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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 13, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, president trump arriving in paris to discuss the war on terrorism while back here in the u.s. the russian investigation remains a hot topic. >> senate leaders are expected to reveal their second attempt >> live look outside right now at 5:00 a.m. it is already 81 degrees. man, hot and steamy pretty much sums up the day or you could just call it oppressive heat. take your pick. either way it's hot as all get out. >> either way it's wrong that it's 5:00 a.m. and it's 81 degrees. >> it is. [laughter] >> all right. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm holly morris. today is thursday, july 13th. >> mike thomas
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this h e-double hockey sticks kind of day we're going to have. >> it's going to be sweltering today. very humid today. heat advisory goes into effect at noon ends at 8 o'clock tonight. hottest day of 2017 so far. hey, erin. >> too hot to go to the pool. inner loop crash by georgia avenue. i hope your air conditioner is working. if not get an early start before that sunshine kicks in. back to you guys. >> thank you erin. thank you mike. we'll check in with you in just a few. 5:01 is the time. if you're just waking up with us here's what's been happening overnight. authorities in pennsylvania confirming they have found human remains in the search for four missing young men. crews made that discovery in a 12 and a half foot deep grave on a sprawling farm north of philadelphia. cadaver dogs led them to that spot. they've identified one set of remains as those of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. in a late night news conference the district attorney says there's more grim work to be done. >> there are additional human remains inside
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so, this painstaking process will go on. we're not done yet. this is a homicide make no mistake about it. >> investigators have named the property owner's son cosmo dinardo a person of interest. he was arrested yesterday on charges that he tried to sell one of the missing men's cars. he's being held on $5 million bail. >> developing overnight and closer to home police in prince william county are investigating a double shooting. it happened n near occoquan road. both victims are suffering from nonlife-threatening injuries. police do not believe the shooting though was random. no word on a suspect or a motive. >> also new overnight president trump and the first lady arrived in paris as the president is set to meet today with new french president emmanuel macron. macron invited the president to france to take part in ceremonies marking bastille day and the 100th anniversary of the u.s. entry into world war i but the president's trip
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controversy over his campaign's potential connection to russia. a new report from the "wall street journal" claims u.s. intelligence officials overheard conversations from russia with russian officials discussing meetings with trump associates back in 2015. this is in addition to the news that donald trump jr. accepted a meeting in 2016 with a russian attorney with ties to the kremlin in order to get dirt on hillary clinton. the president told reuters yesterday that he did not learn of his son's meetings until a few days ago. the president says he does not fault his son for holding the meeting and said he thinks many people would have held such a meeting. >> happening today, senate leaders will unveil their newly revised healthcare plan. >> it's the latest effort to repeal and replace obamacare. our melanie alnwick is live from capitol hill with the latest this morning. mel. >> reporter: good morning, that plan will be laid out to a closed door group of gop senators later this morning. meanwhile last night president trump ramped up the pressure saying that he will "be
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angry if republican leaders can't pull this off." now, the new bill keeps most of the medicaid cuts and makes other changes decided to win over enough votes. it would delete certain healthcare taxes specifically on the healthcare industry but keep the extra tax on individuals to help people with lower incomes pay their premiums. there will also be money for states to combat drug abuse. it will still be a squeaker though to get it through the senate. some republicans say the plan doesn't go far enough to scrap obamacare and not a single democrat will vote for it. vice president mike pence told business owners in kentucky not to worry. >> the president's belief is that -- that this has been a drag on the american economy and i hear that -- i hear that in one voice after another among the businesses here. so, just be encouraged. help is on the way. >> reporter: now, despite the changes, the vote map
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the gop can only afford to lose two of its votes and we know that there are two senators who have already publically said they're against this plan and three more at least who are pretty much on the fence, very undecided at this point waiting to see what those changes are. republican senate leader mitch mcconnell hopes to hold a go-ahead vote later this week. live on capitol hill, i'm melanie alnwick. >> 505 is our time. happening today corey stewart is expected to announce a run for the senate next year. now stuart lost the gop primary race for governor back in june. if stuart earns the gop nomination he will face off against isn't senator tim kaineo is running for reelection. press conference is set for 11:00 this morning. >> new this morning a marine from frederick maryland is among the 16 people killed in a military plane crash earlier this week in mississippi. staff sergeant william condrick is
