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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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drivers are making dangerous decision and putting kids at risk. >> and landed one rioter in prison. sit down between president trump and vladimir putin and thief is targeting local school employees. >> and then the different categories of facebook users, which one are you. news at 11 starts rights now. we begin tonight with a developing story in prince george county. two adults and two children recovering from a serious crash 7:00 tonight suitland in hill crest hight. four vehicles involved. u.s. park police say one of the children is in critical condition and other three victims are staibling. there's no word what caused crash but road is now back open to traffic. >> and also tonight an up close look at how drivers are putting kids at risk thanks for joining us i'm shawn ya yancy. >> i'm lauren demarco in for tony. >> many kids are attending school this summer and montgomery county police say some drivers
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stopped buses it's dangerous and i will legal. kristin leon is live in bethesda with more of this. hey, kristin. >> good evening, ladies, we're standing in front of a bus drop-off as we speak in the county. and as of last year. october of last year we're told that montgomery county police teamed one district to install a hundred cameras on school buses again to try to catch those breaking the law in this case and not stopping. they since added another hundred making it 200 right now as of june and they're hoping to make that number to 500 cameras installed by end of calendar year. what we learned though today is that thousands i repeat, thousands are currently breaking law and also putting those kids at risk. >> it may be summertime. but a lot of kids are still going to school. and using bus in montgomery county. >> there's school children loading
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buses. >> and these kids are smart. >> the cars run straight by us. >> they know not all cars will wait patiently for them to get off. >> i really like seeing my parents but sometimes cars zoom by and you have to slow down when you don't want to get hit. >> according to montgomery county police, 16,000 drivers have been cited since october of last year. for not stopping when a bus is stopped and its sign is out. >> when a school bus stops all traffic traveling in the same direction as that bus must come to a stop. wait for those children to get on the bus. or completely off the bus. and for the light to stop flashing. >> if you do the math that is more than 100 drivers a day in the couy.
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edge towards the bus or get off the bus and that's kind of like a rally bad situation waiting to happen. >> they run off the bus they're excited and want to tell parents about their day and they're not really looking. >> in this case both parents and police officers in the county are uming drivers in a hurry or not paying attention to listen up. >> there's summer schools and camps and we want to remind motorists they have to use caution. >> and know the law. >> paint does not protect. so if it's just striping or paint on the road all traffic in both directions must stop. >> bottom line, no child's life is worth the rush. >> now, keep in mind as of jewel 1 of this year if you're caught not stopping again not stopping behind the bus that has stop sign out and on surveillance you can get
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$250 citation. if there's a police officer present and he or she fines you you will be find $570 and three points will be added to your driving record and this is according to maryland state law. live in montgomery county this evening, kristin leon, "fox5 local news". >> thank you, kristin. >> to a "fox5" exclusive a former science teacher in charles county will soon stand trial on charges he sexually abused two students at lackey high school. the school system removed him last may. wells claims he did not wrong. prosecutors charged him in january. no one knew about the case becaue the sheriff office and school system didn't telt public. a spokesperson from the charles county public school system reached out us to after the story first aired today and released a statement that said, we did not seasoned a letter in january because he was not at school more than 8 months and had not been at the school at all this school ye&
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his wife outside of a prince george county high school before going on shooting rampage across montgomery countsy will spend the rest of his life in prison. a judge sentenced him to four consecutive life sentences. toredell pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and attempted murder in montgomery county and will not be eligible for par role. one day after he stot his wife tortle tried to carjack a woman in the westfield montgomery nal bethesda and shot three by standers who tried to help her. one died. about 0 minutes later towardle killed a woman outside a grocery store nine miles away in aspen hill. police believe he had a death wish. >> this was a man that left behind notes that indicate head intended suicide by cop. he up tended to go out in shooting with the police. he did not have the courage to take his hope life but willing to take the lives of others. >>
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guilty to murdering estranged wife and will be snptsed for that crime in september. >> let's take it outside now and live look at the washington monument. we had rain showers in places today and question is what can we expect into the weekends. gwen gwen fingers cross today will be a good one. >> you know what a mix. overall a good one, shawn, i'm happy to say that. we're starting out tomorrow with humidity in place. and we'll get a break from that once we get to surprised. stormtracker radar much improved from what it was earlier and that has now ended and moved its way on. but, we do have still some wet weather to keep an eye on and storms to the far west. we've got a frontal system. that's going to make its way across tomorrow and it's also the trigger for storms firing up now headed from ohio and moving their way through towards the east. we're watching this closely. i can not rule out that that won't be some of
