a at large seat on the montgomery county council. danielle thanks for talking to us. it was a wild ride you had a couple years ago. through that whole experience what was it that made you think you know what, i'm going to run for office? what is it that you want to accomplish by doing this? >> well, i really found out from personal experience what happens when a local government gets out of touch with the people it's supposed to govern and i'm really running to bring -- well, common sense and the voice of everyday people to our local government. >> when you say got out of touch what do you think is -- they're out of touch with in montgomery county. >> i think what happened was we really had kind of this government machine that had just -- that was just set in motion when somebody made a phone call and there was no human being involved that just said, wait a second, this isn't -- this isn't somewhere i need to be involved. >> you're specifically talking
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>> my case. there was a lack of common sense. we see that a lot. we see government just going along this track of, you know, this is how the bureaucracy works without really looking at what people need and listening to what people need. >> i know obviously traditionally when people run for office they have a platform they run on. i understand you have said you don't want to run on how to parent, that's not your point. what is it that you're really hoping to change i guess in montgomery county if you were to win. >> well, i care a lot about the issues most local residents care about education, transportation. the thing about a local race sycthe is different sort of the national ones is that it's about everyday issues its about where we live, everything from streets to think we really need tols and bring more people into that process. i'm not a politician by traning. i didn't ever think i would be in this role but i think this really -- this situation i was in two years ago shows how we really do need every day people to
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>> let me ask you about a national issue that is also local, certainly immigration and the debate has been all over the news lately. there was talk in montgomery county not -- that the county is a -- i can't think of the name. >> sanctuary. >> a s sanctuary county many people know that they're safe if they come to montgomery county, maryland. what is your position on immigration and safe cities? >> well, i think that montgomery county, we know is one of the most diverse counties in the country and certainly immigrants are part of the richness of that county. i mean, my husband's an immigrant. he in fact was a refugee. so i really believe that immigrants contribute enormously to our county and i'd like to see them welcome. >> would you like montgomery county to be a safe county. >> well, we already have something like the trust act in montgomery county. in fact the state act was in ways modeled after montgomery county. >> uh-huh. >> how do you feel about working with the rest of the council? are you familiar with the rest of them that are on tre
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to accomplish with them? >> i am now very familiar. >> yeah, sure. >> i think there's a lot that we can do. i mean, i think there's been a lot of people again -- there's everyday issues of schools, you know, i think we have planning process that's kind of out of control and we have a lot of development that doesn't take into account the stressed infrastructure, the need for more schools so really getting the community more involved. i think local government is really about bringing decisions down where people live and getting people more involved and that's what i look forward to doing is working with members of the community to make sure that their needs are heard and the county's more responsive. >> all right. danielle may may teague thanks for coming in. we appreciate you coming in tonight. >> i'm glad to be here. >> thank you. >> all right. so, have you heard of universal basic income? it's not a new idea but it is starting to gain some steam again. we're going to take a closer look at it when 5 at 6:30 comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> who doesn't want lots and lots of money? how does this sound? a paycheck every month even if you don't have a job. >> it's something called universal basic income and it's gaining. >> we need new jobs, good jobs with rising incomes. >> we have to do a much better job at keeping our jobs. >> reporter: yet in last year's three presidential debates the word automation never came up and with credible projections now forecasting that our growing use of robots self driving vehicles and other automated machinery will eliminate 40 percent of all jobs in the u.s. by 2030, future rifts labor market analysts and leading ceo's have begun asking what will become of all those workers displaced by technology. >> and now it's time for our generation to define a new social contract. >> reporter: at harvard last month facebook founder mark zuckerberg
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concept of a universal basic income a guaranteed wage for some or all americans to be means tested or limited to the losers in the emerging new economy of the digital age. >> we should explore ideas like universal basic income to make sure that everyone has a cushion to try new ideas. >> reporter: tesla ceo elon musk told a forum in dubai 12 to 15 percent of the human workforce will be rendered obsolete within 20 years. >> this is going to be a massive social challenge. and i think ultimately we will have to have some kind of universal basic income. i don't think we're going have a choice inch the idea has been tested on a small scale in canada, finland and the netherlands with the results disputed. some studies showed work ethic and wellness among recipients actually improved and it was proposed here back in 1970 when liberal adviser daniel patrick moynahan persuaded republican president richard nixon to unveil the family assistance plan which died in the senate.
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critics argue a guaranteed income in not sewnly socialist but defeatist. >> the challenge i think for public policy is to work sure that workers are equipped to work in the new kinds of jobs that the economy is creating, to make sure that workers are supported in their aspirations to work. >> reporter: all of this is a long time in coming. woody allen's standup routine in the 60's included a joke about his father losing his job after 12 years at the same company to a gadget this big that could do everything his father could only better. the depressing thing woody said was that his mother ran out and bought one. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> so in theory i get the concept and i understand it but i don't think -- i don't see it working. i mean, that's something taxpayers would that probably end up having to pay for it. >> lawmakers are never going to vote for that. i just don't see it. >> they're right we have the technology, it's just changing things and it's trying to get people trained for those jobs and it's hard to
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the past with the jobs that we had if they're not going to be there unfortunately. >> we have to plan and figure out what comes next. >> yeah. >> all right. seeing double these days? they say we have a twin or a doppelganger. a side by side comparison that might have you doing a double take of well, a politician. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> all right, live look at the white house tonight. it is a hot steamy day out there. >> yeah. >> and sue palka says it's going to get a little more humid tomorrow. the temperatures are going to get a little bit warmer, so get ready for it as we head into i guess what will be the holiday weekend. >> yeah, yeah. everybody's going to be heading out of town hopefully catching some rays or something and escaping the heat and the heat wave washington, d.c. that's for sure speaking of heat on the hill and just in general. >> speaking of lawmakers on the hill have you seen this? >> wow. >> yeah. >> that's senator ted cru
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does he have a twin. this a picture of cruz and tom ricketts freaking people out on the internet a little bit. ricketts looks like cruz's doppelganger a bit there. look at that. >> yeah, i see the resemblance. i definitely do. >> he says ricketts says people walk up to him all the time and think he's ted cruz. now, i wonder if they're happy that he's ted cruz or they're mad if he's ted cruz. >> i know. >> are they yelling at him or giving him fist bumps and high 5's. >> i get he get both. >> he let ted cruz put that chicago ring on there world series championship ring on there to take that little picture. fun little moment. they say we all have a doppelganger. >> yeah. >> have you met yours. >> no. >> i haven't met mine either. >> has anybody said you look like. >> i heard that and i don't believe whoever they said i look like. >> you're not going to divulge. >> i'm going to keep that to myself. >> all right. >> we got a lot to talk about tonight on 10:00 10:30, 11 o'clock and also the fin
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guys tune in and then also keep an eye on for the very latest check us out on twitter and facebook and all that good stuff. >> have a good holiday weekend everyone. >> ♪
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ayn "tmz" -- harvey: it's pretty clear that even donald trump's closest allies are running away, running for the hills after this tweet against mika brzezinski. >> kellyanne conway. weobviously is asked her about the tweet this morning that donald trump sent out. she turns and hugs the democrat. >> she whispers in her ear, save me, please! [laughter] >> asahd, d.j. khaled's younger son. bieber's trying to hold him and play with him and asahd's crying the entire time. >> he hasn't had, that i have seen, a reaction like this to anyone. >> but the video starts with bieber going like this. how do you know he didn't give the kid back and he is crying because bieber's not holding him anymore? >> that's a good way tsp


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