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the investigation into why the military plane crashed is ongoing. it is the deadliest marine crash in the world in more than a decade. >> ♪ >> 5:06 is our time right now. it's a no joke heat kind of day, mike, so we really need to take this heat seriously. >> we absolutely do with real feel with what temperatures are going to feel like this afternoon pushing 105 degrees t it is imperative if you're going to be out and about for any long term period of time that you take frequent breaks in the shade, if you can get to the pool to cool off a bit that's recommended as well. a few clouds to start but they're thinning away. we'll be up to a much sunnier start to the past couple days which means temperatures will be faster to rise than yesterday. 80 degrees in, what. warm start in quantico at 80 degrees. 79 in annapolis and leonardtown. you factor in a lot of humidity out
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like 84 here in d.c., 85 at quantico, 81 for fredericksburg, 82 for leonardtown. again a warm muggy mild start to the day. here's your temperatures for later on this afternoon. wait for the map. it will pop up in a he could is. there we go. 97 here in washington. look at that. 99 for fredericksburg. some of those numbers could easily push 100 degrees. regardless of whether or not they do it's that real feel temperature that will that certainly be above 100 later on this afternoon. heat advisory starts at noon. we'll show you that map in a few minutes. that's weather. erin como is back with traffic. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit buy a for special offers. >> 5:07 on this thursday morning. inner loop crash at georgia avenue. caution there. at least one lane still blocked. good newsily is traffic is not slowing past that scene because volume is so light and outer loop looks good. 95 baltimore-washington parkway quiet if you're heading toward the baltimore beltway today. va3, virginia three a crash in spotsylvania. all westbound lanes closed. that's at cherry road. caution t
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by but a crash investigation,ti, then on 270 traffic is still flowing freely in both directions through germantown urbana. things looking good in rockville and gaithersburg this morning. if you have an early flight at dulles or reagan national you're in good shape as well. that's your look at traffic. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. hey, metro is on time but stay cool if you're walking to those stops. mauremaureen and holly advice. thank you herron -- herron -- erin. a little known american upsets the world number one at wimbledon. >> that match was amazing. an all girls robotics team from afghanistan will soon be allowed to enter the country. >> heading to break right now taking a live look across the d.c. region, it's 5:08, it's 80 degrees. all right, we'll keep talking about the hot weather, talking about the traffic. of course more news when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> time now is 5:09. firefighters slowly surrounding dozens of wildfires in california. the so-called wall fire in butte county has damaged or destroyed more than 100 structures including dozens of homes. evacuation orders have been reduced to warnings but authorities say more than 600 homes still remain threatened. some of the people evacuated have and returned home. crews managed to contain the alamo fire which has blackened nearly 29,000 acres. some 200
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evacuation orders because of that plays. more than three dozen large fires are burning across the person united states. >> chuck blazer the former fifa executive to cooperate with the investigation has died. the investigation resulted in the out of thing of fifa president seth bladder. blazer was 72 years old. it's believed he was being treated for rectal cancer diabetes and coronary artery disease. >> group of high school girls from afghanistan will be allowed to compete in d.c. coming here for a robotics competition. their visas were denied twice before but the white house said the decision was reversed after president trump himself intervened. the white house did not say why the girls were denied entry previously given that afghanistan is not one of the six countries included in president trump's travel ban. >> an american shocked the top player in the world wednesday at wimbledon, sam
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andy murray in five sets. he was down two sets to one but came storming back winning 12 of the last 13 games in the final two sets. he'll play in the semifinals. >> congresswoman eleanor holmes norton hoping to bring a new statue to the district. she's introduced a bill to place a statue of appear l'enfant. perhaps more than any other figure pierre l'enfant shaped the capitol with his vision. l'enfant's statue system housed in the one judiciary square square office building. >> coming up on fox5 news morning an iceberg the size of delaware has snapped off the west antarctic ice shelf. what happens now. >> new study says man's height determines his risk for prostate cancer. >> gorgeous picture
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look at that of the national mall. >> it is pretty. >> it looks like a postcard exactly. stole the words right out of my house mo. or great minds think alike. 5:11 is our time. 80 sticky hot degrees. fox5 news morning back right after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. >> ♪ >> time now is 5:14 and a look at the stories we're following for you today, thursday, july 13th. authorities have that found multiple human remains in a search for four missing young men in pennsylvania. they have already identified one set of remains at 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. crews made the discovery on a farm in philadelphia. investigators have named the property owner's son cosmo dinardo a person of interest. he was arrested yesterday on charges he tried to sell one of the missing men's cars of the he's being held on $5 million bail. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he plans to release a revised healthcare bill today. senate republicans failed to bring the bill to a vote before the july 4th recessue
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mcconnell says he expects lawmakers to start voting on the bill next week. the measure would ease some of the initial bill cuts to medicaid and beef up subsidies for those with lower incomes. if all democrats vote against the bill, the measure would fail if just three gop senators oppose it. >> u.s. has hit a cap on the number of refugees accepted into the country. president trump set a cap of 50,000 refugees for this fiscal year. the white house says it's needed to give intense agencies more time to review vetting procedures. they must prove they have a bona fide relationship with someone already inside the u.s. some refugee and aid agencies expect roughly 26,000 people already approved to come. >> ♪ >> quarter past the hour right now or -- well, our clock says 5:15. at