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tonight or even possibly tomorrow as the front moves through. temperatures for today right on the money. 91 reagan national airport and 88 dulles and bwi thorough good marshall 89 and it's fairly mild out there right now. 76 in the nation's capitol with southwesterly winds. so as we look ahead we got warm weather headed our way. jet stream will get us to 80s and 90s and weekend is not looking bad. details coming up a little later just for you. back to you, shawn. >> thank you, gwen. >> judgment day for a man that admitted taking part in violent riot of protests during trump inauguration dane pow ill was sentenced to two months in jail and prosecutors presented this video in court today showing powell pro protesting in logan circle breaking windows at bank of mirk and starbucks. he pled guilty to rioting and asoughting a police officer. he
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connection with the riots. powell pled guilty. >> eyes of the world were on president trump and russian president vladimir putin as they met in germ next sit down lasted more than two hours much longer than lrnlly planned and two did talk about the allegations hanging over the whitehouse. fox's lauren branchard has more. >> happened shaek and meet ago waxed around the world as president trump and russian president vladimir putin met face to face for the first time. working out a cease-fire in syria despite disagreements on other issues. >> we look forward to a lot of positive things happening for russia and the united states. >> the first dave the g20 summit proving to be busy as u.s. and russia agreed during the closed door meeting on a cease-fire in southwest syria to take effect jewel 9. many really wanted to know if president trump would address the elephant in the room. allegations of russian medaling in the 2016 presidential election and
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saying in off camera debrief, the president did start the more than 2-hour meeting on the that subject and putin denied any involvement. >> two leaders agreed this is substantial behind reps and ability to move the russian u.s. relationship forward -- >> tillerson said despite the disagreement there was positive chemistry between two men. they never expected to get concession from russia and disagreement is the best answer the u.s. will get. >> that was never going to be resolvable issue. the only issue really on the table between russia and u.s. that is there's one that has any promise is syria. >> some on capital hill nat satisfied with the answer saying agreed to disagree is not acceptable conclusion. on saturday president trump will head back to u.s. after the g20 summit rapz
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lauren blanchard. >> di putting tiller sop that trump and putin onenly talked about the election scandal and he claims. >> up next, why a local school volunteer accused of sexually abusing merely a dozen elementary school children thinks his right have been violated. >> and police say this is a bold thief targeting daycare centers and schools and how he is getting inside those buildings. >> and then what typed of facebook user are you? how researchers are breaking down people into four different categories. coming up on the final five tonight vice-president pence is explaining this do not touch photo that went viral. >> i love this. >> guess what he dragged another law maker into the conversation. join us tonight at 11:30.
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z2e2gz z1a2z y2e2gy y1a2y >> prince george county school volunteer accused of sexually abusing more than a dozen elementary school students wants charges against him dropped. deate caroway sent a let to judge overseeing his case. he said his rights
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violated he has not received appropriate legal representation. he will have a hearing next week. >> a rash of purse thevrts at area schools. investigators say nine different schools and daycare facilities throughout the county were hit in may and june. suspect sold purses and wallets left in unattended classrooms. anjali hemphill has the story. >> well these brazen thefts began during the school year and have continued into the summer. here at the bethesda elementary school police say not one but two teachers purses were stolen and they used victim's credit cards to wrak up near stores. >> there's an amount of time before victims realize it. he knows what he's doing. >> montgomery country police want to know if you recognize this man. they believe he's he's responsible for four of a dozen purse thefts from local
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investigators say they began back in may when school was still in session and most recent was june 29. 11 teachers at 9 different schools rockville to silver spring to bethesda report having wallet or urs withes stolen. sometimes even during school hours. police say at 3 of the schools the suspects was confronted and questioned by staff. >> he offer aid short excuse very brief excuse one time she said he was member of cleaning crew or trying to locate a summer camp. at that point he left the school and knew people were questioning him and quickly left. >> police state suspects would then use stolen money and credit cards at nearby grocery stores, target or best by. the suspect has stolen $500 in crash and wrangd up more than $13,000 new fradulent credit card services. a spokesperson tells "fox5" they're
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the police so figure out how the suspect gained access inside. as they say everyone who ept hers a school must be buzzed in. >> there's no evidence of obvious signs of forced entry. there's no indication he want to do anything but quickly take the items. >> if you urge anything you're urged to contact montgomery country police and could get a reward for any information threats an arrest. anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". [ screaming ]. well it's that time of year again in spain. paploma famous running of the bulls. i'm sure a lot of you call it something else. three people were hurt. one needed surgery after a boar gored him app put him aside. their injuries were not serious. running of the bulls festival runs through jewel 15. >> what else would