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ahead. it's 81 degrees out there. no discrepancy there. it's hot, right, mike thomas. >> it's nasty, it's thick, it's naaaa. >> how do you spell that. >> n-a-a-a-a. it's nasty out there. we have a temperature of 80 degrees as you start your day. get ready to sweat as soon as you head out the door i'm afraid to say. feels like 84 as we get the day started in washington. 81 at dupont. this is at reagan national. 80 degrees but those winds continuing to pull in out of the south and west continuing for like the fourth day in a row of filtering in this heat and humidity. satellite and radar quiet around our region. there's a complex of storms that could throw a little piece of energy our way later today to kick up an isolated thunderstorm. we'll talk about that in a minute but let's start with temperatures. current records for the day today. reagan's record is a hundred. i don't think we'll make it there. i think we'll get close but i'm in the so sure we'll break records in any of our major airports except maybe dulles but we'll be close enough that if w
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might do it. these are your forecast highs at three airports. reagan 97, bwi 95 and dulles 95 as well but it's the humidity. when you factor it in, that real feel temperature up and over 100 is the reason that the national weather service has issued a heat advisory. this will start at noon. it goes all the way down from north carolina up through new york city and that dark red you see around philadelphia is an excessive heat warning. 12 to 8:00 p.m. again today locally mostly d.c., i-95 corridor and locates to the east, that's where air will be most humid and that means that's where those -- where that real feel is going to be highest. here we are by noon, maybe feeling like 98 already in d.c. 101 in quantico and leonardtown. look as we roll into the afternoon. 4:30 hour, 102 is the real feel forecast for d.c. 104 for quantico. fredericksburg, wow, 105 trees so case in point it's going to be a hot one later on this afternoon. did mention that severe weather risk. again, if we kick up an isolated thunderstorm it could go severe. not a big risk of but a
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gusty winds maybe some large hail as well but much like the last two days not everybody will see those storms. fox5 accuweather 7-day forcast, 97 today, 95 tomorrow. finally some heat and humidity relief comes in for the weekend. all right, that's weather. erin is back with traffic this morning. how's the roads looking erin. >> 5:18 right now and traffic is picking up. we do have some issues going on. 395 northbound a crash before seminary road blocking the shoulder. traffic flowing from the beltway past that point. not causing any big slowdowns this morning. inner loop we have a crash that moved over to the shoulder. all lanes opened at georgia avenue. watch for a little tap of the brakes past that location. outer loop looks really nice right now. none of that usual volume kicked in just yet and you can see bw parkway, 95 outside the beltway wide opened to and from the baltimore beltway. 270 in great shape. three there's a crash in spotsylvania. all westbound lanes closed for crash investigation at cherry road. eastbound traffic getting by fine. 95 through stafford in fredericksburg looking really nice right now. let's hop outside show you a live look at the beltway see how traffic
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through oxon hill. like what we're seeing to and from the wilson bridge. metro all rail lines on time. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. holly maureen, back to you. >> okay, thank you you erin. 5:19. taking a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media with our realtime news tracker. >> wisdom martin is back with what is trending. >> good morning to you both. first up a giant iceberg the size of delaware is keeping scientists busy. the trillion ton iceberg is twice the size of lake erie and has just broken a way from antarctica. scientists say this ice is part of the antarctic peninsula that was warmed quickly in the recent decades. they say it may take years to see its impact on earth. in florida two police officers are accused of racially profiling the state's attorney. she was pulled over because she says she was plaque. the officers ran her tags and questioned whether her
5:20 am
tint was too dark. attorney general jeff sessions wants to bring back dare. earlier this week sessions spoke about the opioid epidemic. he made it clear that one of his top priorities is to fight drugs end says he wants to do so by bringing back the antidrug campaign dare but critics in several studies say the program is not effective. a health alert about tall and overweight men because they might be more prone to aggressive forms of prostate cancer. doctors stay a 6-foot tall man has a 21 percent higher chance of a high grade prostate cancer over a man who is shorter and mean are overweight are at increased risk of dying from prostate cancer. finally we all know airline baggage fees can get pretty expensive. that's why passengers are packing light, light beer in one australian man's case. the aussie known as dean checked a single can of beer on his flight from melbourne to
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him do it. a lot of work for a can of beer. >> well, it's what's important to you. [laughter] >> thanks, whiz. >> comcoming up, starting today you can get 50 percent off your pizza order. >> now, that's news you can use. two teams in our region make the forbes list of the most valuable sports franchises in there world. >> heading to break, a live look across the d.c. region. 5:21 now. live look at dupont circle where we are bringing you the news from this morning because they've got that big board that tells you the temperature. all you got know today is it's hot. mike thomas has the temperatures and erin has the roads. we'll be right back.
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>> high speed internet to 2 million americans who are in rural areas. wants to do this through unused television air waves but right now some broadcasters are unsure if they want to share their air waves. if microsoft wanted to reach all 23 million rural americans it would cost around $12 billion. >> starting today, pizza hut is offering a 50 percent discount on all pizza orders when you order via pizza or the company's mobile app. no membership is required. the offer will be available for all menu priced pizza orders placed through pizza hut's online systems for carry out or delivery. >> forbes released their list of the most valuable sports franchises in the world and in it number one, the dallas cowboys. franchise is valued at $4.2 billion. the yankees are number two at $3.7 billion. manchester united their team was third on the list
5:25 am
$3.69 billion. the burgundy and gold are number 11 on that list valued at $2.9 billion. baltimore ravens made the list ranking -- they came in at 27th. team is worth $2.3 billion. >> the moral of the story is we need to own a sports franchise. that's what we need to do. 5:25 is our time. we're just one day away from our next zip trip. tomorrow friday july 14th we are going to be at pentagon row in arlington. i'm going to be there, wisdom's going to be there, erin and tucker are going to be there as well. fox5 pentagon row zip trip runs from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. we hope you can come back and say hello and sweat with us. >> exactly. [laughter] >> i mean if today is supposed tock the hottest day so far but -- to be the hottest day so far. >> what follows the hottest afternoon is the hottest morning. >> congratulations. hurray. >> p
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>> i'm sorry, you meant to say prepare to glow. >> let's get you started with your forecast for the day. day. it's going to be a hot one today. heat advisory in effect at noon today until 8:00 p.m. tonight. satellite and radar showing not too much going on. less clouds than the past few mornings which means sunshine will be offer to a quick start and get those temperatures rising quickly here not too long after sunrise. reagan national 80 degrees, dulles 74, bwi 77. those dewpoints well into the 70's. it's going to be a hot and sweaty day as we head through the course of your thursday. take a look at your planner. 89 by 11:00 a.m., by 2 o'clock 93 degrees and by 5 o'clock 95. hit or miss shower or thunderstorm can't be ruled out but again much like yesterday chances not all that high. that's a check of the forecast. time for traffic now with erin como. >> right now we're going to start you off with a live look at 395 northbound right by the seminary road exit. we have a crash blocking the right shoulr.