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>> what else would we call it. >> not appropriate for television. >> is there a winner. >> no, just gratification doing that. >> okay. >> if some people feel likes a bucket list items they may want to experience it 23eu6r9. >> i'll tell you what i love 8 at 8:00 at night. i love hot, summer night. i pultd out my hope to to see what temperature was earlier tonight i was like this is great i love it out here. >> yeah, tomorrow will be worn. humid take is taking a backseat. weekend is not all abad, ladies, come out and enjoy it. tonight we have been keeping a close eye on radar because of rain we had come through and storms earlier as well things camped down so far in the development and will kick out again. it will be a hot and humid saturday and can't rule out a spotty storm or shower that night kick up and we'll talk about that in a seconds. sunday, our, looks absolutely fabulous, plenty of sunshine,
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for the workweek as we head to mid 90s. stormtracker radar not much to show you here things finally cameled down to us. out to the west still seeing storms moving way through ohio and frontal system that is culprit. that will move its way across the area tomorrow and with it we could see a storm or two popping up or spotty shower and i cannot guarantee some of this tonight won't make lights across the i-95 corridor. it bears watching. highs today where they should be. 91 reagan national and 88 dulles and 8 9 at bwi thorough good marshall. it was pretty much on average and as far as temperature now go, it's 76 quantico and same d.c.. p 9 culpeper and 68 dulles and 69 mannasas and we have 7 leonardtown, napp list at 80
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will see a rim of high pressure building in. as the front moves through tomorrow it may trigger a s spotty shower or popup thunderstorm. temperatures 80s and low 09s and as ridge builds in drier air filters in. we won't have to deal with humidity tomorrow we will. but it will still be a warm day. no short aming of sunshine for you. so your weekend forecast then, 89 on saturday. 85 on sunday without the humidity and so you still can plan anything you like out outside. it will be pretty pleasant for that. temperature-wise overnight upper 60s and lower 70s and planner to tomorrow by the time we hit midday 85 and 88 by 5:00. wrapping it up then. 74 tonight. mostly cloudy. keeping eye on storms moving through owe he and i can't rule out overnight we won't see some of that. same story tomorrow as the cold front moves through. we have a slight chance of seeing a showeor
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"fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast we're actually looking at temperatures in the mid 90s next week. look at tuesday, talk about heating it up. oh, boy, it's going to be hot. and we'll be back a little later, shawn. >> bring the heat, thank you, gwen. >> new research found there's four types of people on facebook. >> apparently all fall into one of these four categories. relationship builders. use the site as exception of real life with real life friends and family. counsel criers and selfies use facebook to self promote and window shoppers want to know what everyone else is doing of course. researchers say knowing which category you fall until it can raise self awareness. shawn what do you think are you. >> relationship builder. bringing people together and sharing that. >> it depends because on the work site there may be a selfie going on. >> really.
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>> that's not pro poeting you but the stuff going on. >> i definitely now know certain people are what do they call them window wat watchers. but they watch here. my mother-in-law is a window watcher. >> they say oh, i love the baby it was here, there, >> it was a beautiful day nats park and this time no rain delay. brody has all the details n
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>> give news from last night three our rain free rain delay is anyone that sat through delay received sponge bob square pants ice cream bars and granted they probably spent 50 bucks in con sections waiting but still free ice cream and beautiful clear night nats park surprising this game was not delayed. front runner here to start on the all star game last week. we're off tonight. if you going who will owe owns nats
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familiar limit freddie freeman of the braves owns the nats. bottom nine. nats coming back. down one. ruppers on corners. matt wheaters at the plate. and sky one deep to center. is it deep enough? danny murphy coming home he'll score, tie ball game. take it to the ten. late baseball not because of delay. murphy at the bat. fans on feet. and he sends them home. deep enough that's game wi winner. adrian sanchez scores easily from third and nats win 5-4 braves. 7th walk up of the year and they had eight all of last year. >> tomorrow, right here on "fox5" the u.s. men's soccer team begins quest for sixth tournament opening. without a number of big name soccer stars like
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dempsey. >> i think as we get into the gold couple i'll understand what it means more and significance of it. here clearly at this point you look and project out on it and say, are there players here that can continue with the full team and help us in world cup qualifying in 2017 and hopefully compete for a position in world cup squad 2018. >> tomorrow right here on "fox5"ah see this was supposed to be van halen panama. >> taking on panama. big as international --♪ >> that's who they're plague. >> there we government♪ panama♪ >> that's who they're plague. okay. starts tonl 4 . i hope this he they play a lot of this throughout the entire broadcast of the and last match tied
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draw. >> little music. >> jim lokay is up next
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>> it is friday, how are you doing tonight? top five. final five. top five is sports and final five is this show. president trump vladimir meeting. president insists mexico will pay for the wall. coming gress headed to work next week and pressure is on to deliver the healthcare bill. defense secretary talks about threat from north korea and mike pence opens up on the do not touch photo that went viral. up first, we start with much anticipated meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. that meeting which was supposed to go 30 minutes l lasted oer two hours


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