5:27 am
flashing lights. let me move to the shoulder and point at the right area. right there. traffic in the main lanes getting by hov looking good. tap of the brakes past those flashing lights. once you get north of that point toward the 14th street bridge you're in better shape. all metro rail lines on time. it's a hot one out there. back to you guys. >> sounds good. thanks erin. coming up on fox5 news morning new developments in an overnight bomb threat at ucla. >> helpful advice to help you survive your workout in all of the steamy heat. >> yeah its call not do it. i'm just kidding. as we head to break. you still need to exercise i know. let's take a live look across the d.c. region. 5:27 is our time right now, beautiful shot of the national mall on this hot steamy morning. you're watching one of the hottest shows in town, though. >> i like it, i like it, yeah. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> today on fox5 news morning president trump arrives in paris to discuss the war on terrorism while back here in the united states the russia investigation remains a hot topic. here we go again. dam senate gop leaders are expected to reveal their second attempt at a new healthcare bill. and 30 days of amnesty. a d.c. council member suggests a period every year when traffic violators could pay reduced penalties. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm wisdom martin. >> and i'm holly morris. today is thursday july 13. >> erin
5:31 am
roads. mike thomas talking about the hot sticky weather. >> yeah, hot and humid later on this afternoon. hottest day so far. heat advisory from noon until 8:00 p.m. tonight. temperatures in the upper 90's but feeling like hundreds expected later today. hey, erin. >> right now 395 northbound crash blocks the shoulder by seminary road. volume increasing. we'll take a full look at traffic in just a few. >> sounds good both of you. thank you. right now it's 5:31. the heat is on. just get ready to go ahead and sweat it out today. >> it might be the hottest day of 2017 so far and that's why we sent out fox5's anjali hemphill, she's out in dupont circle this morning with everything you need to know about dealing with the heat. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. i guess i'm kind of lucky right now. it is early so we do have a very, very slight breeze in the air which is keeping us comfortable but i can tell it's going to dissipate soon and those dangerous and deadly temperatures are on their way. take a look at the temperature clock behind me here. 80 degrees at 5:30 in the morning. you
5:32 am
and a heat advisory will be in effect for the entire area today as it will be even warmer than yesterday and with the high humidity, the heat index in the triple digits. so, best advice is to stay hydrated and to stay inside as much as possible today. d.c. government has activated their heat emergency plan which means all 19 cooling centers across the city as well as 30 indoor and outdoor pools and more than 20 spray parks will all be opened throughout the afternoon for people to go and get some relief. you can see a map that was put out here that shows all the locations throughout the district so there should be one nearby no matter where you are in the district. i'm told also prince george's county, fairfax county as well as arlington also have cooling stations open today. also today, a very bad idea to leave your pets outside or in your car. this also goes for children. there have been a couple rescues so far this summer some hot cars and that's why just this week, d.
5:33 am
passed emergency legislation cracking down on folks who leave their pets alone in hot weather. you will not allow -- you are not allowed to be leaving your pets outside for more than 15 minutes today. you could receive a fine. you also -- police also, excuse me, have the authority to break your windows or your car doors to smash right through them to save any pets that are unattended in their, so you do not want to be caught with that. if you do see anyone outside today that may be struggling in the heat, there is a hotline, no pun intended that you can call for the city to respond. that number is (202)399-7093. that's the latest here in northwest, guys, trying to keep cool. send it back to you in the studio. >> all right. hydrate anjali, hydrate t 5:33 is our time right now. also making news we have several stores breaking overnight. first up, pennsylvania authorities confirm they have found human remains in the search for four missing young men. they've identified one set of remains as those
5:34 am
19-year-old dean finocchiaro. crews made the discovery in a 12 and a half foot deep grave on a farm north of philadelphia. the property owner's son cosmo dinardo have been named a person of interest. he was arrested yesterday on charges that he tried to sell one of the missing men's cars. >> breaking news overnight on the west coast. a bomb threat at ucla kept hundreds of students out of their dorm rooms for a few hour. the evacuated students gathered at a stadium on campus. the rec center and other buildings were sea searched. >> president trump and the first lady arrived in paris ahead of the president's meeting with emmanuel macron. macron invited the president to take part in ceremonies honoring bastille day and the the 100 yearth anniversary of the u.s. entrance into world war
5:35 am
in a new interview the president told reuters he did not fault his son for holding the meeting which he called in the heat of a upstart campaign. >> senate republicans failed to bring the bil bill to a vote before the july 4th recess. mcconnell says he expects lawmakers to start voting on the bill next week. the measure would ease some of the initial bill's cuts to medicaid and beef up subsidies for those with lower incomes. if all democrats vote against the bill the measure would fail if just three gop senators oppose it. >> ♪ >> all right everybody's going to be talking about it today. actually they've been talking about it 'cause it's been building, right, through the week. >> nothing to talk about all week except the heat. we haven't had any rain to relieve it so it's just been kind of hot and humid and sitting here. welcome back wisdom. [laughter] >> i was out yesterday in the yard.
5:36 am
>> very rare occasion and it wasn't too bad. it wasn't too bad. glad -- i said that because i'm glad i got it done. >> were you sitting in the shade while purchase kids were cutting the grass. >> and you just came back from. >> new orleans. >> it's all relative 'cause it was really hot down there so this feels cool sort of. >> everything is relative. >> it's all relative. >> that's right. >> they need to take it seriously today. >> they do. temperatures up and over 95 later on today and it takes 10 minutes with temperatures up and above 95 for to your car temperature to get up above 115 degrees, so, again, keep the kids out of the car, don't lock on the pets in the car today. we do not want to run those stories later on this afternoon. 80 degrees your current temperature outside in d.c. in fact several locations in the 80's. satellite and radar all quiet. let's get quickly to your two day forecast. 97 is your forecast high today but it will feel at times up and over a hundred degrees. tomorrow best chance of storms all week but before those storms come through we're likely hot once again expecting a high of 95. all right, that's weather. erin como is back with traffic.
5:37 am
>> 5:36. crash cleared 395 on the northbound side out by seminary road. traffic is increasing in terms of volume. hov lanes looking really nice. main lanes slowing down a smidge but so far we're at speed from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. southbound traffic clear. earlier crash on the inner loop did clear as well. that were unat georgia avenue. you can see the beltway back to normal. volume increasing on the outer loop but not enough to cause any huge slowdowns just yet this morning. we are still dealing with a closure in spotsylvania. three westbound. all lanes blocked at cherry road. eastbound traffic getting by. all metro rail lines on time. volume increasing through dale city on 95 northbound. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> coming up, a new report suggests americans are the laziest people in the world. >> needed a report for thatly? helpful advice to help you survive your workout in you will avenue t -- in all of this
5:38 am
all morning long on what could be the hottest day of the year. we're back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ♪♪ what's better than an iced or frozen coffee on a hot summer day? nothing. dunkin's got all your favorite flavors this summer. keep cool out there, kids. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back at 5:40 in the morning. you know, welcome to the united states of lazy. [laughter] >> that's because a new study finds americans are lazy and
5:41 am
stanford university researchers say the least lazy people live in hong kong. they average around 6800 steps a day and the laziest nation is indonesia where they only walk about 3500 steps. here in america we average about 47 steps. >> 47 or 4700. >> 47? >> you know what, this is another one of those studies -- >> people only walk 47 steps in one day. >> 'cause i just did 30 that way and 30 more on the way out the door. i don't know, i'm just -- >> come on, it's 30 to the loft. are you getting ready to do your morning workout? if you're one of the not lazy ones. the heat though we're expecting today is not ideal for heavy exercise outdoors. >> you can still do some things but better get it done soon. experts say in heat like this ou can try to wt the best thing to do is to do it before 7:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. the major key, of
5:42 am
to stay hydrated during your workout and then afterwards drink some water as well. now, try to wear light clothing especially the kind that will wick or absorb some heat. >> whatever it is that you do, please be careful and you need to know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. both of which will can come on you very quickly. heat exhaustion makes you feel faint or dizzy you're sweating a lot and you have cool pale and clammy skin. with heat stroke it is much more serious. you'll feel a headache and you won't be sweating at all. in fact, your skin will be red, hot and dry. in fact if you are sweating and you stop sweating, that is very serious. >> keep all that in mind. all right. coming up on fox5 news morning a michigan rocker is planning to run for a seat in the u.s. senate. >> and peyton manning calls out kevin durant at the espy's. >> we're taking a live look outside right now across the region. the time now is 5:42. the temperature is 80 degrees. we have to figure
5:43 am
one of of these clocks is right. i'm going with ours. >> they want to make sure you get there on time. if you set your clock two minutes fast -- >> then you'll never be late. >> that's right. z2d1iz z16fz
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y2d1iy y16fy
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>> ♪ >> taking a look at that picture right there. >> uh-huh. >> the calm and peaceful serenity of the morning. >> the sun rising, the start of a new day. >> that's right. and then it's like,
5:46 am
just flew in front of the screen. >> uh-huh. >> and the microwave its like turning on a microwave. >> literally i took a shower this morning and then i walked outside and by the time i walked into the studio i was like i need another shower. >> right, right. >> it's that heavy out even at this early hour. >> temperatures of 80 degrees to start the day. it's just nasty. and it's going to be a rough day, we'll put it like that. >> hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. >> keep cool. >> ac, ac. >> get the kids off to the pool if they have nothing else to do and the sit home and watch us in the ac. >> i like that. >> busy day in the weather department today. hottest day so far of 2017 expected later on this afternoon with highs in the mid to upper 90's around the region. temperatures again off to a fast start here. 80 degrees in washington, 80 at quantico. 73 for manassas. gaithersburg a better 71 but still very humid. frederick 72. westminster 75. leonardtown, good morning, 79 79 degrees for you at this hour. there's already a heat index
5:47 am
like mid 80's, 83 manassas, leonardtown feels like 82 degrees as you start the day. and this is just kind of the start here. satellite and radar is very quiet. we'll skip it for now and get right to what we're expecting future heat index now. by lunchtime hour that feels like temperature could peak pushing a hundred degrees in washington. 98 frees is what we're expecting then, 101 quantico, 102 for fredericksburg. deeper into the afternoon might feel as hot as 101, 102 in d.c. 104 down for fredericksburg by 5 o'clock this evening and even as we head into the late evening hours tonight still going to be enough humidity around that we'll hold onto those temperatures feeling like 90. this is 11:30 at night, 94 is what the model is saying it may feel like then. 91 in manassas. 90's for culpeper. get ready to run those ac's on high unfortunately all day and night long. who heat advisory. this is the first one this summer. heat advisory in effect for d.c. baltimore
5:48 am
kind of i-95 corridor and all locations off to the east. those are locations where dewpoints also known as humidity will be the highest and that's where those heat index values are expected to have the best chance of getting up around 105. as far as storms go, looks like we start off with a lot of sun. then maybe, futurecast doesn't love the idea but it's still showing a couple of thunderstorms around the 3, 4 o'clock hour today. one or two of which could be on the strong side. we'll get those through really quickly. aything that pops up will move through fast and then we're back to clear conditions and just humid weather. it's a marginal risk of severe weather around the d.c. region today so any storm that pops just 'cause of how hot and humid it will be could go severe and maybe contain some gusty winds and maybe some large hail. better chance of both severe weaweather and thunderstorms tomorrow. cold front comes in, clears us out. still hot but a better feel by the weekend with temperatures in the upper 80's and lower 90's. that's weather. erin is back with traffic. >> i am and it is 5:48. hey,
5:49 am
that count for anything? i hope so. mike says maybe. woodbridge crash delays between jefferson davis highway and 95. it's on obitz boulevard. we're seeing a little bit of volume building on the outer loop from 95 to georgia avenue. earlier inner loop crash cleared at georgia. that's good news. 270 quiet by the spur. north of that point we have congestion building from 70 down to the truck scales and then three out in spotsylvania westbound lanes all shut down for a crash investigation at cherry road. eastbound side opened. as you can see route one and 95 into stafford looks good right now. but north of that point we have volume through dale city. 270 traffic flowing through montgomery county but again north of that point a little bit of congestion. if you have an early morning flight traffic on the way to bwi reagan national and dulles look good. all metro rail lines on time. we'll let you know if any of that changes. tweet me at erin fox5 d.c. d.c. on twitter with questions.
5:50 am
an alexandria woman who shot and killed her husband. paula thompson marshall will face a judge today. officials say she shot and killed her husband at their home in 2016. marshall says the shooting was accidental. >> a hearing for cab driver accused of kidnapping his passengers after a fare dispute. muzemil denbel. they told muzemil they couldn't pay the fare. >> the man accused of intentionally driving into people in times square due in court today. richard rojas scheduled to be formally arraigned and anti plea. police say rojas drove his suv onto a sidewalk in may killing a teenaged tourist from michigan and injuring two others. prosecutors say the 26-year-old told them he smoked marijuana laced with pcp sometime before the crash. >> we're back with what's hot on the web the stories you're
5:51 am
social media. >> maureen umeh back with what's trending. >> good morning. first up following massive data breach at verizon the company blames the leak on human error. it said a security setting on a cloud server was miss configured causing some pin codes to be leaked online. the leak happened on june 13th. the problem has been fixed. verizon says no theft of customer information occurred. the education department facing outrage after claiming that 90 percent of sex assault accusations fall into the category of we were both drunk. survivors are blasting the agency for suggesting in a new york times article that a majority of sex assaults incidents are regretted drunken hookups. the education department is now apologizing for those remarks. the education secretary betsy devos is expected to meet with advocates on all sides of the issue today to discuss campus sex assaults. major companies stage a cyber resistance movement against
5:52 am
neutrality rules yesterday. they flooded the internet with messages urging the public to oppose the change. net neutrality prohibits broad band providers from creating a fast lane to certain web sites over others. espn giving out their espy awards last night. they chose peyton manning last night. some of his jokes felt a little flat especially one about kevin durant. manning said "our gymnastics team was so dominant that kevin durant told me wants to play for them last year." durant didn't laugh. he drew criticism when he left oklahoma city to get more money with the golden state warriors. >> reporter: disney facing backlash for claiming to be having trouble casting the lead role in aladdin. the company is looking for someone to play a lad tin and jasmine. people online weren't buying disney's excuse and started tweeting out people who could play
5:53 am
some included dev patel and bianca chopra to play jasmine. why not. >> a new report shows americans have an easier time parking than people in many other countries. according to the transportation analytics firm, parking can still cause people money and time. >> washington, d.c. placed fourth on that list on average drivers spend 65 hours per year looking for a parking spot at a cost of nearly $1,400 a year. it's the worst though in new york where drivers take be morethan 100 hours during year trying to park. >> so as people get in their cars more, and the parking supply doesn't change that much, we tend to see an increase in parking >> experts say many drivers technological overpay for parking and fines. for example, some people pay for two hours of parking when they really only need an hour and a half. >> kid rock is heading up a possible senate run. on social media the
5:54 am
said web site teasing his senate candidacy is real. he said he'll make a "major announcement in the near future." now his potential candidacy is news to michigan republicans. party officials say they've nt heard from him. >> all right. 5:54 right now and we are just one day away from our next zip trip and tomorrow friday july 14th we're going to be live at pentagon row in arlington. i'm going to be there, wisdom's going to be there, erin and tucker are going to be, too. fox5 will be there from 6:00 a.m. tucker kicks it off at 6:00 a.m. as he always does. then the whole crew will stay through 11:00 a.m. we really do hope that you can come by and say hello. >> all right, looking forward to that. should be a good time had by all. time for our facebook fan of the day. today it is phyllis adams. >> she's getting ready to celebrate a birthday. she says she'll be 64 years young this weekend and says she would be lost without fox5. we would be lost
5:55 am
phyllis. we open you have an awesome birthday today. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day leave a comment and a photo below phyllis' on our fox5 facebook page. >> time to check in with mike thomas to talk about what we've been talking about all morning. >> guys, i got big time news. >> oh, what's that. >> my gosh. >> we're off the 80's and we're in the 70's. >> that's great, mike. good news. >> look at that. and boom, we just popped the sun so yeah, sun is rising. all good news. >> just full of joy this mrning. >> uh-huh, right. >> here's the bad news. still feels like 82 degrees outside and this is as good as it's going get today because things are going to get much worse later on this afternoon. bad news mike is back. high pressure still off the coastline. that's kind of been the same setup all week. here come the 90's. if we get enough sunshine and we do not see any storms this afternoon, a hundred degree reading or two cannot be ruled out but right now we don't expect sit. we think we'll stay just below that mark. cold front off to the north and west but a weak piece of energy coming through later today could kick up an isolated storm or two, one or two of which
5:56 am
some gusty winds and large hail. we're under a marginal risk for severe weather today. heat advisory from noon until 8 o'clock. i-95 corridor locations east those are location, all these counties in orange where we could see heat index values reaching 105 degrees later on this afternoon so do take the heat seriously. keep it cool this afternoon. 97 degrees. 95 tomorrow. best chance of thunderstorms is tomorrow afternoon. that will kick the humidity out of here for the weekend. still hot but much less humid saturday and sunday. all right, that's a check of your weather forecast. erin como is back with a check of those roads. >> all right, 5:56 right now. starting off with the rails. we have some single tracking right now between east falls church and ballston on the orange as well as silver lines. give yourself extra time there. we'll keep you updated. woodbridge crash on opitz boulevard. delays between jefferson davis highway and 95. volume picking up through dale city 95 northbound. there's a crash on three impacting all westbound lanes
5:57 am
road eastbound side getting by fine. we'll take a live look as we head into our 6 o'clock hour. keep it to fox5 news morning. traffic through clarksburg picking up on 270 southbound. we'll be right back. >> and ♪ and ♪♪
5:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead a
6:00 am
breaking developments in the search for four missing men in rural pennsylvania. a gruesome discovery is made overnight as the person of interest in this case remains behind bars on a multi-million dollars bail. >> big day in washington. we could see a revised version of senate republicans health today your bill. we're live on capitol hill with what their new proposal may include. >> first though a live look outside on this thursday morning. this is what we're waiting for right here. 80 degrees at at 6 o'clock. i thought it said 6:02 on that thing. it's straight up 6 o'clock. trust us, we're reporters. live look outside. it is a hot july 13th 2017. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. good morning, i'm a allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. right off the top let's get to pennsylvania. breaking use overnight a grim discovery in the search of four missing men. the body of one of those men has been identified after authorities say they found a grave with human remains. sadly officia


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